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Cailyn Branback Mrs. Anderson Creative Writing November 5, 2013 At the Beach Every morning after I get done with work I decide to go for a walk. I usually get done around 5 or 6, right when the sunset comes; my favorite part of my run. I loved living in Laguna Beach; I could run past the ocean at any time of the day. One night as I was running along the beach, I saw this guy just sitting at a bench reading a newspaper. I was a little confused at why he was still sitting there when it looked like it was going to storm really badly. I decided to run over by him and sit next to him. “Sir, can I ask why you’re sitting out here when it’s about to storm really bad?” I say. He shakes his head and says to me, “Why are you out here then?” I just laughed and looked at him. He was wearing sunglasses which was even weirder and he had a hat on, along with his hood up. All of a sudden, he took his sunglasses off and his hat. It was Liam Hemsworth! Ever since I was 12, I’ve had a celebrity crush on him. Now I’m 21 and I’m finally meeting him! Was this a dream or something? I asked him why he was sitting out here and he tells me, “I like to sit and watch the sunset. It clears my mind from things.” It was about to rain and he asked me if I wanted to go sit at the little café about half a mile away from the beach. I smile. Who wouldn’t want to go and sit

and talk to Liam Hemwsworth? We sit and talk for about an hour and he asks me for my phone number! I give him my number and he tells me he will text me sometime this week to go and get dinner. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. Defiantly the best day ever!

At the Park  
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