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Your support for BSF can help us: maintain and improve the Helpline service provided by our neuroscience nurses develop information written specifically for children extend the services available to health professionals dealing with neurological conditions make our booklets and website services more accessible to a wider range of people. How to get in touch: By post Brain and Spine Foundation 3.36 Canterbury Court, Kennington Park 1 -3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE By phone 020 7793 5900 (donations/events/queries) Brain and Spine Helpline 0808 808 1000 By email (general enquiries) (Helpline queries) Website

Registered charity 1098528.

Helping keep you informed

What are brain and spine disorders – and how can the Brain and Spine Foundation help?

Neurological conditions (disorders of the brain and spine) are more common than most people think. In addition to the more familiar conditions such as brain tumours, stroke, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy there are around 200 different disorders which affect hundreds of thousands of people every year. The treatment and services for people affected by these conditions are often patchy and the information available to patients and carers can be difficult to understand. The Brain and Spine Foundation aims to help people affected by these conditions by giving them the information they need so that they and those concerned about them can better understand their symptoms and their treatment options.

Helping people understand their condition

Brain and Spine Helpline: 0808 808 1000 (Freephone) Our helpline is staffed by neuroscience nurses and other health professionals who are able to help with a wide range of conditions and queries. Many callers are simply concerned about symptoms such as dizziness, headaches or face pain while others may be seeking clarification about a specific condition or about an examination they need to undergo. Our aim is always to explain sometimes complex medical conditions in a way that people can understand. Booklets The Brain and Spine Foundation publishes more than 28 booklets and fact sheets on a range of neurological conditions and procedures, available in print or online. Website More than 30,000 visitors each month use the Foundation’s website to seek out information, to download free copies of the booklets and find useful links to other websites which might also be of help.

About the Brain and Spine Foundation  

Leaflet describing the Brain and Spine Foundation's services

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