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Comparative study of Store layout of Two similar store


The exterior appearance of a store silently announces what customers can expect inside. Good exterior visual merchandising attracts attention, creates interest and invites the customer into the business.

Pantaloons They having a huge entrance from which a lager part of interior are visible makes customer curious about the product. At the start of entrance they have display. Marks & spencer In Marks and spencer ,we can see there display from outside. They given more emphasis on exterior display. At the entrance they kept there latest collection which also shows product adjacency

Store layout

Pantaloons follows a free form store layout. No particular format is followed anything is placed anywhere but strategically. Pantaloons fall under following categoriesDepartmental stores, Malls, E-retailers Here when it comes to arranging the clothes, same type of clothes are put up together in different sizes so that same clothes are available for every size at one point only.

Similarly Marks & spencer follows free form store layout .same type of clothes were put together in different sizes . But use of dummy is comparatively less in it. In Place of it They gave more emphasis on graphics .We can see the effect of minimalism is more on this store.

focal points, trend areas and test areas

In Pantaloons The main focal point at the entrance of the store. Where they displayed there latest trend But for each category they put some dummy and display to catch the attention of the customer .

Similarly focal point of store is at the entrance of the store

walk ways and sight lines

In Pantaloons they having Straight pathway. All product were display Bothside.main pathway was Broad and sub pathway were Comparatively narrow

Marks spencer store having broad walkway

Product adjacency

In Pantaloons the more emphasis was given on the latest trend ,winter wear

In marks and spencer ,the Product which comes fit together Were display together.


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By Braj Bhushan Kumar Nift Hyderabad F&La

Visual Merchandising  

Comparative study of VM Of pantaloons and Mark & spencer

Visual Merchandising  

Comparative study of VM Of pantaloons and Mark & spencer