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The Travel Writer’s Way 9781784776046

Unlikely Positions 9781784776404



The Chilterns & The Thames Valley 9781784776138

Italy: Friuli Venezia Giulia 9781784776299



The Country of Larks 9781784770808

Wild Woods 9781784776411

Exmoor National Park 9781784771560

Welcome to our 2019 catalogue, which the keen-eyed will notice has something of a new look. In addition to information about the wonderful books on our list, you’ll find bonus features that we hope will appeal to travel enthusiasts (booksellers and consumers alike). There’s our selection of exceptional places to visit in 2019 (page 2), containing the usual surprise or two. And we’ve included the winning entry to our New Travel Writer of the Year competition (pages 21 and 22). Settle down and enjoy the read! Bradt has always been committed to good writing. As well as our annual travel-writing competition, we run a travel-writing seminar every autumn and have a growing series of travel literature. New to that list in 2019 are The Country of Larks (page 19), describing a nostalgic walk in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson; Unlikely Positions (page 19), the colourful account of the author’s quest to do yoga in some of Britain’s most unlikely places (among them a prison); and From the Lion’s Mouth (page 20), about a journey on foot through Pakistan along the course of the Indus River. We are particularly excited to be publishing The Travel Writer’s Way (page 18), a ground-breaking guide that takes readers on a 12-step programme of ‘creative journeys’ to help them improve and enjoy their travel writing. With detailed advice from travelwriting titans such as Paul Theroux, William Dalrymple, Colin Thubron, Geoff Dyer and Pico Iyer, this is a book as inspiring as it is useful. Alongside all this, we’ll be publishing new guides to Britain’s Wild Woods (page 6), The Chilterns & The Thames Valley (page 4), Somerset (page 4), Exmoor (page 4), Orkney (page 8) and the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (page 10), as well as more new editions than we’ve ever published in a single year. We’ve a busy time ahead. Happy travels.

Somerset 9781784776176

Adrian Phillips Managing Director

May Orkney 9781784776305

From the Lion’s Mouth 9781784771607


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• THE CHILTERNS – Close to London yet still relatively little-known, the Chilterns offers outstanding natural beauty, distinctive architecture, superb food and drink, innumerable stories of rulers, rebels, writers and artists and a wealth of eccentric secrets and surprises. Neil and Helen Matthews

Every winter we put our heads together, canvas the opinions of our authors and select our top destination picks for the year ahead. It’s a list that attracts a lot of attention, so the responsibility weighs heavily! But we think we’ve succeeded in compiling a diverse group of places to satisfy the most discerning of travellers in 2019. We hope you find your destination inspiration. – Adrian Phillips MD • ORKNEY – Orkney is rightly famous for its ancient landscapes and archaeology but these Scottish islands also offer magnificent wildlife experiences, stunning beaches and superb local food. Mark Rowe



• ESWATINI – Tiny Eswatini (until recently Swaziland) may have acquired a new name but the attractions remain the same: rugged landscapes, excellent wildlife, vibrant culture and a place small enough to call your own. Mike Unwin • BELARUS – Incremental relaxation of the visa regulations has seen a marked increase in visitor numbers during 2018, so get here before everybody else does! Nigel Roberts

• BENIN – The birthplace of the little understood religion of Vodou, Benin drips in ghosts and ghouls, wizards and monsters, but there is more than just storybook magic to this country – Benin is arguably the best wildlife destination in West Africa. • SÃO TOMÉ – Stays of up to 15 days no longer require a visa, so there’s never been a better time to visit Africa’s second-smallest country. Go now, before everyone else wakes up to it. • MATERA – The higgledy-piggledy Italian city of Matera is the best place in Europe to watch the continent’s most beautiful falcon, the lesser kestrel – a wonderful, wildlife filled twist on a city break in the 2019 European Capital of Culture. James Lowen • AFGHANISTAN – Truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Afghanistan may be tricky to visit but its mountainous landscapes are well worth the challenge. • SOMALILAND – The breakaway nation of Somaliland – yet to gain official recognition by the UN – offers a wonderfully unscripted travel experience to adventurous travellers, with highlights that include the beautifully preserved 5,000-year-old rock art at Las Geel and millennia-old Red Sea port of Berbera. Philip Briggs


• NAUSICAÁ, PAS-DE-CALAIS – Europe’s largest aquarium is now even better. Boulogne’s Nausicaá has a giant new deep-sea exhibit, complete with glass tunnel that brings you close to sharks and manta rays. Perfect for a cross-Channel hop with the family. John Ruler • NORTH KOREA – As Bob Dylan sang, the times they are a-changin’. North Korea, for now, remains the last nation of its kind left standing – see it while you can as, once gone, it will be gone forever. Henry Marr

• FALKLANDS – One of the world’s last true wildernesses, the Falkland Islands are the perfect way to get away from it all in 2019. • BOILING LAKE TRAIL, DOMINICA – After the devastation of a category five hurricane in September 2017, Dominica is in the process of an uplifting revival. There is no better example of this than the work that has been completed on its vast network of hiking routes – especially the world famous Boiling Lake Trail, which should be on the bucket list of all serious hikers. Paul Crask



Bradt Slow Travel – UK Regional Guides Local, characterful guides to Britain’s special places

2019 sees the publication of three new destinations in Bradt’s award-winning Slow Travel series, bringing the total number of titles to nineteen, alongside new editions of some of the best-selling guides in the series.


This new title, part of our distinctive ‘Slow’ travel series, is the only one available to cover the Chilterns and Thames Valley in depth. Parts of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey are all covered. February 2019 ■ 1st edition ■ £13.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776138 198mm x 130mm ■ 256pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 20 maps


Exmoor National Park is one of the smallest and loveliest in England. This new guide describes Exmoor in more detail than any other, from heather-covered moorland to deep wooded valleys and sea views from the South West Coast Path. April 2019 ■ 1st edition ■ £7.99 ■ ISBN 9781784771560 198mm x 130mm ■ 96pp ■ 4 maps

SOMERSET Norm Longley

Somerset is consistently seductive. In this new guide, culture, anecdote, practical information and history accompany coverage of wildlife, birdwatching, walking, cycling and other outdoor activities, plus of course accommodation, restaurants and that Somerset speciality – cider! August 2019 ■ 1st edition ■ £13.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776176 198mm x 130mm ■ 288pp ■ 20pp colour ■ 20 maps


This new, thoroughly updated edition remains the only dedicated guide to this perennially popular part of Britain, offering indepth exploration of both frequently visited and less well known destinations, including up-to-date listings of accommodation and eateries. February 2019 ■ 3rd edition ■ £13.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776114 198mm x 130mm ■ 352pp ■ 20pp colour ■ 12 maps



including Newcastle, Hadrian’s Wall & the Coast Gemma Hall

Bradt’s Northumberland remains the most authoritative and comprehensive guide to the region. Thoroughly updated and revised to include dedicated chapters on Northumberland National Park, Hadrian’s Wall, the coast and Newcastle, this new second edition also includes over 40 walks. This comprehensive, best-selling title continues to be the reliable source of information for discovering the far northeast of England. March 2019 ■ 2nd edition ■ £13.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776084 198mm x 130mm ■ 296pp ■ 20pp colour ■ 29 maps


Written by expert author, Devon resident and Bradt founder Hilary Bradt, this new, thoroughly updated edition of our award-winning North Devon & Exmoor remains the only dedicated general guide to this compelling area. With an emphasis on car-free travel, walking, local food, pubs and unusual or special accommodation, this is the most comprehensive guide available, revealing the region’s unique blend .of wild rugged coastline, deep river valleys, heather-covered moorland, family-friendly sandy beaches, great surfing and enchanting villages. March 2019 ■ 2nd edition ■ £12.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776145 198mm x 130mm ■ 240pp ■ 24pp colour ■ 26 maps


Local resident and author Mike Bagshaw knows the Dales inside out and in this new, thoroughly updated edition of his guide, he expands coverage to take in the recently extended Yorkshire Dales National Park, Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and some ‘slow’ and historic towns and villages just outside the boundaries. Wildlife, folklore, history, walking, cycling and local food and drink are all covered.



April 2019 ■ 2nd edition ■ £12.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776091 198mm x 130mm ■ 208pp ■ 20pp colour ■ 16 maps


Alexandra Richards

Thoroughly updated to reflect all the most recent changes to the region, this new third edition of our popular guide to Dorset from expert author Alexandra Richards is still the most comprehensive guide to the area. Where – and what – to eat, where and when to go and what to see are all covered, including the Dorset section of the Jurassic Coast, providing an essential guide to one of Britain’s most rural counties. May 2019 ■ 3rd edition ■ £13.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776121 198mm x 130mm ■ 304pp ■ 20pp colour ■ 14 maps



An explorer’s guide to Britain’s woods and forests Alvin Nicholas and Martin Cray

Explore over 500 of the most magical, extraordinary and lesser known woods and forests in England, Scotland and Wales with this unique, practical and fully illustrated book. Featuring stunning photography and lively travel writing, it’s divided into easy-to-navigate geographical sections – Southwest, South and East, Wales and Borders, Central and North, and Scotland – and covers everything from the best campsites, bothies and quirky accommodation through to wild swimming, walking trails, types of woodland and forest, cycling routes, horse riding, wildflowers and wildlife, dark skies and star-gazing, foraging, lost ruins and sacred, mystical and haunted sites. Wild Woods reveals life-affirming ways to connect with wild places through adventure and is the perfect book for both families and wilderness lovers seeking new experiences well off the beaten track. Detailed, user-friendly instructions help to create wild weekend escapes and you can also learn about ‘lost beasts’ – megafauna such as wolves – no longer present and the evolution of ancient woodland. Also included is a series of ‘Best for…’ recommendations, from ‘Best for Big Mammals’ to ‘Best for Deep Forest Experiences’, as well as Waterfalls and Canoe Adventures amongst others. August 2019 ■ 1st edition ■ £16.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776411 212mm x 169mm ■ 304pp

BRITAIN FROM THE RAILS A window gazer’s guide Benedict le Vay

‘Now, finally, the network has a book to be proud of!’ So said one review of the first edition of this groundbreaking and innovative title, which describes in detail many of the UK’s railway routes, from the West of England main line to Exeter to the East Suffolk line, from North Wales and the Marches, to the East Coast main line to Scotland, and of course the famed West Highland line, regarded by many as one of the most beautiful railway journeys in the world. This quirky and fascinating guide has been updated to include new lines and destinations in Britain’s fast-changing railway, while retaining the classic greats. The totally new Borders Railway in Scotland, from Edinburgh to Tweedbank, is included, as is the new route from London to Oxford, while other lines, such as the superb Far North line from Inverness to Wick and Thurso, are presented with more fascinating detail. Author Benedict le Vay says: ‘I am constantly getting feedback and suggestions from readers who are as enthusiastic about seeing our lovely country from trains as I am. We are getting more investment and more passengers, which is great, but I am trying to guide people away from busy routes to find the real gems, in the railway byways and backwaters, as it were.’ October 2019 ■ 3rd edition ■ £16.99 ■ ISBN 9781784771416 216mm x 135mm ■ 352pp ■ 24pp colour ■ 41 maps



Rosie Whitehouse

This new, thoroughly updated edition is the essential companion to getting the most out of a visit to this beguiling Italian region of dizzy passes and breathtaking views. Author Rosie Whitehouse has spent thirty years exploring Liguria and her comprehensive guide includes not just the glitz of the Italian Riviera but also the delights of the wild unknown hinterlands and mountain valleys, including in-depth coverage of local gastronomic delights – a key part of any Ligurian visit. February 2019 ■ 3rd edition ■ £15.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776343 216mm x 135mm ■ 304pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 27 maps

SENEGAL Sean Connelly

With over 350 pages of detailed description and over 40 maps, this new, thoroughly updated edition continues to offer far and away the greatest depth of coverage for this increasingly popular part of West Africa. All regions of the country are covered, including information on national parks, with detailed maps and itineraries and practical information on transport and accommodation. February 2019 ■ 2nd edition ■ £17.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776206 216mm x 135mm ■ 392pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 35 maps

THE BASQUE COUNTRY AND NAVARRE France • Spain Murray Stewart

This fully revised second edition includes all the elements required for an enjoyable holiday and gives a real insight into the area’s strong regional identity, uncovering the peculiarities which imbue it with its aura of intrigue and taking you way beyond the delightful, wellknown cities and into the heart of the beautiful Basque countryside. When it comes to food, discover not just what to eat, but also how to eat it, for many Basque eating rituals apply!



February 2019 ■ 2nd edition ■ £15.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776244 216mm x 135mm ■ 392pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 36 maps

GREECE: THE PELOPONNESE with Athens, Delphi and Kythira Andrew Bostock

Originally written by Andrew Bostock, an expert on Greece and former resident of the Peloponnese, this fourth edition has been updated by Bradt’s most prolific and experienced guidebook writer Philip Briggs and remains the only dedicated guidebook to the southern part of the Greek mainland. This new edition also incorporates a focused mini-guide to Athens and nearby Delphi. March 2019 ■ 4th edition ■ £15.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776336 216mm x 135mm ■ 264pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 29 maps




Malta has been changing at the rate of knots and this new, thoroughly updated edition reflects all the most recent developments. It’s also the go-to-guide for getting beneath the surface of this island nation and discovering what lies beyond the beaches. History, archaeology, summer festas, wildlife and birdwatching are all covered, as well as the less commercialised islands of Gozo and Comino.

Bradt’s Alentejo remains the only standalone guide to this emerging region, providing all the information needed to find that idyllic rural retreat, beachside boutique or romantic hotel. Restaurants, wines, cafés and cultural sites are all included and there is a wealth of background cultural and historical information to unlock the secrets of the Alentejo’s colourful past and captivating present in this new, thoroughly updated second edition.

Juliet Rix

March 2019 ■ 4th edition ■ £14.99 ■ ISBN 9781784770709 216mm x 135mm ■ 344pp ■ 24pp colour ■ 42 maps


Discover everything you need to know for a successful trip to the Faroe Islands in this new, thoroughly updated edition, the only English-language guide to this isolated, unspoiled archipelago. Details of all 18 islands are included, plus hands-on information about where to stay and eat, how to get around – be it by local ferry, helicopter or your own hire car – and what to see and do. April 2019 ■ 5th edition ■ £16.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776329 216mm x 135mm ■ 192pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 13 maps

KYRGYZSTAN Laurence Mitchell

A new, thoroughly updated fourth edition of the only Englishlanguage guide dedicated solely to Kyrgyzstan, described as ‘the Switzerland of central Asia’ and regarded by many as the most beautiful country in the world. Comprehensive coverage includes trekking, horse riding, festivals, natural history and suggested itineraries, plus historical background, health, safety, transport, and author recommendations on the best yurt camps and chaikhanas. April 2019 ■ 4th edition ■ £16.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776268 216mm x 135mm ■ 328pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 22 maps

ORKNEY Mark Rowe

Following on from the success of his acclaimed Outer Hebrides guide, expert author Mark Rowe turns his attention to Orkney, with a focus on the 13 major inhabited islands of this 70-island archipelago. Masses of background information is included, from geography and geology to art and archaeology, plus wildlife and all the practical details you could need: when to visit, suggested itineraries, public holidays and festivals, local culture, accommodation and where to eat and drink. May 2019 ■ 1st edition ■ £15.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776305 216mm x 135mm ■ 304pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 24 maps

Alex Robinson

May 2019 ■ 2nd edition ■ £15.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776275 216mm x 135mm ■ 216pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 29 maps


A guide to coastal wildlife Tony Soper, with illustrations by Dan Powell

Expert knowledge from Tony Soper, co-founder of the BBC Natural History Unit, is richly supplemented with full-colour illustrations by award-winning wildlife artist Dan Powell in a new edition of this engaging and beautifully illustrated full-colour guide. A fascinating read and an ideal companion on board and on shore, new features in this revised edition include new illustrations and a section on the flora and fauna of the Bering Sea. May 2019 ■ 4th edition ■ £16.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776435 216mm x 135mm ■ 168pp ■ 160pp colour ■ 1 map


plus Canada’s main routes John Pitt



Specialist author John Pitt has travelled around 80,000 miles by train in North America in the past 25 years and in this fully revised and expanded ninth edition he features over 500 destinations, including Disney World, the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, and provides detailed information on all the latest Amtrak and VIA Rail passes. Also included are 25 long-distance train journeys across the United States and a further 12 in Canada, plus sightseeing highlights for 38 major cities and accommodation options from cheap to chic. May 2019 ■ 9th edition ■ £16.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776251 216mm x 135mm ■ 408pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 36 maps


Stuart Butler

Bradt’s Benin remains the original and one of the only comprehensive guides in English to this French-speaking country, the birthplace of the much maligned and little understood religion of Vodou (voodoo). This new edition includes coverage of the growing range of eco-travel and community-based tourism options, more information on the wildlife and national parks of the north, a dedicated chapter on the largest city, Cotonou and extensive travel information for all price bands. June 2019 ■ 2nd edition ■ £19.99 ■ ISBN 9781784770600 216mm x 135mm ■ 208pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 27 maps





This sixth edition remains the only standalone English-language guidebook available outside Macedonia to this increasingly popular destination. Thoroughly updated and restructured to make it even easier to use by Philip Briggs, arguably the world’s most experienced guidebook writer, new additional features include increased coverage of national parks, fully integrated hiking information, expanded introductions to points of interest, and new and redrawn maps.

Long known as the ‘warm heart of Africa’ (and the first country outside Denmark to have a Carlsberg brewery), Malawi is a small country with a big lake – accounting for around a third of its territory – and a big welcome. This new eighth edition, written by Philip Briggs, arguably the world’s most experienced guidebook author, remains the only standalone practical guidebook to this magical East African destination and includes everything from practical information to adventure opportunities, wildlife, music and accommodation for all budgets.

Thammy Evans

June 2019 ■ 6th edition ■ £17.99 ■ ISBN 9781784770846 216mm x 135mm ■ 392pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 43 maps

TAIWAN Steven Crook

Having visited every corner of the main island and every one of the outlying archipelagos, resident author Steven Crook continues to offer some of the most comprehensive coverage available in this new, fully updated third edition of his guide to Taiwan. With a keen understanding of international visitors, he includes a detailed chapter on Taipei and an emphasis on the Taiwanese favourite pastime of local food. History, culture, wildlife and outdoor activities are all covered, while place names and other useful words and phrases are presented in Chinese script for convenient communication. June 2019 ■ 3rd edition ■ £16.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776220 216mm x 135mm ■ 368pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 33 maps

July 2019 ■ 8th edition ■ £17.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776367 216mm x 135mm ■ 352pp ■ 20pp colour ■ 38 maps

GHANA Philip Briggs

From background, practical and health information to a dedicated, illustrated chapter on wildlife and 18 chapters split across five regional sections, this eighth edition has been written by Africa expert Philip Briggs and covers everything from inexpensive opportunities to see wildlife to cultural and historical aspects such as the slave trading posts. Still the only dedicated guidebook on the market and the most comprehensive source of travel information available. August 2019 ■ 8th edition ■ £17.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776282 216mm x 135mm ■ 512pp ■ 20pp colour ■ 63 maps

k Includes new full-colour wildlife section



This new title by long-time travel authors and Italy specialists Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls continues our coverage of lesser-known but increasingly popular Italian regions and is the only guide available to Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region which forms the major part of the hinterland of Venice (but does not – despite the name – include Venice itself). The area’s wines and distinctive cuisine are both covered, as are caffeine-mad Trieste, the Alps, coastal resorts, unspoiled wetlands and lagoons, medieval towns and the strange desert steppe called the Magredi.

With sweeping landscapes and empty roads, Namibia has long captured the imaginations of travellers and photographers. Chris McIntyre, author and owner of tour operator Expert Africa, guides you through this vast country. His new edition incorporates all the most recent changes, including unrivalled coverage of places to stay and eat and detailed information for self-drivers (including personally researched and checked GPS coordinates) as well as for fly-in and guided safaris. There’s also in-depth coverage of wildlife and where to see it, including a new full-colour wildlife field guide section.

July 2019 ■ 1st edition ■ £15.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776299 216mm x 135mm ■ 288pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 17 maps

August 2019 ■ 6th edition ■ £17.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776374 216mm x 135mm ■ 554pp ■ 68pp colour ■ 57 maps



Still the only dedicated English-language guide, this new edition has been thoroughly updated and includes full practical and background information, from the capital city, Luanda, to the rest of the country in 16 chapters. Expert author Oscar Scafidi lived and worked in Angola for five years. Thanks to his knowledge, this guide is ideal for everyone from independent surfers and bird-watchers on organised tours to fishing enthusiasts, conservationists, surfers, NGO workers and overlanders.

Botanical travel specialist David Sayers has once again teamed up with award-winning travel writer Murray Stewart on a new, updated edition of their Azores guide, the only comprehensive guidebook to this nine-island archipelago, a nature-lover’s wilderness and one of the best places in the world for whale watching. Offering a rich depth of knowledge on flora and fauna, this new edition also covers the land- and sea-based activities that are now a significant part of Azores attractions.

Dana Facaros & Michael Pauls

Oscar Scafidi


Philip Briggs

July 2019 ■ 3rd edition ■ £18.99 ■ ISBN 9781784770242 216mm x 135mm ■ 352pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 39 maps

Chris McIntyre



David Sayers with Murray Stewart

September 2019 ■ 7th edition ■ £15.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776237 216mm x 135mm ■ 304pp ■ 20pp colour ■ 28 maps




Bradt’s Gabon remains the only English-language guide dedicated exclusively to what is considered by many to be ‘Africa’s last Eden’ thanks to its sparse population and perhaps the highest percentage of forest cover of any country in the world. This new edition has been fully updated and covers all recent developments, including in the national parks. Full background, natural history, conservation, practical and health information are included, plus the discovery of the extraordinary orange-coloured crocodiles living in the Abanda cave system.

Immerse yourself in this emerging destination, home to a staggering 10% of all species on the planet, with this new, thoroughly updated edition. Award-winning travel writer Sarah Woods has teamed up with BBC-trained journalist Russell Maddicks to offer everything you need to know, from full background and practical information to a dedicated section on the capital, Bogota, plus coverage of the Amazon, Cartagena and Medellín.

Sean Connolly

September 2019 ■ 2nd edition ■ £17.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776015 216mm x 135mm ■ 200pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 30 maps


Flanders with Brussels, Bruges, Ghent & Antwerp Emma Thomson

This new second edition remains the only standalone guide to this enticing region, home to more Michelin-starred restaurants per head than France and the largest number of comic-strip cartoonists in the world. Providing in-depth coverage of Brussels, including the outer communes that are often overlooked but are home to excellent off-the-beaten track eateries and kooky museums, expert resident author Emma Thomson covers every inch of the region, from the sandy stretch of North Sea coast, through medieval cloth-spinning cities like Bruges and Ghent, to quaint villages. October 2019 ■ 2nd edition ■ £15.99 ■ ISBN 9781784770884 216mm x 135mm ■ 368pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 41 maps

LADAKH, JAMMU & KASHMIR Sophie Ibbotson and Stuart Butler

This newly updated guide – the only standalone guide to Ladakh and Kashmir in English – is the ideal companion to these contrasting and spell-binding regions whether you want to whitewater raft on the Indus, travel in a jeep along nerve-wracking mountain roads, relax on a houseboat, explore Buddhist culture in tucked away Ladakhi monasteries or hike over the high passes. November 2019 ■ 2nd edition ■ £17.99 ■ ISBN 9781784770952 216mm x 135mm ■ 264pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 35 maps

SÃO TOMÉ & PRÍNCIPE Kathleen Becker

In this comprehensively updated third edition of the only standalone guide to Africa’s second-smallest country, author and tour leader Kathleen Becker covers everything from the best spots for turtlewatching, hiking, eating and drinking to cocoa cooperatives, culture and how to get by on a budget. A full range of accommodation is detailed, from luxurious colonial-chic boutique resorts to a surf lodge, luxury glamping, plantation stays and city apartments. November 2019 ■ 3rd edition ■ £17.99 ■ ISBN 9781784770976 216mm x 135mm ■ 288pp ■ 8pp colour ■ 17 maps


Russell Maddicks and Sarah Woods

December 2019 ■ 4th edition ■ £18.99 ■ ISBN 9781784770907 216mm x 135mm ■ 520pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 43 maps


Philip Briggs with Andrew Roberts

Uganda boasts the most biodiverse – and arguably the most exciting – safari circuit in Africa. The lush montane forests of Includes new Bwindi protect the world’s largest remaining population of full-colour mountain gorillas, many of which have become habituated wildlife section to tourists and can be tracked to within a few metres on foot. This new, fully updated edition, one of the most comprehensive sources of information on Uganda, includes a new, full-colour wildlife chapter and offers a wealth of detailed and up-to-date information – everything you need for a successful trip.


December 2019 ■ 9th edition ■ £17.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776428 216mm x 135mm ■ 584pp ■ 64pp colour ■ 51 maps




Sophie Ibbotson

Uzbekistan, the quintessential Silk Route destination and Central Asia’s most populous country, is opening up to tourism, easing visa regulations, encouraging family-owned guesthouses, building new railways and introducing high-speed trains. These are just some of the developments covered in this new edition of the most detailed guide to Uzbekistan available. Accommodation, restaurants and public transport are included, along with a wide range of local topics, from flora and fauna to current affairs. December 2019 ■ 3rd edition ■ £17.99 ■ ISBN 9781784771089 216mm x 135mm ■ 320pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 29 maps


Paul Murray and Paul Hubbard

Discover one of Southern Africa’s premier wildlife and cultural tourism destinations with this new fourth edition, updated and revised by Paul Hubbard, a Zimbabwean archaeologist and tour guide. Wildlife, Victoria Falls, Lake Kariba, hiking and national parks are all covered, plus accommodation, from luxury safari camps to budget stays for younger overland travellers heading for the fastflowing waters of the Zambezi gorge. December 2019 ■ 4th edition ■ £16.99 ■ ISBN 9781784771096 216mm x 135mm ■ 392pp ■ 20pp colour ■ 35 maps




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Standard Guide - Country Standard Guide - Region Wildlife Highlights, Safari Guides

Chile: the Carretera Austral

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Other guides Antarctica, November 2018





The big day out for big cat people… Now an annual event, the Bradt Travel Guides Big Cat Festival brings together writers, photographers, artists and conservationists from around the world. Speakers have included Jonathan Scott, Chris Packham, Brian Jackman, HRH Princess Michael of Kent, John Rendall and Derek Cattani, Mike Unwin and Jonathan Truss, as well as producers from the BBC documentaries Big Cats and Dynasties. The event takes place each spring at the Royal Geographical Society in London. For details of the next Big Cat Festival please see our website.

A CHEETAH’S TALE HRH Princess Michael of Kent

“Beautifully written and vividly recalled, this story is immensely touching and illuminating; her descriptions of Africa are fresh and painterly. I loved it.” – Joanna Lumley “A cautionary tale of Africa’s most beautiful and rarest of big cats.” – Wilbur Smith “I’ve always felt that the world should hear Princess Michael’s own story of adventure, derring-do, heartbreak and struggle. An informative and touching book which gives us pause for reflection.’ – Tony Fitzjohn - Field director, George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust



September 2017 ■ 1st edition ■ £20.00 ■ ISBN 9781784770693 234 mm x 156 mm ■ 208pp colour ■ 16pp colour

THE BIG CAT MAN An Autobiography Jonathan Scott

A celebration of the extraordinary life of one of the world’s most popular wildlife presenters and photographers. “Jonathan Scott understands the animals he photographs so well – it is as though he can see the world as they do” – David Attenborough August 2016 ■ 1st edition ■ £20.00 ■ ISBN 9781784770334 234 mm x 156 mm ■ 336pp colour ■ 48pp colour ■ 100 illustrations

THE LEOPARD’S TALE CHRISTIAN THE LION The Illustrated Legacy John Rendall & Derek Cattani

The story that captured the imagination of the world... John Rendall’s first book about Christian, the lion cub bought at Harrods, was a million seller in the 1970s and enjoyed a huge resurgence of interest after a YouTube clip of their reunion in Africa went viral in 2006. This handsomely illustrated new book collects Derek Cattani’s never-before-seen pictures of Christian and updates the story to the present day. October 2018 ■ 1st edition ■ £14.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776213 235 mm x 190 mm ■ 192pp colour ■ 58 colour photos ■ 96 b/w photos ■ 2 maps Gift Edition ■ £25.00 ■ ISBN 9781784776398 235 mm x 190 mm ■ 192pp colour ■ 58 colour photos ■ 96 b/w photos ■ 2 maps


featuring Half-Tail and Zawadi, stars of Big Cat Diary Jonathan & Angela Scott

The classic account of the leopards of the Masai Mara, the stars of Big Cat Diary. July 2013 ■ 1st edition ■ £9.99 ■ ISBN 9781841624792 198 mm x 130 mm ■ 240pp colour ■ 16pp colour ■ 2 maps


The Story of an African Pride Brian Jackman, Jonathan & Angie Scott

A vivid picture of life and death on the African savannah through the story of a pride of lions in Kenya’s world-famous Masai Mara game reserve. February 2012 ■ 1st edition ■ £9.99 ■ ISBN 9781841624280 198 mm x 130 mm ■ 224pp ■ 16pp colour ■ 1 map



Narrative travel writing is an important part of our publishing, and this year we’re adding a guide to getting the most out of your travel writing (The Travel Writer’s Way below). On the next few pages you’ll find extracts from two of our 2019 new titles, as well as details of our annual travel writing competition and last year’s winning entry. Our travel writing backlist is on page 23.

THE TRAVEL WRITER’S WAY Turning your travels into stories Jonathan Lorie

Packed with practical advice, this is an innovative and inspiring book, perfect for anyone seeking to improve their travel writing. It offers a unique 12-step programme for developing your travel writing through enjoyable exercises and expert tuition, backed up with a comprehensive overview of how to publish your work as blogs, books or articles. Interviews with today’s finest travel writers and editors (including Paul Theroux, Robert MacFarlane, Colin Thubron and Sara Wheeler) offer the insiders’ view, while top tips and themed booklists give each topic real depth. Whether you’re a first-time writer or experienced ‘The most complete, accessible hand, The Travel Writer’s Way is the essential guide. and inspiring book of its kind.’ Colin Thubron Jonathan Lorie has been writing travel since 1999, first as the Editor of Traveller magazine, and now for national newspapers and magazines. In 2004 he set up Travellers’ Tales, Britain’s leading training agency for travel writers and photographers, followed by the Travellers’ Tales Festival, which brings together the world’s greatest travel writers and photographers at the Royal Geographical Society in London. He has judged many travel writing awards, including the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award, the Dolman Prize and the Bradt New Travel Writer of the Year competition. January 2019 ■ 1st edition ■ £14.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776046 ■ 216mm x 135mm ■ 336pp

THE COUNTRY OF LARKS A Chiltern Journey Gail Simmons

With the route of HS2 now finalised, travel writer and journalist Gail Simmons walks from High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire to Tring in Hertfordshire via Great Missenden and Wendover, tracing the line’s route through the Chiltern Hills and also following in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson who undertook this same journey 150 years ago. Simmons has produced not only an exquisite piece of nature writing but also a hymn to her beloved Chilterns, complete with encounters with those whose lives will be affected by HS2: a tenant farmer, a retired businessman-turned-campaigner, a landscape historian and a conservationist. In undertaking this walk I hoped to trace not only the changes this small sliver of England has seen since Stevenson’s time, but also how it has changed since I lived here forty years ago. Moreover, I wanted to record what will — if progress has its way — be further lost to us with HS2. If all goes to plan, the first phase of construction is due to begin in late 2018 and the mild hills and dells of my Chiltern childhood will be altered irrevocably. So this was a pilgrimage in honour of Robert Louis Stevenson the travel writer, but also in honour of a land — my land — -that was once so rich and diverse, so bursting with birdsong, that Stevenson named it ‘The Country of Larks’. April 2019 ■ 1st edition ■ £11.99 ■ ISBN 9781784770808 186mm x 115mm ■ 192pp ■ 3 b/w illustrations ■ 3 maps

UNLIKELY POSITIONS A Yoga Journey around Britain Elizabeth Gowing

Elizabeth Gowing is not a likely yogini. She is too fond of chocolate and To-do lists, and sometimes falls over on her mat. But yoga has taken her on journeys both inside and out and now she follows yoga around Britain – from the village hall where a quivering triangle pose was interrupted by the council recycling collection to a sound gong bath in the country’s noisiest city, from Cornwall to Scotland. She discovers prisoners finding solace in child’s pose, children finding expression in dancer pose, and dancers sitting bendily in cobbler’s pose. Her feet start to hurt and she realises that yoga is a current of shared experience that runs quietly through British society, through Middle England to the nation’s extremes. In schools and hospitals, from Newcastle to Nottingham, Glasgow to Godalming, she untangles the Ashtanga from the Kundalini, the Sanskrit from the whimsical new-age, and finds the ways that yoga is rebuilding communities and lives – and her own wobbling body.



June 2019 ■ 1st edition ■ £10.99 ■ ISBN 9781784776404 198 mm x 130 mm ■ 224pp ■ 8pp colour ■ 1 map




A Journey Along the Indus Iain Campbell

Long fascinated by religion and mountains, Iain Campbell undertook a slow journey following the course of the Indus River from its mouth in the mud flats of Karachi through the Karakorum, Kashmir and the Himalayas to its source on the Tibetan plateau where it springs from a glacier on Mount Kailash, a mountain Buddhists believe is the centre of the world. From the Lion’s Mouth is a book about the transformative experience of his journey, and the pleasures of meandering solo and slowly through country that rises from desert plains to Himalayan peaks. Iain Campbell is the author of one previous book, With Unblest Feet, the story of a journey among the mountain pilgrims of the Silk Road. He lives with his family in Edinburgh and continues to travel frequently to Asia. August 2019 ■ 1st edition ■ £9.99 ■ ISBN 9781784771607 198 mm x 130 mm ■ 192pp ■ 8pp colour

A year before this journey began I had stood on a dusty pass above a Tibetan valley and looked down into a gathering gloom. Behind me was the darkening bulk of Mount Kailash, a holy mountain for Buddhists and Hindus. All day I had walked round that unclimbed, sacred mountain, where at the 6,000m summit I could see the wind stirring the snow in one constant stream and blowing it away in an arc of spindrift. But in the dying light of evening I walked away from the path to look for something else. I walked away from where the vertical scratches of the north face met the valley and we had made our camp, past the buttery hive of a monastery that was cocooned in the fold of a cliff. Past the black felt tents where the yak herders’ dogs barked and pulled their chains taut at my approaching footsteps. The track faded where it was cut with tongues of scree. I caught up with some yak herders. They did not speak English but I knew the Tibetan for what I was looking for.

“Senge Kambab, Senge Kambab?” I said, the River from the Lion’s Mouth, the Tibetan name for the source of the Indus River, one of the five great rivers of the Indian subcontinent. They repeated the words back to me and more words in Tibetan that I couldn’t understand, pointing far away beyond rolling foothills to a distant crease in the land, where perhaps a river turned west, gathered streams and left Tibet. I think they were telling me I wouldn’t get to Senge Kambab that evening, it was too far. They held up their fingers and pointed to their animals. I would need two days and food and yaks. In my naivety I had thought that I would come across the source close to the path that encircled the mountain, because I had read that Mount Kailash is the source of four great rivers: the Brahmaputra, the Ganges, the Sutlej and the Indus. But the ridges and ice-encrusted spurs of Kailash were on a Himalayan scale, stretching dozens of miles from the summit. It was near sunset and cold air was running down the mountains. I stopped walking and sat on a rock. I would not see Senge Kambab on that trip. But this view had set something alight inside me. An idea was conceived as I sat on that rock and I glowed with the excitement of it. I would travel the Indus, mouth to source. I watched the yak herders turn to shadows then specks then invisible far away on the scree but I could still hear the clack of hoofs on rock. I began planning a trip that would take me all along this river.

THE BRADT NEW TRAVEL WRITER OF THE YEAR COMPETITION For over 20 years Bradt has run an annual competition for unpublished travel writers. Several previous winners have gone on to establish successful travel writing careers, including Elizabeth Gowing, author of Unlikely Positions in Unlikely Places (page 19).



Alan Packer won the competition in 2018, which was run in association with the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards. Alan won a place on our travel-writing seminar with Travellers’ Tales, a commission for Timeless Travels magazine and a holiday to Swedish Lapland with Discover the World. His winning entry is on the next page. For details of the next New Travel Writer of the Year competition please see our website.




By Alan Packer (Winner of the 2018 Bradt New Travel Writer of the Year competition) The first annual Kosovo snows are met with dismay by the parents; exhilaration by the kids. Nazmi frets about freezing pipes when the electricity is cut and the circulation pump stops. He recalculates the cubic metres of wood stacked in the yard, assessing whether the early winter will exhaust his store, “If I have to buy more later it is double the price”. The early bird catches the dry wood and enough of it. He has often tried to explain wood to me but I never quite get it. I am certain of inconsistencies in local names and suspect the same wood has a different name each time I ask. Nazmi explains, “This burns fast, it is good to start. This burns hotter and we use it more on cold days. This is good at night, it is long and slow.” These could be ‘ahu’, ‘bung’ or ‘qarr’, today at least; the texture and weight are the real language. In regular Albanian everyone is happy that rabbit and hare are the same, like tortoise and turtle, mouse and rat; bird is bird, mainly. I creak open the oak door from the yard and snow powders me. The children have been sledging since early and the runs have crushed the snow into ice. Armend shouts, ‘Watch, watch!’ and redoubles his determination that this run should be fast and long. I watch with some admiration as he flies past the neighbour’s crumbling stone gateway, scrapes his shoe into the snow to brake and turn, negotiates the unguarded bridge over the stream and heads on down to the school.


9781841625621 £10.99 September 2014

9781784770273 £10.99 September 2015

9781784770815 £10.99 June 2018

9781784770495 £10.99 March 2017

9781841623863 £9.99 July 2012

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9781841624396 £9.99 July 2012

9781784770327 £10.99 July 2016

9781841624419 £11.99 January 2013

9781784776077 £9.99 August 2018


The Village Sledge Run

I slither along after him, dodging Arber, Anita, Arijeta and Albion as they dare the same route. It always strikes me as odd how many names start with A, like Albania, as if the imagination stretch to think of B or Z is too exhausting. I congratulate the children as they gather themselves for the trudge up for the repeat. I test out my Albanian, piecing together ‘rruga’ for road, ‘plot’ for full and ‘akull… something’ for ice, and shout, ‘Rrruga është plot me akullore’. Suddenly the whole group of village boys are overcome with laughter. The girls, a little too embarrassed to laugh, glance at me and turn away in explosions of giggles. Their mirth subsides and they catch each other’s eyes and smile. Then, more excited by the snow, they all yank on their sledge tethers and head up the hill. I go off to find Nazmi and hope to be invited for tea. He is satisfied with his inspection of the wood, water and roof. He calls, ‘Hajde, qaj’. We head out of the cold. Strong tea is poured into the glass and hot water tops it up, a chunk of lemon. The lemon is a sop to the foreigner and substitute for my refusal to take three spoons of sugar. Armend and Anita arrive, their boots kicked off outside and the glow of cold on their cheeks. They politely shake my hand and wish me a good day as is customary, a questioning shyness playing around their continuing amusement. Armend whispers something to his Dad. Nazmi slaps his knees and gives me a friendly thump on the shoulder. Whatever I said down the hill is an additional highlight to the morning’s sledging. Unable to ask for an explanation for every odd thing that I fail to understand, I let the friendship carry me through the unknowing. Daring to trust takes courage. I sip the tea. I smile. They smile. Anita giggles. I laugh.

9781784770396 £9.99 June 2016

9781784770679 £9.99 September 2017

‘Okay’, I say, ‘What, what?’ Armend finally breaks his barrier of polite respect and, grinning, says, “You said the road was full of ice-cream!”





9781841624945 £18.99 April 2014

9781784770242 £18.99 July 2019

k 9781841623528 £17.99 October 2011

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k With full-colour wildlife section

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Middle East

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Slow Guides to UK Regions

British Travel & Regional Guides

9781784770822 £12.99 June 2018

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9781784770365 £14.99 March 2017

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“Britain’s favourite bus routes: what a great idea!” JOAN BAKEWELL, Baroness Bakewell DBE

Bus-Pass Britain is the perfect antidote to speed for explorers of all ages. The book reveals how buses are back in fashion, their popularity boosted by a growing cohort of bus-pass holders who are venturing ever further afield by bus. It maps the unsung appeal of local buses that jostle for space in crowded city streets just as much as it rejoices in the rural routes that hug the English coast or probe remote valleys in Wales and Scotland. We invited the British public to write about their favourite bus routes, creating a mosaic of journeys from across Britain. Bus-Pass Britain is more than just a practical guide to 50 fine routes: it is an exuberant celebration of a mode of transport which is both social and sustainable. Welcome aboard!


• Urban explorations and rural rides • Recommended pubs or cafés on every route • The best walks near the 50 bus routes • Sketch maps and colour photographs • Tips on using bus passes and journey planning • Written by the public for the public


Published in the UK by Bradt Travel Guides £15.99 Cover design and illustration by James Nunn

9781784771416 £16.99 October 2019


9781784770198 £15.99 May 2016

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“Bradt reclaims its place at the summit” – Wanderlust WINNER 52 European Wildlife Weekends by James Lowen Adele Evans Award Best Guidebook: BGTW Awards 2018 “This remarkable guide ably demonstrates that there are still plenty of great species on our doorstep in Europe.” BBC Wildlife Magazine

WINNER Wild About Britain by Brian Jackman Best Narrative Travel Book: BGTW Awards 2018 “Firmly established among the greats of British nature writing” – Richard Girling A Guardian nature book of the year.

A year of awards success… Hilary Bradt is made an Officer of the National Order of Madagascar in recognition of her work promoting tourism to the island.

Adrian Phillips, Bradt MD, wins Travel Writer of the Year at the BGTW awards, to go alongside his Travel Media award for Consumer Writer of the Year.

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Bradt Travel Guides Catalogue 2019  

Discover the titles we are publishing in 2019 in our new catalogue.

Bradt Travel Guides Catalogue 2019  

Discover the titles we are publishing in 2019 in our new catalogue.