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100 Students What happens to 100 Students after they leave school?




Graduate from

attend college but only

5% 2/3

America could see a combined savings and revenue of almost $8 billion each year if even just 5 percent of all dropouts stayed in school and attended college. (Amos, 2008)


50 18 High School

finish a 4 year degree

Two-thirds of college professors report that what is taught in high school does not prepare students for college. (Alliance for Excellent Education)

Only one in four high school students graduate ready for college in all four core subjects (English, reading, math and science), which is why a third of students entering college have to take remedial courses. (ACT, 2011)

Nearly 44 percent of dropouts under age 24 are jobless, and the unemployment rate of high school dropouts older than 25 is more than three times that of college graduates. (United States Department of Labor, 2012)

The health of a typical high school dropout, by age 18, is similar to that of a more educated person in his 40s. (College Board Advocacy & Policy Center, 2010)



Only 4 percent of African American students and 11 percent of Hispanic students finish high school ready for college in their core subjects. (ACT, 2011

Five out of six high school graduates who aren’t attending college full-time are also not working full-time. Three out of five live with their parents or other relatives. (Heldrich, “Left Out”)

$20,110 $28,730 $35,170 $67,140 Average Yearly income

High School Drop Out

Average Yearly income

High School Diploma

Average Yearly income

Average Yearly income

Some College

4 Year College Graduate

Note: Data are for persons age 25 and over. Earnings are for full-time wage and salary workers. Source: Current Population Survey, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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