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Exhibitions @ Gallery II & Richmond Atrium

Theatre @ Theatre in the Mill

Music @ Tasmin Little Music Centre

Spring/Summer 2009



Three of the most pulsating arts venues to be found anywhere. Virgin Alternative Guide to Universities


Gallery II Gallery II was opened in 1994 by Women’s Hour presenter and Honorary Graduate of the University, Jenni Murray. It is the base for touring contemporary visual arts exhibitions as well as the home of the University’s Permanent Art Collection.

Theatre in the Mill Theatre in the Mill has an enviable reputation as a vibrant and forward thinking venue. First opened by Alan Aykbourn in 1976, it is the hub of the University’s theatre activities and offers a black box flexible studio space with seating for approximately 100 people. It is one of the foremost fringe theatre venues in the country and hosts the best in contemporary touring theatre.


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@ Gallery II & Richmond Atrium

@ Theatre in the Mill

Tasmin Little Music Centre Named after the international virtuoso violinist Tasmin Little, the Music Centre provides a base for musical groups ranging from a symphony orchestra to African and South Asian percussion groups. There is a range of practice facilities for members of the Centre. Musical activities regularly feature groups performing in a variety of locations on and off campus including a Showcase of performing groups.

Made from 100% recycled paper

Front Cover image by Tim Smith; The Second of the trilogy of vampire shows, They Only Come at Night: Resurrection.

@ Tasmin Little Music Centre



Exhibitions @ Gallery II & Richmond Atrium

Embracing Spirit by Shahida Ahmed

From the local to the global Welcome to the Spring/Summer season of exhibitions at the University of Bradford. We hope you enjoy yet another eclectic mix of art that will inspire and excite. In Gallery II we have four new exhibitions. The season starts with Shahida Ahmed’s mesmerising whirling dervishes in Embracing Spirit bringing the exotic and spiritual followed by the delicate and exquisite drawings of Peggy Smith documenting some of the most important peace activists of the 20th century. April brings a cacophony of colour from Pakistan with the work of Wahab Jaffer and Moeen Faruqi, continuing the gallery's commitment to showcasing work from around the globe. And to end the season in the gallery exciting and innovative work from four artists working in very different styles in Colouring Outside the Lines. Look out too for art in public places and meeting spaces around the campus. These include from American Matt Lamb’s colourful abstractions in the Atrium corridors, new photographs of Bradford by Joolz Denby in C floor of the Atrium and Claire McNamee’s striking black and white portraits of poets and writers in the Atrium restaurant. We will be changing work throughout the year in these spaces so do take a look in and around the university as well as in Gallery II. Enjoy and be inspired. Alison Darnbrough, Curator – Gallery II

Contact us:

Friday 30 January – Friday 27 February 2009 Curated by Alison Darnbrough

Telephone enquiries : 01274 235495 Rachel Kaye, Arts Assistant: 01274 235495

Gallery open: Monday to Friday, 11am – 5pm and Thursdays until 6pm. Other times by arrangement.

Please note that for staffing reasons this line can only be manned at certain times of the day. At other times please leave us a message including your daytime and evening phone numbers and we will do our best to contact you.

A welcome return to Gallery II by Shahida Ahmed who first exhibited her work as part of The Influence of Heritage exhibition in December 2007.

Email enquiries:


Postal address:

Gallery II, Chesham Building, University of Bradford, Bradford BD7 1DP

Recently returned from a successful exhibition at the VM Gallery In Karachi, Pakistan, Shahida’s new work sees her exploring paint as well as ceramic, the medium for which she is best known. She continues to be drawn to explore spiritual subject matter in her work. She allows the door of perception to open naturally, revealing innate beauty and tranquillity. Each stroke is a metaphor, expressing timeless wisdom which captures a reality unseen, and only truly observed by the divine heart. Influenced by Rumi, travels to Istanbul, Morocco and Pakistan, her new work features the mesmerising whirling Dervish series as well as her new ceramics and beautiful gold leaf adorned Bismillah paintings.




Friday 6 March – Friday 3 April 2009

Friday 17 April – Fri 15 May 2009

Peggy Smith – Drawing for Peace

A World of Colour by Wahab Jaffer & Moeen Faruqi

Curated by Alison Cullingford

Curated by Marjorie Husain Gallery open: Monday to Friday, 11am – 5pm and Thursdays until 6pm Other times by arrangement

Moeen Faruqi’s work is rich in metaphor. Through his paintings, he leads the audience in raising questions and forming opinions of the subjects’ daily lives. Faruqi’s subjects appear self-conscious, vulnerable in a way that touches the observer. Often the subjects of his work are set in a surrealist scenario, where undercurrents of chaos are discerned. In spite of the decorum that speaks of 'attitude’, the paintings appear as a sympathetic scrutiny of human foibles, his intentions perhaps to create a theatre of the absurd. The paintings bring into sharp focus each character’s distinct eccentricities, mirroring and celebrating unique and precious individuality. Moeen Faruqi - The Trumpeter Wahab Jaffer’s world offers visual effects of melting colour layered in a way that creates patterns, textures and a sequence of fantasy. His awareness of the contrast and power of space endows his work with a sense of energy and freedom. Delicate androgynous faces and colours are the artist’s vehicle of expression. The fragility of life retains an essential dignity, no matter how threatened the fundamental spark in an uncertain world. His is a world of sensuous rhythm. Abstract images spiral across the canvas in brilliant outbursts of colour like exploding flowers.

CwSMI Gandhi by Peggy Smith Gallery open: Monday to Friday, 11am – 5pm and Thursdays until 6pm Other times by arrangement

In ink drawings he eschews colour and in the process, creates new variations from the phenomena of shadows.

Peggy Smith (1895-1976) was a dedicated peace activist: one of the first women to sign the Peace Pledge, she sold “Peace News” on the steps of St. Martin’s in the Fields for many years. She was also a sensitive and skilful artist. In 1929, her enthusiasm and talent came together when she drew a portrait of Fenner Brockway at a public meeting: impressed, he asked her to draw for the journal he edited, “The New Leader”. During the 1930s, she created remarkable pencil drawings of key people in the peace movement for publication in “The New Leader”, “Peace News” and other magazines and newspapers. These drawings offer a new, rarely seen insight into the personalities behind 1930s politics and pacifism, Gandhi, Norman Angell, Vera Brittain and Donald Soper and many more. With thanks to Paul and Ellen Connett, the Peace Museum, and the Commonweal Collection.

Music Avent: Mostafa Kamal Egyptian Kanoon Artist (See Page 35) Wahab Jaffer - Untitled

Wed 29 April, Gallery II, 12.30pm, £3/£5




Fri 26 June - Fri 24 July 2009

Colouring Outside the Lines Gallery open: Monday to Friday, 11am – 5pm and Thursdays until 6pm Other times by arrangement This group exhibition showcases contemporary British female artists working beyond the bounds of the cultural mainstream. The Colouring Outside the Lines exhibition is a curatorial collaboration between Rachel Kaye from Gallery II and Melanie Maddison from the fanzine Colouring Outside the Lines, which interviews, promotes, encourages, and inspires contemporary female artists from across the world.

Morwenna Catt Bradford based Morwenna produces work across a range of media including textiles, painting, drawing

Wolf by Morwenna Catt

and installation. Playing with narratives and creating stories around the objects she makes, she explores themes of childhood, family and innocence lost.

Helen Musselwhite cut, Helen uses bold colour, strong graphic lines and hand folded and scored paper to create highly individual work. Her art pays respect to all forms of mid century design, folk and ethnic

Friday 22 May – Friday 12 June 2009

Fit to Media

art, as well as current and future trends. Influenced by the to become an intriguing natural world, each piece is manipulated

Gallery open: Monday to Friday, 11am – 5pm and Thursdays until 6pm Other times by arrangement

All contributors to this show have worked in close partnership with course tutors. The work on display reflects the extraordinary creativity and professionalism of these students. The work presented is also often very challenging on a personal level and marks a real high point in students’ creativity and self expression as well as highly developed and skilful approaches to processes, materials, techniques and technologies. This year students have been asked to consider issues relating to Media Cities, Urban Living, Sustainable Communities and the Environment. The Fit To Media exhibition will coincide with screenings of Digital Art and Media on the BBC’s Big Screen in Bradford, Centenary Square and the National Media Museum.

Music Event: Rhodri Davies - Avant Garde Harp Thursday 28th May, 6pm, Gallery II (See page 39)

Hedgerow birds by Helen Musselwhite

Image By Martina Holzbauer- Survey

Fit To Media exhibits the very best work from Final Year and Masters students from the Bradford Media School and Department of Creative Technologies. All students have participated in courses specifically concerned with the relationship between Art, New Media and Public Space.

place, a glimpse into another world of fiction and fairytale.

d Ghosts)

Louise (Art an

Louise is a digital artist based in Manchester who works across

mediums of collage and illustration. Her work immerses the viewer in an ethereal sphere of spectres, dreams and childhood stories that is both charming and

uncanny. Sailor Blue (White) by Louise (Art and Ghosts)

Plus selling pieces from special guest artists.




Arts in the Atrium

Arts in the Atrium

The Atrium in the Richmond Building opened in October 2006 as a social space for staff, students and visitors to the University. It has become a popular meeting place on campus and also a space to listen to music, watch theatre performances and view art from the University’s permanent collection and temporary exhibitions which complement those shown in Gallery II, the University’s Art Gallery.

Matt Lamb: ‘Peace, Tolerance, Understanding, Hope and Love’

Lakhbir Sangha

These paintings have been gifted to the University by American artist and Peace activist, Matt Lamb. The University of Bradford and Matt Lamb are currently in discussions regarding a Peace Education Project.

Outsider Advertising - Painting India Atrium, Great Horton Rd A series of photographs taken between 2002 and 2005 by the artist during her visits back to India. The subject matter is the hand-painted billboards and signs around the country advertising everything from coca cola and henna hair dye to high heeled flip flops and kitchen sinks.

Joolz Denby: Bradford – True North: Ground Floor (Level C) Joolz Denby is a writer, poet, performance artist, illustrator and photographer. In 2006 Gallery II commissioned Joolz to create a photographic installation. The photographs are now part of the University’s Permanent Art Collection and are on show in the Atrium with recently added photographs.

Bradford is a beautiful city. The Victorian architecture is outrageously flamboyant and the deep-cut stone carving some of the finest in Europe. The vast, wild skies unroll overhead in passionate cloudscapes that often provide an almost unearthly lightshow to illuminate the astonishing diversity of the citizens and the vitally intense character of the city itself. Shadows chase across the great sweep of the moors that rise up and enfold the town making it a safe haven, and winds dusty with the scent of heather and fern sweep through the labyrinthine canyons of mill buildings, many now dedicated to creativity and authentic social cultures of all kinds. These photographs reflect what I see as I walk around the city in all seasons, all weathers and at all times of the day and night. Joolz Denby

Levels D & E

Painter, sculptor, philosopher, and unstoppable globe-trotting dynamo Matt Lamb is one of the most intriguing, confounding, pigeonhole-defying phenomena in contemporary art. The intensity of his colors, the topographic sensuality of his surfaces, and the freedom of his gesture have been hailed in publications such as ARTnews, The Times of London, and The Miami Herald, and celebrated in exhibitions at the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), Centre-Picasso (Horta, Spain), Centre Joan Miró (Mont-roig, Spain), Westminster Cathedral (London), Espace Pierre Cardin (Paris), Museo di Sant’Apollonia (Venice), and The Vatican Museums of Modern Art. Born in Chicago in 1932, Lamb had a successful career as an entrepreneur before a brush with death at the age of 51 led him to reevaluate his priorities, sell his businesses, and dedicate the remainder of his years to art. A tireless activist for world peace, Lamb augments his art career with various projects that advance his personal mantra of “peace, tolerance, understanding, hope, and love.” Through his Umbrellas for Peace program, he has instilled these values in tens of thousands of schoolchildren around the globe, using art as a metaphor for acceptance. For more information about Matt:




Theatre @ Theatre in the Mill

Welcome to the Spring/Summer Season at the Theatre in the Mill - packed to bursting with an eclectic mix of top drawer new work. Following on from our wonderful Development Lab re-opening festival we are offering you the chance to see some of the best young/emerging/emerged artists making work in the region alongside some old, but much loved, friends. From Ghazal poetry from the Royal Society Literary Fellow, Basir Sultan Kasmi, through experiments in film and theatre, outdoor performance, music fusions to the fantastic opportunity to take in (award winning) Slung Low’s They Only Come at Night – Resurrection prior to their performances at The Lowry and The Barbican we’ve put together a programme to be proud of. Finally, we are very pleased to be able to offer a continuation of Development Lab ( seeking out and supporting the best new, forward thinking theatre and live art the country and the region has to offer, in ways that defy expectation. Village fete anyone? Iain Bloomfield Artistic Director

Contact us: Please note that for staffing reasons this line can only be manned at certain times of the day and evening. At other times please leave us a message including your daytime and evening phone numbers and we will do our best to contact you. Email enquiries: Website: Find us on Facebook

Postal address: Theatre in the Mill, University of Bradford, BD7 1DP

Image By Mezz Davies

Telephone enquiries: 01274 233200




The Theatre in the Mill and Learner Development Unit are proud to present:

Basir Sultan Kazmi in Performance Friday 20th February, 6.30pm Free, but reserve your place by calling 01274 233200 Born in Pakistan in 1955, Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the University of Bradford, Basir Sultan Kazmi, is a poet who works in the ghazal tradition, following in the footsteps of his late father, Nasir Kazmi. Basir both studied and taught English Literature at the Government College Lahore where he edited Ravi (1974) and ran the college literary and dramatic societies. He studied for his M.Ed, P.G.C.E and M.Phil at the University of Manchester between 1991 and 2000. Currently a teacher in Manchester, Basir has also worked for the BBC Asian programme (1991-92) and has conducted poetry and drama workshops all over the UK. He has published an Urdu poetry collection Moj-e-Khayal (1997) and his translations of ghazals were published as A Little Bridge (1997) and Generations of Ghazals (2003) as well as in several magazines and anthologies. Basir’s Urdu play Bisaat was published in 1987 and its translation The Chess Board in 1997. In 1992 he won the North West Playwrights Workshop Award.

Image Left: Bismillah in Clay (detail) by Shahida Ahmed

His plays have been performed in theatres across the north of England and he has given poetry readings in Europe, Pakistan and the USA.




Development Lab Theatre in the Mill presents a workshop performance:

His/Hers Friday 6th March, 7.30pm £3.00 Tickets: 01274 233200

“Cos loving you's not easy you're not on my side We play a game with two sets of rules We lead the field in a love affair Ah strictly meant for fools” The Buzzcocks

Throughout January and February Theatre in the Mill artistic Director, Iain Bloomfield, has been working with two local theatre-makers, Everal Walsh and Bobby Brook to create two one person performance pieces that take a sneaky peak across the gender divide. Sitting side by side and entitled ‘His/Hers’ we’ve been exploring what makes men and women tick and why, oh why, we do the things we do. This showing is intended as the first stage of a longer process. We are showing this piece at an early stage to invite feedback both on content and form with a view to developing it for a full blown staging.





Prom Prom and the Georgian Theatre Royal Richmond present

By Of Dreaming Faces

Dan Leno The King’s Jester

Friday 13th March, 7.30pm

Written & performed by Tony Lidington

£6.50/£4 Tickets: 01274 233200

Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th March, 7.30pm £6.50/£4 Tickets: 01274 233200

'Fortunes' is an improvised audio visual journey through the cycle of life - a happy-sad dance through birth, life, joy, pain, death and transformation. The performance, the culmination of a year long collaborative project between artist filmmaker Jean McEwan and musician Ian Tothill, collectively known as Of Dreaming Faces. The production fuses pre-recorded and live sound with live mixed film, camera feed, and performance to create a magical evening celebrating luck, choice, fate and destiny.

“If we didn’t laugh at him, we’d cry our eyes out” Marie Lloyd Dan Leno was the greatest Music Hall star of all time: the first stand-up comic, the best-loved pantomime dame and the world champion dog dancer with a strong line in character based skits...he was, quite simply, the comic genius of his age whose work laid the foundations for contemporary British comedy. Dan’s legacy is now almost forgotten, but this romp through his personal history traces the roots of British popular entertainment from Music Hall to Little Britain. A show which explores what makes us laugh and why we should care.




Development Lab

Village Fete Saturday 25th April 12pm to 12 midnight Information & Tickets: 01274 233200 Last year's festival of new work taught Development Lab that we are blessed to be situated in a bright, dedicated community of performance makers of all sorts and sizes. And what does every community need? A party of course! So we're having a village fete and inviting you all to come along. A marathon series of events from midday to midnight, Village Fete will feature live bands, intimate performances from the very best of the region's young live artists, readings, conversations, dances and screenings. And of course cake stalls, face painting and bunting. A celebration and sharing of the best that's happening in our community. We will let you know more details as we start piecing it all together and finding the very best of things to share with you but book the date in your diary.

Development Lab Theatre in the Mill presents a workshop performance

There Are Shadows Friday 15th May, 7.30 pm ÂŁ3.00 Tickets: 01274 233200 Combining poetry, film and music Iain Bloomfield, musician Ric Neale and Alicia Campbell - Director of Create Change and a post-graduate student at the University of Bradford - explore the darker recesses of the human mind and the shadows and fears that both drive and haunt us and the points at which we break. This showing is the first stage of a much longer process that will result in a full blown show next season. We are showing the piece at a relatively early stage to invite feedback both on content and form.




Development Lab

Slung Low They Only Come at Night: Resurrection Development showing Friday 5th June, 7:30 pm ÂŁ3 Tickets: 01274 233200 Exclusive preview of the next part in the vampire myth, They Only Come at Night: Resurrection. Following their 2007 sell-out car-park show They Only Come at Night, Slung Low return to vampires & Bradford and in partnership with the Theatre in the Mill present an exclusive preview of the second in the trilogy of vampire shows, They Only Come at Night: Resurrection. Award winning Slung Low return to Theatre in the Mill with a week long residency developing their new site specific piece. The residency will end with an exclusive preview of the show for Development Lab audiences. Featuring a staged reading with the cast, displays of sound and video work and a conversation with the company, the event at the end of the residency is the first opportunity for audiences to see this exciting new venture by Slung Low.

"A company of idiosyncratic vision" The Guardian "Charmingly inventive" Time Out They Only Come at Night: Resurrection will premiere at the Lowry Theatre, Salford in September 2009

Image Right by Tim Smith

With support from Development Lab, Theatre in the Mill. Creative Partners:




Conference of the Birds By Faceless Theatre and you! Friday 19th June Performance times and how to get involved will be announced on our website nearer the time. Free, but reserve your place by calling 01274 233200 Take flight with Conference of the Birds! Conference of the Birds is a fast-paced, visually stunning, outdoor adventure set to music and featuring colourful masks and amazing puppets. Bradford University and the Faceless Company will be working with a cast of up to 20 students and members of the community over 5 days to prepare for an amazing performance in the campus grounds this summer. Soar to new heights! Devise and Perform Spend 5 Days working with professional actors & puppeteers using physical theatre, mask and puppetry skills to devise & explore a piece of epic proportions. Rehearse 15th – 19th June 2009 To join the flock on their life changing journey on participate, you would need to commit to a week of full daytime rehearsals as well as the performance on Friday 19th June. Places are limited to 20 participants and the rehearsals are taking place on Campus. Watch Friday 19th June Don’t miss your chance to be in the audience as the birds take flight on their epic adventure… To participate in the rehearsals and performance contact: Ruth Prendergast on 01274 23185 or




The Package By Lost Dog Theatre Company Wednesday 6th, Thursday 7th & Friday 8th August, 7.30pm ÂŁ5 Tickets: 01274 233200 Ever wished your day was a little less humdrum? That's all going to change today! A phone that isn't yours rings in your pocket. You answer it, they know your name. So it begins. Follow the instructions and you might just make it to the end. Different stories, different journeys. Through back streets and derelict buildings the package guides you through a journey in which you have a task, the task is the package. Will you make it to the end or will the package defeat you. Each journey thrusts you into a different genre, from Film Noir to Romance, Horror to Espionage.

Image Right by Richard Warburton

There are limited tickets available for this unmissable sneak preview.





@ Tasmin Little Music Centre

A warm welcome to the Tasmin Little Music Centre’s season of concerts. Whilst we may be a ‘Little Music Centre’ in name, we pride ourselves on attracting and connecting with BIG talent. Music is all about connecting people and we are excited by the amount and quality of the musical talent that emerges from our rehearsal spaces here in the University’s Music Centre. One such fascinating fusion is between a group of classically trained musicians and three cutting edge Turntablists– Threads Orchestra & Waxworks DJ’s who are pleased to launch their first CD at Theatre in the Mill in February . This new group of cutting edge improvising musicians, DJ’s and composes recorded their work using the University’s Delius recording suite. We have also discovered a fantastic young Californian Jazz singer - Vanessa Contopulos who has a voice so rich, warm and velvety, you will be immediately transported to America’s West Coast. Vanessa sings with our resident JJW Jazz Trio and will perform alongside the University Singers and Night Flyers Big Band in a programme of Duke Ellington and Leonard Bernstein in March. We continue our connection with contemporary visual art and world music with two concerts in Gallery II, the first featuring the astonishing blind Egyptian musician Mustafa Kemal playing the ancient Kanoon, and the second featuring the celebrated avant-garde harpist from Wales – Rhodri Davies. Finally, we Showcase the University Choir and Orchestra in a spectacular concert of orchestral and choral music – ‘Carmina Burana’ by Karl Orff and the UK premiere of ‘The Lord of the Rings Symphony’ by Johann de Meij. We feel this is too good to miss, hope you do and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our exciting events.

Mark Haydn Robinson Artistic Director

Contact us: Telephone enquiries: Mark Robinson, Artistic Director & Fellow in Music - 01274 233191

Image Left By Philip Hey

Rachel Kaye, Arts Assistant: 01274 235495 Please note that for staffing reasons this line can only be manned at certain times of the day and evening. At other times please leave us a message including your daytime and evening phone numbers and we will do our best to contact you. Email enquiries: Website: Look up our facebook group page Myspace

Postal address: Tasmin Little Music Centre, University of Bradford, BD7 1DP





Threads Orchestra

Atrium Piano – Imani Hekima Every other Wednesday from 21 January 11.00 - 11.45 12.30 - 13.15 14.00 - 14.45 Free – Richmond Atrium

Concerts Threads Orchestra with Waxworks DJ’s Sat 21 Feb, 7.30pm - Theatre in the Mill Tickets £5/£3 Box office – 01274 233137 Information – 01274 233191 Email –

Image Right: Photo by Martyn Strange

Celebrating Bradford’s cultural heritage, Threads Orchestra and DJ’s from Waxworks perform together again after their highly successful 2008 debut in the Alhambra Studio and Liverpool’s St George’s Hall. The group was formed to provide the music for a stunning multi layered sound-scape, dance and video event for Portrait of a Nation in St Georges Hall, Liverpool - part of the European City of Culture celebrations. Led by TLMC resident violinist Adam Robinson and featuring some of the most talented improvising musicians in the region including wiz-kid double bassist Russ Pearson, piano star Kit Downes, and electric guitar virtuoso Chris Montague, the group have come up with a stunning collection of original, contemporary music. Their current CD was recorded using the Delius Studio at the University and will be showcased across the country.

Featuring Waxworks DJ's



Small World Band/Global Voices - Shared Platform Thursday 5 March, 8.00pm Richmond Atrium, University of Bradford Free Entry For an expressive selection of global music, rhythmic fun and some off the wall audience participation, join vocal expert Laura Sillito and musical maestro James Squire to discover your hidden creative talents and to hear the University’s Small World Band and Global Voices perform their programme of compositions inspired from across the world.

Teatime Music Event - Chris Illingworth Jazz Trio Fri 6 March, Norcroft Centre – 4.15pm Part of Peace Laureate Lecture - Peace Jam Free Entry

Left: Small World Band by Tony woods

The Chris Illingworth Trio formed in 2005. Chris Illingworth and Finlay Panter have been playing together for many years and met Grant Russell at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Chris and Finlay have recently finished their studies at the RNCM and Grant Russell is in his fourth and final year at the college. All three are classically trained and share a mutual passion for jazz and many other styles of music including Be-Bop, Cool School, Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Electronica and Trip-Hop. A chance to hear exciting musical fusions performed by three talented, up and coming young musicians

Chris Illingworth Jazz Trio (photo courtesy of Chris Illingworth)




Sain Zahoor & Band in Concert Saturday 2 May 2009, 7pm Great Hall, University of Bradford Tickets: from £10 - £18 Box office: 01274 - 233137

“He stamped his feet, beating out a driving, almost bluesy riff, and added a passionate vocal workout….. it’s about spiritual love that makes you dance” (Robin Denselow - The Guardian) The University of Bradford is delighted to welcome back the transcendent and genuinely awe-inspiring music of Sain Zahoor and band, following the sell-out success of their concert in the University Atrium in June 2008. Sain Zahoor is a phenomenon. Winner of the 2006 BBC World Music Voice of the Year Award without ever having released a record, Sain’s music emanates from the Sufi tradition and was honed singing in dargagh (shrines) and mela in his native Ojara district of Pakistan. Since then Sain has travelled the world offering audiences the opportunity to come “the closest anyone alive will get to being in the presence of the Sufi mystics of yore, like Bulle Shah and Shah Hussain.”

(Lucy Basing & Rory O’ Connor – Songlines Review of June 2008 Performance at the University of Bradford)

“It is impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the passion by which Zahoor delivers the sacred verses. Despite the linguistic barrier, the spiritualism of his performance is palpable. Every few minutes another audience members succumbs to the pull of Zahoor’s music, head shaking in euphoric disbelief, fingers tapping invisible tabla. Dancing throughout, and each song expressing a different feeling towards or about love, life and God, this was a memorable, exquisite experience”

Right: Sain Zahoor

At its heart all Sufi art is the connection between our earthly existence and the world of the spiritual, it is founded on a belief that everyone is important, everyone is welcome, everyone is worthy. Sain Zahoor’s music is those ideas given soaring expression.




Performances of Music by

Duke Ellington & Leonard Bernstein Friday 13 March, 8.00pm – Love Apple Café Night Flyers Big Band, JJW Jazz Trio Vanessa Contopulos – vocals University Singers conducted by Aaron Newland-Bentley Tickets £5/£3 Box office – 01274 233137 Information – 01274 233191 Email – Featuring three Tasmin Little Music Centre groups - the 16 piece Night Flyers Big Band, JJW Jazz Trio (featuring talented Californian singer Vanessa Contopulos) and The University singers. A showcase of performances of A Duke Ellington Suite & extracts from Leonard Bernstein’s hit show West Side Story, this show offers a rare chance to experience the inventive compositions of legendary American musical pioneers.

Mostafa Kamal – Egyptian Kanoon Musician Wed 29 April, Gallery II, 12.30pm Tickets £3/£2 Box office – 01274 233137, Information – 01274 233191

Left: JJW Jazz Trio, photo by Mark Robinson

The Kanoon is an Egyptian plucked stringed instrument which is often associated with Arabic folklore and Gypsy dance music including Belly Dance. The Kanoon produces a shimmering sound which can transport audiences to an oriental world of music and dance. Blind musician Mostafa Kamal was awarded a British Chevening Scholarship to study in the UK and he combines traditional Egyptian Kanoon music with that of the near East and Turkey.

Image: Arabian female - Photo by David David




Tasmin Little Music Centre Presents

Lord Of The Rings

Symphony (No. 1) Johann de Meij

Carmina Burana Karl Orff

Sat 16 May, 7.15pm – Richmond Atrium, University of Bradford University Singers, Bradford Youth Choir, Yorkshire Wind Orchestra Phillippa Cairns soprano Leon Waksberg tenor David Heathcote baritone Chris McElroy & Mark Haydn Robinson – conductors Tickets £8/£6 Box office – 01274 233137 Information – 01274 233191 Email –

The Lord of the Rings Dutch composer Johan de Meij's first symphony “The Lord of the Rings” is based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic novel. This modern day ‘Ring Cycle’ tells of primeval forces, mystical characters and fantastic creatures who control the fate of their universe. The trilogy has fascinated many millions of readers since it’s publication in 1955 and this performance gives audiences a chance to immerse themselves in the well loved themes of the novel which are reworked and re-imagined in musical form.

Carmina Burana Karl Orff (1895-1982) was one of the most influential German composers of his generation. His most famous work ‘Carmina Burana’ (Songs of Beuern) was written in 1937. Orff sets ancient Latin and old German texts from a 13th-century codex (locked secret code) discovered in a monastery in Beuern in the Foothills of the Bavarian Alps. He divides the sections into three parts – the joy of spring and nature, drinking and love with the fate and fortune of humanity (‘O Fortuna’) starting and concluding the work.


Right Detail of 'Flooded Cathedral' by David Wright

Johann de Meij’s symphonic score consists of five separate movements, each illustrating a character or an important episode from the book:




Teatime Music Event - Rhodri Davies Avant Garde Harp Thursday 28 May, 6.00pm Gallery II Tickets £6/£4 Box office – 01274 233137 Information – 01274 233191 Email – Rhodri Davies has been engaged with new, experimental and improvised music for over ten years. He plays harp, electric harp, live electronics and builds wind, water and fire harp installations. His work explores noise, live electronics, silence, texture and abstract sound. Rhodri has performed throughout the world in the US, Japan, Canada and Europe and his projects include work with the visual artist Gustav Metzger on ¡Self-Cancellation¢, on a large-scale audio-visual collaboration in London and Glasgow. This performance will be complemented by the artwork of media students from the University, as part of their annual end of year showcase, “Fit to Media” (page 6).

Indus - Indo/European Fusion Saturday 20 June, 7.30pm, Theatre in the Mill Tickets £6/£4 Box office – 01274 233137 Information – 01274 233191 Email – Indus is a new music group that brings together four creative & virtuostic musicians from diverse musical traditions including Indian Classical, Western Classical and Jazz. Indus's original compositions cross the spectrum from chilled out & relaxing to fast, driving & rhythmic.

Left top: Rhodri Davies Left bottom: Indus

Characterised by complex tabla beats, exquisite flute phrases, rhythmic santoor patterns and lyrical sitar tones, Indus create an intricate kaleidoscope of sound and emotion. On stage, the musical communication between the group as well as their use of improvisation never fails to enthral audiences. Featuring: Shahbaz Hussain (Tabla), Henrik Linnemann (Flute), John Ball (Santoor), Mohamed Assani (Sitar)




Performance Projects These projects are for people who are very enthusiastic about music and are able to commit themselves to regular attendance for a specific period. It’s free to take part in most of these projects if you’re a Music Centre Member.

Mondays 19 January – Monday 18 May 2009 5.00 – 6.30pm Tasmin Little Music Centre Free – (TLMC membership required) For more information contact Malcolm Neailey

University Singers Mondays 19 January – 11 May 2009 6.45-9.00pm

University Wind, Brass & String Groups Wednesdays 21 January – 13 May 2009 7.00 – 8.30pm Tasmin Little Music Centre Free - (TLMC membership required)

Small World Band & Global Voices Thursday 22 January – 5 March 2009

Tasmin Little Music Centre


Directed by Chris McElroy, Aaron Newland-Bentley, Mark Haydn Robinson

Tasmin Little Music Centre Directed by James Squire & Laura Taylor

Free - (TLMC membership required)

Free - (TLMC membership required)

The Night Flyers Big Band

Rock on Campus - Jamming

Community Big Band

4.00 – 6.00pm

Tuesdays 6 January – 14 July 2009 8.00 - 9.30pm

Tasmin Little Music Centre Directed by Joe Grisag

Tasmin Little Music Centre

Free- (TLMC membership required)

Contact: Mark Robinson 01274 233191

Tel: 01274 235760

University Clarinet Group Wednesdays 21 January – 13 May 2009 6.00 – 6.45pm Tasmin Little Music Centre Directed by John Kendrick Free - (TLMC membership required)

Fridays 9 January– 22 May 2009

Email: Right: University Jazz band

University Jazz Band




Music Team: New Members Always Welcome! Want to learn how to market concerts, design posters and work alongside our exciting visiting artists? Why not improve your CV with a spot of stage management, sound tech, front of house or box office activity? There are lots of ways you can gain vital extra skills which prospective employers are certain to be impressed by and which could improve your career prospects. Music Newsletter A free music newsletter, including reminders of upcoming events, and inviting people to submit items, is sent out frequently by e-mail and occasionally by post. To subscribe please visit our website or write to the enquiries address. Music Centre members are automatically put on this mailing list.

Individual activities Vocal and Instrumental Tuition The Tasmin Little Music Centre has a list of approved private tutors and a resident accompanist. Payment arrangements are between you and the tutor, but lessons can be held in the Music Centre. Some of the tutors visit the campus regularly. Practice Facilities A suite of three practice rooms each containing a piano and music stand, is available at selected times to TLMC members only. External organisations wishing to use the Music Centre’s facilities should apply to the Fellow in Music.

How to Join the Music Centre Full Membership Includes:

Left: University Wind Band - Photo by Philip Hey

1. Free participation in activities and workshops 2. Free inclusion on the mailing list 3. Free newsletter 4. Free access to practice suite (3 practice rooms with pianos) 7am – 11pm 5. Option to apply for limited access to Rehearsal Room (please refer to TLMC Terms and Conditions – form A2a) 2 passport photos are required for security reasons. Student/Disabled/OAP/Jobseeker Limited Student/Disabled/OAP/Jobseeker (Full) University Staff/Public Limited (Practice room only) University Staff /Public (Full)

£25 £30 £35 £40

Benefits of inclusion are: • • • •

Inclusion in our mailing list of local concerts and events. Inclusion in our mailing list of University social events. Discounts for local concerts and gigs including the Bradford and Leeds Concert Series. Students’ Union representation within the University.

To get a membership form, please come to: The Hub, Richmond Building 10am to 4pm, Monday-Friday Theatre in the Mill The Music Centre (during activities and workshops) Gallery II Or Send a Stamped Addressed Envelope marked “Music membership form” to Tasmin Little Music Centre, c/o, Theatre in the Mill, FREEPOST NEA10023, University of Bradford BD7 1BR.


Exhibitions Contact us: Telephone enquiries : 01274 235495 Please note that for staffing reasons this line can only be manned at certain times of the day. At other times please leave us a message including your daytime and evening phone numbers and we will do our best to contact you. Email enquiries:


Postal address:

Gallery II, Chesham Building, University of Bradford, Bradford BD7 1DP

Theatre Contact us: Telephone enquiries: 01274 233185 Please note that for staffing reasons this line can only be manned at certain times of the day and evening. At other times please leave us a message including your daytime and evening phone numbers and we will do our best to contact you. Email enquiries: Website:

Postal address: Theatre in the Mill, University of Bradford, BD7 1DP

Music Contact us: Left: Wolf by Morwenna Catt

Telephone enquiries: Mark Robinson, Artistic Director & Fellow in Music - 01274 233191 Rachel Kaye, Arts Assistant: 01274 235495 Please note that for staffing reasons this line can only be manned at certain times of the day and evening. At other times please leave us a message including your daytime and evening phone numbers and we will do our best to contact you. Email enquiries: Website:

Postal address: Tasmin Little Music Centre, University of Bradford, BD7 1DP


How To Find Us If you are walking: Walking takes about 15 minutes. Come out of the Interchange, down the hill, across the crossing and turn left in front of City Hall and walk in front of the fountain and the Police Station. Cross the road and walk left towards the Alhambra Theatre, turning immediately right up Great Horton Road. The University is about 300 metres up this hill, beyond the College. If you are driving: From Leeds, Wakefield and the Motorways follow the signs for the University and Bradford College from Bradford City Centre. From Halifax take the A647 through Queensbury and arrive at the Shearbridge pub roundabout via Great Horton Road. From Keighley or Skipton take the A650 into Bradford via Manningham Lane and follow the University signs from the city centre. Car parking for Theatre in the Mill is on Longside Lane. Please do not park in the driveway or in front of the theatre. Car parking for Gallery II and the Tasmin Little Music Centre is further down Longside Lane. By bus: 610/1/2/3/4 leave for the University from Channing Way, outside City Hall, a short walk from the Interchange; at regular intervals during the day, and pass the main campus about 5 minutes later. The U-Bus (the union safety bus) runs week-nights during term time for students. Contact the Students’ Union for further information.

Disabled Access: Theatre in the Mill welcomes patrons with disabilites. In order to help you make the most of your visit, we invite you to telephone us to discuss your needs - 01274 233185. Theatre in the Mill has an induction loop for hearing aid users. The Tasmin Little Music Centre and Gallery II are fully accessible for wheelchairs and have a disabled toilet. It is possible to park close to the Centre and the Gallery. There is access to the Gallery, with ramps at the front of the building. Please check with the venue before you come to an event. Telephone the Disability Office on 01274 233739 or minicom 01274 235094. Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change the programme if unavoidable. Please check with the venue before the performance. More detailed maps are available from

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