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May 2012

Community Association 2012 Pool Season Neighborhood Watch

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6 Easements


2012 Pool Season




Preview all the meetings and events taking place in the month of May.


8 Neighborhood Watch

Since easements may restrict or limit the manner in which a property owner can use or improve their property, residents are encouraged to review these recorded documents and to be aware of any specific easements.

MESSAGE FROM THE GM The pool covers are off, stacks of chaise lounges are separated and the pool decks are being cleared of debris. These are just a few tasks that are required to wake the pools from winter hibernation.



NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH Installation of NW signs has begun.

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Spring Fun Has Begun

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May 2012 Sunday











5 Spring Yard Sale






12 Spring Wine Tour

Farmer's Market

Residences at Brambleton Board Meeting

Brambleton Book Swap


Farmer's Market


14 Covenants Committee Meeting


15 Grounds/Facilities Comm. Meeting

Activities Committee Meeting







Extended Pool Pass Extended Pool Pass Residences II Board Registration Hours Registration Hours Meeting





Finance Committee Meeting

Farmer's Market


Beacon Crest Pool Opens


Community Center Pool Opens




BCA Office Closed

Farmer's Market


Ringing in Hope Charity Walk/Run



The pools will be opening soon. Find out the details here.





Read about the most recent news from the Developer.

Read about tips and advice on walking your dog.





The community egg hunts were a huge success this year.



Participate in a local race in honor of a local Ashburn boy.






Read about the latest development from our District Supervisor.








Pool Season Underway The pool covers are off, stacks of chaise lounges are being separated and the pool decks are being cleared of debris. These are just a few tasks that are required to wake the pools from winter hibernation. Brambleton Community Association has been busy in the off-season to assure a successful 2012 pool season. One of the most notable changes will be the new pool management company. Locally owned and operated, Crystal Aquatics, will be responsible for the day to day operations. Crystal Aquatics will bring a renewed sense of professionalism, safety and cleanliness to our pools. Their focus is on professionally managing a safe and clean pool facility, while delivering exceptional service to all residents. I look forward to this change and the upcoming season. Continued record-breaking growth in


Brambleton will result in record attendance at the pools. BCA has ordered additional outdoor furniture that will be placed on the decks of the Community Center Pool and the Beacon Crest Pool. Additional umbrellas and a second eating area will also be created at the Beacon Crest Pool. Additional swimmers at the pool increase the demand on the filter and sanitation systems. Changes to the sanitation system for the pools will be upgraded from a manual feeder to an automated chemical feeder. These feeders will monitor pool chemistry 24-hours a day and add chemicals to the pool water as necessary. The continuous monitoring and treatment of the water will improve overall water conditions. The Association needs all pool goers to help to keep the pool water in pristine condition. Increased bather

loads increases the amount of deodorants, sun screen, perspiration, perfumes, etc. added to the pool. Loudoun County’s pool ordinance requires all swimmers at public pools to shower before they enter the pool. This requirement has not been actively addressed in past years. This year the Association and Crystal Aquatics asks all residents to make a conscious effort to adhere to this requirement so that your family and your neighbors’ pool experience will remain an enjoyable one. Beacon Crest Pool is getting greener. A salt-based sanitizer system will be installed on the main pool in conjunction with the automated feeder. The new salt system will eliminate the need for chlorine to be shipped in on a Hazmat truck and stored on site. In addition to the elimination of chlorine stored onsite, the salt system will

reduce overall operating costs while softening the water for a more pleasurable experience. So everyone is asking “when will Brambleton get another pool?� The good news is that the Developer, Brambleton Group, is actively designing the 3rd and 4th pool complexes. The unknown is when those facilities will be open. There are numerous factors that affect the design, permitting and construction of a facility such as this. Details and designs for the next two facilities are actively being considered and I look forward to the unveiling of Brambleton’s next facilities. Sincerely, BCA Management Office 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210 @ the Town Center Rick Stone PCAM, LSM General Manager

Buy Direct from the Farmer at Brambleton! The Brambleton Farmers Market will be open for the 2012 Summer Season starting this Sunday, May 6 through October 28 from 9am-1pm. We have added several NEW vendors this year--be sure to check them out. The Brambleton Summer Farmers Market is run by the Loudoun Valley HomeGrown Markets Cooperative, Inc. and is dedicated to providing a place for local farms and food artisans to sell their wares. Everything sold at the Market is raised, grown or made from scratch by the seller. Shopping local Farmers Markets is both good for you and good for the local economy. Dollars spent at Farmers Markets help preserve farmland, support local farm families and strengthen the community.



Easements in Brambleton Easement - n. the right to use the real property of another for a specific purpose.

Within Brambleton, residential lots are subject to a variety of easements. Easements may be recorded on the official record plat, the Declaration for Brambleton or within the Supplementary Declaration that applies to the section of Brambleton where the residential lot is located. These recorded documents are provided during the purchase of property in Brambleton. The Declaration and Supplementary Declarations can be found in the Resale Disclosure Package and the record plat, or final house location survey, is most often provided by the title company at settlement. Since easements may restrict or limit the manner in which a property owner can use or improve their property,


residents are encouraged to review these recorded documents and to be aware of any specific easements that may be on their property. All of Brambleton’s residential properties are subject to certain easements as outlined in the Declaration for Brambleton. Of these, some of the most important are an Easement for Emergency Access by fire, police and other rescue personnel, a General Utility Easement to provide for any and all activities related to the provision of utility services, an Access Easement to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the Common Areas. Residential properties may also have one, or more, of several common easements found on properties within Brambleton. Some examples include Sight Distance Easements, Storm Drain Easements, Landscape

Easements, Ingress/Egress Easements, Public Access Easements, and Yard Access Easements. Landowners can review their official record plat to determine which easements are located on their property and review the Supplementary Declaration that applies to their section for more detail on the defined use of the easement and any restrictions that apply. Residents are reminded that the restrictions imposed by an easement are ongoing, the Association, the County, VDOT or other enforcement authority for an easement may require the property owner to take corrective action to remedy a fault within an easement. Contact or at 703-542-6263 if you have questions, or need more information, as you review the easements that apply to your property. ď Ž

Did You Know.... Every VDOT street, or future VDOT street, has been constructed within a Rightof-Way (or R-O-W). In most cases, the R-O-W extends beyond the actual street and includes the property just beyond the sidewalk. Several use restrictions apply to the Right-of-Way. VDOT does not permit permanent plantings that could obstruct the view of drivers entering the street. In addition, VDOT does not permit structures, other than mailboxes that could cause a trip hazard or additional liabilities within the R-O-W. VDOT may also require residents to remove landscape, walkways or structures from the R-O-W.

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Remove tree stakes from your trees one growing season after they are installed.

Great New Opportunities in Brambleton! WOW! 3 CAR GARAGE!



42599 Good Hope Lane

42803 Chatelain Circle




42469 Spring Splendor Drive

42465 Tourmaline Lane

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See Something; Say Something Private patrols, performed by Signal 88, have resumed at BCA parks and facilities. Signal 88 will be patrolling the parks for undesirable activity after dark. Residents are reminded that BCA parks are closed at dark. Anyone found in a BCA park after dark will be asked to leave. The one exception is the lighted tennis courts only in Legacy Park. These tennis courts can be used until 10:00 p.m. every night.

The installation of Neighborhood Watch (NW) signs has begun. Over the next two weeks, more than 25 NW signs and posts will be installed at all the residential streets leading from Belmont Ridge Road, Creighton Road, Ryan Road and North Star Blvd. Intersections with active or nearby construction activity will have their signs installed at a later date. The signs are in place to remind residents to call (703) 777-1021 when they see anything suspicious or unusual. A successful NW Program will take the efforts of all residents to SAY SOMETHING, when they SEE SOMETHING. Please do your part to make this a successful program.

The Association also relies on residents to report any hazards or safety concerns on the common area to the BCA Management office. While routine inspections of the common area are performed, the eyes of 10,000 residents will see more than the eyes of the few staff members. Please immediately report all common area hazards to the BCA Management Office at (703) 542-6263 or . Community Safety Trivia Q: Do you know what the speed limit is on all public non-signed residential streets in the Commonwealth of Virginia? A: The maximum speed limit is 25 MPH on all non-signed residential streets in Brambleton. Please keep

Please use the waste stations provided and clean up after your pet.


our street safe by traveling at or under the maximum speed limit. Q: Do you know what the speed limit is on all Brambleton private streets and alleys throughout the Community? A: The maximum speed limit on streets and alleys owned by BCA is 15 MPH. Q: Do you know where you can find information on convicted sex offenders? A: The VA State Police maintains a Sex Offender Registry website that lists the home and work addresses of all convicted sex offenders. The link to that website is below. Related Links VA State Police Sex Offender Registry Website: Report a Traffic Concern to LCSO: http://va-loudouncounty.civicplus. com/forms.aspx?FID=71 LCSO Daily Crime Logs: http://www. Crime Reports: ď Ž

Mow, trim, and edge all turf to a consistent height below six inches.


2012 Pool Operating Hours Brambleton Community Association operates two pool complexes for Brambleton residents. These pools are available to all single-family attached & detached unit owners and Residences Condominium owners in good standing with the association; and Summerfield residents that opt to purchase BCA pool membership. Brambleton Community Association’s Pool Complexes: •

The Community Center Pool – Located at 42645 Regal Wood Drive. Complex consists of a main pool, wading pool, and spa. 703-5422943 The Beacon Crest Pool – Located within the Residences Condominiums at 22650 Beacon Crest Drive. Complex consists of a main pool, wading pool, spa, outdoor gas fireplace and grill, and a club room. 703-542-2220

Pool Operating Hours COMMUNITY CENTER POOL Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day (May 26th-September 3rd) When public schools are in session: May 26, 2012 – June 08, 2012 Aug. 27, 2012 – Sep 3, 2012 •

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 4:00pm – 9:00pm

Tuesday and Thursday 12:00pm – 8:00pm

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 11:00am – 9:00pm

When public schools are not in session: June 11, 2012 – August 24, 2012

(one lane will remain open for nonswim team users).

Summer Morning Practice Schedule: Monday–Friday, starting June 11 from 7:00am - 11:00am, using all six lanes.

Everyday (including Holidays) 11:00am – 9:00pm

BEACON CREST POOL Pre-Season 2012 (May 12th-13th and 19th-20th) •

June 10th

Time Trials 7am-12pm

June 16th


June 20th

Meet 4:30pm-9:30pm

June 26th

Meet 4:30pm-9:30pm

July 7th



July 11th



Monday - Friday 4:00pm – 8:00pm

July 18th



Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 10:00am – 8:00pm

LetSwim will be returning to Brambleton this summer for swim lessons and water aerobics. Registration for swim lessons with LetSwim is done through their website (www.letswim. com).

Saturday and Sunday 11:00am-7:00pm

Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day (May 26th-September 3rd) When public schools are in session: May 26, 2012 – June 08, 2012 - Aug 27, 2012 – Sept 3, 2012 • •

When public schools are not in session: June 11, 2012 – August 24, 2012 •

Everyday (including Holidays) 10:00am – 8:00pm

Post-Season (Sept. 8th & 9th and 15th & 16th) •

Swim Meet Schedule

Saturday and Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm

The Community Center Pool will close for scheduled Betta Swim Team swim meets. Please make note of closures. Bettas Swim Team Practice Evening Practice Schedule: MondayFriday, May 29 - June 7 from 6:00 - 9:00pm, using five of the six lanes


Swim Lessons

Extended Pool Registration Hours Pool registration is under way at the Brambleton Management Office located at the Brambleton Town Center at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210. Registration hours are 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday. Extended hours have also been set to accommodate residents who cannot come in during normal office hours. Extended hours are: Tuesday 5/15 and Thursday 5/17 from 5-7pm, and Saturday 5/26 from 9am-12pm and Tuesday 6/12 5pm7pm. 



Spring Has Sprung, and the Fun Has Just Begun! Beth Huck, Events and Programming Coordinator The weather has been pleasantly warm, and sunny. This sunny goodness has shined on our two outdoor spring events that took place in April, which included the Spring Eggstravaganza and the Flashlight Egg Hunt. Both events were highly attended and crowds were bigger than anticipated. We hope that you remain patient with us as we work out the kinks of these free events as our community continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year. It is often hard to gauge what makes an event so popular, but this I do know – free and kid friendly are always a big hit! We tried something new at the Spring Eggstravaganza this year and offered a fast pass for pictures with the Brambleton Bunny. With anything new that we try, it’s a trial and error process until we get it right, and often takes a few times for the residents to get used to it. Overall, it made the picture taking much easier and lines


shorter. We have a few kinks to work out before next year, but we now have a good idea on how we can improve this. Another change for this year was that the Flashlight Egg Hunt for older kids was held at Legacy Park instead of Lantana Park. Having this hunt at Legacy Park was good because it created more of a challenge for the older kids, and gave us a place in the tennis courts to have everyone line up and keep the crowd under control. This allowed us to give clear

instructions and be able to estimate the number of participants. 28 golden eggs were hidden and all were found and turned in to claim their special prize. Flashlights, provided by Harris Teeter, were given out to all who wanted one. Overall, both events were a success! Thanks to all the volunteers and the committee for always doing such a great job! Thanks again to sponsor Harris Teeter for their awesome donations of the baskets and flashlights! We hope you will “Hop” on over next year for some more spring fun! 

Community Yard Sale Brambleton Night at the Nationals Sat., June 2, 2012

Saturday, May 5th, 8am- 1pm Brambleton residents will be doing some spring cleaning, and what they may not want anymore, you may need. In addition to home yard sales, a Marketplace will be set up at the Community Center for residents wanting to sell their items from a more central location. To add your address to the list, or to reserve your Marketplace spot, please go to:Ͳspring The list of participating homes will go out in the Friday Flash on May 4th and will be handed out at the Community Center on Saturday. For more information contact

Join us for a Washington Nationals game on Saturday, June 2nd, vs. the Atlanta Braves. First Pitch starts at 4:05pm. Your ticket will include: Reserved seating for Brambleton residents at a prime game in sections 104 or 105. $10 concession credit per ticket to use at any concession stand or gift shop at the park that day. Scheduled post-game concert*

Tickets Cost $35.00/each Purchase tickets at:

* - all promotions and events at the National Stadium subject to change Contact Beth Huck for more info at

ton Bramble p ball Cam t o o F g Fla ers grad 2nd-6th

DSYSisBringingIntelligencetotheGamewithCoachBobbyHosea's B.I.GH.I.T.T.SFootballTackleandSkillCampincooperationwith Train'emUpAcademy,TrueAPandFreedomCoachMullinsandStaff!


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Presented by:

Overtime Athletics returns with a recreational program designed for youngsters new to the sport of football as well as those not quite ready for tackle football who want to learn how to play the sport, brush up on the rules, tactics, and skills, improve their game and most importantly, HAVE FUN! A low commitment league that meets one time a week where are focus is on football education, participation, and sportsmanship.





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Register at: Under Northern VA

Jerseys to all participants $85 per participant Sundays: 4pm – 5:30pm May 13th May 20th June 3rd June 10th June 17th June 24th Location: Brambleton Community Fields 42645 Regal Wood Drive, Brambleton VA 20148 14550 Lee Road Chantilly, VA 20151 703-266-0118



Brambleton Kids Run the Nation Brambleton Kids Run the Nation is wrapping up a very successful second season. This structured communitybased youth program (with curriculum developed by the Road Runners Club of America) encourages the enjoyment of running and fitness. The program runs in the Fall and Spring and emphasizes participation and developing a healthy lifestyle as opposed to a competitive running program. The kids (ages 6-14) focus on improving their personal times while increasing endurance and distance. Participants met twice weekly for 8-weeks at Legacy Elementary to train for a 5k (or 1 mile Fun Run for the younger kids). Each week, a new lesson was presented on topics such as pacing, proper running form, hydration/fueling, and goal setting. Par-


ticipants’ endurance and speed improved, and their confidence soared with each practice and even some of the youngest kids in the program completed a 5k! The program culminated with group participation in the Brambleton Ribbon Run on April 14th. More than 100 Brambleton Kids Run the Nation participants and their families donned their team shirts and ran the race together. A testimony to the success of the program, the majority of the youth awards presented at the race were awarded to Brambleton Kids Run the Nation participants! In addition, several of the kids were so inspired by their success, that they immediately registered for another race, the Coyote Chase 5k presented by Rosa Lee

Carter’s PTO, the following weekend. And, again, it was Brambleton Kids Run the Nation that swept the youth awards! “This is a great program that not only allows us to do something active with our kids, but fills a need for a co-ed youth running program in our area,” said one of the volunteer coaches and Brambleton resident, Angela Fuentes. Running is a lifelong sport and only requires a pair of sneakers and the desire to run; almost anyone anywhere can be a runner! While parents are not required to train with their kids, many chose to join practices to train along with the group. Although the program meets in Brambleton, non-residents are welcome to join. The program will run again in the Fall…watch the Friday Flash for details on registration in late summer. For more information, email Program Director, Ashley Campolattaro at 

Design Options for New Regional Park Presented to Public on May 2 The third and final design workshop for the Hal & Bernie Hanson Regional Park will be held on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 from 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. in the cafeteria of Briar Woods High School located at 22525 Belmont Ridge Road, Ashburn, VA. The workshops, hosted by the Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services and the Department of Construction and Waste Management, in conjunction with Wisnewski Blair Associates of Alexandria, Virginia and Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. of Reston, Virginia provide an opportunity for input from the community regarding master planning for the new regional park. The first two public input sessions included an overview of the project, a presentation of existing conditions and the opportunity for input regarding future recreational elements at the park. The final workshop will include a presentation of three (3) preferred design concepts, based on input from the first two sessions, and an opportunity for additional public input. Development of the Hal and Berni Hanson Regional Park is planned on a 257-acre parcel located on Evergreen Mill Road in the Blue Ridge District. For more information, please call 703-777-0343 or send email inquiries to

Spring is Here

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News from the Developer Major Trail System Enhancement Underway

landowners. Paving and landscaping began last month and is expected to be completed by the end of July, weather permitting. The end results will connect Brambleton’s southern neighborhoods with the rest of the community while creating additional recreational opportunities for the entire community. “Add More Life to your Life” Campaign Debuts

The Brambleton Group and their contractors have begun the installation of 3.5 miles of primarily 10’ wide trail in common areas south of Creighton Road. The trail will meander through woodlands, meadows and run adjacent to wetlands, bringing residents closer to nature while providing privacy to nearby


Have you seen Brambleton’s new ad campaign which launched in April? The new campaign touts

Brambleton as the community with “MORE” of what you want and need: from smiles, laughter and family fun to schools, shopping and amenities. Our new look will be featured throughout the Washington area online, in print, on the radio and even on the road! That’s right – be on the lookout for our very own Brambleton ad-wrapped WFC Express Metro Bus! Brambleton in the News: #6 TopSelling Community in the US Brambleton made the #6 spot on two prestigious national surveys of the top-selling master-planned communities in the country in 2011: Robert Charles Lesser & Co (RCLCO) and John Burns Real Estate Consulting. In 2011, Brambleton exceeded its own sales record with a total of 454 new homes sold, representing a 29% increase over its 2010 sales of 352. Read more here: a4ZfE

Quick Delivery Homes in Brambleton

Grove. Check out their newly located home gallery at 23527 Belmont Ridge Road, or call Kelly & Mike at 703-327-7583. •


Have a friend or family member looking for a new home NOW? Be sure to direct them to our builders’ quick delivery homes located on the website under the Home Sales tab. Currently there’s a model home available for sale in Brambleton Pulte’s Allegheny model, priced at $623,000 including all designer rugs and window coverings. New Homes in Brambleton Several of Brambleton’s builders are gearing up to add new product designs to their Emerald Ridge and The Overlook portfolios. Here’s a quick list of the latest new homes available and coming soon: •


Beazer Townhomes in Emerald Ridge, Chatham model located at 42640 Winter Wind Terrace, or call 703-327-3369.

at all Brambleton events! Be sure to follow her latest Brambleton adventures online:,

Van Metre’s The Estates at Overlook Ridge at Brambleton – Coming Soon!

Winchester Homes’ townhomes in Emerald Ridge – Coming Soon!


Brambleton Farmers Market Opens, May 6th, 9 AM – 1 PM


Loudoun Youth Battle of the Bands Finals, May 6th, 2-6 PM, BTC


Ringing In Hope Memorial Day Race: A Salute to Our Troops 10K and 5 K Race, 1K Walk at the Brambleton Town Center, May 28th http://www.ringinginhope. com/MemorialDay2012.html


YouthFest 2012 featuring The Ready Set, June 16th at the BTC, 3-8 PM. There will be great teen bands, attractions, interactive exhibits and more. Tickets $5, sold at the gate. ď Ž

Upcoming Events

Brambleton’s Biggest Fan Are you following Barb, Brambleton’s biggest fan? While she’s been busy unpacking and decorating her new Camberley Home, she hasn’t missed a single Brambleton spring event! She has even met someone special, Ben, who is sure to be her sidekick

Pulte’s Grand Villas at Trent

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Message from Supervisor Clarke day of the meeting. Citizens will also have the option to sign-up in person at the meetings. Legislative Updates Transportation: 1. The completion of the missing link of Claiborne Parkway is moving forward.

Dear Neighbors: The Board of Supervisors accomplished much in April and will continue to reach out to the community for feeback on several specific issues. Here are updates on several issues the Board is currently working on. Metrorail To view the information the Board has received on Dulles Metrorail, go to aspx?NID=2100. Please voice your opinion on this issue by filling out my Metrorail survey. The public outreach sessions in May for Metrorail are posted below. Thursday, May 24, 7:00pm - 9:00pmMill Run Elementary School Gymnasium 42940 Ridgeway Drive Ashburn, VA 20148 Wednesday, May 30, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Freedom High School Cafeteria 25450 Riding Center Drive South Riding, VA 20152 People are encouraged to call in advance to sign up to speak by calling the Clerk to the Board of Supervisors at (703) 777-0200. Advanced signups will be taken until 12:00 noon the


2. The Belmont Ridge Road/Route 659 relocation project was voted on this week. Belmont Ridge Road will have 4 lanes from Croson Road north to Route 7 and six lanes west of Croson to the Prince William County line. 3. The Route 7/Sycolin Road overpass project will start next year (Although this is in the Catoctin district, it affects many in the Blue Ridge district). Also, the Route 7 climbing lanes west to Route 9 will be widened next year. Traffic circles and other improvements are slated for Route 9 at Clark’s Gap. 4. The Gilbert’s Corner traffic circle study is expected to be complete by June. This study will provide recommendations for improving the traffic circle designs in order to lessen the number of accidents that are occurring at Gilbert’s Corner. 5. The missing link of the Loudoun County Parkway is going to require construction of a bridge due to the presence of wetlands. It is estimated that this will add two years to the project. 6. The Route 690/7 interchange predesign is slated for next year. Development: 1. I have requested that county staff provide a map that shows all of the approved developments in the Blue Ridge District. This map will include

pending developments and zoning of parcels. Once this map is completed, I provide a link to this map so the public can reference. 2. HCA Hospital is constructing an emergency department in Arcola, off of Arcola and Gum Springs Road. They will move across Route 50 to Stone Springs Road to the site of their hospital when construction is completed in 2014. 3. Champe High School, south of Route 50 off of Goshen Road, will be opening in the fall of 2012! 4. The Gum Springs library is scheduled to open next year. Public Safety: 1. It is National Volunteer Week and I’d like to thank our many community volunteers. Loudoun County has at least 4,000 volunteer organizations not including our volunteer first responders. Our communities would not be the same without you! 2. The new Brambleton Public Safety Center which will house the Fire and Rescue Department and the Fire Marshall’s Office is expected to open this year. 3. I am deeply concerned about the increase in fires in countywide over the past two months. Unfortunately, most of these have resulted in complete losses of people’s homes. Please be aware of these simple fire safety measures. Lyme Disease: 1. The Loudoun Lyme 5K is scheduled for May 6th. You can run or walk in this event! More information is available at 2. The Board has been busy nominating citizens to serve on the newly

formed Lyme Commission. I am hopeful that we will have a full commission by June so work can progress on this important issue. In the meantime, we are moving forward with spraying at least 8 public parks. The schedule for park spraying is posted here. 3. There is a lot of great momentum behind the effort to eradicate Lyme in Loudoun! Parks and Recreation: 1. The last community input session for the design of Hal and Bernie Hansen Park will be at the Briar Woods High School Cafeteria (22525 Belmont Ridge Road) on May 2 from 7 - 9 pm. The first phase of this park is expected to be ready by 2013. 2. There are several new playing fields coming to Brambleton this year, with plans to open by fall! 3. The Board has approved the construction of restrooms at several parks in the county as well as some concession stands. These additions should be completed this year. Edgar Tillet Park and Woodgrove Park are the Blue Ridge District Parks that will see improvement. 4. The Greater Loudoun Babe Ruth League is pleased to have been selected as the Host League for the 2012 14-year old Southeast Regional Tournament. The tourney will take place August 2nd through the 6th at Purcellville’s Fireman’s Field this year. I have heard the Babe Ruth World Series will be coming to Fireman’s Field next year! Senior Citizens: 1. I have heard from Blue Ridge senior citizens expressing concerns about their ability to pay their property taxes due to fixed incomes combined

with increasing assessments over the years. The county has several tax relief programs, including one for Seniors. For more information, please go to 2. Also, there was a program in the past that matched housemates with seniors in an effort to assist elderly homeowners with their mortgage costs. It would be helpful to revive this program under the auspices of an outside organization and not through the government. It is simply a housemate matching service. Please contact the Loudoun Chapter of AARP, Sheila Kelly, at (540) 3387012 if you have an interest in seeing something like this started back up or if you can help. Sheila is also our Blue Ridge District appointee on the Loudoun County Commission on Aging. Broadband Communications: Verizon is planning to deliver 4G wireless communications infrastructure in western Loudoun in the JuneJuly timeframe. Once Verizon “turns up” the 4G technology, residents who receive a 4G signal on their phone can go to an official Verizon store and purchase a HomeFusion Broadband Launch Package that will enable you to have internet connectivity in your home. The estimated costs are around $200 to buy a kit plus monthly charges of $60 for 10GB, $90 for 20GB, and $120 for 30GB. Community Voice Hub Meeting in Brambleton Brambleton Tuesday, May 29th, 7:00pm - 8:00pm Briar Woods High School 22525 Belmont Ridge Road

tions about the school system. Public Input for the Board of Supervisors The Board of Supervisors holds three business meetings with public input sessions each month. Additionally, we hold a public hearing on the second Tuesday of each month. You can access the meeting schedule here. There are many ways your voice can be heard. You need not be physically present for your opinions to count. You can also call the public input phone line at (703) 777-0115 or send your comments via e-mail to bos@ and all Board members will receive it. Please feel free to contact me at and my aide Juanita Tool at juanita.tool@ You can reach us at our office between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday at (703) 777-0210 and by visiting us at 1 Harrison Street SE, Leesburg, VA 20175. I look forward to hearing from you.

In the Spirit of Service,

Janet Clarke Vice Chairman Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Blue Ridge District Supervisor (703) 777-0210

Go to /?u=0957f72211ee567adde5ea600&id= 97afb4c9e8&e=a28da1f286 to read the message it its entirety.

School Board Vice-Chair Jill Turgeon will be present to answer your ques-



Staying Safe from Lyme Disease Lyme Disease in Loudoun County – What You Need To Know Spring and summer bring warm temperatures, just right for walking in the woods or on trails, doing work in the yard, or enjoying other outdoor activities. This is also when ticks become more active, increasing the risk of Lyme disease. What is Lyme Disease? Lyme disease is an infection caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted by the bite of the black-legged tick (formerly called deer tick) after the tick has been attached for more than 36 hours. It was first identified in Lyme, Connecticut in 1975.

the stages of egg, larva, nymph and adult. Nymph and adult black-legged ticks feed on humans. The pinhead sized nymphs are the most dangerous, because of the difficulty finding the ticks before they can transmit infection.

Nervous System- causing Bell’s palsy (drooping on one or both sides of the face), severe headaches and neck stiffness due to meningitis, shooting pains that may interfere with sleep, numbness or muscle weakness.

Size of Black-Legged (Deer) Ticks on Ruler (from left: adult female, adult male, nymph, larva)

Heart- causing inflammation of the heart, palpitations or changes in heartbeat.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Joints- causing pain and, eventually, arthritis.

Early signs and symptoms occur in most people infected with Lyme disease. They start 3 to 30 days after being infected and will resolve on their own. Typical early findings include:

You can reduce your risk of contracting Lyme disease and symptoms of disseminated infection by avoiding tick-infested areas, by keeping ticks

Black-Legged (Deer) Ticks

The life cycle of these ticks is approximately two years, going through


Ticks do not jump or fly onto people or animals. They typically wait on tall grasses and low vegetation and attach to hosts (such as mice, deer, dogs, and people) as they walk by.

There were 201 cases of Lyme disease in Loudoun in 2009.

Black-legged ticks (Ixodes scapularis) are in all parts of Loudoun County. They are most commonly found in the woods, on tall grasses and on low vegetation, but are also in many Loudoun residents’ yards. The ticks typically become infected after feeding on mice.

Preventing Lyme Disease

Rash- an enlarging circular or oblong (“bulls eye”) rash called erythema migrans. It is typically at least two inches in diameter with a center that may clear, stay red, or become vesicular or scabby. Most people infected with Lyme will have this rash. It typically does not itch or hurt and may therefore go unnoticed. Flu-like Symptoms- fatigue, chills, fever, headache, muscle and joint aches, and swollen lymph nodes may occur.

Untreated Lyme disease can spread to other parts of the body and may include:

off your body, and by receiving early treatment after an infection has occurred. Avoid Picking Up Ticks •

Apply tick repellent containing at least 30% DEET to areas of the body and apply repellents with up to 0.5% permethrin on clothes. Permethrin should not be applied directly to the skin.

Keep away from areas with tall grass and dense vegetation, where ticks are more likely to live.

Walk in the center of mowed trails to avoid vegetation with ticks.

Tuck pants legs into socks and boots to keep ticks out.

Wear light-colored clothing so that ticks are easier to see and remove before they attach.

the tick straight out. Clean the area with soap and water and an antiseptic.

Remove clothing promptly and wash in hot water and dry on high heat

Keep Ticks Off Your Property •

• •

Create a tick free zone by keeping grass cut, underbrush thinned in yards, and a clearly defined, manicured border with wood chips, mulch or gravel.

Minimize deer on your property with fencing, deer repellent, or by only growing plants less attractive to deer, such as Achillea, Buddleia, Dogwood, Ferns, Forsythia, Sage and Thyme.

Return to your doctor if symptoms do not improve or if they recur.

For more information go to: Loudoun County Health Dept. Virginia Department of Health

Check your pets for ticks and apply tick repellents. Eliminate small rodents on your property, such as the white-footed mouse, and their habitats or hire a professional to trap or treat them.

attached for 36 hours or if you develop any signs or symptoms of Lyme disease.

Do not use petroleum jelly or a hot match.

The removed tick can be disposed of by placing in a sealed container or flushing down the toilet. The Health Department does not test ticks for Lyme disease.

See your doctor if the blacklegged (deer) tick may have been

Centers for Disease Control For more information, contact the Loudoun County Health Dept. at: PO Box 7000 Leesburg, VA 20177-7000 Phone: 703-777-0234 E-mail:

Apply pesticide once each spring, either yourself or by hiring a professional. Effective pesticides are available at your local home and garden store.

Prevent Lyme Disease •

Check yourself and your children daily for ticks any time you may have been in an area where there may be ticks.

Remove ticks as soon as they are found.

Grasp the tick with blunt tweezers as close to the skin as possible and gently, but firmly, pull



Spring is for New Beginnings Debbie D. Dillion, Urban Horticulturist As I write this in early April, the redbuds and dogwoods are in full bloom two to three weeks early due to the warm winter. This also means that the eastern tent caterpillars have arrived ahead of schedule. I have heard rumors that the strawberries will be early, too, so if you love to go pick or purchase fresh strawberries be sure to be on the lookout for them. One question we often receive is whether insect problems we face in our vegetable and ornamental gardens may be worse after we have a mild winter. Usually that is not the case, but because the insects will get an earlier start we may see damage earlier and they may build up larger numbers before the end of the growing season. Around Mother’s Day the danger of a late frost should be past and you can plant your warm season vegetables such as tomato and pepper transplants and direct seed other vegetables such as cucumber and squash. These plants need warm soil in order to grow, so if you plant too early while the soil is still too cool, transplants will just sit until the soil warms up and you may not get good germination from those that you directly seed. If the weather has continued to be


dry, you should irrigate any trees and shrubs that have been planted within the last 2-3 years. Depending on the size it can take 2-5 years for transplanted trees and shrubs to resume root growth and start to become established in the landscape. When you water do it slowly and wet the top 4-6 inches of the soil. It is best to water deeply (4-6�) and infrequently. Check

out this Virginia Cooperative Extension publication, Creating a WaterWise Landscape, at http://pubs.ext. Recently the Board of Supervisors has declared 2012 as Lyme Awareness Year in Loudoun. Here are a couple of educational publications that talk about ticks and how to protect yourself: Gardening and Your Health – Ticks: http://pubs.ext. Ticks of Virginia: http://pubs.ext. pdf.pdf ď Ž


Now at Loudoun Country Day School! All Summer Long 5XP8FFL4FTTJPOTt+VOFUP"VHVTU 'VMM%BZBOE)BMG%BZ1SPHSBNT 0VSUI4VNNFS t703 481-3080


Walking is Great Exercise for Your Dog down with a conventional leash, and they instantly cease the pulling. Initially, they are afraid to move, it feels so awkward. If they pull in the least bit they instantly lose their sense of balance. I am able to walk four 80+ lb. dogs with it. My staff all carry an extra one with them, and it's all we use for walking with my company. Brambleton resident and avid dog lover, Tina Gerin, has 7 years experience working with dogs and owns and operates her own dog walking/pet sitting business. She offers her advice to residents on everything from pet care and training to referral of pet services. With the summer months and warmer temperatures coming right around the corner, its the perfect time to get Fido out of the house more . Walking is great excersise for you and your dog, and can help both of you shed that winter coat! Many clients dread taking their dogs for walks, because their dogs pull so badly. Its unpleasant and uncomfortable for the owner as well as for the dog. They just don't know any better not to pull , in spite of the choking and coughing that goes along with it. All they know is they are out, there are wonderful smells to investigate in the air, and they want to GO! Fear not, there is a solution! Using the right harness combined with some helpful tips, you and your furry friend can be on your way to some great adventures outdoors. I have most of my clients switch to an easy walk harness. It comes in all sizes for the smallest of dogs to the largest. It fits on easily over the dogs neck and shoulders and the leash actually hooks onto the front section across the chest. You can put this on the biggest of dogs that can pull you

There is an instructional video on U Tube, where the harness it is demonstrated on a large boxer so feel free to check it out. It will also help you know how to adjust it properly to your dogs size. Here are some helpful tips to train your dog to be a good walker: 1) When leaving or entering the house, be sure to go first, with your dog entering or exiting behind you. This is one of the most important things in basic dog training, as it shows the dog you are the leader and you are in charge. Dogs are pack animals and look to us to lead them.

tant to be able to get your dog's attention when you need to. You should be his focus, not the dog down the street, or the cat in front of the neighbors house, or the squirrel running up the tree. 4) Don't let them stop and sniff too often, keeping their head up and by your side. They lead with their nose and if given the freedom to sniff around too much, they will think "oh good, mommy or daddy are giving me the control!" 5) Get to know the difference between them needing to sniff for a potty break or just sniffing every square inch for fun. It is perfectly fine to let them sniff for a potty break, but if they take too long, pull them back up and continue on your walk. 6) Be consistent, as your dog wants to please you and looks to you to lead him. In no time, you and your best furry friend can have enjoyable walks.

2) Once you have put on their harness, shorten the lead. Don't give them too much leash. Keep them right by your side while they are getting used to the harness. They will willingly follow your lead. Dont let them zig zag all over, or walk in front of you. Keep them at your side.

Once you have mastered the basic walking techniques, and he has learned not to pull, you can actually go on runs with your dog. They make many hands-free leashes that loosely fit around your waist and you can set these for the dog to run right at your side. Because they have mastered the basic walk training, they are ready to run right by your side along with you.

3) You may consider bringing a pocket of small training treats with you, or cut up small pieces of hot dog or cheese to call their attention to you and keep their attention on you if you come upon another dog or animal.

Just be sure that when you decide to go out for a leisurely walk that you return to using the harness. The running leash should only be used for running, or you will be right back to square one with the pulling.

4) Every few minutes, take a treat down in your hand and call the dog's nose to your hand. When he touches, reward him with a treat. Soon he will be touching your hand on his own, and you don't always have to treat him, just praise him for it. It is impor-

If you would like any more information on where to purchase the easy walk harness, and the company that makes it, feel free to contact me at tina@ I can also help with adjusting the harness to your dog, and getting you started with it. ď Ž



Dandy-Walker Affects 1 in 2,500 Babies Dandy-Walker… Not many people have heard of it and yet 1 in 2,500 babies are born with this syndrome. Dandy-Walker is a congenital brain malformation which affects the brain, specifically the cerebellum, which controls movement, and the fluid-filled spaces around it. There are many variations to the degrees of DandyWalker Syndrome, it can appear dramatically or develop unnoticed. In most cases, symptoms develop early on with slow motor development. This is what happened with our son, Carter, who is now 4-years-old. I had a relatively uneventful pregnancy. Carter was born at 41 weeks with no complications. He was a beautiful, happy 7lb, 14oz baby boy; we were over the moon! Our sweet boy started to not meet his milestones around 6 months of age and we first noticed that he wouldn’t bear weight on his legs when we would stand him up, even that young. He also didn’t grasp a toy in his hand nor our finger in his palm. We began a bevy of tests, starting with an MRI, which showed an abnormal cerebellum. Basically he has fluid where 10-20% of brain mass should exist…Many DW patients will have a shunt placed to drain the excess fluid from the brain but Carter still doesn’t have one. Luckily, he hasn’t had any pressure build up in his brain to warrant this. It can be a tricky surgery.


Carter got an official diagnosis of Dandy-Walker Variant in October of 2008, when he was 7 ½ months old. He has hypotonia (low-muscle tone) and global developmental delays. We started physical therapy almost right away and occupational therapy followed soon after. We have had many bumps along the way. Carter was always around the 50th percentile for weight and at around 10 months his weight gain slowed and he was dropping off of the charts. He took some solids by mouth but really showed little interest overall. At that time, he was diagnosed with failure to thrive and we met with a GI doctor who recommended a feeding tube. As scary as that was for us, we knew it was what was best for Carter. He had to have solid nutrition in order to be strong and grow. Shortly afterwards, we started both speech and feeding therapy. Carter now gets a homemade (by me) blenderized diet through his tube and at his 3-year check-up, he was finally back on the charts for weight. He still isn’t taking much of anything orally but, the hope is that eventually, he will take 100% of his nutrition orally and have the tube removed. Carter has met his milestones on his own timeline; he crawled at 19 ½ months and he finally started walking independently last May after using a reverse walker for many months. He attends Newton-Lee Elementary’s pre-K special needs program 3 days a week and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the experiences

he’s had there. He continues with his PT/OT/speech, feeding and aquatic therapies and we just started up the spring session of therapeutic horseback riding at Morven Park. We don’t know what the future holds for Carter. At this point, we continue to treat Carter as typically as possible. We try to afford him every opportunity that we can and we are hopeful that he will be able to live independently as an adult. For now, we are thrilled with our happy, thriving guy! He brings us joy every day and has taught our family so much along our journey. Carter loves playing outside, he and his typical 2.5-year old brother, Oliver, would sleep on our deck if we let them. Oliver puts “friendly” pressure on Carter to do all of the things that he does, which is SO good for Carter. Our third son, Crosby, will turn one this month. Our 3 boys will learn many wonderful things from each other along the way, two of which will hopefully be patience and compassion. These are two things that my husband, Doug, and I have surely learned along the way so far. We are planning the first annual Carter's Run for Dandy-Walker on May 19th at Ashburn Elementary School. The 5K run/walk and fun fest promises to be a great event for the whole family! There will be something for everyone - food, drink, face painting, glitter tattoos, balloon art, the Fun Bus, moonbounces, a performance by The Great Zucchini and much, much more. For more info or to register for the 5K, please visit our website at We hope to see you there! Lisa Zimmerman, Carter's mom

Finance Committee Members Wanted Are you looking to become more involved in the community? Do you have a few hours of time to dedicate? If so, please consider joining the Finance Committee, which meets once a month. Please contact Sarah Conrad at 703-542-6263 or send an email to to receive a committee membership appplication or with any questions.


Where childhood is a journey, not a race ENROLLING PRESCHOOL THROUGH FIRST GRADE 43940 Farmwell Hunt Plaza Ashburn, Virginia 703.723.7663



Cheers to Another Year! Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Special Deliveries are celebrated often here in Brambleton. Let someone know that you are thinking of them. Please send all submissions to by the 20th of each month.

Happy Birthday Viktoria! Love, Filip, mom and dad

May 12: I would like to wish my loving wife of 18 1/2 years, Nadine Morris, a Happy Birthday. Your husband, Bryant

Happy 8th birthday, Isabel! You are such a great girl! We love you very much and hope you enjoy your special day! XOXO, Mom and Dad


Special Delivery Maxwell Edward LaBonte was born February 28, 2012 at 8:05 a.m. weighing 7lbs. 5ozs. He is welcome home by big brother Alexander and proud parents Brandon and Sheri LaBonte.


Babysitter Directory The BRAM Sitters list is always being updated and if you would like to be added to our directory, feel free to call the HOA office at 703-5426263 Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm or email sarah.conrad@ Make sure you leave your name, age, any certifications, telephone number, and address for proof of residency in Brambleton. Name


Telephone Number

Sydney Wayne (B)



Max Wayne



Mackenzie Long (N)



Megan O’Sullivan (F,C,N)



Ariana Abousaeedi (F,C,B)



Casey Forbes (C)



Kaitlin Scalzo



Yvetter Goetlle (N)



Maddie Presely-Wolff (C,B)



Christian Jessup (B, F)



Emily Sola (B,F,C)



Bradley Ace (F,C)



(B) Taken

Malena Llanos (F,C)




Erin Donahue (B,F,C)



(F) First Aid certified

Megan Poole (N)



(N) Nanny or daycare experience

Tanvi Rawat (C)



Esha Rawat



Alexis Haycraft (C)



Larissa Perara (B,C,F)



Madison Trent (B)



Jade Morris (C)



Alex Parker (F,C)



Amanda Oja



Audrey Haisley (F,C)



Samantha Charlton (F,C)



Bailey Moore (B,C,F)



JP Castro



Lauren Cohen (B)



Whitney Kirkpatrick (F,C)





a Babysitters Course certified

* The Association makes no representations about these individuals except that they have given permission for their names to be published. We do not endorse or promote a single sitter. Please contact the specific person for his/her rates and abilities.



Important Info to Know Brambleton Community Association 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 703-542-6263 (p) 703-542-6266 (f )

Brambleton Community Center 42645 Regal Wood Drive Available for private rentals and

Please note that an application is also required for play equipment, awnings, and for smaller projects like changing the color of paint on your front door. Submit completed applications to the management office at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210, Brambleton VA 20148, via fax to 703-542-6266 or to     As the Covenants Committee meets once per month, it is important to submit all of the required information with your application so as not to delay review of your project. 

community programming. Contact Beth Huck:

Need Mailbox Repair?

Black Mailboxes - Call Main Street Mailboxes at 703-753-5521.

Board of Directors Meetings

Weathered Bronze Mailboxes - Call Dominion Electric Supply Company, Erin Schwartz, at 703-631-8100.

Board of Directors meetings are held at the BCA Management Offices, located at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210. Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, June 5, 8:15 a.m. Tuesday, August 7, 8:15 a.m.

Trash Collection Trash: Tuesdays & Fridays Yard Debris: Tuesdays (March - Dec) Recycling: Fridays AAA: 703-818-8222

Tuesday, October 2, 8:15 a.m. NOVEC New Assessment Mailing Address Brambleton Community Association c/o Armstrong Managment P.O. Box 11983 Newark, NJ 07101-4983

Please contact NOVEC at 1-888-3350500 for any street light outages. Be sure to give your street address and the pole number when making the call.

Do You Need to Apply?

Domionion Power

Our office regularly receives applications for decks, patios and fences.

Call 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-3664357) to report an outage.


BCA Drop Box A drop box is available after hours and is located outside of the Brambleton Community Association office building, located at 42395 Ryan Road. Residents may drop off architectual applications, committee applications, etc. Assessments will not be accepted.

Neighborhood Watch If you see something suspicious or criminal, immediately call LCSO at (703) 777-1021 or 911 if it is a crime in progress. Subscribe to B_Alert@Brambleton to be linked to an active FB group focused and concerned about safety and security within Brambleton.

Notary Service If you are interested in utilizing this service, please note the following: Available by Appointment Only please call 703-542-6263. Notary service is free to Brambleton residents for the first two documents, with a $2.00 fee per document thereafter. Non-residents will be charged $2.00 per document. Photo ID required. Witnessing on documents will not be provided by the Brambleton Community Association. Virginia notaries are not authorized to certify true copies of birth, death or marriage certificates. Only the Division of Vital Records/Statistics may perform such a certification.


Committees Activities Committee

Financial Advisory Committee

Technology Ad-hoc Committee

Co-Chairs: Amber Colatosti, Liz Jackson

Chair: Mark Davis

Chair: Paul Raven

Membership: Three seats open

Upcoming Meetings:

Upcoming Meetings:

Scheduled as necessary

Membership: Open Upcoming Meetings: May 16, 7:30 p.m.

May 22, 7:30 p.m. June 26, 7:30 p.m.

June 20, 7:30 p.m. Grounds & Facilities Committee Covenants Committee Chair: Mike Dorrity

Membership: One seat open

Upcoming Meetings: May 14, 7:00 p.m. June 11, 7:00 p.m.

Chair: Walter Berkey

* All Association Committee meetings are held at the BCA Management Offices, located at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210. Location and date changes will be announced in the Friday Flash.

Please contact or call 703-542-6263 for more information on joining a committee.

Upcoming Meetings: May 15, 7:00 p.m. June 19, 7:00 p.m.

Are You Ready for


What About Your YARD EQUIPMENT? s Lawn Mower s Lawn Trimmer s Wood Chipper s Chain Saw

s Garden Tiller s Back Pack Blower s Pole Saw s Fertilizer Spreader


703.722.2121 At Lenah on Route 50

41111 John Mosby Hwy. Aldie, VA 20105

A Randolph D. Rouse Enterprise



Important Numbers Community Management Contacts Brambleton Community Management Office

703-542-6263 703-542-6266 (f )

Residences at Brambleton (AMS)


Summerfield Condo (CMC)

703-327-4818 703-542-5845 (f )

Town Center Brambleton Welcome Center


BCA Services Verizon - Activation/Account Changes/Billing/Disconnect (M - F, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.)


- Repair


- Questions/Assistance w/


- Assistance w/ Suspension of Service




AAA Recycling & Trash Removal


Utility Contacts Dominion Electric - North of Ryan Road


NOVEC - South of Ryan Road


Miss Utility


Washington Gas


Water/Sewer: Loudoun Water


County Contacts


Emergency: Fire/Rescue/Police


Animal Care & Control

703-777-0406 540-882-3984 (f )

Building Permits


Post Office, Ashburn - 44715 Prentice Drive


Sheriff : Non-Emergency


Sheriff : Traffic Hotline


Unique. Personalized. Signature. Catering. WEDDINGS CORPORATE E SOCIAL

Catering Events to be Remembered. Truly celebrate with a meal tailored to your tastes. From elegant passed hor’dourves, and sit-down “full course” meals to inviting buffets, Fusions can help you create a visually appealing reception and unique menu that you and your guests will enjoy. LEARN MORE ABOUT US




June 2012 Red, White, and BRAM Summer Kick Off Sizzlin' Summer Concerts

We want to hear from you! Interested in submitting a community article for consideration? Please send an email to for more information.



42395 Ryan Road Suite 210 Brambleton, VA 20148 703-542-6263 (p) 703-542-6266 (f )

May 2012 Community Newsletter  

May 2012 Community Newsletter

May 2012 Community Newsletter  

May 2012 Community Newsletter