Sales Enablement Magazine: Spring 2020

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2. Make microlearning a priority

your organization well and have

Using a sales readiness platform,

already spent months (or years)

sales enablement teams can leverage

selling in your target markets.

onboarding data in a few ways:

In-person bootcamps, which are a common onboarding tactic, hit

Try pairing new hires with high-

1. See which training courses are

reps with a ton of new information

performers and create a checklist of

being viewed, and for how long, to

at once – information they often

learning activities for each duo. The

better understand what content is

forget once they start selling. Long,

mentees might observe three of the

(or isn’t) resonating with new reps.

live training sessions can also

tenured rep’s calls in their first 30

require major resources, like travel

days. In turn, the mentor can lead a

2. Track the learning progress of

expenses and time commitments

“pre-brief ” and “debrief ” explaining

individuals and teams, ensuring

from subject matter experts.

how they approach each call and

sales hires complete required

their thought process behind it.

courses and assessments on time – and that managers are

Microlearning courses improve knowledge retention by delivering

If you’re onboarding reps in a large or

new information in a series of

dispersed organization, you can also

“bite-sized” chunks, such as short

use a video coaching tool to capture

3. Better understand whether sellers

videos, animated presentations, and

best practices from the A-players on

have mastered onboarding material

infographics. This makes the learning

each team. Top reps can record short,

using video coaching, whereby they

more consumable (and retainable).

informal videos describing something

“stand and deliver” what they’ve

as simple as an effective cold-calling

learned and submit a recording for

Sales readiness technology allows

strategy or how they won their biggest

scoring and feedback. If reps are

sellers to easily access microlearning

deal. The best examples often make great

consistently struggling with certain

content on the go and progress

additions to formal training content!

skills (e.g. objection-handling),

holding each accountable.

through onboarding at their own

teams can review and re-calibrate

pace. Video-based courses can be

related training as needed.

further enhanced with attachments, links, and interactive quizzes. This

4. Generate scorecards to gain

makes learning on the job easy and

greater visibility into the sales

flexible, whether reps are traveling,

activities of new hires both

at home, or visiting a client.

during and after onboarding.

4. Gain insight into your onboarding process

This makes it easier to identify performance challenges that need to be readdressed with

3. Shadow A-players

Time to productivity is an important

additional training, while

measure of sales onboarding success,

providing insight into how new

but it’s also a lagging indicator. Knowing

rep output is measuring up with

whether your program is working

that of others on their teams.

right now will help you course-correct sooner – and avoid waiting months to

Peers can be priceless resources

realize that new reps are struggling.

for new salespeople. They know


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