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Tighten up your facial features with Exilis rejuvenation technology

Understanding the technology To redefine your appearance by reducing wrinkles and treating laxity, Exilis uses focused radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound technology. The treatment offers a transformed appearance with noticeable younger, firmer and shapelier looking skin on the face or the body.

How it works‌ The technique incorporates Collagen Refill Technology (CRT) that heats the triple-helix structure of the collagen fibre, making the fiber unravel. By disrupting the collagen fiber, it becomes broken which stimulates the area to heal and replace the broken fiber with renewed stable collagen fibers.

This process creates the appearance of tight and wrinkle free skin!

What you should know about the treatment • • •

No down time for the treatment – you can return to your daily duties immediately. It doesn’t use a laser –no pigment change or peeling and your skin will heal naturally. Non-invasive – the only sensation is heat to stimulate the collagen remodelling.

Continues to work over time – some patients see immediate results, but it’s dependent on your skin’s natural healing process. Most results will be noticeable 3 months after the treatment.

No pre-treatment preparation – just drink a lot of water so you are well-hydrated. This should assist you in improving lymphatic drainage.

The Exilis treatment is generally a set of 4 sittings administered every fortnight with minimal side effects and is recommended for most patients between the ages of 25 and 70. Sound like the perfect treatment for you to firm-up and de-wrinkle your skin? Book a consultation with Bramis Facial Rejuvenation Clinic in Perth today!

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