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Workshop sessions: 1 1.30am - 1p Richmond m Atrium, Un iversity of B radford

Sunday 6th


Protest! Fight the Power Accompanied by curators’ and artists’ tours, with a debate in the round and with wise and lively entertainment provided by Punch Records. These workshops are free but booking is essential as we expect places to go fast. Please contact Rose Tinted Glasses: Everyone has things they’d rather not see – now you can make something nice to look at instead! Ransom Notes: Cut and paste experiments with the original anonymous message technology – as used by anarchists and kidnappers for over 100 years. Personal Protest Placards: Start your very own campaign when you design and make your own colourful and unique protest placard. Unexploded Ideas Handling Session: Only for the brave or foolhardy – examine how designers and artists pitch us the unpalatable. Gloves provided. The Soundtrack to Your Struggle: Let us know the song title or lyric that tells us what you’re really about. Fight the Power!

Punch Workshop  

Details of Workshops around the Fight the Power exhibition