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Of All places that I would be thinking of putting this together, it would be overseas, sitting in a desk in the middle of Afghanistan. I really wanted more than anything to put a zine in a different program than Publisher, however this is what I got so I'll roll with it. Being over here when there are so many good things to be proud that I have at home is a real bummer, however this is the life I decided to live for a good period of time so I make due with it. There are many people that pass through my mind when I write these words, many from different places than home. The fact is that these people at some point have made an impact and continue to make an impact on my life and for that I'm extremely grateful for them in my life. Music has always played a big part in my heart, whether it be Hardcore or not. Now looking back at it, I've learned a lot about acceptance and tolerance from being involved in the scene. I've made so many friends and have also met so many genuine people It really is a remarkable community that cares neither for race, gender, or what gender they decide to be with. No matter what, we all stand together and as long as we still book shows anywhere we can, and still believe that we can be better people through sustaining it. No matter what society wants us to think, say, or be, there is always the scene that we can still believe in. This issue is dedicated to those who still deserve more but fall under hard times. Keep your head up.

Kyle of Discourse -Right before I left, Kyle J. was able to answer some general questions about tour, music, and upcoming When did you guys first decide to get together? Patrick and I have had the idea of starting a heavy hardcore for maybe 2 years now. We jammed with a few different people and it finally came together last fall with Josh and Jonathan. We wrote some songs, recorded them in the winter, and then started play shows in January of this year. What are the primary influences to the bands sound? Musically—Turmoil, Buried Alive, One King Down etc. Lyrically—Earth Crisis, Unbroken Which tracks off the EP mean the most to you? The first track, Condemn, means a lot to me. I wrote it about the relationship that I have with my father and older brother. They've both been struggling with alcohol and drug use since I was younger. It kills me that there's nothing that I can do to help them, and that I've had to sit by and watch them become shells of the people that I used to know. What are some plans for the rest of the year? We're heading out for three weeks in June for a tour that spans all of the east coast. 10 of those days will be with Will to Die from TN, we just recorded two new songs for a split with them. After that, two weeks in July and maybe a week in August. Hopefully we can put together a cool record release show in August/September. Then we're back in school and won't be able to get back in the van until winter. If you could pick two current bands to tour with, name them We were supposed to do a run with Foundation, that would've been sweet. Is Indecision current? They still play shows. I guess my final answer is gonna be Mindset and Incendiary. Shout outs? Everyone in SC that's supported us so far. Overlooked, Foundation, Black Ice, Apart, Incendiary, Bitter Melody Records, Like Glue Records, Will to Die, Deathbed. Listen to Harness.


W h e n d i d st a r t B G R ? 17 November 2010 AD at 12:45:17 What made you get this together? Gotta keep pop-punk out of hardcore. No gimmicks in these bands! I s t h is so m e t h i n g y ou r u n o n y ou r ow n or d o y ou h a v e h e lp ? It's definitely a gang effort: Ben S(hockley) basically runs everything with me, along with Evan R(idrick). Huge thanks to Tampico Steve from OUTCROWD, Jordy Garage, Adam, Christian and all of BAD I r e m e m b e r t h e fi r s t s h o w c a s e s h o w y o u d i d i n F e b r u a r y . H o w d o y o u t h i n k i t w ent ? All of t h e ba n d s w e r e a w e s om e ! S h ou t ou t s t o a ll of t h e ba n d s/ b a n d a n d e v e r y on e t h a t t r a v e le d d ow n f or t h a t . B e n w or k e d h a r d se t t i n g u p t h e s h o w , a n d it w a s a w e s o m e t o s e e a l l o f m y fr i e n d s fr o m t h e s o u t h e a s t t h e r e . M y b u d z , K N O W Y O U R R I G H T S , p l a y e d a n a w e so m e su r p r ise se t . W i l l t h e r e b e a n y m o r e s h o w c a s e s l i k e t h i s i n t h e fu t u r e ? I really hope there's enough interest to do it again next year! What current bands do you have on the gang? We've had releases from NIGHTWOLF, BAD, TRUELIFE, and OVERLOOKED. Any day now, we'll have a new BAD record, "Odd One Out", in conjunction with Downside Records out of Columbia, SC. A split 7" from DEATHBED and TRUE LIFE is also due out really soon. Lastly, in a few months, expect a split 7" from DISC O U R S E a n d W I L L T O DI E. A n y fu t u r e a d d i t i o n s / p l a n s ? H o p e fu l l y r e l e a s e s fr o m C O L O N Y a n d H I V E M I N D a n d a l l o f t h e o t h e r a w e s o m e h a r d c or e ba n d s. Do y ou se e y ou r se l f r u n n in g t h is f or a w h il e ? I definitely hope so. Although lately, it's gotten really expensive! I'm gonna check out maybe switching to cassette tapes for a while Shoutouts? All the military-heads doing their thing, Sexy Heather Floyd, DEATH- BED, OUT CROWD, OVERLOOKED, One Unit Crew, and all of the friends I never get to see. Hurry back, Wes!





alien belief stuff, which Is a part of it, but it's a metaphor for hardcore really, the people

-What is y'alls dream tour?

John of




FEATURING: Deathbed Out Crowd Written Off Incendiary Out of Time

Will to Die Another Mistake Overlooked Wrong Answer & MORE

Young At The Front vol. 1  

Young At The Front Vol. 1 hardcore zine

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