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north sides of small lakes warm first because they get the full affect of the sun’s spring rays and are protected from the winds. Look for bays with dark, silty bottoms less than 4 feet deep. If you find water lilies in these bays that is generally an ipate in and it’s fun. Crappies are great eating and are sought indication of the fertile bottoms we are looking for.The fish out all across the area each spring before the will be found in the warmest water in these seasons open for walleyes, northern pike and bays, often in less than a foot of depth. bass. If you get them dialed in the fishing can Many times there will be no fish found in be fantastic. these areas during the morning hours, but by The key to figuring out springtime crappies mid afternoon the water has warmed up a few is to first understand that the action doesn’t degrees and the fish are there. Come back the take place on all lakes at the same time. Lakes next morning and they are gone. A cold front with an abundance of shallow, dark-bottomed can put them down for two to three days, but bays will warm up more quickly and water a few days of warm sunny weather can make temperature is the key to finding and catchthem move shallow in large numbers. ing crappies. Lakes with a little stain to them, These fish are hard to catch.They are very meaning the water isn’t as clear, will also skittish and any disturbance sends them warm earlier than lakes with clear water. scooting for deeper water.Tossing a bobber If you spend the time to figure out where among a school of these crappies will send the action is happening, you can set up a “milk them scattering in all directions. One of the run” so to speak of the best action spots where best ways to catch them is to cruise the shalyou go from lake to lake during the entire lows with an electric trolling motor to sight Crappies are in the spring season, fishing for crappies during the them. It’s often difficult to see them until it is peak bite on each of them.You can find terrific shallows and vulnerable too late, so it’s a good idea to mark down the during the spring. It’s a shallow crappie action from ice-out to Memospots you saw them, then come back an hour good time to get the rial Day. Let’s look at the most productive craplater when they have settled down, and fish family involved in fishing. them from a distance. pie locations through the spring season. Ice Out For this I use a 9-foot rod with a tiny slip bobber and a Soon after the ice leaves the lakes, crappies begin to move small minnow on a plain hook. If possible I cast beyond the into the shallow areas where the water is the warmest.The fish and slowly pull it to them.The key is to try to keep the


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Outdoor Traditions - Spring 2013  

Outdoor news from the Brainerd Lakes Area: Early Season Largemouth Bass •Fishing Guides Share ‘Snapshots’ from their Memory Banks •No More ‘...

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