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January 2012

Community Association Meet the Team 2012 Calendar of Events

Happy New Year! What Will Baby New Year Bring? Winter Storms Are On the Way

4 GM Message


Happy Holidays in Brambleton




Preview all the meetings and events taking place in the month of January.




Events Top 10

Questions are often received at the BCA Management Office. This month features Tree Recycling and Snow FAQ's.

MESSAGE FROM THE GM 8 What Will Baby New Year Bring? So many exciting things in store for Brambleton in 2012.


BCA MEETING HIGHLIGHTS BCA Board of Directors held their meeting on December 6, 2011.


TOP 10 THINGS LEARNED Take a peek at Beth Huck's Top 10 List while working as Events & Programming Coordinator for her first year.

13 Snow Plowing

A look at this month.....

January 2012 Sunday


























Christmas Tree Recycling BCA Office Closed


9 Grounds & Facilities Committee Meeting

Covenants Committee Meeting




Christmas Tree Recycling

17 Activities Committee Meeting

BCA Office Closed


Residences at Brambleton Board Meeting


24 BOD Meeting Finance Committee Meeting




HAPPY HOLIDAYS Brambleton gives big during the Santa Holiday Coalition Run and children come face to face with Santa at the Community Center.



2012 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Mark your calendars for the upcoming 2012 community events!



It's been a very busy year for the Covenants Committee.


MEET THE TEAM Get to know the individuals that work behind the scenes for the residents of Brambleton.




DEVELOPER UPDATE The most recent updates brought to you by the Brambleton Group.




Association and Homeowner responsibilities when it snows. Download the Snow Street Listing.





WINTER PROGRAMS There are plenty of programs for kids and adults taking place at the Community Center. Register today!

Recycle your Christmas Tree.


IMPORTANT INFO TO KNOW HOA related information, babysitter directory, contact numbers, etc.



What Will Baby New Year Bring to Brambleton in 2012? The community finished 2011 strong with more than 400 new sales, three new play areas, a great new Italian restaurant, a frozen yogurt shop, and the start of what will be 3 miles of trails. I am excited to see what the New Year will bring and predict that 2012 will be another great year for Brambleton. I am especially excited about BCA’s plans to formalize its Vision, Mission and Core Values in the first half of the New Year. BCA has contracted with Strategic Interactions, Inc. to develop a vision, mission, core values, and strategic areas of focus for the Association. I look forward to starting the process to identify, summarize and formalize our common values, goals, and best practices. Going through this process will allow the Association to create and communicate a vision that will set the path for another 10 years of success. Trail systems are one of the most valued recreational amenities and assets


across the country. The Brambleton Group has begun the installation of what will end up as a three mile trail system. The original plan was to install these trails this fall however the unseasonably wet fall delayed these plans. The trails will be eight feet in width and are located on open space land south of Creighton Road through Sections 18, 21, and 22. As of recent, a key trail was installed to the Belmont Ridge Road tunnel at Creighton Road. The installation of this trail will give residents a safe route to cross Belmont Ridge Road. I look forward to the completion of this section of trails and the recreational benefits it will bring to our community. The Brambleton Group has begun installing play areas and open play areas along future trails to create a linear park. Both the Brambleton Group and BCA are looking for areas to enhance by providing both active and passive amenities. Amenities such as neighborhood garden plots and dog

parks, natural trails, basketball/multipurpose courts, tennis courts, wildflower meadows, soccer and baseball fields, in-line hockey rinks, or areas of naturalization or reforestation are being discussed. I am hopeful that discussions will continue and areas within the open space are to enhance Brambleton’s recreational amenities in 2012. It is my understanding that the history of the New Year’s Resolution goes back to 153 B.C. One of the goals or New Year’s Resolutions for the Association in 2012 is to revise the Covenants Design Standards in a manner that that incorporates new Green initiatives and address other areas within the standards that have changed or need clarification. The “Resolution” will result in a more comprehensive, user-friendly document. Another Association Resolution is to release the Association’s reformatted website. After the release of our current website nearly 20 months

ago, staff quickly realized that the site was not user-friendly and didn’t meet the goals or requirements that had been established. Staff has been working with the contractor over the past year to develop a site that meets the needs and desires of the community. I am hopeful that the new website will be released late winter/early spring and will become a useful tool for residents to use regarding BCA information and services. Additional information will be released as final preparations are made on the release. I have several ideas of Resolutions that one can make to be a better Brambleton neighbor. Do any of these suggestions work for you? 1. Do a kind favor for a neighbor that you do not know. You know, that random act of kindness thing. 2. Clean up after your dog and properly dispose of the waste. The storm sewers and your neighbor’s mailbox are not considered

“proper disposal”. 3. Recycle more and cash in on your RecycleBank points. 4. Report suspicious behavior first to the Sheriff ’s Office (703-7771021) and then second to the blogs or HOA office. The reverse isn’t as effective. 5. Dispose of yard waste through AAA services, not by dumping on the natural areas. 6. Apply for the exterior modifications before you start the project. This will save you some future headaches.

10. .... and finally, register every adult member of your household on the Intranet so they get to read my monthly articles (HaHa), receive monthly newsletters & weekly Flash bulletins, and have access to our revised website later this year.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Rick Stone PCAM, LSM General Manager

7. Come to a complete stop at all stop signs; not just the one the deputy is sitting at enforcing. 8. Start using your garage to park vehicles; not as a man-cave or self-storage unit. 9. Volunteer for a BCA Committee or Event. It doesn’t cost anything.

Rick Stone General Manager



BCA Meeting Highlights A meeting of the BCA Board of Directors was convened at the BCA Management Office on December 6, 2011, and the Board took the following actions during the meeting: •

Reviewed and approved the minutes from the October 6, 2011 and the October 27, 2011 meetings. Ratified the unanimous action taken by the Board between meetings to purchase a 2011 Ford Focus to be used for covenants and administrative purposes.

Reviewed and accepted the management and financial reports.

Reviewed and accepted the 2012 Reserve Study submitted by Miller Dodson & Associates.

Approved the agreement with Strategic Interactions, Inc. to develop a Mission, Vision and Core Values for the Association.

Set the 2012 Board meeting calendar.

Directed staff to continue negotiations with AAA Recycling and Trash on future increases and contracts.

Upheld the Covenants Committee’s decision on case # 20111206-A.

Directed Armstrong Management to write off all account balances that are less than $10.00.

Approved additional year-end compensation and 2012 salaries for staff.

Approved the newsletter advertisement rates for 2012.

Appointed Committee Chairs and Members to serve the 2012 term.

Appointed Kim Adams as Board President, Steve Wright as Vice President and Meryl Bisaga as Treasurer and Secretary.

• •

Directed staff to pursue further action on case #’s 20111206B, 20111206-C, 20111206-D, 20110809-A and 20110806-B. Extended the management contract with Armstrong Management Services, Inc. for one year.

Next Meeting: Will be held at the BCA Management Office on January 24, 2012 at 8:15 a.m. 

2012 Board and Annual Meeting Calendar Board Members l-r: Meryl Bisaga, Secretary/Treasurer; Ric Spencer, Director; Pat Martin, Director; Steve Wright, VicePresident; Kim Adams, President; Tom Gurganous, Director

Tuesday, January 24th at 8:15 a.m. Tuesday, February 7th at 8:00 a.m., Special Meeting Tuesday, April 3rd at 8:15 a.m. Tuesday, June 5th at 8:15 a.m. Tuesday, August 7th at 8:15 a.m. Tuesday, October 2nd at 8:15 a.m. Wednesday, November 14th at 7:30 p.m., Annual Meeting Tuesday, December 4th at 8:15 a.m.



Frequently Asked Questions Q. Will AAA Trash & Recycling take away my Christmas tree? A. Yes! Recycling of Christmas Trees takes place on the first two Wednesday in January (4th & 11th). Please place trees curbside with stands, lighting and all trimmings removed. Trees in excess of 8 feet in length need to be cut in half in order to be removed by AAA crews. Q. What are my responsibilities as a resident when it snows? A. Townhome and Single-Family homeowners are responsible for shoveling snow on their driveway

and the sidewalks on and adjacent to their property. This includes sidewalks in front and along the sides of your property. Once the sidewalk has been cleared of snow, the use of noncorrosive, environmental-friendly material, such as sand, should be applied for traction purposes. Do not apply salt to concrete sidewalks and driveway aprons. The salt can damage the concrete or shorten the useful life of the concrete. Residents are responsible for damage to sidewalks as a result of salt applications. Q. How long do I have to clear the snow from my area?

A. Residents of Single Family Homes – Loudoun County Ordinance require residents to clear walkways of snow and ice within six hours after the precipitation has stopped falling, or if the snow/ice accumulation occurred overnight, by 12:00 noon the following day. Q. Who should I contact if I have any questions in regards to snow removal on my street? A. Please contact the Brambleton Community Association for any questions at 703-542-6263 or 

Loudoun County’s Premier Private School Preschool through 1st Grade

FG<E?FLJ<J Sunday,

January 22 - 12:00p to 3:00p

Sunday, February 12 - 12:00p to 3:00p @E=FID8K@FEE@>?KJ 6:00p to 7:00p =LCC;8PB@E;<I>8IK<E(JK>I8;<

Wednesday, January 18 B@E;<I>8IK<E<EI@:?D<EK

Thursday, January 19

:_\Zbflkflin\Yj`k\]fin\\b[Xpfg\e_flj\j e Ashburn, VA 703-723-7663



Top 10 Things I've Learned in 2011 Beth Be th H Huc uck, k, EEve vent ntss an and d Pr Prog ogra ramm mmin ing g Co Coor ordi dina nato torr

Now that I’ve been doing this gig for over a year now, I can tell you I’ve learned a lot about events in Brambleton.


We have some of the most giving people in Brambleton; from our many volunteers, who give up their time, to the generosity of those who have donated to the many community charitable efforts. Thanks to you all!


My husband truly deserves a medal of some kind, as he has become, by default, an unpaid yet dedicated unofficial member of the BCA staff. I have used and abused him all year – so a very special thanks to you Aaron Huck, you are the best!


There is absolutely nothing I can do about the weather. This is the


hardest lesson I’ve had to learn this year, though it should’ve been the easiest.

are also some of the most hardworking people out there. You guys Rock!


Food trucks are awesome! We added several to the line-up of food vendors at the Fall Festival, and I believe we have started a new trend in food services at our events. If you

This is a job for a visionary and dreamer - perfect for someone like me, with a head full of ideas and a blank empty canvas to create something new. If you build it, they will come!



My co-workers are the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. They are all very hardworking and dedicated, yet fun and down to earth. We all work nicely together and that makes for a truly enjoyable work experience.


I can’t speak for the other committees, but the Activities Committee is the most fun committee to be on. Every meeting is an event in itself, just ask any one of them! They

didn’t get a chance to try any of them, go to to see where they are at. We had the Q-Company Truck, The Mojo Truck, Top Dog, and Happy Crepe. Definitely check them out if you get a chance!


Kids love getting their faces painted. It doesn’t matter how many we hire, there is always a line, and the kids are willing to stand and wait in line for a few hours for a beautiful disguise or embellishment.


Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, run out of beer. Red, White and BRAM, was an overall success, except for one epic fail – Beer ran out in less than 3 hours! (Reference #9 - I sent my husband out solo to bring back 3 extra kegs, and he saved the day!)


I’m never going to please everyone, but I’m also never going to stop trying! Cheers to another great year of Events in Brambleton! Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year! 

Happy Holidays in Brambleton Chri Ch rist stin ine e El Elan ansa sary ry,, Co Comm mmun unic icat atio ions ns C Coo oorrdin inat ator or

The Holidays in Brambleton are always a nice time of the year. The most obvious signs of the season reveal themselves right after Thanksgiving, with rows of homes adorned in lights, the Town Center bustling with activity, and the smell of Caribou's signature holiday drinks in the air. Along with the excitement of the holidays, is the compassion felt throughout the community. The generosity exhibited by our residents is astounding and continues to grow, year after year. On Sunday, December 4th, the Arcola-Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Department, along with Santa, toured the neighborhood while collecting toys, clothes and canned goods for the Holiday Coalition. As many as 14 firetrucks and utility vehicles came out in full force, with sirens blaring up and down the streets. Despite the cold temperatures, Santa's fleet received a very warm welcome by the large crowds of residents waiting at collection stops in the neighborhood. Some stops had as many as 200 residents. This year, the Santa Holiday Coalition Run collected two vans filled with donated items, nearly double from last

year. The residents of Brambleton definitely stepped up by providing essential items for many under privileged families in Loudoun County.

No Holiday in Brambleton would be complete without a visit from Santa. On Sunday, December 11th, Santa and his trusted reindeer Rudolph, visited the Community Center to pose for pictures with hundreds of d that sat with residents. Every child ortunity to Santa had the opportunity ask him for a special Christmas gift.

been a smaller, intimate gathering at the Community Center. Because of the growth of the community in the past two years, the plan for 2012 is to combine the Association's Holiday Open House with the Developer's Holiday Tree Lighting Event. The new Holiday event will take place at the Brambleton Town Center in order to accommodate our growing community. Looking forward to more Holiday cheer in 2012! 

nResidents also enjoyed Holiday music by Oh Susanna! and indulged in a variety of tasty treats. The balloonist and face painter were a big hit as children waited patiently in line. Craft stations remained busyy ay, throughout the day, and the free bagss of kettle corn ran out at the final hour. ouse has always The Holiday Open House



Meet the Team Do you ever send an email to HOA@ and wonder where the email actually ends up? The answer just depends on what you're writing about. There is a dedicated, on-site staff, working tirelessly to serve the residents of Brambleton.

Rick Stone General Manager

Rick took on the challenge and responsibility of General Manager for the Brambleton Community Association in January 2007 and brings over 16 years of Association Management experience to the community. He is active with Community Associations Institute (CAI), serving as a member on the CAI Virginia Legislative Committee. Rick has also achieved several professional designations from CAI including CMCA® (Certified Manager of Community Associations), AMS® (Association Management Specialist), and PCAM® (Professional Community Association Manager). Rick and his family have been residents of Brambleton since 2002 and have enjoyed watching the community grow over the years.

Rosemarie Linder Covenants Manager

As Covenants Manager, Rosemarie supports the Covenants Committee and provides homeowners with assistance in submitting Design Review Applications for exterior modifications. Her responsibilities include responding to resident concerns related to violations of the Association's governing documents, policies, rules and regulations.


Rosemarie and her family have been residents of Brambleton since 2005.

Sarah Conrad Community Services Coordinator

As Community Services Coordinator, Sarah helps residents with any questions they may have in regards to the community, facility use or account statuses. She is also a Notary, available for appointments M-F from 9-5pm. Sarah currently resides in Stone Ridge with her husband Matt, son Chase, daughter Charlotte and yellow lab Murphy.

Beth Huck

her fourth child. As the Communications Coordinator, she is responsible for sending the Friday Flash, monthly newsletter, creating various Association ads and brochures and can be seen taking photos at community events.

John Mulford Covenants Inspector

John Mulford serves the Association as the Covenants Inspector. He performs community wide inspections and responds to resident concerns. In 2012, John will continue to perform routine lot inspections and continue cross training with the Covenants Administrator.

Events & Programming Coordinator

As Events and Programming Coordinator, Beth is responsible for planning community events (together with the Activities Committee), coordinating programs and classes offered within the Community, as well as handling all community facility rentals. She resides in Brambleton, together with her husband Aaron, a United States Naval Officer and their children Ella and Caleb. After several years of military moves, they are stationed here indefinitely and are excited to be able to call Brambleton home.

Christine Elansary Communications Coordinator

Christine has lived in Brambleton since 2003 and has been working for the Association since 2008. She started off as the full-time Events & Communications Coordinator, but scaled back to part-time after having

Lisa Freeman Covenants Administrative Assistant

Lisa Freeman is the Association’s Covenants Administrator. Lisa will continue this role in 2012 and begin cross training with the Covenants Inspector.

Stan Swart Maintenance Technician

Stan has been maintaining the facilities and grounds of Brambleton since 2007. From common grounds maintenance to all-night snow plowing missions to event preparation and followup, you will often see Stan driving through the community with his eyes peeled for ways to improve the look, function and safety of the community.

Mauricio Coreas Maintenance Technician

Mauricio joined the Association in

2011 to help with the growing needs of the community. He can also be seen driving around, focusing on common grounds maintenance and event prep and will be initiated into the all-night snow plowing missions this year.

Traci Baker Community Association Manager

Traci serves as the Community Manager for The Residences at Brambleton and Residences at Brambleton II Condominiums. In this role, Traci is responsible for the day to day operations of the two condominium associations and is the primary contact for residents.

Don Plank Community Manager, Summerfield

Don assumed the role of Community Manager at Summerfield at Brambleton in June, 2009. Prior to that, he worked as a portfolio manager of community associations in Harrisonburg, VA. As the on-site community manager, Don manages the daily operations of the 433 unit condo community. His efforts are supported by an excellent and dedicated maintenance staff and assistant manager.

enjoys road biking, hiking, traveling, and great books. He originally stems from Ohio and still loves to make it back for occasional visits to the family farm.

When not working, Don

Brambleton2012CommunityEvents WinesAroundthe WorldNight* (Meal&TasƟngs) CommunityCenter Saturday,February18 (AdultsOnly)

WineTour 10amͲ5pm Saturday,May19 (tentaƟvedate) SummerKickͲOī &TeenNight* CommunityCenterPool 5pm—11pm Friday,June8

MysteryDinneror ComedyNight LocaƟon&TimeTBD Saturday,March24 (AdultsOnly) FlashlightEggHunt* LegacyPark 8:30pm—9:30pm Friday,April6 EasterEggstravaganza* CommunityCenter 10am—1pm Saturday,April7

KidsTriathlon TimeandLocaƟonTBD Saturday,September1

Luau BeaconCrestPool 7pm—11pm Saturday,September1 (AdultsOnly)

RinginginHope LocaƟon&TimeTBD JuneͲDateTBD

DoggoneWildPoolParty* CommunityCenterPool 4pm—6pm Sunday,September16

Sizzlin’SummerConcerts TownCenterPlaza 6pm—10pm June21,July5,19, August2,16

Journey4ACure TownCenterPlaza September29

FallYardSale TimeTBD Saturday,October13

TeenHalloweenParty* CommunityCenter TimeTBD Saturday,October27 TownCenterTrickorTreat TownCenter TimeTBD Sunday,October28

TailgaƟngEvent* November,DateTBD LocaƟon&TimeTBD (AdultsOnly) 

5KRibbonRun/Walk BrambletonStepSisters

Red,White,andBRAM TownCenterPlaza 4pm—10pm Saturday,June30

TownCenterPlaza 7am—1pm Saturday,April14 ReachingforAuƟsmMiracles BramWelcomeCenter 7Ͳ10pm Saturday,April21

CincodeMayoParty LocaƟon&TimeTBD Saturday,May5

Float’nFlicks* CommunityCenterPool Dusk—11pm July14,28 August11

NeighborhoodCampOut* LegacyPark 5:30pm—10:00am Saturday,September29

FallFesƟval& GeocachingEvent TownCenterPlaza 1pm—10pm Saturday,October6

The Farmer’s Market is held every Sunday from May thru October from 9 am—1 pm

SpringYardSale TimeTBD Saturday,May5

*Denotes Residents Only Dates are subject to change. Please refer to Brambleton Intranet page for the most up to date information.

HolidayShoppingSpree TownCenter NovemberthroughDecember

HolidayOpenHouse* TownCenter 11Ͳ3pm Saturday,December8 SantaHolidayCoaliƟonRun* December,DateTBD TownCenterPlaza TimeTBD RingingInHope CharityWalk,Run&Fun December,DateTBD TownCenterPlaza



A Busy Year for the Covenants Committee Brambleton’s Covenants Department supports our Covenants Committee. The Committee consists of seven dedicated homeowners that volunteer their time, meeting monthly for several hours, to review Design Review Applications for exterior modifications, advise the Board of Directors with regards to Covenants matters and make initial decisions regarding enforcement of the Association’s rules. The Association is fortunate to have these committed volunteers that together have an average of 2.5 years of Committee experience. The Covenants Committee looks forward to completing a complete review and revision to the Design Guidelines for Brambleton in 2012. Resident feedback is an important part of this review, so please be on the lookout for an invitation to provide your feedback on the proposed changes. All submissions will be reviewed by the Committee.


The following chart provides an overview of the Committee’s activities as compared to previous years. Of note, the Committee reviewed 271 applications, an increase of 32% over 2010 and close to the high from 2007. The

Rosemarie Linder Covenants Manager

number of hearings held by the Committee also increased significantly, which reflects the increased enforcement activities of staff and the Committee in 2011. 


Winter Storms are On the Way! We got off easy in December with unseasonal high temperatures; however, we had above normal levels of rain. With the wet conditions, we are sure to see significant snow falls in January and February when temperatures begin to drop. In an effort to provide efficient, costeffective and superior snow removal services, the Association’s snow removal services are primarily performed in-house. BCA owned streets will be cleared by staff during all storms 8” or less. BCA will make use of contractors to load and haul snow if accumulations are greater than 8”. BCA replaced its salt spreader this year with a larger unit, which allows

the Association to address 100% of its deicing operations in house. This purchase will pay for itself after three winter storms and will allow a cost-effective way to spot treat frozen areas each morning following a storm. BCA will continue to clear the sidewalks and trails on common areas that are not adjacent to residential lots as performed in the past. The streets will take priority, but once the streets are complete, staff will focus its efforts on the sidewalks and trails. It is the Association’s goal to have all sidewalks and trails cleared one hour before the opening of school the first day following the storm. Extreme snow accumulations may affect side-

walk clearing. Homeowners are responsible for clearing their sidewalks and the sidewalks adjacent to their lots. Loudoun County Ordinance requires Owners to clear their sidewalks within 6 hours after the snow stops falling. Doing so will allow pedestrians to remain safe by staying out of the streets. A full list of Brambleton streets with the responsible owners is available through the Association website or by clicking here. Please contact Brambleton Community Association with any questions at 703-542-6263 or hoa@brambleton. org. 



Winter 2011-2012 FOR KIDS Creative Dance Center Winter Sessions are set to start January 4th. Hip Hop, Ballet/Jazz and Adult Dance Cardio Classes will be available.  Click here to download the flyer and registration form.  Drama Kids New Sessions starting in January: Drama Kids for K- 5th grades on Mondays, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m., starts January 30th.

14 (no classes December 19, 20 or 26, 27). Classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. Go to for more info.

FOR ADULTS Bella Vista Digital Photography Workshop Saturday & Sunday January 14th - 15th - "Introduction to Digital Photography". Early bird discount deadline January 2nd.  To Register and for more information, click here. Creative Dance Center

Acting Academy for 6th-9th grades on Tuesdays, 7:30 – 8:30 p.m., starts January 17th.

Adult Dance Cardio Classes will be available.

Silver Knights Chess

Click here to download the flyer and registration form.

Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m., from January 25th March 28th. Visit or for additional questions, email: or call 703-286-9626 to register.

Evening Flow Yoga Class

Wee Play

For more information, email ashburnpoweryoga@

Winter 2011/12 Session: November 28 - February

All levels, every Thursday from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. $10/class. 

Fitness Image Results Boot Camp FIResults is currently offering two different boot camps, at 5:45 a.m. and at 9:30 a.m. on MWF. The 7:30 p.m. evening class will return in the spring.  FREE month of boot camp for newly settled residents. Please visit for more information or contact


Happy New Year! “We’ve enjoyed helping buyers and sellers in Brambleton, and we look forward to helping you!”

Outstanding Agents, Outstanding Results! 61 closed transactions in 2011! We Sell Faster, We Sell for More! 38


Avg. Days on Market

List to Sales Price Ratio

The Greg Wells Team Your Community Specialists RE/MAX Select Properties call us: 571.223.2947



News from the Developer New Year's Race Supports Area Charities

The Brambleton Group wishes to thank everyone who participated in the 2nd annual Ringing In Hope


Walk, Run & Fun winter race at the Brambleton Town Center on New Year’s Eve. This year’s race beneficiaries included local charities

Jill’s House, Joshua’s Hands, La Voz, Lifeline Inc., Loudoun Habitat for Humanity, Loudoun Interfaith Relief, Inc., MADD, and the American Red Cross National Capital Region. For more information on the beneficiaries, please see html.

Frozen Yogurt Now Available in the BTC! Satisfy your sweet tooth craving for frozen yogurt at one of two destinations in the Brambleton Town Center. Sweet Frog opened last month at 22855 Brambleton Plaza, Suite #106 (between La Cucina Italiano and Misguided Angels). Each day they offer up to 14 flavors of premium

frozen yogurt and 60 toppings, including fruits, nuts, candies, syrups

and sauces. Cold Stone Creamery has added a yogurt bar as well. Come check out these sweet choices in the Brambleton Town Center.

Brambleton Builder Updates

Brambleton’s Biggest Fan’s Latest Adventures

Van Metre Abbey Mews Collection Opens New Model

Van Metre Homes’ brand new Abbey Mews “Holland Park” townhouse model is now open for touring. Con-

tact Ernie at 703.554.6954 for more information or go to their website These townhomes are located off Northstar Blvd, just south of Briar Woods High School. Click here for a preview of photos. •

Winchester Homes New Model Opening Soon

Complete information on all Brambleton builders can be found online: www.brambleton. com/homesales

Did you see Barb enjoying the holidays around Brambleton? From the carriage rides at Brambleton’s Holiday Kickoff Event to those ever-popular, if not infamous, Ugly-Christmas-Sweater parties, Barb was busy spreading holiday cheer. Now she’s settling into winter

while preparing to move into her new Brambleton townhouse. Keep up with her latest adventures and get the Brambleton scoop on these social media sites: www.facebook. com/brambletonbarb, www.twitter. com/brambletonbarb and www. Be My Friend & Follow Me! The Brambleton Group is very active in the social media world, especially on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re not our friend or are not following us, please do so! Be among the first to find out what’s happening in Brambleton, from builder news, store openings, contests and more: www. & 

Brambleton Community Association and Board of Directors would like to congratulate the BWHS Falcons....

Virginia Division 4 State Football Champions!!

Winchester Homes will be opening a new “Abbey” single-family model later this month at 42342 Rising Moon Place in the Emerald Ridge neighborhood. •

Pulte Homes’ Trent Grove Set to Open Early 2012

Pulte Homes’ Trent Grove section will soon open for sales of luxury townhomes south on Belmont Ridge Road, near the site of the future public safety center. For more information, contact Pulte Homes at 866.889.3172 or visit www.pulte. com/trentgrove.



Make Your Brambleton Smart Home - Even Smarter! Introducing Verizon Home Monitoring and Control


1 Energy Reader

Home Monitoring Kit $69.99

1 Remote Control

View video of events at your house over your broadband connection – whether you’re at home or away.

With Verizon Home Monitoring and Control: •

Remotely adjust your thermostat 24/7, from a laptop or your compatible smartphone.

Help lower your energy use by showing where/when electricity is being used.

Remotely view your home using remote cameras and lock or unlock doors.

Send automatic event notifications to your computer or smartphone.

This kit includes: 1 Gateway Device 1 Indoor Camera 1 Indoor Light Module

Energy Control Kit $169.99 Have you ever left for work and wondered if you left an appliance on? Wished that you could be outside with the kids while inside getting things done? Verizon Home Monitoring and Control can give you the peace of mind you have been looking for. This innovative service will allow you to remotely access, control and monitor doors, windows, thermostats and appliances via a compatible smart phone and PC, and interact with your home through the FiOS® TV widget on your FiOS® TV. An energy reader will also allow you to view your energy usage in near-real-time and study energy consumption over periods of time. To get started, you can order online at or call 1.800.501.1172. Choose one of the following kits and any accessories. Once you receive your equipment, you can begin setup and activation. (Note some items are recommended for professional installation, such as the Smart Thermostat and Energy Reader.) After paying the one time equipment costs, you pay only $9.99 a month.


Take control of your energy consumption and lower your utility bills while conserving resources. This kit includes: 1 Gateway Device 1 Smart Thermostat 1 Appliance Switch 110 Volt 1 Energy Reader 1 Remote Control

Home Monitoring and Control $219.99 Choose from a variety of easy-toinstall home automation and energy management features that can be controlled remotely from your computer, compatible smartphone, or FiOS TV. This kit includes: 1 Gateway Device

Q & A: Is this a security product? No. The Home Monitoring and Control service is designed to enable you to manage and to self-monitor your home and property. It is not a professionally monitored system and is not connected to your local emergency services providers. Does the monthly cost change if you add devices? You can add as many Home Monitoring and Control devices as you want and still only pay $9.99 a month! Do I have to purchase the equipment through Verizon?

1 Indoor Camera

Currently, the equipment must be purchased through Verizon Online to be associated to your Verizon Online account, allowing you to monitor and control your home.

1 Indoor Light Module

Is professional installation available

1 Smart Thermostat 1 Appliance Switch 110 Volt

for the Home Monitoring and Control equipment? Most Home Monitoring and Control products are designed to be self-installed. However, we recommend professional installation for some products, such as the Smart Thermostat or Energy Reader. If you require professional installation for your devices, you may seek your own licensed professional or visit to learn about InstallerNet installation services. What devices support the Verizon Home Monitoring and Control app?

Supported smartphones: •

iOS 3.1 and higher (including iPhone 3G, 3GS/4, iPod Touch 3rd/4th Gen)

Android 2.1 and higher (including Motorola: Droid/Droid2/DroidX, HTC:Droid Incredible, LG Vortex, Samsung Gallaxy S).

For more information: please go to or call 1-800-501-1172 Visit the Brambleton Welcome Center to experience Verizon Home Monitoring and Control for yourself!

The Verizon name and logo and all related product and service names, design marks and slogans are trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of Verizon and may not be used in any manner without the prior written consent of Verizon. All other product and service marks are trademarks of their respective owners. Home Monitoring and Control Service is provided by Verizon Online LLC. Licensed in NY # 12000302262 by NY State Department of State. VA DJCS # 11-6657. 

Wishing you the best year ever!

STRETCH yourself in 2012!

Join me in a 2012 personal challenge! 1. 2. 3.

Make a list of those things that you’ve said that you would never do. Circle those items that you could actually do if you only set your mind to it. Select one item that would truly make you feel proud of yourself to accomplish, then...

GO FOR IT! Because you deserve more…

RMXlady Perfect Spaces Real Estate Services Lorrie Hunter RE/MAX Gateway 42365 Soave Drive, Ste 200 Brambleton, VA 20148 703-652-5704



Cheers to Another Year! Birthdays and Anniversaries are celebrated often here in Brambleton. Let someone know that you are thinking of them. Please send all submissions to by the 10th of each month.

January 9th: Happy Birthday Grandpa, a.k.a. Bapa. Love, Evan and Aiden Happy 1st Birthday to Sana & Gia, on January 24, 2012. You both make everything worthwhile. Happy Birthday Lila on January 21st . 13 years old!!!

H Happy Birthday to K Kaitlyn Nimmer, t turning 7 on Janua 5th. ary

Happy 32nd Birthday to Sean McDonald on January 21st!

Happy Birthday to Jack Stone, who turns 10 on January 17th.



Christmas Tree Recycling Each year, Loudoun County allows curbside waste collection service providers to bring the trees they collect to the landfill for free recycling, but many of the trees that arrive are contaminated with decorations, strands of lights, wire, tree bags, etc… items that eventually end up as little bits of plastic and metal in our mulch. All residents recycling their Christmas trees are encouraged to follow proper curbside procedures suggested by the County. Tree pick-up in Brambleton will occur on the first two Wednesdays in January (4th & 11th). After those dates, the County will be offering drop-off locations for those who miss the curbside pick-up. Visit the County’s website www.loudoun.

gov/recycle-trees for a list of drop-off locations. For those able to bring their trees curbside on either of the two Wednesdays, please keep the following in mind when preparing your trees for collection •

Remove all decorations from trees, checking carefully for items hidden behind thicker branches or limbs.

Remove tinsel, fake snow, angel hair, etc.

"Christmas Tree Disposal Bags"

Remove all lighting.

Remove all twine, metal or plastic ties and string.

Remove stands and bases from trees.

Cut any trees over 8 feet tall in half. 

Do not place in plastic bags or



Important Info to Know Brambleton Community Association 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 703-542-6263 (p) 703-542-6266 (f )

Brambleton Community Center 42645 Regal Wood Drive Available for private rentals and community programming. Contact Beth Huck:

Do You Need to Apply? Our office regularly receives applications for decks, patios and fences. Please note that an application is also required for play equipment, awnings, and for smaller projects like changing the color of paint on your front door.  Submit completed applications to the management office at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210, Brambleton VA 20148, via fax to 703-542-6266 or to     As the Covenants Committee meets once per month, it is important to submit all of the required information with your application so as not to delay review of your project. Notary Service Board of Directors Meetings Board of Directors meetings are held at the BCA Management Offices, located at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210. Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, January 24, 8:15 a.m. Tuesday, February 7, 8:00 a.m., Special Meeting New Assessment Mailing Address Brambleton Community Association c/o Armstrong Managment P.O. Box 11983 Newark, NJ 07101-4983


The Brambleton Community Association offers Notary services at the Brambleton Management Office. If you are interested in utilizing this service, please note the following: Available by Appointment Only please call 703-542-6263.

Virginia notaries are not authorized to certify true copies of birth, death or marriage certificates. Only the Division of Vital Records/Statistics may perform such a certification.

Need Mailbox Repair? Black Mailboxes - Call Main Street Mailboxes at 703-753-5521. Weathered Bronze Mailboxes - Call Dominion Electric Supply Company, Erin Schwartz, at 703-631-8100.

BCA Drop Box A drop box is available after hours and is located outside of the Brambleton Community Association office building, located at 42395 Ryan Road. Residents may drop off architectual applications, committee applications, etc. Assessments will not be accepted.

Trash Collection Trash: Tuesdays & Fridays

Notary service is free to Brambleton residents for the first two documents, with a $2.00 fee per document thereafter. Non-residents will be charged $2.00 per document.

Yard Debris: Tuesdays (March - Dec)

Photo ID required.

Please contact NOVEC at 1-888-3350500 for any street light outages. Be sure to give your street address and the pole number when making the call.

Witnessing on documents will not be provided by the Brambleton Community Association.

Recycling: Fridays AAA: 703-818-8222 NOVEC


Committees Activities Committee

Financial Advisory Committee

Technology Ad-hoc Committee

Chair: Lori Fetterman

Chair: Mark Davis

Chair: Paul Raven

Membership: Open

Membership: Three seats open

Upcoming Meetings:

Upcoming Meetings:

Upcoming Meetings:

Scheduled as necessary

January 18, 7:30 p.m.

January 24, 7:30 p.m.

February 15, 7:30 p.m.

February 28, 7:30 p.m.

Covenants Committee

Grounds & Facilities Committee

Chair: Mike Dorrity

Chair: Mike Brown

Upcoming Meetings:

Membership: One seat open

January 9, 7:00 p.m.

Upcoming Meetings:

February 13, 7:00 p.m.

January 10, 7:00 p.m.

* All Association Committee meetings are held at the BCA Management Offices, located at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210. Location and date changes will be announced in the Friday Flash.

Please contact or call 703-542-6263 for more information on joining a committee.

February 21, 7:00 p.m.



Important Numbers Community Management Contacts Brambleton Community Management Office

703-542-6263 703-542-6266 (f )

Residences at Brambleton (AMS)


Summerfield Condo (CMC)

703-327-4818 703-542-5845 (f )

Town Center Brambleton Welcome Center


BCA Services Verizon - Activation/Account Changes/Billing/Disconnect (M - F, 8:00 a.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8:00 p.m.)


- Repair


- Questions/Assistance w/


- Assistance w/ Suspension of Service




AAA Recycling & Trash Removal


Utility Contacts Dominion Electric - North of Ryan Road


NOVEC - South of Ryan Road


Miss Utility


Washington Gas


Water/Sewer: Loudoun Water


County Contacts Emergency: Fire/Rescue/Police


Animal Care & Control

703-777-0406 540-882-3984 (f )

Building Permits


Post Office, Ashburn - 44715 Prentice Drive


Sheriff : Non-Emergency


Sheriff : Traffic Hotline



Babysitter Directory The BRAM Sitters list is always being updated and if you would like to be added to our directory, feel free to call the HOA office at 703-5426263 Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm or email sarah.conrad@ Make sure you leave your name, age, any certifications, telephone number, and address for proof of residency in Brambleton. Name


Telephone Number

Sydney Wayne (B)



Max Wayne



Mackenzie Long (N)



Megan Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Sullivan (F,C,N)



Ariana Abousaeedi (F,C,B)



Casey Forbes (C)



Kaitlin Scalzo



Yvetter Goetlle (N)



Maddie Presely-Wolff (C,B)



Christian Jessup (B, F)



Emily Sola (B,F,C)



Bradley Ace (F,C)



Malena Llanos (F,C)



Erin Donahue (B,F,C)



Megan Poole (N)



Tanvi Rawat (C)



Esha Rawat



Alexis Haycraft (C)



Larissa Perara (B,C,F)



Madison Trent (B)



Jade Morris (C)



Alex Parker (F,C)



Amanda Oja



Audrey Haisley (F,C)



Samantha Charlton (F,C)



Bailey Moore (B,C,F)



JP Castro



Lauren Cohen (B)



Whitney Kirkpatrick (F,C)




(B) Taken a Babysitters Course (C) CPR certified (F) First Aid certified (N) Nanny or daycare experience

* The Association makes no representations about these individuals except that they have given permission for their names to be published. We do not endorse or promote a single sitter. Please contact the specific person for his/her rates and abilities.



2012 Ad Rates PleasecalloreͲmailtocheckonadvertisingavailability.Adspaceis availableonafirstcome,firstservedbasis.EmailprintͲreadyelectronicad, mailinapplication,andchecksshouldbemadepayabletoBrambleton CommunityAssociation.Norefundsavailable. DEADLINE  Adsandpaymentshouldbereceivednolaterthanthe10thofeachmonth. Newslettersareemailedtoover3200homesonthefirstdayofeach month.Inaddition,newslettersarepostedontheAssociationand DeveloperFacebookpage.Itisalsoavailablefordownloadonthe CommunityIntranethomepage. ADRATES(Color)     1/8Page(3.5”x2.25”) 1/4Page(3.5”x4.624”) 1/2Page(7”x4.625”) FullPage(8.5x11)  Ͳ

NonͲResident $90 $115 $170 $400






$75 $100 $150 $300


CONTACTINFORMATION  ChristineElansary CommunicationsCoordinator PhoneͲ703Ͳ542Ͳ6263 Fax–703Ͳ542Ͳ6266

Fall Festival Sponsor (1/8 Size Ad)


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Catering Events to be Remembered. Cateri Truly celebrate with a meal tailored to your tastes. From elegant passed hor’dou hor’dourves, and sit-down “full course” meals to inviting buffets, Fusion Fusions can help you create a visually appealing reception and unique u menu that you and your guests will enjoy. LEARN MORE ABOUT US




February 2012 Dead of Winter Cold Weather Considerations Wines Around the World

We want to hear from you! Interested in submitting a community article for consideration? Please send an email to for more information.


42395 Ryan Road Suite 210 Brambleton, VA 20148 703-542-6263 (p) 703-542-6266 (f )

January 2012 Community Newsletter  
January 2012 Community Newsletter  

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