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Vendor: IBM Exam Code: C2020-700 Exam Name: IBM Cognos 10 Planning Application Consultant Version: DEMO

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QUESTION 1 Why would an administrator publish data to a table-only layout, instead of a view layout? A. The administrator wants to publish only detail (non-calculated) plan data. B. The administrator wants to publish the data to an Oracle database. C. The administrator wants to use the published data with the Publish to Cognos Metrics Manager extension. D. The administrator wants to publish the data to a SQL Server database. Answer: A QUESTION 2 The Cash Flow D-Cube tracks incoming and outgoing cash each month. The amount of cash going out each month is always a fraction of the opening balance for the period (such as 20%). Which BiF should be used to calculate the opening and closing balances? A. B. C. D.

@Movsum @DelayDebt @FeedParam @StockFlow

Answer: C QUESTION 3 Users of the Contributor Web grid want to be able to import data from ASCII files and Excel files as well as local Contributor dat A. These end users do not have any rights in the Contributor Administration Console or Analyst. What must these users create? B. System Link C. Administration Link D. D-Link E. Local Link Answer: D QUESTION 4 Which statement is true about using a D-Cube allocation in a D-Link? A. B. C. D.

The D-Cube used for the allocation can only have two dimensions The D-Cube slice can contain data formatted as text, numeric, or date/time A D-Cube slice can only be used for allocation in one D-Link The D-Cube slice can only contain one page of data

Answer: D QUESTION 5 A modeler creates a D-Link that transfers data from an ASCII file called Franchise into a D-Cube called Income Statement. According to proven practices, what is the recommended name for the D- Link? A. Franchise>Income Statement B. Franchise.csv>Inc State

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C. Income Statement<Franchise D. Income Statement<Franchise.csv Answer: D QUESTION 6 Which statement is true about sorting D-Cube data? A. B. C. D.

D-List items can be sorted alphabetically Saving a D-Cube saves only the data but not the sort order Rows can be sorted using one criteria and columns using another An indicator appears on sorted D-Lists that allows switching of the sort order

Answer: C QUESTION 7 When importing from Cognos Package Data into an A-Table, what is the minimum number of query items that must be selected? A. B. C. D.

One Two Three Four

Answer: B QUESTION 8 What is a D-Link using a virtual dimension on the source side called? A. B. C. D.

Lookup D-Link Internal D-Link Allocation D-Link Accumulation D-Link

Answer: D QUESTION 9 A target D-Cube in Analyst contains data for Central Europe, Southern Europe, and Northern Europe. The modeler wants to transfer data into this D-Cube from an ASCII file that contains only data for Southern Europe and Northern Europe. Given that all dimensions are paired using Match Description, what must the modeler do to ensure that the Central Europe data in the target DCube does not get erased when the D-Link runs? A. B. C. D.

Set the mode to Substitute Assign Central Europe as the Dump item Apply a "hold" command to data for Central Europe Nothing; the D-Link will only transfer data for paired items

Answer: A

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