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Welcome to Brambleton The Brambleton Community Association Board of Directors and the Association staff would like to welcome you to Brambleton. We are delighted that you have decided to make Brambleton your new home town. We hope that you have had a pleasant home buying experience and that you are comfortably settling into the community. Understandably, you are busy unpacking boxes, hanging pictures, and meeting your neighbors. To help make your transition easier, the Brambleton Community Association has put together a New Resident Handbook. The handbook is designed to provide new Brambleton residents with an overview of the community and an easy to use reference guide with answers to essential questions pertaining to Brambleton and its Homeowners Association. While this handbook is full of great community information, it is the Association’s goal that all residents take full advantage of two important resources; 1) The Association staff, for any questions you may have regarding the community and 2) the community website,, which is the primary communication tool for the Association and where all residents are strongly encouraged to register. Purchasing a new home and settling in can be a busy time. Take time for yourself and visit one of Brambleton’s parks, recreational amenities or the Brambleton Town Center to take a well deserved break. We look forward to meeting you and wish you the absolute best with getting settled here in Brambleton. Welcome home!

Kim Adams President


Brambleton Community Association

Rick Stone PCAM, LSM General Manager


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This handbook is published by the Brambleton Community Association (“Association”) for the information and use of our members. This handbook contains advertisements for the sale of goods and/or services. Although the Association requires the advertising service providers, vendors, and professional or corporate entities to provide complete information in order to place their ads in our publication, the appearance of the advertisements is not an endorsement or recommendation by the Association of the goods or services being advertised and it should not be construed as such. This handbook may also contain a listing of contractors or service providers who have previously provided their services to Brambleton residents. Again, however, such a listing is provided solely for the information and convenience of our members and residents. It is not an endorsement or recommendation by the Association of the listed contractors or service providers and it should not be construed as such. If you have any questions regarding any particular advertisement or listing, you should address the question directly to the advertiser. You should use your own judgment in evaluating the statements, claims, accuracy, appropriateness, correctness and currency of the information found in the advertisements and listings. The Association merely publishes the advertisements and listings in this handbook. By your use of this publication, you release us (and our officers, directors, agents, and employees) from any and all claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, in the event that you have a dispute with an advertiser or listed service provider.

New Resident Handbook


Living in an Association Brambleton Community Association, Inc. (BCA or the Association), is a Virginia non-stock, non-profit corporation. There are three features that make home ownership in a community association different from traditional home ownership. •

You automatically become a member of the Association when you take ownership of your home and must abide by all Association rules and regulations.

You are required to pay a monthly assessment that is used to maintain the common areas and provide various community related services.

You share ownership of common land and have access to Association facilities such as pools, tennis courts, trails and other various amenities.

The affairs of the Association are governed by federal law, state statute and important Association documents such as the Declaration, Bylaws & Design Guidelines. Upon purchasing a home in Brambleton, a Disclosure Package is provided with all of the Association’s governing documents. This package is often provided in electronic form. For your convenience, all of the Association’s documents are also available on our community website www. Brambleton’s Board of Directors is entrusted with the fiduciary responsibility of the Association. The Board sets policy and directs the affairs of the Association in accordance with the governing documents, legal requirements and good business practices.


Brambleton Community Association

Association Management While the board sets policy and directs Association affairs, the Association’s day-to-day operations are managed by onsite staff through FirstService Residential (FSR). Key areas of management and oversight are as follows: •

Operations of the Association include maintenance and upkeep of common areas and facilities, contract management for service providers such as aquatics, trash and telecom contractors;

Covenants responsibilities include rules enforcement, exterior modification review and approval, proactive and response to concern inspections and standards review;

Community Lifestyles responsibilities include planning and execution of events, programming and facility rentals;

Communications of community information via weekly news flash, monthly newsletters and social media;

General administrative tasks provided by onsite staff include response to resident inquiries and concerns, pool pass registration, account management, Board and committee support and financial administration.

All questions, comments or concerns should be directed to the Brambleton Management Office. Brambleton Management Office 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210 Brambleton, VA 20148 703-542-6263 703-542-6266 Fax Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Please note that the office is closed for major holidays and that there may be extended summer hours. Details of changes to these office hours will be posted on the community website,

FirstService Residential Corporate Responsibilities FSR corporate office is responsible for the financial administration of the Association and the processing of resale packets and PUD questionnaires and providing payoff information. Related inquiries should be directed to the corporate office. Corporate Headquarters FirstService Residential, LLC 11351 Random Hills Road, Suite 500 Fairfax, VA 22030 (703) 385-1133 (703) 591-5785 Fax Corporate website: Requests for Resale Disclosure documents and Lender Questionnaires are accepted online at : Contact information for follow up inquiries is as follows: For Resale Documents: For Payoff Information:

New Resident Handbook


Vision, Mission and Core Values Brambleton Community Association has established a strategic planning process to ensure that the organization is focused on future goals. As part of the process, the Association has identified the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the Association as outlined below. Vision Leading a hometown community with high tech traditions where everyone can connect with life. Mission Brambleton Community Association is committed to proactively leading a quality community for its residents through stewardship of resources, advanced technology, and enhanced lifestyle opportunities. Core Values Service, Leadership, Stewardship, Teamwork, Innovation We Will… Be of SERVICE: •

Provide a welcoming and professional environment.

Listen and respond to the needs of the community.

Communicate with candor, honesty, and respect.

Serve as a resource for the community.

Be a LEADER: •

Set a positive tone, provide direction, education, and empowerment of others.

Remain open to ideas, concerns, and feedback.

Build relationships in support of our community.

Communicate expectations and strive to exceed them.


Value community resources through accountability, positive actions and best practices.

Collaborate and take initiative to sustain and enhance community resources.

Provide educational opportunites related to community stewardship.

Be a TEAM: •

Encourage and help each other by being flexible and supportive.

Honor our commitments and responsibilities.

Serve as community builders through support and involvement of others.



Remain knowledgeable on developing technologies and eco-friendly practices.

Try new ideas and refine current operations based on lessons learned and community needs.

Use creative approaches to resolve challenges faced by the community.

Brambleton Community Association

Association Board, Committees and Volunteers The Association is a registered corporation with the Commonwealth of Virginia. As such, the corporation is structured with a Board of Directors, which is supported by advisory committees and volunteers. Board of Directors •

The Association’s Board is entrusted with the fiduciary responsibility of the Association and sets policy and directs the affairs of the Association in accordance with federal and state statute, Association documents and generally accepted business practices.

The Association’s Board consists of seven directors as outlined in the Association’s bylaws. The Declarant has the ability to maintain a majority on the Board until such time that the community is 75% complete.

Advisory Committees •

There are standing committees that advise the board on community and Association matters. The committees consist of resident volunteers who desire to make a difference by taking an active interest in their community. •


Brambleton Kids Care


Financial Advisory

Government Advocacy

Grounds and Facilities

Safety & Security

Volunteers •

Residents are encouraged to become involved in the community. Involvement in a committee or at one of the Association’s events is a great way to make a difference in your community and meet your neighbors. For more information about the committees, please visit the community website or contact the staff at the Brambleton Management Office.

New Resident Handbook


A Greener Brambleton Brambleton Community Association continuously seeks to be a “Green” steward of its operation, land and environment. ADMINISTRATION, COMMUNICATION & EDUCATION: •

In general, Brambleton Community Association (BCA) strives to operate in a manner that considers practical and effective actions that are in the best interest of the environment and association. This approach has resulted in an environmentally conscious operation and administration.

BCA communications to its residents are primarily electronic. All weekly e-bulletins, monthly newsletters and other general notices are sent electronically via email through the community website and Facebook. This cuts down on the use and cost associated with paper, postage and related waste.

Association staff gives back to the larger Loudoun environmental community by being involved with Keep Loudoun Beautiful.


BCA uses non-phosphorous fertilizers on all its common areas; and encourages residents to do the same.

The BCA dog waste stations reduce the levels of nitrogen from local streams.

Geese Police K9 services patrols the ponds which reduces the amount of waste and nitrogen that originates in Brambleton.

Brambleton marks all the storm drains as a way to reduce illegal dumping down the drains and educate the residents.

Pond aeration systems are installed as a way to reduce the amount of algae in the pond and reduce the amount of chemicals used to treat the algae.

Green cleaning chemicals are used at all of the BCA facilities. BCA requires its pool management contractor to do the same.



BCA provides single-stream recycling to its residents for ease of recycling (1x weekly).

BCA supplies 32 or 64 gallon recycling toters to all residents to encourage greater recycling. This action doubled the amount of trash that is recycled in each household.

RecycleBank incentive program is available to all BCA residents at no extra cost.

BCA provides yard debris collection (1X weekly) to all its residents as a way to reduce illegal dumping of yard debris in the storm drains and natural areas.

Recycling bins are available at all BCA facilities.

Brambleton Community Association

Assessment Payment Options Lockbox — Payments can be made by check or money order and mailed to the lockbox post office box (P.O. Box 11983 Newark, NJ 07101) with a payment coupon. Payment coupons are mailed to all owners that are NOT signed up for Automatic Debit at the beginning of each association’s fiscal year. If an account is in collection or at the attorney the payment is sent to an exception queue by the lockbox provider, Klik, to be reviewed by FirstService Residential accounting staff for restrictive endorsements prior to processing. Direct Debit — Owners can sign up for the Direct Debit Program with FirstService Residential Management directly (not the association). With this program, the owner authorizes the management company to withdraw the recurring assessment amount out of a bank account of their choosing (checking or savings) on the first day of the payment cycle (i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.) via ACH transfer. PayLease — Owners can logon to PayLease via the FirstService Residential Management website (www.fsresidential. com). Through PayLease, owners may make one-time or recurring e-check or credit card payments. The owner determines the amount they wish to pay, the frequency they wish to pay it, and the day of the month the payment is automatically withdrawn. PayLease processing fees apply for all credit card payments, as well as for one-time e-checks. Recurring e-checks are processed at no charge to the owner. Generally, PayLease payments take 72 hours to process. A rush payment process of 24 hours can be requested by the owner, at an additional charge. Reminder — Assessment payments are not accepted onsite due to the fact they are processed as of the date of receipt at the bank or in the Accounting Department. Also, cash cannot be accepted at the FirstService Residential Management offices or at onsite offices for assessments or other income. E-Klik — Some owners may choose to pay their assessments using their own personal online bill paying service. FirstService Residential Management’s lockbox provider, Klik, has partnered with several online bill pay service clearing houses, such as Fiserv and RPPS, to be able to receive these payment

New Resident Handbook


Association Communications Brambleton Community Association offers a variety of ways for residents to stay current with community events and Association matters. Visit the website for everything related to Brambleton Community Association (BCA). Residents are encouraged to register for their choice of updates via the “Notify Me” button on the home page. Owners may view their assessment account information by logging into the FirstService Residential link for their community. To register, send an email with your name and address to Brambleton App Download the Brambleton App from iTunes for your iPhone or from Google Play for your Android. Brambleton FiOS TV Currently found on channel 42, tune in to see what’s happening within the community. For 24/7 programming including details about upcoming events and town center activities, home and garden maintenance tips, builder updates and regular weather and traffic updates. Friday Flash The Friday Flash is a weekly community news bulletin which contains brief news announcements pertaining to life in Brambleton, life around Loudoun County as well as upcoming events, programs or meetings. The Flash is emailed weekly to subscribed residents. Community Newsletter The Brambleton Community Newsletter is distributed via email at the beginning of each month to all residents that are registered to receive communications and is also posted on the Brambleton website and our community Facebook page. The newsletter contains detailed news articles and photos related to the Brambleton Community. Residents are encouraged to submit articles for consideration to Social Media Be sure to “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our photos on Flickr! Stayed tuned to the most up to date information, Association notices, community event cancelations, road closures, deadlines and more. Facebook Twitter Flickr Issuu


Brambleton Community Association

Lifestyles The Brambleton Community Association believes in building strong community ties through special events and activities. The Activities Committee, which consists of dedicated resident volunteers, along with BCA staff plans and organizes a wide range of community events year round. There truly is something for everyone here in Brambleton. Festivals There are two main festivals that take place each year in Brambleton, Red, White and BRAM and the Fall Festival. The community gathers to enjoy food vendors, amusements, kids entertainment, live band performances, fireworks and so much more. Aside from the wonderful festivities that these two big events deliver, you can expect to experience an overwhelming sense of camaraderie and community with your fellow neighbors. Community Yard Sale The spring and fall community yard sale gives the residents an opportunity to clean out their storage, attics and garages. The Community Center serves as a Marketplace for residents who wish to bring their items to sell from their own “reserved” space. A map which lists resident addresses and specific items for sale is also available for all yard sale attendees. Summer Fun While school is out and the weather is warm, there are many outdoor events to enjoy. Summer kicks off with an outdoor concert series at the Brambleton Town Center which features live band performances every other Thursday evening. The pool season starts off with an end-of-the-school year pool party and fun water activities. We can’t forget our canine companions’ Doggone Wild pool party where they are able to take a dip in the pool for the last dog days of summer. Camps Summer is such an active time of the year and with kids on break, what better activity than summer camp. Brambleton hosts a variety of camps including Overtime Athletics Sports Camp, Drama Camp and Art Camp. As our community grows and more facilities are built, more camp opportunities will become available. Programming Whether it’s swimming, boot camp, dance, art classes or photography, Brambleton has programming available for residents of all ages. As we continue to grow, more programs will be added. Groups and Clubs From Playgroup to Swim Team, Toastmasters to Running, residents are able to connect with neighbors by joining a community group or club. There are also several resident moderated Facebook groups, including B_Alert@Brambleton (Neighborhood Watch), B_Green@ Brambleton (Community Freecycle), B_Sold@Brambleton (Classifieds), and more! See B_ Informed for the most up to date listing of the various Facebook pages and information about joining.

New Resident Handbook


Verizon FIOS Through a partnership with Verizon, Brambleton offers each home fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) technology. Fiber optic technology provides a 100% digital image, optimized sound quality, and the opportunity to move large amounts of information with high speed and accuracy. Brambleton’s Verizon Package includes the following: •

Verizon FiOS HD Extreme Package* which provides the local channels, over 300 digital channels (including all-digital music channels & HD channels) - Channel Guide: fiostv/digital-tv-channels

Verizon FiOS Data/Internet service with symmetrical speeds of 50 Mbps download & 50 Mbps upload (please make sure you specify that you are calling from Brambleton to receive these speeds).

9 email accounts & 10MB of web space

5 email accounts - To order up to 5 email accounts, please contact or (703) 542-6263

24/7 live technical help

*Cable Card, Digital Converter or Set Top Boxes required for television reception (fees and services available with each vary).

Before settlement please contact Verizon 7-10 business days prior to your projected settlement date (but no more than 15 days before). If your installation order has been placed, but your settlement date changes, or, you have other changes to make to your order, please call again ASAP. Residents moving into an existing home (FIOS ready), the install order cannot be placed until 1 business day following the previous owner’s disconnect date. Verizon FIOS local voice service is available to Brambleton residents, but it is NOT included in the assessment fee. Activation, Billing, Disconnect, Account

800-501-1172 M-F 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Repair Questions/Assistance w/ Assistance w/ Suspension of Service

Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 888-553-1555 (24 hours, 7days/week) 888-669-9901 888-338-9333

*Activation charges are not included in the Assessment Fee.

FiOS App Customers with both FiOS TV and FiOS Internet service can use FiOS Mobile for iPad to watch select live streaming. Many of the 75 channels available include HBO, TBS, A&E and even broadcast networks like FOX. Children’s programming is available as well.


Brambleton Community Association

Townhomes With Ground Maintenance Brambleton Community Association provides grounds maintenance on townhome lots in select neighborhoods within the community. The maintenance package includes the following: MOWING, TRIMMING, EDGING, WEEDING •

Mowing occurs every 7-10 days (weather permitting) from April through Mid-November. During extended periods of rain or drought conditions, cutting will take place as weather conditions dictate.

Turf is cut at a height of 3”-3.5”.

All sidewalks and other builder installed hard surfaces will be edged every other mowing visit to the site.

All trimming along shrub beds, obstructions and foundations will be performed at time of mowing.

Weeds will be removed from sidewalks and landscape beds.

Clippings and debris will be blown from hard surfaces prior to departure.


Early spring - Turf application of fertilizer and pre-emergent crabgrass control, and broadleaf weed control.

Late spring - Turf application of a Balanced fertilizer/Broadleaf weed control

Summer – Turf application of spot treatment of broadleaf weed control.

Fall – Turf application of fertilizer high in nitrogen/Broadleaf winter weed control.


Mulched plant beds will have debris removed. Bed edges will be cut to a 2” depth.

Pre-emergent weed control applied in beds as necessary.

Double-shredded hardwood mulch will be installed to maintain no more than 2 inch mulch covering of the beds.

To allow for these services to be performed, the following criteria must be met: •

Access must be available for back yard mowing.

Gates must remain unlocked and function properly.

Personal items such as lawn furniture, toys, hoses or other items must be removed from lawn areas before mowing begins.

Pets cannot be present. Prior to letting dogs/cats/pets into yards in the evenings, please make sure all gates are securely closed. The following items that are not covered under this program:

Watering of turf or landscape.

Replacement of dead or dying plant material.

Maintenance or mulching of owner installed plant material.

Maintenance of owner installed hardscapes or other improvements.

Installation of annual flowers.

Snow/ice removal on sidewalks.

An opt out program has been established to accommodate residents that wish not to partake in the services offered through the Town Home Grounds Maintenance Program. Residents that wish to opt out are advised that the assessments associated with the service can not be waived. Advanced notice and a written agreement are required.

Please direct questions regarding the grounds maintenance program for townhomes to the Brambleton Community Association Management Office at (703) 542-6263 or

New Resident Handbook


Trash and Recycling Services Brambleton Community Association and The Residences Condominiums provide trash and recycling services as part of the common assessment of each Association. AAA Recycling and Trash Removal (AAA) is the refuse removal & recycling company that provides these services. Residents of new single-family and Residences condominium homes should contact AAA’s customer service at (703) 818-8222 to arrange for the delivery of new trash and recycling toters. Toters remain the property of AAA, and single-family and Residences condominium owners purchasing a resale home should make use of the existing containers. All owners are responsible for the care and cleaning of the toter issued to their address. All AAA toters contain serial numbers on the front of the container. Please record and keep the serial number for future reference. If condition of containers is undesirable, AAA can replace them free of charge. The following removal and recycling services are provided to single-family (attached and detached) and Residences condominium lots: Trash Pickup – Tuesdays and Fridays Recycling – Fridays Yard Debris Recycling – Tuesdays (March - December) Waste, recycling, and bulk items should be curbside no later than 7:00 a.m. on collection day, or you may place it out after sunset the night before if winds no greater than 10mph are present or forecasted. Recycling of Christmas Trees – Typically takes place during the first two weeks of January. Dates will be announced prior to Christmas so residents can plan accordingly. General Bulk Item Pickup – By appointment only. No extra fee applied for bulk items 2 cubic yards or less per month. Appliances – By appointment only and at additional cost to owner/resident. RecycleBank Recycling – Brambleton Community Association and the Residences Condominiums are participating in the innovative recycling incentive program called RecycleBank. This single-stream recycling program allows for all recyclables to be mixed in one container. The community’s recycling is weighed, and points are assigned to the community as a whole. Residents who have registered with RecycleBank are then given an equal share of points on their account. Points can then be redeemed (up to $45.00 per month) towards coupons, gift cards, or movie tickets. More information about RecycleBank can be found at www. New owners can contact RecycleBank at 888-727-2978 to establish an account. Acceptable items for recycling include: Mixed paper: Junk mail, newspaper, magazines, phone books, office paper, paperboard (i.e. cereal boxes), flattened cardboard boxes Food & Beverage: Glass containers, plastic bottles/containers (must have the recycling triangle on the plastic, any number in the center will be accepted), tin and aluminum cans Items not accepted by the recycling program: Containers used for insecticides, herbicides, petroleum products, paint or automotive fluids; Windows, drinking glasses, cups, plates, cookware, mirrors, light bulbs, broken glass; Styrofoam containers; Recyclable containers contaminated with food — i.e. pizza boxes, plastic or aluminum carry-out food trays


Brambleton Community Association

Other items NOT accepted by AAA in Trash or Recycling collection: Tires, oil-based paint (dried latex paint accepted), construction debris, flammable products, dead animals, fecal matter, landscape timbers, friable asbestos, lead-acid/wet-cell batteries, bio-hazardous materials, medical waste, needles and plastic film such as grocery and dry cleaning bags Yard Debris Recycling Guidelines: Grass clippings & leaves need to be contained in a dedicated and identified container/trash can, paper yard debris bags or clear plastic bags. Dark colored plastic bags are not accepted. Brush and limbs must be cut into 4-foot lengths and bundled (arm-full size) with rope or twine and should not exceed 50 lbs. Concrete, bricks, blocks, rocks, sod and dirt, and tree limbs larger than 6 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length will NOT be collected. Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL) or other light bulbs containing mercury may not be disposed of in regular trash. Please refer to the Loudoun County Government website index.aspx?NID=399 for more information on CFL recycling or hazardous waste removal. *Please note that AAA does not operate on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years Day, and waste and recycling items will be picked up on the next scheduled collection day.

Amenities There are numerous neighborhood amenities throughout the community, and as the community develops, additional amenities will be constructed. Existing amenities include: Pools Brambleton currently has four pools; the Brambleton Community Center Pool, Brambleton Corner Pool, Beacon Crest Community Pool and the Summerfield Condominium Pool. The Summerfield Pool is for the exclusive use of Summerfield residents while the Brambleton Community Association (BCA) pools (Beacon Crest, Brambleton Community Center, Brambleton Corner) are for the exclusive use of all other Brambleton owners and residents. Brambleton Community Association pools are typically open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, with the possibility of extended seasons if the weather warrants as such. The pools’ times of operation are considered each year and posted on the website prior to each season. Wireless connections are available at the BCA pools. All residents wishing to use the BCA pools are required to register for their pool passes. Once you are registered, your pass is good for life (as long as you remain at the registered address and are a member in good standing with the association). As children turn 12 and 16 years of age, they will need updated passes made to reflect their appropriate age bracket. Tenants named on a lease need to register yearly, and provide an owner permission form and copy of the current lease. Residents can register for their pool passes at the Brambleton Management Office during office hours. Extended office hours are provided each pool season for residents that can’t make the normal office hours. The extended office hours and registration information will be posted on the website prior to each season. *A fifth pool (splash pad) is curently under construction and will be open Memorial Day weekend 2015.

New Resident Handbook


Legacy Park Brambleton’s Legacy Park, located adjacent to the Brambleton Town Center, consist of play areas, tennis courts, volleyball court, basketball court, trails, a pond and open space on 15 acres with mature trees. The park is open from dawn until dusk. Picnic tables, benches, trash cans and doggie stations are located throughout the park. Play Areas & Tot Lots There are several play areas throughout the community for children of all ages. The areas are open to Brambleton residents and their guests every day from dawn until dusk. A map of the constructed play areas is located in the back inside cover of this booklet. Play areas are equipped with various types of play structures, tot lots, benches and trashcans. BCA has developed guidelines associated with the play areas which can be found on the Brambleton Intranet. Sport Courts and Playfields There are numerous sport courts and playfields located throughout the community which belong to various organizations. The tennis courts and basketball court located in Legacy Park is managed and maintained by the Brambleton Community Association. The fields and courts located at the schools and adjacent to the NRPA Ahrens Institute are operated by Loudoun County. The BCA fields and courts are open from dawn until dusk and use guidelines can be found on the Brambleton Intranet. “Let Us” Garden Plots The developer has graciously allowed Brambleton residents to use undeveloped land for the purposes of “green” gardening locally. In addition, the Association donates 100% of the proceeds generated for registration to Loudoun Interfaith Relief so others throughout Loudoun can benefit from this program. Trails The community has a network of trails throughout Legacy Park, along Ryan Road and south of Creighton Road. Along some of the trails, are a number of various exercise stations. Further trails will be developed as the community continues to grow. Natural Areas There are various forms of natural areas throughout Brambleton. Natural areas consist of meadows, tree save areas, cedar hedge rows, wetlands, streams and ponds. These areas will remain in a natural state with minimal maintenance performed.


Brambleton Community Association

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Una comunidad inclusiva y hospitalaria Iglesia Episcopal

San Gabriel Misa los domingos a las 10 a.m. Belmont Ridge Middle School


Streams and Ponds Brambleton ponds have been stocked for residents to fish on a “catch and release” basis. Please be courteous of adjacent homeowners when fishing the ponds. Boating, swimming and ice skating is prohibited on all Brambleton ponds. Brambleton’s streams and ponds also serve as a storm water management function for the community. Please be sure not to throw any trash, debris, chemicals or pet waste down street storm drains and yard inlets as it will pollute our streams and ponds. Remember “Only Rain In The Drain”. Brambleton Bluebird Trail Brambleton has established a Bluebird trail that is maintained by association staff and resident volunteers. If you are interested in Bluebird monitoring send an email to Brambleton Regional Golf Course Located nearby on Ryan Road, Brambleton Regional Park is operated by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. The 18-hole golf course offers varied terrain in a beautiful park setting. For information on fees, hours of operation, and driving directions, call 703-327-3403, or go to brambleton/?pg=golf.html Hanson Regional Park The Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services, in conjunction with the county’s Department of Construction and Waste Management, is working to develop a Regional Park on an approximately 257-acre parcel along Evergreen Mills Road, known as the Hal and Berni Hanson Regional Park.

Facility Rentals The Board has authorized certain Brambleton facilities to be available for exclusive use by Brambleton owners and authorized tenants. All owners must be in good standing with the Association in order to use Association facilities. The Brambleton Community Center, the Beacon Crest Clubroom & Pool, and the Brambleton Corner Clubhouse & Pool are available for exclusive use as part of this program. The Brambleton Community Center Pool is not available for exclusive after-hours use by owners or tenants.

For more information, to check availability, or to submit reservation requests, visit

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Common Area Upkeep and Maintenance The Brambleton Community Association is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all common areas and related improvements throughout Brambleton in accordance to the deeds filed with the county and at such time the parcel has been accepted by the Association. There is an acceptance process in place that provides for the proper transfer of such areas and improvements from the Developer to the Association. The Association primarily uses various contractors to complete necessary maintenance tasks. Concerns or questions related to the following examples should be forwarded to the staff at the Brambleton Management Office. •

Turf and landscape maintenance on common areas and within landscape easements

Snow removal and street maintenance on private townhome streets, common drives, and ingress/egress easements assigned to the association

Maintenance of amenities or structures located on common areas such as pools, playgrounds, trails, courts, etc.

Pond maintenance including trash removal and algae control

There are other organizations that maintain grounds and facilities within Brambleton. Concerns or questions related to the following items should be forwarded to the related organization: NOVEC – Maintains black decorative streetlights south of Ryan Road. Dominion – North of Ryan Road except The Overlook area, which is maintained by BCA Loudoun County – Maintains county ball fields and school properties. VDOT – Maintains and removes snow from VDOT streets. Summerfield Condominiums – Maintains building exteriors, common areas and streets within Summerfield. The Residences Condominiums – Maintains building exteriors, common areas on parcels with condominium buildings from curb to curb within the Residences. The Brambleton Town Center – Managed by the Brambleton Group, who maintains buildings, streets and common area within the town center property.

Community Covenants Living within a planned urban development governed by a community association provides many benefits, while at the same time requiring compliance with certain protective restrictions. It is important for you to understand your rights and obligations as a member of the Association. Prior to your settlement you should have received copies of all relevant legal documents for the Association from the seller of your home. You are encouraged to read these materials thoroughly, become familiar with them, and retain them for future reference. Brambleton began with a vision and purpose for the development of our community; establish and maintain gracious architectural qualities of neighborhood living with well designed homes and thoughtfully placed landscaping. This style reflects attention to preserving the open park-like settings and integration of community amenities. The


Brambleton Community Association

look of Brambleton gives our community its unique appeal, and superb property value. In order to preserve this quality-of-life, the Brambleton Group established protective covenants that have guided Brambleton’s development. Brambleton covenants “run with the land” meaning they are attached to, and benefit the land in perpetuity. Even though you may not be the original purchaser, the covenants continue to bind your property, and will be binding on all subsequent owners. It is the responsibility of each owner to ensure tenants, household members and guests are aware of and abide by the community covenants. Preservation of the Brambleton covenants is facilitated by property owners working together through their community association. The Brambleton Covenants Committee is empowered to consider violations of the Association documents and to take enforcement actions. The committee also guides homeowners through the design review process to preserve high standards, protect property values and enhance the aesthetic of the neighborhood. The Association staff can assist you with questions or concerns regarding our community covenants and all of the governing documents are available on the community intranet.

Brambleton Town Center

A major highlight of the Brambleton community is the Town Center. The Town Center at Brambleton offers residents a wide variety of restaurants, retail stores and services to choose from, along with a 16 screen, 3,000 stadium-seat theatre. As well as Sport & Health offering four fitness studios, a cycling gym, a mind‐body studio and a Pilates studio. Phase I consists of “Daily Convenience Retail”, anchored by a Harris Teeter grocery store. Phase II is the “Lifestyle Center”, featuring Ashburn’s first movie theatre, several restaurants, and other high-end retail stores. The Town Center is positioned to be at the heart of Brambleton with easy access from Northstar Boulevard, Ryan Road, and Olympia Drive. Built to be pedestrian friendly, The Town Center offers wide sidewalks along the store fronts, and (in Phase II) a centrally located plaza providing walking paths, water features, and a venue for Brambleton’s Summer Concert Series and other events. For more information about the Town Center please visit

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Beyond Brambleton Northern Virginia is a region rich with opportunity, resources and diversity. Brambleton residents will find a wide range of options with regard to the arts, museums, shopping, programs, activities, sports (for children and adults), National and State parks, restaurants, airports, health care and so much more. Though designed for tourists, “Virginia is for Lovers” and “Loudoun County, Virginia” www. provide a tremendous listing of the region’s art galleries, dining opportunities, golf courses, historic attractions, parks and recreation, performing arts, shopping and more. Additional listings can be found by visiting There is no shortage of things to do for young, old and everyone in between. Here are a few other starting points in your search of the region’s assets: Loudoun County – - A great deal of information can be found here regarding county government, county resources, property and tax assessment, vehicle decals, information about building permits/codes, Loudoun’s court system, election districts, education, and more. Library Services – Parks, Recreation and Community Services – Access Ashburn – Claude Moore Park – - Claude Moore Recreation Center offers two indoor pools (one with a water slide), an elevated running track, state of the art fitness equipment, a climbing wall, meeting space, and a multitude of programs and classes. Entertainment – Visit or Places of Worship – Visit

Transportation Resources Brambleton Park & Ride – Bus service from Brambleton to Rosslyn and DC: Park at the commuter lot located on Creightons Road by Winwood Preschool. Go to Brambleton%20to%20DC_201207101038283291.pdf for schedule and fare. Ridesharing Network – Loudoun County Transit and Commuter Services (part of the Commuter Connections Network) offers a free ridesharing network. Contact the Office of Transportation Services @ 703-7715665 or e-mail Loudoun County Transit Commuter Bus Service – For information, contact the Office of Transportation Services @ 703-771-5665, e-mail, or visit Virginia Regional Transit – For bus service within the county/nearby areas, go to Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority – For information on Metro rail and bus service, visit Commuter Connection - Visit and NuRide for individuals who take greener trips visit Dulles Metro - Metro is coming to Loudoun! Visit for up to date information.


Brambleton Community Association

Brambleton Community Contacts Homeowner Contact Information Data, Video and Voice – Verizon FiOS Service Activation, Billing, Disconnect, Account


M-F, 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Repair (24 hrs, 7 days/wk.) Questions/Assistance w/ Assistance w/Suspension of Service

888-553-1555 888-669-9901 888-338-9333

General Utilities Contacts Gas (Washington Gas) Power (Dominion Virginia – north of Ryan Road) Power (NOVEC – south of Ryan Road) Trash (AAA Recycling and Trash Removal) Water (Loudoun Water)

703-750-1000 888-667-3000 703-335-0500 703-818-8222 571-291-7880

Homeowner Association Contacts BCA Management Office - 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210

Phone: 703-542-6263

First Service Residential Management

Fax: 703-542-6266

BCA Website

Email Contacts

Summerfield - 42426 Hollyhock Terrace Phone: 703-327-4818

Community Management Corporation The Residences at Brambleton

Fax: 703-542-5845 Phone: 703-385-1133

The Residences at Brambleton II

Fax: 703-591-5785

FirstService Management Services, Inc. Community Center Pool - 42645 Regal Wood Drive Beacon Crest Pool - 22650 Beacon Crest Drive Brambleton Corner Pool - 42255 Palladian Blue Terrace

703-542-2943 703-542-2220 703-327-7060

Information Technology Contact Brambleton Community Association

Phone: 703-542-6263

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Services/Recreation Ashburn Library Brambleton Regional Park & Golf Course DMV (Leesburg) Gum Springs Library Post Office (Dulles Mail Facility)

703-737-8100 703-327-3403 703-435-5137 571-258-3838 800-275-8777

Public Schools/Daycare Briar Woods High School Creighton’s Corner Elementary School Legacy Elementary School Moorefield Station Elementary School Rock Ridge High School Stone Hill Middle School Loudoun County School Board Chesterbrook Academy Winwood Children’s Center on Creighton Road Winwood Children’s Center on Redeemer Terrace

703-957-4400 703-957-4480 703-957-4425 571-252-1000 571-367-4100 703-957-4420 571-252-1000 866-267-5685 703-542-8008 703-542-2613

Hospitals/Urgent Care Ashburn Urgent Care Dulles Urgent Care Center Fair Oaks Hospital INOVA Medical Center/Urgent Care – Dulles South Loudoun Hospital Reston Hospital StoneSprings Emergency Center

703-554-1111 703-542-7921 703-391-3600 703-722-2500 703-858-6000 703-689-9000 703-689-9030

County Contacts Emergency: Fire/Rescue/Police Sheriff : Non-emergency Public Safety Center Community Policing Officer Animal Care & Control Arcola Volunteer Fire Department Building Inspections & Permits Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Community Services Loudoun County Government Loudoun County Transit & Commuter Services Solid Waste Management


Brambleton Community Association

911 703-777-1021 571-258-3709 571-246-4165 703-777-0406 703-327-2222 703-777-0220 703-777-0343 703-777-0100 703-771-5665 703-777-0187

Builder Customer Care Contact Numbers Builder Beazer Homes

Centex/Pulte Homes

Warranty/Customer Care 888-623-2937

Wiring Integrator Design Tech (Request Service)



Chesapeake System Services

301-317-0001 (Customer Care/Warranty Request) Gulick Group


Vintage Security



(Contact Us/Customer Care) Miller & Smith

Stanley Martin

703-821-2500 x 202

Advanced Wiring Group (Warranty)





540-286-0300 (Contact Us) Van Metre

Winchester Homes


Sight & Sound



Vintage Security



877-767-1800 Camberley Homes

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Assessment Information & Budget Summary The Brambleton Community Association Board of Directors adopted the 2015 Assessments & Budget at their October 7, 2014 meeting. Coupon payment booklets for 2015 were distributed in early December. Owners using personal bank service for payment are reminded to update the payment amount starting January 2015. House Type Detached Detached w/ Common Driveway Townhouse Townhouse w/ Grounds Maintenance Summerfield Condominium The Residences Condominium

2015 Approved $177.88 $189.70 $179.00 $197.00 $136.30 $145.40

2015 Approved Budget 2015 Approved Income Assessment Income


Other Income

$ 298,000

Total Income


Expenses Administrative Expenses Professional Services Reserve Contributions Maintenance & Services Verizon Fios-Tech/Comm Services Single-Family Attached SFA Grounds Maintenance Single-Family Detached Common Driveway

$ 455,950 $1,122,045 $ 164,850 $1,675,381 $5,155,798 $ 424,522 $ 156,834 $ 434,031 $ 60,242

Recreation - Pools

$ 464,500

Total Expenses


The complete version of the 2015 approved operating budget is available at the Brambleton Management office upon request.


Brambleton Community Association

Town Center Directory With its wide variety of retail stores, services, restaurants, and a 16 screen, 3,000 stadium-seat theatre, The Town Center at Brambleton offers residents first-rate service and close-to home convenience. The Town Center consists of two phases. Phase I houses the Daily Convenience Retail, including a Harris Teeter grocery store. Phase II is the Lifestyle Center, featuring Ashburn’s first and only movie theatre and several restaurants. For more information, please visit Stores, restaurants and services currently available/ coming soon include: Apparel Misguided Angels The Next Step

703-957-4601 703-542-6398

Dining Asian Spice Café Blue Ridge Grill California Tortilla Cold Stone Creamery Froots Smoothies and Wraps Johnny Rockets Lost Rhino Retreat My Thai Place Nick’s Taverna Papa Tony’s Trattoria Peets Coffee & Tea Scotto’s Rigatoni Grill Subway Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt

703-327-2525 703-327-1047 703-542-8822 703-327-5595 703-327-7901 703-327-9255 TBD 703-327-5900 703-327-7844 703-327-8600 703-722-6125 703-957-4994 703-957-4074 703-327-3111

Entertainment A&A Music Dragon Yong-In Regal Fox Cinemas & IMAX

703-722-2242 703-542-7326 Box Office 703-957-1027

Health & Beauty Eclips Salon & Day Spa Hair Cuttery Illusions Hair Salon & Spa La Belle Nail Spa Sport & Health Club

703-327-9408 703-327-6125 703-327-3339 703-327-0838 703-774-9500

Services A.A. Family Dentistry Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun Associates for Counseling Services Bloo Dental Brambleton Welcome Center

703-542-6434 703-327-8471 703-631-8316 703-327-5533 703-542-2925 New Resident Handbook


Broadlands Family Practice B&T Dry Cleaners Capital One Bank Commonhealth Chiropractic Costa Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Gallaria Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Harris Teeter (with Pharmacy) Insight Eye Optique KLNB, Inc. Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Northern Virginia Orthodontics

703-722-2312 703-542-8820 703-542-5720 703-327-1544 703-542-7000 703-327-3137 703-542-8300 703-962-1010 703-722-2727 703-542-7000 703-327-1718

NVO Center for Invisalign ReMax Gateway The UPS Store Washington Nutrition Group

703-722-5000 703-957-4545 571-241-7000

Specialty ABC Store Bicycle Outfitters Bella Ballerina Edible Arrangements Go Bananas Toy Store

703-327-4437 703-327-3222 703-850-6072 703-327-3636 703-327-1900 703.542.2925 |



200 100

22855 Brambleton Plaza




Brambleton Plaza










Upper Level / South Building

22875 Brambleton Plaza

Regal Wood Drive


104 106


128 130


22895 Brambleton Plaza


North Parking Garage

South Parking Garage

Soave Drive

126 124

106 105

22890 Brambleton Plaza

Brambleton Plaza 22885

22865 Brambleton Plaza


) ute 772 oad (Ro

Willow Creek Way

104 116 114 112 111 110

22850 Brambleton Plaza

B & T Cleaners

Ryan R


Upper Level




Upper Level Future Office

Future Retail/Office

Upper Level / North Building

42385 Ryan Road

Brambleton Farmers’ Market Sundays, May - November 9am - 1pm

Future Library *Pending Rezoning

Welcome Center





42395 Ryan Road


Upper Level Future Office

Upper Level

Future Residential *Pending Rezoning

Future Residential *Pending Rezoning Willow Creek Way


Future Residential *Pending Rezoning

r be

Soave Drive


42365 Soave Drive

Ci rc

Future Residential *Pending Rezoning

br oo Fu kC *P ture ircl en e din Res i g R de ez ntia on l ing

ok ro rb be Em al nti g ide in es zon e R Re tur ng Fu endi *P

42415 Ryan Road

42401 Regal Wood Dr.

Regal Wood Drive

Olympia Drive


North Star Boulevard (Relocated Route 659)


Brambleton Community Association

Locations are approximate and subject to change.

Programming Brambleton Community Association offers a variety of programs to residents all year round which are held at the Community Center.

Bricks for Kidz • Creative Dance Center • Drama Kids •


Fitness Image Results Boot Camp • KidzArt • Little Hands Music •

Community Programs

Silver Knights Chess •

Abrakadoodle • Bricks for Kidz Drama Kids Fitness Image Results Boot Camp


KidzArt Overtime Athletics • Math Tree • NOVA Engineering for Kids • Silver Knights Chess

Barre Yo Book Club Drama Kids Fitness Image Results Boot Camp


Little Hands Music Nova Engineering for Kids Silver Knights Chess Storytime

Please visit for information on class dates and registration.

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Brambleton Community Event Calendar Brambleton believes in building strong community ties by bringing its residents together through special events. All year round, residents can enjoy a variety of family friendly, teen and adult activities. A few favorites are Red, White and BRAM which includes live music and an amazing fireworks display; Summer Kick-Off, an end of the year pool party where kids dance and participate in contests; Sizzlin’ Summer Concert Series, featuring live music on the Town Center lawn; Fall Festival, with an outdoor marketplace and amusements; and Neighborhood Camp Out, where families participate in a scavenger hunt and camp overnight at Legacy Park. With a full calendar each year, BCA Staff and the Actities Committee are always hard at work and are very committed to bringing high quality events to the community. For all of the latest information see

Kids Craft Session


Roving Dinner

Comedy Night

MARCH Flashlight Egg Hunt* Brambleton Bunny Trail*


Ribbon Run Neighborhood Clean-Up Brambleton at the Nationals Brewfest Spring Yard Sale


Community Shred Event Loudoun Lyme 5k

Summer Kick-Off & Teen Pool Night*


Sizzlin’ Summer Concerts Red, White and BRAM Farmer’s Market - May thru October, 9:00 - 1:00 PM


Brambleton Community Association

Sizzlin’ Summer Concerts


Float n’ Flicks

Sizzlin’ Summer Concerts


Float n’ Flicks Red Hot Triathlon

Kids Triathlon


Doggone Wild Pool Party* Neighborhood Camp Out* Fall Festival Fall Yard Sale


Teen Halloween Event Town Center Trick or Treat Adult Social Holiday Shopping Spree


Pictures with Santa Lace Up for Learning 5k/10k

Holiday Open House*


Santa Holiday Coalition Tour Ringing In Hope 5k/10k

Events/Dates subject to change. *Denotes event is for residents only.

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Brambleton Community Association

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Contact Us 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210 Brambleton, VA 20148 703-542-6263 (p); 703-542-6266 (f ) Official BCA Communications BrambletonTV Network, FiOS Channel 42