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braille institute annual report


Raising the bar… how often we use that phrase in sports,

in business, even in our own lives. Usually it refers to “upping our game,” higher expectations or a higher level of performance. At Braille Institute, “raising the bar” is all about how our students and clients have discovered that they can live a full, active life despite sight loss. And for our organization, raising the bar means that we are meeting the challenges of today’s changing world to provide services that really touch the lives of individuals and their families at our centers, in the community and through technology. Fiscal Year 2011-2012 has indeed been another banner year for Braille Institute. You will see throughout the pages of this Annual Report statistics on numbers of people served through various programs. You will also see our financial report summarized. All this information points to the health and vitality of the organization. But the heart of the report is in the stories of Luna, Jaydn,Vejas, Petras, and Bernard. They tell us the real impact and purpose of Braille Institute.They show dramatic results in the lives of real people. Each of these people represents literally thousands of others, whose lives have been enriched through counseling, rehabilitation training, low vision rehabilitation, talking books and a host of other programs and services. Another way to view our results is to peruse our annual outcomes study. It can be seen on our website – On our home page, click on “About Us.” There you will find “Our Goals and Achievements.” Under “Measurement of Progress” you will find our complete outcome study by area of service.


Braille Institute is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eliminate barriers to a fulfilling life caused by blindness and severe sight loss.

At a glance

These outcome measures help our staff to keep focused, not on statistics, but on real results in the lives of our clientele – of fulfilling our mission. They indicate the real return on the investment for our donors and volunteers of their time and financial support in the work of Braille Institute.

• Volunteers: 3,680

We are proud to be able to continue offering all of our services at no charge despite these historically challenging economic times. Along with that fact, nothing reported in these pages would have been possible were it not for the generosity and kindness of our donors and volunteers. So, it is to them that we express, on behalf of all those thousands of blind and visually impaired men, women, children and their families, our profound gratitude.

• Volunteer/Staff Ratio: 13:1


• People Assisted: 81,250 • Staff: (282.5 FTE) 275

• Facilities Managed: 426,000 sq. ft. • Administrative Costs: 3.0% • Fundraising Costs: 10.5%

Light 2012 Braille Institute Leslie E. Stocker Jr. Lester M. Sussman Chair Annual Report President


for adults

LUNA EDWARDS Imagine the gentle sounds of reggae lilting through your car speakers on your drive to deliver fresh fruit to market in the foothills of Jamaica—an idyllic life, a

Our free low vision wellness programs help adults who are living with fading vision, through classes, workshops and one-on-one instruction. We offer personal advisement to determine the best curriculum to meet each student’s individual needs, as we help them to regain their independence.

world away from the city, and even further RAISING THE BAR!



from Southern California. This was Luna Edwards’ life until well in her forties when a tumor on her optic nerve cost her most of her vision, and her livelihood. “I was very fortunate that my son brought me to California to live with him, which is where I found Braille Institute,” she said. With her easy smile and melodic accent, Luna has flourished at the San Diego Center, where she’s become part of a



Total Number of People Assisted

community that has impacted her as much as the classes she’s taken for the past two years. “I’ve learned from all of the friends I’ve made at Braille Institute, that if they can do it, I can, too,” she said. “It’s like one big family. I’m okay with my blindness now, but I’m not okay with sitting still.” On the contrary, Luna is already well on her way to mastering the braille code and is


determined to go back to school so she

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, the number of Americans experiencing age-related vision loss is expected to double in the next two decades.

others, just like Braille Institute helped her.

can become a braille instructor and help

(Family Caregiver Alliance, 2008)

LOW VISION rehabilitation Our trained specialists help our clients to adapt, both their lifestyle and their thinking, when it comes to making the






most of their remaining vision. They determine the best assistive devices for each of our low vision clients, offering free consultations at our Centers, and out in the field on our fleet of Mobile Solutions vehicles.

Low Vision Consultations in the field through Mobile Solutions vehicles

THE NEED Braille Institute is now providing even more low vision rehabilitation consultations out in the field to help those for whom travel and transportation is an issue.

Low Vision Specialist Jamie McCallister shows client Les Hubner how a handheld magnification device can help him read personal documents more easily.



Jaydn Gardner Jaydn Gardner is undoubtedly one of the most adventurous three year olds you’ll ever meet. The fact that she’s almost completely blind doesn’t figure into the equation. But when her parents Contessa

Through our in-home program, we offer training and resources to help families prepare for the challenges of




and Chris first learned their daughter was born with leber’s congenital amarosis, and almost no usable vision, their world was filled questions and fears.

parenting a young child who is blind or visually impaired. We work hands-on

“We worried about what our daughter

with parents to aid in the development

would be able to do,” Contessa said.

of preschoolers, getting them ready

“But Braille Institute and their child

for kindergarten, fostering both their

development consultants showed us the

physical and emotional growth.

light at the end of the tunnel. We learned that there were alternatives for acquiring the skills she needed and that there is still 2007


Total Children & Families Served

so much she can still achieve. Jadyn is very determined and we are, too.” Jaydn loves to explore, socialize, and practice her climbing skills, just like the rest of her peers. She’s already curious about reading braille and, thanks to our Child Development Program, Jaydn is poised to

*106 additional families not enrolled in Braille Institute’s programs were served through parent groups

THE NEED In the United States, one out of 20 preschool-aged children will have a vision problem that affects their ability to learn. (Prevent Blindness America, 2010)

enter a mainstream school environment, on-time and with her own signature flair.

YOUTH SERVICES We work with children and teens (ages 6-18) to develop daily living and life preparation skills. From challenging




physical activities such as rock climbing, skiing, and surfing, to participation in choral groups and more, we bolster their confidence, and, in turn, brighten their future, leading to educational achievement and employment.

2007 2012 Total Youth Contact Hours

THE NEED Research shows that as many as 50% of blind students never finish high school. (National Federation of the Blind, 2009)

Braille Institute youth Alfred Babayan and David Sandoval made waves and reeled in a dozen fish between them on a recent deep sea fishing expedition.


VEJAS & PETRAS VASILIAUSKAS Meet Vejas and his little brother Petras. Vejas is 15, has already surfed the waves of Hawaii, and plans to become a writer someday. Petras is 11, enjoys tending to his family’s garden and looks forward to becoming a

We motivate school-age braille readers


to excel through The Braille Challenge®, a nationwide literacy contest designed



doctor like his father. It goes without saying then, that they’re both excellent students and voracious readers. Yet, for them, reading involves their trained fingers, flying across

to celebrate their talents and abilities,

the page in a dizzying blur of movement.

as well the production and distribution of the Braille Special Collection, several

Vejas and Petras have been blind since birth

book series designed to foster a love of

and rely on braille, to not only compete,

reading in children.

but excel academically. “Life is mainstream, and we have to be, too,” said Vejas. His parents realized early on that there would be challenges along the way, but failure wasn’t 2007


Total Braille Special Collection Books & Kits Distributed

an option. “When you’re blind you have to be even better than the competition,” their father Eric said. Braille Institute has been there to encourage the boys’ growth from their early days in our Child Development program, to their standout performances as competitors in The Braille Challenge® literacy competition, and their avid consumption of free reading material through our Special Collection


book series. It’s all about preparation for a

Studies show that blind and visually impaired youth who are braille literate are nearly three times more likely to find employment than those who don’t read and write braille. (Ranalli, “A Boost for Braille,” The Boston Globe, 2008)

successful life in school and beyond, and the Vasiliauskas brothers are poised to triumph.

DIGITAL LITERACY Braille Institute continues to provide our students with access to the latest information and services to enrich






their lives. With the world’s movement toward digital technology, Braille Institute is keeping our clientele plugged in, ushering in this new era through the development of exciting smartphone applications and specialized instruction on the latest mobile devices, such as the iPad, and smartphones, such as the iPhone.

Total Mobile App Downloads

THE NEED By the year 2016, the number of smartphones and mobile devices in use worldwide is expected to exceed the number of human beings on the planet. (Cisco Visual Networking Index, 2012)

Braille Institute access technology specialist Cathleen Kim shows client Estee Boggs how to use an iPad to make life with low vision easier and more fulfilling.


BERNARD REzNICK Life’s unpredictable road has taken Bernard Reznick from the Ukraine, where he escaped religious persecution and the deadly Russian pogroms, to sunny Los Angeles, where he built a successful

We provide adults and children alike with more than 100,000 individual titles on cassette, in digital format and in

mail delivery business from the ground



up. At 98 years old, Bernard has seen a lot,


and accomplished a lot, too.

braille. And it’s all available for free, from

But Bernard was unprepared when life

popular fiction and informational titles,

took another turn: macular degeneration.

to hundreds of descriptive videos, to

“As such an avid reader and writer, it was

more than 40 of today’s most popular

very difficult,” he said. No longer able


to read the print in books, even with a magnifier, Bernard felt lost and alone. “Being visually impaired at my age can feel like being stranded on a desert island,” he 2007



Total books available

Fortunately, Bernard was aware of Braille Institute. He registered as a library patron and within days, began receiving free audio books in the mail. Life’s road took another turn, and this one for the better. Bernard is a mystery and science fiction fan and finds the stories help him stay connected with world around him. “I can’t tell you how much the audio books mean

THE NEED Two-thirds of America’s legally blind population are seniors who have lost vision as a result of age-related eye diseases. (AFB, Special Report on Aging and Vision Loss, 2012)

Light 2012

to me,” he said. “Braille Institute gives you

Braille Institute

a reason to live.”

Annual Report

SERVICES July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012 GENDER




Diabetic Retinopathy 7%



cataracts 7% Retinitis Pigmentosa 3%




Orange County



Rancho Mirage



Santa Barbara



41 515

3,433 36,339

San Diego TOTAL

CENTER Los Angeles Orange County Rancho Mirage Santa Barbara San Diego TOTAL


(Blind Since Birth)

22% 65 and Over



(Formerly Sighted)

STUDENTS ENROLLED 808 634 379 273

CONTACT HOURS 57,077 45,231 37,484 19,416





MOBILE SOLUTIONS (Los Angeles, Rancho Mirage and Santa Barbara Centers)

CHILD DEVELOPMENT: INFANTS THROUGH 5 YEARS OF AGE Early Intervention (Birth to 3 Years) In-Home Services Number of infants/families Hours of service Pre-School Support and Transition Programs Number of families/children over age 3 Hours of service Medical Visits with Families Consultations Short term (no. of families served for up to 6 months) Long term Total children and families served* *106 Additional families not enrolled in Braille Institute’s programs were served through parent groups.

CONTACT HOURS 1,037 519 1,782 1,040 720 5,098



20 to 64


YOUNG ADULTS: 19 TO 30 YEARS OF AGE CENTER YOUNG ADULTS Los Angeles 53 Orange County 142 Rancho Mirage 99 Santa Barbara 14 San Diego 5 TOTAL 313

glaucoma 10%


up to 19

Los Angeles

Macular Degeneration 25%



Sites visited

Low vision rehab consultations

No. of visitors





Job Referrals Paid Internships

162 4,924 186 3,286 515 122 227 349

Employer Contacts


Employment Nondiscrimination Policy Statement: Braille Institute declares and affirms a policy of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in providing our services to the public. Braille Institute admits students and clients of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or veteran status, to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students and clients of Braille Institute. We do not discriminate on the basis of any class protected by California or federal law in the administration of our educational policies, admission policies and programs.

Part Time Full Time

7 7

27 27Job




124 106




















































Rancho Mirage


Public Response


Santa Barbara


Service Calls Made


San Diego


Service Calls Received



Los Angeles




Orange County




Rancho Mirage




Santa Barbara




San Diego









Dots-for-Tots Kits Distributed


Tac-Tales Kits Distributed


Top Dots Distributed








Preliminary contests returned


Teachers administering contests




Regional events hosted




U.S. States & Canadian Provinces represented


Orange County




Rancho Mirage



Speaking engagements


Santa Diego



Group tours


Santa Barbara



Film & TV consultations




CENTER Los Angeles



LIBRARY SERVICES Readers registered


TOTAL 1,455 302 251

165 127 LOS AngeLeS

Orange County







Los Angeles



Regional/national media coverage (feature stories & media announcements)

Individual titles


Books available


Books circulated 302 Machines supplied


Machines repaired


Cassettes produced


Deposit libraries


* Including CMLS & Ill Books (Nls) SAn chiLD DiegO DeVeLOPMent


Online/social media coverage


Southern California media coverage (feature stories & media announcements)



Print and television


Print and television


Online/social media coverage


Website visits (,,,,,,, and


Individuals assisted




Social media engagements


YouTube Hits this year


Apps VisionSim™ downloads on IOS devices VisionSim on Android devices



Total app downloads


To download a full report of our Outcomes go to


GREG SHANE The first thing you notice when you step into Greg Shane’s acting class is the energy. It bubbles out of the volunteer instructor and bounces off the dozen blind and visually impaired students in the room

Braille institute has thrived on the support of its volunteers for nearly one hundred years. We wouldn’t be able

creating an electric environment. And this



is just rehearsal. That energy becomes a


harnessed force several times a year when Shane directs his students in acclaimed

to maintain the scope of our services

performances throughout Los Angeles.

without the dedicated contributions of the thousands of talented and diverse

Born partially blind in one eye and

volunteers who answer our telephones,

classically trained in theater, Shane

collate brailled reading materials, and

decided several years ago that he wanted

teach classes in areas ranging from

to work with students at Braille Institute to enhance their lives through the dramatic

martial arts to ceramics to salsa dancing.

arts. “I’ve had people come into class

Thank you for your support! 2007

who are barely willing to speak above a


whisper, simply due to their own anxiety

Total Braille Institute Volunteers

and self-consciousness,” Shane said. “But through our training exercises, live performances, and the encouragement they receive from the other students, I’ve seen amazing transformations.” Shane and his company recently wrapped another successful run in West Los Angeles

THE NEED Volunteers outnumber staff 13:1 at Braille Institute and nearly half of our classes are taught by talented and dedicated volunteer instructors.We couldn’t do it without you!

Visit our website at or GregLight Shane’s website 2012 at to find out when Braille Institute’s talented Braille Institute next. You’re guaranteed cast will be performing an emotional that you won’t Annual performance Report want to miss!

and are already gearing up for their next show. “I love what I do,” said Shane. “I get as much out of volunteering as my students get out of being in the class.”

Revenues & Expenses

Financial Highlights* Years Ended June 30

INCOME ($000) Public Support Bequests from Wills & Trusts Other Contributions Total Public Support Other Revenue Royalties State Library Appropriation Net Investment Income Total Other Revenue Allocation from Reserves Total Funds Received










2012 4,315

2011 3,086











Braille Publishing Child Development Library Services Los Angeles Center Orange County Center Rancho Mirage Center Santa Barbara Center San Diego Center Volunteer Services Total Program Services Administration Development Public Education Support Services Total Operating Expenditures Before Depreciation Capital Expenditures Total Expenditures Total Net Assets

For complete financial results, prepared in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles in the USA, refer to the report on Audited Consolidated Financial statements for Braille Institute which is available on our website at

Income Sources Bequests from Wills & Trusts

2012 1,293 768 3,053 4,380 2,794 1,896 2,056 1,955 664

2011 1,244 751 3,020 4,286 2,632 1,731 1,869 1,894 611



827 2,838 1,380 1,827

701 2,883 1,363 1,901



State Library Appropriation Net Investment Income

Operating Expenditures* 25,732 Program Services Development


Support Services




370 26,101 128,651

968 25,854 148,085






Chair Lester M. Sussman, C.P.A.** Managing Director, Resources Audit Solutions, Resources Global

Leslie E. Stocker, Jr. President

Members James B. Boyle Jr., Esq. Boyle, Olson & Robinson, Attorneys at Law

Sally H. Jameson Vice President of Programs and Services

Thomas K. Callister Resource Management & Marketing Solutions Michael C. Corley* KPMG L.L.P. Caryl O. Crahan Nancy N. Davis Percy Duran III James H. Jackson* Vice President & COO, Alisal Guest Ranch


Including Depreciation of 1,742 *

David L. Burkhardt Vice President of Development Anthony J. Taketa Vice President & General Counsel Adama Dyoniziak Director of Strategic Programs Nancy N. Niebrugge Assistant Vice President of Programs and Services

Michael R. Lazarovits Santa Barbara Support Group Presidents Jan Powell Braille Institute Auxiliary Anna Phipps Braille Institute Auxiliary – East San Gabriel Valley Joanie Kelly Braille Institute Auxiliary of Santa Barbara Denise Sunseri Friends of Braille Institute San Diego Beverly Adair Associates of the Desert

Jamie Aung Financial Services

Milliman Actuaries

Michael J. D. Lindsay*

Henry C. Chang, Ph.D. Library Services

Poindexter & DoutrĂŠ, Inc. General Legal Counsel

John F. Llewellyn* Chairman, Forest Lawn

Sally M. Cullman Development

Pricewaterhouse Coopers, L.L.P. Auditors

Rick Nelson*

Alison B. Dirstine Website & Publications


Richard C. Larson*

John G. Nuanes* Jeanne Olenicoff James J. Rhodes* Managing Partner, Proteus Environmental Technologies

George E. Thomas* Thomas Partners Investments, LLC David J. Wiegand Diane Wilkinson Howard O. Wilson*


Reza Rahman Vice President of Finance

Richard M. Ybarra San Diego


Philip V. Swan* Private Trustee


Peter A. Mindnich Executive Vice President

Lisa Jimenez Rancho Mirage

Department Directors

Harvey Strode

Public Education Administration

Board Of Directors

Richard C. Lawton

Other Contributions Royalties

Our Leadership

* Executive Committee Member ** Executive Committee Chair

Janice Herzberg Human Resources Ryan Honey Digital Media Productions Courtney Kassel Marketing & Public Relations Ruth McKinney Braille Publishing Sidney H. Metcalfe Facilities Susan K. Parker-Strafaci Child Development Mohamed M. Yassin Business Services Suzanne Zolfo Planned Giving & Major Gifts

Orange County Charles Caldwell Thomas K. Callister Ted Konoposis Richard A. Nelson* Williard S. Voit David J. Wiegand Howard Wilson Santa Barbara Caryl O. Crahan James A. Jackson* *Chairman ANNUAL REPORT Scott Kassel Concept & Editorial

Regional Directors

Tony Garzio Art Direction/Design

Anita Wright Los Angeles

Ken Merfeld Photography

Gene Mathiowetz Orange County

Southern California Graphics Printing


JEANETTE & CARL GOLDBAUM Braille Institute donors Jeanette and Carl Goldbaum recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows. Incredibly enough, the Goldbaums have been supporters of Braille Institute

Donors are the heart and soul of the magic that happens inside the doors of Braille Institute. Funded almost entirely

for even longer.



“Living in Los Angeles as a young woman,


I was aware of Braille Institute and the

through private donations, all of our

great work they do,” Jeanette said. She

programs and services remain free of

passed along her love of the organization

charge, thanks to the continued support

to her husband, Carl, who spent much of

of foundations, businesses, service clubs,

his life as a high-level engineer working

and individuals just like you. Thank you

on groundbreaking projects such as the

for your support!

very first Atlas missiles. “We’ve been so impressed by the amount of resources allocated directly to programs and services 2007

at Braille Institute,” he said.


Total J. Robert Atkinson Heritage Society Members*

The Goldbaums have been instrumental donors and proponents of childhood literacy, sponsoring three Braille Challenge Award Banquets to honor the best and brightest young braille readers, as well as

* The J. Robert Atkinson Heritage Society is our special recognition club for those donors who have allocated gifts for Braille Institute in their estate plans, providing long-term security for the organization.

including Braille Institute in their estate plan.” Attending the awards banquet

* In Memoriam *

THE NEED Bequests from wills and trusts provided 47% of our operating income last year.We can’t do it without you!

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Carl Goldbaum on July 25, 2012. His legacy will live on through his wife, Jeanette, his two sons, Jesse and Barry, and the many people whose lives he touched, including those at Braille Institute.

each year is such a thrill,” Carl said. “It’s so amazing the things that these kids accomplish.” We think Jeanette and Carl are pretty amazing, too.


Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred E. Haick

Miss Yolanda Martinez

Mr. Kay Tamaki

Mrs. Ruth B. Hanshe

Mr. & Mrs. Felton P. Targan

Mrs. Barbara Hayden

Mr. & Mrs. Orlando Martinez-Miller

Mr. Rufus L. Hayden

Mr. & Mrs. David A. McGrath

Mrs. Oliver R. Henrickson

Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Mehegan

You Have Made It All Possible!

Mona Hewitson

Mr. Jose L. Mignone

Mr. Daniel J. Hicks

Mr. Wallace V. Mills

Braille Institute is built upon a strong tradition of philanthropy dating back to 1919, the year of our founding, when

Mrs. James R. Horst

Mr. Oscar L. Monroe

Mary and John Longyear’s gift first made the work of Braille Institute possible. And that same spirit of philanthropy

Mr. Hans Inpijn

Ms. Martha Jo Morehouse

carries on today through donations made by individuals, foundations, businesses, service clubs, volunteers, students,

Mr. Richard Jilovsky

Mr. Neil W. Motter

Mrs. Iris Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Myerson

Mr. Gregory S. Jones

Ricardo & Julia Pena

Mr. Philip D. Jontz

Ms. Margrett L. Persley

Mr. & Mrs. Erik A. Jorgensen

Mrs. Mary Lois Peters

Dr. Solomon Kaplan

Mrs. Margaret Petrus

Mr. Stanley N. Karakawa

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Pryor

Mrs. Hal Kassner

Mr. Jerry Rapport

Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Kirbey

Mr. & Mrs. Fred D. Ritter

Mr. Neal Kleiner

Mr. Jack Rogo

clients and staff – people like you, whose gifts continue to sustain and grow our vital programs and services. We do not seek government funding nor do we charge for any of our services. And the one constant since our founding is that the impact we have on the lives of blind and visually impaired men, women, children and their families each year would not be possible without our generous donors. We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who gave gifts of time or money to Braille Institute between January 1 and December 31, 2011. We could not provide benefits to blind and visually impaired people, without you! As we give recognition for support, space limitations allow us to list only those donors whose gifts qualified them for membership in one of the following donor recognition clubs.

PILLARS Pillars are donors who, in addition to their current gifts of cash, securities or property made in 2011, have made donations to Braille Institute for at least five previous years. Year after year, it is this group of generous friends that helps provide the strong financial foundation that has made it possible for Braille Institute to continue to provide its programs and services – free of charge – for the past 93 years. Braille Institute is blessed to have hundreds of loyal donors who belong to this club. Space limitations, however, allow us to only list donors who have given gifts from January 1 through December 31, 2011, and who have made at least one donation a year for 30 or more years, not necessarily in consecutive years.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Aaron

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Deutsch

Mrs. Marjorie Kniep

Ms. Helen P. Salin

Mr. & Mrs. Tway W. Andrews

Ms. Doris E. Dosser

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Lambert

Mr. & Mrs. Saul M. Salka


Mrs. Edmund Dubois

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Landler

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Schrimmer

Mrs. Virginia O. Beckett

Mr. John D. Duffin

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Larsen

Dr. Irwin M. Schultz

Dr. Richard W. Berlin

Ibrahim Eltorai

Ms. Patricia A. Laubacher

Mr. Charles Schwab

Mr. & Mrs. Dwight E. Bishop

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Endicott

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Lauter

Mrs. Sherwood Schwartz

Mr. Walter J. Bloch

Mr. Armand Field

Mr. Uri Leder

Mrs. Kurt D. Seelman

Ms. Mary Jane Brown

Ms. Shirley L. Fifield

Mr. W. Stanley Lisiewicz

Dr. Joan Shipley

Ms. Dorothy Brown

Mrs. Paul B. Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Lozano

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Simon

Mrs. Edith N. Brownstone

Mr. Stanley Fishfader

Mr. & Mrs. Nuell C. Lunde

Bernard & Gwen Sklar

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Christopher

Mr. Herb Friedenthal

Ms. Natha R. Lusk

Mr. Yoram Stav

Mr. Paul J. Corigliano

Mr. Arnold Friedman

Nancy Lusk

Mr. & Mrs. Burt Stern

Ms. Vivian R. Cummings

Mr. Stanley L. Gendler

Ms. Kathryn W. Madara

Ms. Bunny Barbara Stivers

Ms. Gloria Darmour

Mrs. Sylvia H. Goldsmith

Mrs. Alice Maher

Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Strauss

Dr. Alvin Davis

Mrs. Muriel Green

Dr. & Mrs. Harold S. Marcus

Herbert & Elaine Strickstein

Mrs. Mary S. Vickie De Grazio

Ms. Evelyn B. Greenwald

Mrs. Estelle Markowitz

Mrs. Mary T. del Rio

Mr. Robert B. Griffith

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Martin

Pearl M. Stuckwish & Michael R. Ito Mr. John L. Tallis

Miss Grace H. Thomas Miss Lourene E. Vail Mr. Elmer Vollnogle Mr. Ted Tetsuo Waki Mr. Ivan Warshawsky Mrs. Harry E. Weaver Ronald & Roberta White Ms. Joan Wiseman Mr. & Mrs. Akito Yasuna

1919 Circle

Mr. Herbert S. Abrams

Mrs. Pearl Courson

Ms. Eloise C. Goodhew Barnett

Mr. Richard C. Lawton

Mary & Joseph Payden


Mr. & Mrs. Lue Cramblit

Mr. Fred W. Griggs

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry G. Leigh

Mr. William R. Payden

Mr. Jefferson W. Asher, Jr.

Mr. James R. Creighton

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grube

Ms. Betty B. Letteau

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Payse

Mrs. Jane Ayres

Ms. Alene Cutsinger

Ms. Jeri A. Guensler

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J.D. Lindsay

Mr. Robert M. Pedraglia

Mrs. De Ette Barner

Mr. John C. Darnall

Ms. Dowrene Hahn

Dr. & Mrs. George Lobley

Mrs. Audrey Perkal

Ms. Charmaine Blatt

Mrs. Alice E. Dart

Ms. Emma B. Hanke

Mrs. Laurel Logan

Mrs. Joseph J. Pinola

Mrs. Tybe Blink

Mrs. Meryl David

Iwalani Harris

Lee & Megan Loughnane

Ms. Laverne Pitzer

Dale & Rosemary Bohlka

Ms. Lisa Davidson

Mrs. Edmund P. Harrison

Lucas & Helyne Loukides

Mr. Frederick Pitzman

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Boone

Mr. Alvin Davis

Ms. Lenora Harth

Doris T. Luster

Homer A. Ralles

Mr. William A. Bowles

Ms. Sara I. Davis

Mr. Robert S. Hawes

Mr. & Mrs. John Magnuson

Mr. William Rapien

Mr. James B. Boyle, Jr.

Bertha De Gregory

Mr. Rufus L. Hayden

Mr. Parker Mahnke

Mr. Jerry Rapport

Mr. John Brelsford

Ms. Cherie Degen

Catherine L. Hazlett

Mrs. Jeanette Malin

Mr. Albert Rea

Ms. Lynn Brooks

Mrs. Kristina Linn Dendinger

Ms. Nancy G. Hendrickson

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Mallory

Ms. Pauline Roberts

Gary D. Brown

Mr. & Mrs. A.E. Dotson

Ms. Helen E. Hoag

Mrs. Phyllis Margolies

Ms. Patricia Robertson

$50,000 and More

Gerald & Mary Jo Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dowd

Ms. Lynn Ellen Holden

Mr. & Mrs. John Martinez

Mr. & Mrs. George D. Robison

Ms. Ruth Stasneck

Mr. Windford R. Brown

Raymond & Sally Duncan

Mr. & Mrs. George Hoogeveen

Ms. Janet Martin

Mrs. Hilda Rolfe

$25,000 to $49,999

Mr. & Mrs. David Burkhardt

David Dunn

Mr. E. Gregory Hookstratten

Mrs. Adelina McAndrews

Kenneth Rothschild

Franklin D. & Phyllis M. Halladay

Mary E. Burson

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Elmlinger

Mr. Michael Kai Hung Leung

Ms. Alice McConnell

Mrs. Mary C. Sandage

Palmer Langdon

Mrs. Carole Buss

Mr. Donald Elo

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Jaffy

Ms. Beverly McDonald

Mrs. Shirley G. Saxon

Lucile McVey Dunn

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Cadman

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Endicott

Mrs. Sally H. Jameson

Ms. Ann McKenzie

Mr. Bernard Schecter

$10,000 to $24,999

Mr. Charles B. Caldwell

Mr. Steven A. Farrar

Ms. Dolores C. Johnson

N. Jeanine McMahon

Mr. William H. Schnieders

Thomas K. Callister

Mrs. Evelyn M. Feintech

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Jolles

Ms. Eileen Miller

Ms. Sarah Scholle

Dr. Catherine F. Canada

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Field

Mr. William D. Jones & Family

Ms. Mary F. Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Schrimmer

Ms. Margaret Casey

Mrs. Patricia Fischer

Dr. Solomon Kaplan

Mr. Peter Mindnich

Ms. Louise Schultz

Carl Champion

June Fisher

Mr. Arnold Karlson

Burckhard Mohr

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Scully

Ms. Aimee Chan

Mr. Max Freilich

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Karlson

Mrs. Lorene Moran

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent E. Scully

Amnart Charoensukvanich

Mr. Herb Friedenthal

Mr. & Mrs. Leon E. Kent

Mr. Wilbur Morley

Mrs. Arlene Sgueglia

Dean & Darcy Christal

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Fuller

Ms. Betty Kiker

Mr. James Mosher

Dr. Joan Shipley

Ms. Marian K. Chuan

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Gant

Mr. Dan Kilmer

Betty M. Nance

Mr. Stephen Sicard

Tracey D. Clarke

Mr. Richard Gausewitz

Mr. James F. Kincaid

Mr. John S. Niendorff

Dr. Yossi Sidikaro

Jane P. Clark

Dr. Lily George

Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Kirbey

Dale & Michael Nissenson

Mr. Mace Siegel

Mr. Robert Clary

Ms. Florencine W. Gerard

David & Mary Koop

Mr. Bernard M. O’Donnell

Barbara Siniscalchi

Robert & Sue Clayton

Mr. Dennis Gillard

Mr. David A. Kourlas

Ms. Jeanne Olenicoff

Mrs. Pauline Smith

Mr. Randall S. Cline

Enid Gleich

Mr. Paul T. Kozaki

Gerald S. O’Loughlin

Mr. & Mrs. William Sornborger

Ms. Donna B. Cloninger

Mr. Barry S. Goldbaum

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kwan

Ms. Maria Otero

Mr. Samuel Rush Spaulding

Mr. Gregory Richard Corallo

Carl & Jeanette Goldbaum

Richard & Shirley Larson

Ms. Virginia Covell Parham

Mr. Milton F. Stevens

A giving circle, named after the year of our founding, that includes all donors who made gifts of cash, securities, or property, regardless of gift purpose, in a calendar year. (Excludes planned gifts and bequests, which are recognized separately.) As we give recognition for support, space limitations allow us to list only gifts of $1,000 or more (cumulative) between January 1 and December 31, 2011.


Anonymous Thomas & Arloah Artingstall Mr. Jack Bechtel Mrs. Betty Bufkin Mr. Louis L. Colen Jean Dewdney Judge Meredith A. Jury Mrs. Yoko Ono Lennon Mr. & Mrs. H. Austin Mahr Dot & Rick Nelson Mrs. Marianne Nicols Mr. D. Kenneth Richardson Mr. & Mrs. David Wiegand

$1,000 to $9,999 Ms. Ruth T. Abraham

Leon and Toby Gold Foundation

Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts

Gordon Weiss Schanzin Vision Institute

Pomona Host Lions Club

Mr. Chien Feng Sun

Foundations, Corporations & Special Groups

Lester & Linda Sussman

$1,000,000 and more

Bob Swaile

Henry L. Guenther Foundation

Friends of Braille Institute San Diego

$100,000 to $999,000

Frank and Joseph Gila Fund

The B.P. Moser Trust

Josephine Herbert Gleis Foundation

The Louis L. Borick Foundation

The Karl Kirchgessner Foundation Walter Lantz Foundation

Byram Memorial Trust of the California Community Foundation

Callie D. McGrath Charitable Foundation

The Champions Volunteer Foundation

Dan Murphy Foundation

Church at Pleasant Hill

National Federation for the Blind

City National Bank

The Gerald M. & Elizabeth A. Jennings Foundation

Nichols Enterprises, L.P.

Arnold & Kay Clejan Charitable Foundation


Mr. & Mrs. Leslie E. Stocker, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Suastegui

Mr. Philip V. Swan Ms. Agnes Tam Mr. J. Arnold Teasdale Mrs. Allie E. Tegner

The Irvine and Irma Robbins Foundation

George & Bonnie Thomas

Weingart Foundation

Mr. Loren E. Thompson

$50,000 to $99,999

Mrs. Daniel M. Tolmach Ms. Rita J. Traub

Braille Institute Auxiliary of Santa Barbara

Mrs. Susan Treiman

Johnny Mercer Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Vandevelde

$25,000 to $49,999

Ms. Marilyn Vandever

AS&F Foundation

Mr. Arnold Aubert Vernon

Frances C. Berger Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Wallace

Braille Institute Auxiliary

Mr. Robert C. Wanzong

Braille Institute Auxiliary of East San Gabriel Valley

Mr. James Washington Mr. & Mrs. John S. Welch Mr. & Mrs. Pierce Wenthur Mr. Truman B. White Mr. Frank Whiting Ms. Beverly Whitmore

Goldbaum Charitable Foundation

The Bruce Ford & Anne Smith Bundy Foundation

Almex USA, Inc.

City of Laguna Woods

David S. Ascher Charitable Foundation

The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association The Patron Saints Foundation San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey The Lucille Ellis Simon Foundation Foundation Ann Peppers Foundation

Sisters of St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation

Alzheimer’s Association

The Augustyn Foundation Trust The Cecile and Fred Bartman Foundation Carol Young Brooke Foundation

Betty Corradini Endowment Fund of the California Community Foundation Cushman Foundation Delta Gamma Foundation Catherine C. Demeter Foundation Desert Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Florence R. Devine #1 Fund of the California Community Foundation

Hayford Family Foundation The Heller Foundation of San Diego

Rancho Park Rotary Club

Hemet Ramona Valley Lions Club, Inc. The John C. Hench Foundation

Rotary Club of Studio City

Philip Hohnstein Family Foundation

The Simon-Strauss Foundation

Horizon Scripted Television Inc. The Ann Jackson Family Foundation

La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club Foundation La Jolla Kiwanis Foundation La Vista Foundation for the Blind and Physically Handicapped The Ruth Lane Charitable Foundation Lark Ellen Lions Charities Livingston Memorial Foundation The Los Angeles Breakfast Club Foundation

Ms. Judith B. Whitsit

Meta & George Rosenberg Foundation

Mrs. Diane Wilkinson

Ullman Foundation

Sidney Stern Memorial Trust

Robert N. Williams

Wood-Claeyssens Foundation

Karen Williamson

$10,000 to $24,999

The Walter J. and Holly O. Thomson Foundation

Florence R. Devine #2 Fund of the California Community Foundation

United Agencies, Inc.

Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation

I. N. & Susanna H. Van Nuys Foundation

Elks of Los Angeles Foundation

The Lluella Morey Murphey Foundation

Emerald Court Residents Association

NBC, MSNBC, KNBC Universal Foundation

Farbstein Family Charitable Foundation

The Northrop Grumman Foundation

Fraternal Order of Eagles

Olympic Maintenance of America

Georges & Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation

Paramount Pictures Corporation

Ayjay & Nancy Y. Wilson

Lon V. Smith Foundation

Mr. Howard O. Wilson

The Beverly & Frank Arnstein Foundation

James L. & Shirley Wood

The Auen Foundation

Mr. Philip P. Woodward

Aussie Nads U.S. Corporation

$1,000 to $9,999

Ms. Nancy Wulkan

Boand Family Foundation

Aberdeen Foundation

Ms. Effie C. Yamano

Braille Institute Associates of the Desert

Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians

Mr. Gordon C. Zwirtz

The Allergan Foundation

Ramona’s Mexican Food Products, Inc.

Garnette & Lloyd McVey Family Foundation Morongo Band of Mission Indians Muller Family Foundation

Reseda Women’s Club San Clemente Villas by the Sea, LTD. Sidney Stern Memorial Fund Thoren Family Charitable Trust UCSB Judo Club Union Pacific Foundation

Planned Gifts Planned gifts, also known as deferred gifts, help to secure Braille Institute’s future. We wish to thank and recognize those individuals who made irrevocable planned gifts to Braille Institute during calendar year 2011. Ms. Nancy Anderson Anonymous Loraine I. Barr Ms. Margaret Beetham Mr. & Mrs. William B. Brende Ms. Aimee Chan Dr. P.N. Danailov Mr. Robert W. Lloyd

In Memoriam & Tribute Gifts

Gifts in Kind

Gifts in kind are non-monetary By making a gift in memory of or gifts of tangible goods that either in themselves, or from in tribute to a friend, associate or family member, you can honor proceeds resulting from their sale, help support the mission a special occasion, pay tribute of Braille Institute. We wish to to someone you care about or celebrate the memory of a loved thank all those who made donations of gifts in kind during one. Recognized below are calendar year 2011. However, individuals who had gifts made in their name totaling $1,000 or space limitations allow us to only list those whose gifts were more in calendar year 2011. estimated to be of a value of In Honor of: $1,000 or more. Inger Coleman Frances Cammer Geoffrey & Melinda Grotz Community & Senior Services Sharon Kohn Department

In Memory of:

Ms. Shirley J. Dudley

Ms. Remedios Pacquing

Dorothy Adoor

Mr. William B. Paullin

Richard J. Casey

Lucille M. Rice

Ardra Chin

Marjorie H. Roberts

Everett Clark

S. Roguin

Columbus B. Courson

Ms. Audrey C. Smith

Frances C. Dobney

Thibiant International

Ms. Lois M. Callon Smith Ms. Phyllis Wicks

Belle E. Dotseth Shirley Durbin Mickey Flicker Donald Freeberg Troy Fred Griggs John & Lowry Hench Ray Huffaker Joan Levy Garnette & Lloyd McVey Marshall M. Mosher Alfred Nicols Frances Paelian Ruby H. Pinker Dr. David S. Saxon William Van Wyck Rose Venuto Edlund Wuorie

Ms. Beverly J. Hanson Ms. Alice Morrow Mrs. Marianne Pinchot Nicols

Employers with Matching Gift or Employee Directed Giving Programs Braille Institute received gifts from the following companies in 2011, through either an employer gift matching program or an employee-directed giving program. Allstate Giving Campaign America’s Charities Arrowhead United Way AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign Bank of America Foundation Matching Gift Program Bank of America Volunteer Grants Program Bank of America United Way Campaign Capella University Inspire Giving Program Chevron HumanKind Matching Gift Program Coachella Valley & 29 Palms Area Combined Federal Campaign ECHO, Northrop Grumman Employees Organization Edison International Employee Contributions Campaign Employees Community Fund of the Boeing Company Greater Los Angeles Combined Federal Campaign IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign Liberty Mutual’s Give With Liberty

Macy’s Foundation Macy’s Workplace Giving Medco Employees Giving Campaign

Bequests from Wills and Trusts

From Braille Institute’s very beginning, bequests have been Microsoft Matching Gifts essential to our financial wellProgram being. In fact, they are the most Orange-San Bernadino Counties significant means by which we Combined Federal Campaign receive financial support. Since Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts 1919, hundreds of friends, Program volunteers, students, and clients have chosen to make bequests The Prudential Foundation to Braille Institute through their Matching Gifts Program wills or trusts as a meaningful way Scitor Corporation Charitable of being permanently identified Gift Matching Program with the significant work of the Sempra Employee Giving Institute. Network The Charles Schwab Foundation The income received from bequests through wills and trusts Matching Gifts Program helps to ensure that for years to SoCal Tri-County Combined come thousands of blind and Federal Campaign visually impaired people of all Union Bank Employee ages will have a brighter future. Workplace Campaign It is with deep gratitude, that we United Way of Central & honor the memory of the following Northeastern Connecticut individuals whose bequests United Way of the Columbia provided income during calendar Willamette year 2011. United Way of Orange County Mr. Richard H. Abarta United Way of San Luis Obispo County, Inc.

Ms. Mary Joaquina Abascal Edwin B. Altman & June B. Altman United Way of Santa Barbara Anonymous County Ms. Ruth Appleby United Way of Ventura County Ms. Imelda L. Aron United Way, Inc. Ms. Helen Phillimarie Austin UPS Workplace Giving Campaign Ms. Sonia L. Badia Verizon Foundation Mr. James A. Baker Pauline Hudson Barnett Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Albert D. Berard & W. Douglas Steinmetz Yahoo Matching Gifts Program Mrs. Cecile Betts Zurich American Insurance Mr. Hal J. Blase Company Ms. Margaret Boston James B. & Jane R. Bradford

Mrs. Muriel Cameron Mrs. Helen Camnitzer Mrs. June R. Chapin Gladys & Jack Chapman Mr. Harry Mitchell Clement Kay & Sydney Cole Ms. Mary F. Comerford Ms. Margaret A. Conley Mr. Carl W. Connell Charlotte Hatfield Cox Ms. Thelma J. Cryst Ms. Lucille L. Cuvata Mr. George S. DeHesus, Sr. Mrs. Stella Dickinson Ms. Gladys Bruce Dilley Frank Hart Dlouhy & Dorothy Desiree Dlouhy Mr. John Thruston Duffy Mrs. Neva H. Easton Mr. Ludwig G.B. Erb Mr. Joseph B. Farkas Mr. Laurence B. Flaws Mrs. Lucille Fleming Ms. Jean Fox Mrs. Esther F. Gendall Ms. Inez S. Gerloff Mrs. Elsinore Machris Gilliland Ms. Myrtle M. Glendenning M. Neal & Barbara Keenan Goff Miss Ruth D. Goodman Ms. Pearl A. Gray Mr. Wilbur C. Grosse Dr. John A. Haberland Dr. Massih Hakami Mrs. Rosemary Hancock Smurr Ms. Marilyn J. Hanna Mr. & Mrs. Richard Calvin Hartman Mr. Jeffrey D. Hibbard

Fred & Lucille Hirsch Ms. Pearl Hoag Agnes & Aubrey Hopkins James & Margaret Howard Miss Dorothy Camilla Howe Mr. Rock Hudson Mrs. Jo Anne C. Jones Mr. Marvin D. Kahn Clyde G. Kaufman & Marilyn C. Kaufman Ms. Minna Kaye Ms. Margaret Kenny Mrs. Joan E. Koski Mr. Gerard L. Le Beau Mrs. Mary C. Lepkin Franz & Eileen Lilloe Ms. Linda L. Lindgren Mr. Edward M. Lipsett Mr. Alfred P. Little Ms. Jean Urchael Littledyke Mrs. Bertha Lorch Mrs. Lillian Luisi Ms. Anita A. MacKenzie Mrs. Alyce D. Madigan Jeanne R. & William A. Mallet Mr. Claude A. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Matheny Mr. William R. May Mrs. Virginia S. McCallum Florence V. & Francis L. McGraw Ms. Peggy Jane McMahon Mr. Roy Daniel McPhail Mr. Harry M. McQuigg Mrs. Louise F. Mollath Mr. John E. Mooar Mr. Fred Munoz Mrs. Gladys Nicholl Joseph G. & Pearl S. Noh Mr. Albert Nyquist Mr. Harry W. Ofshay

Mrs. Emilie Oppenheim Mrs. Freda Palmer John R. & Elizabeth S. Parker Joseph & Evelyn Pertusati Miss Anna K. Pfeiffer Mrs. Mary J. Phosky William & Jani Poindexter Lt. Col. Robert D. Price Ms. Hildegarde Princiotta Miss Ruth M. Reed Mrs. Sylvia H. Robb Mr. Laurence Tanner Robbins Mrs. Grace S. Robinson Mrs. Pearl E. Rogers Ms. Barbara M. Ross Edwin R. and Wanda M. Roth Benjamin & Esther Sharer Ms. Margaret S. Sharp Ms. Marjorie Leu Skala Mrs. Lillian C. Smith Mr. Roger C. Smith Mrs. Valeria Elizabeth Smith Ms. Virginia Stabler Mrs. Elaine F. Stepanek Mrs. Frederica Stumpf Mrs. Carlyne Sudrann Mr. William Earl Swisher Ms. Isabelle Terzian Herbert & Libby Tobin Mrs. Patricia A. Tyner Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Van Degrift Emily & J. Benton Van Nuys Mr. Jacque E. Wallace Ms. Charlotte Wayno Mr. Thomas L. Williams Mr. Daniel L. Winter Mrs. Cecile Woods Lewis Ms. Nancy Woskow Mr. Burton Zoul

The J. Robert Atkinson Heritage Society When you leave a bequest to Braille Institute through a will, trust, retirement plan, savings account, life insurance policy, charitable gift annuity or other instrument, you are helping to ensure that thousands of blind and visually impaired people of all ages will have a brighter future. If you wish, you can also be recognized as a member of our prestigious J. Robert Atkinson Heritage Society. Named for our founder, the Heritage Society honors those who have notified us that they have set aside gifts for Braille Institute in their estate plans. It is our great pleasure to recognize all active members of The J. Robert Atkinson Heritage Society. Charlotte Abrams Manuel Acosta Mary Allen Marjory M. Alsdurf Kathy Andre Anonymous Carmen Apelgren Jean Arley Thomas & Arloah Artingstall Mrs. Fannie “Bobby” Avrut Thomas J. Baldwin Ray E. Barnum John J. Baro Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Barofsky Loraine I. Barr Bernice Barth Mr. Jack Bechtel Amelia “Pat” Bianconi Mr. & Mrs. William B. Billingsley Harris J. Bloch Harry Boand, Jr. Mark S. Bobry Janice L. Boisclair Evelyn P. Borden Daniel & Evelyn Bourne Mary A. Bowler Mr. & Mrs. William B. Brende Basia Bressickello June Koenig Brouhard Gerald & Mary Jo Brown Lori Brown Mr. Windford R. Brown

Mr. & Mrs. George Buckhalter Mary G. Bullard Mr. & Mrs. David Burkhardt Marvin A. & Maxine L. Burnett Mary E. Burson Thomas K. Callister Harriett Celinscak Cindy Chan Venus Devina Charistma Marion A. Christoffel Bruce & Jo Ann Clark Gertha Collins Charlotte Hatfield Cox Pauline K. Crawford Pilar Curren Shirley Rhode Curtis Msgt. George DaCorte, USMC Ret. Dr. P. N. Danailov Doris Denning Margaret J. Doty Mrs. Lorri Driscoll Keith & Earline DuFault Virginia A. Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Emery Florence Esposito Estelle Fields Ralph Flood Jane K. Fox Bobbe Frankenberg Eunice Friend Jeff & C. Chanel Friesen

Mr. Sanford Gerber Ms. Andrea Giambrone Lu Gilbert Thelma Ginzler Lillian H. Glassman Carl & Jeanette Goldbaum Rochelle Gollin Jean B. Goodwyn Ron L. Gordon Mrs. Ida Gottsdanker Dr. & Mrs. W.N. Guddal Anna M. Hafeli Franklin D. & Phyllis M. Halladay Martha Halstead Sally M. Hammes Heinz & Thelma Hanau Roger J. Harmon Mrs. Mary M. Hart Gladys Haynie Catherine L. Hazlett Dr. Rosalyn S. Heyman Dr. Robert V. Hine, Jr. Mary Hope Joseph E. Hynes Alzia Jackson Ralph & Virginia Jacobs Norman & Rose Jaffe Mary Allison Joyce Milt Kandl Frances B. Kaplan Mr. Stanley A. Katapka Mrs. Rose Kempf

Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Kirbey Dr. Rozella S. Knox Dr. & Mrs. Carl Korn Arthur Kusuhara & Marguerite Garner Mark Lambert Mr. Joseph K. Landau Shirley J. Lane Palmer Langdon Richard & Shirley Larson Mr. & Mrs. Ray Lawrence Lewis Lazarus Elizabeth B.H. LeMenager Joan & Henry Levy Franz & Eileen Lilloe Kenneth W. Lintz Nate and Ruth Lipscomb Mrs. Diana J. Longenberger Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Lucky Mr. & Mrs. John Magnuson Mrs. Jeanette Malin Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Mallory Leona Mandelbaum Helen Marto Alma Mathias Natalie McCabe Mr. Ramsay McCue Mr. & Mrs. Ron Meyer Robert Moore Margaret Moran Patricia A. Morey Sydne Morrison Mr. & Mrs. Charles Murphy Dr. William Murray Tracy Nadeau Betty M. Nance Dot & Rick Nelson

Angela Nowlin Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Nutt Ms. Barbara Oberle Norma G. O’Melia Ms. Remedios Pacquing Marvin J. Paffenroth Glenn T. & Kathleen C. Patmore Mr. Robert M. Pedraglia Ricardo & Julia Pena Josephine Pendino Mildred Perlin Robert E. Peterson Mr. Donald F. Pratt Helen E. & Jesse W. Proctor Homer A. Ralles Jeremy C. Randall Harold & Joy Rattray Ralph A. Reinhard Lucille M. Rice Joan A. Risse Linda Robbins Marjorie H. Roberts S. Roguin Kenneth Rothschild Rose Salomon Bill & Doreen Sanders Leonard & Cornelia Sauble Art & Jean Schroeder Joann L. Schulwitz Esther S. Schuster Mr. Arthur Schwartz Merle Schwartz Mrs. Carol Settimo Judy A. Shackelford Evelyn Hamil Shopp Gretchen Sibley Elayne Sidley Mrs. Walter E. Simmonds Barbara Siniscalchi Ms. Mary Smiley Richard C. Smith Ms. Lois M. Callon Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Smith Mr. Richard M. Smyser Ruth Sollet Mr. Karl Sommer Julie Anne Soske Marian Stanley Pauline W. Stanley Alida J. Stanton Milton R. Stark Mr. & Mrs. Leslie E. Stocker, Jr. Mrs. Susie Stockton Shirley P. Struble Janet Swanson Robert G. Terry Jr. Isabelle Terzian Mr. Sean Thomas Muriel Thomson Sharlotte & Frank Tubin Mrs. Roy C. Turney Cheryl & Terry L. Tyler Eileen Fontaine Ulrich Marie-Louise Van Horne Paul & Lois Vaughan Mr. Lloyd Vogelweid Davis H. & Jean E. von Wittenburg Marjorie B. Wahl Janice E. Wall Monty & Patricia Waller Ms. Nancy Wannberg Catherine Watson Mrs. Jack L. Watson Leona Weiss Dr. Donald M. Weitzman Mrs. Marie Wickes Robert N. Williams Karen Williamson Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Wilson Murray & Marion Winagura Mr. Philip P. Woodward Esther Zabin Suzanne Zolfo

Help us continue to raise the bar... As you consider ways you might contribute to Braille Institute, we suggest you examine the advantages of a planned bequest. Every year, bequests help ensure that Braille Institute will be there for thousands of blind and visually impaired children and adults to light their way to a brighter future.

Bequests from wills and trusts provided 47% of Braille Institute’s operating income last year! Perhaps you have thought about making a large charitable gift to Braille Institute, but decided you could not afford it right now. You may be concerned about your own financial security and that of your family. But virtually everyone has the resources to give a gift larger than he or she ever dreamed possible after his or her lifetime – by making a bequest through a will or trust. And for 93 years, hundreds of friends, volunteers, students and clients have chosen a bequest to Braille Institute as a meaningful way of being permanently identified with our mission of eliminating barriers to a fulfilling life caused by blindness and severe sight loss.

Leaving a bequest through your will or trust is easy, simply include the following language: I give (X dollars or X percent or all of the residue of my estate) to Braille Institute of America, Inc., a California Nonprofit Corporation with principal offices located at: 741 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90029-3594 Tax identification number: 95-1641426 • Date of Incorporation: September 20, 1961 For more information on planning a gift for Braille Institute, please call our Planned Giving office at 1-800-BRAILLE (272-4553), Ext. 1256, or visit us on the web:




741 North Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029

PERMIT #9473

L O CAT I O N S Rancho Mirage 70-251 Ramon Road Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 (760) 321-1111 Orange County 527 North Dale Avenue Anaheim, CA 92801 (714) 821-5000

Headquarters Los Angeles 741 North Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029 (323) 663-1111 1-800-BRAILLE (272-4553)

San Diego 4555 Executive Drive San Diego, CA 92121 (858) 452-1111 Santa Barbara 2031 De La Vina Street Santa Barbara, CA 93105 (805) 682-6222

Upon request, this annual report is available on CD or in braille. © 2012 by Braille Institute of America, Inc.

Raising the Bar -- Annual Report  

This year's Light Magazine from Braille Institute features the theme, "Raising the Bar."

Raising the Bar -- Annual Report  

This year's Light Magazine from Braille Institute features the theme, "Raising the Bar."