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March 2016

VOL. 37 NO. 3

PRESIDENT’S PAGE Management has scheduled formal route inspections for 2016. The Gahanna Station (43230) inspection will be the week of Todd Hornyak April 9, 2016 to April 15, 2016. The branch will conduct training at City Gate on Thursday April 7, 2016.The Worthington Station (43085) inspection will be the week of April 16, 2016 to April 22, 2016. We will conduct training at a location to be determined on April 14, 2016. East City Stations (43201, 43203, 43205, and 43210) inspections will be the weeks of April 30 to May13, 2016. There will be two training classes at Main Office the first will be May 4 and the second will be May 11, 2016. The inspections will include a six-day mail count. We will be conducting training for all stations on the completion of PS Form 1838C. I am asking all carriers in stations that are scheduled for inspection to please attend the training so they receive proper credit during the inspection process.

If you are unable to complete your assignment, including any alleged pivot time; in the time allotted by management you should inform management and complete PS Form 3996. You should request a copy of your 3996. If the 3996 is disapproved you need to call the office, if that is the station policy, to inform management from the street and ask for further instructions. The instruction should be carry the mail, bring the mail back or assistance will be sent. Do not allow management to make you skip a break or your lunch. Management is closely monitoring the new scanners with GPS technology. Management has supervisors studying the RIMS report daily to make sure you are doing your route by the book. All carriers need to carry their routes safely and professionally every day. You should carry your route as if you are being inspected every day. The Union has fought hard to insure we get 30 minutes for lunch and two 10-minute breaks. Branch 78 sent a group of activists to Washington DC March 2nd and 3rd to lobby our members

of Congress at the Ohio State Association legislative conference. We attended a briefing with our national officers and then went to the offices of our Congressional representatives. I want to thank all those that attended. I would like to congratulate Pam Niner from Worthington Station, Mark (Coasty)Correll from German Village Station, and Darlene Faulkner from Reynoldsburg Post Office and Calvin Jennings from Westerville Post Office on their recent retirement and wish them well. Please stay informed and attend the monthly Union meeting the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Branch 78 Union Hall located at 1029 Harrisburg Pike Columbus, Ohio 43223. I would like to invite all members to attend the branch meeting. I would like new members to become involved and if you have any questions, you can bring it up at the meeting. Fraternally, Todd Hornyak

from the vice president Mark beach The basic topic’s that effect letter carrier jobs involve three distinct areas, contract negotiations, government and the aspect, Mark Beach political and the work room floor environment. This month’s article will address the ones I hate the most, political and governmental aspects. Why write this article? Because it is necessary, with one stoke of the pen by Congress, every letter carrier could wind up in the unemployment line. I need to write a disclaimer for the next paragraph. The views in this next paragraph are that of the scribe and may not necessarily reflect the views of Branch 78 or the NALC. After watching both the Democratic and Republican debates the last few months I can only sit back and worry about our country’s future. Where is the representation for the middle class Americans? I truly believe every American should exercise their right to vote, but in the upcoming Presidential election this will be an extremely tough decision for everyone. I even have reservations about one of the greatest Postal and NALC union advocates, Senator Bernie Sanders. If he receives the Democratic nomination over Hillary Clinton, (which I hope he does) people fear government spending may bankrupt our country. In my opinion Hillary carries to much baggage and wants to do away with too many individual rights. But if neither of these two win the election; middle class Americans may end up with jobs that pay so little they may not be able to afford the PAGE 2

individual rights the Republican party always brag they protect. Sanders is less likely to impede on ones individual rights and he certainly supports the Postal Service and the letter carriers. On the other side it looks like it looks like the foul mouthed, sound bite reality star, Donald Trump, will win the Republican nomination. Some of his policies sound great in theory but anyone who deals in the real world realizes that it will be next to impossible to pull off any of his plans. Whether you agree with my little OP ED paragraph or not I think everyone can agree our country is in trouble due to the political agendas and corruptness on both sides of the aisle. The above being said letter carriers should still try to make a positive influence in the political arena when it comes to letter carrier jobs and the future of the USPS. A contingency of letter carriers from Branch 78 will be heading to Washington D.C. March 2 & 3 2016 to lobby for letter carrier rights. No matter which party you support please write your representative and ask them to support the following legislation as a follow up to their efforts. House Resolution 12, which is an effort to ensure six day delivery House resolution 28, which supports and guarantees house to house delivery at its current level House resolution 54, Door to Door delivery which would return us to the delivery standards prior to the Postal service’s decision to slash these standards after ill conceived plant processing closures that several slowed the delivery of mail and packages.

Support- HR, 4422, introduced by Representative Richmond (D-CA), which develops a plan for the reintroduction of Postal Banking. Support HR 4515, introduced by representatives, Cook and Calvert, which ups the penalty for thefts of packages or mail doubling the mandatory time in prison with a maximum sentence of up to 10 years. Ask your Congressperson to speak out against the following Union busting bill. Oppose HR 4461, introduced by Tom Rice (RGeorgia), that would not allow any federal union to make its due collections through payroll deduction. This is clearly a move to try and bust unions through a less obvious and roundabout way. Whether you agree or disagree with my opinions on the upcoming Presidential race one thing is for sure you have absolutely no right to sit back and complain if you’re not involved and fail to vote this November. United We Stand! Mark

March 2016

Miller’s musings March 15, is the Primary Election for Ohio. Early voting already started. Please exercise your right to select a Presidential Candidate. The voting divvies up electoral votes. Additionally there are local seats up for grabs. There is much hoopla surrounding the National candidates but there are State and County positions to consider. Mark your calendar and get to the polls early if you tend to work late, the open before most of us hit the clock. The weather will be in Jekyll and Hyde mode until summer arrives. Bring additional gear to be ready for Mother Nature’s various vibes. This is

the start of optional uniform choices so plan for the expected temps. Those of you new to the game, please locate mailboxes that may disappear into clumps of blooms meaning bees and wasps. If you have allergic reactions please hit the doctor up for new Epi-pens, lifesavers in anaphylactic cases. Warmer weather more dogs loose, keep Franklin County Animal Control (614)525-3400, 24/7 handy. Do NOT Risk Getting Bit! There is a drawing for a $25 gas card, a 50/50 drawing for LCPF

and a Member D r a w i n g currently at $340; each Branch Meeting, s e c o n d Wednesday of the month. Don’t miss out like Yana Miller-Farney Chris Cannon and many others! Yana Miller-Farney

Why don’t you attend branch meetings?

Br. 78 Bulletin 1029 Harrisburg Pike, Columbus OH 43223-2524

Buckeye Br. 78 Bulletin Published and Paid for by Br.78 Published monthly Volume 37 - Issue 3 March 2016 President Vice President Recording Secretary Asst. Secretary/Editor Financial Secretary

Todd Hornyak Mark Beach Trevor Payne Yana Miller-Farney Jason Fry

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March 2016


Mark Coasty Correll retires from German Village Station pictured with union steward Doug Bryant.

Pam Niner with her husband Ken Niner retires from Worthington Station.

Welcome New Members Clavin Jennings from West Worthington Post Office.

New members, George Yoder and Edward Mattox, took Oath of Membership with President Hornyak.

Attend Your Union Meetings! PAGE 4

Letter Carrier Political Fund

Donate Today to Preserve Your Job. As Little as $5.00 a pay.

Just Do It! March 2016

NEW COESRA Deal Site - After March 1, 2016, access will require your company's unique membership key. Each member of Buckeye Branch 78 National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) needs to register online with COESRA using this Membership Key: Membership Key: 151949000000 This membership key is only needed for employees registering for the first time with COESRA. P.S. Don't forget to keep checking the all-new COESRA and EMRA deals and discounts site! Local and national deals are constantly being added! EMPLOYEE PROMOTIONAL EMAIL Our Branch belongs to the Columbus Chapter of the Employee Morale and Recreation Association (COESRA), which gives you FREE access to unique local and national discount programs. You and your family will be able to take advantage of some great local recreation deals like Kings Island, Columbus Clippers tickets and CedarPoint as well as hotels, movie tickets, show, and theme park discounts nationwide! Here's how you can get started saving $$ with this program! You need to personally register on the deals site right away to get access to the deals and discounts! Here's how to register... Set up an account. Input your name and your PERSONAL (not company) email address. Create a password. Under Additional Information, enter this Membership Key: Membership Key: 151949000000. (You do not need to keep this membership key after this initial registration.) Submit the form using the button on the lower right side of the page. You'll receive a confirmation email asking you to confirm your email address, and then you can start using these exclusive discount programs. Sign up for the weekly email from EMRA highlighting new discounts, local discounts and much more! These discounts that can be accessed 24/7! Start taking advantage of this program today!

March 2016


Spend an evening with friends attend your union meetings! PAGE 6

March 2016

Uniforms Needed If you have any gently used uniforms and would like to donate them. please bring them to the branch office. Please no junk.

VETERANS CRISIS LINE Hotline, Online Chat & Text: or 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1) or chat online 24/7/365

Get involved now! Our jobs and benefits are worth it! write your congressman!

Write, call or email Your Representatives Senator Sherrod Brown (D- OH) Joyce Beatty Pat Tiberi 713 Hart Senate Office Building 417 Cannon House Office Building 106 Cannon House Office Building Washington DC 20510 Washington DC 20515 Washington DC 20515 (202)224-2315 (202)225-4324 202)225-5355 Senator Rob Portman Jim Jordan Steve Stivers 338 Russell Senate Office Building 1524 Longworth HOB 1022 Longworth HOB Washington DC 20510 Washington DC 20515 Washington DC 20515 (202)224-2315 (202)225-2676 (202)225-2015 March 2016


Buckeye Branch 78

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Christopher Page/Charles Sanders Alt. 469-4466 Douglas Lawver 447-8078 Craig Cope 447-0146 Todd Hornyak/Mark Beach Alt. 237-2830 Todd Hornyak/Mark Beach Alt. 279-2778 Anwar Mateen/ Paul McCamey 476-1590 Alan D. Moore Sr./Shawn Carter Alt. 469-4465 Brian Tatham 740-474-3113 Chuck Snyder 472-0500 Ryan Chanley/ Bill Ross Alt. 740-363-1906 Todd Hornyak/Mark Beach Alt. 279-2778 Jeff Stiverson 237-1912 Steve Bryant 469-4556 Doug Bryant 449-9565 Rob Arnold/John Beverly 444-0217 Jacki Mitchell/Ed Bacus/Barbara Hurst/Brenda Stidams 472-0696 Todd Hornyak/Mark Beach Alt. 279-2778 Kevin Lyons 875-6327 Todd Hornyak/Mark Beach Alt. 279-2778 Jennifer Clemons/Chris Semo Alt. 351-0137 Mark Beach 351-0138 Raymon Lawson /Mike Harris 237-9570 Jon Robinson 740-852-1881 Edward Miller 469-4216 Todd Longworth/Dave Eblin Alt. 937-642-1961 Todd Hornyak/Mark Beach Alt. 279-2778 Charles Sanders 469-4433 Kim Demarcus 476-5786 Joan Nevels/Ken Callahan Alt. 890-1180 Myron Miller 451-1502 Madonna Keller/Brian Skinner Alt. 476-1680 Todd Hornyak/Mark Beach Alt. 279-2778 Todd Hornyak/Mark Beach Alt. 279-2778 Todd Hornyak/Mark Beach Alt. 866-6049 Felicia Gilliam 476-8622 Shawn Carter/Dean Peruzzi 469-4232 Todd Hornyak/Mark Beach Alt 469-4466 Danny Williams/Tony Kohl Alt. 451-2302 Mikael Livingston 279-2778 Todd Hornyak/Mark Beach Alt 279-2778 Michael Brim/Jason Fry Alt. 793-9789 Gary Porter/Jim Kirk Hilty Alt. 237-1722 Jeff Freeman 846-6088



UNION LABEL THE J O B Y O U S A V E C O U L D B E Y O UR O W N ! ARTICLES RECEIVED AFTER THE FIRST WEDNESDAY OF ANY MONTH WILL BE PUBLISHED IN THE FOLLOWING MONTHS BULLETIN The views expressed in articles printed in this publication do not directly reflect those of Branch 78 or the Editor. ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO : 1029 Harrisburg Pike Columbus, Ohio 43223-2524 STEWARDS MEETING-6:30 P.M. First Wednesday of each month OFFICERS MEETING-6:00 P.M. The Monday preceding Steward Meeting BRANCH MEETING-6:30 P.M. Second Wednesday of each month RETIREES MEETING-1:00 P.M. First Tuesday of each month Branch office phones: 279-BR78  •  279-2778

2016 03 branch bulletin  

March 2016 edition of the Buckeye Branch Bulletin of the National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 78 Columbus Ohio

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