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So we brag to live, but mostly we live to brag! Brag  is  an  experien,al  live  marke,ng  agency  ready  to  brag  live  about  your  

business through  crea,vely  intelligent  events  &  live  promo,onal  ac,vi,es  that   build  your  brand  rather  than  just  expose  them.          To  brag  means  to  show  off  or  to  talk  boas?ully  and  with  excessive  pride  about   something  or  someone,  in  other  words  to  proudly  market  or  promote.  At  brag   we  live  to  market  brands  we  can  be  proud  of  and  produce  events  that  are  brag-­‐ worthy.      Being  an  experien,al  live  marke,ng  agency  means  three  things:    1.  We’re  in  the  brand  building  business  not  just  in  the  business  of  execu,ng   events.    For  us  an  event  is  a  core  medium,  just  like  TV  is  a  core  medium  to  ATL   agencies.  Our  involvement  with  your  event  starts  with  strategic  frame  working   &  crea,ve  conceptualizing,  that  leads  to  turnkey  event  management/ produc,on,  and  ends  with  effec,ve  measurement  &  repor,ng.  


2.  Our  services  include  but  are  not  limited  to  events.    Our  service  offering   include  all  forms  of  live  marke,ng  &  experien,al  ac,va,ons/campaigns,   ranging  from  events,  to  sampling,  to  flash  mobbing,  PR  stunts,  on-­‐trade  &  off-­‐ trade  ac,va,ons,  workshops,  road  shows,  so  on.    3.  Our  primary  communica,on  allies  are  social  media  &  PR.  Our  key  objec,ve  is   to  generate  content  through  live  campaigns  &  ac,va,ons  for  PR  &  social  media   leverage,  and  in  doing  so  insure  our  Client  high  ROI.      Live  marke,ng  is  most  successful  when  its  part  of  a  larger  mix  and  no   marke,ng  mix  is  complete  without  a  live  component.    Your  partners  in   adver,sing,  public  rela,ons,  direct  and  interac,ve  will  become  our  partners  as   we  create  effec,ve  live  programming  for  your  brands.  

The team at brag is headed by Bong Guerrero and Ramzi Nakad. The combined expertise is what makes up a live marketing union that creates results above and beyond any of the UAE’s event management companies.! Bong  Guerrero,  a  turnkey  event  management  pioneer,  has  produced  

organized and  promoted  over  500  individual  events  ranging  from   segment  concerts  to  high  profile  ceremonies.  He  has  organized   governmental  &  cause-­‐related  events,  staged  art  exhibi,ons,  sports   tournaments  &  fashion  shows,  done  a  fair  share  of  corporate  and   product  launch  events  and  project  managed  an  en,re  town  fes,val   that  included  a  parade,  several  fes,val  sites,  and  an  opening  and   closing  ceremony.    Bong  has  worked  with  celebri,es,  royalty,  fashion   designers,  ar,sts,  musicians,  street  performers  &  athletes  in  the  varied   roster  of  events  he  helped  organize.    

Ramzi  Nakad,  a  marke,ng  specialist,  started  his  career  with  Leo   Burne\  Beirut  in  2001  managing  interna,onal  &  regional  brands  the   likes  of  Fiat,  Lamborghini,  Investcom,  and  Almaza.  He  was  appointed  by   Dubai's  Development  &  Investment  Authority  to  head  the  marke,ng   department  of  Dubai  Proper,es  in  2004.  With  Dubai  Proper,es  he   went  on  to  launch  &  market  locally,  regionally  &  interna,onally  mul,-­‐ billion  dollar  real  estate  projects  most  notably  Business  Bay,  Culture   Village  &  JBR.  In  2006,  he  was  sought  aber  by  Leo  Burne\  London   where  he  went  on  to  regionally  direct  a  por?olio  of  brands  for  P&G  in   Central  Eastern  Europe,  Middle  East  &  Africa,  and  was  awarded  the   P&G  CEEMEA  President's  Brand  Building  Award  in  2008.    

Corporate Events! Sample Work!

Dubai Culture & Art Authority ! With the  art  scene  in  Dubai  picking  up  in  a  big  way,   its  patrons’  contribu,on  wasn’t  to  go  unno,ced.  50   leading  patrons  of  art,  who  contributed  more  than   Dh220  million  towards  the  development  of  the  art   sector  in  the  emirate,  were  honored  at  the  inaugural   Sheikh  Mohammed  bin  Rashid  Al  Maktoum  Patrons   of  the  Arts  Awards  ceremony.  Organized  by  brag,  the   awards  were  given  out  in  four  categories.    

A  highlight  of  the  awards  ceremony  was  a   performance  that  integrated  various  ar,s,c  media,   conceptualized  and  executed  by  Emira,  and  Dubai-­‐ based  talent  sourced  &  managed  by  brag.  The  show   presented  a  crea,ve  journey  into  the  mindset  of  the   patrons  of  the  arts  set  against  the  backdrop  of   Dubai.  The  performance  was  a  testament  to  the   ar,s,c  and  crea,ve  competencies  of  Emira,  and   locally-­‐based  ar,sts,  underscoring  the  shib  in  Dubai’s   appeal  as  a  des,na,on  for  promo,ng  content   crea,on  —  one  of  the  goals  of  the  Sheikh   Mohammed  Bin  Rashid  Al  Maktoum  Patrons  of  the   Arts  Awards.  


As a  major  influencer  in  the  tech  world,  we  helped   Google  host  their  1st  region-­‐wide  Google  Day,   dubbed  Arabia  2.0.  The  event  gave  leaders  in  the   region  the  chance  to  interact  with  and  learn  from   leading  thinkers  and  innovators  such  as  Google  Vice   President  and  Chief  Internet  Evangelist,  Vint  Cerf.   The  event  was  held  at  Children  City  Dubai  Creek  Park   and  was  conceptualized,  produced  and  managed  by   Brag.  The  event  was  a\ended  by  top  execu,ves,   CEOs,  ministers  and  opinion  leaders  from  UAE,  Saudi,   Egypt  &  Jordon.    Following  the  success  of  the  Arabia  2.0  event,  brag   went  on  to  organize  and  manage  more  projects  for   Google,  namely  Doodle  4  Google  “I  love  Football”   compe,,on,  Google  Ramadan  VIP  Giveaway,  and   Travel  &  Technology  Industry  Day  seminar.        

Daimler - Mercedes Benz!

To launch  Mercedes  Benz  most  fashionable  2011  models;   SLK  &  C-­‐Coupe  BRAG  organized  a  highly  a\ended   progressive  party  in  the  region’s  most  fashionable  night  hot   spot  SKYBAR  BEIRUT.  More  than  2000  consumers,  delegates,   socialites  &  celebri,es  from  the  region  a\ended  the  event.   Performers  from  New  York,  Barcelona  &  Australia  were   flown  in  for  the  event.  This  event  marked  the  beginning  of  a   long  standing  rela,onship  &  partnership  between  BRAG  &   Daimler  on  Mercedes  Benz  interna,onal  fashion  pla?orm.              

Abraaj Capital!


In 2010  BRAG  was  assigned  by  Abraaj  Capital,  as  one  of   the  core  agencies,  to  assist  in  the  development  of  their   Celebra,on  of  Entrepreneurship  Conference.  A  two  day   event  that  is  aimed  at  crea,ng  an  enabling  environment   for  entrepreneurship;  by  empowering,  inspiring  and   connec,ng  entrepreneurs  who  are  catalysts  in  the  growth   of  small  to  medium  size  businesses  in  the  MENASA   region.    For  the  1st  ,me  in  the  region,  the  entrepreneurship  eco-­‐ system  congregated  in  the  highly  charged  interac,ve   space  designed  to  celebrate  everything  about   entrepreneurship  and  to  share  ideas,  stories  and   journeys.      More  than  2000  people  a\ended  the  event.  The  program   featured  high  profiled  speakers,  one-­‐on-­‐one  mentoring   with  regional  &  interna,onal  entrepreneurs,  workshops,   presenta,ons,  major  announcements,  an  opening   ceremony  and  a  closing  party.                                  

Chivas! Blended  and  aged  scotch  whiskey,  Chivas  Regal  

is the  product  of  a  unique  place,  a  proud   lineage  of  whiskey  makers,  and  more  than  two   centuries  old.  To  overcome  market  constraints   on  alcohol  adver,sing  and  help  Chivas  connect   with  key  high  net-­‐worth  consumers,  in  2009  we   helped  launch  the  “Chivas  Legends  Dinner”  a   now  annual  by  invita,on  only  gentlemen’s   dinner  honoring  the  world’s  greatest  legends.  

 In  2009,  we  presented  three  great  legends  on   two  exclusive  nights;  legendary  Australian   cricket  captain  Mr.  Steve  Waugh,  legendary   Chivas  master  blender  Mr.  Colin  Sco\,  and   legendary  French  world  cup  winner  Mr.  Fabian   Bartnez.  And  in  2010,  the  legendary  actor,   BAFTA  winner  and    Oscar  nominee  Mr.  Colin   Firth.  A  successful  highly  a\ended  night  of   chivalry,  honor  and  gallantry  organized,   managed,  and  promoted  by  Brag.  

Virgin Radio! Virgin Radio  is  a  unique  and  fresh  addi,on  to  the   airwaves  of  Dubai.  It’s  the  first  Middle  East  branch  of   Sir  Richard  Branson’s  inimitable  and  hugely   successful  brand,  as  well  as  a  joint  venture  between   Virgin  Interna,onal  and  the  UAE’s  largest  media   organiza,on,  Arab  Media  Group.  For  its  2008  launch   we  conceptualized  and  produced  an  innova,ve   outdoor  ‘block  party’  within  the  DIFC  Gate  Village,   featuring  interna,onal  performers,  digital  ar,sts,   street  dancers  and  extreme  sports  stars.  We  also   organized  a  press  launch  with  the  exclusive   a\endance  of  Richard  Branson.  A  year  later,  Virgin   Radio  is  one  of  the  most  listened  to  radios  in  the   na,on.    

Philip Morris! In addition to identifying new points contacts, and developing brand building opportunities for Philip Morris on their most premium cigarette brand; Parliament. Brag also handled all the Parliament sampling promotions & event plug-ins in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain from 2009 to 2012. BRAG also produced the Parliament Midnight Magic Burj Khalifa Event, and PMI End of Year Picnic in 2011.

PUMA! To celebrate  Puma’s  50th  Anniversary,  we   conceived  and  produced  a  birthday  party   celebra,on  inside  a  domed  tent  structure  with   mul,ple  aerial  performers,  musicians  and  dancers   at  the  Igloo  InterCon,nental  Hotel,  Fes,val  City.   The  event  turned  out  successful,  and  our   intended  one  nightstand  with  Puma  lead  to  an   extended  rela,onship  with  addi,onal  brand   ac,va,ons  like  “The  French  77  Collec,on  Party”   the  “F1  Themed  Racetrack”  in  Abu  Dhabi  Mall,   Puma’s  ver,cal  Marathon,  and  most  recently  the   Puma  Crea,ve  Factory.    


A global of Italian fashion brand with Italian origin, has been working with BRAG since 2011. Most  notably,  BRAG  assisted  Febdi  in  the   launch  of  Fan’di  Fendi  Pour  Homme,  Fendi’O     with  celebrity  producer  and  DJ  Mark  Ronson  in   a\endance,  and  Fendi  Kids  in  Dubai.  All  were   highly  a\ended  events  by  UAE  top  fashionistas   and  socialites,  and  were  applauded  by  Fendi   HQ  in  Milan.    

Moët & Chandon!

  On  the  momentous  date  of  12.12.12,  Moët  &  Chandon,   hosted  a  party  for  the  Dubai  Interna,onal  Film  Fes,val.  The   event  captured  the  essence  of  the  Moët  brand  by   highligh,ng  glamour  and  grandeur.  Guests  were  enchanted   by  the  party’s  allusion  to  Cannes’  famous  Croise\e.  With   popular  clips  from  award-­‐winning  movies  projected  on  two   main  screens,  the  event’s  mo,on  picture  mo,f  permeated   the  event.  A\ended  by  VIPs  and  invitees  only,  the  night   embodied  Red  Carpet,  paparazzi,  allure,  splendor,  movie   magic,  and  Moët.  

Fashion Show! Sample Work!

AIGNER Spring/Summer 2008 Fashion Show

RAMI AL ALI Autumn/ Winter 2003 Fashion Show

AMATO Autumn/Winter 2007 Fashion Show

EZRA “In the Beginning” 2010 Fashion Show

Splash! Splash, a leading high street fashion retailer in the Middle East is part of the Dubai-based Landmark Group. Headquartered in Dubai, Splash started with just one store in Sharjah in 1993 and has since built a strong retail footprint of 92 Splash stores and 60 branded boutiques across 9 countries. To push the brand beyond its traditional value market we created a fashion platform that caters to trendsetters & fashionistas across the region. A platform now recognized for its highly creative and imaginative concepts & campaigns, and it’s highly attended fashion shows, that broadcast on local and regional TV channels, with participating local & international models, stylists, and artists.

Jumeirah Business Centre Suite 2902 Jumeirah Lakes Tower PO.Box 309136 Dubai, U A E +971 4 4327844

Brag / Mastercard  

Brag creds for Mastercard

Brag / Mastercard  

Brag creds for Mastercard