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Swift When we run the above program using playground, we get the following result: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Options in Subscript Subscripts takes single to multiple input parameters and these input parameters also belong to any datatype. They can also use variable and variadic parameters. Subscripts cannot provide default parameter values or use any in-out parameters. Defining multiple subscripts are termed as 'subscript overloading' where a class or structure can provide multiple subscript definitions as required. These multiple subscripts are inferred based on the types of values that are declared within the subscript braces. struct Matrix { let rows: Int, columns: Int var print: [Double] init(rows: Int, columns: Int) { self.rows = rows self.columns = columns print = Array(count: rows * columns, repeatedValue: 0.0) } subscript(row: Int, column: Int) -> Double { get { return print[(row * columns) + column] } set { print[(row * columns) + column] = newValue } } } var mat = Matrix(rows: 3, columns: 3)

mat[0,0] = 1.0 mat[0,1] = 2.0 mat[1,0] = 3.0 mat[1,1] = 5.0 125

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