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Educational Products of the year by Choice of Principals

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About us BRAINFEED, a monthly educational initiative, has been disseminating an educational initiative information on teaching methodologies, technological advancements in education system, latest tools, etc. for the benefit of students, teachers, principals and school managements since 2013. BRAINFEED deals with academic issues arising out of classroom pedagogical practices, innovative technology-based teaching and latest development in the present educational scenario. BRAINFEED has launched BRAINFEED JUNIOR, BRAINFEED PRIMARY and BRAINFEED HIGH in April 2016 exclusively for the benefit of students of different age-groups.

Awards Cermony The Brainfeed Innovative Education Awards 2016 is one of the best awards in educational and allied sectors to recognise the use of technology that addresses the most significant challenges facing the education sector. Brainfeed Innovative Education Award is a pursuit where brands are scanned, researched and understood after much deliberation by school leaders across the country. The purpose is to identify use of technology and efficient practices that enhance learning. It is the first-of-its kind initiative aimed at bringing together education, technology, e-learning, media and others together. Brands, Individuals and Organisations from across the country can send nominations for different categories. Showcasing your achievements is critical to inspiring confidence in the system and driving improvement in schools. The awards will remind the community the contribution of the companies/individuals to education sector.

Nomination Criteria The award is open to all companies, brands and individuals associated with education sector. The contributions and achievements should have potential impact on future developments in the education sector. The contributions and achievements of the nominees must be properly document and verified. The nominations can be sent for more than one award category.

Award Process A jury comprising school principals across the country will rank the brands on the basis of popularity, innovation, growth, impact and other parameters. The nominations will be evaluated according to the laid down criteria by the jury members.

Awards categories 1.

Best Edu App of the Year


Best ERP of the Year


Best Educational Consultancy of the Year


Best E-Learning Company of the Year


Best School Networking Company of the Year


Best Educational Portal of the Year


Best Sports Equipment Manufacturer of the Year


Best Educational Publisher of the Year (Pre-schools/Primary/Secondary/Higher Secondary)


Best Curriculum Design Company of the Year


Most Emergent Pre-School Chain (North/ East/ West/South) of the Year


Most Emergent K-12 Group School (North/East/West/South) of the Year


Best Teacher Training Organisation of the Year


Best Sports Training Organisation of the Year


Best Education Testing & Assessment Company of the Year


Best Career Guidance & Counselling Organisation of the Year


Best Hands on Equipment of the Year (Science/ Social Sciences/ Mathematics/ Languages/English/Work Experience)


Best Educational Hardware of the Year of the Year (Smartboards/ Tablets/ Projectors/Whiteboards)


Best Educational Animation Company of the Year


Best School Safety Product (Fire / Building Safety/ Disaster Management) of the Year


Best School Infrastructure Design Company of the Year


Best Communication system (SMS Alert/ Child Tracking/ Parental Control Softwares)


Best Innovative Stationery of the Year


Best Educational Magazine (Pre-School/ Primary/Secondary/Teachers) of the Year


Best Educational TV /Web TV of the Year


Best Children’s Website of the Year


Best School/Classroom Furnishing Company of the Year


Best Language Lab of the Year


Best Maths Lab of the Year


Best Science Lab of the Year


Best School Uniform Manufacturer / Designer of the Year

Gallery of Awardees

an educational initiative

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