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Regal Wood Traffic and Safety Concern Update At their February 15, 2011 meeting, the Brambleton Community Association Grounds & Facilities Committee received input from residents regarding traffic and safety concerns on Regal Wood Drive. The Committee designated their March 15th meeting as a public input session to provide an open forum for affected residents to express their concerns specific to the traffic and related safety conditions on the townhome section of Regal Wood Drive. The committee heard from more than 25 affected residents between the two committee meetings and various emails. The committee and staff discussed the concerns that were brought up during the process and believed that many of the concerns were valid and should be considered for improvement. The Committee determined that the following concerns should be addressed:      

High volumes of traffic due to the BTC Sight distance visibility at intersections due to parked cars Bus stop safety Pedestrian safety Speeding One-way traffic as a result of on-street parking

To address the concerns considered valid, both the committee and staff recommend that the following modifications be considered by the Board of Directors:    

Install all-way stops with stop bars at Regal Wood/Cartier and at Regal Wood/Livingston. Install pedestrian cross walks at Regal Wood/Cartier and at Regal Wood/Olympia. Increase the no parking within 20ft of an intersection on Regal Wood Drive between Olympia and Livingston to 40ft. Create a no parking area on Olympia either side of Regal Wood as sight distance easements and VDOT permits.

The Committee and Staff jointly believe that these modifications will improve overall safety on this section of Regal Wood while having a minimal impact on parking throughout this section of the neighborhood. The Committee and Staff will forward this recommendation to the Board for consideration at their April 5, 2011 meeting. Residents are encouraged to comment on this plan via email or in person at the meeting. All questions pertaining to the proposed modifications should directed to staff at

Regal Wood Traffic and Safety Concern  
Regal Wood Traffic and Safety Concern  

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