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4. Concepts 5. Logo Design 6. Concepts 7. Typography 8. Color Palatte 9. Brand Imagery


The HTC M60 is the newest standard in technology will change the way we communicate and interact forever. The M60 is a electronic wristband that projects an interactive interface.

Specs: - Video phone calls, movies, games, or any other virtual item can be displayed. - Storage data will available in three different sizes 80GB, 160GB, and 300GB - Audio and USB ports - Wireless charging with proximity - Changing LED display around band


HTC M60 Branding Campaign

Logo Design

M60 M60

Concept had too much of a modern feel that took away from the power i wanted to represent.


Second render that was slightly better but didn’t need the city skyline across the bottom.

Wanted more of a grunge look to product logo. Went overboard on the splatter effect. Final result that represented the power i was looking for while giving the text some effect

M60 Slogan: Heavy Artillery HTC M60 Branding Campaign




HTC M60 Branding Campaign

Typography YZ


W V U ST xyz R PQ uvw O N rst M L pq K IJ no H YZ m l G X k W EF hij 0 D UV 9 g f T C 8 e B RS A cd 567 Q z OP wxy ab 34 N v LM rstu 12 K YZ IJ opq X H FG klmn VW E U j ST z CD fghi 90 B R e A cd Q xy 78 P 6 w b O a 345 N tuv M L rs 12 JK opq I H n FG jklm E i CD fgh 90 B A cde 78 ab 3456 12

l a c

iti l o

op r u



lv e H

c i t e

r a l u

g e R

lv e H

a c i et

ld o B

HTC M60 Branding Campaign


Color Palette


HTC M60 Branding Campaign

Brand Imagery

HTC M60 Branding Campaign


HTC Concept For Book Project  

Mock branding design for a wristband using projection technology

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