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Preview all the meetings and events taking place in the month of July.


Covenants Committee member, Mike Dorrity, shares his experience serving on the committee.


Summer Events are Heating Up


Grounds Maintenance

SUMMER EVENTS Now that the rain has cleared, summer events are finally heating up.

DESIGN GUIDELINES 12 After an extensive review period, Brambleton's Board of Directors approved the proposed revisions.



MESSAGE FROM THE GM As of June 27, 2013, Armstrong Management will be known as FirstService Residential.



Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

SUMMER CAMP PROFILE Campers are having a great time at Abrakadoodle.

June 2013

A look at this month.....

July 2013 Sunday




















Activities Committee Meeting


8 Covenants Committee Meeting


Sizzlin' Summer Concert





Float n' Flicks



23 Grounds/Facilities Committee Mtg.






Sizzlin' Summer 2013 Development Concert Update Meeting



im Bettas Sw rs H l ou Team Poo

Financial Advisory Committee Mtg




We are excited to announce the summer Float n' Flicks line-up.



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Water safety must always be on your mind when around Brambleton's many water features.

RESIDENT FORUM Director, Brian Viola, shares his perspective on government relations.


There are plenty of fun summer activities in Loudoun County.

Check out the latest developments from the Developer.


Welcome Dana Vinci, our new Events and Programming Specialist.


GROUNDS MAINTENANCE A quick reference guide on "who maintains what" in Brambleton.


NEIGHBORHOOD CAMP-OUT Get fit on the new exercise stations along the trails.

Save the date for our upcoming camp-out, scheduled for August 31.




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SWIMMERS OF THE WEEK Congrats to all the Bettas swimmers of the week!

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THINK GREEN Learn some energy saving tips for your home this summer.

A listing of resident babysitters.



Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013


What's In a Name Armstrong Management Services has proudly provided community association management services to Brambleton since 2007 and in the DC Metro market since 1980. In 1998, Armstrong partnered with FirstService Residential, North America’s leader in residential property management. As a result of this partnership, Armstrong’s operation, including how we service you and your Association has continuously improved through the implementation of best practices, expansion of our technology platform, and maintenance of a consistent focus on customer service. After thoughtful consideration, Armstrong Management Services, along with the organization’s 18 other management companies across the U.S. and Canada, has chosen to unite under the common FirstService Residential name. I am excited to announce that as of June 27, 2013, Arm-

strong Management Services will be known as FirstService Residential. This rebranding is a change in name only. The Brambleton Management Team will remain in place and ready to serve your needs and the needs of the community. We will continue to work to deliver the high level of service that is expected and which enhances the value and quality of life found in Brambleton. The Brambleton Management Team is excited about this rebranding and the numerous benefits it affords to our community and its staff. I look forward to the opportunities that will be available to the community and the Association as part of this consolidation of fine companies and rebranding. FirstService Residential’s values of Be Genuinely Helpful; Aim High; Do What’s Right; Own It: Improve It; and Build Great Relationships is a great compliment to Bram-

bleton’s Core Values of Service; Leadership; Stewardship; Teamwork and Innovation. Together these values will result in a great community and place to live. I look forward to the positive benefits that will result from this consolidation and look forward to my continued service to the community. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the rebranding or the impact that it may have on the Association or Community. I truly see this as a great partnership and a win-win for everyone involved with Brambleton.


Rick Stone PCAM, LSM General Manager



Revised Guidelines for Outdoor Living Spaces Rosemarie Linder, Director of Resident Services If you are considering making improvements to your outdoor living spaces this season, Brambleton’s newly revised guidelines are available to help you plan your project. Brambleton’s Covenants Committee gave consider-

ation to feedback received from residents throughout the community and carefully reviewed the existing standards and Brambleton’s Board of Directors approved the proposed revisions to the Design Guidelines and Mainte-

nance Standards at their April 9, 2013 meeting. Contact Brambleton’s Covenants staff with any questions or for more information at, or 703-542-6263. 

PRIVATE IMPROVEMENTS – PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAYS Lot owners are hereby put on notice that the front property lines of most Lots do not extend to the public street and are typically located a few feet behind the curb and gutter, or public sidewalk. Lot Owners shall not install, construct or place any private facilities or improvements, including but not limited to sprinkler/irrigation systems, fences, walls, landscaping, signs or other decorative improvements and appurtenant facilities within the dedicated public street rightof-way. Loudoun County, the Virginia Department of Transportation and/or the Declarant, as required for bond release and State road acceptance, may, in their sole discretion, without prior notice to the Lot Owner, remove any and all private facilities or improvements located within the dedicated public street right-of-way. Excerpted from the Design Guidelines and Maintenance Standards for Brambleton, revised 4/9/2013


Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

PATIOS General Considerations All patios require approval. Patios must be located in rear yards. Patios are to be installed flush with the ground or for sloping sites, level with steps or small walls to transition. The use of brick, flagstone, slate or decorative pavers is encouraged. Any adverse drainage requirements which might result from the construction of a patio are to be considered and remedied. The use of a partially porous patio surface or the installations of mulch beds adjacent to the patio are techniques to minimize drainage concerns. In general, the patio shall be an appropriate size for the area in which it is to be located and is to be constructed of brick, flagstone, slate, pavers, concrete or other high quality masonry or stone material that is compatible with the existing materials on the Lot. Supplemental landscaping may be required to compensate for the removal of significant vegetation or to provide appropriate screening where necessary. Specific Guidelines 1. The patio shall be designed as an integral part of the house and property. 2. Design and location are to be carefully considered to minimize any tree removal. 3. Changes in grade or drainage pattern must not adversely affect adjoining properties. If drainage is adversely affected, the owner/applicant is responsible for correction. 4. The preferred location is in the rear of the house. Side locations will be considered when a rear location is not practical, but the Association may still disapprove a side yard location. Front or street-facing side-yard patios will not be approved. OUTDOOR FIREPLACE/FIREPIT General Considerations Permanent or outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are deemed to be structures and require review and approval prior to placement on the Lot. Construction design, materials, scale, and placement of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits must complement the existing house and Lot. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are to be incorporated as a design feature of a patio or landscaping plan. The only permitted location is in the rear of the lot. Permanent outdoor fireplaces and fire pits may not be installed in front yards or in side yard locations. Portable fire places and fire pits must be stored in the rear yard, or out of view, when not in use. The use of brick, flagstone, slate or decorative pavers is required; the use of concrete as a finish material is not permitted. The Covenants Committee may require additional landscaping may be required for screening. Semi-permanent fireplaces or fire pits which are to be stored outdoors must be of high quality materials.


Specific Guidelines 1.

Design and location are to be carefully considered to minimize any impact on adjacent properties.


Permanent fireplaces and fire pits must be located in the rear yard. Front or street facing side yard fireplaces or fire pits will not be approved.

OUTDOOR FURNITURE Furniture placed outside shall be specifically designed for such purpose and maintained in good order, condition and repair. Outdoor furniture shall be placed on a porch, stoop or in the rear yard. The use of permanently placed outdoor furniture is not permitted in front yards. OUTDOOR KITCHENS/PERMANENT GRILL AREAS/PORTABLE GRILLS General Considerations Construction design, scale and materials of outdoor kitchens and permanent grill areas must complement the existing house and Lot. The incorporation of an outdoor kitchen or permanent grill area are to be incorporated as a design feature of a patio or landscaping plan. The only permitted location is in the rear of the lot. Outdoor kitchens and permanent grill areas are not permitted in front yards or in side yard locations. Portable grills may not be stored at the front of the home. Specific Guidelines 1.

The size and location of the outdoor kitchen and/or perma nent grill area should be appropriate to the existing house and space available on the property.


The design and location should consider any adverse impact on neighboring properties, including changes in grade or drainage. Changes in grade or drainage pattern must not adversely affect adjoining properties. If drainage is adversely affected, the owner is responsible for the change is responsible for the correction.


Where more substantial outdoor kitchens or permanent grill areas are to be constructed, special attention must be given to the massing of the addition in order to visually integrate the outdoor kitchen or permanent grill area with both the house and the grounds.


Supplemental landscaping may be required to visually soften the addition.

OUTDOOR STORAGE Nothing shall be kept or stored on the exterior of the lots or common areas which would create an unsightly condition. This includes, but is not limited to refuse containers, trash or rubbish, machinery and equipment, building materials, etc. Portable equipment including grills or fire pits may not be stored at the front of the home.


Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

A Covenants Member's Perspective Michael Dorrity, Covenants Committee Chair I have lived in Brambleton for almost seven years now. My wife and I visited the neighborhood and enjoyed the overall “feel� and eventually moved here in September 2006. We like how the different builders add their complimentary houses that work well with the Developer’s view of what Brambleton is going to look like when the development is complete. We also like that the Brambleton community has common areas with good landscaping, interesting rock features and several fountains; all of these add a nice touch to the Brambleton community. When we moved into the community, I felt the need to help the community by volunteering as a member of the Covenants Committee. I was appointed to the Covenants Committee in May of 2007. I participated in the committee meetings for two years and then became the Chair for the Covenants Committee in August 2009. This appointment to the Covenants Committee has been very rewarding. The Covenants Committee is comprised of seven volunteer Brambleton homeowners. We meet once a month to review the applications for

home enhancements/modifications that the homeowners are requesting. Examples of these requests include everything from painting the front door a different color, adding a fence, installing a deck or patio, all the way up to an addition to a house. We review each application to ensure that it meets the specific requirements set forth in the guidelines. We work closely with our HOA staff support in the performance of our duties. The HOA staff is vital in preparing the applications for our review. Not only do they compile the applications for us to review, but they review them first to ensure completeness, as well as communicate with the homeowner, if necessary, to clarify any details in advance of the meeting so that the process goes as smoothly as possible. As the neighborhood has grown over the years, the complexity of the covenants guidelines has also grown. Certain areas require painted fences, while others prohibit them. Some builders have also set requirements for particular home elevations. The goal of the committee is to attempt to maintain a certain standard within the community, while maintaining

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School

Offering Full Day Kindergarten 46100 Woodshire Dr., Sterling 703-404-0202 Serving Grades Pre-K – 8 Round trip transportation available from our Brambleton preschool

an environment where the homeowner can customize and make their property comfortable for them. We try to be appropriately flexible when dealing with variances based on a unique home environment. When the committee meets, we review every application and determine if it meets the standards for the particular request. We have reviewed over sixteen hundred applications between 2007 and 2012. Currently, because of neighborhood growth, we have reviewed over four hundred applications since January 2013! To put it in perspective, last year the Covenants Committee reviewed a total of four hundred and sixty four applications, which was an annual record for Brambleton. We will pass that amount of applications this month and it is only July. We are on par to have over 650 applications this year! As Brambleton continues to grow, we are sure that our workload will increase proportionally. The dedicated members of the Covenants Committee will continue to support the community and do our part to ensure that the neighborhood maintains its values and feel for the homeowners. ď Ž

COLLEGIATE SEALERS AND PAVING Since 1988 Over 100,000 Customers



Driveway & Parking Lot Maintenance Specialists



A Rainy Start, but Summer Events are Finally Heating Up Beth Huck, Community Lifestyles Manager Despite a rainy start to our summer, it seems the sun finally decided to make an appearance at our last 3 events. After feeling disappointed with having to cancel the Summer Kick Off and postponing the first Sizzlin’ Summer Concert, the sun broke through the rain for us to hold our first Brambleton Unplugged at the Beacon Crest Pool of Friday June 21, our second Sizzlin’ Summer Concert on Thursday June 27, and our Red, White and BRAM festival on Saturday June 29.


Brambleton Unplugged was a new idea brought to our events team by our Board of Directors. The idea was to provide some entertainment at the Beacon Crest Pool after hours for an evening of relaxation, similar to a summer concert but on a smaller scale. This idea developed into Brambleton Unplugged, where acoustic performers come out while residents lounge pool side or float and swim in the pool. Our first try at this welcomed an intimate crowd. The music was good and everyone seemed to

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

have a good time. The VIP’s kicked off our first official concert of the season with a packed house of nearly 2000 people in attendance. We have a great line up for the rest of the summer with The Reflex on July 11 for 80’s night. Our series continues with party rock band Vinyl Rhino on July 25 and The Doyle Brothers on August 8, who refer to their sound as “happy hard-core power pop”. Our rained-out concert that was supposed to be held on June

13 is rescheduled for August 22, and Crowded Streets will be able to join us on this day. Make sure you come and check out the remaining shows! Please note that these events are free and BYOB (beer and wine only). As always, ID’s and coolers will be checked at the entrance. The Kazoku Fit Challenge, Brambleton's first family obstacle course race, took place on June 29 with heats starting between 8:00am and Noon. Families crawled, climbed, jumped and ran through various obstacles, getting muddy along the way. "We had a great time! They have all done "fun runs" before, and they always say "That's it?" at the finish. This was the perfect family activity. We all loved it, and can't wait for the next one.", explained one resident. for updates and Kazoku Strong Family Workouts. The Red, White, and BRAM festival held on June 29, had familyfriendly activities and field day games f r o m 5:00 – 7:00pm, along with glitter tattoos and sand play stations. There were also many activities for those with a competitive heart, including a dodgeball

winning the dodgeball tournament and to Grumpy Old Men II for their repeat victory in the volleyball tournament. Bake-Off contest winners included: Sherry Burgess for her Amish Shoe Fly Pie; Danielle Torley for her orange sugar cookies; Kaitlyn Cambensy for her German chocolate cupcakes; Sherry Burgess for her Chocolate Pecan Mini buns; and overall Best-in-Show winner was Kaitlyn Cambensy for her Cake-a-rita cupcakes. Be on the lookout for information on more exciting ways to show off your skills at our upcoming Fall Festival in October. For more information on sponsorship opportunities for the Fall Festival, please contact events@ Many thanks to all that help make our events a huge success, especially our volunteers and sponsors. Thank you to our concert series sponsors, the Brambleton Group and Harris Teeter, and in-kind sponsor Broadlands Family Practice.

KazokuFit & Journey 4 a Cure would like to thank all the families that came out to participate. They are looking forward to 2014 where they intend to fulfill the most requested enhancement - MORE MUD! Like them on

and volleyball tournament, as well as our first Brambleton Bake-Off. Congratulations to all the winners from our Red, White and BRAM competitions, including Morning Walk for

Also many thanks to our Red, White and BRAM Sponsors, Brambleton Group, StoneSpring Emergency Center, HLS, Verizon, AAA Trash and Recycling, Passanante’s Home Food Services, Super Kicks Karate, Shane Costa, DDS/Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, Northern Virginia Orthodontics, and Miller and Smith. We are so appreciative for all that contributed to make our events so great! 


A Day in the Life of a Camper... at Abrakadoodle Dana Vinci, Events and Programming Specialist There is something magical about taking a piece of newspaper and twisting it, taping it, and painting it and abrakadoodle you have made a fish! That is what the kids at the Abrakadoodle camp were working on when I walked in to interview them. The room was filled with tables of paint, glue, paper, string and such and the kids were giggling and having a good time. I spoke with Devon, one of the camp counselors, first to find out what this camp was about and what the kids are learning. He said the theme was “Beach Party” and all the crafts the kids would do for this week would have something to do with the beach. I could see from the completed art that they had talked about surfboards, umbrellas and the sun. It isn’t


just simple "draw me a picture" art, the kids are learning techniques of art even if they don’t realize it. They are being shown how a piece of plain paper can be bent, ripped, glued and painted into making something completely different. It helps expand their minds and to see things in different perspectives. Devon said they do about 2-4 craft projects a day and 2 paintings. At the end of the week they will have an art show to show off all the amazing pieces the kids made. I made my way to the kids and asked them a few questions. Sydney, age 8, said that her favorite thing they have done so far “is making animals out of paper in like 3D.” Josh, age 7, first said his favorite thing was “making a fish” but then changed it to “making the sun.” I guess he liked everything he

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

was doing. When I asked them what they have been learning, they all seemed to feel they hadn’t learned a thing, but after a little chatting they started to realize they had learned things. Sophia, age 6, realized that you could combine glue and glitter to make puffy paint. Sydney, age 8, was working with craft items such as tin foil and had never thought about using it in art before. All the kids agreed that they would recommend this camp to other kids or “yeah, we think kids would like it.” They all seemed to be having a great time and were in very creative modes. Abrakadoodle will be offering fall sessions. For information please contact 



Local Government Impacts Our Community Brian Viola, Director

I thought I’d share the beginning of an old article I found online recently (2009 Huffington Post by Paul Hogarth) that seemed rather appropriate given what we here in Brambleton have been through lately. “Local government has a bigger impact on our lives than most of us realize. As one local candidate for public office once said, "local government can make the difference between an unmitigated disaster -- and just a regular disaster." The big decisions are made at the federal and state level, but local government is where the rubber hits the road -- where we make decisions like allocating stimulus money, or blunt the damage of draconian budget cuts that come from the top. It's where zoning laws can make a crucial difference in what gets built in your community. Local politicians are far more accessible -- and a small but vocal group of citizens can show up at City Hall and have enormous power.” Most of us, whether we involve ourselves in any level of politics or not, seem to know the first line is true. Local government matters! What most of us choose to forget is the last line. The folks that decide our fate are very accessible and are typically swayed by a very small group of citizens. The best example of this, and per-

haps a bit of history for some, is when county board election zones were being re-drawn in 2011 after the latest U.S. census. A small but vocal group in western Loudoun County pushed sitting Board members hard to keep two “Western Districts” on the nine member Board of Supervisors. Needing to add folks to keep it equal in population with others, a plan was put forward that took Brambleton out of the Dulles District (and away from the newly formed Ashburn District that we wanted to be with) and placed us into the predominantly western Blue Ridge District. Since that moment, we have had almost no representation on the Board of Supervisors or the School Board as the members elected in those positions are from the more populated western end of the Blue Ridge District and feel more inclined to side with those folks on issues. Whether it’s in local school re-zoning or the continuing battle to stop the Dulles Cargo Road, by us not being vocal early in that re-districting process, we were placed into a situation where we are both the minority in this district but the one community in this county that seems to be pushed around anytime something needs to happen locally. Unfortunately, this is what we have to live with until the next board election

REMOVING WEEDS Check landscaping beds to spot freshly sprouting weeds. Dig around the weed with a trowel to pull it up from the roots. If your flowers are located within three-inches of the weed, do not dig into the ground, but rather grab hold of the weed as close to the dirt as possible and gently pull. Do not use excessive force as this could cause the weed to rip, leaving most of its root system in place and increasing the likelihood of spreading its seeds.


Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

or perhaps until the next time they redraw the districts in 2021. So, for the time being, what can we do? First I’d suggest that we use the name Brambleton on everything we do when asked where we live. We are actually a government, census-designated zone, so using Brambleton is actually OK. Second, we need continually highlight our needs, as Brambleton, to our local government representatives, both the Supervisors and School Board. We don’t live in DN this or DN that, we live in Brambleton and they need to know that we stand together for what’s best for us. Lastly, vote for pro-Brambleton candidates during the next election cycle(s). It doesn’t matter if the candidate happens to be Republican, Democrat or Independent, what we need is someone who will stand up for us and be our champion on both boards. All of this may seem trivial now, but as we grow over time, it’ll raise our profile high enough where they won’t be able to take advantage of us anymore. Things haven’t gone our way lately but remember, we live in a great community, so keep your chin up! 

Meet Dana Vinci, Events and Programming Specialist Beth Huck, Community Lifestyles Manager her own event planning business which was later successful enough to sell in order to move to New York City to pursue an acting career.

As sad as I was to see Kelley and her family move back to California, I am happy to introduce Dana Vinci, our new Events and Programming specialist. She comes to us with a very impressive resume. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida; Dana graduated from University of North Florida with a degree in Advertising. She opened

While in NYC she worked professionally as an actress for 10 years, mostly in musical theatre, but has also recorded books on tape, voice over, commercial and radio work. Although she moved to NYC to pursue theatre, she also had to eat, so she started working as a receptionist at a prominent boutique hedge fund and quickly moved up to be executive assistant to two managing partners. Eventually, she moved back to Jacksonville where she met her husband, Brian, who was in the Navy and quickly moved to Oahu for a few years, after he was stationed there. While

in Oahu she worked for The Shilder Group as their Marketing Associate and Event Planner…with an office view of the ocean. After her husband finished his Navy career, his work brought her here to Virginia in 2011 where she settled into Brambleton by chance. Dana and Brian have an 11 year old and a 2 year old daughter. For fun, Dana likes to explore DC and enjoys going to the theater. She likes to bake and craft. She also participated in the Brambleton Mom’s Club. We have enjoyed getting to know Dana here in the office and her upbeat, bubbly personality is a great compliment to our fun events team! Next time you stop by the office or come to an event make sure you meet Dana! 



Maintenance & Upkeep Around Brambleton Rick Stone, General Manager PCAM

This article is intended to be used as a quick reference guide by residents questioning “who maintains what” on the common areas and other common elements throughout Brambleton. Central Bark – The dog park is a temporary facility that the developer has permitted on a portion of land that is slated for future development. Brambleton Community Association (BCA or Association) is responsible for the maintenance of this amenity. Commuter Lot – BCA is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Creighton Road Commuter Lot while the County provides the bus service to the lot. Grounds Maintenance – Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of their parcel*. BCA is responsible for common area and major VDOT right-of-ways. The County is responsible for the schools and soon-to-be-open firehouse. Brambleton Group is responsible for the Brambleton Town Center, areas under construction and undeveloped lots. *Certain townhome sections in Brambleton are deeded


with limited Grounds Maintenance Services and pay an additional assessment to BCA for these services. Natural Areas, Woodlands & Wetlands – The natural areas, woodlands and wetlands throughout the community are primarily owned and maintained by the Association. Authorities such as the County, Army Corps of Engineers and DCOR regulate the manner in which some of these areas are maintained. Parks, Tot Lots & Play Areas – There are numerous parks and play areas throughout the community. Most of the parks belong to BCA with a few exceptions. Brambleton Ball fields at Belmont Ridge Road and Northstar belong to County Parks & Recreation. The play areas and ball fields on the various school properties belong to the School Board. Pools – Brambleton currently has three pools for its residents; one for Summerfield residents and two for all other Brambleton residents. BCA is responsible for the Community Center Pool and the Beacon Crest Pool. Concerns regarding the BCA pools should be promptly addressed

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

by the manager on duty or the Association. Ponds & Stormwater Facilities – The Association is responsible for maintenance of the recreation and aesthetic functions of the wet and dry stormwater management ponds. The County Public Works is responsible for the stormwater management structures and features of the ponds. BCA is responsible for all natural ponds that don’t serve as stormwater management facilities. VDOT is responsible for all stormwater inlets on the public streets. Sport Courts – Brambleton has several tennis, basketball and volleyball courts located at Legacy Park and Belmont Trace. These are all maintained by the Association. Street Signage – There are public and private streets in Brambleton. The maintenance of the signage on these streets varies depending upon the ownership of the street. Concerns with signage on private streets or streets with active construction should be reported to BCA. Concerns with signage on streets with route numbers should be reported

to VDOT. Concerns with all blue “street name” signs are the responsibility of the County Public Works.

for the square streetlights north of Ryan Road. BCA is responsible for the round “acorn” style lights north of Ryan Road. Homeowners are responsible for the carriage lamps on their property.

Streetlights – The community streets are illuminated by streetlights and carriage lamps. NOVEC is responsible for the large black streetlights on the corner of residential streets south of Ryan Road. Dominion VA Power is responsible

Trails – Most trails within Brambleton belong to the Association or will once complete. All concerns or any hazards with trails should be for-

warded to the Association. Trash Cans & Dog Stations – The Association strategically locates trash cans and dog station around the community for residents’ convenience. The cans at the parks, facilities, along the trails and sidewalks are all serviced by BCA. 

RELATED CONTACTS Brambleton Community Association County: Commuter Services County: Parks & Recreation County: Public Works

703-542-6263 877-465-2287 703-777-0343 703-771-5552 Brambleton Routes Online Form

County: Schools Dominion VA Power NOVEC Summerfield at Brambleton VDOT

571-252-2960 866-366-4357 703-335-0500 703-327-4818 703-737-2000

Online Form Online Form

Discover the Golden Pond Way Now Enrolling Preschool through Kindergarten Ashburn, Virginia

for the 2013-2014 school year




Water Safety Around Brambleton Rick Stone, General Manager PCAM

When the weather turns warm, everyone is attracted to the water. Whether it’s Brambleton’s ponds or the pools, there are known risks and certain safety precautions should be followed while around bodies of water. Water safety must always be on your mind while on or near a body of water. Water Smarts “Learn to Swim” For your and your family’s health and welfare, everyone should know how to swim. Knowing how to swim has many advantages but the most important fact is that knowing how to swim could save your life one day. “Buddy Up” Whenever you are present near a body of water, always have a partner nearby. Even experienced swimmers can have accidents or medical problems while in or near a body of water. “Know your Limits” Regardless of whether you are swimming, walking on the water’s edge, fishing or doing other recreational activities around water, know your limits. Fatigue is one of the leading causes of accidents in and around water. Also, be aware of your limits and the hazards related to consuming alcohol around bodies of water. “Water, Agua, H2O” Remember to hydrate! Drink plenty of water when you are active under the hot summer sun regardless of where you are. Pool Smarts “Parents, Take Responsibility” The first line of defense for your


child’s safety while at the pool is their parent. Parents should always remain an arm length away from their child who can’t swim or is just learning to swim, regardless of the depth of the water. The lifeguards at the pools should be seen as a secondary line of safety and only be used to assist the parent with their responsibility for their child’s safety. Lifeguards should not be considered babysitters. “Know the Pool Rules, Follow the Pool Rules” The pool rules are posted for everyone’s safety and education. They are also in place to enhance your pool experience. Please review the rules and share them with your child so everyone is aware of the proper and safe behavior while at the pool. BCA POOL RULES “See Something You Didn’t Like?” Residents are asked to immediately report all unsafe or hazardous conditions to the pool manager. Regardless of the severity of the concern or condition, the prompt proactive reporting can reduce the change of an accident or injury. “Watch More” Pool Safety Video Pond Smarts “The Three No’s” Swimming, boating and ice skating are not permitted on Brambleton’s pond. We probably don’t need to focus on the skating issue this time of year, but swimming and boating remain a concern. Please stay out of and off the water. Fishing is permitted from the shoreline on a “catch and release” basis. Please see that all

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

state licensing requirements are met when fishing. “Where’s your Child?” Community ponds are considered an attractive nuisance. The Association often receives calls from concerned residents about a small child down near the pond’s edge with no supervision. Parents, please educate your children to the hazards of the pond and the need for supervision while near the pond. Residents are also encouraged to contact the Loudoun County Sheriff ’s Office is they see any non-supervised smaller children around the ponds. “Hidden Treasures” Our ponds are also considered a protected natural resource. A variety of wildlife consider the ponds home; such as snakes, snapping turtles, geese, muskrat, beavers, herons, fish and insects. Some of these creatures have their own hazards associated with them. Please respect them and their habitat while visiting their “home”. “Rock Climbing” Brambleton’s waterfalls have numerous rocks incorporated into the amenity. Residents should not climb the stacked waterfall rocks due to the related hazards. The waterfalls were created for aesthetic purposes, not recreational! Contact the Brambleton Community Association if you have any questions or concerns about the pool, ponds or other water features throughout the community. HOA@ or 703-542-6263 

BETTAS SWIM TEAM PRACTICE AND MEET SCHEDULE 2013 Practice Schedule Summer Morning Practice: Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 11:00 am, using all six lanes.

Home Swim Meet Schedule

The Community Center Pool will close for scheduled Betta Swim Team swim meets. Please make note of closures.

Wednesday, July 10 Wednesday, July 17 Saturday, July 20 Wednesday, July 24

Meet Meet Meet Purple/Black

4:30 pm-9:30 pm 4:30 pm-9:30 pm 7:00 am-12:00 pm 4:30 pm-9:30 pm

For more information, contact


Photo Credit Suzanne Robertson

Photo Credit Suzanne Robertson


News from the Developer Brambleton Receives Distinguished 2013 Environmental Preservation Award

Individual efforts of Steve Schulte, Vice President; Ric Spencer, Construction Manager; and Jeannie Kimble, Bond Coordinator for Brambleton Group L.L.C. were recognized by Loudoun County Building and Development for their outstanding


efforts preserving the natural resources of Loudoun County. Loudoun County Building and Development implemented this award to recognize local building and development projects/companies that have achieved the highest standard of performance for the preservation of the County’s natural resources through erosion and sediment control, constant attention to detail, and commitment every day to ensuring the surrounding environment is protected. Signatures of Loudoun Award Winners Announced On June 5, 2013, The Loudoun Department of Economic Development held the Signatures of Loud-

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

oun Design Excellence awards. This annual event honors Loudoun's diverse architectural achievements. The Brambleton Town Center was one of 12 winners - thank you to The

Loudoun County Design Cabinet (supported by the Loudoun County Economic Development) for this recent honor!

Bike Month Giveaways The Brambleton Group donated new bikes from Bicycle Outfitters to each of the public schools in our community. The schools then raffled off the bikes right before summer vacation. Pictured here is rising 3rd grader, Kai-

will feature sponsors, vendors, live music, dog games, a mobile vet, and of course LOTS of dogs and their families! Think your dog is leading the pack? Submit your entry now! Memorial Day Ringing In Hope

Fox Stadium 16 & IMAX's Fast and the Furious 6 Cruisin' Car Show for Stars of Hope (St. Jude’s, Variety, Toys for Tots, March of Dimes, Feeding America, and the United Way). Thank you to our Sponsors Dragon Yong-In, Sport&Health at Brambleton, Nick's

Nearly 1,600 runners and walkers turned out to show their support for the nation’s military service men and women during the Memorial Day Ringing In Hope Run/Walk at Brambleton Town Center. Proceeds from the 5K/10K race and 1K walk benefit charitable organizations that help men and women in the military and their families. Loudoun’s Teens Got Their "Loud On" at YouthFest 2013

ley Oh and family, winner of Legacy Elementary's bike! Congratulations also to Shannon Farley of Ms. Moreno's 4th grade class at Creighton's Corner Elementary School. Enjoy your new bikes!

Another success for Loudoun Teens at the 8th annual YouthFest in Brambleton. The sounds of the Battle of the Bands' top performers reverberated off the walls at the Brambleton

Town Center Tidbits

Brambleton Welcome Bag for New Homeowners Relive the Step Sisters' Brambleton Ribbon Run through this exclusive video created for us by a very talented George Mason University graduate, Ryan Glass http://youtu. be/7-PMHXe57So. “Northern Virginia Magazine’s” Wagfest: Top 10 Dogs On July 20th, the Brambleton Town Center will be the backdrop to “Northern Virginia Magazine’s” Wagfest: Top 10 Dogs. This will be the 2nd scheduled event of their Dog Days of Summer contest. The event is expected to draw large crowds from the northern Virginia area and

Corner Grill,Bloo Dental, Mid Atlantic Motor Club, Quickstyle Motorsports & Freed Engineering, with special thanks to Leslie Rhianna.

Coming Soon - The Brambleton Town Center Associates is pleased to announce that Shane Costa, DDS will be expanding his current practice as well as opening Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in the Town Center in August 2013! You can learn more about Dr. Costa and his current practice at www.smilegreatfalls. com. Be on the lookout for grand opening information soon!

Blue Ridge Grill – Summer’s here, why not come and enjoy the nice weather with us on our patio? We are dog friendly! The seating is limited though, so call ahead

Town Center as hundreds of teens mingled with friends, checked out the offerings at vendor booths or pushed their way forward for a front row space at the concert stage. A performance by Florida’s Mayday Parade capped the festival. Regal Fox Cinemas' Fast and the Furious 6 Cruisin' Car Show Patrons of the Brambleton Town Center came out on Friday, May 24th, and helped support Regal


to minimize your wait. Also, keep in mind that Sunday night is BBQ night at Blue Ridge Grill. Enjoy our Baby Back Ribs, BBQ Shrimp and BBQ Chicken for $14 every Sunday after 3:00pm. We’re also featuring our J. Lohr Merlot as the wine of the week. Come treat yourself to a bottle for half off while supplies last. •

Northern Virginia Orthodontics Center for Invisalign – Northern Virginia Orthodontics and Dr. Zach Casagrande are excited to announce the OPENING of the DC area's first adult-only Invisalign practice. Attached to NVO, the state-of-the-art facility allows us to offer our patients first-class care unlike any other orthodontic office. Dr. Casagrande continues to be the leading Invisalign provider and speaker in the Northern Virginia area utilizing innovative Invisalign techniques to treat almost any malocclusion. The Northern Virginia Orthodontics Center for Invisalign will offer efficient treatment plans with your budget in mind. Please give us a call today at 703-327-1718 to learn more. The latest issue of Cinema Clips has arrived at the Welcome Center! Stop by to pick up your coupon booklet for great savings at the Brambleton Town Center.


Pulte Homes' new Hathaway townhome model is anticipated to open Saturday, July 13th; so stay tuned for more details. Winchester Homes' new Newport model is under construction and is anticipated to open late summer/fall.

Below are the changes in the base pricing & builder incentives for this month:

creased $7-$9K New Home Information Packet – Model Home Map: SAVE THE DATE 7/11 - Sizzlin' Summer Concert, 6:30 - 9:30pm 7/25 - Sizzlin' Summer Concert, 6:30 - 9:30pm

8/8 - Sizzlin' Summer Concert, 6:30 9:30pm 8/11 - Red Hot Triathlon by Bicycle Outfitters 8/22 - Sizzlin' Summer Concert, 6:30 - 9:30pm Full 2013 Calendar: docs/2013events MWAA Finalizes Award of Metro Silver Line Contract Single-Families •

All Beazer models have increased $4-$12k

M&S Noble Pointe has increased $8-$10k

M&S Noble Pointe incentives have been reduced

Also, for referring homeowners, M&S now gives a $250 gift card

The M&S Taymouth model home remains for sale, priced at $769,125

All Van Metre Northstar models have increased by $12,500

Builder Buzz •

Meet the Builder - Jerry from Van Metre Homes - We recently asked Jerry Catron of Van Metre Homes to share his thoughts on Brambleton and why he thinks this Ashburn, Virginia community is such a desirable place to live.

Townhomes •

Beazer Brandt is now completely sold out

M&S Brownstones have in-

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has selected Capital Rail Constructors as the official contractor for the second phase of Metro’s Silver Line project. “This is the first of many milestones to come for the second phase of the Silver Line,” said Jack Potter, President and CEO. “The Phase 2 contract, awarded through a competitive bid process, and with the coordination and collaboration of our project partners, is moving forward to construction. Its completion will improve the transportation options for those traveling through the region and serve as a major driver for the local economy.” Click here for the full Ashburn Patch article. Dulles Metro Construction News 

Neighborhood Camp-Out Saturday, August 31st 

BrambletonResidentsbringyourTentandcampingGear outtoLegacyParkandCampǦoutovernightwithus! 


RegistrationandCampsiteSetǦup   RockwallandWaterslides     Activitiesw/theLoudounHounds   ScavengerHunt       S’mores       Movie         Breakfast(pastries,juice,coơee)   CampCleanǦUp/DepartforHome 


3pmǦ5pm 4pmǦ7pm 5pmǦ9pm 5pmǦ6pm 6pmǦ7pm 7pmǦ9pm 8amǦ9am 9amǦ11am


Registerat:  Emailevents@brambleton.orgformoreinfo!



Green Energy Saving Tips for Your Home During the Summer Rick Stone, General Manager PCAM

The typical U.S. home spends 17% of its annual energy bill on cooling the house. Summer is the time of year when electricity demand spikes, stressing the electric grid. The following tips may help you reduce the amount of energy you pay to run your air conditioner to cool your home. Adjust Your Thermostat Use a programmable thermostat to save energy by increasing the heat significantly during the day when no one is home. You can also raise the temp a couple degrees when you are ready for bed. You may be surprised to see that the contrast between outdoor and indoor temperatures matters as much as the absolute temperature inside your home. When you are home, aim to set the temperature at 78 degrees to balance comfort with energy and cost savings. Together with winter energy savings, a program-


mable thermostat used properly can save the average home up to $150.

your a/c, uses much less energy than running your a/c in the low to mid-70’s.

Replace the Air Filter Frequently

Keep Your Blinds Closed

A dirty filter will reduce its efficiency, making it use more energy and cost more money to do the same job. Check your HVAC system's air filter monthly and expect to change the filter every three months.

Keeping your blinds closed on the sunny side of the house will reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering your home; requiring reduced use of your a/c to cool the space. This will also reduce the amount of fading to your carpets and furniture.

Get an Annual Checkup by a Professional Consider an annual checkup. One preventative maintenance checkup should cover both the heating and the cooling season. A professional should be able to diagnose any inefficiency before you've wasted money on monthly heating and cooling bills. Use Ceiling and Portable Fans Cooling the room or rooms you are in with fans, in combination with

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

Strategically Plant Deciduous Trees If you have the space and time, plant an Oak, Maple or other native deciduous tree on the sunny side of your home. Trees should be planted in a manner that they do not negatively impact utilities, your neighbors or your home. A small investment a day will save hundreds of $$$ in the future. ď Ž



Summer Activities in Loudoun Dana Vinci, Events & Programming Specialist Most of us know about the amazing wine country we are just on the outskirts of here in Loudoun County but did you know that right here in Loudoun County there is an array of fun, interesting, exciting and sometimes challenging activities for you to participate in and some of them are even FREE! ranks the top two attractions for Loudoun County as Morven Park and Oatlands Historic House and Gardens. Both offer tours of the grounds and the beautiful historic mansions, but they offer so much more than a lovely stroll through a home. Morvan Park’s calendar is full of fun and educational tours and hikes for all ages:


Friday, July 12 / 8:00pm Night Hike at Morven Park As night falls, discover the wildlife that ventures out after dark at Morven Park! We'll stroll a field, check some ponds, and hike a short trail into the woods. Watch for bats, look for toads and frogs, and listen to owls and night insects. Registration required at FREE! Saturday, August 3 / 8:00am Let's Count Butterflies! Take part in the 17th Annual Central Loudoun Butterfly Count. A team organized by Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy will focus on finding and identifying butterflies at Morven Park. No experience necessary; all ages wel-

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

come. $3 for age 18 and up; free for Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy members. Registration required at www. htm or contact Nicole Hamilton Friday, August 16 / 7:00pm The Fascinating World of Bats Wildlife enthusiast Leslie Sturges will describe the fascinating world of bats and lead an evening “bat-finding” walk in this free family program. Register at SignUp.htm. Tuesday, August 20 / 7:00pm The Song of Insects Wil Hershberger, award-winning nature photographer, nature sound re-

cordist and co-author of The Songs of Insects takes us into the wonderful world of singing insects with his gorgeous nature images and sound recordings. After the presentation we will go outside with Wil and identify all the insects we hear! A book signing will follow the program.

of habitat, discuss Oatlands’ natural history, and look out for butterflies as we spot and identify as many species as we can. Free event, but please call (703) 777-3174 to register.

Registration required: Sign up online. Questions: contact Jill Miller

Try your hand at spear-throwing, fire-

August 3 / 10:00am - 3:00pm Ancient Technology Expo

Oatlands Historic House and Gardens along with its tours offers a SUMMER TEA. Please check their website for times and reservations http://www. Other interesting events happening: July 1-31 Monday - Saturday, 10-5, Sun: 1:00 5:00pm


making, pottery, food preparation and more, all using ancient Native American tools and techniques! This fun, family-friendly event is led by archaeologist Dr. David Clark and the Loudoun Archaeological Foundation. Bring the whole family! $5 adults, children 12 and under free

July 21 / 9:00am

August 31

Fifteenth Annual Four Seasons of Oatlands Art Show and Sale Carriage House

Roaring 20's Dinner and After Party We're putting on a soiree worthy of Gatsby himself! Join us Saturday, August 31 for our Roaring 20's Dinner and After Party in conjunction with Epicurience Virginia. We will be featuring a speakeasy from Catoctin Creek Distillery and Willowcroft Farm Vineyards, live music from Doc Scantlin's Palmettos and period dance instruction! Tickets are now available! Butterflies at Oatlands Two hour walk and talk on a butterfly trail through Oatlands’ garden and grounds, where you’ll see examples

If you are looking for some things a little more adventurous there are paintball fields, rockclimbing, and race car driving centers open in Loud-

oun County. Please check their websites for prices and ages. All offer private events, rental gear and provide a lot of excitement. Pev’s Paintball is located in Aldie, about 20 minutes from Brambleton. They are currently offering Tuesday night walk on games and they have two summer camps coming up for ages 10-15 for all skill levels. All Sports Gran Prix http://www. is located in Dulles. They offer high speed go-kart racing, but you must be a licensed driver or have gone through their driving school in order to drive. Sportrock Climbing Center http:// is located in Sterling. Ages 6 and up are welcome to climb. They offer classes for all levels and several classes for kids including parties. With a little research you will find there are a variety of things to do this summer and year long in Loudoun County. Below are some of my favorite “go to” websites to see what is happening. 


B_Fit and Healthy Laura Malnati, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS The human body is an amazing machine! What other machine reliably runs 30…40…70…90 years with little more than an occasional tuneup? It’s incredible when you really stop to think about it. But like any manufactured piece of equipment today, it comes with a disclaimer — Notice: warranty is null and void if the body is used for anything other than its intended purpose. What is the intended purpose? Our bodies were made for movement, to eat real food, and to heal themselves from illness and injury. However, in today's world of high tech, sedentary, overbooked lives, it's easy to forget to take care of our bodies' most basic needs for the sake of convenience. Stepping back to look at how foreign this current environment really is for our bodies is scary but can be exciting. We have an opportunity to make a huge impact on our own health by making a few changes in our habits. Hi, I am Laura Malnati, and I’m teaming with the Brambleton Community Association to help make your community the healthiest it can be. Together, we hope to bring you the information and resources you need to


keep your human machine running as efficiently as possible. Right now we are working on making exercise fun and convenient by completing the Fit Trails that starts near Belmont Trace Park. We are expanding each station to create a unique Brambleton B_Fit Trail system that runs together with the current Fit Trail. A lot of exciting features will be added including: updated exercises with various exercise challenges from easy to hard for each station, QR codes on each sign that will link you directly to a video of all exercises for detailed instructions to make sure you know the correct form, and community-wide challenges with B_Fit swag as prizes and incentives. This trail is a great way to be outdoors, get aerobic and resistance training exercise, safely include kids in your workout, and exercise with your friends for social support. On Saturday July 20 at 8:00am, join me at the start of the trail for an introduction to the B_Fit trail. I will guide everyone through the first 10 stations of new exercises, provide tips for making the trail fit your personal needs, answer your questions, and teach important information about the benefits of all kinds of exercise.

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

A little about me: I earned my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification and worked as a personal trainer while in graduate school at Duke University. Since graduating from the Doctor of Physical Therapy program 4 years ago, I have been working in Northern Virginia as physical therapist at The Jackson Clinics. After completing an orthopedic physical therapy residency in 2010, I earned my board certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS). In 2012 The Jackson Clinics opened our 13th clinic and our first clinic in Loudoun County. I am the clinic director of the Ashburn office and have loved the past 10 months of becoming a part of the Ashburn community! I have a passion for community wellness! I love teaching others about health, fitness, and fun ways to be active. I hope to write articles regularly for the Brambleton newsletter to do just that. Do you have questions or comments about health and wellness or a topic you’d like me to cover in a future article? I’d love to hear from you! Join us on the “B_Fit in Brambleton” facebook page, or e-mail me at 


Important Info to Know Brambleton Community Association 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 pm 703-542-6263(p) 703-542-6266(f ) Brambleton Community Center 42645 Regal Wood Drive Available for private rentals and community programming. Contact Dana Vinci or Beth Huck After Hour Emergency Contact To report a concern after normal business hours, please call 703-385-1133.

awnings, and for smaller projects like changing the color of paint on your front door. Submit completed applications to the management office at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210, Brambleton VA 20148, via fax to 703-542-6266 or to As the Covenants Committee meets once per month, it is important to submit all of the required information with your application so as not to delay review of your project.  Need Mailbox Repair? Black Mailboxes - Call Main Street Mailboxes at 703-753-5521. Weathered Bronze Mailboxes - Call Dominion Electric Supply Company, Erin Schwartz, at 703-631-8100.

Board of Directors Meetings

Trash Collection

Board of Directors meetings are held at the BCA Management Offices, located at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210.

Trash: Tuesdays & Fridays Yard Debris: Tuesdays (March - Dec) Recycling: Fridays AAA: 703-818-8222

Upcoming Meetings Tuesday, August 6, 8:15am Tuesday, October 1, 8:15am Assessment Mailing Address Brambleton Community Association c/o Armstrong Managment P.O. Box 11983 Newark, NJ 07101-4983

BCA Drop Box A drop box is available after hours and is located outside of the Brambleton Community Association office building, located at 42395 Ryan Road. Residents may drop off architectual applications, committee applications, etc. Assessments will not be accepted.

Do You Need to Apply? Our office regularly receives applications for decks, patios and fences. Please note that an application is also required for play equipment,

NOVEC Please contact NOVEC at 1-888-3350500 for any street light outages. Be

sure to give your street address and the pole number when making the call. Dominion Power Call 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-3664357) to report an outage. Neighborhood Watch If you see something suspicious or criminal, immediately call LCSO at (703) 777-1021 or 911 if it is a crime in progress. Subscribe to B_Alert@Brambleton to be linked to an active FB group focused and concerned about safety and security within Brambleton. Notary Service Available by Appointment Only please call 703-542-6263. Notary service is free to Brambleton residents for the first two documents, with a $2.00 fee per document thereafter. Non-residents will be charged $2.00 per document. Photo ID required. Witnessing on documents will not be provided by the Brambleton Community Association. Virginia notaries are not authorized to certify true copies of birth, death or marriage certificates. Only the Division of Vital Records/Statistics may perform such a certification. Follow Us on Facebook "LIKE" the Brambleton Community Association for the latest Association news.



Committees Activities Committee

Financial Advisory Committee

Technology Ad-hoc Committee

Co-Chairs: Amber Colatosti, Liz Jackson

Chair: Mark Davis

Chair: Paul Raven

Membership: Three seats open

Upcoming Meetings:

Upcoming Meetings:

Scheduled as necessary

Membership: Open Upcoming Meetings:

July 23, 7:30pm

July 2, 7:30pm

August 20, 7:30pm

August 13, 7:30pm Grounds & Facilities Committee Covenants Committee

Chair: Walter Berkey

Chair: Mike Dorrity

Membership: One seat open

Upcoming Meetings:

Please contact or call 703-542-6263 for more information on joining a committee.

Upcoming Meetings:

July 8, 7:00pm

July 30, 7:30pm

August 12, 7:00pm

August 27, 7:30pm

Change pays. Richard Perez Ins Agcy Inc Rich Perez, President Fax: 703-817-0253 %XV

* All Association Committee meetings are held at the BCA Management Offices, located at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210. Location and date changes will be announced in the Friday Flash.

Creative Dance Center Now Registering ing for Fall! All Boys Hip Hop Jazz azz Ballet Tap Lyrical Musical Theater and much more! A special experience for our youngest dancers from 18 months.

Switch and save an average of




Adult Dance & Fitness ess

Talk to me about saving more than pocket change. Get to a better StateÂŽ. Get State Farm. CALL ME TODAY.

This summer in our Southh Riding Studio ;VNCBt#BSSF'JUt:PHBt5BQ HBt5BQ +B[[)JQ)PQt#BMMFU $

99 unlimited for 3 months!

Limited Child Care available – call studio for details! Ashburn


*Average annual per household savings based on a 2010 national survey of new policyholders who reported savings by switching to State Farm. 1201245 6WDWH)DUP+RPH2ÇŚFH%ORRPLQJWRQ,/


Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

Ashburn Old Towne As A hburn


44710 Cape Ct, Ste 126 Chantilly

20604 Gordon Park Sq #110



14155-E SullyďŹ eld Circle

June 2013

Half and Full Day Summer Dance Camps still available!

South Riding 43130 Amberwood Plaza, #110

Eye Exams For The Entire Family • Contact Lens Fittings • Eye Emergency Services Laser Vision Consultation • Frames For Every Personality and Price Range

Associates In Eyecare

Optometrists, PC

Stone Ridge/South Riding

703-542-8888 Stone Ridge Village Plaza 42015 Village Center Plaza • Suite 103 Stone Ridge, VA 20105

Belmont Ridge Rd.

(Next to Harris Teeter)






Evergreen Mills

Gum Springs Rt. 50

Harris Teeter

Stone Springs

Dr. Tiffany Lione • Dr Lindsay Plett

South Riding

Stone Ridge




Important Numbers Community Management Contacts Brambleton Community Management Office

703-542-6263 703-542-6266 (f )

Residences at Brambleton (AMS)


Summerfield Condo (CMC)

703-327-4818 703-542-5845 (f )

Town Center Brambleton Welcome Center


BCA Services Verizon - Activation/Account Changes/Billing/Disconnect (M - F, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.)


- Repair


- Questions/Assistance w/


- Assistance w/ Suspension of Service




AAA Recycling & Trash Removal


Utility Contacts Dominion Electric - North of Ryan Road


NOVEC - South of Ryan Road


Miss Utility


Washington Gas


Water/Sewer: Loudoun Water


County Contacts


Emergency: Fire/Rescue/Police


Animal Care & Control

703-777-0406 540-882-3984 (f )

Building Permits


Post Office, Ashburn - 44715 Prentice Drive


Sheriff : Non-Emergency


Sheriff : Traffic Hotline


Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

Babysitter Directory The BRAM Sitters list is always being updated, and if you would like to be added to our directory, feel free to call the HOA office at 703-542-6263 Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm or email Make sure you leave your name, age, any certifications, telephone number, and address for proof of residency in Brambleton.



Telephone Number

Sydney Wayne (B) Max Wayne Mackenzie Long (N) Megan O’Sullivan (F,C,N) Ariana Abousaeedi (F,C,B) Casey Forbes (C) Kaitlin Scalzo (C, F) Yvetter Goetlle (N) Maddie Presely-Wolff (C,B) Christian Jessup (C, B, F) Emily Sola (B,F,C) Bradley Ace (F,C) Malena Llanos (F,C) Erin Donahue (B,F,C) Megan Poole (N) Tanvi Rawat (C) Esha Rawat Alexis Haycraft (C) Larissa Perara (B,C,F) Madison Trent (B) Jade Morris (C) Alex Parker (F,C) Amanda Oja Audrey Haisley (F,C) Samantha Charlton (F,C) Bailey Moore (B,C,F) JP Castro Lauren Cohen (B) Ashlie Massara (C) Whitney Kirkpatrick (F,C) Kristie Gogo Kirby Shultz Ashley Kucuk (C) Shaelyn Mullaney (C,F) Dina McAleer Autumn Redding (B,F,C,N) Caleigh Hensley (C,F) Christin Hensley Carly Hensley Sophia Travers (B,F,C) Ashley Yi Samantha Lee Melissa Abboud Paige Baxter

15 13 22 22 14 15 17 44 16 15 13 14 17 14 25 15 13 15 17 16 16 16 16 15 15 15 16 13 22 17 19 22 15 24 21 15 18 15 12 12 13 20 19 13

703-327-8000 703-327-8000 703-475-5353 571-233-7165 703-732-6411 703-327-3776 703-638-9737 703-327-3916 703-542-2691 703-327-7890 703-863-3023 703-327-3866 703-728-6714 703-439-7405 718-702-7133 703-722-2839 703-722-2839 571-436-1871 703-728-1669 630-842-5997 703-327-9940 703-408-8747 703-722-2071 571-839-7355 586-850-1622 571-527-6060 703-785-0528 703-327-6843 703-268-6323 571-344-0594 703-307-7555 520-240-0427 703-975-3892 540-533-3304 703-722-2258 571-481-6431 703-327-5151 703-327-5151 703-327-5151 703-822-3041 703-728-1856 571-723-7500 703-474-2631 703-864-3247


(B) Taken a Babysitters Course (C) CPR certified (F) First Aid certified (N) Nanny or daycare experience

* The Association makes no representations about these individuals except that they have given permission for their names to be published. We do not endorse or promote a single sitter. Please contact the specific person for his/her rates and abilities.


Interested in advertising in the

Have you:

Brambleton Community Newsletter?

i always been interested in the real estate industry? i been thinking about getting licensed?

Contact Christine Elansary

Now is your chance to make that happen! Our next real estate licensing class begins right here in Ashburn on Tuesday July 9th. 

Call Dan Freire, Managing Broker, for more information.

Call 703-726-3432 or visit us on Facebook at ashburnlongandfoster


Long & Foster Realtors 43490 Yukon Dr. Suite #105 Ashburn, VA 20147 Located adjacent to Home Depot & behind Giant Food

Brambleton Community Association Newsletter

June 2013

for more information.


August 2013 Neighborhood Camp Out Float n' Flicks

We want to hear from you! Interested in submitting a community article for consideration? Please send an email to for more information.


42395 Ryan Road Suite 210 Brambleton, VA 20148 703-542-6263 (p) 703-542-6266 (f )


Brambleton Monthly Community Newsletter

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