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What is branding and how important is it to Your Organization Strategy? Branding is a mark or identity which shows uniqueness in comparison with the other competitors An organization's strategy is so important that combines all of its Marketing goals including everything that is necessary.

Who are We? A full-fledged brand creation & brand building consultancy offering the science and expertise of the international schools from a local perspective. We are fresh, ambitious and qualified. Our core belief: Every brand, be it a newborn or an existing one, must experience a ‘power branding’ process in order to be a winner in the consumer’s mind. This can be achieved only through a scientific process managed by knowledgeable & professional practitioners with a passion for brands.

What we do? • Brand Identities for Startup companies • Evolution of Brand Identities for existing companies • Creation of Total Brand experience journey

When a branding process is initiated by applying depth of thought prior to the act of creation and then complement it with fresh, dynamic and distinct creativity, we call it BRAINDING. BRAINDING is the next generation firm in Corporate Identity branding in Saudi Arabia as it addresses the biggest problem in conventional branding approach which is creation in isolation. Isolation from understanding the dynamics of audience groups, who are supposed to be engaged, influenced and stimulated to respond by the proposed brand identity and brand development companies in Saudi Arabia

The end result of the Brainding process not only creates and heightens awareness at the core of every meaningful marketing campaign but more importantly creates consumer preferences and compels them to engage into a meaningful relationship with the brand. The process does so by offering a “DING� that occurs in the audience’ brain when images and perceptions become permanently imprinted on the conscious mind. The result is a marketing campaign that becomes memorable in the minds of consumers surpassing traditional branding images and messages. The brand identity creation process introduced and practiced by BRAINDING is inclusive and participative process.

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What is branding and how important is it to your organization strategy