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Parents’ Feedback Child’s age upto 6 years is very crucial. We have to provide strong foundation to them. There are many schools in our area, but my choice was Brainy Stars. The reason is: it gives education of deen and duniya. Now my son who is studying in this school knows more Islam than what I would be knowing at that age. Sometimes I get inspired from his manners and behavior. If he becomes a good Muslim, certainly he would be a good professional. Dr.Imran Damani- Cardiologist Narayan Hurdalya, Bangalore Father of Ali M.Damani Age-3 1/2 yrs. The idea of starting Brainy Stars was really a brainy thought. It is not school but a family. My son who is in Brainy Stars, is getting marvelous training. He reminds us to switch off T.V when Azaan is called. A few Sunnaths which we have forgotten he reminds us. Not only Islamic Teachings but in other spheres also school’s performance is excellent. I like school’s parenting class. They educate us about upbringing of child. Abdul Aleem Nadir Father of Abdul Aleem Hafeez-4 yrs. My son who is 2.5 years old can recite Surah Fateha, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Asr, and Tesbihath of Namaz. Once I was having back pain, I was on the bed, he came and said" Mummy don't worry everything will be alright by the Blessings of Allah." These soothing words gave me enormous relief. Brainy Stars have opened many branches, Insha Allah the quality of education they are giving will make all branches success. Shazia Pasha- Lecturer in engineering College Mother of Arham Ahmed (2.5yrs)

Amazing 1st Annual Day Function Held in Town hall on March - 25th, 2014

Master Mohammed Habban Nadeem reciting Surah Al-Fetha

Babies Asfiya Banu & Farheen Fatima reciting Ayatal Kursi

The Children singing’Pyari Maa’ a poem which highlights the status of mother.

Baby Zuha reciting first Ruku of Surah Rahman

The Future heroes in the making.

Mufti Farooque Fouzan Rashadi Sahab was chief guest in the Independence Day celebrations. He said school is teaching love towards country which is essential part of the faith.

Educationalist from Adni Islamic School Malaysia Dr. Zaiton Abdul Malek & Mrs Lala, attended the seminar on ‘Alternative System of Education’ organized by Brainy Stars.

To Frame curricula for the schools who follows holistic approach in education by integrating Montessori method; Traditional method; with Islamic values. To effectively introduce parenting as part of curriculum and to make parents partner in developing a child as an asset to family and society. To establish training center for teachers who will present and practice alternate education system where in teacher shall be 'Murabbiyah’ (a role model). To establish 1000 schools in the country by 2020. (Insha Allah)

Mr. U. Nisar Ahmed, retired DG of Police & Mr. Feroze Abdulla Sait Chairman, Feroze’s Estate Agency, launched the Brainy Stars’ education campaign van “Awaz-e-llm” (voice of education).

A renowned educationalist Dr. Ali khawaja spoke in the seminar of concept of holestic education organized by the school. He is among Academic Board of Brainy Stars.

A team of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, headed by its state president Mr Abdulla Javed including Mr. Ghulam Moula, Jayanagar unit Ameer visited the school.

Our Children before joining 1st standard will be able to read, count and talk in English and also will be able to perform Namaz (Salat) and read Quran.

Editor Karnataka Muslims Executive Director

Brainy Stars International Teachers’ Training Academy We offer Teachers training in pre-school montessori method of education, with holistic approach. This three months certificate course is of international standard. PUC passed girls can join. For details contact: Fasiha - 9880000110 s

97425 25888

Journey of brainy stars international islamic montessori  

Brainy Stars International Islamic Montessori, and its achievements, 4 Montessori Branches and a Primary School in the span of 9 months.