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It is something publishers have been trying to create for a long time, a physical product which would enable people to carry documents around and be able to access quickly. Of course over the years laptops have become smaller and smaller and battery power has increased but the question remained that there must have been a simpler way to view documents and read books without having to carry a laptop around. Also with laptops, although it sound idylic to be able to sit ourside or on a beach it's still difficult to see a laptop screen outside and of course increasing the brightness shortens battery life. Well after many trials we have seen the launch of the Amazon Kindle. When it was first launched it sold out immediately and wasn't available for 5 months and it's reckoned there are something like 4 million of them around the world. So how does this present an opportunity to the ebook publisher? Simple because it's cheap and easy to get your ebook onto the Kindle platform. No longer do you have to submit your book to a publisher only to be told no or get accepted then have to give a hefty percentage of your profits away. The internet is a fantastic level playing field where you can compete with the 'big boys' on your own terms. The Amazon Kindle platform to date has over 600,000 titles available for download and there's still plenty of opportunities to go around. Even those of you who have already produced your own ebook would have found that you still had to find ways of promoting it on the internet yourself, but now if you carefully choose your categories and keywords, once approved by Amazon, your ebook appears in their marketplace. The basic format to begin with is html, you can create your ebook in something like MSWord then use a simple html editor to create the basic book. Then using some other simple and free software you can quickly format the ebook adding in copyright notices and copying protection, it's that easy. One thing that must be stressed though is that there's no point in you producing an ebook on a giving subject unless you have done your market research first. Why spend all that time writing about break calipers for a Citroen CV2 if only a few people are interested? Doing a little homework at Amazon can save you the heartache of realizing that nobody actually wants your book! It's all laid out there for you, bestsellers, top categories, niche ideas. Obviously it's always best to write about something you know about and have a passion for, but having said that if you do your research or even hire a ghost-writer it's not that difficult.

What is interesting about the Kindle are the kinds of people now buying them, no longer are they people who would buy a laptop and understand the workings of a computer, many of the new buyers are not technically minded and they know all they have to do is switch on the Kindle and read! The new generation Kindles' screens are 50% brighter than the old models and have wifi too, but most importantly they are easy to use.

==== ==== On How to Publish and sell Amazon Kindle Ebooks, check this out: ==== ====

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