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Cleanlinest ensuring clean living

Brand Guidelines ď‚ž May 2010

a gift from us to mom.

ensuring clean living ď‚ž 1

We are teaming up with mother nature to provide clean and healthier homes.

it takes baby steps.

We never stop caring for our planet in the same way a mother never stops tending to her young. We are a mother’s caretaker for her home.

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ensuring clean living ď‚ž 5

Simple guidelines that present our brand in its absolute natural form.

walking you through the steps

1 Identity Mark

5 Photography

3 Typography

7 Stationery

20 C olor

40 Tone/Voice ensuring clean living ď‚ž 6

60 G rid/Layout 80 Overview



brand’s star child

identity mark guidelines

Your mark deserves some attention but you should spoil it. It needs to be the first thing that catches people’s eye. Without being too loud that is. Provide a clean and spacious room for the mark to breathe. The maximum size of the mark varies with applications. When reducing the size of the mark, be sure not to decrease it anymore than 0.55 inches in height. Just remember that reducing its size too small may lose its detail and its stardom. It is the image of our company that people take home with them. ensuring clean living  8

C86 M20 Y100 K6

C78 M1 Y99 K0

C28 M0 Y100 K0

70% Black

C37 M0 Y73 K0

color guidelines

C55 M4 Y0 K0

It’s always best to keep like colors together in terms of laundry. We are following that same guide. You don’t want to overwhelm someone with color either. Create a clean environment for the color to live in. Mixing natural greens with a touch of fresh blue produces the desired look that we need. Our company prides itself on clean, white surfaces. This being said, the majority of the time you’ll just be focusing on white space, and how to accent that space with touches of blue and green.


treating color

with care

applying your true colors

Depending on the color of your headline, it’s usually best to set your body copy in a cool grey. This prevents your copy from overpowering your headline. When using our brand’s identity mark you should set its color at C37 M0 Y73 K0. This is the main field of green that we use. The element used to nest the identity mark on a document should be set in C64 M22 Y1 K0. ensuring clean living  10

typographic guidelines

Type is delicate. It requires some care, but with practice you’ll find it to be fairly simple. Headings should be set in Gotham Book all caps. Also separate your body from your headings with alternate colors that suppor each other. Text can be reversed out if placed on a color field. All body copy should be set in Goudy Old Style. The type size will vary depending on the size of the piece it is being used for. Just remember it needs to be big enough to remain legible, but quiet enough to present a clean surface. why these typefaces?

treating type effectively

It’s important you know that these typefaces were not chosen arbitrarily. We provide homes with clean, open air. Both of these typefaces mirror that sensibility. Each of them contain large counters that feel spacious and airy. To represent growth and prosperity within a home or family Goudy Old Style was chosen for its drastic thick to thin ratio. ensuring clean living  11

gotham book

AaBbCcDdEeFf GgHhIiJjKkLlMm NnOoPpQqRrSs TtUuVvXxYyZz Goudy Old Style

AaBbCcDdEeFf GgHhIiJjKkLlMm NnOoPpQqRrSs TtUuVvXxYyZz


10 pt. Gotham Bold Small Caps.

For this particular document all subheadings are set in C55M4Y0K0. The copy is set in 70% black which presents the information in a calm, pleasant feel. The blue subheadings are quiet enough so not to overwhelm the green headlines, but loud enough to stand above the underlying information. This is necessary to creating effective typographic heirarchy.

10 pt. Goudy Old Style.

Nurturing naturally. Immersing yourself. Treasuring your home. Tenderly caring.

tone/voice guidelines


A child’s first words are very powerful to the ears of its mother. We believe that our first words can be significantly powerful as well. It pays to make a first impression. It is very beneficial to our reputation to maintain a comforting and bracing tone when communicating with customers. We want our customers to feel at ease, and reassured that they are making the correct choice for their home. words to live by

no one This same type of voice needs to be translated into writing forgets those first words

as well. When someone a document written by our company they should be able to get a sense of who we are as a whole. It helps to rehearse a vocabulary based on words spoken from a mother, or a mother’s care towards her child. ensuring clean living  14

5 from a mother ’s perspective

photography guidelines

Moments between a mother and child are very intimate. It is essential that we capture this type of interaction in our photography. They should be fairly close up and personal. Eye level is key. You want to be on the same level as the person in the photo. On a side note, the images must feel real. In color and in composition. If the lighting is not natural then the image will lose its sense of reality. Being an all natural product, the images themselves must reflect that trait. It would ensuring clean living  15

be wrong, for example, to show an image of a mother and child posing for a photo. That would make the connection between them seem forced. big vs. small

It’s always best to show an image with people at a much larger size compared to products shots. We want our photographs to replicate the way we view our company.

A mother puts her child first in life. Her home comes right after.

5 from a mother ’s perspective

the main focus

As mentioned before, it’s imperative that you make sure to maintain an equal eye level with the person in a photo. It develops a sense of personal equality and importance. To further expand this perception it helps to create a specific focus in each photograph. As seen in the photos to the left, what’s boxed in was intentionally focused in to be the key subject of the image. Blurring out the background, and fixating on the child or mother is precisely what conceives this. Other examples can be seen on pages 3, 8, 16, and 27. ensuring clean living  18

grid/layout guidelines

It is essential that you provide clean, open surfaces for your layout to exist upon. Negative space is a great way of achieving this, but it has to be used tenderly. Just as you see here, you can easily accomplish this by setting the type low on the page, and only containing 2 of the 3 columns available in the grid. It places the text at a child’s point of view. When writing text that spreads across two pages, always make sure to create a consistent horizontal flow line. This holds everything in a sleek, precise format. example

Feuisl iurem ing ex et, corerci psuscincil ut aliquatin velestio consent la feui tat acilit lum iurem veniam nim el utat nulla ad eros nit augait aciliquam zzrit nonsendiam iril ea auguerit iuscinit ilit augait utpatue raesting exer adipit, velestie venisi. To ea am, quamet nos nonumsa ndiam, sit adignit et alis do et alis dolobor percin ut lummy nosto el eugait verit vullut verat, quat. Ut incipit wisis adiatuero odo euguero.


cleaning beneath the surface

placing photography

When placing images in a layout remember to follow the guidelines stated in photography about sizing the images based on importance. Feel free to size go outside the margins when sizing images. As long as the leave a generous amount of room for white space. Do not place an image underneath a body of text unless it is the page number. Even then you will have to be sure that the text is legible. This may require converting the text color to white. ensuring clean living ď‚ž 20


cleaning beneath the surface

square nine

As you can see with this book, producing documents in a square box format makes for a personal and at home feel. People consider their homes as their own box isolated from the rest of the world. This type of layout construction makes for a more intimate read. It also allows us to extend this box feature even further. By dividing the page into nine total squares we can place images that have been cropped into 2.16 x 2.16 inch squares throughout the grid. Examples of this are seen on pages 6, 13, and 23. ensuring clean living ď‚ž 21

May 7th, 2010


stationery guidelines

Dr. John Vlahakis President 111 S. Rohlwing Rd Addison, IL 60101

It’s important to display our business side as well as what we stand for. We don’t take what we do lightly. It is essential in maintaining this sense of sincerity to create stationery that represents us even in the most subtle way. It takes the elements from our brand, and uses them in a quiet way so not to overwhelm the viewer. The typography is used in the way it’s described under typographic guidelines. Goudy Old Style is used for all body copy, and Gotham is used specifically for the name of the company. Print each piece on white recycled paper.

Dear John, We have worked hard together to establish an appropriate brand that expresses the nature and personality of your business. However, branding goes far beyond the design of your identity marks and stationery. In order to maximize the time, effort and dollars you have invested in this brand development project, it will be necessary for you and all of your employees to be vigilant in your use of these materials. You may argue that no one will really notice if a margin is a quarter inch wider or narrower, or if the typeface you use is a slightly different serif than the one used here. However, these seemingly small details all work together to establish a “look” that places your business appropriately in its category, and creates the impression of order and professionalism. The following is a guide for the use of this stationery system. Business cards will printed as a shell and you will have your printer change the name and title as appropriate. For your business cards, set the name in 7 pt Optima LT Std Medium with 9 pt leading. The title will be set in 6 pt Optima LT Std Medium with 8 pt leading. Envelopes should be addressed using 6 pt Optima LT Std Medium with 8 pt leading, and should be placed 1.5 inches from the right edge of the back flap and 0.65 inches from the top edge of the flap. Set the address information flushed left/ragged right. When writing a business letter on this stationery, you will start the date 2 inches from the left edge and 1.65 inches from the top edge. Type will be set in 6 pt Optima LT Std Medium with 8 pt leading and aligned flush left/rag right. The column width will be 5.6 inches wide. Paragraph indents will be 0.37 inches. Skip two line spaces between the date and address block. Skip only a single line between the address block and the salutation, and between the salutation and the body of the letter. The first line of the first paragraph will not need to be indented. Skip a single line between the body of the letter and the complimentary closing and two lines between the complimentary closing and the your typeset name, leaving room for your signature. The letter should set no closer to the bottom edge than 1.25 inches. If the letter runs longer, then you should use a second page. Strict and consistent use of these formal guidelines will be instrumental in making the most of this identity system. Sincerely,

Brady Jackson Graphic Designer

Dr. John Vlahakis 111 S. Rohlwing Rd Addison, IL 60101

Cleanlinest 44 Green Bay Rd. Winnetka, IL 60093


Cleanlinest Dr. John Vlahakis President 111 S. Rohlwing Rd Addison, IL 60101

for the P 800.335.3267 F 847.446.4437 44 Green Bay Rd. Winnetka, IL 60093


P 800.335.3267 F 847.446.4437

to see ensuring clean living  24

For any questions beyond what is covered in this book, please contact: public relations

Dan Boeckner Communications Manager 847.441.2388


a step in the right direction



Every step counts, but our company is one single step towards a healthier living. There’s a lot to take in, but you’ll find yourself quickly performing each task out of habit. Each requirement is just as important as the last. Through these simple guides our company will be able to uphold the image that we stand for. We want mother’s from around the world to know that they can trust us. Should you have any questions about how to implement any of these guides, just remember that you can always revert back to this book.

Spencer Howell Photographer 847.467.1959

ensuring clean living  25

design and publishing


Cleanlinest Brand Book  
Cleanlinest Brand Book  

An eco-friendly cleaning product that has been re-branded and re-named.