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Brain Potential Institute The BPI Team Our brain trainers have educational backgrounds in many various fields including therapy disciplines, nursing, education, foreign language studies, applied mathematics and more. We prefer to have educational diversity on the team to ensure that we continually cut the edge and think outside the box. We believe that if we were all similarly credentialed, we would tend to think in similar patterns that would be counterproductive to this new and emerging field.

Cathy Linney Co-Owner, Business Manager Cathy Linney is a co-owner and runs the business aspects of our company, including scheduing and billing for clients enrolled in the program.

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Step 1: Free Evaluation The evaluation screening consists of six neurological tests to assess your current cognitive state. Step 2: Customize Program We process the information from your evaluation and design a custom brain training program just for you. Step 3: Brain Training Our certified brain trainers will coach you, one-on-one, through your unique program to life changing results. What makes our program unique One-on-One Training Each training session is custom-tailored for the individual student and performed in a focused one-on-one environment where the student receives 100% of their trainer’s attention.

At Brain Potential Institute our mission is to optimize, through brain training, the human brain to reach its highest intellectual potential for best performance at school and work, and to preserve function at every age. Brain training, also known as cognitive training, is rewiring of the brain More specifically, brain training is measuring and then exercising the neurological systems that become your brain’s ability to learn new material, your “hard drive�. Highly targeted brain exercises that focus on memory, auditory processing, attention and concentration result in new and permanent brain synaptic growth. In other words, we are able to rewire the brain by increasing synaptic connections.

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Brain potential institute | Our brain trainers have educational backgrounds in many various fields including therapy disciplines,...

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