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and, most importantly, small lakes usually aren’t on many “favorite” lists as destinations. That doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. Fishing pressure might be the grandkids fishing off the dock. It could be one person casting a spinnerbait for bass or pike — whatever bites. Some of these lakes receive considerable fishing pressure when the bluegills are spawning and big fish become accessible. Or when an angler needs that early season rust knocked loose by the tug of a largemouth bass. Otherwise, many Minnesota fishermen target walleyes in traditional, larger lakes and overlook the smaller lakes. A


Lakes. More lakes. Big lakes like Mille Lacs. Small lakes also gladly accept their inclusion on Minnesota’s lake list. It’s almost impossible to count them. Look at the pretty blue color on an area map. Lakes occupy a significant chunk of geography and exist all around us. Small lakes are also productive fisheries. Some rank up there as great fisheries


F i s h i n g

S m a l l

L a k e s

f o r

B i g

F i s h

a n d

B i g

F u n !

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