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WELCOME TO DUDE! First of all, let me introduce myself, I’m Brad “PUBLISHER DUDE” McDonald. I was born in Hickory, North Carolina. I went to Auburn University, transfered and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I moved to Hilton Head Island in 1984 to start my career in advertising/publishing. Many of you long time locals remember the Wild & Crazy FOCUS magazine that I used to publish. After growing out of that, I worked with some real estate companies helping them publish their newsletters. Now that the real estate market has taken a big hit, it became apparent that I needed to do something else. No doubt we have too many publications in Beaufort County. I’m not sure I’ve been anywhere where I’ve seen more, however, many of them are for a lack of a better word, BORING! What does this county need I pondered? There are chick publications popping up everywhere and they seem to be a dime a dozen anymore, so how come I’ve never seen a publication for DUDES. The light bulb came on! We guys need our own publication that covers DUDE stuff. No nail salons, shoe sales and breast augmentation articles.We need articles about wildlife, fishing, hunting, golf, cooking outdoors, trucks & boats etc. That’s why we’re here DUDES! Why the name DUDE? Well let’s look at Webster’s definition; (dood) n. 1. a man too much concerned with his clothes and appearance, a dandy, a fop. Never heard of a FOP before. 2.Western slang for a city fellow or a tourist visiting on a ranch., therefore the DUDE RANCH. 3. [slang], any man or boy. Well, DUDE has evolved in the modern era and you hear it all the time in commercials and even horses named First DUDE. We personally know a lot of women who are DUDES. Ladies/DUDETTES, I know you’re reading this, so please know that all you DUDETTES are welcome to join in on all the DUDE shenanigans to come. Our goal at DUDE is to make you LEARN & LAUGH and have FUN while doing it! Hopefully by the time you go through our DUDES’ articles, we will have done exactly that, so come along and enjoy the ride DUDE. Before we get in to our great DUDE contributors and our topics of DUDISMS, we have to step back and acknowledge our favorite DUDE and inspiration, our #1 DUDE......THE DUKE, John Wayne. No arguing that he was a DUDE, you bunch a Pilgrims. It’s plain and simple, Rooster Cogburn was one bad ass DUDE. See TRUE GRIT! One of the funniest quotes I ever heard was from him, “Life’s tough, it’s even tougher when your stupid!” So here’s a tip of the hat and toast to our #1 DUDE, THE DUKE! I have been very fortunate and blessed to have met so many great people down here in the Lowcountry of Beaufort County. YES! Many are DUDES, but I soon realized that I knew a good DUDE that specialized in all the DUDE subjects I had in mind. Many of you long time locals will know many of our DUDE STAFFERS. So come with me and let’s meet our group of COOL DUDES we have assembled for you. Every DUDE has a passion for wildlife. Our South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is simply AWESOME DUDE, as they do so much for our beautiful outdoors. We are very fortunate to have such a facility as the WADDELL MARICULTURE CENTER, here in Beaufort County. We will check in with them and see what’s happening and get to some of the SCDNR’s press releases that pertain to our area. Our DUDE with the SCDNR, is AL STOKES here in Beaufort County, so enjoy getting to know him and learning more about the WMC and the SCDNR. DUDES LOVE TO FISH! Beaufort County is truly blessed with some of the best fishing in the world. Our two FISHIN DUDES are known by many and have become quite well known in our county and elsewhere, by exposure they have through other articles and national TV shows. Our good friend and fellow Tarheel, CAPTAIN JASON DUBOSE is the River Pro at Oldfield and he’s one FISHIN DUDE. Our other FISHIN DUDE, CAPTAIN TRENT MALPHRUS. Long time friend and local, Trent Malphrus pretty much is the man for fishing in Palmetto Dunes and Shelter Cove. They are both great teachers, so enjoy their wisdom. DUDES THAT FISH, LOVE BOATS! Beaufort County has some of the most beautiful waterways in the entire world. We have compiled a DUDE MARINA GUIDE, so you DUDES will always know where you can dock, get fuel, etc. Starting on the north side of the Beaufort River winding all the way over to Hilton Head and Daufuskie Island, there are some truly great places to visit by boat. Our NATURE TOUR DUDE is actually a DUDETTE, CAPTAIN MEGAN MCLAUGHLIN. She will visit with us each issue to take us on a tour/journey through the waterways of Beaufort County. Enjoy the information and remember to BE EXTRA SAFE WHEN BOATING, especially around the Beaufort County waterways, as there are many sandbars waiting on uninformed prey. DUDES LOVE TO HUNT! Quail, Dove, Ducks, Turkey or Deer, DUDES will blast them all. Fun and good eatin is all it’s about DUDES. Long time local and realtor/outdoorsman, DAVID HAHN will check in with us each issue and discuss some helpful hunting tips and some high lights from some of his recent trips. Our other hunter DUDE is JEREMY HILL, who owns and runs D & D Hunting and Outfitter Service out in Texas. Great bird huntin out there DUDE. Blast away DUDES, but please be safe and follow all the SCDNR rules and regulations. IFYOU’RE A DUDE AND LIKE TO HUNT, THENYOU LOVE GUNS! Each issue we will discuss various safety & maintenance tips, places to shoot and hunt, as well what’s new on the market in firearms. Our first issue we review some of the NRA’s safety tips and show you where you can go shoot within a relative short driving distance. Never forget your 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS DUDES! ALL DUDES LOVE THE OUTDOORS & WILDLIFE! Our MAIN NATURE DUDE and friend, MARVIN BOUKNIGHT is the full time naturalist at Oldfield and Palmetto Bluff. His knowledge about plants and animals is amazing. Learn more about one of his favorite birds of prey, OWLS. WHOOOO doesn’t like owls? Also assisting us in our nature/outdoor is DUDETTE, ROBIN SWIFT with the Coastal Discovery Museum on Hilton Head Island. A really cool place at Honey Horn Plantation on Hilton Head Island. Each issue Robin will keep us posted on what’s happening at the CDM, as they have many great interactive programs for the whole family. Our Beaufort County waterways are under attack by developments, please see information on how to get involved


with our friend, NANCY SCHILLING with FRIENDS OF THE RIVER. WE MUST PROTECT OUR WATERWAYS! STAY WILD DUDES! DUDES LOVE TO GOLF AND PLAY TENNIS! We have two great DUDES to introduce to you that will help you learn about the simple but important things to remember when trying to perform at your best. Our GOLFIN DUDE, is long time local and friend, RICK BARRY, Director of Instruction for Sea Pines Resort. Rick has a unique way of teaching that really makes sense. Our TENNIS DUDE, is long time local and friend, ERIC WAMMOCK. ERIC is the Director of Hilton Head Island Tennis. He’s got great tips and is a funny guy, so enjoy his tennis article. LET’S TEE EM UP & HIT THE COURTS DUDES! DUDES LOVE TO COOK! Whether it be gourmet indoors or outdoors behind a grill, most DUDES COOK. We have assembled two of the best DUDE COOKS/CHEFS we know to share their fun and knowledge about cooking. CHEF GARY WILLIAMS, a DUDE for sure, runs the SEA SHANTY just outside the gates of Oldfield in Okatie. Gary will share with us his knowledge and recipes of how to take fresh local seafood from the bait to the plate. Our OUTDOOR COOKING DUDE is STEVE BONEY. The Boneman is serious when it comes to cooking outdoors in his beloved Boneyard Grill. Our SC Certified BBQ Judge will share some of his outdoor cooking tips that will come in handy when firing it up outdoors. BON APPETITE DUDES! Fortunately or unfortunately for women, DUDES DRINK & SMOKE! In this section of DUDE we will quench our thirsts with long time friend and funny man, GEORGE MOORE. George’s knowledge of food and wine is keen. He will share some wining, not whining tips and share a couple of his favorite picks of the season. Most DUDES LOVE WINE and one thing that goes well with wine, other than great food and women is CIGARS. Long time friends, BARRY & BEAU GINN are fellow puffers and will share some smoking tales and tips. Their guest this issue is THE CIGARTAINER himself, JOE SWEIGART. Long Ashes Baby Joe will give you his 5 tips to picking the perfect cigar. CHEERS & FIRE ONE UP DUDES! DUDES TRY AND STAY IN SHAPE, some more than others. DUDES need to know what the chick’s dig and don’t. We also need direction when it comes to picking out an effective work out regiment. We couldn’t think of anybody better than our long time friend, MONA WARD. Mona is a certified A.F.P.A. and is the Sports Director of Oldfield. She runs many great programs and has the knowledge to get through to DUDES heads about working out, eating properly and taking good care of yourself. DUDES do yourself a favor and take her advice. DUDES LOVE CARS & TRUCKS and anything else that has a motor. Our friend, fishing buddy and AUTOMOTIVE DUDE is ROB LOGAN. Rob heads up the service department at Butler Chrysler in Beaufort and is a proud Marine. Ooo Rah! Rob will share his knowledge and give us tips for the season to keep our cars, trucks, boats and other DUDE TOYS in the best working shape. DUDES LOVE LIVE ENTERTAINMENT & WATERING HOLES! Our THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT section will be sure to entertain you, as well as letting DUDES know where to go to see some LIVE ENTERTAINMENT and quaff a cold beverage. If you notice we’ve left one of your favorite places out, please contact us and we’ll add it to our list. As always, THE DUDE CREW could invade your favorite bar at anytime, so be on your best behavior and we will have our DUDE PAPARAZZI CAMERA with us at all times. LET’S BOOGIE DOWN! oh and SAY CHEESE DUDES! DUDES LOVE ROAD TRIPS! We have long time local and friend, LEO ZABINSKI as our consultant for those DUDE ONLY TRIPS. Road trippin with Leo, who is a certified travel agent and owns Classic Travel here in Beaufort County, will show us DUDES great places to go have fun and just be DUDES. DUDES LOVE REAL ESTATE, whether it be buying or selling. Short sales and foreclosures are REALITY REALTY right now and we have two great guys to keep us abreast of the current market conditions here in Beaufort County. There’s a new real estate firm in town and the names may sound familiar, but the faces are different. Fraser/Ginn Real Estate is newly created by our long time locals and friends, CHARLIE FRASER & BARRY GINN. Charlie and Barry will see that we know the latest trends and market conditions facing us property owners and potential sellers and buyers of real estate here in Beaufort County. DUDES LOVE THEIR ELECTRONIC TOYS! AUDIO/VIDEO 101 will be a DUDE class taught by our friend, TONY RUSSO, owner of TRILOGY ELECTRONICS here in Beaufort County. Tony’s knowledge is supreme when it comes to what’s new on the market and how to make sure electronics work better for you. Tony will also have a Q&A forum. ROCK ON DUDES! MARINES ARE DUDES! Last and certainly not least, we could not have a publication for DUDES without including information on our MARINES...OOO RAH! The Marines are a very big part of Beaufort County. Welcome the F-35 B JSF! The 21st is coming to the Marine Corps Air Station in the form of new squadrons of some bad ass stealth jets. Read more about their arrival and their impact they are going to have on our county. Also, we found out, the ever popular BLUE ANGELS are scheduled to come back to MCAS Beaufort next year. Each issue we will check in with our beloved Marines and see what going on at the MCAS and on Parris Island Recruit Depot. GOD BLESS OUR ARMED FORCES DUDES! We love going to great Beaufort County events and seeing and saying hello to old friends as well as meeting new friends. DUDES IN FOCUS, the pun is intended here, as we had a blast doing this in our FOCUS years. It’s quite simple, DUDES love to get out, have fun, get their photo taken and have it put in the paper. The DUDE CAMERA caught;The Taste of Waddell, Rib Burn Off and F&B Fishing tournament IN FOCUS this issue. See if you recognize any of those DUDES. THE DUDE PAPARAZZI CREW awaits you and your gang, so when you see us, SMILE & SAY CHEESE DUDES! Finally, we will wrap up each issue with our LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. HAROLD’S MAILBAG will a fun filled bunch of letters from DUDES wanting to know the advice of a fish. Huh? What?YES! The editor of DUDE is HAROLD, our pet largemouth bass. Do you dare seek the advice of a fish? HAROLD also invites all you DUDES that have great wildlife, fishing, hunting or any kind of other photos, to send them to us and we’ll select the best of the pack each season. I want to personally THANK ALL OUR DUDE CONTRIBUTORS, cause without their friendship, knowledge and time, none of this would be possible. Hope you DUDES enjoy our efforts to bring you a PAPER WITH PERSONALITY. If you have an idea or comment pro or con, send us an email or give us a call. We’ll be glad to talk to ya DUDE! HOPEYOU LEARNED & HOPEYOU LAUGHED by the time you read through our first issue. If you can’t find a printed version of DUDE in Beaufort County, always know you can go to DUDESC.COM and there you’ll have a full electronic version to enjoy at your leisure and possibly share with other DUDES. We will also have electronic PDF distribution per request, as well as weekly Facebook posts of WHAZZUP DUDES? A SPECIAL DUDE THANKYOU to my good friends Kim and John Bowen for their great work in creating our DUDE logo and making our editorials and ads look so good. BRAD MCDONALD PUBLISHER DUDE www.dudesc.com

Summer 2010

Summer 2010



he South Carolina Department of Natural Resources’ Waddell Mariculture Center is located next to the Colleton River between Bluffton and Hilton Head Island. The center has been in operation for more than twenty-six years and serves the citizens of the state as a mariculture (marine culture) research and development facility identifying potential marine species for commercial food production and developing the tools and procedures necessary to rebuild recreationally important wild fish stocks. The work performed at the center makes an important contribution to the management of the state’s marine resources. Al Stokes is the manager of the Waddell Mariculture Center and is responsible for its day-to-day operations. Al was the first person hired by the DNR in 1979. He began his career at the center as the on-site DNR representative during construction. During the past 26 years of operation, Al has been involved in research projects that use the many production facilities at the center. These include 25 production ponds, a main lab building, feed storage facility, maintenance building, and seawater system. There have been a few new additions over the years such as shrimp greenhouse production system and a water quality laboratory added last year. These facilities allow the center’s biologists to conduct seafood production research and learn more about the state’s important marine fish species by stocking fish and working with the recreational fishermen to collect life history data. Over the years, the center has been recognized nationally and internationally for its seafood production and fishery research and technology development. The development of new farming methods to increase sustainable seafood production in the US is important as the demand for seafood is expected to exceed supply in less than five years. Seafood farming now contributes to nearly 50% of all fisheries and will increase to meet the demand for seafood world-wide. The US imports approximately 85% of its seafood (22%) from China. Research efforts at the center may be able to change the way seafood is farmed in the US to offset the need to continue to import seafood. The center’s enclosed shrimp greenhouse production system is an example of how seafood can be more efficiently farmed. Shrimp are grown in a raceway type tank inside of a greenhouse. Large numbers of SPF or specific pathogen free Pacific white shrimp are stocked into raceway and their environment and diet is closely managed. A natural bacterial floc or bio-floc is encouraged to processes nutrients in this closed (no water discharge) system. The shrimp grow well in this system where temperature and dissolved oxygen levels are closely regulated to produce shrimp year-round. Very positive production results have been achieved with production weights exceeding 60,000 pounds of shrimp per acre in less than 100 days (potential 3 crops of shrimp per year). The center is developing new feeds with Zeigler Brothers, Inc., of Gardners, PA. These new feeds are processed using algal oil and flour as a fishmeal replacement. These diets are can be certified as organic, and the shrimp can be marketed as a “green” shrimp. The mariculture center has also been involved in fish aquaculture research for many years. The center has been able to use seafood culture techniques to develop applied fishery


management and stock enhancement tools. These fishery grow out tools will help the Department of Natural Resources produce recreationally important fish stocks that can monitored in the wild by advanced molecular technologies whereby hatchery produced fish can be distinguished from wild fish by DNA. Determining the contribution of stocked fish to a wild fish population, fishery managers can better estimate fish population size, identify environmental bottle necks, determine fish tolerances to environmental variables and provide better understanding of the life history of the state’s important wild fish stocks including larval recruitment dynamics and the carrying capacity for fish in coastal waters. The DNR is working towards improving the captive spawning, larval rearing and grow out of various production phases (sizes) for striped bass, which will be stocked into Charleston Harbor; red drum to be stocked along the SC coast and cobia, which will be stocked into Port Royal Sound in Beaufort County. All of the striped bass hatchery work is performed by the DNR Freshwater Fishery Division. The Marine Resources Division hatchery in Charleston hatches all of the red drum and nearly all of the cobia. The center has limited hatchery space and resources; however, all larval rearing and fish grow out is performed in tanks and ponds at the center. These fish do not spawn at the same time during the year allowing the center to effectively use some of the same ponds for all three fish species. Most fish are harvested after being in the grow out ponds for only a few weeks. (Striped bass are stocked in April, cobia are stocked in the June and the red drum are stocked in August.) The work performed at the center is important to the citizens of SC. Better management of the state’s natural resources is possible as researchers learn more about the state’s recreationally important marine wild fish stocks. Although funding for the DNR and the Waddell Mariculture Center has been significantly reduced over the past several years, Al Stokes is committed to maintaining a tour schedule for guests. With the help of local friends like Dave Harter, Tallulah Trice, Maura Connelly, and the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry (Waddell Fund) the center has been able to receive greater numbers of groups, classes, and students this year. Al is also involved in other DNR activities besides managing the Waddell Mariculture Center. Al and the center’s physical plant employees – Matthew Brown and Charles Hamilton – find time to maintain the fire-breaks and trails on both of DNR’s 1,000 acre Victoria Bluff Preserves. Al is a Deputy DNR Law Enforcement Officer. He is a member of the Region IV Marine Mammal Standing Network and works closely with Dr. Al Segars to retrieve injured, stranded, and dead birds, turtles, dolphins and whales. Al Stokes is an advocate for Beaufort County’s high salinity estuaries and natural resources. He provides tours at the center and speaks to many local clubs and organizations throughout the state regarding the importance of the mariculture center’s research and the importance of the state’s coastal resources. Al’s work has allowed him to travel to more than 25 countries to deliver lectures and encourage seafood growers to apply sustainable culture practices in hatcheries and on commercial farms. Traveling and meeting growers has also been helpful as it has provided insight as to which production practices to avoid and how to trouble-shoot problems.

Summer 2010



"And Remember, Everybody Drives A Used Car!" 843-815-5100 • www.lowcountrymotors.com Located On The Corner of Hwy 278 & 46, BLUFFTON, SOUTH CAROLINA Summer 2010


MANATEES return to the Lowcountry...Boaters use CAUTION The first manatees of the season will soon be spotted along the coast of South Carolina, which means the S.C. Department of Natural Resources is again reminding boaters to be on the lookout to avoid collisions with the endangered animals. With an estimated population of only 3,000 animals in U.S. waters, manatees, also known as sea cows, are protected as an endangered species under federal and South Carolina law. Dangers to the species include boat strikes, entanglement in fishing gear and harmful algal blooms known as red tides. The colder than normal winter in Florida this year also raised the mortality rate for manatees. Although Florida manatees are present throughout the year in Florida, they are migratory in South Carolina. Manatees begin their slow migration up the South Carolina coast each spring when water temperatures rise into the upper 60s. They can be found in tidal rivers, estuaries and near-shore marine waters throughout Georgia and the Carolinas throughout the summer months. Manatees return to Florida in September and October as the water temperature cools. Adult manatees are about 10 feet long and weigh up to 1 ton. Their skin varies from gray to brown, and their bodies are rounded with two pectoral flippers and a wide, flat tail. Subsisting on marsh grass and other aquatic plants, the animals are gentle and pose no threat to humans. It is illegal to hunt, play with or harass manatees, this includes touching, watering or attempting to feed. Manatees have a slow reproductive rate. Females are not sexually mature until about 5 years old, and males mature at about 9 years of age. On average, an adult female gives birth to one calf every two to five years, and twins are rare. The gestation period is about a year.

Mothers nurse their young for one to two years, so a calf may remain dependent on its mother during that time. Manatee calves are about 4 feet long at birth and about 60 pounds. The number of manatees along South Carolina’s coastline each year is unknown because the turbid, murky waters near the coast make surveys difficult. South Carolina residents can help biologists learn more about the movements and habitat use of manatees by reporting any sightings and taking photographs. Collisions between boaters and manatees are more likely to occur in shallow waters, particularly around docks and at the edge of marshes where manatees feed. Following boater safety regulations in these areas can reduce the risk of a collision. Boaters should also watch for manatee backs, tails, snouts and “footprints”—a series of round swirls on the surface caused by a swimming manatee’s tail. If a boat accidentally collides with a manatee, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) asks that the boater stand-by and immediately contact the U.S. Coast Guard on VHF Channel 16 or DNR at (800) 922-5431. Doing so provides biologists the best chance to help the animal and gather valuable scientific data. Report a healthy, live manatee online. You can also call Nicole Adimey of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at (904) 731-3079 or (904) 655-0730 to report the sighting. She can also be reached at Nicole_Adimey@fws.gov. Please note the date, time, location and number of manatees seen, as well as the coordinates, if possible. Photographs of scars on their backs and tails are especially useful because they can often be used to identify previously known manatees. Report an injured or dead manatee by calling the DNR Hotline at 1-800-922-5431.

DNR License Plate Series supports wildlife and conservation

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources License Plate Series are specialty plates available to the general public. Each plate portrays the importance of natural resources in our state from saltwater recreational fishing and hunting opportunities to conservation of endangered and threatened species. S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) currently offers four license plates. This includes the Gone Fishing Plate (red drum), Endangered Species Plate (loggerhead sea turtle) and two Wildlife Series plates (painted bunting and white-tailed deer plate). Revenue from the sale of the license plates is used by DNR for fish and wildlife management and conservation programs as authorized by SC law. Mail the completed application (Microsoft Word file) found at www.scdmvonline.com/DMVNew/forms/MV-95.doc. Send the application and required fees to SC Division of Motor Vehicles, PO Box 1498, Blythewood, SC 29216-0008, call (803) 737-4000. The cost for each plate varies as determined by authorizing legislation. Endangered Species - The initial fee for this plate is $30 plus the registration fee. Renewal fees are $10 plus the registration fee. Gone Fishing - The fee for this plate is $75 plus the regular vehicle registration fee. Wildlife Series (Painted Bunting, White-tailed Deer) - The fee for these plates is $30 plus the regular vehicle registration fee. Call DNR Marine Resources Division at (843) 953-9300 with more questions on the Gone Fishing Plate. For questions on the Wildlife Series or Endangered Species plates, call DNR Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division at (803) 734-0256.

Atlantic Coast waters reopen for recreational grouper fishing April 30 The four-month closure of fishing for shallow water groupers in federal waters off Atlantic Coast states from North Carolina through Florida will end at midnight on April 30th. The closure is one of the methods the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council employs to end overfishing for gag grouper, reduce overfishing for red and black grouper, and improve the status of all shallow water grouper species. Several species, such as gag grouper, are particularly vulnerable during late winter when they form spawning aggregations. Species affected by the closure include: gag grouper, black grouper, red grouper, scamp, red hind, rock hind, yellowmouth grouper, tiger grouper, yellowfin grouper, graysby and coney. For a complete listing of federal regulatory measures affecting the snapper-grouper fishery contact the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council at (866) SAFMC-10.


Here are some other ways South Carolina residents can help protect manatees: • Look around for manatees before cranking your boat’s motor. • Use caution when navigating in shallow water and along the edge of a marsh. Manatees cannot dive away from boats in these areas. • Please heed “slow speed,” “no wake” and manatee warning signs, especially around docks. • Wear polarized sunglasses to reduce glare, making it easier to spot manatees below the surface. • Watch for large swirls in the water called footprints that may be caused by manatees diving away from the boat. • Dock owners should never feed manatees or give them fresh water. This could teach the animals to approach docks, putting them at greater risk of a boat strike, and it is illegal. • Never pursue, harass or play with manatees. It is bad for the manatees and is illegal.

Summer 2010

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Photo courtesy of Oldfield Outfitters Center


hen most people think of Hilton Head they picture well manicured golf courses, fire works at Shelter Cove, white sandy beaches and the red and white stripes of the Harbour Town light house. Yeah, we’ve got all of that, but none of those things are what lured me to this area and eventually lead to me calling it home. What caught me hook, line and sinker are the things that the average visitor to the island never lays eyes on. The pristine backwaters of our saltwater marshes, the countless islands dotting the rivers and sounds that have been virtually unaltered by human hands, the fine people that make up the resident population of the Lowcountry and finally the world class fishing that can blow the mind of even the most seasoned and well traveled angler. While we have great fishing opportunities year round, it’s during the summer months when they are the most diverse. From sight casting to tailing redfish on the flats to trolling the blue waters of the gulf stream for billfish, tuna, dolphin (mahi-mahi) and wahoo, summer in the Lowcountry offers something for every angler. If you make a trip to the Lowcountry and don’t make it out on the water at least once, in my opinion, you’re missing out on what really makes this area so unique. One of the most highly pursued gamefish species in the Lowcountry during summer months is the cobia. These fish resemble an unholy union between a shark and a catfish but are related to neither one. They are prized as top notch table fare and revered as, pound for pound, one of the hardest fighting fish to venture into inshore waters. While averaging between 20 and 40 lbs they can grow to well over 80 lbs. In fact, the South Carolina state record cobia, weighing in at 92 lbs, was caught just last summer in local waters. The cobia’s habit of cruising just below the surface during periods of slack tide makes for excellent sight casting opportunities with either fly or spin tackle. Although there are tremendous cobia fishing opportunities in our offshore waters, anglers need not travel outside of the Port Royal Sound and Broad River to have a great chance

David Dubose with a nice Broad River Brownie/Cobia

DUDE PROFILE: Capt. Jason DuBose, Head River Pro at Oldfield Club, runs inshore, nearshore, and offshore fishing charters. Aside from his duties as a charter fishing captain, Jason conducts a number of monthly educational seminars at Oldfield Club covering topics ranging from fishing techniques to local navigation and boat handling skills. Capt. Jason has worked as a professional sportfishing captain, mate and angler for the better part of the last ten years and has fished extensively through out the Florida Keys, Bahamas, and North and South Carolina. To contact Capt. Jason with questions and charter request please email him at: jdubose@hamptongolfclubs.com or call him at 843-304-4834.

at hooking multiple cobia during a trip. These bodies of water are widely recognized as offering the best inshore cobia fishing anywhere on the east coast. If a wide variety of gamefish is what you’re looking for, a trip to the offshore wrecks and artificial reefs will not disappoint. The numerous wrecks and reefs of the Hilton Head area lie anywhere from 6 to 20 miles offshore and

during the summer months play host to numerous gamefish species including king mackerel, barracuda, cobia, amberjack, sea bass, snapper, and grouper just to name a few. A typical day on the wrecks will result in several seafood dinners in the cooler, a lot of pictures for the photo album and enough drag burning action to have you planning your next trip out before you even get

back to the dock. For the ultimate big game fishing adventure, few things compare to a trip to the gulf stream. Now be forewarned, making the 70 mile run to the gulf stream is not for everyone, but for those who are up to the challenge, the reward is great. Blue marlin, sailfish, wahoo, dolphin (mahi-mahi) and tuna round out the top species. Gulf stream fishing most often involves trolling a variety of natural and artificial baits to mimic a school of fleeing bait fish. The size, type, position of the baits and the trolling speed can be varied in an attempt to target certain species, however, you never quite know what you may end up hooked up to. With such spectacular fishing right here in our own backyard it’s no wonder so many top notch charter captains have chosen to call this area home. Give me a call and I’ll hook you up with a captain specializing in the type of fishing that you want to do. Whether it’s stalking tailing redfish on the flats or trolling the cobalt blue waters of the gulf stream or anything in between don’t let another summer pass without experiencing the Lowcountry’s amazing fisheries.

Summer 2010


The waters around Hilton Head Island, South Carolina offer anglers a wide range of fishing opportunities. Captain Trent Malphrus, of Palmetto Lagoon Charters, prides himself on providing fishermen some of the best and most unique fishing Hilton Head has to offer. Enjoy an amazing fishing charter trip in the calm saltwater lagoon system located in one of the island's most popular resorts or inshore in the calm shallow waters of the creeks, inlets and grassy areas. Palmetto Lagoon Charters offers anglers fly rod and light tackle fishing experiences for full or half day trips. These fish will give you a workout that will have your arms aching and your heart pounding. Through pristine waters that are always flat and calm, Captain Trent Malphrus will guide you to the fish in a quiet electric boat, or poling the shallow flats that surround the lowcountry waters. It doesn't matter if you are an avid angler looking for that record breaking catch, or a family eager to do something special together; Palmetto Lagoon Charters is just the ticket. Fly fisherman are always welcome at Palmetto Lagoon Charters. We cater to all levels of fly fishermen on Hilton Head, from first-timers to master anglers. We will gladly supply all of the fly rods and fishing gear, if needed. Fly fishing gear starts at a six-weight all the way up to a ten-weight fly rod. All reels are loaded with twenty-pound gelspun backing with Airflows tropical saltwater weight fored line. FISHING EQUIPMENT WE USE G-Loomis Fly Rods and Reels G-Loomis Spinning Rods and Reels Shimano Reels Airflow Fly Lines Power Pro Line Echo Fly Rods OTHER EQUIPMENT WE SUPPLY Cooler and Ice All Tackle and Gear Fishing License Good Times



"Beaufort County's Best Butcher Shop"

It's Grillin Season! FRESH CUT TO ORDER; Filet Mignon/Tenderloins Ribeye N.Y.Strip T-Bone Porterhouse Sirloin London Broil

THE BEST VARIETY OF QUALITY & SPECIALTY MEATS Oxtail Osso Bucco Sweet Breads Beef & Veal Liver Rack of Lamb Ostrich Elk Beef Tongue Venison Loin Chop

Julian Johnson/Master Butcher/Owner



Summer 2010

843-525-6162 136-2 Sea Island Parkway (Next to Bill's ABC) Lady's Island, South Carolina



Let's Talk Fish



his summer I will be talking about red drum or better known by the locals as spot tail bass. Let’s start with live-bait and how exciting this technique can be for catching reds. When it comes to live-bait you can purchase shrimp or mud-minnows from the bait shops here. Now let’s talk about how I approach live-bait fishing with my clients. These are some of my favorite baits: menhaden, finger mullet, baby pinfish, and baby spots. The biggest success to my live bait fishing is knowing when and were to find the bait you are looking for. The ponds around Hilton Head and Bluffton that have some kind of saltwater influence is key to finding your bait for a day on the water. What makes the ponds so special for finding bait? The bait fish spawn in late winter and early spring in the local ponds. So, by May and June, the size of the baits, which are by then 2 to 3 inches, are perfect for catching red fish in the intracoastal waterway. The key is finding the right pond that has what you are looking for. Trial and error is the only way you will find the right pond. When you finally find that one pond that has lots of bait fish in it, that pond becomes your bait tank. So think long and hard before you tell someone about it. Finding these ponds are like finding gold. Now that you have your bait, lets talk fishing. One of the live bait techniques that I use on a daily basis, is what I call FISHING NAKED and I don’t mean with no clothes on. The only thing you have attached to your leader is a hook. This is a great way to present the bait with very little noise. This technique is deadly when there is very little current to be dealt with. If current does become an issue, I add a split shot to the line about sixteen inches above the hook. The split shot size is determined by how fast the current is at that time. I switch the size shot as the current slows down or speeds up. This is key for the right presentation. Fluorocarbon is key in clear water but during the summer months, we are about to encounter, mono will work fine. The water is a little more stained this time of year. Now the technique I am about to share with you has to be my favorite to fish for reds. This is short-lining the bait. This works really well in the grass or on a shallow mud flat. First you tie your braid to a cajun thunder. SIZE DOES MATTER DUDE, you don’t want the bait to run around with too much freedom. Your leader material on the other end should be fluorocarbon or mono. Size depends on whether you are fishing open water or the sharp blades of the spartina grass. This leader will only be ten inches or less. The hook I prefer for this technique is an octopus short shank, it works really good DUDE. Size of hook is determined by the size of the bait fish for that day of fishing. Just remember the bait has to be able to swim with the hook in his eye sockets, not in the eye itself. Short lining a bait is like top water fishing, you get to see the bait get eaten, sometimes even the cork, which is really cool DUDE! This has to be my favorite way to fish here in the low-country for reds. Just remember you don’t have to pop the cork that much when you know the fish are there, a 10

Inshore tackle and technique for catching all our inshore friends here in the lowcountry. HE'S GOT THE JACK! light pull every now and then, will keep the bait high in the water, so you can see him get eaten. Whether it’s the intracoastal waterway or the lagoon system here in Palmetto Dunes Resort, with a half or a full day on the water, I will teach you different ways to catch these beautiful fish we call the red drum. I cant wait to spend a day on the water with you and your tight lines. Captain Trent Malphrus Palmetto Dunes Outfitters Center PalmettoLagoonCharters.com 843.301.4634 DUDE PROFILE: Captain Trent Malphrus is one of the rare natives of Hilton Head Island. This has been his only home for almost forty years. Trent was born into a family that has thrived on the Low Country’s rivers and estuaries for hundreds of years. They fished, picked oysters, crabbed, shrimped and frolicked in anything that has to do with Mother Ocean and still do to this day. Trent’s dad was the most hard-core fisherman he has ever known. Trent got the fishing fever at a very young age as he followed in his father’s footsteps. All of the fishing knowledge he has attained originate in his father’s teachings. Trent now works to perfect his skills and achieve a greater level of understanding of fish and the intricacies of fishing. Trent’s father has passed on, but would surely be proud of his son and his love of fishing. Trent was introduced to the Palmetto Dunes lagoon system when he was about eleven years old. His father would bring him to work and drop him off to fish all day in the brackish lagoons. These lagoons are abounding with wildlife like red-tail hawks, ospreys, otters, kingfishers and an occasional alligator. Trent now lives and works in Palmetto Dunes on Hilton Head Island. It is here, amid this familiar saltwater kingdom, that he is now raising his own sons. Every morning when he wakes up to this great big world, Trent’s son runs to the back door. Staring out at the dock he asks his mother, “has daddy already gone to work?” Occasionally, he rises early enough to find the skiff still moored at the dock and asks if Trent has caught any fish yet. It seems another Malphrus has started down the road toward a life-long love of fishing.

Summer 2010



84 3- 842 -24 55

www.grumpygroupergrille.com LUNCH (11:30-3) DINNER (4:30-9) • MONDAY - SATURDAY CATERING SERVICES AVAILABLE 71-E Pope Avenue (Next to Aunt Chilada's) HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA

Fresh local Grouper and Mahi-Mahi cooked the way you like We cater to LOCALS and F&B Staffers!

Assortment of Local Fish Appetizers available at all times Open 7 days a week from 4 pm on DINNER HOURS 4-9pm Entertainment: Wednesdays with Billy Blair @ 8:30-11:30 LOCAL TALENT LIVE @ FRIDAY 9:30pm Call us for who be jamming. Late Night Menu Available

(843) 785-2466

"It's on my way home!"

24 Palmetto Bay Rd Ste F • Hilton Head Island, SC, 29928 Summer 2010




any DUDES would argue that we have some of the most pristine coastal/marsh areas any where in the world. DUDES love the water and that means BOATIN. We are going to take a trip through Beaufort County via the intracoastal waterways. Starting from the North-Northeast and working our way from Beaufort to Hilton Head Island, South-Southwest. DUDES will want to refer to CHART # s 11519 & 11516 for more details and specifics related to markers and depths. Please remember that tides are pretty extreme throughout our area. Local knowledge and caution are strongly advised.

WINDMILL HARBOR • 843-681-9235 As you cruise underneath the Hilton Head Island bridge, immediately on your port is this beautiful harbor/marina. One of the very few working lock systems in SC, this tide free harbor is plush. Home of the South Carolina Yacht Club, gas and diesel are available as well as some marine supplies, ice and snacks. Laundry, Showers, Pool and Pumping all available with 110 and 220 V. The SC Yacht Club also hosts some of the areas best in SAILING CLASSES and LESSONS for people of all ages.

DATAW ISLAND MARINA • 843-838-8410 Accessed through the St. Helena Sound at the Morgan River. On your starboard side you’ll find Morgan Island and then Coosaw Island. On your port is this neat little stop, Dataw Island, a full blown residential community with club and golf. Floating docks, gas and diesel with 110 V & 220V available. Nearby restaurant available for food and drinks. Laundry and Showers also available, as well as pumping services.

PALMETTO BAY MARINA • 843-785-3910 This beautiful spot has a couple DUDE 5 STAR STOPS; The Black Marlin/Hurricane Bar and Captain Woody’s. Many locals find this a great watering hole. See Captain Megan’s Island Tour’s article for more information. Gas, Diesel, Laundry and Showers are all available with floating docks. Please observe the Broad Creek’s NO WAKE ZONES. All kinds of groceries, supplies, ice and snacks are available with 110 and 220V access.

LADY’S ISLAND MARINA • 843-522-0430 Accessed via the Coosaw River, heading south is the beautiful Beaufort River. On your port side you’ll find this fun little stop. There you’ll find Grouper’s for some seafood and suds. Marine supplies, ice and snacks available, however no fuel is available. Laundry, Showers and Pumping all available.

WEXFORD PLANTATION YACHT HARBOR • 843-686-8813 As you head down Broad Creek, on your starboard side is this ultra-private facility that houses yet another tide free harbor with fully functioning lock system. If you are fortunate enough to have a house and yacht in Wexford, then you already know what this awesome place has to offer.

DOWNTOWN MARINA BEAUFORT • 843-524-4422 ICW Marker #239. Arguably the nicest of the previously mentioned. As you sail underneath the Lady’s Island swing bridge you’ll find on your starboard side this very popular marina located in the heart of downtown Beaufort. Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, home of many festivals, including the Beaufort Water Festival in July. Floating docks with gas and diesel available. Access to all kinds of supplies, shops and restaurants, as well as walking distant to many bed and breakfast spots. Laundry, Showers, Pumping with both 110 and 220 V available. DUDE 5 STAR STOP!

BROAD CREEK MARINA • 843-681-6325 Located on your port side as you pass by Wexford Plantation/starboard, is this quaint little stop that offers quite a bit. Gas, Diesel, Laundry, Showers, Pumping with 110 and 220V, as well as wet slips and dry storage. A great spot to stop in and get refreshed before heading back out on the water is the Up The Creek Pub & Grill.

PORT ROYAL LANDING MARINA • 843-525-6664/800-326-7678 Heading south down the Beaufort River, right as you approach the New Lady’s Island Bridge on your starboard side you’ll find this convenient stop. Floating docks with gas and diesel. Groceries, Marine Supplies and Snacks available with Laundry, Shower and Pumping. 110 and 220V availability.

As you sail south out of the Beaufort River, you’ll cross the entrance to Port Royal Sound and the Broad River. On your starboard you will see the entrance to the Chessessee River, which turns into the Colleton River and then Okatie Creek. Along this scenic waterway you will find private community accesses of Spring Island, Callawassie Island, Colleton River Plantation, Belfair, Oldfield and Berkeley Hall. Definitely worth the trip, however be extremely cautious around low tides and understand that there is no public marinas or services up this entire river.

SKULL CREEK MARINA • 843-681-8436 Straight across the Broad RIver you will see Hilton Head Island to your port side. This very functional marina is the first stop coming through Skull Creek. Floating docks, gas and diesel are available. Laundry, Showers, Pumping and limited supplies, including ice are available. 110 and 220V available. Tell Captain Tom Petersen we said, DUH HUH!

HILTON HEAD BOATHOUSE • 843-681-2628 Next up on your port side is this great stop. Be careful as you access, it is very shallow at low tide, going in and coming out. Floating docks with gas only. No electrical, no laundry but showers are available. Then why is this place a DUDE 5 STAR STOP? It’s the home of SKULLCREEK BOATHOUSE RESTAURANT. Outdoor cocktails and dining available with some awesome sunsets. Recently taken over by our friends at the SERG group who have stepped this place up and notch. Go see for yourself by sea or land! Marker 13.

HILTON HEAD HARBOUR • 843-681-3256 Just up the intracoastal waterway on your port side is a very convenient stop, especially for gas or diesel. Easy in and out access. This place also seconds as an RV resort so it has Laundry, Showers and Pool available. A pretty fair selection of supplies and sundries also available. Also the home of our friends Linda and Hugh’s Sunset Grill. Another great place you can dine via the water.


SHELTER COVE HARBOR & MARINA • 843-842-7001 Located at the end of Broad Creek is one of Hilton Head Island’s true jewels and home of many DUDE 5 STAR STOPS. Gas, Diesel, Laundry, Showers and Pumping all available. Ice, Marine Supplies and Snacks are always available at the Ship’s Store. Dave Harris and Tommy Perkins are at the helm to see that your every need is taken care of dockside including many types of fishing charters and sight seeing tours. Our very own Captain Trent Malphrus charters from here. San Miguel’s, Parrot Cove and The Kingfisher are all great dining spots where you can always find friendly faces, great food and live entertainment. Floating docks with 110 and 220V are available for docking. See Captain Megan’s article for more information on this great place located in the heart of Hilton Head Island. HARBOUR TOWN YACHT BASIN • 843-671-2704 As you sail out of Broad Creek and head south, you will soon be captivated by the sight of the famed candy stripped lighthouse. This is without question a DUDE 5 STAR STOP. Gas and Diesel are available at the floating dock as well as Ice, Marine Supplies and Snacks. Laundry, Showers and Pumping are available as well. 110 and 220V access as is many great shops and restaurants. The Quarterdeck and Crazy Crab are the “do not miss‘’ spots while you visit this signature spot on the south end of Hilton Head Island. SOUTH BEACH MARINA • 843-671-6699 At the end of Hilton Head Island lies this tucked away New England style marina on your port side. This closet marina to the ocean offers private and transient dockage. Home of the Salty Dog Cafe and The Wreck, boaters can enjoy marina side dining and cocktails as well as some live entertainment. Boat rentals, water sports, dolphin watch kayak tours are all available as well as fishing charters. MELROSE LANDING at DAUFUSKIE ISLAND • 843-341-9340 Heading toward Savannah across Calibogue Sound and down the Cooper River is this final stop in Beaufort County. Gas, Diesel, Marine Supplies, Groceries, Ice, Snacks all available with 110 and 220V. MARSHSIDE MAMA’S • 843-785-4755 Not a marina, just a great little hangout just down the river towards Savannah. Located portside at the county dock is a floating dock you can tie up to and go get you some of their awesome Daufuskie Crab Cakes & other fresh local seafood specialties. You will feel like you’re down in de Carribean mon! IRIE!

Summer 2010

Beaufort's Only OUTDOOR CIGAR BAR HOME OF THE BEAUFORT CLEMSON CLUB RED SOX NATION & N.E. PATRIOTS Fan Stops FREE GAMES: Corn Hole, Ladder Golf, Soft Darts, Metal Darts, Beer Pong, Jamaican Ring Toss, Ping Pong coming Soon!


DUDE YOU CAN'T BEAT OUR LINE UP OF GREAT DAILY GRILLE & DRINK SPECIALS Tuesdays & Saturdays Reservations Suggested MONDAY: Slab of Pork Ribs $10 • TUESDAY: Whole Maine Lobstah $12, 2nd for $10 • WEDNESDAY: Wing Night, Buy One Get One Free • THURSDAY: Baked Chicken Dinner $6 FRIDAY: Snow Crablegs All You Can Eat $22.95 • SATURDAY: Steak Night 14oz T-Bone $10 • SUNDAY: $4 Any Burger • (Food Specials Start at 6pm)

GREAT DRINK SPECIALS THAT LAST ALL DAY MONDAY 32oz Beer Mug Refill $2/$1.75 PBR's • TUESDAY $1Vodkas • WEDNESDAY $1 Whiskey (Scotch or Bourbon) THURSDAY $2 24oz Margaritas • FRIDAY & SATURDAY $9 Cocktail Pitchers

"WE PAY YOU TO EAT & DRINK!" 2121 Boundary St Ste 100 • Beaufort SC • Behind Outback Steakhouse, Next to Higher Ground Outfitters OfficeSportsBar@ymail.com • Office (843) 524-GAME (4263) • www.theofficesportsbarsc.com

Summer 2010


Times Time

Fun on Island

by Captain Megan McLaughlin


Captain Megan (a/k/a Megan McLaughlin) is a United States Coast Guard Licensed 100 Gross Ton Master Captain. She is the owner and Captain of Island Time Charters and definitely loves the outdoor lifestyle! Captain Megan started Island Time Charters because she knows firsthand just how very valuable your time with family and friends can be. With the area having so much to offer, especially from the water, she will be sharing with you many of the Low Country pleasures that can only be experienced on the water and with the intimacy of a private charter. Captain Megan and Island Time Charters is available daily and offers a variety of on-the-water experiences designed to satisfy everyone’s personal desires. My motto is “Your Day, Your Way!” It is more than just a slogan—your complete enjoyment and safety are my number one priority.



ELCOME ABOARD DUDES! I am Captain Megan, your Charter Captain, as we travel around beautiful Hilton Head Island and the Beaufort County Lowcountry aboard Island Time Charters to take in all the breathtaking views and new experiences. We will be making some stops along the way to enjoy all there is that makes our Island and county so special and why we like to call it home. For this issue, let’s set off for a cruise down Broad Creek, but before we leave the dock, how about some background information so you can get to know more about Hilton Head and some of the things you can experience only from the water. Did you know that Hilton Head Island is the second largest barrier island on the eastern seaboard, just behind Long Island? This remarkably beautiful area, known as the Low Country is surrounded with sandy beaches, marshes, creeks, and maritime forests. The Island has a very dynamic beach and maritime system with numerous offshore bars, surf, natural grassy dunes and fabulous tidal marshes for exploring, truly providing the best that Mother Nature has to offer in scenic beauty. As Captain of Island Time Charters, I specialize in the daily exploration of our salt marsh estuaries, allowing you to enjoy the waters alive with plankton and all of your favorite salt water animals including clams, crabs, oysters, jellyfish, sea snakes, turtles and even sharks. Many who visit our area do not realize that plankton is indeed a king’s feast to many of our sea creatures and is the cause of our coastal water to be the greenish-brown color you see. But this “murky water” is a Bottlenose dolphin’s dream home. Hilton Head is one of only two places on Earth where dolphins eat using a technique called “strand feeding.” They actually herd entire schools of fish up on the soft pluff mud at low tide. The dolphin will then beach itself on its side and eat what it can before sliding back into the water. In fact, the Discovery Channel often comes to Hilton Head Island and surrounding creeks to document their very rare behavior. Oh, we also must not forget our flying friends such as pelicans, cormorants, great blue herons, beautiful snowy egrets, gulls, and an endangered species, the wood ibis, just to name a few—a bird watcher’s Mecca! Just one trip and I know you all will agree, cruising the back country and taking in the beauty and serenity of the Low Country is a “must-do” on any trip to Hilton Head Island to experience everything from a much different perspective. So why choose a charter excursion rather than rent your own boat? Having the local knowledge of the area is essential for the safety of you, your family, and friends. For instance, our area is known for tidal changes averaging 8-10 feet. Inexperienced persons in coastal waters can be very dangerous. You are here to relax and have fun, right? So why not leave those matters to the experts so you can enjoy “Your Day, Your Way”! Okay, now we are ready to shove off and visit some of my favorite places to enjoy lunch or dinner and a cocktail at some of our perfectly situated restaurants on Broad Creek. Here are a few of my personal favorites as we enter the Broad Creek area: First, we will pull up to the dock area at San Miguels Mexican restaurant. It offers beautiful harbor views of Shelter Cove while featuring a great outdoor bar. It is a terrific place to sit back, relax and enjoy some of your Mexican favorites with chips and salsa, of course. They have a great menu and if it is too hard to choose, try my favorite—the fajita burrito. Be sure to have Jess Hober, our favorite San Miguels bartender, blend your favorite margarita and even provide you with a take-home souvenir cup. Shelter Cove (843-842-7001) is a full-service marina and features great shopping venues and other restaurants for those looking for something besides Mexican food. Now let’s get back on board and continue our cruise up Broad Creek toward the Calibougie Sound where you will find another great restaurant and bar called, Up the Creek. They have the perfect outdoor deck to enjoy breath-taking sunsets. It is also a great spot to enjoy the Tuesday night fireworks during the summer months. Here you will want to be sure to ask for our favorite Up the Creek Bartender, Mark Erickson, who will serve you the coldest beer on The Island and I recommend you try their famous fried pickles! Broad Creek Marina (843-681-3625) is a full service marina including boat repair. After enjoying the beautiful sunset, we are back on board to continue up Broad Creek and under the Cross Island Bridge to Palmetto Bay Marina where you will find one of our local’s favorite hangouts, The Black Marlin. This place truly has it all—fresh seafood, an outdoor Hurricane Bar and beautiful views of Broad Creek at all times of the day and night. At the Hurricane Bar, make sure to ask for our favorite bartenders, Timmy Halaszynski and Lissy Rawl, to make you one of their special Hurricanes or you can just sit back and relax with a Corona and lime. It’s all good at The Black Marlin! Palmetto Bay Marina (843-785-4893) is also a full service marina with a market, shower and laundry service as well as Captain Woody’s Bar and Grill. (If you bring your own boat, all of the above locations are equipped with full service marinas as well.) Now, as I leave you back at the dock, one thing is for certain, however you choose to take in the Low Country culture, be it on a cruise to the Travel Channel’s famed Marshside Mama’s, dolphin watching, marsh exploring, water sports, or enjoying a beautiful sunset, these are just the beginning of the opportunities this boating paradise has to offer. I guarantee that once you have seen The Island from the water, it will forever change your perspective of the beautiful Low Country. Let Captain Megan and Island Time Charters entertain your senses and take you on the adventure of your choice. We specialize in customized experiences, perfect for friends, families, couples, and celebrations and provide the only Charter “Red Carpet Treatment” on the Island. Thus, the only thing you will have to worry about is how much fun you are going to have. What are you waiting for, boating paradise is calling and I look forward to having you aboard! (Be sure to pick up the next issue of DUDE where Captain Megan will take you on board to travel to another one of her favorite parts of Hilton Head Island and share some of her favorite spots with you.) Contact Megan at 816-261-2410 captainmegan@islandtimechartershhi.com Summer 2010

Hey, DUDES..... Whether fishing in Alaska, golfing in Ireland or late in London's private casinos, CONTACT LEO!

DUDE TRIPS? For information, reservations and arrangements LEO A. ZABINSKI, CTC, MCC

Classic Travel Hilton Head & Bluffton

(843) 815-9228 lazabinski@yahoo.com SUMMER SPECIALS "Leo's LONDON", October 25th (7nights) ONLY $798 pp Black Sea CRUISE, Leo hosts, October 10th (14nights) frm $2,299 pp

Visit our website; www.classictravelhhi.com

The Dent Gent The Gentle Art of Painless Dent Repair WE REPAIR • DINGS • MINOR DENTS • HAIL DAMAGE We are LOCAL & RELIABLE JOHN WILLIAMS, OWNER 20 Years Experience

908-278-1901 • OKATIE, S.C. Summer 2010


D & D Hunting and Outfitter Services

Elayne’s Dove Band


n my life I have been extremely fortunate. A wonderful wife, brilliant beautiful daughters, tremendous extended family, finding Christ early in life and the list goes on and on. Growing up on a farm in Central Texas certainly is one of those blessings. The Red Barn Farm encompasses 200 plus acres with about 80 acres of standing post oaks, which always provide ample opportunities at wild game. Between the efforts of my dad and grandfather, it wasn’t long before I was in the field. Like many youngsters out there, I first began cutting my teeth on dove hunting. Shooting an old Mossberg .410 bolt action shotgun. I could operate that bolt quicker than my grandfather could pull his trigger on his Browning Auto 5 .20 gauge. I quickly became addicted to the wonderful sport of wingshooting. Growing up I graduated from the old .410 to my grandfather’s .20 gauge and eventually had my very own 12 gauge shotgun. I remember rushing home after school just itching to get out there. I was absolutely useless the entire month of September. More and more I became addicted. It would literally consume my every thought. The Red Barn Farm I grew up on, had 4 different stock tanks on it and by the time I was twelve, I knew the flight patterns over the tanks, the time of day to be in the field and any other pieces of knowledge that could of been acquired. May of 1995 my first daughter was born and blessings abounded. Dreams of hunting with my son out on the farm, watching football games and all of those other things that every dad dreams of seemed to be sliding away quickly. Man was I short sighted. Elayne, by the age of three was with me watching football and baseball games, old westerns and anything else you could imagine a couple buddies would hang out and do. Also, in 1995, I began hunting professionally on a part time basis. One of the best marketing strategies that I had come up with, was our opening day annual dove hunt. I guess we started this around 2002. We would send out invites to anyone we came across and would inform them that the only cost was to bring somebody with you. That first year, I think we had close to 45 people show up and we still consistently run those numbers today. Families would join us, many of the wives would hang out at the Red Barn, though we still had quite a few that would be in the field knocking down birds. We have always had children join us on our hunts and we have always made it a point that children 12 and under hunt free on our local Central Texas hunts. One of the more memorable hunts that I recall was on opening day. I had picked up Elayne and her friend Rachel early from school. If memory serves correctly, I think they were in 6th grade. Picking them up from school, I hitched up the smoker to the back of 16

the truck, loaded up the dog and headed out to the Red Barn Farm around 1:30 in the afternoon. We had everything setup and around 3:30 pm, people began arriving. With brisket and sausage on the smoker, the smell of burning mesquite filled the air. Elayne and her friend Rachel, setup on a stock tank not to far from me. It was quite a sight to see. Between Elayne shooting my grandfather’s Browning .20 gauge and Rachel shooting her Mossberg Youth 500 .20 gauge pump, the dove didn’t stand a chance. About 5:30 in the evening, Elayne popped a dove directly over the stock tank and sent our chocolate lab, Riley, in after it. As Riley was bringing in the dove, Elayne starts hollering, “Dad get over here, quick!” I take off on a run. I can see everybody. I know nothing is wrong, but my stomach still has that sinking feeling until I see what Riley is holding; a white wing dove with a band on its leg. DUDE, we were slapping high fives and doing an Irish jig to celebrate her personal trophy. We later called the number on the band to report where the dove was shot and found out that it was from Wichita, Kansas. Banded anything is pretty rare in Texas or it certainly seems that way. I have been hunting well over 25 years and have yet to shoot anything with a band on it. Elayne still wears the band to her dove on her necklace and loves for me to retell her story. I encourage you, if you have not taken your children out into the field yet, you are truly missing out on some special times. I have hunted with many children and each time it is an adventure story all on its own, but my favorite hunts are the Daddy and Daughter hunts. You know it’s funny, so many people assume D & D Hunting is for Dove and Duck and I love just being able to give a sly smile back. DUDE PROFILE: D & D Hunting

and Outfitter Services was started in 1995 offering local Dove and Duck hunts in Central Texas. Owner and operator, Jeremy Hill, was reared on a small cattle ranch just outside of Waco, Texas. Today Jeremy still guides part time and creates custom hunting packages for people all over the world. Through a strong network of guides, ranchers and investors, Jeremy now offers hunts not only in Central Texas, but the Texas Gulf Coast, Mexico, Argentina, Namibia and Canada. Give D & D Hunting and Outfitter Services a call at (866) 856-2988 and see what adventure awaits you!

Summer 2010

Ticks are crawling, mosquitos are biting, and big bucks are coming into mind!

2010 Public Alligator Hunting Beginning May 1st, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will start accepting online applications for the 2010 Public Alligator Hunting season. Applicants for the alligator hunting season are required to apply and pay online through the application available on the DNR website or at one of the walk-up counters at a DNR Regional Office in Clemson, Florence, Columbia, or Charleston. No paper applications will be accepted. This year's season will begin at 12 p.m. (noon) on Sept. 11 and run until 12 p.m. (noon) on Oct. 9. First time users of the online application system will have to create a new user account that requires creating a personal user ID and password. Be sure to write down your user ID and password using exact upper and lower case characters you chose. Your access to this site will be controlled by the accurate entry of this information at a future sign-on. Returning users will be able to sign on using their current information. A $10 nonrefundable application fee is required to apply for the hunt, and a randomized computer drawing will determine the selection of hunters. One thousand permits are available and the coastal plain is divided into four alligator management units with 250 permits allocated for each unit (1000 total). Applicants can select the option to be considered for any number (or all) of the units, but the issued permit will only allow them to hunt in one unit per season. If selected, a $100 fee for the permit and one harvest tag is required to be paid online through the same application process. Selected alligator hunters will be allowed to take one alligator on public waters or private lands where hunting rights are granted. No alligator hunting is allowed on Wildlife Management Areas (except in navigable waters), state parks, or federal properties like National Wildlife Refuges. Unsuccessful applicants will accumulate preference points for future alligator hunt drawings. For the hunting season, only alligators four feet or greater in length may be taken and the hunter must tag the animal immediately with a harvest tag provided by DNR. This hunting season does not allow the shooting of unsecured alligators, even on private land. All alligators must be secured using approved equipment and brought boat-side or onto land before they can be dispatched. While others may assist the permitted hunter, all participants (including permittee) must possess a valid South Carolina hunting license. All permitted hunters are required to report their harvest to the DNR whether an alligator was taken or not in order to participate in any way in the following year's alligator hunt. All hunters will be notified beginning in July of selection status. DNR will begin to send out permits and tags to fully paid applicants after Aug. 1st. This deadline for paying the $100 permit fee for selected applicants is Oct. 1, but you must allow the department five business days to deliver the permit and tag after receipt of payment. Hunters that fail to pay the $100 permit fee by the end of the Alligator Hunting Season will not receive any preference points and will forfeit any accumulated points. DNR will conduct a series of optional seminars for those selected for the alligator season that will include vital information on how to conduct a safe and successful hunt. DNR will closely monitor these hunts and the harvest and regulations may be modified for future seasons. More than 100,000 alligators live from the Midlands to the coast of South Carolina and the population is not threatened by the regulated removal of a relatively small number of alligators. Last year, hunters took 452 alligators during the public alligator hunting season with the average size being 9'5" in length. South Carolina's natural resources are essential for economic development and contribute nearly $30 billion and 230,000 jobs to the state's economy. Find out why Life's Better Outdoors.

Summer 2010


by David Hahn

’ve managed to harvest a few mature bucks in my time and have found that I typically harvest them before the rut even begins. Scouting is key when it comes down to harvesting a mature whitetail, but how to go about it without tipping your hat is the trick! These are a few things that I do or have learned NOT to do! Over the years, I have learned that pressure is the worst thing you can put on a whitetail and most of us do it without thinking about it. When those work days start coming around and you have the whole club riding up and down the roads, checking stands, moving stands, fixing mud holes, liming roads, pouring corn, etc., you are lessening your success rate! We all know that the above has to be done, but you need to do it right after the season ends or early as possible, to help lessen the pressure. This next lesson took me years to figure out! I was the one standing in line after Bass Pro Shops sends out there monthly flyer with those game cameras on sale for $79.00 and about 4 in hand at that. About once a week, I’d go around and check all the cameras to see what was where and working in the area. After years of viewing these pictures, it finally dawned on me that I really haven’t managed to harvest any of the (mature) bucks I saw on film and that most of them never came back. After looking back at the photos, I noticed that just about half of them were tails or had spooked looks. Then it dawned on me that the flash was spooking the game off of my stands. I have since switched to a higher quality infrared camera and notice a huge difference in how the deer act. After you figure out the stand location and you get everything set up, stay out of the area until hunting season arrives. If you have an automatic corn feeder put it WAY away from the stand! No big mature buck is going to be killed under one unless he’s been raised by the thing. The last thing to do before you climb into the stand is to shoot your rifle and make sure it’s zeroed in well. As ethical sportsmen, we owe it to the animal to kill them as quickly and humanely as possible. I never shoot for the head on large mature bucks “naturally” but every doe I see, that’s where I aim, especially after the first rut has ended. If you miss you miss. None of this having to go into the woods looking for blood, using tracking dogs, calling friends over to help stink up your stand, etc. Besides the above, it teaches you to be more patient and wait for the right shot when you do see that mature buck. GOOD LUCK THIS FALL DUDES! DUDE PROFILE: David Hahn, Growing up in the Lowcountry, I have always had a passion for the lifestyle it provides. My love for the woods, water and competitive tournament fishing have always been a passion of mine. After winning the 2006 FLW Series GA / FL Division, I realized that if you work hard enough at something and do the work, as Tred Barta says, anyone can make it happen. After graduating from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College with a double major, I decided to go after another winning choice which was working as a service tech with local heating and air conditioning companies. After working as a service tech for years, I decided to open my own business in 2009 named “Air Specialists”. I’ve taken the same approach to the business as I have with my hobbies, which is, Don’t do anything half ass, if you want to be successful!!


FISHING Raised to a Higher Level BY Leo A. Zabinski


here’s fishing . . . and then there’s fishing in Alaska. I recently chatted with Bob Swift in Valdez about the fishing camps he has been running for twenty years, “Swifty,” as he is better known, was a U.S. Marine, Pit Boss at the Golden Nugget in Vegas, gold miner, commercial fisherman, and bush pilot prior to settling into Valdez. In this part of the world, the staple is silver salmon which on average goes ten to twenty pounds. In a typical outing you will get 70 bites, hook 36 salmon, and land at least half a dozen keepers. The annual silver salmon population in the immediate area around Valdez is in excess of 100,000 each year. If you want something more venturesome, you can go after salmon shark. These “first cousins” to the great white run seven to eleven feet long and 600 to 700 pounds. And these are the females; the males summer in Russian waters. Salmon sharks are the warmest blooded sharks and, thus, tolerate the colder northern waters. The sharks feast on twenty five percent of the silver salmon in local waters each year. They swim up to 50 mph and have been known to snap 800 pound test braided stainless steel leaders. This is a man’s game! Another option in the waters off Valdez is Halibut. In Prince William Sound it’s normal to catch fish weighing 100 to 300 pounds. Sightings of whales, porpoise, sea lions, sea otters, eagles, and bears on the beach are a bonus. Fishing season runs June thru Labor Day Weekend. Swifty has four boats based at his fishing camp in Valdez, each 18

captained by a USCG licensed captain and professional Alaskan fishing guide. Swifty’s is a six hour drive north from Anchorage, or you can fly from Anchorage to Valdez and then rent a car. A complete package consisting of three days of fishing and three nights lodging is $1,799 per person, double occupancy required. All fishing tackle, bait and meals are included. It will be the fishing experience of a lifetime! DUDE EXCLUSIVE — Mention DUDE when booking through Classic Travel and save $100 per person. DUDE PROFILE: LEO A. ZABINSKI, CTC, MCC, DS (Alaska & London) A former College Dean (NYU, Creighton University, and Assumption College) with three college degrees, Leo founded Classic Travel 17 years ago. He has visited over 80 countries and taken over 40 cruises. During that period he also served as Governor of the Carolina’s District of Kiwanis (North & South Carolina) and chaired the HHI / Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Leadership Development Program. He is currently Vice President of the Carolina’s Chapter of the American Association of Travel Agents. Phone 843-815-9228 email leo@classictravelhhi.com

Summer 2010

DUDES LOVE GUNS! This first issue of DUDE we will provide you with some very basic safety tips which should be followed at all times. The NRA believe it or not, is NOT a political party. It provides avid gun activists a platform to exercise our constitutional right to bear arms. Thanks to the second amendment, passed on December 15th, 1791, we as Americans will always be able to have the right to keep and bear firearms and protect ourselves, our families and fellow Americans. The NRA’s, TOP 3 ALWAYS SAFETY RULES: ALWAYS KEEP THE GUN POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION. This is the primary rule of gun safety. A safe direction means that the gun is pointed so that even if it were to go off, it would not cause injury or damage. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL READY TO SHOOT. When holding a gun, rest your finger on the trigger guard or along the side of the gun. ALWAYS KEEP THE GUN UNLOADED UNTIL READY TO USE. Whenever you pick up a gun, you should immediately engage the safety device. Remove any magazines before looking in to the chamber, which should be clear of ammunition.

Other rules to follow, which will allow many hours of fun and safe activity • Know your target and what is beyond. • Know how to use your gun safely. • Be sure the gun is safe to operate. • Wear eye and ear protection. • Use only the correct ammunition for your gun.

• Never use alcohol or over-the-counter prescription drugs or other illegal drugs before or while shooting. • Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.

Your guns are good investments that you can use time and time again and enjoy in the field. Take care of them and they will take care of you. Regular cleaning is very important for your gun to operate correctly and safely. Proper maintenance will help your gun retain its value and extend its life. Your guns should be cleaned every time you shoot them. If a gun has been stored awhile, it’s best to clean it before shooting. Many times accumulated moisture, dirt, grease and oil can prevent your gun from operating properly. RULE #1 WHEN CLEANING, MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT GUN IS UNLOADED. Other good tips to follow... always keep the gun’s action open during the entire cleaning process and make sure that no ammunition is present in the cleaning area. HAPPY SHOOTING DUDES!

AREA PLACES TO DO SOME SAFE SHOOTING PALMETTO STATE SHOOTING CENTER (Largest Modern Indoor Range in SC) Riverwalk Business Park, Okatie (843) 379-GUNS

TURKEY HILL PLANTATION 2215 Log Haul Road, Ridgeland SC (843) 726-8646 Clay shooting, Quail Hunting, Duck Club and Lodging

Servicing Hilton Head, Bluffton & Daufuskie Island Licensed & Insured • FREE ESTIMATES • 24 Hr Emergency Service/7 days a week • Servicing All Makes • Maintenance Contracts • Duct Repair & Sealing • Equipment Replacement • Senior Citizens Discount David Hahn/Owner


www.AirSpecialistsOfTheLowcountry.com Summer 2010

PALMETTO INDOOR RANGE & SPORTING GOODS Controlled indoor shooting. Hwy 17 S.Hardeeville, S.C. (843) 784-5474



TAMMY MARTIN Owner/Hair Designer


843-341-2800 Located 807 William Hilton Parkway/Plantation Center (In between Santa Fe and Alfred's) HILTON HEAD ISLAND 19


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M y s te r io us Pr e da to rs of the Nig h t by Marvin E. Bouknight


y fascination with owls started at an early age. Growing up in a rural area, I was fortunate to have access to acres and acres of woods, creeks, ponds and swamps to explore. I vividly remember my first owl sighting as if it were yesterday. I was walking through the woods on a sandy ridge behind my house and came upon an area that had been logged a few years before. I looked up and saw a large brownish mass in a pine tree that looked like a beehive or squirrel nest. As soon as I noticed this, the brown mass turned and looked at me with big yellow eyes! It was huge and I immediately recognized it as a great horned owl. The owl spun its head around, dropped out of the tree and glided through the trees and into the swamp on silent wings. Needless to say, this made an incredible impression on me and I have been an owl fanatic every since! Owls are amazingly adapted to a nocturnal lifestyle. Adaptations for the night shift include serrated feathers for silent flight, feathered feet, large eyes and the most distinguishing feature of owls, large facial disks that funnel the tiniest sound to large, asymmetrical ear openings. With these adaptations, owls can see their prey in very low light and can find their prey in complete darkness by just sound alone! An interesting fact about owls and other raptors is that their eyes are fixed in their skulls. In order to look around, they must move their entire head. Because of this, they have the abilDUDE PROFILE: Marvin Bouknight is a

South Carolina native and has lived in the Lowcountry for over 15 years. A Clemson University graduate with a degree in wildlife and fisheries management, Marvin has been a professional naturalist for over 20 years and is currently the staff naturalist at Oldfield Club. Through his company, The Nature Nook, LLC, Marvin offers a variety of programs, seminars, and workshops on topics such as the local flora and fauna, attracting wildlife to your backyard, and wildlife photography. He also provides services such as interpretive center design, displays and features, interpretive program development including curriculum-based and guided lesson plan development, trail design and development, wildlife surveys and documentation, nature-based consultation, etc. He can be reached by calling (843)441-0961 or by e-mail at mbnaturenook@yahoo.com


ity to turn their heads dramatically and be able to see about 270 degrees. For owls, this gives the impression that they can turn their head completely around! The fact is, when they follow an object behind them, they move their heads as far as it will go and snap their head back around to the other side to pick up the sound again, making it appear that they just rotated their head in a complete circle. Pretty cool, huh? We have three species of owls that are relatively common in our area. The eastern screech owl (Megascops asio) is our smallest owl and my personal favorite. They are about 4-6 inches in height and can be seen in both gray and red phases (red can be also described as brown). They also have tufts of feathers that look like horns or ears, making them look almost like a miniature horned owl. These little powerhouses feed on insects, lizards, small mice, etc. Their call can best be described as a 2 or 3 descending whinny’s (similar to a horse), followed by a monotone tremolo. Barred Owls (Strix varia), are larger owls that are found in swamps and other wetland areas. With a smooth head, dark eyes, and a yellow bill, the barred owl gets its name from the barring on the chest and throat. More diurnal than most owls, they can be seen during the day and heard, as well, with a booming “who cooks for you, who cooks for you all!� As expected, this critter feeds on small wetland animals such as frogs, crayfish, snakes, small mammals, and rodents. Our largest owl is the great horned owl (Bubo virginianus). It is also the most wide ranging of our owls and can be found in a variety of habitats, including neighborhoods, parks, and other urban areas. The hoot owl does exactly that, he hoots. Usually, they hoot 5 times for females and 6-7 times for males, with the male being deeper in pitch. They are known for their ferocity and have been documented taking cats, puppies, skunks, rabbits, raccoons, and other medium sized mammals. They will readily take birds as large as red-shouldered hawks, and will even catch and eat barred or screech owls! Keep you eyes open around forest edges, pastures, golf courses and other areas where habitats meet when looking for owls. Parks and wildlife refuges are great places to not only look for owls, but to also take advantage of any educational programs that may feature owls and other critters. Be patient, stay sharp, and walk as quietly as you can through the woods. Who knows, you may see an owl looking back at you as you take a walk on the wild side! Summer 2010

Tradition in Hilton Head Island Real Estate


eal Estate often is the largest and most complex purchasing decision people make in life. The two factors that are the strongest governing principles are location and history. The history part is particularly true in the South and most especially on Hilton Head Island. The Hilton Head Island and surrounding Low Country you see today, in fact most of the resort/residential developments you experience in the United States and elsewhere, have roots that grow in the fertile imaginations and capable hands of one of this area’s most influential families-The Fraser Family. The Sea Pines format, along with many other East Coast communities were conceived by Charles Fraser and built by his brother Joe. What better place to start your search for Real Estate in the Lowcountry than with Fraser & Ginn Real Estate, the only firm directly connected to this remarkable legacy? Charlie Fraser, Joe’s son, grew up on a diet of innovative ideas and Real Estate experience and has watched the area grow from a quiet idyllic coastal village to the complex, dynamic, yet beautifully preserved environment of today. Barry Ginn, another Lowcountry native, has experienced many aspects of the growth of this beautiful island through the development and sales of some of the most prestigious addresses in Sea Pines. There is virtually no part of the Lowcountry, no community gated or otherwise, that they do not know like the back of their hands. Should your interest be in oceanfront property, golf oriented, sea marsh, whether for investment, second or primary home, home sites, condominiums, Charlie and Barry know it all. They know that a Realtor’s success is directly linked to his knowledge base and his desire to provide the highest level of service to his clients. To accomplish this,

Fraser & Ginn Real Estate has made it as easy as possible to contact the company and to have direct access to the unlimited experience, knowledge base and commitment to your goals that the company espouses. The Fraser & Ginn Real Estate is further strengthened by it’s association with a nationwide professional group of real estate agents. The Weichert Real Estate family of professionals is truly set to enter this new age of property sales and management, not resting on what was, but rather by focusing on today’s buyers and sellers and the new parameters being set within the field of real estate. Today’s real estate companies have to be on the leading edge of technology along with the tried and true “one client at a time” to best serve their client’s interest. The Carolina Lowcountry as we know it today began its twentieth century renaissance with the Fraser Family and now you have the opportunity of continuing that tradition with your participation in the Lowcountry story with your new home, home site, or condominium brokered for you by Fraser & Ginn Real Estate. Together this team has created a new tradition of innovation, excellence, and attention to your needs, filtered through the traditions that shaped this entire area and, in fact, real estate development and sales nationwide. WELCOME to Fraser & Ginn Real Estate! We look forward to talking to you...DUDES! Check out our new website: www.fraserginn.com Charlie B. Fraser 843-290-0807 Charlie@FraserRealty.net Barry W. Ginn 843-816-4029 bginnsales@aol.com

-MILITARY BUYERSJOHN MCGOWAN IS YOUR MAN A Private Mortgage Banking Company The Lowcountry's Choice for Mortgages • CONVENTIONAL • JUMBO • FHA • VA • Rural Housing

SAM MCGOWAN III Mortgage Banker, NMLS #264178

Please call for a low rate quote O:843-524-2252 C:843-812-6800 sam@ALendingPartner.com 43 Sea Island Parkway, Beaufort SC 29907

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NO PRESSURE----EXPERIENCED----KNOWS THE AREA, AND YOU WILL FEEL LIKE FAMILY WHEN HE IS THROUGH WITH YOU...........I COULD GO ON AND ON, BUT JUST GIVE HIM A CALL................ Sgt. Vanhoof-Parris Island John McGowan is a native of Beaufort, S.C., rare to find these days. John is a natural in the real estate business with his genuine love for people. He has a sincere charismatic, warm loving personality. Anyone that works with John will get 100+% of dedication and effort. John entered the real estate industry 8 years ago and has been a “top producer” from day one; having been selected by his piers as “Realtor of the Year” in 2005. He severed on the Board of Directors of the Beaufort County Association of Realtors and works diligently in many fund raising and civic oriented community clubs and organizations. Prior to his real estate career, John was in the hospitality business and when you meet him it will be no surprise that he is a master chef. Over the years he has also been associated with almost all of the movies produced in Beaufort. John's family has a rich back ground in the history of the Lowcountry all of which gives him the ability to portray the true charm and flavor we have to offer.

John can best be reached at (843) 575-2278 or by email: realestate1john@aol.com. Visit John's website: www.beaufortvirtualtour.com 23

Happenings at



A special guided tour offered June through the end of August, is the Evening Turtle Talk and Walk. This tour is designed to give participants information about the nationally threatened species, loggerhead sea turtles. Participating in one of these programs is one of the safest ways of viewing this species and learning how to help protect this threatened species. They are protected by State and Federal Laws, and the Museum staff is trained in the proper procedures to follow during the turtle season. For further information on these walks, please call 843-689-6767 ext 223.


August 11, 10:30 or 11:30 at the Pavilion at HONEY HORN, Cost: $12 Adults/$7 Child A variety of Lowcountry mammals and birds of prey, from Oatland Island Wildlife Center, will be on display as you learn about their habits and habitats. Scheduled to appear are: flying squirrel, armadillo, opossum, barred owl and screech owl. PARENTS MUST ACCOMPANY CHILDREN. Contact phone number required. The program will be held rain or shine. 843-689-6767 ext. 223

Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn August 5, 12 9:30 or 11:00 a.m. programs

Tony Mills from the LowCountry Institute will get you up close and personal with live snakes, turtles, lizards, alligators and other “herps�. Adult $12 and Child $7 At the end of the presentation, attendees will even get a chance to touch a snake and an alligator! Reservations are required by calling, 843-689-6767 ext 223

GULLAH COOKING AND LIVING Join cookbook author and Daufuskie native Salle Ann Robinson as she prepares dishes from one of her cookbooks. Then you sample what she cooks after class! Classes are held in the kitchen at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn. August 18 and October 20, 3 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. Cost is $30.00 per person and reservations are required by calling 843689-6767 ext 223

Friends of the Rivers, Box 143, 20 Towne Drive, Bluffton, SC 29910, 843 227-0004/816-1616 nancy@friendsoftherivers.com, www.friendsoftherivers.com. www.riversmart.com


Summer 2010

Summer Time Tips for keeping your vehicle right T

by Robert Logan

emperatures in the south are considered to be extreme DUDE. Consecutive days of high temperatures combined with high humidity can be rough on people, as well as on their car or truck. The following tips may help alleviate potential problems that may be encountered during our treacherous summer season. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably be doing some traveling and fishing. This entails pulling a boat and launching it at your destination or pulling a camper. The first thing that you’ll want to do prior to beginning your trip is to check your transmission fluid. You want to make sure that the level is full and the condition is good. The fluid should be red in color, not dark brown, black or smell burned. There should be instructions in your owner’s manual on how to check the fluid level or it may say on the dipstick itself. The second thing you’ll need to check is your battery. Most people are unaware how hot temperatures affect batteries and neglecting these tips may ruin a summer trip. You’ll want to check the battery terminal ends and make sure they are tight and are free of corrosion. Excessive green corrosion at the posts may be an indication that the battery has hairline cracks in the case and should be checked by your dealership. Also, have the battery checked to make sure it is at full capacity. A weak battery may start fine on one occasion and be as dead as can be the next time you try. The next thing that you’ll want to check is your vehicle’s coolant (anti-freeze). This fluid may be either red or green. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual or check the indicator on the reservoir bottle for hot & cold temperature levels. DUDE, remember to never remove the radiator cap to check coolant on a hot engine.

Summer 2010

Another important thing is your tire pressure. Make sure that the tire pressures are at the recommended PSI. These numbers are marked on the sidewall of the tire. It is best to check the tires when they are cold, as air expands when the tires get hot. Air conditioning is a key factor in aiding in comfort on your summer road trips. A tip to help your AC work more efficiently is to tint your windows; in addition, tinting windows lowers interior temperatures when the vehicle sits in the hot summer sun. DUDE, remember to never leave a child or a pet alone in a car, especially if it’s hot out. In conclusion, taking some simple precautions and performing some simple steps may help ensure fun and worry free traveling during those hot summer months. HAPPY MOTORING, BE SAFE & SEE YOU THIS FALL DUDES! Contact Rob Logan (843) 476-7775 or find him in the service department at Butler Chrysler in Beaufort, S.C. (843) 522-9696 DUDE PROFILE: Robert Logan is originally from Adel, Georgia and now currently resides in Beaufort, S.C. Rob is 35 years old and is married to wife Keri, with an 11 year old daughter and a son on the way. Rob has been employed with Butler Chrysler/Dodge in Beaufort, SC for the past 10 years. Prior to that, his employer was the United States Marine Corp. He enjoys hunting, fishing, playing softball and spending time with family and friends.


Getting a Grip! W


hen you try to improve your golf swing there are really only a few things that make a big difference. Most people try a lot of things looking for the right tip to fix their swing, when I see them they are very confused about what works and what does not. My tips will give you the best information that I have and have gotten the most success from my students. When I started playing golf at the very old age of 11, I started with a very bad strong grip, hands turned to the right on the golf club. What it did was give me a big hook and I hit the ball very far for a 55 pound weakling, you probably have a dog bigger then I was. I still try to get kids I teach to have the hands more right on the club. For the rest of us we need to have it as close as we can to correct, the better the grip the better the golfer. The left hand is the first one we put on, if you

point the shaft strait up to the sky at 12 o’clock high, the left hand thumb should be at 2 o’clock. The heel pad should be on top at 12 o’clock. The only thing I will add is to pinch the thumb and index finger together or duct tape it. The right hand thumb is at 11:59 as you have the shaft pointing to the sky, the fingers are on the shaft like you would pull a bow and arrow back. The little finger is not needed, so just cut it off with your boy scout knife. Ok, you can lay it on your left hand index finger. That is called A Harry Vardon, over lap grip, like you needed to know that. Very important is the right hand index finger, you want to feel like your pulling a trigger on a double barrel shot gun, not too light, but for the feel of the gun or in this case the club, the thumb touches the trigger finger and you feel a pinch.


Head Instructor for The Sea Pines Resort On Hilton Head Isl. for 20 years. PGA Member for over 30 years and a life member of the PGA. Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher 5 years in a row. Top 10 instructor for Golf Digest for the Section for 1O years. Has appeared on the Golf Channel for several shows. This year The “Turn”. All About Golf. Tips from the Pros. Conway Golf Info commercial. Written articles in the Golf Magazine January and May of 2008. My teaching brings me in contact with golfers of all skill levels and backgrounds. To grow the game my goal is to get people playing and having fun with the game. The learning can be hard for some and with an easy to do and even more fun doing, program, you can have a game for a life time. I give over 24 hundred lessons a year and see 17 thousand swings on film, so you can say I have seen it all. If your Kevin Costner in Tin Cup or a brand new golfer, DUDE, I can help you. Contact me, Rick Barry: golfhhi@aol.com Sea Pines Resort/Golf (843) 842-8484

Warming Up For Summer By Eric Wammock


reetings DUDES! In my first tennis column I have racked my brain to make sure this tip was aimed at DUDES and not both sexes - a tough assignment and I nearly missed my dudeline! Alas, don’t fear fellow DUDES, for the following is “aimed” at you. We DUDES are competitive by nature, more so than our female counterparts. That said, we DUDES often want to get going with the competition the minute we set foot on the court. We also often try to win the warm up given our competitive spirit and to show the opposing DUDE just what we can do! We warm up for a couple of minutes, run all over the court, having established no rhythm and timing, then play. There are several problems with this philosophy. First and foremost, we have abandoned the most important element of a warm up: warming up.

The muscles aren’t ready for sprinting and fast movements and this is the time we are most prone to injury. Warm up slowly and hit the ball down the middle. Allow the ball to bounce twice in the warm up if it is hit short towards you. Second, establish a rhythm. The more you keep the ball in play in a warm up (yes, slower than match speed), the better your timing and confidence will be after a successful warm up. Lastly, if you are looking for a good workout, keep in mind that you will likely hit more balls in a 15 minute warm up than in the next 45 minutes of play; IF you keep the ball in play during the warm up! It is our DUDE nature to be competitive and to ignore good advice, so I’ll see you at the orthopedic office...or on the courts. Go get ‘em DUDES! Contact Eric Wammock, Director Hilton Head Island Tennis: Eric@HiltonHeadIslandTennis.net or (843) 301-2113

DUDE PROFILE: Eric Wammock, USPTA and founder of Hilton Head Island Tennis and Director of Tennis at the Hilton Head Island Beach and Tennis Resort, has more than 25 years experience in the tennis industry. He was most recently the Head Tennis Professional and Club Manager at the top ranked Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island, where he worked for nearly 17 years. Eric has worked extensively with all age levels and abilities during his professional career, from giving countless people their very first tennis lesson to coaching nationally ranked players. In addition to being the USPTA South Carolina Pro of the Year, Eric has served on the USPTA’s National Education Committee and has a specialist degree in Facility Management, having helped develop the program’s curriculum. As a player, Eric was a college all-American and ITF Satellite Tour player. Eric has played exhibitions with Stan Smith, Tom Gullikson, Brian Gottfried, Johann Kriek, Mikael Pernfors and many more. Eric’s wife, Sheri, of nearly 20 years is the mother of their 3 beautiful daughters, Samantha, Alex and Erica. 26

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kay! Really, when you saw the title, did you think it was about …You Know! Maybe next time, but right now it’s all about putting down those BIG weights DUDES. There was a time when all the jocks lifted massive stacks, grunted, contorted and pretty much shoved themselves through a workout. Every day, the results of this abuse becomes apparent. Torn rotators, acl’s and discs are just some of the damages I’ve seen. Problem is, that most of you DUDES are still tossing around weights that are just plain too-heavy. Back in the day, coaches believed in more, more, more - the bigger the bicep, the better the athlete theory. Well, in the case of most muscles, bigger is not always better. Let’s face it, 99.9 % of DUDE’s readers are not trying out for the Olympics, the NFL or the WWF. However, 99% of you would like to be fit and toned, right? I’m going to speak out for 95% of the women. We would much rather see defined, ripped and toned arms vs. gargantuan ones, that can’t bend because they’re so HUGE!!! We want STRONG ARMS around us, not Gorilla limbs suffocating us! The trick, gentlemen/DUDES: A different kind of workout. A few years ago my husband, Freddie, tore his shoulder, freezing it to where he couldn’t lift his arm over his head. All the bench presses and clean and jerks had taken their toll. At 48 he was looking at invasive surgery. Today the medical field has accomplished great things with knees and hips, But Shoulders?, not so much. (I’ve rarely seen a shoulder come back 100%.) So we rehabbed the shoulder and then something fascinating happened: My husband listened to me! Slowly, I showed him how a resistance band could be just as effective as a weight and how using a lower weight could result in development of a muscle, that

Priced to Sell at $1,249,000 Custom built home on almost an acre on Baynard Park Rd. Upscale kitchen with hickory cabinets, Subzero, Dacor, GE Advantium. Open floor plan, bonus room, spacious rooms with custom closets, bench and window seats, huge pantry, barrel vault and tray ceilings. Covered lanai with 1,000 sq ft of outdoor living with kitchen, fireplace, pool/spa and dining. Large backyard with lagoon view. Great home for family living and entertaining, close to Harbourtown and beach. Must see! OSCREA. (Short Sale)

Contact: Barry Ginn Office 843.341.3700 Cell 843.816.4029 BGinnsales@aol.com www.FraserGinn.com 28

DUDE PROFILE: Ramona Ward Married 23 years to Freddie Ward Living in the low-country for 30 years, Bluffton resident 12 years, 3 dogs (all adopted and overly adored) Sports Club Director, Oldfield Club Personal Trainer and Fitness instructor through AFPA Enjoys skiing, wakeboarding, cooking, (eating, Duh!) hopping on the big bike and getting out of town. All forms of crazy activities. Personal motto- It’s more fun to color outside the lines!!!

not only was well defined, but had great range of motion. Freddie’s routine now consists of bands, a resistance ball, a medicine ball and light hand weights. He’s in better shape now then he was ten years ago! Some time ago, I had a group of Marines come to my Pilates class. Evidently, even the military believes in tweaking their training to include finesse fitness... Yoga, Pilates and even dance, have become part of the training routine. Now, I haven’t gotten Freddie to take my Pilates class, but I do have guys taking it who see great benefits to their golf and tennis games. Any DUDE can throw around a weight, but it takes a strong man to exercise wiser. Try a different approach to your fitness routine. Take a Kettlebell class or mix in some resistance training. The TRX system is a great way to train smarter, not harder. (That’s not true-TRX is hard) Try the BOSU or medicine balls at the gym. The P90x or Insanity DVD’s are great. Very little equipment needed and they incorporate a variety of exercise forms to test your fitness. So, next time you wrap your arms around your girl, she’ll feel a firmer, better toned muscle and her smile will say it all! (still talking about your arms, guys. Geez!) Get off the sofa DUDES, see you this Fall!

Priced to Sell at $699,000 This is a fantastic home on a large lot overlooking the 9th fairway & green of the Sea Pines Country Club. The home was completely remodeled in 1999 and is in great shape. The home offers a large kitchen family room, considerable living room and dining room overlooking the golf course. Home has a good flow for entertaining and is very convenient to the Sea Pines Country Club. Private pool, nice outside patio area and many more features

Contact: Charlie Fraser Cell 843.290.0807 Office 843.341.3700 Charlie@FraserRealty.net www.FraserGinn.com Summer 2010


To The Plate BY Chef Gary Williams


AHOO DUDES! That’s my way of saying hello this summer with the season now getting in to full swing for all of you off shore anglers. I’m Gary Williams, Chef of the newly opened Sea Shanty on Hwy 170, across from Oldfield, beside the Shell station. Being an old salt, as I have been called for many years, I previously opened the Sea Shack on Hilton Head Island S.C. and owned and operated it for 7 years. One of the greatest times of my life was having Rachel Ray come visit and film us for the $40 a day show, along with my wife Kelly and three daughters; Chelsey, Haley, and Kaylynn. It was a lot of fun seeing the other side of the camera. Before the Sea Shack, I was chef of Captain’s Seafood on Mathews drive on Hilton Head Island. I created the same type menu that I now continue to use. You know the old saying DUDE, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”. The newly opened, Sea Shanty is now owned by my middle daughter, Haley and the game plan is to open two more for my other two daughters. After that, fishing is my next objective. Fishing has always been my favorite past time when not working. Speaking of working, I thought I would give you a great suggestion for preparing Wahoo (see recipe). Wahoo is a very delicate flavored, meaty, white fish and can be cooked many ways. My favorite however, is Smoky Barbecue Parmesan Encrusted Wahoo, with a light blackening season to top it off. The recipe is very simple to prepare, but if you have any questions please give me a call. Let’s not forget Cobia is now in season. Remember, it’s only roughly a 2 month inshore period in the Broad River, then the chase is on for offshore catches near the wrecks and reefs or following big tiger sharks around trying to find a cheap meal. So get them while their hot! Cobia is a white steak like textured fish that might remind some people of grouper. DUDE, the best way to prepare freshly caught Cobia is to cut into 2 to 3 inch nuggets and deep fry them till golden brown in 350 degree oil. My favorite frying method is to season the Cobia nuggets with salt and pepper, give them a simple egg wash, then dredge them in an equal parts flour and cornmeal mix. Serve with Texas Pete, fresh cut lemons and tartar sauce. Be careful DUDE, you might end up slapping the hell out of your momma after eatin this! So good, with that great fresh fish flavor. There’s nothing better than Lowcountry cooking, especially fresh fish, to keep you coming back for more. What a great time of year with all the fresh bounties we have in our local waters. It’s the great smell of saltwater to the anglers of all kinds that Summer 2010

drive them to their prey and most locals and visitors simply love our local shrimp, crabs, fish and oysters. Seafood is in the air like a summertime heat wave. Enjoy our fresh local seafood, as it revitalizes the spirit and is good for you to boot. To those who can’t or don’t have the time and the luxury to catch their own, the great part is that others will do it for you here in good ole Beaufort County topped off with that Southern Lowcountry Hospitality. Don’t get much better than this DUDES! We local DUDES like to say, “From the bait to the plate, it’s the best seafood we ever ate!” That’s where I come in DUDES, an old salt, Beaufort boy, raised on the rivers of Beaufort County. Cooking in the kitchen of my father’s restaurant beginning at the age of 11. Peeling fresh local shrimp daily for a couple of years until I got tall enough to reach the dish sink. Washing dishes was better than peeling shrimp, but cooking was my major goal. So come an enjoy the ride with us DUDES and I’ll bring you some killer seafood recipes that will have you slapping your whole family and even the dog and cats. Well that’s it for the first issue of DUDE. Enjoy it and I will see you this fall when oysters are back in season. Contact Gary Williams at The Sea Shanty on Hwy 170 across from Oldfield, beside the Shell station. ympages.com/theseashanty (843) 645-0918

Smoky BBQ Parmesan Encrusted Wahoo Ingredients: 1) 6 5-7 oz filets of Wahoo peeled and boned 2)1-12 oz bottle smoky bbq sauce Freshly grated parmesan cheese 3) Salt and Pepper to taste 4) ½ cup virgin olive oil Preparation: Coat the baking pan with olive oil and place the salt and pepper seasoned Wahoo in oven at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Pull out and coat fish with bbq sauce and bake for an addition 3-5 more minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle generous amounts of freshly grated parmesan cheese over fish and then bake until parmesan is lightly browned. Best served over rice with fresh summer vegetable medley. Chardonnay would be a great choice of wine to serve with this meal. Check with George about which brand he likes best! ENJOY DUDES!




BY Steve Boney


ummertime has been evident in the low country for quite awhile and with the heat waves, there is no doubt summer is here in full swing. Between turkey hunting, cobia fishing, and barbecuing... my friends, neighbors and I have kept busy, but haven’t always been successful. After long days outdoors, my friends and neighbors are ready for a party and a good meal. The other afternoon, I went outside to the side of my house to test my equipment in my infamous outdoor kitchen. It was time to check my inventory of charcoal, propane, wood chips, and other essential grilling supplies. With barbecue fresh on my mind, I was ready to invite the neighborhood over for good eats and cocktails. My outdoor kitchen with all my great DUDE cooking equipment and white quartz stone lined fire pit (from my dad’s family farm), is the neighborhood gathering spot. It is much easier to maintain and clean than an indoor kitchen/eating area, plus my wife, Ginger, prefers I hold these kind of soirees outdoors, anyway. I really don’t mind, being an outdoor DUDE myself. The “HOOD” has donned this area “THE BONEYARD GRILL” because of my last name and nickname- Boney. It has hosted now legendary parties, cookouts, oyster roasts and of course our world famous annual Super Bowl Parties. Remember before any good outdoor party to prepare for bugs and those “no see ums.” You no see um, but you sure can feel um! This particular day, I thought the mosquitoes were going to carry me away. Insect repellant is a way of life for summer grilling at THE BONEYARD GRILL. One of my favorite summertime recipes is Chicken Leg Quarters. Usually they are around five to seven dollars for a 10 lb. bag. With minimal prep and proper cooking, grilled chicken can be an easy and inexpensive way to feed the “HOOD” at THE BONEYARD GRILL . HEY DUDES, check back in with me this fall, as it will be football tailgating time and oysters will be back in season! Remember to KEEP YOUR MEAT HOT! BONES OUT For suggestions, comments or questions contact the BONEMAN at: boneysbbq@yahoo.com

DUDE PROFILE: Steve Boney is from Blythewood S.C. where he was born and reared. Steve is a well known long time local and lives in Bluffton, SC with his family; wife Ginger and children, Charlotte and Charner. He is a senior judge with the South Carolina Barbecue Association and can be found judging many of our local cooking festivals, such as the recent popular Rib Burn Off at Honey Horn Plantation. (See Photos This Issue). Steve is a proud sales representative (30 + years ) for those hard to beat PELLA WINDOWS & DOORS here in Beaufort County. He works along side another DUDE known to many as Catfish Ludwig.


Boneyard Yardbird Leg Quarters DUDE, this chicken is one of the crowd favorites at THE BONEYARD GRILL. The hot sauce marinade, not only adds flavor without heat, but the vinegar and salt in the sauce, brine the chicken perfectly. Ingredients: 1-10 lb. bag chicken thigh leg quarters 1-16 oz. bottle of hot sauce (I use Texas Pete, Crystal, Frank’s, or red label Valentina. Do not use Tabasco. DUDE, it just too damn hot for this recipe) Always clean and wash your chicken throughly and immediately wash your hands. Remove all excess skin and pat the meat dry with paper towels. Add chicken and hot sauce to gallon size zip-lock bags. Place bags in a container to prevent leaking juices from spilling. Marinate in refrigerator for at least one hour or as long as overnight. Prepare your grill for direct grilling. For Gas Grill- Use medium high heat. For Charcoal Grill- Use 3-4 lbs. of charcoal and spread evenly over bottom of grill. For Smoke Flavor- Soak your favorite wood chips in water for 30 minutes. I prefer hickory for this recipe. On a gas grill, use a smoker box filled with chips and place directly on a burner. I like charcoal, so I sprinkle the soaked wood chips directly on the coals after they turn white. Place the chicken on grill skin side up and close the lid. Grill for 20-30 minutes. Check for flare ups and hot spots. The chicken should be a golden brown color, not black or burned. Turn the chicken and grill for another 15-20 minutes or until leg is loose at the joint. Internal temperature should be 180°F. The juices from the bird should run clear with no presence of blood. Serve with your favorite barbecue sauce or SERVE NAKED!

Summer 2010



UDES love LIVE ENTERTAINMENT and here you’ll find it every issue. First up, we’ll look at regional venues and let you know where and when the big names are jammin LIVE. Next, we will have an up to date comprehensive entertainment directory of where you can find it LIVE in Beaufort County. We will break it down for you by geographic areas; Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and Beaufort. If you see something or someplace we’ve left out, please send us an email or give us a call and we’ll get it in the next issue. Located no more than a couple hours up the road is the NORTH CHARLESTON COLISEUM. They have a pretty cool line up this summer. Tuesday, August 3rd; the one and only PETER FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE. Flashback city on DO YOU FEEL LIKE I DO? and finally, Friday, October 1st, JASON ALDEAN plays his country tunes in a Hicktown! Yee Ha! Located a few hours down the road is JACKSONVILLE VETERANS MEMORIAL ARENA. Not a bad line up down yonder DUDES. Tuesday, October 26th, the very hot, CARRIE UNDERWOOD will turn on the North Florida crowd. See their website for more info on tickets. The COLONIAL LIFE ARENA on the campus of the University of South Carolina has a show on the horizon worth mentioning; Thursday, September 16th, one of our favorite DUDES, GEORGE STRAIT plays LIVE with REBA MCENTIRE.

Hilton Head Island

SEA PINES RESORT THE QUARTERDECK (843) 671-2224 Located under the candy stripped lighthouse in Harbor Town Yacht Basin. Live entertainment around one of the best sunsets on the island. HARBOURSIDE CAFE (843) 842-1444 Located just outside the Crazy Crab, this cool little outdoor spot is a great place to chill and enjoy some live local entertainers. THE SALTY DOG CAFE (843) 671-2233 Located in South Beach Marina. Great for outdoor evening cocktails and local live guitarists, Dave Kemmerly and Bruce Crichton playing most nights.

COLIGNY BEACH AREA POOL BAR JIM’S (843) 842-3932 poolbarjims.com Located oceanside at The Marriot’s Grand Ocean Resort. Long time local and friend Jim Lisenby makes simply the best fresh fruit frozen drinks in Beaufort County. THE TIKI HUT (843) 785-5126 Located at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront, South Forest Beach Drive. Beachside cold beverages, cool live local tunes, beach volleyball and plenty of hot bikini babes.

THE BEACH MARKET HINCHEY’S CHICAGO BAR & GRILL (843) 686-5959 On North Forest Beach beside the Holiday Inn is a great place with live tunes from locals such as; Mike Kavanaugh, Sidework, Reid Richmond. They also have a kick ass Juke Box. DANIEL’S (843)341-9379 next door is a very cool new spot. Great new upscale feel with a great wine bar, outdoor seatings with some cool eurotech tunes. ANGLER’S GRILL (843) 785-3474 A great DUDE place, run by our friends, Barbara and Joel. Great place for DUDES to hang out, catch the game on one of their flat screens and watch the bikini babes walk by on their way to the beach. SWIIIING!

COLIGNY PLAZA BY THE SEA The BIG BAMBOO CAFE (843) 686-3443 Our friend, Tristan usually has a pretty good line up of live tunes; Live Reggae by Patwa, The Beagles (Beatles tribute band) and locals Jack Jones and Angie Aparo jammin in to the wee hours. STEAMERS SEAFOOD COMPANY (843) 785-2070 They usually have someone playing guitar on the outdoor patio most evenings in the summer. SKILLETS CAFE (843) 785-3131 Our long time friend, Amie has local talent such as David Wingo & Tim Malchak playing Fridays and for Sunday brunch also some Monday evenings. THE FROSTY FROG (843) 686-FROG Nothing cools down a hot summer day like a daiquiri bar DUDES. They always have cool tunes playing. Summer 2010

POPE AVENUE REMY’S BAR & GRILL (843) 842-3800 Located in Heritage Plaza. Long time friend and islander, Roy Prescott is the man. Live Entertainment such as; Jalapeno Brothers, Martin Lesch & The Storks, Joe Vicars & Whitley Deputy. THE GRUMPY GROUPER GRILLE (843) 842-2455 is one of our favorite spots to stop in catch a game on TV and truly have some of the best grouper you’ve ever put in DAVID WINGO your mouth. Ask our friend, Mark to saddle you up with a cold one and a basket full of grouper fingers. See ad, page 11, this issue! AUNT CHILADA’S EASY STREET CAFE (843) 785-7700 Local time friend and islander, David Reilley has a great restaurant bar that has a most comfortable feel to it. A great local watering hole. THE WILD WING CAFE (843) 785-9464 Located in the Bi-Lo Center. Diane and Cecil Crowley started this great regional chain hangout right here on the island. Their promotions say it all, Cold Beer, Hot Wings and Good Times. Great Live entertainment spot. HILTON HEAD PLAZA, AKA “THE BARMUDA TRIANGLE” JUMP AND PHIL’S BAR & GRILL (843) 785-9070 Long time friends and islanders, Jumpy and Phil have one of the great local islander watering holes. Green Bay Packers headquarters DUDES! REILLEY’S (843) 842-4414 One of the island’s original bars. Reilley’s is the epitome of the Irish Pub. THE LODGE (843) 842-8966 is one of the coolest bars on the island. Great TV’s for your favorite game, awesome per hour pool tables and a great selection of CIGARS. The have a walk-in humidor for the serious cigar smokers. Brought to you by our friends at SERG. ONE HOT MAMA’S AMERICAN GRILL (843) 682-6262 BBQ at its finest via the SERG. THE DRYDOCK (843) 842-9775 Long time friends Rob & Rich have great, stop in any time for a cold one place. Live Entertainment most weekends, so check with them to see who’s jammin the deck at the dock. Sundays BBQ & Band starts around 4pm. PARK PLAZA KANALEY’S PUB (843) 683-0194 Just before the entrance to Sea Pines Resort with a great Irish flare & fare with great music, big band Saturdays and karaoke. THE BRICKOVEN CAFE (843) 686-2233, not only has some of the best pizza on the island, DUDE they have some pretty nice live entertainment in there as well. Where else can you see The PortaJohn’s LIVE!? THE ELECTRIC PIANO (843) 785-KEYS Late evening, piano bar with great drinks and great pianists playing requests, like Sterlin & Shuvette, Bruce Cricton & Scott Skunk Morlock.


dining menu, you’ll find some great live entertainment most weekends. Tell John and Bill we said hello! SKULL CREEK BOATHOUSE (843) 681-3663 One of HHI’s true gems for DUDES to dine inside or outside and enjoy their spectacular waterside/sunset views. They/SERG occasionally have live entertainment on the outdoor deck. If it’s fresh seafood and sunset you crave, DUDE this is the place!


NEW ORLEANS ROAD BISTRO MEZZALUNA (843) 842-5011 Located in Fountain Center behind McDonald’s. They are hosting some great Live Dance music from local bands such as TARGET. CALLAHAN’S SPORTS BAR & DELUXE GRILL (843) 686-POOL CASEY’S SPORTS BAR & GRILL (843) 785-2255 It is very unlikely that any game of any sport that you want to watch can not be found at either one of these multi-TV sports viewing havens. Two of our favorite do not miss dining spots also lie on this road. HINOKI JAPANESE RESTAURANT & SUSHI BAR (843) 785-9800 CHARLIE’S L’ETOILE VERTE (843) 785-9277 DUDES, you can not miss these two of the island’s best restaurants. Tell, Suzuki and Charlie that Harold sent you.

THE VILLAGE AT WEXFORD THE JAZZ CORNER (843) 842-8620 is a great Jazz Club and restaurant. Live Jazz is hard to beat and they serve it up 7 days a week. Locals Earl Williams and Lavon Stevens frequent this hot spot with world class jazz artists.

BRITISH OPEN PUB (843) 686-6736 Long time friend and islander, Damian Hayes has one sweet British Open Golf Pub. A great DUDE watering hole along with wonderful prime rib and lobstahs!

EARL WILLIAMS SHELTER COVE & PALMETTO DUNES SANTE FE CAFE (843) 785-3838 is a fantastic southwestern style cantina. Located upstairs is one of the coolest outdoor bars on the island. They usually have a live guitar playing on the deck. XO LOUNGE (843) 341-8080 Located in Palmetto Dunes inside the Hilton Oceanfront Resort, a new upper scale lounge with live entertainment most evenings.

SHELTER COVE HARBOUR SAN MIGUEL’S (843) 842-4555 is Mexican On The Marina. Fabulous outdoor harbor side bar with live entertainment most evenings. Our long time friends, Maryann and Scott do a great job! PARROT COVE GRILL & BAR (843) 341-3500 Located in Harbourside II where Shannon Tanner performs his nightly summer family concerts. If you’re a Parrothead, never fear, Jimmy always has Jimmy Buffet playing, so go kick back, listen to some Buffet on the harbour, suck down some cold brews and see how many pounds of crab legs you can eat. The covered outdoor seating is most enjoyable and Jimmy has it LIVE, 7 nights a week. See ad, page 11, this issue! THE KINGFISHER SEAFOOD & STEAKHOUSE (843) 785-4442 The island’s freshest seafood with a great marsh and harbor view all capped off with Live Entertainment nightly. Tom, Mark and long time friend, Greg have this as a “do not miss” place which locals go back to time and time again. Great entertainers such as Earl Williams and David Wingo are among those you’ll find bringing it to you live. kingfisherseafood.com. See ad, page 11, this issue!

HILTON HEAD ISLAND NORTH-END STREET MEET TAVERN (843) 842-2570 Located in Port Royal Plaza beside Reilley’s north. This is Cleveland Brownie and OSU Buckeye headquarters. MAIN STREET; FRANKIE BONES RESTAURANT & LOUNGE (843) 682-4455 WISEGUYS (843) 842-8866 Located next to each other are these two great SERG places for fine wine and cuisine. MAINSTREET CAFE & PUB (843) 689-3999 One of our favorite DUDES on the island, the infamous “ BIG MURPH” runs the bar and not only will youd find a great 32

PALMETTO BAY ROAD THE DIAMOND CLUB (843) 842-2999 Located on Dunnagans Alley behind Island Tire is Beaufort County’s only T-bar. DUDES there is no substitute for skin and poles! BEACH BREAK GRILL (843) 785-2466. This cool little spot is run by long time locals; Tim and Stefan. The quaint atmosphere is great at this little untamed seafood. They serve up live music most evenings so go check out Tanya, Kelly and say hello to Billy Blair on Wednesday. See ad this issue! SMOKEHOUSE (843) 842-4227 Gerry has done a great job revamping this place. Award winning smoked BBQ and they have a nice stage set up in the bar for live music Thursday-Saturday starting at 9:30pm. PALMETTO BAY MARINA BLACK MARLIN HURRICANE BAR (843) 785-4950 is a waterside bar that has very comfortable outdoor seating with fantastic cuisine in a Key West type atmosphere. Yet another great SERG spot. CAPTAIN WOODY’S BAR & GRILL (843) 785-2400 Many locals find this place for Happy Hour. Russell & Shannon Wright have great outdoor seating mingled in with the Hurricane Bar.

Bluffton BLUFFTON LIVE (843) 815-LIVE Brandon Arrieta/Proprietor, located in front of Home Depot. Enjoy such acts as; Target, Deas Guys, Groovetones, the Permanent Tourist and our boy Earl Williams to name a few. KATIE O’DONALD’S (843) 815-5555 Bluffton does have a great Irish Pub and this is it DUDES. Our long time friend Big Don runs the show and many locals find it as a great hangout/watering hole. Fantastic place for lunch and dinner in Kitties Crossing. One word DUDES....GUINNESS! See ad, page 5, this issue! METROPOLITAN LOUNGE (843) 815-7222 Located in the Target Center directly facing the Holiday Inn Express is a fairly new establishment opened by our friend Laura Moretti. Very posh and upscale martini bar. Tuesday through Friday 5pm till late, open Saturday at 7pm. LIVE MUSIC NIGHTLY! Saw our boy, David Wingo in there the other night. WILD WING CAFE/BLUFFTON (843) 837-9453 Located beside Golden Corral. Pretty much the same deal as the HHI wing, just a bit newer. Good variety of live entertainment most weekends. CAPTAIN WOODY’S/BLUFFTON (843) 757-6222 Located in the promenade/ state of mind street. Russell & Shannon Wright’s second Capt. Woody’s. Great bar inside/AC and upstairs/outdoor deck. Live entertainment upstairs on the deck. Wednesdays local Tim Malchak. Check out our homie, Jim Davidson rocking the deck Thursdays and Saturdays. PEPPER’S PORCH (843) 757-2295 Located on May River road, Dining indoors with a great outdoor party spot complete with outdoor bar, live entertainment stage. JOCK’S SPORTS BAR & GRILLE (843) 815-7474 Located on Baylor Dr. in the Publix center behind the Island Packet, where DUDE is proudly printed by the way OKATIE BRITISH OPEN PUB II (843) 705-4005 Our long time friend, Damian Hayes’ second BOP. Located inside the gates of Sun City. A great DUDE watering hole along with wonderful prime rib and lobstahs! Sun City DUDES can go there in their golf carts. Live Entertainment on weekends. OKATIE ALE HOUSE (843) 706-2537 Located outside the back gate to Sun City. Nice indoor and outdoor bars. Live entertainment on weekends on the back deck. MICKEY’S (843) 645-2400 located in Riverwalk Business Park. A great DUDE watering hole run by our friend Mickey. Dart boards and pool tables. Mickey’s has some of the best pizza in Beaufort County. FULL MOON SALOON/SUNSET PIZZERIA (843) 987-1600 Located on Hwy 170. Great bar with great fresh made pies! Been know to have Karaoke on occasion. THE SEA SHANTY (843) 645-0918 Located next to the Shell station across from Oldfield. It’s simple, long time local and friend Chef Gary Williams cranks out the best fresh seafood you ever ate on any plate. Tell Chef Chris, Kelly, Katlynn, Chelsea and owner Haley that Harold sent you. COLD BEER is available DUDES. See ad, page 3, this issue! Summer 2010

THE BACK PORCH GRILL (843) 525-9824 Landing Drive, Port Royal Great Marina watering hole. We find two of our favorite DUDE stops; THE OFFICE SPORTS BAR & GRILL (843) 524-GAME(4263)/officesportsbarandgrille.com 2121 Boundary St Ste 100 Long time DUDE friend, Jim Lafferiere/Proprietor has it going on. Great nightly dinner specials. TV’s galore + 100” HDTV. Thursdays Karaoke with Steve. Live bands most Friday and Saturdays. Clemson Alumni headquarters! See ad, page13, this issue! ROSIE O’GRADY’S (843) 379-7676 2127 Boundary Street/Beaufort Town Center New DUDE friend, Michael C. Pressley has one of the coolest watering holes. KARAOKE Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays, if there is not a live band playing most Saturdays. Outdoor oyster roasts coming this fall! See ad, page 27, this issue!



Across the Broad River is HISTORIC BEAUFORT and here’s where we turn things over to The Boogieman aka, John JP McGowan. Well folks, The BoogieMan is back! Gonna take a little time to get back to all of you, but can’t wait to get back into coming to hear all the local entertainment. Of course, a lot of you guys know me from the good old days of JP BOOGIES and J.PIERRE’S. I will be handling the entertainment section and party activity for “North of the Broad”…….(OF COURSE LOOK OUT, BECAUSE YOU KNOW THERE IS ALWAYS A CAMERA IN MY HAND, AND YOU, KNOW YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR MUG IN THE PAPER) A lot of the entertainment on our side comes in the form of festivals, concert series, etc. A schedule compliments of the great http:www.beaufortchamber.org/ is where you can see the local calendar of events. OK, But from our local places to go out and sing, dance, karaoke, listen to the new Bands etc., here goes DUDES…… THE BOOGIEMAN LOVES DOWNTOWN BEAUFORT, so we’ll start there.

LUTHER’S RARE & WELL DONE (843) 521-1888 Michael Stavac/Proprietor 910 Bay Street Overlooking Waterfront Park LIVE MUSIC Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. NIPPY’S (843) 379-8555 310 West Street, LIVE MUSIC every Thursday and Friday night 6-8:30 pm PLUMS (843) 525-1946 904 Bay Street Overlooking Waterfront Park Tuesday - Open Mic w/ Eric Daubert. Wii Wednesday w/ Candace & LIVE Acoustic Sets LIVE MUSIC some Thursdays, but every Friday and Saturday. Performers such as; Majory Lee, Treys Allen Heywire, Sofa Kings, Shak Nasti, Groovetones, Shark Rodeo, Innver Visions Raggae and The Broke Locals.

Summer 2010

SALTUS (843) 379-3474 802 Bay Street Overlooking Waterfront Park Friday Night LIVE – LIVE MUSIC beginning at 8:30pm. Performers such as; Jude Michaels, Eckstine & The Accomplices and Vic Vamer & Friends KATHLEENS (843) 524-2500 822 Bay Street Wednesdays Karoke with Steve. Occasional LIVE Reggae. PANINI’S (843) 379-0300 926 Bay Street LIVE MUSIC Saturdays. WRENS (843) 524-9463 210 Carteret Street Occasional entertainment. BREAKWATER RESTAURANT & BAR (843) 379-0052 203 Carteret Street Word is, they are going to start…………………… HEMINGWAY’S (843) 521-4480 920 Bay Street Just simply one of the coolest DUDE watering holes around. DUDE, finding it is half the fun! EMILY’S TAPAS BAR (843) 522-1866 906 Port Republic St. PORT ROYAL ALONG RIBAUT ROAD AMF RIBAUT LANES (843) 524-3111 1140 Ribaut Road The DUDE has got to drink beer and bowl. Not sure if they have white russians or not DUDE. KEITH’S PLACE (843) 521-9345 1340 Ribaut Road, Port Royal COLD BEER & POOL DUDES! COWBOYS & INDIANS (843) 322-9957 1351 B Ribaut Road, Port Royal Country Music and Pool.

LADY’S & ST. HELENA ISLANDS GROUPER’S SEAFOOD RESTAURANT & BAR (843) 379-3288 71 Sea Island Parkway Located at Lady’s Island Marina Tim Austin plays LIVE every Friday & Saturday. THE FILLIN STATION (843) 522-0230 Sea Island Parkway It is what it is, a DUDE watering hole. SANCTUARY GOLF CLUB, CAT ISLAND GRILL & PUB 843-524-4653 See longtime friend Chef Tom for fantastic burgers, sandwiches and your favorite DUDE cocktails after golf or tennis as you overlook the 18th hole! Sunday Brunch is a MUST! See ad, page 27, this issue STEAMER OYSTER & STEAKHOUSE (843) 522-0210 Sea Island Parkway just through the first light on Lady’s Island. The name says it all. WEEZIE’S CRAB SHACK (843) 838-2197 1634 Sea Island Parkway, St.Helena Island Open Mic on Wednesday and LIVE ON FRIDAYS. FOOLISH FROG (843) 838-9300 846 Sea Island Parkway, St Helena Island Entertainment/Jam sessions on Tuesdays. BOONDOCKS (843) 838-0821 Sea Island Parkway, St. Helena Island Occasional LIVE MUSIC on Fridays and Saturdays. Joshua Foxx has been spotted jamming there. JOHNSON CREEK TAVERN (843) 838-4166 Sea Island Parkway..way out towards Fripp Island. COOL sea island watering hole. ROCK ON BEAUFORT COUNTY! If we’ve left some place out or have some wrong information please contact BRAD at brad@dudesc.com for Hilton Head Island and Bluffton and contact THE BOOGIEMAN for Beaufort at realestate1john@aol.com


I’m not Whining I’m

Wining By George Moore IV & Millennium Beverage

he Alberti 154 Malbec is a wonderful deep red wine. It is named for its street address for the Elvira Calle Winery, located in the heart of Mendoza’s wine region, Lujan de Cuyo. A small lot gravity flow red wine production studio, great emphasis has been placed on gently crafting, with regional distinction and grand personality. It has wonderful fresh fruit aromas and is aged for 6 months in oak. It pairs very well with beef, pork, and lamb, as well as any type of spicy or tomato based sauces. It will enhance any meal, or buy itself, it is a wonderful moderately priced wine. You can find it at Rollers liquors North and South, as well as Angler’s Seafood and Daniel’s at Beach Market beside Coligny Beach Park. Next, is a beautiful white wine for the summer months. David Hills Farmhouse White. A wonderful combination of Vingnon, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. As smooth and light as the South Carolina Sunset and just as spectacular. It’s back deck, as well as dinner approved. Available at the above mentioned establishments. Now for our DUDE lesson of the summer. For all the wine snobs out there who say White with fish and chicken and Red with beef and pork, tell them all to kiss your *%^& DUDE. Drink what you enjoy. Don’t feel pressure to drink what others tell you are the right thing to drink with whatever you are eating. It is up to you to stand up and say it’s my choice. Remember DUDES, you're not whining, you’re Wining. CHEERS! Sincerely and yours truly, George Moore IV. george4hhi@mindspring.com 843-298-4583 DUDE PROFILE: Now a little about myself. I have worked both on Hilton Head Island, as well as the Isle of Palms, Charleston and in Florida. In Food & Beverage, as a Manager, I have put together 7 Wine Spectator Award Winning Wine Lists over the years. I have also traveled as a Stand-Up Comic for over 25 years while working. I don’t know what Brad can print but I will try to be clean at first, as I finish this article. Two Scotsman were drinking and one stumbles outside to relieve himself. After doing so, he passes out and falls to the ground. Two young hot girls see him on the ground and want to know if they really don’t wear anything under their kilts. So, they sneak up to the passed out Scotsman and take a peek. While laughing, one girl takes a blue ribbon out of her hair and ties it around his nether region. Upon waking sometime later having to relieve himself again, the Scotsman looks down and see’s the blue ribbon. He exclaims, “I don’t know where you’ve been, but at least you won first Prize!”.


Summer 2010

Audio Video101Shopping... are you getting the best deal

Article By Tony Russo of Trilogy Electronic Services of Bluffton & Hilton Head


f you think that you are getting a real deal on a Home Theater system at the big box stores, not necessarily. If you like going to the fancy high end audio video suppliers because they have things on display that’s fine, but there is a price for these big box and high end stores. Remember, they have extreme over heads and yes it comes out of your pocket. Did you know that you can get even better deals by hiring an Independent A.V. specialist like myself? I custom design and sell you what you need. I will install a clean and easy to use system for you. In conclusion, because I have a very low over head, I can be very competitive and offer even lower prices along with a high quality installation. DUDE, Please look before you jump! Shop around, then call us and compare. We are an authorized Dealer for many name brands. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Services we provide

Basic & Custom Audio Video Design, Sales, Installation & Service Structured Wiring • Custom Media Centers Home Theater • Whole House Audio • Surveillance Systems Cable, Voice & Data • Electronic Repair • Lighting Control Central Vac Systems • Speaker Repair Customized full range and Subwoofer Speaker Systems


Ever since Tony was 8 years old he was always tinkering around with electronics. His passion for electronics plus music developed, so he became a DJ at the age of 12 and in order to be a DJ you need equipment and equipment means some basic understanding of Pro Audio Integration and maintenance. He would always go to Crazy Eddie’s in Brooklyn and marvel at all the great audio video pieces of the time. Tony interned through many audio video stores such as Audio Visual Concepts and The Wizz in Brooklyn. In 1983 Tony married his lovely wife,Debbie and has three children,Brian, Anthony & Desireee. After a brief stint in Bucks Town PA, Tony moved to Hilton Head Island and was a Home & Car Audio Video Installer for Custom Audio Video back in 1996. He now owns his own business “TIROGY ELECTRONIC SERVICES”. The trilogy; 1-Home, 2- Automotive & 3 Marine. They offer basic and Custom Design, Sales, Installation and Service. His experience extends back to 1983 You can always contact Tony at; 843-706–3000, Cell# 843227-1702 or email at trilogyelect@aol.com

Summer 2010

Trilogy Electronics Services Audio Video Q & A’s Q- I have surround sound receiver a, DVD player, a 46” HD LCD TV, and a Direct TV Satellite box, what type of surge protector would you recommend? A-Definitely not the one that costs $7.00. At around $100.00, you get not only good protection but you get an A.C. conditioner. A built in conditioner is good because it cleans up the power coming from you’re A.C outlet to your equipment prolonging the life of your equipment and protecting your equipment from the nasty brown outs/power surges we get. It also improves the sound and picture quality. Make sure that the surge protector has Satellite coaxial in and out and a phone in and out. Now for your TV, if you’re TV is mounted to the wall assuming that you have an electrical outlet there behind the TV, then you replace it with a flush mount surge protector. As far as name brand I offer my customers either Panamax or Monster Power. Q – I have 1 speaker that’s making a crackling noise. It is in the ceiling and I don’t know the name brand and all the other speakers are playing fine. A – There are many different reasons that this could be happening, but I will tell you from experience that in most cases its usually a bad voice coil or the speaker is dry rotted. If it’s a bad voice coil, replace it quickly because a bad voice coil can damage you’re amplifier/receiver. Q - I hear a loud pop out of my speakers when I turn on the A.V. system. What can I do to stop this? It has never happened before, could it be the receiver? The receiver is an older Yamaha receiver around 5 years old. A – Yes, most likely it’s your receiver. It sounds like to me the buffer circuit quit working. I would either try to repair it or replace it soon because that pop you hear can be very harmful to your speakers. Q – What would you recommend for an all in one remote control, I’m tired of having to work the 5 remotes I have now. A – That’s easy, I have programmed many different types of remote controls and the one I remain loyal to is “URC” Universal Remote Control & Nevo. The entry level remote I sell for $150.00 will make working your system a lot easier. It will control up to 10 devices behind closed doors, the Nevo is a computer based programmed remote and it will control not only A.V. equipment, but it can control lighting, heat, air, etc… but it comes at a price and so do the higher end URC remotes. The best way to see what’s right for you is to contact me to schedule a walkthrough. 35


UDES! Welcome to the inaugural issue of DUDE Magazine and the first-ever column by your boys, Boss Hogg and Beau. We look forward to titillating your C-quotient in this regular feature and welcome all suggestions for future writing and reading pleasure! So here’s the thing: I am a cigar smoker and proud of it! I’ve been enjoying the aromas of some of the best stogies around and want to share my experiences with all of you. Do you remember when you took your first puff on an excellent (or not so excellent) cigar? I do…it was way back in the latter part of the last century-1992 I believe, when I was introduced to the art of the cigar. Some of you may remember Dick Jacobson who owned The Smoke Stack in the Marketplace on the south end of Hilton Head. He was never without a cigar and it was Dick who first allowed me to experience the pure pleasure of a good smoke. Before then, I had had the obligatory cigarette out behind the store in Varnville, SC and the obligatory ass-whooping by my dad (but not before he made me smoke the entire pack of unfiltered Lucky Strikes and then watched as I turned green and hacked up a lung). Suffice it to say, I quickly lost my enthusiasm for the boot-legged ‘square’ and it wasn’t until many years later that I ventured to try a cigar, with much different results! First of all, the entire vignette had changed-no clandestine behind-the-woodshed meeting with Edwin Boyd, Jimmy Varn and Gary Simpson and the swiped smokes, no Ebbie waiting to cut my butt; just me and a smooth, aroma-filled cheroot from the Dominican Republic, smoked at my leisure and enjoyed for the entire length. Fast-forward several years and many cigars later and I was introduced to another facet of the cigar aficionado’s world: the cigar hand-rolled in front of me by a Master Torcedore. Before, excellent stogies had come my way via beautiful wood or traditional cardboard boxes with interesting labels and the country of origin stamped on top. Now I was being shown the next level of cigar enjoyment! There is, in the Bahamas, an historic old inn and restaurant with its own boutique cigar factory. The Graycliff, located on Nassau, has been making its special brand of cigar since 1997. There are master rollers on site to give visitors a tour and a lesson in rolling, if desired. This was a side of the cigar industry that was entirely new and different from my experience in our local shop. As good as the smokes I had been enjoying were, these were the crème de la crème in my experience. From that trip on, I was on the hunt for new and better ways to learn about and to enjoy the many nuances of the cigar. It was shortly after my trip to the Bahamas that I had the great good fortune to meet Joe Sweigart, ‘The Cigartainer’, at a launch for my brother’s new development in Palm Coast, Florida, Hammock Beach. There Joe and his partner, maestro tabaquero Jorge Doctsch were introducing the crowds to the art of hand-rolled, premium quality cigar. Interestingly, Cuban-born Jorge is the grandson of the official cigar-roller to Che Guevara, and she taught Jorge the intricacies of hand-rolling in the late ‘80’s. This was the pinnacle for a good old country boy from South Carolina! I had discovered the Holy Grail of cigars: hand-rolled and customized, with a bit of ‘cigartainer’ thrown in! 36

Since my first meeting with Joe and Jorge, I have caught up with them at several venues. There are always stories to hear and to tell about the world of cigars, but my favorite times with them are when I have ordered cigars for special occasions. Each box arrives with Joe’s special blessing: “Long ashes, Baby”; for Joe, it is all about family, friends and good times. Back in 2007 when my son, Beau, was graduating from Gulfcoast High School in Naples, Florida, we ordered several boxes of Joe’s PVT Cigar Brands to commemorate the event. They arrived with the teal and black colors of the school and the ‘shark’ mascot on the band, embossed with silver foil. What a spectacular way to remember a very special day in Beau’s life! More recently, my daughter, Spencer, was married and we again chose to honor the occasion with hand-rolled cigars with the date, the location (Oldfield Plantation) and the names of the bridal couple embossed on the band. Of course, we called on Joe to create the perfect keepsake! My journey into the world of cigars has been as typical as anyone’s. As with all hobbies, start small and study the subject…a lot. Cigars are like people-they come in many shapes & sizes, and from many & varied backgrounds. They can be dull or exciting, smooth or rough and you just need to experience them all to figure out which are your favorites. Until next time…DUDE, where’s my cigar?


Joe Sweigart with golfing greats Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer

FIVE TIPS FOR DUDE’S TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT CIGAR THE LOOK. You don’t want to see heavy veins. Light, thinner veins mean a higher- quality cigar. THE FEEL. Slightly pinch the cigar with the tips of your fingers and your thumb all the way up and down the entire shaft to make sure there are no hard or soft spots. The cigar should be consistent and slightly spongy. THE DRAW. After you open and begin to light the cigar, it should draw easily. THE BURN. If you light the foot 100 percent, it should burn evenly throughout the entire smoke. THE LONG ASH. It should develop a long ash as your smoke progresses. LONG ASHES BABY! JOE SWEIGART Joe@cigartainment.com 404-441-4438

Summer 2010

We LOVE OUR MARINES here in Beaufort County. by Brad McDonald


UDE it would be hard to have a publication in Beaufort County primarily just for men without having a section for our MARINES. The Marine Corps Air Station, Parris Island and the Naval Hospital are all very vital parts of our wonderful sea island county. Every issue of DUDE, we will check in with our Marines, see what are the latest happenings and various other information that pertains to these wonderful assets of Beaufort County. Many of you DUDES who have been in Beaufort County for a while will remember when old Slick Willie had our bases on the chopping block. Well, THANK GOD THEY SURVIVED THE CUT. I feel pretty confident that those days are behind us and the future is very bright for the Marine Corps Air Station and Parris Island. As our country heads into the 21st century, there is no doubt we are at war with terrorists. No sense in being politically correct, they handed us our asses on 9/11. There was shock and awe and I think all of our lives changed that day. Well ole Salami Bin Laden pissed off the Big Eagle and stirred up our little hornet’s nest here in Beaufort. That’s FA/18 Super Hornets! Slowly but surely, we are sending them off to Allah with the help from our armed forces and MARINES. You can run but you can’t hide in a cave forever....WE WILL FIND YOU! PAY BACK’S A BITCH DUDE! As we look at the future of our bases, it is so bright you might want to wear shades and get some ear plugs. It is projected that the military impact here in Beaufort County is $1.2 billion annually. That puts the military’s impact right up there with tourism as our biggest economic boosters. The annual economic impact break down is approximately as follows; $615 million from the Marine Corps Air Station, $537 million from Parris Island Recruit Depot and $81 million from the Naval Hospital. That is a very attractive asset when businesses are looking for places to call home like Beaufort County.

The biggest news coming from our Marines is the much anticipated arrival of the Lockheed Martin F-35 B Lightning II JSF’s. These bad ass, vertical take off, stealth jets are to replace the aging FA/18 hornets, which are flown by the Navy’s BLUE ANGELS. These 21st century aircraft are about $90 million a pop. The Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort is scheduled to get it’s fair share of the 13 East Coast squadrons. Most likely the MCAS will get a couple pilot training squadrons, as well as at least 3 active-duty squadrons of the F35 B’s. Our friends in Cherry Point, NC will most likely get the remainder of the active-duty squadrons. Adding 88 jets at $90 million each, that’s about $7.9 billion worth of jets heading our way. Another great economic impact to our county is that these stealthy, high tech jets will require new hangers. The hangers on the MCAS were built in the 50’s and just the building of new hangers will be a boom to our county, adding roughly 4,400 construction jobs that will last for roughly 5 years. A projected infrastructure investment of $352 million will be allocated to up date Fightertown to the 21st century. The construction of these new high tech hangers, as well as vertical landing pads for these amazing vertical take off jets are scheduled to begin later this year or early in 2011. No doubt, the security level is going to change at the MCAS aka Fightertown. Each squadron is expected to have a $35 million impact to our county and that’s big during these tough economic times. The new Lockheed Martin F-35B Ligntning II’s are scheduled to start arriving in the year 2014. Many people realize that the 90 decibels of noise is not a nuisance, IT’S THE SOUND OF FREEDOM! Well DUDES, you better get used to having a full time air show going on in Beaufort as take off’s and landings are projected to go from roughly 55,000 to close to 100,000 per year. OOO-RAH! and SEMPER FI! DUDES, we’re glad to have the Marines a part of Beaufort County.



Dear Harold, First of all, I can’t believe I’m writing a letter to a fish. What’s the world coming to? I read recently that a guy was arrested for shooting a handgun at trees in his neighborhood back yard in Bluffton. When deputies arrested him, he could not believe it, as he said he could shoot guns back home where he was from. My question to you Harold, is this guy a DUDE, REDNECK, HILLBILLY or just a good ole country boy? Signed, Confused Little Inter-grated Tourist P.S. I hope the tree is OK. Dear CLIT, YES! You should seek help, as you just wrote a letter to a fish. First of all, this guy scares me. A DUDE is someone who reads this nonsense. A REDNECK is the butt of every Jeff Foxworthy joke. A HILLBILLY is scary. Country boys are country boys. I m going to go with this guy is a HILLBILLY. Born above 3,000 feet DUDE! No matter who he is, I do not want him for a neighbor. Thanks for writing, HAROLD Dear Harold, I’m local DUDE that loves to fish for you and anything that resembles you. I do have a curious question however, What s the deal with crappies? I heard they are good eaten'. Are all of them the same? How do you pronounce them? Signed, Hush Puppy & Slaw Dear HPS, I love to steal DUDES like you'uns bait! Crappies are not all the same, there's BLACK and WHITE ones. Many DUDES think they are the best fried fish out there. I don't really want to comment, as people might think I'm a cannibal, however fried whole, the day you catch 'um, is about as good as fried fish gets. Ask any DUDE! If you are a Hillbilly or Redneck, you call them CRAPpies. If you live in the coastal areas and you're a Lowcountry DUDE, you might likely call them CROPpies. ie; a young man gives a nice ole black fella some fish on the side of the road and black fella says, “GOT DAMNIT,ARE THOSE SUM CROPPIES!” HAROLD P.S. I hope you backlash your next cast! Dear Harold, If you mowed your yard twice in the same day cause you had nothing better to do, then YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK!

Signed, Symore Butts

Dear SB, To know for a fact that this has happened more than once in the south, is truly something to be proud of. Southern born and Southern bread AND when I die I’ll be Southern dead! I think our attorney general, Eric Holder needs to google the word SECESSION! HAROLD Dear Harold, My wife and I visited your great little county this past winter and I simply could not believe what great fresh seafood y'all guys have available to you down there. My wife and I had many great local oysters and clams. We got some of the best Mahi-Mahi and shrimp at the local seafood market. They were both the best and freshest we've ever had and we've been all up the east coast. You guys are lucky, hope you protect what you got. Signed, Bob and Sylvia Skrimps Dear BASS, We are truly blessed down here in the Lowcountry with great seafood, Most of it is because we have such a great estuary down here. I am concerned that over development and run off may threaten our beautiful May, Colleton, Broad and Beaufort Rivers. Conservation, Education and Intelligence will save our rivers. Do your part and be a good steward of our wetlands. Imagine if the OIL from the gulf comes around the Keys and comes towards us. YIKES! Not a pleasant thought! HAROLD P.S. I’ll put our SC shrimp, May River oysters, littleneck clams and blue crabs up against anybody’s. Dear Harold, I recently went for a check with my doctor and he said, I have high cholesterol and he'd like me to try and correct it by changing my eating habits before going on medication. My question to you is, how in hell am I suppose to cook my collard greens and black eyed peas without using pig fat? Like Emeril says, “Pig Fat Rules!” HELP! Signed, Howie Felterbush Dear HF, Maybe some things are worth dying for?! I too love to cook with bacon/pork fat. If you have a container in your refrigerator that you keep bacon fat and grease in, YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK! Any way, if your cholesterol is in the danger zone, you can always try and substitute your bacon fat with chicken broth (fresh or canned) or the convenient chicken base paste or bouillon cubes. Happy Eating! HAROLD

Send emails and photos to harold@dudesc.com 38

DUDE is a seasonal publication of Mallard Productions covering ALL of Beaufort County; Hilton Head Island, Bluffton & Beaufort. DUDE exerts every effort to ensure accuracy, however, information and prices may change without notice. Neither DUDE nor Mallard Prouductions accepts liability for errors or omissions. The concept, design and contents of DUDE are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or in part, in any manner without the publisher's permission. C2010 DUDE/Mallard Prouductions PUBLISHER DUDE Brad B. McDonald EDITOR Harold, The Largemouth Bass GRAPHIC DESIGN DUDETTE & DUDE Kim and John Bowen SALES DUDES Benny Bessinger George Moore Ed Push John McGowen Tony Starr CONTRIBUTING DUDES Al Stokes • Jason Dubose • Trent Malphrus Megan McLaughlin • Jeremy Hill • David Hahn Leo Zabinski Marvin Bouknight • Robin Swift • Rob Logan • Rick Barry • Eric Wammock Mona Ward • Gary Williams • Steve Boney George Moore • Tony Russo • Barry & Beau Ginn COVER PHOTOGRAPHY Marvin Bouknight The Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) is the largest and most widespread heron in North America. At a height of over 4 feet and a wingspan over 5 feet, this large wading bird only weighs about 45 lbs. and eats fish, snakes, frogs, eels, baby birds, rodents, etc. Arguably the most photographed bird, especially in the Lowcountry, the great blue heron is a common sight on ponds, lagoons, rivers, creeks and other wetland areas. DUDE C/O MALLARD PRODUCTIONS 21 Mallard Street, Hitlon Head Island, S.C. 29928 843-298-3827 dudesc.com brad@dudesc.com

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