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Creating a wonderful place for all of us. A N N UA L


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Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana Board of Directors: Back row, left to right: Mark Boniol, Dan L. Donald Jr., Hon. Ulysses Gene Thibodeaux, David Reinauer and Jonald Walker. Middle row, left to right: Paul Pettefer, Dr. Lehrue Stevens, Vic Stelly, Phil Earhart and Reed Mendelson. Front row, left to right: Greg Webb, Mary Leach Werner, Lisa Verrette, Debra Vaughan, Susan Blake and Larry Maynard. Not present: Frank Pruitt, Tom Shearman and Edwin F. Hunter III.

Letter from the chair…

for community improvement, telling us where we are,

At last year’s meeting, the gavel was passed to me from David Reinauer.

how far we have come and where we need to go.

His dedication to the Community Foundation of

so many ways, there was still a vast audience that

Southwest Louisiana was always displayed through

was unaware of the Foundation and the services

his determined and persistent commitment, his

and opportunities we provide to this region. So

tenacious leadership, and his calm, measured

we developed the Brand Awareness Committee

evaluation of the choices that led us to where we are

and, as a result, we hope you have seen our


television commercial and have heard more about

We also recognized that while we had grown in

the community foundation. We thank Jim Serra Last year, 2010, was an interesting and exciting year

and our friends at KPLC for taking our brand

for the Foundation. We created a

awareness concept and making

new strategic plan that resulted in

it bigger and better than we ever

a new mission: “The Community

anticipated. And our gratitude goes

Foundation of Southwest Louisiana

to Tia Seeley and our friends at

unites human and financial

Suddenlink for working with us as

resources to effect permanent,


positive culture change.”

The Community Foundation of

We realized there was a need for us

Southwest Louisiana certainly has

to follow in the footsteps of other

grown this past year. I am honored

community foundations nationwide

to have served and to continue to

and investigate civic initiatives

serve as Chair in 2011. My gratitude

where we might be of assistance. While we looked into areas such as health care and

goes out to our friends at the Baton Rouge Area

downtown development, we found we had a passion

Foundation for their continued support and guidance;

for our very own signature civic initiative­—“Choosing

to the Board of Directors with whom I have the

Civility in Southwest Louisiana.”

pleasure of working with; to Debra Vaughan for her unwavering dedication and loyalty to the Foundation;

We embarked on our first annual key indicator

and to Lisa Verrette, our president and CEO. Thank

project, a tracking of about 75 statistical indicators

you all.

in eleven categories, including culture, recreation, economy, public safety, social well-being and


government. This project’s goal is to measure progress and inspire action. Our publication will be ready for distribution this year. It will be a roadmap

Philip Earhart

Board of Directors…

About us…

The Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana operates with an independent board

The Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana is among more than

comprised of business and civic leaders

work in two ways to make Southwest Louisiana a

from the region.

better place for all our neighbors. We connect fund

700 community foundations across the country. We

donors—philanthropists—to worthwhile projects and to

Phil Earhart, chair

nonprofits. With them, we have granted $4.3 million just

Lisa Verrette, president/CEO

since 2008. Second, we are ready to take on projects

Greg Webb, vice chair

that change the direction of the region.

Dr. Lehrue Stevens, secretary

Your community foundation and others are nonprofits

Dan L. Donald Jr., treasurer

classified as public charities and dedicated to

David Reinauer, past chair

supporting and improving their individual communities.

Susan Blake

Each of us has a mission and primary service area, though our donors can make grants around the world.

Mark Boniol Edwin F. Hunter III

Our Mission

Larry Maynard

The Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana

Reed Mendelson

unites human and financial resources to effect permanent, positive culture change.

Paul Pettefer Frank Pruitt Tom Shearman Vic Stelly

Our History The Foundation began under the wing of the United Way. We ventured on our own, choosing a direction and hiring Lisa Verrette to lead the daily operations after

Hon. Ulysses Gene Thibodeaux

Hurricane Rita. To gain our footing, we allied with the

Jonald Walker

Baton Rouge Area Foundation, which has provided

Mary Leach Werner

more than $262 million in grants worldwide over nearly five decades, including underwriting the plan that is being implemented to reinvent the Lake Charles lakefront. With the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, we get support while remaining independent with decisions made by a board from Southwest Louisiana.

Service Area Calcasieu, Beauregard, Allen, Cameron and Jefferson Davis parishes. We provide financial support for charitable, social, educational and human service programs in these parishes.

Charitable funds…


Donors come to us with a desire to change the world, and we’re here to help them do it.

The Foundation has granted $4.3 million to nonprofits since 2008.

Kyle Broussard Memorial Fund Chambers­—Bokros Medical Fund Emma Dee Gray Foundation Fund The Foundation at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital Juliet Hardtner Funds to Benefit Community Advancement Ginny and John Henning Endowment Fund Lena and Bill Henning Memorial Endowment Fund Lena and Bill Henning United Methodist Church Fund Susan & W.L. Henning Jr. Fund Thomas G. and Shirley M. Henning Family Foundation Endowment Fund Thomas G. and Shirley M. Henning Family Foundation Spenddown Fund JPMorgan Chase SWLA Fund Fritz Lang Foundation Fund Mendelson Family Fund in Honor of Rev. Dr. Joseph P. Bishop Fund Millennium Park Restoration Fund Industrial Development Board of the Parish of Calcasieu Hector San Miguel Memorial Fund Southwest Louisiana Firefighters Fund Southwest Louisiana Law Center Bishop Jude Speyrer Fund in Honor of Monsignor Gouaux The Stables of Le Bocage Fund

2010 Grants Barbe High School Soccer 5K Run­—$200 Ethel Precht HOPE Breast Cancer Foundation—$250 First United Methodist Church—$75,000 National Lung Cancer Partnership—$1,000 St. Louis High School Lady Saints Basketball—$1,000 Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic School—$1,000 Trinity Baptist Church—$1 million St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital—$10,000

Keeping them honest With the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana as a partner, the media has support in keeping the government accountable and comforting the afflicted. In 2010, the Foundation honored Jim Beam with the first Hector San Miguel award, which was created to recognize outstanding achievement in journalism and/ or relentless pursuit of truth. The charitable fund at the Foundation was established by Sonny Marks in memory of his friend and colleague, San Miguel, who died in 2009.

Be good to each other A place can flourish if people treat each other with

Beam was a former editor and columnist at the Lake

respect. Toward that goal, the Foundation last year

Charles American-Press. “Hector was never scared

decided “Choosing Civility in Southwest Louisiana”

of anyone or anything,” Beam said in receiving the

would become a signature project, which resulted in a

award. “He got the facts and I was able to offer my

second set of talks and discussions about the topic.

opinions.” In spring of this year, Dr. P.M. Forni and Daniel Buccino, both founding members of the Johns Hopkins Civility Project; and Emily Post, author on etiquette, joined us and the community to advance civility. “Since the English word “civility” comes from the Latin word “civitas” which meant “city”, the idea of community is embedded in that of civility,” said Forni. “We cannot have civility without a community and we cannot have a community without civility. No community can survive—let alone thrive—unless its members are willing and able to self-regulate. In other words, it is of essence that a critical amount of civility circulates in any given community at any given moment.”

JoAnn and Jim Beam

2010 Membership… Founders Forum $5,000 to $10,000

Diocese of Lake Charles

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Blake

Mark A. Hanudel

Capital One Bank

The Gardens/Guardian House

Mark Dodge Chrysler Jeep Mark Boniol

Mr. and Mrs. Art Hollins

Sandy Haan

E.F Hunter III J and J Exterminating Company

Impact Alliance $1,000 to $4,999

Chuck Kleckley Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Landry

American Press Foundation Tom and Noni Shearman

Mr. and Mrs. W. Brent Lumpkin

Dr. and Mrs. David Buttross Jr. Penny and Dan Donald Lucie and Phil Earhart Langley Williams and Co. McDonald’s of SWLA­ Doug Gehrig

Reverend Henry Mancuso Stephany and Larry Maynard Nadine and Bill McCall Rob McCorquodale Dr. and Mrs. Lee Monlezun Jr. Senator Dan Morrish

Reed Mendelson

Reverend John G. Myers

Virginia and Frank Pruitt

Paul Pettefer

Anne and David Reinauer

J.B. Postell

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Richard

Mavis Raggio

Terry and Vic Stelly

Jody and Jim Reed

Dr. and Mrs. Lehrue Stevens

Della and Billy Rose

Terri and Roland Terrell

Eston Singletary

Southwest Beverage Co. Inc

Lisa and Dennis Verrette

Signature $100 to $999 Arabie Environmental Solutions, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. James H. Boyer

Judge and Mrs. Gene Thibodeaux Jan and Chad Thielen Todd and Associates Louis Todd Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Viccellio

Louie D. Barbe III

Sydalise Villaume

Edith and Bryan Beam

Dr. and Mrs. George Hardy Vincent

JoAnn and Jim Beam

Tammy and Greg Webb

Susan Blake

H. Aubrey White III

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Boyer

Sheila and Charles Whitson

Dinah and John Bradford

Frank A. Wood

Poddy and Joe Champeaux

Mrs. Henry L. Yelverton

Louise C. Christman Mary Beth and David Conner Mr. and Mrs. Payton Covington

P.O. Box 3125 | Lake Charles, Louisiana 70602 | phone 337.491.6688 |

Community Foundation of Soutwest Louisiana  

Community Foundation of Soutwest Louisiana 2010 Annual Report