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Brambleton Growing Families. Building Community. Connecting Life. June 2015

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Community Association Board of Directors Kim Adams President

Tony Buffington

6 Reserve Study

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Meryl Bisaga Secretary/Treasurer

Brian Viola

12 Wine Tour

Resident Director

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Ric Spencer Director

Management Office 42395 Ryan Road Suite 210 Brambleton, VA 20148 (p) 703-542-6263 (f ) 703-542-6266 hoa@brambleton.org www.brambletonhoa.com





Rick Stone Preview all the meetings and events taking place in the month of June.

General Manager, PCAM, LSM

Christine Elansary



Communications To advertise in the Brambleton Community Newsletter, contact Christine Elansary via email at christine.elansary@brambleton.org or call 703-542-6263. The electronic community newsletter is published monthly by the Brambleton Community Association, distributed via email and can be viewed on our website.

9 Brambleton's staff is undergoing several changes.


Brambleton Community Association Newsletter


June 2015

INAUGURAL BREW FEST The first annual Brew Fest attracted a large crowd to Brambleton.

POOL PARTY Summer Kick-Off and Teen Pool parties take place on June 19th.

COVENANTS STAFFING In an effort to maintain high standards of service, covenants staff roles have been reorganized.

RESERVE STUDY A reserve study is about to take place for the entire community.



The Association is responsible for upkeep of the community common areas.



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June 2015 Sunday























Covenants Committee Meeting

Farmer's Market


Safety & Security Committee Mtg



16 Board Meeting Grounds/Facilities Committee Mtg

Farmer's Market




Summer Kick-Off & Teen Pool Party

Activities Committee Mtg


Finance Committee Mtg

Farmer's Market




Sizzlin' Summerr Concert


Farmer's Market

Save the date for the first winery visit of the summer.



Red, White & Bram

O will DMV2G e Harris h be at t arking Teeter P 6 from 2 lot June 4:00 M 9:00 A PM.




LIBRARY PROGRAMS Check out what's happening at our local libraries this month.


Find out what the BWHS Music Boosters are up to.

IMPORTANT INFO TO KNOW Association information that may come in handy.

SUMMER READING 21 Get your kids reading this summer with some great books.




For all the latest information about the development in Brambleton.

RED, WHITE AND BRAM One of the community's biggest events of the year takes place on June 27th .




We are excited and appreciative to have sponsorship support from our partners at StoneSprings Hospital Center this year.

HELPING TEENS AT RISK The Evening Reporting Center provides at-risk teens with a community-based alternative to detention.




IMPORTANT NUMBERS Numbers frequently requested.





NESTING IN VENTS What you can do if birds are nesting in your vents.

Christopher Crowell, MD, gives tips on keeping cool this summer.



Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2015


Growth and Change Within BCA Staff Brambleton’s staff is undergoing several changes due to recent resignations and restructuring of some key roles. The changes to staff will prepare the Association for future growth of the community and its operations. Beth Huck has resigned her position as our Community Lifestyle Manager. Her passion for community events and programming will be missed. In the four years that Beth has been with Brambleton, she has significantly grown our events and programs to a level that is appreciated and recognized by all our residents, adjacent neighboring communities and the industry. She puts the “Life” in Lifestyles! I greatly appreciate all her efforts and contributions over the years; and her dedication and commitment to the community. I wish Beth the best with all that she has planned. I especially wish her well with her run for the At-large Loudoun County School Board position. She is a great candidate and will serve us all well when she is elected. Dana Vinci will continue in her role as Events & Programming Specialist and assume overall responsibility for the Association’s events and programs. This is a huge responsibility, with all that we have planned for the year, and Dana is up for the job. Her open and can-do spirit brings staff, contrac-

tors and volunteers together to work towards making each event better. I’m confident that Dana will bring the same level of focus and creativity to the Association’s programs and I look forward to seeing the programs offered by the Association continue to develop under her leadership. In addition, Billy Massey was recently hired as the Association’s Facilities & Grounds Supervisor. Billy brings a positive winning attitude with a great sense of customer service, organization, knowledge and discipline to our organization. I look forward to Billy taking over the daily maintenance operations while interacting with residents, contractors and staff to positively impact and improve our overall operations. He is a great addition to the Brambleton team. One of his first tasks will be to hire a new Maintenance Technician for the community as Mauricio Coreas has recently resigned for another employment opportunity. In addition to these changes, Sonya Farrell will be taking on a new position within the Association. Her role will change from Resident Services Administrator position to Communications Coordinator. She will take over Christine Elansary’s responsibilities in regards to the Flash, Newsletter, Website, social media and TV channel. This transition will take

place over the next month. Christine will remain on staff and involved in the Race Brambleton series, Brambleton Kids Care and other communications/graphic/marketing projects. The Covenants Department is also undergoing renovations. Rosemarie Linder has an article in this newsletter outlining how this group is being reorganized to support residents through the Design Review process and to align the activities of the Covenants Team to better serve the needs of the community. Change is good! I look forward to the positives that will come from all these changes. While they come at a very busy time of year, the existing staff is up for the challenge and excited about the new opportunities and responsibilities. A growing community, like Brambleton, is filled with numerous opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. I like having the opportunity to shape the organizations structure to best serve its residents. These are some of the reasons why I enjoy working for a community that is growing and developing. There is never a dull moment! Sincerely, Rick Stone PCAM, LSM General Manager



Brambleton's Reserve Study Currently Underway Rick Stone, PCAM, LSM - General Manager

Brambleton is about to begin a reserve study for the entire community. So what exactly is a reserve study? A reserve study is a detailed and in-depth evaluation of a property's physical components and an analysis of its existing reserve funds. Based on a thorough on-site inspection, the community’s reserve study details anticipated replacements or repairs to commonarea capital facilities, amenities, enhancements, major equipment, and other critical elements. It recommends annual reserve funding to cover capital expenditures for the next 30-50 years. State statute requires the studies to be updated and performed at least every 5 years. Brambleton actually performs 4 reserve studies every 4-5 years. The Association’s governing documents require specific unit owners to fund certain components of the Association. To accomplish this, the Association completes a General, Townhome, Common Drive, and Recreation reserve study each time. This is beneficial and required by our governing documents so that only the owners who have the right to use the components covered by the


study actually fund their replacement or repair during the time that they live in the community. Taking this approach towards accurately funding major capital repairs and replacements today will greatly lessen the need for special assessments in the future. During the actual reserve study process, engineers will quantify the components, their condition, anticipated life, and replacement costs. The types of capital items and components that are considered include: pavements, major building components such as roofs; HVAC systems; siding; and foundations, pool components such as decking; white coat; and pumps, tot lot replacements, court resurfacing, fencing replacement, truck/ equipment replacement, major office equipment/furnishing replacement, street lighting, site furnishings, and many other replacements of capital components or major repairs that will extend the life of a capital component. Items such as painting, general service/repairs, cleaning, or other routine upkeep and maintenance tasks are not covered within the reserves. These tasks are considered routine and

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2015

covered through the Association’s operating budget. Performing regular reserve studies and funding the reserves as advised by the study is crucial to the financial health of the Association. Once the reserves are funded, it is important to not use those allocated funds for anything else but the replacement and repair of major capital items identified within the study. Spending reserve funds on regular maintenance or on items not called out in the study will undermine the financial position of the Association and the intent of the reserve study. Brambleton Community Association is in a great financial position in regards to its reserves. That being said, I anticipate a significant increase to the annual funding of these accounts as a result of the 2015 update that is being performed in conjunction with the current study. This is a direct result of the extreme growth within the community that we have experienced over the last 5 years. That can be expected in a developing community. 



Preserving & Protecting Common Areas Elizabeth Stulga, CMCA - Covenants Manager Brambleton is a beautiful place to live! I think all residents would agree that the waterfalls and the beautiful landscaping rival prestigious neighborhoods throughout Loudoun County and the country. We have many outstanding amenities which include parks, open green space, and natural wooded areas, all of which are referred to as Common Areas. The Association is responsible for the upkeep of the Common Areas and to ensure that they remain available and open for use to all Brambleton residents. It is important to note that although the Association is responsible to enforce the Covenants on all Common Areas, it does not have maintenance responsibility for Common Areas until after all of the residential construction is completed and all of the infrastructure and Common Area elements have been completed by Brambleton’s developer. This can be several years after the first homeowner goes to settlement within a


given section. The Brambleton Community Association’s management office serves as the point of contact for residents with questions about all Common Areas. Throughout Brambleton, many residential lots back to, or are adjacent to, wooded areas, wetlands or hedgerows. These lots have desired privacy and lovely views of a natural setting, giving the feel of living in the country with all the amenities of urban living. Natural areas throughout the community are typically areas that existed prior to the development of the community and are a valuable environmental resource. The Declaration for Brambleton states that they are to remain in a natural state and should not be disturbed in any way. Unless you have approval from the Association to maintain any common area outside of your property, the area should remain undisturbed. Maintenance includes, but is not lim-

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2015

ited to clearing of the underbrush, removing or clearing dead trees, and cutting any grasses in that area. Please note that storage of any items or the placing of sod or mulch in these areas is not allowed. Residents are encouraged to notify the Association of potential encroachments or other activities which may be detrimental to Common Areas. The Association does offer a program that would allow residents to request approval to Adopt-a-Spot that they would like to maintain. Permission to Adopt-a-Spot is granted on a case by case basis and can be requested by residents living in sections in which the Association has accepted maintenance responsibility for the Common Area. See the Association’s website for information related to Common Areas. Contact the Association at hoa@ brambleton.org if you have questions or need more information. 

Restructuring Staffing for Covenants & Design Review Functions Rosemarie Linder, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Director of Resident Services Brambleton Community Association’s leadership team regularly evaluates the services provided by our staff in an effort to maintain the high standards we have established. In recognition of the increased volume of activity impacting the Covenants Team including Design Review Applications for exterior improvements and the continued need for focus on our proactive inspection campaigns, we have reorganized the staff supporting covenants enforcement and design review functions. Elizabeth Stulga will now serve as

the Design Review Manager and serve to support residents through the Design Review Application process. Elizabeth will also continue as the primary staff liaison to the Covenants Committee. To reach Elizabeth or to submit Applications or related inquiries and correspondence, please use the email address of Designreview@brambleton.org. Sarah Conrad will continue in her role as Covenants Advisor and will assume additional responsibility for performing inspections for Resale Disclosure Package requests. Shantil Moyer will also continue to

serve as a Covenants Advisor and she will support special projects as needed. Their team will continue to receive email via Covenants@ brambleton.org. Be assured, if messages are misdirected, everyone will be working together and will forward and share information needed. We will continue to monitor the service levels offered after these changes and will make adjustments as needed to best serve the needs of the community. 

p U n g i S Notify N ottify Me Me www.BrambletonHOA.com bleto > Notify Me Resident are Residents e encouraged enc to sign up to receive ceiv Bram Brambleton Community Association (BCA) communications ons by vvisiting ng the t website and by clicking g on the “Notify Me” button on the home page. Choose the Fridayy Flas Flash & Mo Monthly Newsletter ter distribution on list tto begin to receive emails. dditio to the th flash and newsletter, wslette pertinent rtinen Association updates are sent as necessary to include In addition event ca tions, snow plowing g efforts cancelations, orts, pavin paving updates and more. Subscribe to more than one Notify Me top eive updated u topic to receive alerts in you your ema email and/or your phone for anything related to m maintenance and operations, upcoming pcom ogra or pool closings. Summer is a busy time me of yyear, so make community programs imm sure you sign up for immediate updates! infor rega ation communications, please contact tact co uni For more information regarding Association communications@brambleorg ton.org.


Photo Credit Tom Turley


Brew Fest Attracts a Huge Crowd As with so many other notable events in history, the idea for a Brambleton Brewfest began with a gathering of great minds. In this case, it was friends and a few neighbors, like Tom Gurganous, Chris Hartzler, Wes Wiggins, Patrick Ayers… and of course, beer. Fortunately, Tom is a resident board member of the Brambleton Community Association, so he brought the idea to the HOA and the Activities Committee, and the official planning began. The first meeting of the Brew Fest Planning Committee was held this past October. No one on the committee had ever planned a Brew Fest before, and some had never even been to one. Regardless of any inexperience, we all had one main goal… for the event to be FUN. We were experts on fun! Dana Vinci, the HOA’s Director of Awesome, knew how take our vision and… Fast forward 8 months. Between almost daily visits with Chris Drummond, VP of Operations at Los Rhino, and sifting through regular deliveries


of beer goggles, life-size solo cups, and other fun props, Brambleton Brew Fest frenzy was in full effect. On a gorgeous, sunny Saturday morning, scores of volunteers joined BCA staff to count 6 pogs into pilsners, learn proper pouring techniques (you put the beer in the glass), and otherwise prepare Brambleton Plaza for what was sure to be a an exciting experiment. By 12:30 PM, anticipation was brewing (pun intended) and lines had already started to form at the Admissions tent. At 1:00 PM, the first ever Brambleton Brew Fest attendees got their glasses and pogs and made their way into what would become one of our most talked-about events ever. To sum up the event’s success, the Brew Fest drew in about 3500 attendees (2500 of them, beer drinkers); several breweries underestimated the crowd size and had to do beer runs to bring in more kegs (beer started selling out at 2:30 PM!). Live music by Hypnotic Willie and Crowded Streets were a big crowd pleaser, food ven-

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2015

dors had steady lines all day, and town center restaurants were filled with patrons. Lost Rhino had a great open house with their patio, balcony and indoor space jam packed, and they ended up tapping 10 half kegs in the process (those 2500 people really like beer!). If it weren’t for all the amazing people involved with this inaugural event, it would not have been possible. We would like to thank our fantastic committee for seeing a vision and making it a reality, and our amazing volunteers who stepped up and worked hard before, during and after the event. Last but not least, our sponsors were very generous and even entertained the crowd with pretzel necklace making and beer burningkarate kicks. With one Brew Fest behind us, all of those involved have already met to discuss changes for the next one in 2016! Until then, see you at all the great summer events taking place this month! 




In Vino Veritas Sonya Farrell, Communications Coordinator

“Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.” – Louis Pasteur If that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is. For those of you whom I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting just yet, I’m a recent addition to the Brambleton Community Association. I’m also a huge wine nerd, and I’m so excited to tell you all about some new programming that Brambleton will offer this summer! For the uninitiated, Virginia now boasts almost three hundred wineries, about forty of which call Loudoun County their home. We all know what that means, right? Roadtrip! Well, sort of. Starting this summer, Brambleton will begin offering transportation to a different local winery each month. While there is A LOT of ground to cover (literally), our goal is to try a little of everything. Want a peaceful, more cerebral, adults-only spot to contemplate the meaning of life and the wine in your glass at the same time? Check. Or maybe you’re in the mood for a place with a little more action, yard games, and a great view? Done. The great thing about so many wineries in such a small area is that there’s something for everyone. And because we want you to enjoy yourself, we’d like to take you there. Our inaugural winery visit will take place on July 11th at Hillsborough Vineyards, right off of Charles Town Pike in Purcellville. Owned and operated by the Baki family since 2001, Hillsborough offers more than ten wines and boasts indescribably spectacular views. We’ll start with a private group tasting, led by one of Hillsborough’s knowledgeable wine educators. But be sure to bring a picnic, blanket, and whatever you need for a comfortable, relaxing afternoon, because we’re making a day of it! Until then, here’s what you need to know:

Who: Brambleton residents

When: Saturday, July 11. The Brambleton Bus will depart from the front of the Town Center promptly at 12:00 PM and return at 5:00 PM.

Where: Hillsborough Vineyards

Cost: $10 transportation fee, plus tasting fee (to be paid at the winery)

RSVP by July 6 to events@brambleton.org

Each month we’ll visit a new spot. Because each winery does things its own way, we’ll try to let you know what to expect ahead of time. In the meantime, if you have questions, or if you have a favorite winery you’d like to nominate for a future visit, please email events@brambleton.org. I can’t wait to get this program off to a great start, and I look forward to letting my inner wine geek loose with all of you. Cheers!


Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2015



Summer Reading Program April Shroeder, Youth Programming Coordinator, LCPL Summer is a good time for pool, vacations and good books. While Loudoun County Public Library cannot help with the first two, we sure can recommend some great books to read! Visit any of our eight branches this summer to attend programs, register for the Summer Reading Challenge, and check out books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, and more. Families are invited to a free Family Storytime every Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM at the Brambleton Community Center on 42645 Regal Wood Drive. Storytime is a wonderful opportunity for you and your children, ages 0-5, to sing songs, recite rhymes, and listen to stories read by Ms. April and Ms. Linda. You can also check out books to take home, and read togeth-

er, so bring your library card! Another way to have fun this summer at the library is by participating in our Summer Reading Challenge. You can read, complete simple tasks, or attend library programs to check off BINGO squares on the challenge card. For each row you complete, you are entered into the Grand Prize Drawing. Register for the challenge at Brambleton Storytime or at your favorite branch. If you’re an adult looking to explore new literature and make new friends, attend the Adult Book Club, held the second Monday of every month at 7:30 PM. If you don’t have your own copy of the book, head on over to the Brambleton Community Association offices at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210,

to borrow a library copy. The following books will be up for discussion in the summer: •

June 8 at 7:30 PM – Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan

July 13 at 7:30 PM – I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

August 10 at 7:30 PM – Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

The location of our programs change as needed by Brambleton Community Association. Always check their Facebook page for location changes and updates at: https://www.facebook.com/brambletoncommunityassociation 

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SOLD! 42639 Explorer Drive Cul-De-Sac Lot & Tree Views! Walk to Legacy Elementary NEW Plush Carpet & Fresh Paint Gorgeous Stone Patio & More!!!

Thinking of Selling? Find Out What Your Home is Worth in Today’s Market

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Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2015

Select Properties, Inc. Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

20937 Ashburn Road, #200 Ashburn, VA 20147 MOBILE 703.727.5941 OFFICE 571.209.6375 HHeppe@MySelectProperties.com www.HeatherHeppe.com

Loudoun County Evening Reporting: Helping At Risk Teens Beth Huck, Community Lifestyles Manager During my work on the county’s Advisory Commission on Youth, I came to learn about different services and programs that are available to at risk youth within the county. Within the last couple of years, there has been a collaboration of efforts going towards reaching at risk youth. One of the programs is the Evening Reporting Center (ERC), which provides a community-based alternative to detention for moderate-to-high-risk teens currently on probation. The ERC opened on 22 January 2013 and is quickly proving itself to be a vital intervention for our teens that otherwise may have ended up in other situations. The ERC provides different services to participants such as light dinner, career exploration, life skills and job readiness skills, games, movies, sports, etc. However, due to a very and almost non-existent budget and space constraints, the center can only accommodate around 7 teens at a time, and only up to 3 months for each. You might be asking some questions about the ERC, like: What is the ERC? According to the Loudoun.gov website, “The ERC addresses the need for

after-school supervision, recreation, appropriate social activities, tutoring and independent living skills for youths ages 14 to 17 who are on probation. The ERC is a collaborative effort with representatives from the Departments of Family Services; Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Developmental Services; Parks Recreation and Community Services; the Juvenile Court Services Unit; the Office of the County Administrator, the Loudoun County Public Schools; and a Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge.” (www.Loudoun.gov)

bation violation being filed •

How can we help support this program? •

The ERC is looking for volunteers to serve in a capacity of tutoring the youth and facilitate any activities, skills, projects that may support the program services.

They also work off of a very limited (and pieced together) budget. So donations of items for the center like school supplies, cooking utensils and other household items such as certain electronics, furniture, and appliances, along with gift cards or monetary donations to purchase other supplies and groceries.

See the full needs list here

Contact Beth Huck for more information on how to get involved at eahuck@gmail.com 

Who is eligible to participate? •

Referral from Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and Juvenile Court Services Unit

Youth 14 to 17 years of age, male and female

Resident of Loudoun County under the purview of the Loudoun County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court

Youth facing court action for a new criminal offense in lieu of a detention order being issued

Participate as a part of a graduated sanction as imposed by the Probation Office in lieu of a pro-

Low Protective Factors as reflected on the Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI) especially involving the components of family, youth’s free time/ employment and school status. (www.loudoun.gov)


Photo Credit Suzanne Robertson


News from the Developer Great Beer Great Food What makes great beer even better? Great food! Our Chef, Josh, has been hard at work the last few weeks mak-

ing sure we had some of the best food in Ashburn to go along with the best beer.


The finishing touches have been put on the seared ahi tuna tacos, slow roasted carnitas, and the Tmavy marinated hangar steak. He has also been refining some of the staples from the Tasting Room like the nachos and the Bavarian Pretzel. The menu wouldn’t have been complete without them. He has been traveling the area to find local produce, all natural free roam chicken, and fresh seafood. The fresh, ingredients are really putting the food over the top. Can’t wait for everyone to try the menu! The Retreat is ready for everyone to enjoy. The draft system has been tested and the Liquor License has been issued so that means beer is flowing! The pallet wall is complete, art work is being created (the chalk

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2015

work is pretty impressive), and the final mill work is done. We also re-

ceived the first delivery of what looks to be a very extensive collection of beer bottles that Matt has been amassing for over 20 years. Interesting rarities, discontinued beers, one

offs, and bottles from companies that have long ago ceased production. Should be a very nice addition to our front cabinets, although I’m starting to wonder if we’ll have room for the whole collection! Hey, did you know that J.R. Ewing (yes, that J.R. Ewing) had his own beer?! Well he did and it’s part of Matt’s collection. Hiring is still taking place, and we are looking for great people. Cooks, in particular. So if you know anyone who would like to work in a large, clean, well organized, high tech kitchen with a great Chef, send them our way. All experience levels will be considered. Smiling faces for our dining room and bar as well! Thanks to everyone for your patience as we continue this journey. We appreciate the enthusiasm we hear everyday from folks who are excited we’re coming to the Town Center. Trust us,no one is more eager than we are to see the patio full, hear the music, and enjoy outstanding craft beer and food than we are. If you see us working at the Retreat, don’t hesitate to say “Hi” and we’ll even show you around! New Running Club Now Forming! If you're the type who likes to reward yourself with a cold pint after a great run, we've got just the thing for you starting June 2nd! Join the Rhino Chasers every Tuesday at 6:00 PM (weather permitting) June-October at the Lost Rhino Retreat for an organized 1, 3 or 5 mile run through Brambleton. We'll meet back at the Retreat to enjoy drinks, food (fees separate from free run) and camaraderie with fellow runners and beer enthusiasts. All paces and ages wel-

come for run! For questions please email kellysuperak@gmail.com. Matt Partlow, World Police and Fire Games Participant The World Police & Fire Games are coming up from June 26-July 5 in Fairfax County, and Brambleton resident and former Deputy Fire Chief of Loudoun County Fire and Rescue, Matt Partlow (who you may also know from Sport & Health at Brambleton Town Center), is attending the games to compete in the golf event. When we asked Matt what he’s most looking forward to at the games, he replied, “I get the opportunity to play golf a lot, but I don’t always get the opportunity to play golf against say, a firefighter from Spain or a policeman from Korea, for example. I think that will be the neat part, having someone coming to a place that I’ve lived all my life and they’ll be really excited to be here.”

you for the wonderful event! I can’t express to you in words how proud NatCapLyme was to be a part of it. In the 5 years that we have done the 5K I have never heard as much appreciation expressed by race attendees and the public before. Throughout the morning I was being approached by people expressing their gratitude that this event was happening and how well it was done. I really felt that the difference this year was that for the first time the public felt a part of the event and identified with what was happening. I know that Congresswoman Comstock & Supervisor Janet Clark also appreciated being honored and left with a stronger connection to this cause than ever before. A special thanks to Steve & Lesley for their flexibility in letting us do the largest Lyme Challenge in the Country and honor the memory of a fallen Lyme advocate. It made the Loudoun Lyme 5th 5K/10K/1K the Lyme event of the year!

Brambleton Farmer's Market Opening Day Officially Kicks off the Season! Brambleton's mascot, Bruno the Blue Bird, officially opened the Brambleton Farmers Market for the 2015 season! Thank you to all who came out to support the market now open every Sunday 9AM - 1PM through November 1st. Please go to their website for a full list of vendors. Click here to view all the photos from the day and even a short video here! Loudoun Lyme 5K: 1,200 Gather To Raise Awareness A note from Monte Skall, Director of NatCapLyme.... "Steve, Reagan, Lesley, DryHome Crew, 5K Committee & all, Thank

With much appreciation to you all, Monte & National Capital Lyme Disease Board of Directors". Town Center Tidbits www.brambleton.com/towncenter •

Our Brambleton Town Center Spotlight Tenant of the Month is Bloō Dental! Stop by the Wel-


and “PG” rated movies for just $1! Seating is first-come, first-served and limited to capacity. Seat reservation is not permitted. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Will Rogers Institute charity: http://www.wrinstitute.org/. The 2015 Summer Movie Express schedule is listed here.

come Center to enter their drawing, you could win an in-office teeth whitening or a Blue Ridge Grill gift card! •


Talk of the Town Center Spring Update starring the Brambleton Marketing Department is now on the Brambleton TV Channel and also available on our Youtube Channel also here. Northern Virginia Magazine named Bram Brew Fest sponsor Lost Rhino Brewing Company the “Best Tasting Room Experience” AND “Best Pilsner”! At 21730 Red Rum Drive in Ashburn, Lost Rhino boasts a wealth of beers and a delicious menu (we recommend the charcuterie plate!). From lagers to ales, IPAs and Pilsners, Lost Rhino will have something for beer lovers of all stripes — don’t miss this awardwinning spot! Lost Rhino Retreat anticipates a soft opening this Saturday. Sport&Health's 5th Anniversary Pool Party took place on June 6th from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Live music, hot dogs, drinks, free guest day, Kidz Zumba and limbo in the fountains were all enjoyed. Hot off the Press! The Brambleton Town Center is debuting a brand new newsletter to help keep you up to date with all the downtown happenings! Feel free to stop by the Brambleton Welcome Center to pick up your copy today. The Regal Summer Movie Express heads back to Brambleton for 9 weeks this summer, beginning on June 23rd. At 10 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, head over to Regal Fox Cinemas for “G”

Builder Buzz www.brambleton.com •

Help Wanted - Winchester Homes at Glenmere is searching for a Model Home Administrative Assistant. This is a full time job with benefits, and your work week would run Thursday - Monday, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Great organizational and computer skills required. Contact and send resume to Juan.Rodriguez@WHIhomes.com.

Single Family Homes: •

Van Metre raised the base prices of the Northstar Collection by $7,500 (this represents a 1.2% increase from last month) Winchester has increased base prices by $10K, with the exception of the Prescott, which only went up $5K. This was their first price increase since January ‘14! Brambleton’s average singlefamily home prices have fluctuated over the past year as builder product has sold out:

Average base price today (May ’15) = $655,537

Average base prices increased 0.9% since last month (April ’15)

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

Average base prices have decreased 2.5% over the past year (since May ’14) Single Family Homes = priced from the upper $500s to upper

June 2015

$600s* Town Homes: •

Van Metre’s Hillcrest Collection (Section 24) increased their base prices by $5K on Plans C & D, but because the larger/higher priced Plan E is now sold out, the average base price decreased 0.7% since last month!

Van Metre’s Townsend Collection (Section 33) increased by $2,500 (this represents a 0.5% increase from last month)

On average, townhome prices have increased 4.7% over the past 6 months, and increased nearly 7.9% since Jan ‘13

Average Base Price of Brambleton Towns today (May ’15) = $472,960

Represents a 0.05% decrease from last month (April ’15)

Represents a 1.7% decrease from a year ago (May ’14)

Townhomes = priced from the lower $400s to mid $500s*

Brambleton Sales Project to Date Sales = 4,693 (opened Sept. ‘01) •

SF Homes = 1,977

Town Homes = 1,917

Condos = 799

2015 Year to Date Sales = 139 •

SF Homes = 53

Town Homes = 113

*Prices, terms, conditions subject to change. New Home Information Packet – http://ht.ly/ccg85 Model Home Map: www.issuu.com/ brambleton 

The Greg Wells Team |RE/MAX Select Properties

TheGregWellsTeam.com | 571-223-2947

#1 RE/MAX Team in Loudoun County!

Brambleton’s Specialists! It’s a great time to buy or sell! Our Services 100% Guaranteed!

#1 Agent in Ashburn BRAMBLETON HOME SALES 4/10-5/10 List Price Sold Price Subsidy


$444,900 $459,900 $474,900 $489,000 $499,900 $500,000 $526,500

$433,000 $468,680 $467,000 $480,000 $485,000 $488,700 $519,000

$2,500 $12,000 $3,000 $10,250 $0 $0 $0

30 86 19 7 54 18 11

$559,900 $685,000 $688,000 $699,990 $718,000 $735,000 $750,000

$555,000 $680,000 $675,000 $700,000 $695,000 $730,000 $735,000

$2,000 $0 $0 $6,750 $10,000 $500 $0

54 106 8 10 33 3 7

Townhomes 22644 Wispy Green Ter 42293 Riggins Ridge Ter 42513 Cortez Ter 22860 Goldsborough Ter 22653 Sweet Jen Ter 23245 Hickox Dr 23285 Tradewind Dr

Single Family Homes 42584 Olmsted Dr 42451 Meridian Hill Dr 23324 Morning Walk Dr 23432 Morning Walk Dr 42866 Deleon Dr 23288 Morning Walk Dr 23066 Meriweather Ct

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20937 Ashburn Rd Ste 200 - Ashburn, VA Each office is independently owned and operated.



BWHS Music Boosters Honors & Events Helisa Whitley, Publicity Coordinator

Marching Band and Falconaires Class of 2015 Tops at the Jazz Festival The Briar Woods High School Jazz Band received straight 1’s for their performance at the LCPS District Jazz Festival. This distinction earned them the title of top jazz band – best in the county.

Class of 2015 Congratulations to our graduating seniors across all of Briar Woods music programs! Thank you for your talent, dedication and leadership through the years.

Spring Concert The final concert of the school year will be held on Tuesday, June 2. Join the Briar Woods Bands for the Spring Concert for an evening of music.


Future Falcon Mini Band Camp The 2015 Briar Woods Future Falcon Mini Band Camp will be held on August 18-19 at Briar Woods HS. Under the direction of Mr. Duane Minnick, The Award Winning Briar Woods Falcon Regiment Band and Color Guard will guide future band members in drill and music. The camp is designed for rising 7th and 8th graders interested in marching band whether they are musicians or interested in the color guard. The Early Registration fee is $85 per camper and ends on June 30. Regular fee is $95 per camper with an August 7th deadline. The registration fee will cover drill instructions, flip folder with music, T-shirt, flag for Color Guard, snacks and FREE admission to Future Falcon

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2015

Night football game in the fall. For more information, including registration form, email mini_ band_camp@bwhsmusicboosters. org or visit www.bwhsmusicboosters.org

Falcon Gear Select Falcon Yard Flags, T-shirts, gear to kick off the Summer and More! View our selection of Falcon Gear and order by visitng the Music Boosters website at www. BWHSmusicboosters.org or by emailing BWHSMusicBoosters@ gmail.com.

Coming in August The 2015 Mattress Sale Fundraiser will be held on August 29th at Briar Woods High School. Look for neighborhood signs and more information this summer! 

StoneSprings Hospital Center is proud and excited to be a partner of the Brambleton Homeowners Association. This year, StoneSprings Hospital will be supporting various programs and events, including: The Sizzlin’ Summer Concert Series, Red, White and Bram and Fall Festival just to name a few. These are excellent opportunities to meet the StoneSprings team face to face, learn more about the hospital, and have your questions answered. StoneSprings Hospital Center is a 124-bed acute care HCA Healthcare facility currently under construction on 51 acres of land in Loudoun County, Virginia.

What to Do if Birds are Nesting in Your Vents Karla Etten, Brambleton Blue Bird Trail Coordinator

We are at the height of the nesting season for many bird species, and the Brambleton Bluebird & Garden Club (BBGC) has received numerous questions regarding nests in vents. You may find birds building nests in your bathroom vents, kitchen vents, dryer vents, as well as in your gutters. Most commonly we find that the culprits are invasive and nonnative birds; specifically house sparrows and starlings. Non-native bird species are not protected under the migratory bird treaty act and their nests and eggs may be removed. These birds are very opportunistic and find our human habitat preferable to shelter and seclude their nests. To mitigate this concern, install bird guards over vents (available at hardware stores) and check screening over louvers before birds find their way inside. If you see traces of nesting material in home crevices, wait until there are no young present, remove nesting material, and block openings with netting, hardware cloth, or other appropriate materials. Nests in dryer vents may not function properly and in some cases be considered unsafe. These nests should be removed as soon as possible. Once successful, these tenacious bird species do not give up and will most likely try to build another nest. The BBGC does not perform nest extractions. However, if you find Bluebirds nesting in your mailbox please contact us. Otherwise, we recommend calling a wildlife removal professional, pest control company or handyman to do this task. For more information, there is a plethora of information on this topic via an internet search.


Ashburn and Gum Spring Library Program Highlights for June “Like” us on our Facebook page and get our recent updates. https://www.facebook.com/ashburnlibrary & https://www.facebook.com/gumspringlibrary

Ashburn Library June 17 - Every Hero Has a Story Summer Reading Challenge kick off! Family programs every Monday evening at 7:00 PM Wanted: Teen volunteers to assist with Summer Reading Challenge and earn community service hours. Talk with a staff member to learn more. Friends of the Ashburn Library Summer Book Sale: June 19, 5:00 - 7:30 PM, June 20, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, June 21, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Loudoun Library Foundation’s 26th Annual GIANT Used Book Sale at Smart’s Mill Middle School, 850 North King Street, Leesburg, 20176: June 26, 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM; June 27, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM; June 28, 1:00 - 4:00 PM; Used and like-new books, CDs and DVDs. Check or cash only. All proceeds benefit Loudoun Libraries. Free admission and plenty of parking. June – July 31 - Write On! Short Story Contest for Adults: Entries due by July 31. Contest guidelines online: library.loudoun.gov/adultshortstorycontest Tuesdays, 7:00 PM - ESOL English Conversation Group: An informal conversation group for non-native speakers to practice speaking English. Thursdays, 10:00 AM - ESOL English Conversation Group: An informal conversation group for non-native speakers to practice speaking English. June 11, 7:00 PM - Your Financial Travel Log: Learn the importance of good financial record-keeping. Presented by Brendan Vigorito of Money Management International. June 14, 2:00 PM - Strategy Gaming for Adults: Join fellow enthusiasts for an afternoon of friendly competition. Games provided or bring your favorite. June 17 - “Lights, Camera, Action!” Teen Film Competition: Submit an original short film by August 2. Contest guidelines online: Library.loudoun.gov/teenfilm. June 18, 2:00 PM - Tech Topics: Intro to Powerpoint. Learn to create slideshow presentations. June 18, 7:00 PM - Vegetable Gardening in Containers: Learn how to turn a sunny deck or porch into a full season of healthy, delicious vegetables. June 23, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Superhero StoryWalk: An alphabet adventure around the library featuring Superhero ABC written by Bob McLeod. June 26, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Busy Parents Library Playdate: Informal drop-in for play and conversation. For all ages with caregiver.


Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2015

Gum Spring Library June 1-30 - Art on Exhibit: Acrylic Landscapes by Rachana Damani June 1 -30 - Wanted: Teen Volunteers for 2015 Summer Reading Challenge. Talk with a staff member to learn more about opportunities and earning community service hours. June 1 – July 31 - Write On! Short Story Writing Contest for Adults: Contest details online library.loudoun. gov/adultshortstorycontest. Tuesdays, June 2 - 30, 4:30 – 5:30 PM Reading Buddies Storytime: Teen volunteers read aloud to young children. Tuesdays, June 2 – 23, 7:00 PM - ESOL: English Conversation Group: Informal group for non-native speakers to practice speaking English. All levels welcome. Thursday, June 11, 7:00 PM - Fandoms DC vs. Marvel: Review and discuss comics with other fans. Saturday, June 13, 2:00 PM - Science Saturday- Superman: Learn about the science of superheroes and conduct experiments based on Superman. Wednesday, June 17 - Summer Reading Challenge Kick off! A day full of programs and activities for all ages. Thursday, June 18, 7:00 PM - Superhero Boot Camp: Fun and challenging activities for all ages to develop your superhero powers. Fridays, June 19 and 26, 1:00 - 5:00 PM - Retro Gaming: Challenge yourself against the skills of others in the Teen Center. Monday, June 22, 7:00 PM - Infant CPR: Learn lifesaving infant CPR and choking skills. Presented by StoneSpring Emergency Center. Wednesday, June 24, 7:00 PM - SuperPig: Chester dreams of having super powers but develops a better understanding of heroes when a friend helps him out of a bullying situation. Performed by Blue Sky Puppet Theater. Monday, June 29, 7:30 PM - Positive Parenting: Learn how to motivate behavior and create more cooperation in your home. Presented by Psychologist Rachel Bailey. Tuesday, June 30, 3:00 PM - Red, White and Blue, The Story of the American Flag: Learn about the history of the flag and its importance as a symbol for the United States.


23362 Virginia Rose

23224 Hales Trace

42677 Emperor

Ready to Make Your Move in 2015?

22812 Edson



42755 Conquest




23102 Bronstein

22667 Settlers Trail



99 Transactions in Brambleton & Counting! Heather Gosman

Award-Winning Neighborhood Realtor

ILoveThisHome.com P: 703-201-1891 E: heather@ilovethishome.com

Gateway Brambleton 42365 Soave Drive, Suite 200 Brambleton, VA 20148


1 Bedroom 1 Bath Condo Two Available $1350

E^m l MZed


List Price $304,990 $309,900 $735,000 $244,900 $526,500 $305,000 $685,000 $500,000 $499,900 $699,990 $474,900 $305,000 $688,000 $339,900 $718,000 $559,999 $189,000 $444,900 $489,000 $305,000 $750,000 $309,000 $479,000 $275,000 $739,900

Type Townhouse Townhouse Detached Garden 1-4 Floors Townhouse Townhouse Detached Townhouse Townhouse Detached Townhouse Townhouse Detached Townhouse Detached Detached Townhouse Townhouse Townhouse Garden 1-4 Floors Detached Townhouse Townhouse Townhouse Detached

Beds/Bath 3/2.5 3/2.5 4/4.5 2/2 3/2.5.5 3/2.5 4/4.5 3/2.5 3/3.5 5/4.5 3/2.5 2/2.5 3/3.5 3/2.5 4/4.5 4/3.5 1/1 3/3.5 3/3.5 3/2.5 5/4.5 3/2.5 4/4.5 2/2.5 5/4.5

Close Price $299,000 $310,000 $730,000 $240,000 $519,000 $300,000 $680,000 $488,700 $485,000 $700,000 $467,000 $302,500 $675,000 $302,500 $695,000 $555,000 $183,000 $433,000 $480,000 $300,000 $735,000 $300,000 $469,000 $275,000 $735,000

Seller Subsidy $0 $6,000 $500 $5,000 $0 $4,000 $0 $0 $0 $6,750 $3,000 $9,075 $0 $0 $10,000 $2,000 $0 $2,500 $10,250 $0 $0 $5,000 $0 $5,000 $10,000

Source: MRIS, All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

Come To The

Ashburn Ice House For Summer Fun

Summer Camps Learn To Skate Classes

Hockey Skill Classes Birthday Parties Public Skating Public Skate Admission Rates: Adults (13 and up): $8.00 - Children (Under 13): $7.00 - Seniors: $5.00 Skate Rental: $5.00 - Group Skate: $8.00 Large groups are always welcome. Call for rates and times.

Always the Coolest Place in Town


Brambleton Community Association Newsletter B

June 2015

21595 Smith Switch Rd. Ashburn, VA 20147 www.ashburnice.com 703-858-0300


Important Info to Know Brambleton Community Association

P.O. Box 11983 Newark, NJ 07101-4983

and security within Brambleton.

42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210 Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 703-542-6263(p) 703-542-6266(f )

Trash Collection

Notary Service

Trash: Tuesdays & Fridays Yard Debris: Tuesdays (March - Dec)

Available by Appointment Only - please call 703-5426263.

Recycling: Fridays AAA: 703-818-8222 www.recyclebank.com

Notary service is free to Brambleton residents for the first two documents, with a $2.00 fee per document thereafter. Non-residents will be charged $2.00 per document.

HOA@brambleton.org www.brambletonhoa.com BCTV, FiOS Channel 42 After Hour Emergency Contact

BCA Drop Box

A drop box is available after hours and is located outside To report a concern after nor- of the Brambleton Communimal business hours, please ty Association office building, call 703-385-1133. located at 42395 Ryan Road. Board of Directors Residents may drop off archiMeetings tectual applications, commitBoard of Directors meetings tee applications, etc. Assessare held at the BCA Manage- ments will not be accepted. ment Office located at 42395 Neighborhood Watch Ryan Road, Suite 210. If you see something suspiUpcoming Meetings cious or criminal, immediately call LCSO at (703) 777-1021 Tuesday, June 16, 8:15 AM or 911 if it is a crime in progTuesday, August 4, 8:15 AM ress. Assessment Mailing Subscribe to the resident Address sponsored B_Alert@BramBrambleton Community bleton FB page to be linked Association to the group that is focused and concerned about safety c/o FirstService Residential

Photo ID required. Witnessing on documents will not be provided by the Brambleton Community Association. Virginia notaries are not authorized to certify true copies of birth, death or marriage certificates. Only the Division of Vital Records/Statistics may perform such a certification. Social Media "LIKE" the Brambleton Community Association on FB, follow us on Twitter, and download our App from iTunes and Google Play. ď Ž



Important Numbers Community Management Contacts Brambleton Community Management Office

703-542-6263 703-542-6266 (f )

Residences at Brambleton (FSR)


Summerfield Condo (CMC)

703-327-4818 703-542-5845 (f )

Town Center Brambleton Welcome Center


BCA Services AAA Recycling & Trash Removal




Verizon - Activation/Account Changes/Billing/Disconnect (M - F, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.)


- Repair


- Questions/Assistance w/ Verizon.com


- Assistance w/ Suspension of Service


Utility Contacts Dominion Electric - North of Ryan Road


NOVEC - South of Ryan Road


Miss Utility


Washington Gas


Water/Sewer: Loudoun Water


County Contacts


Emergency: Fire/Rescue/Police


Animal Care & Control

703-777-0406 540-882-3984 (f )

Building Permits


Post Office, Ashburn - 44715 Prentice Drive


Sheriff : Non-Emergency


Sheriff : Traffic Hotline


Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2015

Babysitter Directory The BRAM Sitters list is always being updated, and if you would like to be added to our directory, feel free to call the HOA office at 703-542-6263 Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM or email HOA@brambleton.org. Make sure you leave your name, age, any certifications, telephone number, and address for proof of residency in Brambleton.



Telephone Number

Sydney Wayne (B,C) Megan O’Sullivan (F,C,N) Ariana Abousaeedi (F,C,B) Megan Scalzo Christian Jessup (C, B, F) Emily Sola (B,F,C) Bradley Ace (F,C,Infant C) Malena Llanos (F,C) Erica Llanos (B,C) Erin Donahue (B,F,C) Esha Rawat Alexis Haycraft (C) Audrey Haisley (F,C) Bailey Moore (B,C,F) Lauren Cohen (B) Kristie Gogo Kirby Shultz Ashley Kucuk (C) Shaelyn Mullaney (C,F) Dina McAleer Christin Hensley Carly Hensley Sophia Travers (B,F,C) Hailey White (B,F,C) Antonia Pelligrini (B,C) Eve Thompson (B) Rachael Bissett Olivia Bissett Jessica Koch (B) Hanna Weinstock (B,C,F) Christian Jessup (F,C)

17 25 16 15 17 15 16 17 12 14 16 17 18 17 15 21 22 17 25 21 15 13 13 14 12 12 16 14 13 13 18

703-303-6555 571-233-7165 703-732-6411 703-946-0125 703-327-7890 703-863-3023 703-327-3866 703-728-6714 703-542-7363 703-439-7405 703-722-2839 571-436-1871 571-839-7355 571-527-6060 703-901-0028 703-307-7555 520-240-0427 703-975-3892 540-533-3304 703-722-2258 703-327-5151 703-327-5151 703-822-3041 703-327-3529 703-786-7212 443-632-6584 703-507-9426 703-508-0602 703-327-4767 571-442-7893 703-304-4093


(B) Taken a Babysitters Course (C) CPR certified (F) First Aid certified (N) Nanny or daycare experience

* The Association makes no representations about these individuals except that they have given permission for their names to be published. We do not endorse or promote a single sitter. Please contact the specific person for his/her rates and abilities.



Committees Activities Committee

Upcoming Meetings:

June 16, 7:30 PM

Membership: Open

June 8, 7:00 PM

July 21, 7:30 PM

Upcoming Meetings:

July 13, 7:00 PM Safety & Security Committee

June 17, 7:30 PM Financial Advisory Committee

Chair: Dave Pavlik

Chair: Open

Membership: One Seat Open

Brambleton Kids Care

Membership: At chartered capacity

Upcoming Meetings:

General Membership: Open

Upcoming Meetings:

June 9, 7:30 PM

Upcoming Meetings:

June 23, 7:30 PM

July 14, 7:30 PM

July 20, 7:30 PM

July 28, 7:30 PM

* All Association Committee meetings are held at the BCA Management Offices, located at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210. Location and date changes will be announced in the Friday Flash.

July 15, 7:30 PM

September 21, 7:30 PM Grounds & Facilities Committee Covenants Committee

Chair: Walter Berkey

Chair: Mike Dorrity

Membership: At chartered capacity

Membership: At chartered capacity

Upcoming Meetings:

Associates In Eyecare

Please visit http://www.brambletonhoa. com/committees or contact HOA@brambleton.com, call 703-542-6263 for more information on joining a committee.

Stone Ridge/South Riding

Optometrists, PC

Eye Exams For The Entire Family • Contact Lens Fittings • Eye Emergency Services N

Belmont Ridge Rd.





Evergreen Mills

Gum Springs Rt. 50

Stone Springs

Harris Teeter

South Riding

Stone Ridge


Stone Ridge Village Plaza 42015 Village Center Plaza Suite 103 Stone Ridge, VA 20105 (Next to Harris Teeter)


Dr Lindsay Plett

Dr Tiffany Lione

Laser Vision Consultation • Frames For Every Personality and Price Range



Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2015

Lansdow n

Safe environment

Competitive pay

Scholarship opportunities

Then Ashby Ponds Dining may be the place for you! Apply online today under Wait Staff at:


Specializing in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

rs Im plant Cente

• Implant site preparation & bone grafting procedures • IV Sedation & General Anesthesia • Diagnosis and treatment of tumors or cysts in the maxillofacial region

• Wisdom teeth removal • Implant Placement • Diagnosis and treatment of facial pain/TMJ • Trauma and injuries to the face, jaw, mouth & teeth

10% OFF Office Visit

With this ad & a referral from your dentist We Participate With Most Insurances.

Lansdowne 703.723.7858

Other jobs in management, administrative, and culinary capacities are also available

Dr. Barry R. Maharaj Dr. Anh H. Pham


Flexible work hours

Serving the area for over 15 years S ur

First job experience

Chantilly O

l ra

If you are a high school or local college student looking for:



19441 Golf Vista Plaza Suite 130 Lansdowne, VA 20176



3910 Centreville Road Suite 110 Chantilly, VA 20151



July 2015

Brambleton Growing Families. Building Community. Connecting Life.

Sizzlin' Summer Concerts

July 2015

Float n' Flicks

Community Association

We want to hear from you! Interested in submitting a community article for consideration? Please send an email to communications@ brambleton.org for more information.

Upcoming Events Sizzlin’ Summer Concerts Float n’ Flicks



Understanding Heat Illness Christopher Crowell, MD - Medical Director, StoneSpring Emergency Center If there’s one thing the Washington area is known for in the summers, it’s heat and humidity. Normally, the body cools itself by sweating. But when the humidity rises, that may not be enough. Infants and young children, older adults and those taking blood pressure or other medications are at higher risk for heat-related illnesses, as are people who work or exercise outdoors during periods of extreme heat. To protect yourself outdoors this summer, remember these three words from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration: Water, Rest, and Shade. Drink water frequently, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Take regular rest breaks in the shade or in an air-conditioned environment. Wear light-colored clothing, a hat and use sunscreen. Take cool showers or baths, or carry a spray bottle of cool water to wet your skin. Take it easy on your first few days of playing or working in the heat; your body needs to adjust gradually. And never leave a


child or pet in a parked car. It’s important to note the symptoms of heat-related illnesses, which can come in many forms. The most basic type of heat illness is a heat rash – red, itchy bumps caused by a clogging of the sweat ducts. It usually affects children and can be treated with calamine lotion applied to the skin, and wearing loose clothing. Another problem some people have in the summers is heat edema – swelling of the hands and feet. Propping up your feet and wearing compression stockings can help. Heat also can result in painful muscle cramps or fainting. If you or your family members experience these symptoms, move to a cool environment, lie down and drink fluids. If you still feel ill after an hour, go to an emergency room. Still more serious is heat exhaustion, which has symptoms such as heavy sweating along with weakness, nausea/vomiting or fainting. If this affects you or your family

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2015

members, immediately move to cooler location, lie down and loosen your clothing and sip water. If you don’t feel better within an hour, go to an emergency room. The most serious and dangerous type of heat illness is called heat stroke. Its symptoms are hot, red skin; a fever; rapid pulse; and a change in mental status. For this, do not attempt to treat it yourself. Instead, go immediately to an emergency room or call 911. Keep in mind that serious heat illnesses do not come on suddenly. They are the result of ignoring lesser symptoms like feeling hot or thirsty. By using common sense, drinking extra fluids and taking frequent breaks indoors or in the shade, you can enjoy your time outdoors while staying healthy.  Christopher Crowell, MD, is the Medical Director at StoneSpring Emergency Center and a board certified emergency physician. Dr. Crowell has been with the StoneSpring Emergency Center since it’s opening in September of 2013.



Contact Us 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210 Brambleton, VA 20148 703-542-6263 (p); 703-542-6266 (f ) hoa@brambleton.org Official BCA Communications www.brambletonhoa.com BrambletonTV, FiOS Channel 42