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How Can Braingraphix Help You?

Specialized Printing

What Does Braingraphix Do?

Displays for such prints

Trade Show Consultancy

Creative Support

How Can Braingraphix Help You?

With your presentation

Where Can We Help You?

At the office

In your store

At home

How Can Braingraphix Help You? Floor Standing Displays Tabletop Displays

Portable Displays

Brochures, Flyers, Business cards & Collaterals

Small Venues & Presentations

Literature Racks Portable Furniture

Table Covers

Transport Cases

Portable displays are lightweight systems that can be hand-carried to and assembled on the show floor by one person only if needed, easier to handle, set up and dismantle. A single display can be used in a smaller presentation and a combination of them can be used to fill entirely small to large booth spaces. Most of the displays have removable graphics capabilities which allow quick image changes for different venues or products, and all of them can be updated year after year.

How Can Braingraphix Help You? Hanging signs Spectacular structures Lighting

Monitor Brackets

Large Venues & Trade Shows

Shelves Counters Flooring

Kiosks / Workstations Custom Graphics

With modular Exhibit kits that allows you to re-configure, grow and combine them with smaller displays to fit different needs and spaces. All of the Exhibit kits have removable graphics capabilities which allow quick image changes for different venues or products, and all of them can be updated year after year. We feature pre-designed kits and custom exhibits, therefore we always fit your budget and needs.

How Can Braingraphix Help You? Directories

Indoor/Outdoor Pylons

Hanging Signs Light boxes

At Your Office

Table Stands

Projecting Signs

Indoor/outdoor signage to label your way around your office. All graphics can be removed constantly to keep important information current. This is a modular system with the ability to provide highly customizable solutions that meet the unique requirements of each sign project. Modern, contemporary and a clean look.

How Can Braingraphix Help You? Lightboxes

Wayfinding / Signage

Framed Art Window Graphics

In Your Store

Decals / Adhesive Graphics

Personalize every aspect of your retail environment. Create brand awareness; choosing the right signage can help boost revenues and will help establish your brand and reputation. Our dedicated team provide the creative solutions to deliver design the way you see it, with the technical expertise and sourcing flexibility to implement it.

How Can Braingraphix Help You? Wall Art Reproductions Photo Enlargements Custom Fabric

Wall Tattoo & Wall Paper

At home Custom Window Treatments

Custom Carpet

Full dĂŠcor customization is possible. From window curtains, wall paper, embroidered linens, to custom carpets, antifatigue flooring and wall enhancements, even plasticized fabric for durable table runners Your imagination is the limit!

How Can Braingraphix Help You?

With more than 20 years of experience on the event field and by adhering to strict codes of operating and quality guidelines, we are sure we have the experience and knowledge to assist you thoroughly.

Your Business Partner

• One-stop shop

• Graphic Arts Consultancy

We cover all the ranges of

Our history has given our company a

presentation products, from display

vast experience and knowledge on

and collaterals, to creative services,

printing processes. We will suggest

project management and trade show

you the best option for your projects.

conciergery. • Customer Service • Professional Creative Services

Highly acclaimed, fast, friendly and

We have a dedicated staff of

efficient sales and service teams to

accredited and professionally-trained

provide solid advice and dedicated

graphic artist that will assist you within

one-on-one support.

your budget and time-frame.

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