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Skin Challenges

Because of my years of sun, Dr. Lundstrom found basal cell carcinoma, a skin cancer, on my face. He surgically removed it and on exams I have been clear since. Jane Johnson from Nisswa was diagnosed five years ago with melanoma, a potentially lethal form of skin cancer. “I was a sun worshiper for over 40 years until melanoma was found on my leg.” Jane was thankful that Dr. Lundstrom found the melanoma at an early and very treatable level. “I now have yearly checkups with Dr. Lundstrom and have had numerous precancerous moles removed each year. Life is good!” Jane smiled. Jane used Avalon Organic vitamin C serum and moisturizer with SPF which she buys at Target or Walgreens and both of us use the best prescription skin enhancer ever recommended by Dr.Lundstrom: Renova. “I have been using Renova for about seven years,” Jane mentioned, “and it really does fade age/sun spots and helps with the fine lines.” While Renova is a prescription and a bit costly, we believe it is worth every cent. Note: You may purchase a similar but weaker product, retinol, which is in many over the counter products.

photo by Joey Halvorson

Boomers Hair Tips: Some of us are just not ready to be naturally gray. My stylist said that color adds so much depth to the hair and highlights add movement, so try multi-tone color. “If you don’t want a lot of color, do a clear gloss which adds shine and makes your hair more manageable.” And we need to go lighter as we age which makes roots less noticeable and will make our skin look more youthful. And, if we start seeing our gray roots growing back, try a zig-zag part which will hide our roots more than a straight one. Tip: Want some more body in your hair? Try switching your part to the opposite direction. Flopping it to the other side may be annoying for a couple of days, but it will definitely help! And, FYI: At a certain age, say good-bye to your locks and get a shorter style! Your Photo: Erase your neck wrinkles in your picture by always looking up and smiling – like me! Exercise Increases Life: Whether we are walking, stretching or lifting weights, exercising and healthy food are some of the most important factors in our overall health. Low salt diets and exercise have been proven to reduce hypertension and aggressive cholesterol can also be vastly improved by diet and exercise. Aging will happen to all of us, but we’ll look younger if we protect our skin, exercise and eat healthy! Let’s bloom our beauty!


Diane Peterson

Diane Peterson lived in the Brainerd area for 32 years before moving to Fergus Falls. Her Voice inspired her to begin a woman’s magazine in the Fergus Falls area titled “In Good Company” over three years ago.

After finding melanoma skin cancer on her leg, Jane Johnson now follows a few skin care regimens and appears radiantly healthy.

Additional Anti-Aging Tips

Botox: We’ve all heard of those shots and have seen wide lips on screen. I asked Dr. Lundstrom if Botox really “fixes” our faces. “No, it really doesn’t fix wrinkles, etc. Botox actually relaxes muscles for a while. If you start using Botox, you will need to continue every six months, forever!” Yikes! It inhibits the facial muscles and doesn’t let us exacerbate our wrinkles, or lines of facial expression, but they won’t go away. If you start, plan to continue. Chemical Peel: Jane Johnson shares: “Lottie from Chrysalils gave me my first chemical peel this year. It was amazing! I also use Revision Skin Care Intellishade SPF-45 tinted moisturizer which evens out my skin tone.” 30s: If your age is below 50, you still need to begin to use moisturizer, SPF and either Renova or Retinol. “For example,” Dr. Lundstrom stated, “if you would place Renova and sunscreen only on your right cheek in your 30s, you will see a major difference between your right and left cheek in your 50s.” See? Begin protecting your skin before you hit my age! Eyes: Puffy/Dark Circles: As we “grow up” we often notice dark circles or puffiness under our eyes. Dr. Lundstrom said that there really isn’t a lot we can do to remove them. But he did suggest staying hydrated and get more rest if the darkness shows up. SUMMER 2012 | her voice


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