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May 2016

VOL. 37 NO. 5

PRESIDENT’S PAGE I have recently returned from the Committee of Presidents meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. The committee of Presidents is a meeting of branch presidents or designees to discuss issues. A major topic for discussion was City Carrier Assistants (CCAs). There are issues nationwide with retaining CCAs. The wages and working conditions of CCAs are a major problem with retaining these employees. NALC National President Fred Rolando stated that during the negotiations for a new national agreement closing the gap between wages and benefits for career and n o n - c a r e e r e m ployees was a priority. A retention rate of 54% nationwide for CCAs should make management aware that there is a problem. CCA training is another issue that is being addressed. Director of city delivery Brian Renfroe discussed a new setup for the Carrier Academy with a shadow day before going to the academy and four days of training at the Carrier Academy instead of the current format of two days. This will give CCAs a chance to see what the letter carrier job is before all the training begins. The new training is being discussed at

headquarters and there are two pilot programs being tested. The parties hope to begin the process in September. The national union is in the middle collective bargaining for our new contract that expires May 20, 2016. President Rolando stated formal negotiations began on February 19. Both parties had a week long negotiation session in March and have another week long session scheduled for May. He stated that the negotiations seemed to be moving along better with more open dialogue between the parties this negotiation compared to the last negotiations. The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) and the National Rural Letter Carriers Association (NRLCA) contracts both expired in May 2015. The Rural Carriers ratified a new three-year national agreement in April. The APWU is currently in Interest Arbitration. Branch 78 will be sending stewards and officers to Region 1 1 Tr a i n i n g i n C i n c i n n a t i o n June 5 and 6. We will be taking a limited amount of delegates but any member or steward that is interested in attending please contact me at the Union Hall. The following topics will be covered at

the training, Shop Steward School, OWCP, NALC Health Plan, CCA Rights and Benefits, Community Services, Legislation, Retirement, and Leadership Academy. I would like to congratulate Jim Rurik from West Worthington Station on his recent retirement and wish her well. Please stay informed and attend the monthly Union meeting the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Branch 78 Union Hall located at 1029 Harrisburg Pike Columbus, Ohio 43223. I would like to invite all members to attend the branch meeting. I would like new members to become involved and if you have any questions, you can bring it up at the meeting. Fraternally, Todd Hornyak

from the vice president Mark beach I would like to thank the members for all the positive feedback from last month’s article. By the time you read this one, the 2016 Mark Beach Letter Carrier Food Drive will be in the books. I would like to give special recognition to City Carrier Assistant Coburn Morgan of West Jefferson. Coburn went above and beyond when it came to this year’s food drive, by creating tshirts that were worn by local business owners all week promoting the food drive. He also rounded up over forty volunteers to help process the food and got Giant Eagle to donate bags that the volunteers clipped food drive cards to and delivered to local residents HOLD their DONATIONS. Afterwards, the volunteers and carriers had a large cookout to celebrate the occasion. Everything was paid for by local donation with the left over $300 dollars going to the food bank. This is just one of many food drive stories that play out in the cities and Associate Offices every year. I would like to thank every carrier, clerk, manager and supervisor, who participated in this event, you should be extremely proud of the charitable work they’ve done this year. The positive publicity this creates for our company, which indirectly results in millions of dollars of positive advertising for the USPS and the millions of lives positively affected by the Letter Carrier Food Drive, is priceless. One of the big topics lately in both Columbus and the surrounding Associate Offices is the conversion of City Carrier Assistants. Under the current Memo M-1856 routes that PAGE 2

go residual should immediately go up on e-Reassign for twenty days. If no transfer is taken or the ratio for transfers have already been meet then the residual assignment should result in a CCA being converted to regular the first day of the third pay period after coming down off e-Reassign. This results in a win for both sides, bad management seems to have a hard time grasping the concept here in Columbus. The problem here in the Columbus Installation is that the union has to seemingly remind the Postmaster of the conversions when they were due and how many. This slow or unwillingness to convert, along with management failure to have fired or resigned city carrier assistants removed from the rolls continues to cause staffing issues. Other issues contributing to carrier staffing issues include managements failure to post vacant routes, high ratio of 204B’s, failure to post 204B routes after a 120 days all of which should be automatic and not take a grievance from the union. In some associate offices the opposite is occurring when it comes to staffing where so many city carrier assistants are being hired they are not receiving enough work weekly to make it worth the CCA’s time to stay with the job thus good CCA’s are leaving to find a more lucrative job opportunity somewhere else. In my opinion, it has become very apparent that there are some station managers and higher level managers that do not value our City Carrier Assistants. This opinion comes as a result that many management officials refuse to resolve a letter carrier paragraph overtime grievance if it involves paying a

City Carrier Assistant for time and money they lost out on while they were sitting at home on an SDO. Again the union points out this is not a contractually sound position by management but, the union does in principal support that CCA’s get an SDO, but it is managements responsibility to ensure that staffing is adequate to do so. I will again emphasis to our younger employees as well as our veteran carriers what I believe a good letter carrier should be about. 1.) Don’t call in sick unless it is necessary. 2.) Make sure you don’t have an at fault accidents (i.e. stay off the phone while driving and no head phones). 3.) Deliver all the mail and do so to the proper address (including ADVO). 4.) Give management a fair days work for a fair days pay (nothing more & nothing less). 5.) Never ever take anything from the mail, even if it is UBBM. 6.) Fill out appropriate forms when necessary (PS form 3996 when you disagree with an assignment or anytime you are working overtime or require auxiliary assistants, PS form 3971 prior to taking leave ahead of time or when returning from unexpected leave, PS form 1571 when bringing back mail to the office. 7.) Finally, make management make the decisions, this way they can’t place the blame on the hard working carrier. Live by these principles and a letter carrier will find it much easier to deal with managements constant complaining. United we stand divided we fall. Mark Beach May 2016

Miller’s musings What a spring, nice and warm, then back in wool socks and a heavy jacket. Still there is resistance to fact there are serious climatic changes due to our mismanagement of our environment. Suddenly it will be 90 degrees and no rain for weeks. Speaking of mismanagement, how about our local postal crew? Supposedly, if you show someone enough times they will learn. Maybe that is only in the animal kingdom. The grievances have increased monthly, the results have mostly been favorable decisions for the union/us. Since we have been monetarily remunerated repeatedly; one would think that District Managers would demand the flagrant disregard for the contract cease. Maybe the pencil pushers have not flagged these payouts. Somebody needs to rein in their boy. Can there be that level of ignorance of the situation in Columbus? It isn’t peak vacation and these managers cannot schedule according to the contract. Still forcing people off the list to work over while list people rest in their loungers. It really isn’t that difficult a concept to ask list people to show up the next day. People appreciate a little respect. Supervisors know carriers are not going to answer the phone their SDO. Heck, they didn’t when they were craft. Perhaps they should have retraining for management like after a vehicle accident for carriers. Contract review classes, May 2016

mandatory when grievances are paid for your repeated stupidity. Then classes for upper managers who create the mess in their area. Postmaster remedial classes on how to manage effectively. Oh yes, we have leadership training, they don’t. We are doomed, my friends. Doomed, I say! Retirees please mark your calendars for the Retiree Luncheon, June 6 at the Florentine, 1 PM. Great food, good friends, good time. Don’t forget. Golfers send in your foursomes early to give Brenda an idea of how much food to order. Don’t wait till the day before or you’ll get hot dogs! Regular carriers, it is imperative that you prepare the CCAs to be successful. If you want your SDO and eight hour days, you have to teach them. CCA s you need to pay attention to where you deliver every piece of mail. You can’t do it if you’re running and not paying attention to the house and street. If a box is running over, the house or apt is probably vacant, band it and return to the station, place a notice that mail will be held ten days then returned to the sender. This part of your job. Management will not tell how to handle this. When carrying NDBCUs don’t keep stuffing mail into filled boxes, if on a hold down fill out a 96 to provide route maintenance. This is part of your job, like keeping names in boxes. There is more to the job than management wants to give time to accomplish. This is the

SERVICE part. More information next month. Another of my West Worthington cohorts has chosen the Yana Miller-Farney happy track. Jim Rurik is planning to spoil his grandson rotten. Good luck in your new endeavor. You earned it! There aren’t many of the old group left but it is great to get together and celebrate. West Worthington has a dedicated pack that return to these gatherings, which makes it even better. Your day will come, eventually. Yana Miller-Farney

Buckeye Br. 78 Bulletin Published and Paid for by Br.78 Published monthly Volume 37 - Issue 5 May 2016 President Vice President Recording Secretary Asst. Secretary/Editor Financial Secretary

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Be aware of your surroundings! dog bites increase with the warmer weather.

VETERANS CRISIS LINE Hotline, Online Chat & Text: or 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1) or chat online 24/7/365 May 2016

With a Critical Eye This is a new column for our newsletter and it’s anonymous for a simple reason: the problems brought up in this column are system wide and if a specific name is attached to the column the “powers that be” can disregard the criticisms as affecting only one particular office. Sadly, it’s not difficult to find issues within the organization to criticize these days. The difficulty is in finding a way to write about it that makes the point, but is also concise. I invite everyone that receives this newsletter to contribute to this column. Many of the problems affecting the Postal Service were created in the Washington D.C. area by previous members of upper management. We’re living with the legacy of their bad decisions today. Many of those policies will take years to correct, but there are some that can easily be tweaked and made more sensible by local management. All it takes is a bit of willingness on them part of the district. There is a basic tenet of business called a cost/benefit analysis. Simply put, does the money spent to enact a policy or to purchase equipment provide a financial return or benefit greater than its cost? Every day carriers experience dictates from management that clearly did not take this concept into account. In their zeal to save money, management has looked to balance their books on the backs of the letter carriers and they’ve conveniently overlooked the longterm costs of their brilliant cost cutting measures. So let’s look at the FSS machines and May 2016

routes adjusted based on CORE as primary examples. Do they actually save the Postal service money when you look at the big picture? No. Would they have really saved money had the flat volume remained high? Probably not, because you have to look at a carriers job in its entirety. Let’s first state a fact that obvious to everyone who carries mail and blatantly overlooked by those who manage those carriers. For at least 75% of us, it’s an incredibly physical job. Over the years, walking through all kinds of weather and terrain takes a toll on your body. Taking away the majority of the office time and moving it to the street has made carrying mail the most physically challenging job within the delivery industry. Add CORE adjustments to the mix and the insane notion that the average relay now has 40 plus houses, with only two minutes of relay time permitted at the vehicle and a thoughtful person should recognize that this is a perfect

recipe for more injuries. The average age of the country’s letter carriers remains in the forties with many approaching fifty. Most of these folks have many years within the service and they are breaking down. If you weigh the cost of moving the majority of our work hours to the street against the cost of injuries and lost work hours, and did an honest analysis, the financial benefits are negligible at best. It’s no secret that this district has a horrible record of CCA retention. Almost half of the CCAís quit within their ninety days. If management would take an honest look at itís policies, perhaps they could keep more of these employees that they’ve already spent a significant amount of money to hire and train. They could begin by remembering that their employees are an asset to the organization and stop treating us as an inconvenient expense. anonymous


Attention Retirees

Pat Moran’s Memorial Lunch – Retired Letter Carriers – Columbus, OH

The Retirees Luncheon will be at the Florentine Restaurant. Please mark your calendars. It is a great way to visit with old friends and make new friends. If you need a ride just holler.

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RETIREES MTG-1:00 P.M. First Tuesday of each month


May 2016

The robert solt memorial Golf Outing to Benefit

Muscular dystrophy July 24, 2016 St. Albans Golf Course 3833 Northridge Rd Alexandria, Ohio 43001

Shotgun Start - 7:30 AM

Get your Foursome signed up early 1._____________________________________ ACT.______ RET.___________ 2._____________________________________ ACT.______ Ret.___________ 3._____________________________________ ACT.______ Ret.___________ 4._____________________________________ ACT.______ RET.___________ Phone Contact Number_______________________ _Amt. Enclosed________

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2016 05 branch bulletin  

May 2016 edition of the Buckeye Branch Bulletin from Branch 78, National Association of Letter Carriers, Columbus Ohio

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