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How do you suppose the rose-breasted grosbeak got its name? The colorful birds can be attracted to your yard by filling a feeder with sunflower seeds. MANY HOMEOWNERS STORE AWAY THE BIRD FEEDERS ONCE WARM WEATHER ARRIVES.

That’s a mistake. and other fruit-loving birds. If you’re really lucky, scarlet Summer birds can provide just as much or more pleasure than tanagers might visit your yard to dine on your fruit offerwinter birds.The males of the various species are dressed in their ings. Don’t forget the nectar feeders for hummingbirds summertime best, and their glorious calls seem to emanate from and the fruit-eating species mentioned above. all directions. 2. To dispense an assortment of feed, several types of feedA backyard that is adequateers should be used. Suet can ly landscaped and outfitted be placed in a wire basket to with a variety of bird feeders attract woodpeckers, nutand nesting boxes will attract hatches, chickadees and even many more species of birds catbirds and rose-breasted than will winter feeding. For grosbeaks. Sunflower seeds instance, on any given sumwork well in a standard mer day I can easily count gravity-type feeder and will 20 different species of birds lure birds such as finches, using my backyard. jays, blackbirds, grosbeaks Follow the simple steps and cardinals. A tube feeder below and you can entice a is the best for dispensing variety of birds to your yard. thistle, which attracts finches, 1. To attract a variety of sparrows, buntings and othbirds, you should provide ers. Ground-feeding birds like an assortment of feeds. mourning doves and sparSunflower seeds, thistle A brilliant male indigo bunting is feeding on bird seed rows prefer to feed from a seeds, millet, corn and tray-type feeder that is low to placed on the ground. suet are all good choices. ground, or you can sprinkle Be sure to place several orange halves and a small conseed directly on the ground. Cracked corn and a finch tainer filled with grape jelly to attract orioles, catbirds mix will attract those birds, plus others.

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