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Portfolio Bram Mauer ‘Furniture & Interior Design’

Interior Bebat Zwart My Office


Rounded Fauteuils Zitzand PostMock Where Candy Meats Crooked Fourteen

Interior Projects

Bebat Project to design an interior for ‘BEBAT’. This company recycles batteries and our job was to attract people with an interesting design to collect batteries.


Zwart Art exhibition about Rik Wouters. We had to reflect the feeling of the artist in our design. He made a lot of paintings during the war, this is visible in the way he painted them.


My office How do you see your own future office? This is the question that we had to ask ourselves. I see my future as a workspace where everything is possible, you can experiment with different kind of materials and work methods.


Furniture Projects

My office Office Rounded Design and build a piece of furniture that fits into 1m続. I choose to design a round, floating TV-furniture.


Fauteuils Final project at my furniture build education. The combination of two separate fauteuils that you can change with minor adjustments into a couch and coffee table.


Zitzand Project called ‘ME’ stool. The task was to design a stool that fits you perfectly. Because of my dry humour I choose to make a stool out of sand, so I made it entirely out of this material. The result is a stool completely made of sand.


PostMock Remix project. School gave us an unusual variety of materials where we had to choose from, to make a product. I choose postbags, because postbags travel around the entire world. I decided to make a hammock out of it.


Remix Where Candy Meats. I choose to make from an old meat grinder a gum machine. Project for school where we had to change the function of an existing product.


Design cheap furniture for and art exhibition. We choose to collect old and broken closets too build a wardrobe. From the doors of the closets that we didn’t use we decided to make a bar.


Fourteen The final project which I graduated with. A chair totally build from wood, without any nails or glue. I was inspired by a puzzle and the system that they apply. Can you solve it?



Designing Technical drawing Carpenting


Bram Mauer