Sales Enablement Magazine: Spring 2020

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When Kara Underwood joined Wrike to lead global employee and partner enablement, the collaborative work management software company was in need of a new, easier way to roll out onboarding and other readiness programs to its rapidly expanding team.

With Wrike growing globally, creating

enablement team can regularly gather

a consistent onboarding experience

best practices from and vet content and

for salespeople in all regions was one

enablement deliverables with is critical to

of Underwood’s most urgent priorities.

success of a sales enablement program.”

Since the company was adding 10-25 new sales colleagues per month, she

Along with developing a business plan

needed to act quickly.

and agreeing on goals and metrics with executives, another important task was to

Revamping sales enablement programs

find a sales readiness platform that would

is a challenge for any leader coming

support onboarding, certifications and

into a new role at a new company. But

other enablement programs for Wrike’s

Underwood had been in this position

salespeople and partners.

before, having held many sales training and enablement roles at technology

“We needed something that was easy

companies since 1998. One of her keys

to implement and scale, with good

for success involves having a plan for

data integrity and reporting, where we

her first 100 days, which she treats like a

could scale out content across multiple

discovery process with a new client.

audiences,” said Underwood.

“You should really understand [your new organization’s] challenges,

at a new company,” she said.

Making the Business Case for Sales Readiness Technology

“Make sure you’re tailoring whatever

When it came to onboarding, part of

you’re building appropriately and that

Underwood’s approach was to give reps a

you’re checking with your internal

single source of truth from day one.

needs, inhibitors and best practices, of developing sales enablement

client on an ongoing basis to ensure its relevant and on-target with their needs.

“What I’ve seen work is putting fact-

Introducing a sales task force made up of

based content around sales process,

high performing colleagues from varying

sales tools and [the company’s product

sales roles and geographies that the sales

offering] into eLearning courses, videos


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