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autumn & winter exhibition programme 2010 Gallery II & Richmond Atrium PAULA REGO – NEW ETCHINGS 3 SEPT – 15 OCT | GALLERY II Exhibition Launch & Talk Paula Rego - Printmaker by Professor Paul Coldwell – 2 Sept 5 – 7pm AMELIA CROUCH – TEXT PIECES 20 Sept – 24 Jan | Ground Floor, Richmond Atrium FAIRAZ AHMED – WORK ON VINYL 20 Sept – 24 Jan | Richmond Atrium Restaurant SHANAZ GULZAR – FACE2FACE Curated by Steve Manthorp 5 Nov – 25 Nov 2010 | Gallery II Exhibition Launch and Artists Talk 4 Nov 5 – 7pm A SERIOUS CASE FOR HUMOUR Curated by Ruth Bartlett & Caroline Hick 10 Dec – 18 Feb | Gallery II Exhibition Launch and Talk – 9 Dec 5 – 7pm

Chesham Building | University of Bradford

autumn & winter exhibition programme 2010

Paula Rego, Steering The Boat 2009

Amelia Crouch,Tongue (someone else’s words) 2008

The story so far…

SHANAZ GULZAR – FACE2FACE Curated by Steve Manthorp 5 Nov – 25 Nov 2010 | Gallery II Exhibition Launch and Artists Talk 4 Nov 5 – 7pm

Narrative, a fundamental driving force behind centuries of art, is again preoccupying many contemporary artists. Their artistic practices are characterised by a need and

In November we have a re-making in Gallery II of the installation piece, Face2Face

desire to recount and illustrate. Artists today are using an unprecedented variety of

by Shanaz Gulzar and curated by Steve Manthorp. Originally shown at Cartwright

narrative techniques, including literature, theatre, games, TV and jokes. This sea-

Shanaz Gulzar Face2Face installation shot, 2005

son’s programme of work aims to expose this rich narrative seam, with a selection of exhibitions which reflect a variety of different artistic approaches.

Gallery II PAULA REGO – NEW ETCHINGS 3 SEPT – 15 OCT | GALLERY II Exhibition Launch & Talk Paula Rego - Printmaker by Prof. Paul Coldwell – 2 Sept 5 – 7pm The season begins in Gallery II, with an exhibition of new etchings by Paula Rego. We are grateful to Marlborough Fine Art and David Wright for the opportunity to show Paula Rego’s work. The exhibition launches wih a talk by Professor Paul Coldwell, who has worked closely with Rego on all her etching from 1986 to 2005 and has written and lectured on her work. He will talk about his collaborations with her over this time, allowing us an insight into this celebrated artist, who has produced a profound body of work as a printmaker.

image by Edward McLaughlin, key informant

Paula Rego, Protector, 2009

AMELIA CROUCH – TEXT PIECES 20 Sept – 24 Jan | Ground Floor, Richmond Atrium

schools, colleges and community groups, based around elements of our exhibition

looking and language and Amelia’s interest in the potential differences in how visual

You can book a visit to the gallery for your school or community group, which includes

Amelia Crouch, Stitch 2008

The pieces explore how image and language aren’t always distinct but intermingle in processes of fantasy and interpretation. Although the human body is never

visually represented the works are frequently figurative, representing human actions and interactions.

collaboration with a key informant, visual sociologist, and professional cartoonist in order to create a set of cartoons with which to disseminate selected study findings.

The insightful use of humour is an art. Cartoons, in particular, are a simple, potentially

powerful visual device, which can seriously challenge and push the boundaries in relation to socially vexing issues. In this exhibition some of the issues facing people

diagnosed with dementia are explored and illustrated through cartooning. At the core of this exhibition, an interactive storyboard of the process of collaboration will

be drawn directly on to the gallery walls. Visitors will be encouraged to add their thoughts and comments to the piece as an essential element of this collaborative

research process. Dialogue, as a result, is quite literally transferred into a visual interpretation which is fluid and open ended.

With thanks to the School of Health for their support in this project.

projects that are taking place.

If you are interested in visiting or just having a chat about how we can work with you, please get in touch with:

Caroline Hick, Fellow in Visual Art:

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ed, Son of My Fathe r 20 Ahm 10 iraz Fa

graduates of last year, Fairaz Ahmed.

University of Bradford, Bradford. West Yorkshire. BD7 1DP

Fairaz combines found vinyl with calligraphic paintwork to create an interplay between

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the favourable responses from their first outing in the Media School Project Space

A SERIOUS CASE FOR HUMOUR Curated by Ruth Bartlett & Caroline Hick 10 Dec – 18 Feb | Gallery II Exhibition Launch and Talk – 9 Dec 5 – 7pm

and projects, or you may want to find out a bit more about some of the existing

pleased to present the work of one of the University of Bradford’s School of Media

the potential incompatibility of music with Quranic verses from family and friends” but

experiences projected on the opposite side of the curtain.

We are also happy to discuss developing shorter and longer term arts residencies

Fairaz concedes that “there were some raised eyebrows, murmurs and whispers over

and visitors have to pass through the speaking mouths to see the other intercut

an introduction to the exhibition.

20 Sept – 24 Jan | Richmond Atrium Restaurant

Western popular music of the 70s and Quranic verse.

perceptions of love, intimacy and violence. Only the lips of the speakers are visible


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It’s always good to be able to highlight the success of student projects and we are

These personal stories of a number of men and women relate experiences and

We have a selection of artists who can deliver talks, workshops and residencies to


themselves, guided only by an audiotrack.

campaign for social change. The exhibition visually maps the process of working in


incident and time - as spatial or pictorial concerns.

work, where visitors to the gallery have to discover the second, hidden projection for

The study revolves around higher functioning men and women with dementia who

Richmond Atrium

as much, if not more, to do with textual structure - formal arrangements of language,

of the process and act of narration is physically reflected in the construction of the

versity of Bradford which was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

Rego’s prints are a vital element in her overall vocabulary. Paula as a storyteller needs an audience and printmaking provides her with a means for distributing her ideas throughout the world, and making her vision accessible to a wider audience. They are not minor works but complete images resolved through the manner of their making. Professor Paul Coldwell

With an emphasis placed on word as opposed to image these compositions have

specially constructed for the gallery and effectively divides it in half. An exploration

a research study by Ruth Bartlett, Senior Lecturer in Dementia Studies at the Uni-

Rego is always a political artist; she seeks to challenge the status quo, and overturn existing hierarchies and in her pieces one can sense the voice demanding to be heard. In this way, she follows the rich tradition within printmaking of political discourse, including artists such as Hogarth and Daumier.

and verbal media address a viewer.

– two synchronised videos projected on either side of a double-sided strip curtain – is

This interest in process continues in December with an exhibition of work based on

Storytelling places the emphasis on the narrator who can reinvent the story afresh for each telling. In this oral tradition, meaning is not fixed in the manner of the written text, but reframed each time, often in direct response to the listener. In her work and with particular reference to her prints, Rego, recalling and revisiting her childhood and the illustrations and stories that have informed her work, invents her own stories, freely interprets existing ones and delights in the telling and retelling.

Amelia Crouch’s combination of images and words explore the relationship between

Hall in 2005, it was extremely well received by public and press alike. The installation


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students show has guaranteed that Fairaz’s work gets a second and more complete viewing in the Richmond Atrium Restaurant

Chesham Building | University of Bradford

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