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FALL 2013



Photography by WES GRADY Regional Coordinator, Carolinas’ Nature Photographers Association, LowCountry Region


Fall 2013

utumn is HERE DUDES! Definitely one of my favorite times of year to go on a nice long ride. Low humidities, turning leaves and cooler temps make me all Happy Happy Happy inside. YES, I watch DUCK DYNASTY. That Si is one funny DUDE. Make sure your horse is watered down, well fed and brushed up as we’re going on a long hard ride this Fall. Saddle up DUDES! Let’s get going, we’re burnin daylight! I usually don’t get involved with stuff like this, however, DUDES we all got to start doing a better job with the out of control racial prejudice that is going on in our great country. Plenty to talk about abroad but I think we need to spend time on OUR HOUSE and make sure it doesn’t burn down right in front of our faces. WE’RE ALL AMERICANS, DON’T FORGET THAT DUDES! The USA is a great big melting pot, but there are some bad apples out there that need to be dealt with, one way or the other. The Trayvon vs Zimmerman thing stirred the pot of race all over again. Not sure I understand it, as Zimmerman ain’t exactly a white DUDE, but when I heard about the thugs, 2 black and 1 white, who shot a DUDE cause he was white and they were bored, well it makes me consider doing something. I think when I heard about the little 11 year old black girl that got shot on her front porch in Chicago by a gangbanger drive by shooting, I feel like I got to speak up. Many problems to be addressed by our do noting but argue and blame government. Too many broken families out there DUDE. 70% plus black children are born out of wedlock! DUDE that dog can not continue to hunt. Where’s Obama, Sharpton and Jackson on that topic? They should be speaking about it everyday. And these Gangs need to be declared war on. We can not have our great cities fall prey to these hoodlums. Call in our National Guard from Afghanistan. Gun control doesn’t apply to these DUDES. They can get as many guns as they need without permits or background checks. Yes, with big clips and semi-automatic action. Of course the anti-AR-15 gun idiots should realize the DUDE that waxed everyone at the Navy Yard recently had a shotgun. Help a brotha out when you see him in need, regardless of whether he’s black or white. He’s most likely a FELLOW AMERICAN. Lord knows we have enough enemies as it is out there. Let’s start preaching Knowledge and Tolerance, not Hatred and Prejudices. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. Do your part DUDE! Beautiful Beaufort By The Bay just got voted THE HAPPIEST TOWN IN THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Quite the honor for sure DUDE. Why are we so darn happy? Well, our beautiful surroundings sure help things out, but THE PEOPLE are what make the Lowcountry what it is and that’s one the best places to live in the entire world. As far as Whites getting along with Blacks, a perfect example is this past Summer’s Beaufort Water Festival. I think a lot of places could take a page from our book of getting along with our brothers and sisters. The perfect example, MOTOWN NIGHT! DUDE, I saw happy people every where I turned. Smiles were ubiquitous throughout the night. Whites dancin with Blacks, Blacks dancing with Whites and various other races co-mingling and groovin to the cool tunes of Marvin Gaye and company. DUDE that’s how this country needs to be getting along. And guess what, no drive by shooting victims that night! Make the extra effort DUDE! We can turn this around if we TRY HARDER! Don’t get me started about the violent video games. The FCC needs to get off their asses and ban some of these violent, brain training videos. The majority of these mass murderers were playing these things for hours a day! Worse than crack? You bet DUDE! Please read my article about SOUTHERN PRIDE this issue very closely. It’s a very eye opening article and I’m sure you’ll change your thoughts about the South and most Southerners for that

Fall 2013

matter. The article addresses why the Civil War was fought and it will shed a new light on the wrongfully hated Confederate Battle Flag. Definitely an education all Americans, Black and White, need to have before blasting away with their Race Baiting Hate Speeches that think the Civil War was about Slavery. Many asked me what it takes to be inducted in to the DUDE HALL of FAME and I simply tell them, YOU GOTTA BE AN OUTSTANDING DUDE! Simple as that! Well it’s hard to say that, HANK WILLIAMS Sr. doesn’t fit that bill. HANK Sr. is right up there with George Strait and Willie, Waylon and the boys for sure DUDE. Born in Mount Olive, Alabama, by parents, Elonzo Huble “Lon” Williams and Jessie Lillybelle “Lillie” Skipper on September 17, 1923, Hiram King Williams is regarded as one of the most significant Country Music Artists of all times. Well HANK’s MOM bought him his first guitar with money she got from selling peanuts and he was hooked. After he won $15 for first prize in a singing contest, he officially changed his name to HANK. “The Singing Kid” was on the map! Hank formed his band the “Drifting Cowboys” and they were well on their way until most of them got drafted in to World War II. Many of them didn’t come back and many of his band-members replacements about had it with Hank, as he was progressing in to a very troubling situation with his alcoholism. Roy Acuff once said to Hank backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, “You’ve got a milliondollar talent, son, but a ten-cent brain.” Well the talented drunk made his rounds through Mobile and Montgomery. In the 1950s Hank started recording as “Luke the Drifter” and many of his songs were religious-themed recordings. Hank was doing pretty good until a fall he suffered on a hunting trip in Tennessee put him in the hospital at Vanderbilt University where he underwent surgery on his


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John Wayne, The Duke, Rooster Cogburn James Arness, Marshall Matt Dillion Lorne Greene (Ben), Pernell Roberts (Adam), Dan Blocker (Hoss), Michael Landon, (Little Joe) The Cartwrights Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry & Western God Sylvester Stallone, Rocky & Rambo Arnold Palmer, The King Of Golf Richard Petty, The King Of Nascar Elvis, The King of Rock n Roll George Strait, The King of Country Music Stormin Norman Schwarzkopf, Four Star General Willie Nelson, Waylon and The Boys Dale Earnhardt, The Intimidator Hank Williams, Sr, The Singing Kid, Luke The Drifter

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back. DUDE, painkillers, alcohol and morphine don’t mix, so Hank’s life spiraled down hill until his demise from his addictions in 1953. Hank died in a car driven by a college student, Charles Carr who he had hired to drive him around to concerts. Carr noticed Hank had passed away at a gas station in Oak Hill, West Virginia. Though the cause of death was failure of the right ventricle, everyone knew why he had passed away. Kind of a sad ending but we do have some of his great Honky Tonk, gospel blues songs to enjoy forever such as; “Your Cheatin‘ Heart”, “Hey, Good Looking, What ya Got Cookin?” and “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry!” Alan Jackson’s song, “Midnight In Montgomery” is a great tribute to HANK. Welcome Aboard HANK and we hope to hear you many times on the new radio station in our area 98.3 FM. CRANK IT TO HANK! The great outdoors is what Fall is all about here in the Lowcountry. Fishing and Hunting, as well as Festivals and Football games are how we DUDES roll. Ah yes, it’s good to live in the South DUDE. We got you covered this festive Autumn season with some great outdoor tales and festivals. First up, what would an issue of DUDE be without an article by our NATURE DUDE, MARVIN BOUKNIGHT, Naturalist at Oldfield. Marvin educates us about the whimsical, fun loving and arguably cute FOX SQUIRREL. These furry little monkey looking squirrels dot the landscapes of the Lowcountry and many who have never seen these giant squirrels are immediately intrigued by their presence. Great photos and great article Marvin. Thanks for sharing your outdoor wisdom with us DUDES. When I see children nowadays glued to their cell phones, lacking of manners and social skills, I think of times when I was a little DUDE growing up. Excitement was not texting your friends and chatting with them on facebook. It was going fishing with Grandpaw, Dad, Uncle or good friends of the family. Just you and an older DUDE, out in the great outdoors, enjoying Mother Nature’s glory and spending quality time with someone you looked up to in life. Well, we have a few stories about these, hopefully not, times gone by. CHUCK MIKALS returns this issue with a great article about taking his two grandsons fishing in Alaska. Now there’s a grandfather that every child should have looking out after them. Catching Salmon and Halibut with Grandpaw make for some times that will last these young DUDES a lifetime and hopefully they will do the same with their children and grandchildren. Thanks for sharing the story Chuck. One of our FAVORITE FISHING DUDES, CAPTAIN JASON DUBOSE returns this issue and Jason talks about turning 40 and realizing that now he is a Dad and taking his children fishing is extra special time spent indeed. Captain Jason also gives us some of his helpful tips on how to be a better angler by doing your homework and taking notes. Welcome back you old pirate! Another one of our regular and FAVORITE OUTDOOR DUDES is none other than Nationally Syndicated Outdoorsman, O’NEILL WILLIAMS of the great hunting and fishing show, O’Neill Outdoors. O’Neill talks about the times he went fishing with his grandfather and his buddies. You can tell even after 70 years, O’Neill still remembers those priceless times outdoors with his grandfather. Another example of why you should take time out of your busy schedule and take some youngsters fishing. Thanks for the memories O’Neill. Glad you like your DUDE hat we sent you! While we’re outdoors talking about fishing this Fall, DUDE has been invited to join the ORVIS FLY FISHING SCHOOL in December that is going to be held on our home turf in OLDFIELD. CAPTAIN DAVID CARGILE of BAY STREET OUTFITTERS in Beaufort will be teaching us DUDES how to GET R DONE with our trusty fly rods. Also, make sure you check out Bay Street Outfitters new digs on Bay Street in downtown Beaufort. TONY ROYAL gave us a sneak peak and the place is an Outdoor DUDES paradise. Captain David also shared a great outdoor tale of him fishing with his buddy here


in the Lowcountry. Seems a day of fishing turned in to one of the most memorable times they ever had on the water by rescuing a bottle-nose dolphin that had gotten entangled in a crab pot rope. Pretty cool story David. Thanks for sharing and we look forward to spending a few quality days with you, ORVIS, BAY STREET OUTFITTERS and OLDFIELD this coming December. Check out the ORVIS website, sign up and come join us DUDE. Hanging out at the OLDFIELD OUTFITTERS CENTER is not a bad place to be this December and make sure you check out OLDFIELD’s ad, as you can rent a house or river cottage and stay right here in OLDFIELD while enjoying this great two day Fly Fishing Clinic. Bring the whole family DUDE. There’s plenty for them to do while we’re flipping our flies around. Ah yes! The outdoors are alive and well this Fall. Make sure you join us for the DUCKS UNLIMITED BANQUET and the TASTE of WADDELL this fall. See ads! Not only will you have a blast partying with us DUDE, your donations will go to some very good causes like preserving our wetlands and helping out AL STOKES and his crew with all the good they do for our fishery here in the Lowcountry at the WADDELL MARICULTURE CENTER. We DUDES take pride in the fact that we are Southerners. Born and bred DUDE. Please read our article about SOUTHERN PRIDE and our visit to the SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS. To say it was an eye opening experience is an understatement. They preach HERITAGE, not HATE and I guarantee some of the things I learned and share in this article, you were not taught in school. Just some facts that should change what you’ve heard through the slanted talking heads out there. Yeah, Southern Folks for the most part are proud of their heritage and that wrongfully stigmatized sign of hate in the South that is the Confederate Battle Flag. You’ll be really surprised once you learn what that flag stands for and means to Southerners, Black & White. While we’re talking about Southerners and the military, DUDE was invited to join a MOAA luncheon meeting this past September. The MOAA is the Military Officers Association of America. Talk about a great group of Americans that lead and served their country. It was an honor to be in their company and I learned they are still serving their country by helping out in many different areas that involve our troops coming back from deployments, as well as recognizing outstanding youngsters in our community that are growing up the right way and becoming young leaders themselves. Thanks for the invite DUDES! Having lunch with Generals, Colonels, Lieutenants and Sergeants at the beautiful Dataw Island Club was quite the experience. They are recently working on fundraising for the great worth while program the is “WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA!” Speaking about “WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA”, a program that places fresh Fraser fir wreaths on the final resting place of our TRUE AMERICAN HEROES, those that fought and died for our country and our flag, OUR FALLEN VETERANS, the UNITED STATES MILITARY VETERANS MOTOR CYCLE CLUB held and Biker Jamboree this past Summer at CAROLINA HONKY TONK, to raise money for this great cause. WOW! What a turn out of bikers and good ole country folks to listen to some cool live tunes, have some fresh grub and raise some money for OUR HEROES. Our DUDE FAMILY MEMBERS at the SIX OAKS CEMETERY in Sea Pines also participates in this great event, as they have many of our FALLEN VETERANS resting at this hallowed place. Please look for the Military Ammo Boxes resting on the bars at many of the local watering holes out there in Beaufort County, as this is a way you too can throw some money in the box, so that one of our fallen veterans can have a nice wreath on their resting place this holiday season. A nice way of saying THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. We DUDES like to stay in shape and chase that little white ball around in the Fall and this issue a couple of our favorite DUDE FAMILY MEMBERS return with their words of wisdom. MONA WARD, Sports Club Director at OLDFIELD and fitness trainer talks to us DUDES about the RUBBERBAND MAN. No, not the Spinners’ song! Resistance bands that are all the rage now, especially when you really don’t have time to pack up your stuff and go to the gym. Get you a set for Christmas and get busy toning your body without turning in to a gorilla that looks like it eats steroids. JON HUNDLEY, Head golf professional at OLDFIELD talks to us about our golf games. Many times we don’t really think through our shots. Take Jon’s advice and walk yourself through each shot and execute. The results will surprise you and you won’t end up just hacking it around, cussing and throwing clubs. Thanks for the tips guys. Y’all got me hooked. If it’s outdoor fitness and exercise that your crave, then check out our NEW DUDE FAMILY MEMBERS at PALMETTO PADDLE SPORTS. DUDE there is nothing like paddling down the May River on calm crisp Fall morning, whether it be on a paddle board, in a kayak or one of their awesome ALOHA OUTRIGGER KAYAKS. You’ll think you’re in a episode of Hawaii FIVE O! The beautiful surroundings of the Lowcountry marsh along with the omnipresence of wildlife like birds and blowing bottle-nose dolphin will have you saying, Yeah, this is a pretty cool way to spend a few hours in my life. Welcome aboard DUDES! See y’all on the water. Now that we’re off the water and back on our horses, we need to start heading back to the ranch. Now DUDES love NASCAR and it’s really hard for us to cover it being a quarterly publication, however we do have a way of giving you some inside perspective from this great popular spectator Continued on page 16 Fall 2013

Fall 2013




(843) 522-9696

Southern Fox Squirrels

Stump-eared and Monkey-faced Article and Photos BY MARVIN BOUKNIGHT


ost people recognize common mammals of the Lowcountry when they see them. For the most part, when you see an armadillo, you know what it is. The same goes with a fox, bobcat, deer, black bear, gray squirrel, and so on. One mammal though, continually stumps folks who are not familiar with them. Visitors to the Lowcountry are often surprised by the sight of this “new species” and, never having seen one, often come up with their own answers, identifying them as cats, otters, weasels, even monkeys! So what is this strange and fascinating creature? It’s the southern fox squirrel (Sciurus niger), the largest tree squirrel in North America! You can imagine the first person to classify this unique looking mammal. Many people would have seen it and didn’t know what the heck it was until the Swedish naturalist and father of modern taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus first described it in 1758. As luck would have it, he described a specimen collected from South Carolina, which happened to be black with white ears and a white nose. After examining the squirrel and determining that it was separate and completely different from the more common gray squirrel, he christened it with the binomial name of Sciurus niger, which means black tree squirrel! Since then, the species has been subdivided into 10 subspecies of fox squirrels that range from the southeastern coast, all the way to the Midwest, even into the Dakotas. The one that we’re most familiar with is the southern fox squirrel, aka Sciurus niger niger. Fox squirrels come in many colors, ranging from the common gray with a black


mask, white ears and nose, to the Midwestern species being more grayish brown to reddish. Along the coastal plain, we can see fox squirrels in many different color forms ranging from gray with a black mask, grizzled gray and black (often referred to as agouti), all black, black and brown, black and gray, tawny and gray, etc. Almost all of the color phases or variations will feature white ear and nose patches, but sometimes, the white patches will be absent in some of the color forms. For us DUDES here in the Lowcountry, the all black with white ears and nose and the gray with a black mask and white ears and nose are the most common color forms we see. It is important to note that the coloration is not sex specific (sexual dimorphism for a fancy word). Both males and females can be found in all of the color patterns above. Fox squirrels are named fox squirrels because of their long and very fluffy tails, resembling a fox’s tail. They have many nicknames, such as monkey-faced squirrel, cat squirrel, coon squirrel, and my favorite, stump-eared squirrel. They are called this because their ears are smaller than those of the gray squirrel, giving them a stubby or “stumpy” looking ear! Fox squirrels are large, and get to be about 2-2 ½ feet long, weighing in at about 1 ½-2 ½ lbs. They can live up to 6 years in the wild, but average 3-4 years for a lifespan. Their habitat is mature pine-oak forests, longleaf pine forests, and bottomland forests. They have adapted to what is referred to as “artificial” mature forests, or what we know as golf courses and this has helped to stabilize their population in the Lowcountry. They feed on acorns, tree nuts, buds, longleaf pine cone seeds, fruits, and even fungi, especially mushrooms. One especially endearing and comical habit

Fall 2013


of fox squirrels during the hot months, is that they’ll stretch out on a limb like a leopard after a heavy meal, with its legs dangling down below. They also have a tendency to stretch out flat on cart paths and roads with legs spread out wide, looking just like they’ve been flattened by a car. Upon closer inspection though, they will hop up, scamper up a tree and scold you for getting too close! Throughout the Lowcountry, fox squirrels are considered a game animal and can be legally hunted, although hunting has historically had little impact on their numbers. Even though their population seems to be pretty stable in the Lowcountry, there are threats to their survival and numbers. One of the biggest, as you would expect, is the loss of suitable habitat. Fox squirrels make leaf nests, but also depend on cavities, especially for winter survival of young. The loss or cutting down of cavity trees has led to higher mortality of young fox squirrels and loss of and fragmentation of habitat (roads, streets, parking lots, etc.) has caused an increase in road-killed squirrels all throughout their range. Because fox squirrels are mostly diurnal and spend 8-14 hours a day being active, they have surprisingly few predators on adult squirrels. As you can imagine, hawks and owls are predators on these squirrels, but another threat to their population is the exponential increase in the feral cat population. Fox squirrels are as much a part of the Lowcountry as Carolina jessamine and Frogmore stew. They are a unique mammal that often causes a stir due to its “uniqueness” and lack of resemblance to the more common mammals. Take a little time to watch these comical and frisky squirrels go about their business and you may be surprised at how fun they can be to watch. They are just another part of the Lowcountry that makes it an amazingly diverse, beautiful, and interesting place to be. DUDE PROFILE: Marvin Bouknight is a South Carolina native and has lived in the Lowcountry for over 15 years. A Clemson University graduate with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management, Marvin has been a professional naturalist for over 20 years and is currently the staff naturalist at Oldfield Club. Through his company, The Nature Nook, LLC, Marvin offers a variety of programs, seminars and workshops on topics such as the local flora and fauna, attracting wildlife to your backyard and wildlife photography. He also provides services such as interpretive center design, displays and features, interpretive program development including curriculum-based and guided lesson plan development, trail design and development, wildlife surveys and documentation, nature-based consultation, etc. He can be reached by calling (843)441-0961 or by e-mail at

Fall 2013

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good friend of mine returned from a fishing trip to Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada and had, as he put it, the fishing trip of his life. After listening to him, I decided to book a trip to the lodge with my two oldest Grandsons, Carlo Perruzza and Jordan Mikals, both 17 and myself. What a trip it turned out to be. The first part of the adventure was flying from good old Savannah to Seattle Washington where we overnighted. The next morning we were on a float plane, a 1951 Beaver, flying to Esperanza Inlet in Western Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada. The camp is situated on 5 floating barges and is well equipped with a large dining room and all meals were furnished. This is not very luxurious but a good fishing camp for sure. Definitely not a place my wife would enjoy, all though there were several ladies there. You then meet your guide and pick out your rain gear which is provide including boots then you are off, immediately fishing. Most of the guides are native Indians and wonderful people to fish with, full of years of knowledge. We were their the last week of June and were fishing for Coho Salmon, Ling Cod, Rock Fish and very large Halibut. All great eating fish DUDE! The limit on Ling Cod, Coho Salmon and Rock Fish is quite generous. The limit on Halibut however is quite different with one fish per day with a possession limit of two. There is a length maximum which you can keep, anything larger has to be put back, as they are the brooding stock. These control limits relate to being allowed to keep one Halibut up to about 50 pounds and one Halibut up to 25 pounds. We released several monster halibut over 100 pounds. You talk about huge doormats and serious work reeling in one of these 100 pound plus beauties! Try reeling one in from up from about 275 feet of water and you will see what I am talking about. When you return back to the dock, your fish are immediately cleaned by your guide, vacuum packed and flash frozen. Upon your departure, your fish are loaded in the pontoons of the aircraft, flown back with you to Seattle, where they are packed in Airline approved containers and filled with jelled ice for your return home. Both of my Grandsons, Carlo, Jordan and myself had the time of our lives and I am sure


they will remember this trip long after I am gone. Doug Rodgers and his wife are wonderful hosts and do everything they can to make your trip enjoyable. One last thing to comment on, The magnificent scenery! Mother Nature in all her glory! This is probably the most beautiful location I have ever visited and I have been all over this world. You will not forget seeing; Whales breaching and blowing with their tails slipping back in to the water dripping like a water fountain, Black & Grizzly Bear roaming the waters edge in search of protein rich salmon, the cute Sea Otters floating on their backs cracking Abalone Shells with a rock they have laid on their chest, perched and soaring American Bald Eagles everywhere and huge colonies of Sea Lions laying on rocks. DUDE NOTE, (You can smell them before you see them!). If you have any interest in the fishing trip of a lifetime, you can look up Doug Rogers and the camp at Their web site is very detailed, full of useful information with great photos. Do yourself a favor DUDE and take a youngster fishing. It will be times remembered forever. Good fishing! Grandpaw Chuck DUDE PROFILE: Chuck Mikals is from Chicago, Illinois and worked in the plywood veneer business transferring to Toronto, Canada in 1978. Started his own business in 1985 and expanded from Canada to the US and opened a Plywood Warehouse in Florida in 1998. Upon outgrowing, finally decided to start manufacturing in the US and moved to Beaufort in 2005. Served 4 years in the US Air Force. Married 49 years to Donna with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

Fall 2013

FAll 2013


A Pirate Looks at 40 J


immy Buffet’s “A Pirate Looks at 40” has always been one of my favorite songs. You know ence it firsthand, you can use that information to help predict good days in the future. Make a note in the one, “Mother, Mother Ocean..I have heard your call..Been wanting to sail upon your waters your fishing log, “Johnny had a great day with the grouper on September 24th, 5 days before the full since I was three feet tall.” In a nutshell, the song is a sort of autobiographical reflection of Buf- moon, very moderate tides with light current flow, sunny, 79 degrees and a stable barometer.” Now fet’s own life as he approaches that biggest of milestones on the highway of life , the big “40”. you’ll have this information to pair with that from your own outings to help identify productive fishing This year, as I quickly close in on that mile-marker myself, this song speaks to me more patterns and days in the future. than ever. Now, I’m not one to get hung up on, or worry about age. You’re as young as you Don’t be lazy! feel..right? But, as my 40th birthday looms on the horizon, I can’t help but reflect back on all If you fish just to relax and actually catching something is a bonus and somewhat of a surprise and those opportunities, challenges, successes and failures of my first 39 years that have ultimately shaped you are perfectly content with that, then disregard what I am about to say. However, if you want to be a my life into what it is today. I consider myself very fortunate to be where I am and what I am. I have a successful and as productive as possible when you fish, it’s going to take some hard work. From catchgreat family, I live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, I have managed to make a living doing ing the best live baits, to maintaining the boat, what I love and I get to be on the water almost every day. I really don’t know what more I could ask for tackle, and gear, to putting the time in to learn in life. a specific area, fishing can be labor intensive if The journey that got me here was filled with countdone right. Let’s take anchoring for example. I less twists and turns. Some were don’t know anyone who enjoys retrieving an anwell planned and thought out. Many chor, but sometimes it’s necessary, especially were simply the result of being in the while wreck or bottom fishing. Often you have right place at the right time and some of to pull and reset an anchor several times to what appeared to be disastrous “wrong get positioned exactly where you want to be. turns”, ended up working out and leadMany times, being set up right on your mark ing to new opportunities in the end. I’ve can make the difference between incredible come to find out that all you can do is learn action and just sitting and staring at rod tips. from both the good and bad and keep On too many occasions, I’ve witnessed pushing forward. boats pull up in the general vicinity of an The same can be said for fishing. Over artificial reef, quickly toss their anchor the last thirteen years of working as a sportover and when their anchor line comes fishing mate and captain, the most important tight they are hundreds of feet away from thing I have come to know is each day is a the structure. They then seem surprised new lesson and there is always something and frustrated when the boats that are new to learn. Here are a few fishing tips that anchored precisely on the structure are I picked up over the years and now take as catching fish and they are not. Don’t h s fi d gospel. say to yourself, “It would probably be Re Fall Bull h it w e s There is no excuse for not being prebetter if I moved over 75ft, but I’ll just lia Dubo son & De a J pared when you leave the dock. stick it out here so I don’t have to reset the anchor.” Unin ta p Ca I am an absolute fanatic about this one. It’s less you are willing to accept a slow day of fishing, pull it up and move DUDE. been said, “Luck is when opportunity and preTake a kid fishing! paredness meet” and I believe this to be especially No matter how focused I get on trying to be a more productive fisherman, whenever I take kids fishing true in the world of fishing. When I am preparing for a fishing trip, I try to think through all the possible and witness the look of excitement on their face when they reel in their first fish, it helps me to remember scenarios and be ready for each one. There is nothing more frustrating than missing out on a quickly why I developed such a love of fishing in the first place. Some of my earliest and best memories are fleeting opportunity because you are not prepared for it. This means having your rods & reels rigged, fishing with my dad in a tiny mountain creeks and ponds catching bluegill. It did not matter that they ready to go before heading out and having any gear and tackle that you might need organized, easily were only 4 inches long. To me, they were the greatest fish in the world! Taking kids fishing not only accessible in a seconds notice. Many of my most exciting and memorable days on the water have been introduces the sport to a new generation but helps put it all in perspective for those of us who have been made by capitalizing on a sudden and unexpected opportunity! doing it for a while. Keep a fishing log. These are just a few general tips, picked up over the years by a “pirate looking at 40”, which will If you want to increase your fishing success, every trip out should be considered a learning experi- improve your fishing success if followed. Remember, fishing, like life, is a journey. Learn from both the ence. Keep records of what you caught, where you caught it, what you caught it on, water temp, water successes and failures and keep pushing forward! I hope y’all have a great Fall fishing season DUDES! clarity, tide stage, etc. Even unproductive trips can yield very valuable information. For example, if you fail to catch fish at a spot that normally produces, ask yourself “What is different today?” Maybe it’s the DUDE PROFILE: Capt. Jason wind direction, maybe it’s the tide stage or water clarity. Whatever the reason, if you can identify it, you’ll DuBose is a tournament and charter know to avoid that spot on similar conditions in the future. captain aboard Lucky Hooker, a 42’ Learn not only from your own time on the water but also from the success and failures Yellowfin sportfishing boat. Lucky of others. Hooker is based out of Hilton Head It is well known that fishermen are tight lipped and will guard the location of their “honey holes” with Island in the spring, summer and their life; however, many won’t hesitate to tell you what they caught, even if they won’t tell you where fall months and south Florida during they caught it. This information can be extremely useful, provided of course that the source is reliable. the winter months. Capt. Jason specializes in bluewater trolling and Fishermen have also been known to stretch the truth on occasion, but, for the sake of argument, let’s say offshore bottom and wreck fishing. a couple of reliable sources told you they had really good days of grouper fishing last Saturday. Now, you He can be contacted at 843-304may not know exactly where they caught those fish, but you can easily find out under what conditions 4834 or they caught them. Variables such as moon phase, tide height, current flow, water and air temperature and weather conditions all play a big part in fishing success. Even though you were not there to experi-


Fall 2013

Fall 2013



s we motored away from the dock, I reflected that my 22 foot bay boat “Horsefish” should have been named Porcupine as all of the rod holders were bristling with spinning and casting rods; or maybe Holiday since popping corks, jigs, and swimming tails of every color and description were waving in the wind. The inside flyrod holders were also armed and ready. My brother Ken, who had driven down from Douglasville, Georgia for a trout fishing expedition, was grinning in anticipation as he checked on the freshly netted shrimp that filled the two live wells. His grin faded a bit when I announced that I wanted to try a different location that morning. We had fished the northern reaches of the St. Helena Sound the day before and had a very productive day with a large and cooperative school of trout that had remained largely in place for several days. After reminding me several times of our late Dad’s rule that you never leave fish to look for fish, he reluctantly agreed to the change in location when I assured him we would return to the hot spot before the day was over. As we moved out of Factory Creek into the Beaufort River I pushed Horsefish up on plane and we headed for the St. Helena Sound, but this time we turned left into the Whale Branch rather than continuing into the sound. Approaching the large bay next to the old railroad trestle, I eased back on the Suzuki and we slipped into the bay to look for shorelines with shell beds that matched the pattern that had been holding trout. I had picked exactly the wrong tide for exploring and there was very little shoreline to observe. What we did see was a crap trap float, a very usual crab trap float as it was moving through the water at a high rate of speed. Now we all know making a wake is not normal behavior for a crab trap, so we moved closer to see what was causing this strange phenomenon. The mystery was soon solved as a dolphin breached about five feet in front of the float and expelled a loud breath. The dolphin continued to submerge and then breach every few seconds, always with the float trailing ominously behind. The dolphin had become tangled in the rope between the float and the trap and was dragging the crab trap. The trap was pulling the dolphin down while the float was preventing it from going to the bottom to try to free itself. It was also obvious that this had been going on for a while as the dolphin appeared exhausted. We also became aware that two other dolphins were circling the area, breaching and blowing loudly, unwilling to leave their friend. Ken and I looked at each other and I said, “That’s just not going to happen!” He just nodded his agreement and we immediately began tracking the dolphin with the boat. The dolphin was now trying to escape not only the trap, but also what surely must have appeared to be a giant stalking predator. Within minutes the magenta “bread trail” on my GPS looked like a plate of spaghetti. I was well aware of the distress we were causing the dolphin, but the alternative was just not acceptable. Suddenly the dolphin stopped and the float remained stationary. I am not sure if this was due to a realization that we were trying to help or just exhaustion and an acceptance of what it must have believed to be the inevitable. We eased alongside and Ken was able to grab the float. As we slowly pulled upwards, the dolphin floated closer to the surface and I


could see that it was very large which meant it was likely a female. We pulled the dolphin as close to the surface as we dared, afraid that we might spook it and begin the chase again. The dolphin just hung unmoving about eighteen to twenty inches below the surface. We reached down as close to its back as possible and cut the rope. The dolphin sank out of sight and we immediately pulled in the float and five or six feet of rope. We floated for a few minutes discussing our theory that the weight of the trap would cause the remaining rope to unwrap from the dolphin’s tail and agonizing a bit because we would never really know. Suddenly the water next to the boat erupted and a large dolphin stood on its head and waved its tail back and forth. Just as suddenly it was gone. We both stood with our mouths hanging open, stunned by what had just occurred. The message was very clearly, “ I’M FREE!” As we stood speechless, we heard the sound of dolphin blowing and when we looked to our left, the two dolphins that had been circling were departing the bay, heading for the sound… but now there were three. We were both still stunned and we sat down in the boat. Finally Ken said, “If we don’t catch a single fish, this will be a great day on the water.” I had to agree and as I look back on memories of many great days on the world’s waters, including fishing with legends and catching bonefish, snook, tarpon and billfish on the fly, I think this was may be the most memorable day of all… at least so far. Since that day, whenever I see a large dolphin, I always wonder if it is “my dolphin.” The last time Ken was down to fish, we were cruising up the Beaufort River when a large dolphin breached in front of us. I turned to voice that thought, but before I could he said, “I wonder if that is our dolphin?” Kind of makes you wonder who was actually rescued that day. DUDE PROFILE: Captain David Cargile. David’s first experience with a flyrod began with the statement, “ I am not going to use that wimpy thing.” He bought his first flyrod the next day and now, almost forty years and several hundred flyrods later, he has never looked back and remains a dedicated fly fishing fanatic. David has fly fished throughout the United States including Alaska, the Everglades and the Keys, and he has fished throughout Canada, the Bahamas, both coasts of Mexico, as well as Central and South America for many saltwater species including Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Roosterfish, and freshwater species such as Peacock Bass, Salmon, Black Bass, Trout and Pike. His favorite targets are Bonefish, Snook, Tarpon and Permit, but is he is also happy pursuing the local shallow water denizens. David is a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor and is an instructor at the ORVIS Saltwater Fly Fishing School. He is an avid fly tier and is the originator of the Sweet Ernie Bonefish Fly that was featured in Fly Fishing in Saltwater magazine. He can sometimes be found “helping out” at THE NEW Baystreet Outfitters. David lives on Lady’s Island, SC with Ann and two excellent rescued dogs named Maggie and Scooby.

Fall 2013

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Fall 2013


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rphaned since he was ten, his two brothers and two sisters were sent to live with grandparents spread out across Rabun County in extreme northeast Georgia. His name was Luther Monroe Turpin and he was my maternal grandfather. Being the oldest of the 5, he was portioned out to the least desirable destination, a moonshiner uncle who mistreated him, never seeing to any education of any type. Stories handed down say that he was routinely disciplined by a large man, a 6’11” tall employee of his uncle, who bought his size 19 shoes from the Sears and Roebuck catalog. This set of circumstances could be frightening for any ten year-old. Anyway, my grandfather ran away at fourteen and worked in a logging camp along the Tallulah River. The tall, rangy teenager, without a doubt older than his years, finally landed a job with the Tallulah Railroad, owned by Georgia Power, at $1 a day. He worked for Georgia Power until his retirement at 65 receiving a gold watch and a rod and reel. I used that rod and reel myself at about ten. He was more comfortable with a long cane pole, wound with black nylon and a bucket of worms or a sleeve of crickets At seventeen, already having been totally on his own for three years, he noticed a young chestnut haired girl, then thirteen, playing in a school yard in the small mountain community of Wiley, Georgia. It is said that he turned to a companion, asked her name and replied that she was the woman he would marry. The outlook for life was short in those days. You had to get on with it. Her name was Amanda Smith. That marriage would produce seven children and would last fifty-two years when Mandy passed away. Their third child and second girl was my mother, Margaret Fred Turpin. She was named for a favorite Uncle who was a Marine in the first world war. Life in the North Georgia Mountains was surely hard. A garden and farm animals produced much needed food with so many mouths to feed, but cash money was scarce with such a brood. My mother relates that for one Christmas she got only an orange. Y es, an orange and that was all, but it tasted real good. When I was about eight, Luther had retired and for a few weeks every summer, Luke and Mandy became my fishing buddies. We dug for worms behind the barn, carved out grubs from fallen pine trees along side of the hollows above the river. Once I sneaked off with my cousin and tried, at his insistence, some Brown’s Mule Brand chewing tobacco. I got violently sick. They never said a word. Didn’t have to I guess. It has been over sixty years and I have not used tobacco since. I vividly remember those quiet Summer mornings in the mountains. We would walk along the railroad track between the rails, the three of us, I was in the middle. Those same rails, my grandfather had helped to spike into place 50 years before. It was two miles to the river. A steep descent took us to a deep hold beneath a trestle. It was on these warm days I came to know Luke and Mandy. They were life-long partners who shared all about their lives that a youngster, intent on the next bite, could absorb as the lessons about handling living flowed from their lips. We always walked back for lunch and Luke would slice fresh tomatoes with his pocket knife and make me a sandwich. We would have peaches for desert. A summer then was a grand prize waiting the end of school. If I could relive a few weeks of any summer’s fishing of all the worldwide trips I have taken, it would be with them, Luke and Mandy, watching a small cork as it gently glides in the soft current of the Tallulah River hoping it will soon disappear. Grandparents are, by and large, special people and sometimes even fishing buddies. I just hope Gail and I are too after all is said and done. We are trying. DUDE PROFILE: O’Neill Williams. O’Neill is an angler and host of O’Neill Outside, a fishing television series on Sun Sports, SportSouth and the Versus channel. Raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Williams graduated from Emory University with a degree in Economics. He is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. Williams now resides in Snellville, Georgia and has been a television fishing personality for 33 years with shows titled Fishing in Georgia, Southern Fishing, Reel Adventures, Adventures Afield and O’Neill Outside. Williams also hosts O’Neill Outside Radio on WSB, which is broadcast to 38 states.





A hunters paradise with 32 acres & wildlife all around. Home has detailed construction on 3 levels, Elevator, 3 bedrooms with snack bar in master, 4.5 bath w/ walk in shower & his and her facilities, 1st floor garage and workshop, living room with stone fireplace, kitchen with oak cabinets & granite counters, dining, and family room. 4 RV Hookup’s- Sewer, Electric, Water. This Home/ Estate won’t last long! See the Virtual Tour Link for an interactive Floor Plan. 1 year 1100 acre hunting lease included with purchase. MLS# 320267


We’ll schedule at private showing of this great DUDE property. This will make for a great DUDE HUNTING GROUP getaway!

Office located at 2 Rose Hill Way, Bluffton SC 29910

Cell - 843-812-9399 • Office - 843-815-9191 E-mail - Website -

Fall 2013

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Fall 2013

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Continued from page 16 sport that is NASCAR. Our NASCAR DUDE, none other than WES GRADY, also the Regional Coordinator for the Carolinas’ Nature Photographers Association, Lowcountry Chapter, THANKS FOR THE GREAT LOOKING COVER SHOT OF A GRAYFALCON, returns this issue with an article about the popular DANICA PATRICK. She’s easy on the eyes for sure, but does she have what it takes to really compete with the BIG BOYS?? Well, she crashed the first lap at Kansas City and she’s been a disappointment to Wes and many of her followers. Maybe she’ll get better and maybe she’ll go back to Indy Cars, but whatever she does, she’s gonna look good doing it. Thanks for the perspective Wes! Glad to have you back DUDE! Now that we have the barn in sight and the horses seem to be happy to see their home, we both are a bit hungry and in need of some chow by the fire. COOKING DUDE STYLE checks in this Fall with some great DUDE recipes that I promise you’ll enjoy. A perfectly cooked Filet Mignon, She Crab Soup and some make your own Jerky for those long trail rides and fishing trips. Thanks for the recipes JOE FOX of CAROLINA DOG & DELI and brotha, TODD MCDONALD. Hey DUDES, there’s some good entertainment coming our way this Fall, so make sure you check out our THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT SECTION where we let you know who’s coming and where they will be performing. JOHN MAYER, MICHAEL BUBLE, CHEAP TRICK, MICHAEL MCDONALD, BARRY MANILOW, JOHNNY MATHIS and what? ELVIS! are all in the hood. WOW! There’s some variety for you!

DUDE you should never take your health for granted. This issue BEAUFORT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL checks in with a great article about PROSTATE HEALTH by Dr. MICHAEL STALEY. Early detection is the key DUDES! As we walk our horses to the barn for watering and feeding, we always look forward to the Daufuskie Island Tales from LOWCOUNTRY JOE YOCIUS. FUSKIE DUDE JOE checks in and gives us some cool perspectives from being the Bloody Point Lighthouse Caretaker. I know it’s Halloween season, but I swear Joe tells us of some spirits and specters floating around on de island mon. Don’t ya know ya respect de spirits mon! You don’ts want de root put on ya no! Thanks for the Daufuskie tales Joe. Well DUDES, this long Fall ride has come to an end. The horses are in their stables and we’re kicked back around the fire throwing back a few cold ones and when we do this, we laugh and tell jokes and funny stories. HAROLD, Our Largemouth Bass Editor, is always leading the pack and making us laugh, so enjoy some of his nonsense in HAROLD’S MAILBAG. Thanks to all the DUDES that sent in the many photos we have to share with y’all this issue in PHOTOS TO HAROLD. Seems like the more popular DUDE gets, the more photos we get sent and we do have some good ones for you to enjoy. Our DUDES IN FOCUS PHOTOS are reflective of the great Summer time event that is the BEAUFORT WATER FESTIVAL. Boy did we have some fun this Summer. Congratulations to all the contest winners. See your photos in the Center Spread. Thanks RENEA GRAY for all those great shots and Thanks also to ERIC SMITH and CAPTURED MOMENTS PHOTOGRAPHY for sharing his very cool shots of the Water Festival. After checking them out, you’ll see why we are already looking forward to next year’s water festival. CONGRATULATIONS BRANDY GRAY as she will be NEXT YEAR’S COMMODORE. We also stopped by CHEF JOSH’S 5th anniversary party at BRICKS. Thanks for introducing us to the Red Hot Fireball Whiskey Girls Josh! Finally, there’s HANGIN WITH THE DUDE where many of our friends and followers like to come up and get their photos taken with me for some reason. Say cheese Y’all! Have fun this Fall and Be Safe out there DUDES! BRAD B. MCDONALD PUBLISHER of DUDE WWW.DUDESC.COM BRAD @DUDESC.COM 843-298-3827 P.S. WELCOME all our NEW DUDE FAMILY MEMBERS and THANK YOU to our LONG TIME LOYAL FAMILY MEMBERS. Y’all are THE REASON we can continue these fun filled quarterly rides and a BIG DUDE THANK YOU to the 9,900 plus hits we had on our website this past Summer. If you can’t find a printed copy, do like almost 10,000 other DUDES did this summer and go to www.dudesc. com and you can view the current and all past issues there.

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Fall 2013

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Fall 2013




Take a Positive Approach to the Course BY HEAD PROFESSIONAL JON HUNDLEY


The Most Unique Drivable Par 4 12th Hole at OLDFIELD


UDE is excited that to have been invited to join all the fun that proves to be The ORVIS South Carolina Fly Fishing School will be held at Oldfield Club in Okatie, South Carolina in the heart of the Lowcountry this December 7th and 8th. Nestled on the banks of the Okatie River, Oldfield Club is a private club community that features Lowcountry living at its best. Located halfway between Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA, convenient to I-95 and the Hilton Head/Savannah International Airport, 20 minutes from Historic Beaufort, Oldfield Club is surrounded by miles of salt and brackish marsh, salt flats and oyster flats, some of the Lowcountry’s finest fly fishing is literally right around the corner. Numerous stocked ponds in Oldfield provide fantastic fishing for bass, panfish and black crappie. Kayaks are available to paddle alongside dolphins in the soothing waters of the Okatie River. Other activities include 9 miles of nature and walking trails, a Greg Norman designed 18 hole golf course, golf clubhouse with full bar and dining, equestrian facilities, Sports Center with luxurious pool complete with waterslide and jacuzzi, temperature controlled/covered lap pool full workout facilities with multiple work out equipment including treadmills with TV’s, sauna, steam, aerobic facilities and breathtaking waterfront dining at the scenic River House. The school covers everything from fly casting, choosing the right tackle, leaders and knots, to fly selection and how to safely release fish. We’ll cover it all at the ORVIS South Carolina Fly Fishing School: • Fly casting techniques (including video analysis) • Essential fly fishing knots • How to choose your gear and tackle • Fly selection • How to read water • How to play, land, photograph, and safely release fish • Tuition includes comprehensive instruction, lunches, and use of Orvis fly tackle. Note: Because of the heavier tackle used at the ORVIS South Carolina Fly Fishing School, we strongly recommend that students be at least 12 years old. For more information about ORVIS Fly Fishing Schools, call 866-531-6213 or register on their website. There will be about a dozen date offered from December 2013 to May 2014, so sign up now DUDES! After the school, students can arrange to take a guided trip on nearby waters through Bay Street Outfitters, 843-524-5250 or 877-501-5001. BAY STREET OUTFITTERS will providing all the materials for the school. COME JOIN US DUDE!



ow many times have you stepped up to the first tee and the excuses start flying before the first ball gets airborne? “My back is stiff, my elbow hurts and I broke my toe”…the list goes on and on. I have tried using a few excuses when trying to avoid giving full handicap strokes to players, but it has not worked yet. Next time you schedule a tee time, take a positive approach to the course. Keep an open mind and know that you will have to be patient with yourself and your game. It is rare that you will play all 18 holes without at least one debacle popping up, just when you are getting comfortable with your game and swing that day. How you handle the adversity is what matters most. The following tips can help you deal with some obstacles you face in a round: n Analyze the shot. n Be precise when you pick out your target, do not just try to get the ball somewhere down the fairway! n You have control of your alignment, so pay attention to detail. n Visualize the ball doing exactly what you want it to do. n Deep breaths will relax you. n Execute the shot. n Always spend the same time in your pre-shot routine no matter how difficult the hot may be Do the following, and take one shot at a time, you will notice you will take fewer strokes during your round! SEE YOU ON THE COURSE! DUDE PROFILE: Jon Hundley is A PGA professional, started swinging a club at age five and hasn’t stopped playing since. He first discovered his love of golf in his hometown of Danville, VA. He discovered his love of the South Carolina Lowcountry in 1989 and has never left here. In his over 20 years in the field, Jon has served as assistant at Port Royal Golf club and head golf professional at Wexford Plantation and golf instructor at The Golf Academy of Hilton Head in Sea Pines. He is the founder of the Hilton Head Golf Tour and a 2003 nominee for the Carolina’s Section Professional of the Year Award.

Fall 2013

Fishing Trips Fly and Light Tackle Best Outdoor Clothing on the Planet !

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was humbled when I was invited to join this fine group of AMERICAN HEROES, care, pharmacy, and TRICARE (the military’s health care program). Each has relevance the Lowcountry Chapter of the MOAA, Military Officers Association of America. to active duty and military retiree groups, depending upon the issues before Congress. Think about this group DUDE. Military, check! Officers, check! Outstanding National Guard and Reserve forces are being stretched thin by continuous deployments. American Citizens, check! Excellent Role Models for youngsters out there, MOAA is a strong advocate of increasing the active force numbers to meet the missions check! Caring and Giving generous local people doing the right thing by help- required of our military around the world. MOAA has worked to get the Guard and Reing out those in need in our community, check! I was even more excited serve increased health care and benefits. when they told me it was their monthly luncheon held at the magnificently beautiful MOAA’s Transition Services Department provides assistance to military officers Dataw Island club. DUDE if you’ve never been to Dataw Island, do yourself and favor leaving the service or are in transition between jobs after getting out. Their services and stop by the real estate office and let include resume critiques, transition presentathem show you this gorgeous piece of the tions, one-on-one counseling, and a job board Lowcountry. If this is not heaven, it must where over 5,000 companies advertise embe close by DUDE! ployment opportunities. In addition, MOAA When I entered the spiffy digs of the has a State Networking Program with over Dataw Island Club, I walked up the stately 3,000 members willing to assist fellow memstair case to find one pretty spectacular bers in transition in their state. These services view of the river and marsh, not to menare free and are available to all members and tion, I quickly started recognizing some their spouses. MOAA experts can talk with very familiar DUDES. It was great to see; you about the career transition process, what Beaufort Fishing Club President, Captain the trends are, how the officers react, how the Frank Gibson, MRS’s Captain USMC (Ret.) families react, what the employers say about Nick Russell, Beaufort Memorial Hospital hiring military people, and many other aspects Model, Bruce Reynolds (see him in his of the operation. red car page 2), Healing Heroes Robert E. MOAA also conducts the premier military de Treville and I was honored to be introfocused career fair in the Washington D.C. duced to the rest of this fine group by Bob Left to right...Legislative Liaison Bob Freeman, Treasurer Bob de Treville, President area in the spring and fall and will soon conFreeman and President Lieutenant Comduct its first virtual career fair that will proRich Baker, 2nd VP Mark Siegel, 1st VP Mike Akey, Past President Nick Russell mander US Navy (retired), Rich Baker. vide transition services to all military memThese DUDES really made me feel at bers worldwide. Military Families/ home. Spouses of MOAA have been servWe enjoyed a glass of freshly ing the military community for more brewed sweet tea and then we all than 75 years. They are an informastood and pledged our allegiance to tion resource on events and activities the American Flag. Yeah, Our American impacting military personnel and their Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance has families to include; active duty, Guard, great meaning to these DUDES who Reserve, retired, survivors and veterhave lead and fought for the Star Spanans. They have experts on staff that gled Banner that waves for our Freedom can discuss military benefits, networkwe enjoy everyday. As we also enjoyed ing and advocacy, military spouse caa deliciously prepared lunch with that reer assistance, and personalized help million dollar view, I got to learn a lot about the Lowcountry Chapter of the MOAA . It was navigating military pay and benefits or timely news and information affecting military enjoyable to learn some of the gracious things they are involved with here in our local spouses and families. community. Following our delectable lunch and desert we were treated to a very informative preHere’s a few of the things they are involved with locally since their conception 49 sentation by Town Manager of Port Royal, Van Willis. Van updated us on the many excityears ago; Raising funds for the WTF, Wildlife Turkey Federation via a Gun Raffle, Raising ing things coming to the Seaport of Port Royal, South Carolina. New Village & Marina, funds and selling the wonderfully smelling, Fraser Fir Wreaths that are used in the very New boardwalk, New Fishing Pier, New Boat Landing access and a great new Wetlands worth while program that is “Wreaths Across America”, where fresh wreaths are placed Walking Park that is home to some nesting Anhingas beside the new 200 capacity amon all our local veterans’ resting places, specifically those right here in Beaufort Memo- phitheater that is available for a few bucks to any local groups. Van promises to keep rial Cemetery, Raising funds and volunteering for the great local program that is Healing us up to date on what’s happening in the Coolest Naturally Deepest Seaport on the East Heroes via their annual great Golf and Fishing week in April, Staffing and volunteering Coast. at the USO booth in the Savannah/Hilton Head Airport that is so helpful to our weary What a great way to spend a few hours on a spectacular early Fall day here in the soldiers setting foot back on American soil after a deployment and many other programs Lowcountry. Thanks again for the invite DUDES and we’ll be sure to check in now and helping out local deserving students via JROTC programs, awards for achievements and again to see what great things y’all are accomplishing here in Beaufort County. SALUTE scholarship funds assistance through their “Young American Award”. GENTLEMEN! and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY! MOAA, nationally headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, is the nation’s largest and most influential association of military officers, some 370,000 strong.  It is an indeYou can make a tax-deductible donation by visiting MOAA’s website, pendent, nonprofit, politically non-partisan organization and has Government Relations If you’re interested in learning more, call 843-524-5577 that work numerous issues affecting military people, such as pay, allowances, health anytime for information.


Fall 2013

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Fall 2013

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Come aboard the Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Saturday, November 23 for family fun & friendly competition at the Parris Island Rod & Gun Club Turkey Shoot. (Their annual fund raising event.) Win delicious hams, turkeys & other valuable prizes! Shoot all day on Club range--first relay to line 7:00 AM. Club provides all ammo, $2.00/shot. Bring your own gun—Transport in car trunk, no ammo, no scopes & no barrels longer than 32 inches allowed. A few youth & adult guns on-hand for shotgun-deprived shooters. Refreshments available. Details—contact Capt. Nick Russell, (843) 812-9697 or



20 Minutes from the Hilton Head Island • Access off Hwy 278 CLOSE TO OC WELCH FORD LINCOLN

Actual Trail Cam Photo


Taken on property



Hampton Hall



225 feet Frontage on May River Road/Hwy 46

23.47 total acres




$19,000 per lot

2.25 ACRES, 1.95 ACRES & 1.73 ACRES

Over 30 years local real estate experience at your service.



Phone: 843.816.4029 Email:

Fall 2013

Fall 2013




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Palmetto Paddle Sports Is Where It’s At DUDE!



f you’ve been out on the water lately, you’ve seen them...Paddlers. Whether they are sitting or standing, they are increasing in number and for good reasons. This is the story about 3 strangers coming together and making it happen DUDE. Seven years ago, after a stay in Central America, Eric Burns returns home and starts a kayaking outfit on HIlton Head Island. No stranger to the local waters, he spent his time as a charter boat captain for over 10 years, when he noticed a gap in the local market. “I stepped through”, he states, “you got to strike the hammer when the iron is hot!” was born and eventually landed in Beautiful Bluffton, South Carolina. “I am one of those that takes advantage of the use of public landings. I have seen most of this county through the cockpit of my kayak with the exception of a couple of landings!” He has no remorse in voice for this. When you paddle with him you can tell he enjoys sharing his perspective of life with everyone. “Out there, I can be myself, enjoying my Zen with each stroke.” Eric has taken his craft seriously enough to become accredited as an American Canoe Association instructor. He has studied the currents of Georgia and Florida and taken what he learned there to the local waters. “We are fortunate to paddle some of the safest water in the Southeast”, he is proud to exclaim. He started teaching a course last year at USCB. “I am passionate about my sport. The best way to guarantee the future is to teach the present.” His interests reach beyond teaching the collegiate. He has taken an interest in Greenland paddle and boat design, and has begun fabricating his own equipment. “To understand the future, you must understand the past”, he stoically states. “There is great art in this sport, it encompasses the physical and the spiritual.” “Carving your own paddle emotionally connects you to the water.” The loquacious, Eric met Roddy Medders of in the Spring of 2012. Both were spending plenty of time on the May River and the likelihood of them crossing paths kept increasing. Eventually fate took over and the two came face to face. Roddy paddles with a different posture. Standup paddle-boarding started in Hawaii, making its way to the East Coast, where it has been embraced by two schools, flat-water and surf. Roddy is of the former. A previous fitness instructor, Roddy uses his SUP for fitness and health.  “My style has developed through flat water racing.” He competes in long distance racing all over the SE. “I am fortunate to be able to teach what I love to do”, and you can tell he means it. His class is very informative, his teaching is kind and precise. “Being on the water is fun, and the challenges can be  very rewarding. My job prepares me and my body for race day.” The advanced yoga he does on his board tells the story...He is serious about having fun. He just took 1st place in his division in Jacksonville, FL. It was an 8 mile race on Inland waters. He was preparing for his next race in Charleston before the pride of his recent win wore off. When not preparing for a race and training on our water, Roddy has spent the Summer organizing races both locally and outside the State. There is one planned in Bluffton for the Seafood and Arts festival in October. After 1 season, Roddy and Eric realized there was good synergy between them and business for them both started to grow. Expansion was needed as the work load was outgrowing the hours in the day. Enter TJ... “We met TJ on the water as well”, Roddy remarks.  His charisma and passion for paddling was obvious. TJ is no ordinary paddler, his vessel is an outrigger canoe. It looks just like something out of Hawaii FIVE-0. “The first time I saw one, I was on my first visit to Hawaii. I found myself eating lunch across from the Kailua Canoe Club. Before I knew it I was registered for a paddling workshop that was being taught by the guys that dominated the sport.” He immediately befriended Jim Foti, bought some of his boat designs and started “He stood out”, Eric claims, “not just because of his paddling style but his personality as well.” TJ had owned a kayaking outfit in the early days on Hilton Head Island. He was no stranger to the work load and has a special connection with the people that come to paddle. “It’a blessing to be able to look forward to work everyday, I love my life!”, says TJ. You can see it in each one of their faces.” When three strangers meet up with their own individual websites and paddling skills magic can happen. When these three met, they formed a cohesive unit and a new website was spawned. Look for these DUDES on the water of the May River and surrounding waters as well as PalmettoPaddleSports. com. They look forward to serving the local community, teaching the aspects of proper and safe paddling, and getting people out to have a good time. ALOHA DUDES!

Fall 2013

Welcome to Palmetto Paddle Sports! Home of everything paddle related in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and Coastal Georgia. Promoting and participating in the sport of Kayaking, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding), Outrigger Canoes (OC1). Recreation, tours, outings, competitive paddle racing & performance, fishing, relaxing... we are into it all DUDE!

LESSONS! RENTALS! SALES! We are local DUDES in Bluffton, South Carolina, at the foot of Hilton Head Island and adjacent to Savannah, Georgia, but we paddle all over the Lowcountry and Coastal Empire, so look us up DUDES!

PALMETTOPADDLESPORTS.COM Eric Burns “Marshgrass Adventures” Roddy Medders “Stand and Paddle” TJ Rich “Aloha Outriggers”


SOFTBALL WINNING TEAM (I’d Hit It) Roster: Matthew Anderson, Jeanie Anderson, Trecie Jones, Gina Belcher, Brittany McNeal, Kristy Wentline, Alan Cave, Jerad McNeal, Charles English, Michael Stevenson, Jake Simonson, Josh Duplessis, Michael Morriss, Marshal Kastner, Zach Hamett, and Josh Gregory.

KAYAK DASH WINNER (Most Unique Debris) George Utter








9 WICKET CROQUET WINNERS Dena Maynard & Stan Abrahamson

TOAD FISHING WINNERS (Age 1-4) Brody Gurley



TOAD FISHING WINNER (Age 8-12) Jimmy Davenport


GOLF CROQUET WINNERS Tony Cuculic & Don Burrell

TOAD FISHING WINNER LARGEST Trenton Lafontain Fall 2013

SAILING REGATTA WINNERS Team Geezer; Keith Wandrey, Jerry Wadley and Woody Norwood




VOLLEYBALL WINNERS YOUTH 16 “The Pink Ladies”; Ashley Grace Novah, Savannah Malphrus & Stevie DeSimone

VOLLEYBALL WINNERS YOUTH 14 “Triple Threat”; Lexie Standen, Lizzie Rhoads & Sydney Janson

VOLLEYBALL WINNERS YOUTH 12 UNDER “Dig This”; Rece Cloud, Taylor Murphy & Olivia Blatter

GIRLS SOCCER WINNERS Megan Shearon, Steve Aldred (Sponsor), Jasmine Cruz & Kyleigh Wilkie

BOYS SOCCER WINNERS Peton Langford, Thomas McMillan Holladay, Steve Aldred (Sponsor), Braden Beck & Davis Martin

MENS VOLLEYBALL WINNERS “I Don’t Knows”; Charlie Chaney, Mark McDevitt & Michael Miller


fort Water Festival Photographer


TOAD FISHING WINNER (Age 4-8) Ava Farrow






Visits The Sons Of The Confederate Veterans BY BRAD MCDONALD


EBELL YELL Y’ALL! Mr. Kamo Kits/, Master Sargent USMC (retired), Warren “DIZ” Disbrow called me this summer and told me that he wanted to take me to meet a great group of DUDES, one of the local camps of the Sons of The Confederate Veterans. Well, being a southern born, southern bred, country boy, I was ALL IN DUDE. Our visit actually encompassed two consecutive weekends and after them, I have a new understanding and respect for the Confederate Soldiers who fought for their beloved DIXIELAND and the CONFEDERATE FLAG. I think after reading this article you will also, Black or White. We two rednecks saddled up an off to the middle of no where we rode. Well, not really, but when you leave beautiful Beaufort County and it’s gorgeous Lowcountry marsh vistas and travel toward the other side of I-95, things go rural-country pretty rapidly. A two lane country road with farms and fields, complete with flourishing crops and God’s grazing creatures are part of the true beauty of the South. It was off to Gillisonville and the Beaver Dam Baptist Church for the Sons of Confederate Veterans Memorial Service that is the presentation of the “Southern Cross” to two soldiers of the Confederate States Army that are laying in rest in the peaceful plot of southernness. As we drove up and saw many DUDES dressed in CSA garb, I quickly realized, this is some serious business. Before the proceedings started I got to meet one great Southern DUDE, Travis Richardson, Brigade Commander. He is head of the 9th Brigade in southern South Carolina. There are 10 brigades in the South Carolina division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The 9th brigade has 7 camps 1. Colonel Charles Jones Colcock Camp 2100, Ridgeland S.C. 2. General Anderson Camp 47, Beaufort S.C. 3. H.L.Hunley Camp 143, Summerville S.C. 4. 3rd South Carolina Cavalry Co I Camp 131, Edisto Island S.C. 5. Colleton Rangers Camp 1643, Walterboro S.C 6. Chestnut Light Artillery Camp 2195, Summerville S.C 7. Gordon Capers Camp 123, St.George S.C. On this day, two Camps; The HL Hundley Camp #143 and The Col. Charles Jones Colcock Camp #2100 were getting together to pay their respects to two DUDES who fought for the South in the CSA and served their Dixieland proud. David Thomas Freeman 3/20/1830 - 2/6/1910 enlisted September 7, 1861 as a private in the 1st Mounted


Militia, Capt. John H. Screven’s Company, Beaufort District Guerrillas, Martin’s Mounted Regiment. He and his wife Elizabeth had 5 children. Miles Priester 12/5/1832 - 4/21898 enlisted as a private in January 28,1863 in CO F, 3rd Regiment SC Calvary. He was captured in August of 1864 in South Newport, Georgia and was later exchanged in September for Capt. J.E. Parkmen, USN at Port Royal Ferry, SC. He was officially paroled in May of 1865 at Augusta, GA per an April order at Bennett’s House near Durham Station, NC between J.E. Johnston CSA and Maj.Gen.W.T. Sherman USA, who ain’t exactly on my favorite person list, all approved by Brig Gen.U.S. Grant USA. The memorial proceeding began as the Southern Colors/ Confederate Flag were presented along with the American and South Carolina flags. Heavy wrought iron crosses “The Southern Cross” where placed at the foot of each of these gentlemen’s graves in the cemetery juxtaposed to the Beaver Dam Baptist Church. This is the SCV way of honoring and saying, “Thank You for your Service and Sacrifice in preserving the Southern Way of Life.” Gun and Cannon fire rang out among the peaceful silence. I felt more like a Southern Boy than I ever had at this moment. I realized this is about Heritage and Honor, not Hate as many race baiters would have you believe. The Southern Soldier fought for a just cause and the light of their accomplishments can never be dimmed by any revisions of History. These blood descendants of the Confederate Soldier are proud and honored to stand up for their Heritage today. They want to past along the legacies of these brave men and accurately preserve their place in history for the future generations they left behind to be proud of and to understand. The following weekend, DIZ and DUDE went on another trail ride to one of the SCV actual monthly meetings held in Ridgeland at the beautiful Blue Heron Nature Center. DUDE you need to get a group of young DUDES together and go check out his awesome nature center. Great interactive displays and some fantastic taxidermy works of art. Well, nobody was wearing CSA garb but most were proudly sporting their SCV hats with the Rebel Flag on them. Remember, it’s HERITAGE, NOT HATE DUDE! What a great group of good ole country folks! Young, old, male, female, retired and active duty military personnel makes for a diverse group of DUDES and DUDETTES. Southern hospitality is one thing this DUDE is proud of and respects, so without exception, before this meeting came to order, out came a nice spread of country cookin. I wasn’t expecting this DUDE. Stewed chicken and rice, green beans almondine, a

Fall 2013

nice fresh garden salad and YES, some sweet ice tea. Of course a nice prayer/blessing was said prior to us chowing down. The food was fantastic, thanks ladies! Oh and I about forgot about the freshly baked buttermilk biscuits. Yes, I had more than one! The SCV’s meeting are regimented, however causal and many times very funny. They swore in a few new members and discussed the upcoming Civil War Re-enactment scheduled for January 2014 at Frampton Plantation. We should have more info on that for you DUDES in our Winter issue. That should be fun to see DUDE! As they got done with inducting the new members and discussing future business, such as their participation in the Gopher Hill festival parade and events, they discussed their finances via a Treasurer report. Well DUDES, this had to be one of the most eye opening things that DIZ and I witnessed during these two weeks. You think these fine folks mean well, well check out this feel good story. The group learned that a gentleman in the Ridgeland area, that will remain unnamed for obvious reasons, lost his house to foreclosure. The SCV budget is not exactly overflowing with cash, however they do have some funds that allow them to do some very altruistic things. A couple of the members contacted a local realtor and the bank to see if there was anything they could do to help out this humbled gentleman and his family who had fallen on hard times, like many of our fellow Americans. Arrangements were made where the SCV took over 50% of their funds and purchased the property from the bank. That’s COLD? No DUDE, not at all, because they then contacted the local gentleman and allowed him to buy it back from them at roughly 25% of what the foreclosure was for, basically, the same amount that the SOCV paid for it. They also told him he could pay it back over a very flexible period of time. Well, as you can imagine this very humbled man and his family were very appreciative of this extremely generous act of caring and kindness. As it has turned out, the DUDE has already paid the SOCV back the amount they originally paid for the foreclosed property, basically allowing him to keep his home for a percentage of what was owed on it and probably most surprising to everyone reading this article, this DUDE is an African-American! What? SCV, Heritage Southern Way of Life Loving, Confederate Flag Respecting Waving folks helping out a black man! Change your prejudice opinion of these fine folks? Well it should DUDE! Made me proud to be among this fine Americans. NO, you probably won’t see this story on the MSNBC, but I thought it should be told. I learned a lot from this group of Southern Folks that opened even my Southern biased eyes a bit about some of the facts about Slavery and the Civil War that seem to not be taught nowadays and conveniently left out of the liberal/progressively slanted history school books our children are reading. Here’s a few facts that might be surprising to many of you who think the REBEL FLAG is a symbol of hatred and not Heritage due to the Slavery issue. Race baiters won’t be telling you these facts DUDE. Did you know the first American Slave Owner was Black?! That’s right, Anthony Johnson was

Fall 2013

released in the mid 1600’s and was legally recognized as a “free Negro” and in a Northhampton Court is was ruled that Mr. Johnson could hold a John Casor indefinitely, thus sanctioning blacks to own slaves of their own race, therefore making John Casor the first permanent slave and Anthony Johnson as the first slave owner. Both Black men! At the turn of the century in 1700, the number of free blacks prompted fears of a “Negro insurrection.” Colonial Virginia ordered the reparation of freed blacks back to Africa. Many blacks in turn sold themselves to white masters so they would not have to go to Africa. Interesting don’t you think? Regardless of this occurrence, black slave owners continued to thrive in the United States. Amazingly, in 1830, there were 3,775 black families living in the south who owned black slaves. In 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone. Sounds more like a Southern way of life than some over-portrayed race hating oppression. An aberration? You tell me DUDE! There are a few other facts that I learned that are worth passing on to our DUDE readers. Knowledge and Tolerance should be what Sharpton and Jackson are preaching. Not sure that’s what they are up too with their Race Hate Baiting Rants! More about the all mighty dollar to them I think. They want you to think the CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG is a symbol of hate and should be taken down everywhere it is displayed. Well, a lot of blacks, as well as whites, fought for this flag which represented the SOUTHERN WAY OF LIFE. Actually, the RED field in the flag represents the BLOOD OF CHRIST, the WHITE border represents the PROTECTION OF GOD, the BLUE “X” represent the CHRISTIAN CROSS of SAINT ANDREW, the first disciple of Jesus Christ and patron Saint of Scotland and Russia and of course the 13 STARS represented the 13 SOUTHER STATES of SECESSION. Not sure many people know that’s really what the CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG means. I would venture to say that neither Sharpton or Jackson know these facts. A few other things that you may not hear these Race Baiters bring up at one of their rant sessions that I learned by talking with these fine SOCV folks; Did you know President Abraham Lincoln’s wife’s family owned slaves? and US General and future president, Ulysses Grant and his wife owned slaves until December of 1865. Me either! If the Civil War was about hating the black man, then why did 90,000 of them, free men and slaves, fight for the South and the Confederate States Army? Interesting don’t you think?! Slavery is taught as a Southern hate thing, but don’t you find it interesting that the overwhelming majority of the slaves coming from Africa came in on Northern Ships registered in New York? Of the 880,000 Confederate Soldiers, less than 4% were actually slave owners, if this is true, what were the other 96% of blacks and whites fighting for? I also found it interesting the last-black Americans in the US to be freed from slav-



NEW MEMBER (DIRECT ANCESTOR) BEING SWORN IN AT MONTHLY MEETING ery were from New Jersey. Sounds like them Damn Yankees were a bit hypocritical don’t you think? Hey, the father of our country, President George Washington was a slave owner and Gen. Robert E. Lee of the CSA was not a slave owner. Who was leading who DUDE? Finally, another interesting tid bit I learned, that after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was passed, that the people of Norfolk and Portsmouth VA were allowed to actually keep their slaves. Kind of sounds like Congress opting themselves out of Obamacare along with their Union buddies. I think it is wise to keep these facts in mind when you hear the race baiters ragging on Southerners and their Confederate Battle Flag. One last cool fact that I learned was that many of our Southern Universities such as; The Fighting Tigers of Louisiana, the Charging Razorbacks of Arkansas, the Crimson Tide of Alabama, the Fighting Bulldogs of Georgia and the Tarheels from North Carolina were all Confederate Infantry units. I hope Sharpton and Jackson don’t find this out or they’ll want all these fine universities to change their team names. Good Lord, y’all two DUDES need to give it a rest! Well DUDES, I hope this article has been a bit eye opening and hopefully America’s future is bright with Blacks, Whites and people of all colors getting along and not falling victim to those preaching hate. DON’T FORGET, IT’S HERITAGE NOT HATE! Thanks to Travis Richardson and company for showing us what they are all about. I for one, am DAMN PROUD TO BE A SOUTHERNER! As the memorial of the “Iron Southern Cross” and the SOCV monthly meeting came to an end, these proud individuals stood up, put their right hand over their hearts and sang, DIXIE! It was quite moving to actually sing this song with so many folks that take PRIDE IN THEIR SOUTHERN HERITAGE. “In Dixie Land , I’ll take my stand, to live and die in Dixie, Away, away, away down in south in Dixie, Look away, look away, look away Dixie land!” The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) want you to know that this is a voluntary association of the descendants of those men who served the Confederate States of America in the military government. The SCV is the physical and spiritual inheritor of the Men in gray who struggled so valiantly for southern independence. Because of this, there is no hesitation in stating that the symbols of our Confederate heritage are not a threat to anyone and most of all, they do not exclude anyone. When the symbols of this heritage are displayed our hearts are filled with deep love,respect and pride. This is the true spirt of the south. It is the purpose of the SCV to preserve the traditions of the south and to tell the true story of the confederacy. This organization is not affiliated with any other group. It is neither political nor sectarian but strives to give the world and especially to other Southerners, an understanding and appreciation of the southern soldiers who rendered the supreme sacrifice in the defense of their homes and families. For those wanting to join the SCV you can call 1-800-MY SOUTH or go to their website at SCV.COM.



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(SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd) New Location This Year PEPPER HALL PLANTATION, Okatie, SC Doors open at 5:00 PM Cost is $45.00 per person Great Food, Great Raffles & Auction Items, Great Friends and One Great Time! For Sponsorship and Ticket Information Contact - Larry Muething 290-5372 Julian Weston 247-0767 (Photography by WINK GAINES)

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Prostate Health



or a gland the size of a walnut, the prostate can cause some serious havoc. The problems start around age 40 when the prostate gland begins to grow. Half of men will develop some kind of prostate condition, among them benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate cancer. Millions of men suffer from prostate issues that often negatively affect their quality of life, particularly as they age. If you’re experiencing one of these conditions, you don’t have to suffer in silence. A number of remedies are now available that make it possible to successfully treat prostate disease with medication or minimally invasive procedures. BPH BPH, otherwise known as an enlarged prostate, is the most common of these conditions. More than 50 percent of men in their 60s and as many as 90 percent in their 70s and older, have symptoms of an enlarged prostate. The complaints include straining to urinate, incomplete emptying of the bladder, needing to urinate two or more times per night and a weak urine stream, as well as needing to urinate too often or suddenly and leakage of urine. Surgery was once the only cure for BPH. Now, there are a number of alternatives. The choice of treatment will depend on the severity of your symptoms and how much they are affecting your daily life. In most cases, I would suggest starting with lifestyle changes. If the problem gets worse, the next step would be medication that can either help shrink the prostate or relax muscles near the prostate to ease symptoms. For those with symptoms so bothersome that they can’t enjoy life in spite of medication, minimally invasive surgery may be warranted. PROSTATE CANCER Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men. Consider the odds: one man in six will get prostate cancer during his lifetime. More than 238,000 men will be diagnosed with the disease and more than 30,000 will die from it, just this year, but it’s not all bad news. Thanks to regular screenings, 90 percent of all prostate cancers are detected in the early stage when it’s most treatable. In its early stages, prostate cancer does not cause symptoms. That’s why it’s so important men between the ages of 55 and 69 have a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening every year. It can alert you to prostate cancer when it’s most treatable. Surgery has been shown to offer the best long-term results for prostate cancer if it has not spread outside the gland. Known as a radical prostatectomy, the


operation involves the surgical removal of the entire prostate plus some of the tissue around it. Unlike other treatment options, surgery allows your doctor to more precisely determine the stage of the cancer based on a pathological specimen. The success of the surgery also can be determined just a few weeks after the procedure with a simple blood test, but depending on the type of cancer and the patient’s overall health and preferences, other options for treatment, such as radiation, may be preferable. For patients who are candidates for surgery, a robot assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy is the most advanced treatment option, resulting in shorter hospital stays, less time with a catheter and significantly less blood loss and postoperative pain. Operating through several tiny holes in the abdomen, surgeons can remove the cancerous prostate while attempting to preserve the vital nerves and arteries that control bladder and sexual function. LOW TESTOSTERONE Low testosterone is another issue that can crop up as men age. It’s not as prevalent as television advertisements make it out to be, but it is often overlooked because many of the symptoms; fatigue, losing muscle or gaining body fat, sexual dysfunction, changes in mood or memory and mirror other medical problems. Testosterone replacement therapy can alleviate symptoms in men with hypogonadism (low testosterone), a disease in which the body is unable to produce normal amounts of the male hormone. These are issues that affect most men as they age and there’s no reason to suffer with the symptoms when there are available remedies. So, talk with your doctor about what you can do to maintain your prostate health.

DUDE PROFILE: Board-certified urologist Dr. Michael Staley is a member of Beaufort Memorial Hospital’s medical staff. A graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, he is the only physician currently performing robot-assisted laparoscopic prostate cancer surgery in Beaufort County. Dr. Staley sees patients at both Coastal Carolina Urology Group in Beaufort and at Beaufort Memorial Bluffton Medical Services in Westbury Park. To reach Dr. Staley, call (843) 524-7607.

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Dagwood Special

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COVERED! Buying or selling a home is the biggest transaction of most people’s lives. It can be emotional, exciting, and even a little scary. Guidance and straight talk help.

CALL ME TODAY and I can help you with Home Buying Home Selling Mortgages Titles and Escrow Foreclosures & Short Sales Home Inspections Forms & Contracts


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his past Summer there was a Bike Jamboree & Wash held at Carolina Honky Tonk on Hwy 170 in Okatie. The turnout for our Veterans was amazing. The event was to benefit the great worth while event that is “WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA,” that places a fresh Fraser fir wreath on the graves of all our Fallen American Heroes, most particularly the ones in Beaufort Memorial Cemetery. Last year they made enough to buy 33 wreaths and this year they raised enough to buy 183 wreaths. Rick Shreckengost and the United States Military Veterans Motor Cycle Club would like to thank Carolina Honky Tonk, all the Bands, Ice Cream truck, Food stand & bike washer volunteers, as well as The Island Packet/Beaufort Gazette and DUDE for the press releases. They would also like to thank all the T-shirts sponsors: Randels Lawnmowers, Campagnuolo Family, Magnificent Cleaning Service, Horsepower Motorcycle Ministries,


My Tech Automotive, Outlaw Armory, Atlantic Pools, Katie O’Donald’s Irish Pub, James Boyle Roofing, All in 1 Lawn Care, Al’s Cycle Repair, Halyama Family, Phillips Family, Beaufort Cycles, Sloan Electric Co., Captain Woody’s Bar & Grill, Rebel Dog Cycles, Bluffton Pet Care and All Source Auto Repair & Towing. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to everyone that came out to support this fun event and making it the best one ever. Anyone that wishes to further support the “WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA”, we have placed collection ammo cans in the following Bars/ Restaurants: Beaufort - (Cry Babies, Jersey Mikes), Okatie - (Carolina Honky Tonk), Bluffton (Katie O’Donalds), Charleston (Sand Shack, Smokies). If you have a club or group that would like to donate in that group’s name, feel free to contact USMV M/C representative for details and forms to do so or call Rick Shreckengost USMV M/C 843-540-2944. NICE JOB DUDES & DUDETTES!

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• Family Reunions

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Halloween Costume Party

(Friday, October 25th ) Check Facebook for Details.


HAZZARD CREEK VILLAGE HWY 170 OKATIE, S.C. (Between Oldfield and Callawassie/Spring Island)

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Kayaking, Hiking, Running, Backpacking and more!


843-379-4327 2121 Boundary Street (Suite 101) Beside Bi-Lo and Behind Outback Steakhouse



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Guinness Perfect Pint Award Winner for 16 years running!

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Open 7 Days for Lunch, Dinner & Late Night Happy Hour: 4-7 pm Daily SATURDAY & SUNDAY BRUNCH • (9 AM to 2 PM) Watch your favorite sporting events or play the area’s only NTN Trivia Network from any of our 9 TV’s.

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You better prepare yourself for



o if you’ve been reading my articles in the past issues of DUDE, you know that my husband, Freddie is on the road A LOT! As a concert production manager, he’s up early, working all day and getting in late at night (early a.m.) His eating habits were bad, Very Bad! Pizza, burgers and lots of tacos kept his waistline extended. Well Freddie has that under control for the most part, now his fitness routine started to suffer. Getting into bed at 2:00 in the morning and up at 8:00 a.m., left him little time to workout. Managing Production meant no breaks and Showtime… Well you could forget a romp to the gym. When I mentioned to him that it didn’t take long to get a good solid full body workout with resistant bands he just laughed. “Real DUDES don’t use girlie bands” he scoffed. “Really” I pushed back, “You’re on!” I set out four bands, each with a different amount of resistance; yellow-light, green-medium, red-strong and blue-heavy duty. “Give me an exercise that you do with weights” I taunted. “Biceps” my burly man replied. Grabbing the red band and standing on it with two feet and grasping the handles, I began a bicep curl just as I would if I had dumbbells in hand. Getting to about ten, I could see Freddie looking very skeptical, so I continued on. By 20, I was getting fatigued and my biceps were starting to pump up noticeably. I stepped off and handed him the band and said, “Jump on DUDE!” “Give me that, this is going to be so easy, but I’ll humor you anyway.” Freddie started curling. At first, the curls looked sloppy and too easy but by repetition ten, he started to feel the burn. “Interesting” exclaimed my DUDE. “What if I used the blue band?” Taking that band for a spin and seeing how quickly he could change out resistance, he was immediately hooked. “Show me some more honey!” It was an easy routine to put together, going from legs to chest to arms, Freddie could change out a band and move into any exercise quickly with very little equipment. So now his bands are in a bag in his suitcase and always ready for a quick “gym” workout. I’ve added a loop that he can feed his bands thru and attach behind a closed door. Now he can do pull downs, upright rows and torso rotations. Some days he has access to a body bar. Adding the bar to his bands gives him weights plus resistance, a great combination. So if you are looking for a quick, very effective, low impact and highly adjustable workout, you have no more excuses. Just join the Band DUDE! Look for a complete guide to a better band workout by visiting us on Facebook, so LIKE US DUDE! DUDE PROFILE: Ramona Ward has been married for 26 years to Freddie Ward and has been living in the Lowcountry for 30 years. She’s been a Bluffton resident for 12 years. Mona has 3 dogs (all adopted and overly adored). She is the Sports Club Director, Oldfield Club, as well as a Personal Trainer and Fitness instructor through AFPA. She enjoys skiing, wakeboarding, cooking, (eating, Duh!) hopping on the big bike and getting out of town...All forms of crazy activities. Personal motto - It’s more fun to color outside the lines!!!


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Taste Of Waddell

“It’s the cut and color that make it happen”

“There’s no substitute for experience”

(Sunday, November 10th 3-7pm) Located at Colleton River bluff at the Waddell Mariculture Center on Sawmill Creek Road, Bluffton, SC THIS YEAR’S EVENT WILL FEATURE: • A shrimp dinner cooked 3 ways, served continuously by Chef Michael Sigler • May River oysters served by the Bluffton Marine Rescue Squadron • Music by “Lowcountry Boil” bluegrass band • Raffle and a silent auction featuring charter fishing trips, chef’s dinners, fishing and boating equipment, resort accommodations • Exhibits by boating and fishing tackle dealers • Waddell fisheries exhibit. • Cocktails around a bonfire as the sun sets over the Colleton There will also be a special presentation by SCDNR’s Dr. Michael Denson, one of the nations leading experts on Cobia about the state of the fishery in Beaufort County and its future problems. Dr. Denson’s Cobia genetic research program, assisted by local fishermen collecting DNA, has raised some serious concerns about its   sustainability.

Tammy Martin 843-341-2800

Sal Piazza


New York Stylist

Tammy’s @ Plantation Center 807 Wm. Hilton Pkwy (Hwy 278) Between Santa Fe Cafe and Alfred’s


Captain Mike’s Bluewater Seafood WE’VE GOT THE CRABS

• Blue, Snow Legs, Stone Claws and Soft Shells

In cooperation with the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, the Friends of Waddell Fund supports the Center’s tour program, Cobia and Adult Red Drum research, community related activities, emergency repairs and equipment, summer interns and school education.

Fresh Local Shrimp (All Sizes) • Fresh Fish, Grouper, Salmon, Flounder, Snapper, Whiting • Clams & Oysters (In Season)

Tickets $30 per person

Call Ahead For Large Orders • Restaurants Welcome OPEN DAILY: Mon-Thu & Sat 10-6 • Fri 10-7 Sun 10-5

Beer wine and oysters are extra, an alternate meat is available. As space is limited reservations are requested, tickets may be purchased at the gate. Go to to register or request info.

843-816-2675 or 843-645-3811 Located on Hwy 170 in Okatie • (Next to El Cheapo Gas Station)

Visit the #1 Rated Farmer’s Market in South Carolina! Available in Medium 12”, Large 14”, X-Large 16” and our JUMBO 18”

We Thank Our Sponsors For Their Support!

RYAN’S HAPPY HOUR In our NEW FULL BAR Monday thru Friday 4:00 to 7:00 PM • $2 Domestic Drafts • $3 Well Drinks

Open Daily 11 AM Sundays at Noon till 10 PM


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This is our DUDE cooking forum where DUDES and DUDETTES can send in their recipes to share with our DUDE readers. This ain’t your Mama’s Southern Living glamour recipe guide. It’s DUDES cooking with the deer they shot, the fish they caught or the vegetables they grew. These recipes are simple, easy to prepare and usually pretty darn good to use over and over again. So, if you’d like to share one of your favorite DUDE style recipes with us, send it to (


ups in me of the best so Joe always has so & Deli. I the Carolina Dog Beaufort County at share his awesome She ould asked Joe if he w is Fall. Do with us DUDES th e cip re up Crab So a favor s or ds and neighb yourself, your frien es 25 rv Se at POT FULL th eat and make the BIG ly al tu en ev e me and lik be or e ar sh d an of a few self over a period the whole pot your ng in half days. Cut everythi ly a dozen or so DUDES. e on if you wish to serv

claw meat • 3 pounds crab THE GOODS diced r • 5 cups of celery ced • 1 pound of butte ns di • 2 cups of onio • 1 pound of flour m ea y cr • 2 cups sherry • 2 quarts of heav sco sauce ilk m of ns llo • 1/2 cup of Taba ershire sauce • 2 ga ce or p of W st • 1 quart of water ater • 1/2 cu te Pepper to taste w ith w d ixe m se • Salt & Whi • 1 16oz crab ba e Ro ft. ab cr d un po 1 • e vegetable until so r. Separately saut tte bu d an ng ur ni ai flo m ith il and then add re Make your roux w slowly bring to a bo service finish with a dollop of d an ux ro to ilk m Add . For mer for 30 minutes sim d an s nt ie ed gr in nd you his up. Deli and Joe will se d sherry atop the so an g Do a lin ro up. ok, Ca Like us on Facebo ng when they have this fabulous so di clu in , ay yd er specials ev ENJOY DUDES!

KY R E J K C NE after many various trialrky D E R S ’ O MAGoOdd is as big a rednecpkerfasecI tajemrkayndrehceip,e. M,aIneyvDenUDhaEvSetaskoemjee in

rT ck e My brothe as come up with th beats sardines. He h ly rs in o a rr rt e e c and s it d fishing a n DUDE! hunting an DUDE. ke your ow a M g y. a rk b my golf bought je like it. O to store in as you th s a d e c Just say N li Broil s e London One full siz thinner the better) owder e n Garlic P pepper corns o o p s (Usually th a te d 1/2 Recipe e • bsp of freshly groun Seasoning Marinade Kikoman Soy Sauc T ry 1 lt • u o P ry’s of Tbsp Law ry’s Season Salt • 1/2 cup ter /2 1 • a w p of Law ve in re• 1.4 cup on of liquid smoke • 1/2 Tabs er and lea rature o in p r s e ta a p n p o te e c P /8 in •1 mon om tempe ndon Broil awry’s Le trips of Lo ntainer out to get ro bout every s e • 2 Tbsp L c la p d o a n n for ight. Set c ade well a ld check it Mix marin 24 hours or over n ro says your shou set after dehydratio for et r. B frigerator lacing in dehydrato the magic time. L e p b to to r s u o m an h rs see 2 1/2 hou um seal. hour and cu v our and a another h GO DUDE! GOOD TO




DUDE when you decide to pon y up and buy and exceptional cut of beef, whatever you do, DON’T RU IN IT by not cooking it properly. I am specifically talking about a FILET MIG NON. I know, I know DUDES think they can cook everything on their gri ll but this is one of my favorites and is best cooked inside. RUB YOUR MEAT with your favorite dry rub and let it set for at least an hour or so prior to cooking. Always start by cooking you r meat at room temperature DUDE.

FILET MIGNON DUDE, the ladies love filets, so when you decide to impres s her with cooking one for her, whatever you do, don’t screw it up and not cook it properly. I usually buy a wh ole filet mignon and clean and cut it up myself. Fresh cut filets are hard to bea t. Make sure you trim off exc ess fat and flabby portions of the tender loin by running your knife alo ng the bottom side know as the “chain.” Als o make sure you trim the silv er-skin off, as it is tough and will make for some very unpleasant chewy bite s. Cut in to 2 inch thick filets. Thi s size is very important in the proper cooking procedure. Season filets with Lawy’s Se asoning Salt and Fresh Cracke d Black Pepper and wrap the vertical out side with a thick slice of Ap plewood Smoked Bacon and secure with a too th pick. Now your ready to GET R DONE DUDE! This filet mignon cooking rec ipe is FOOL PROOF and wo rks every time. Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees. Sear the seasoned, bac on wrapped filet in a hot sauté pan (Lodge cast iron skillet) that is oven proof for 5 minutes, no more, no less. You might want to drip a bit of oliv e oil in the pan to start. Flip filets over in pan and place them in your hot oven. Roasting time as follows; 5 minutes RARE, 7 minutes MediumRare, 9 minutes Medium. If you want it mo re done than that, go burn a burger on the grill instead. This cooking techni que never fails DUDE. It’s advised to let the filet res t for 5 minutes prior to servin g. Serve with fresh steamed broccoli or asp aragus topped with hollandai se sauce and a side of wild rice or a twice bak ed potato. Make sure you have a nice bottle of hearty red wine to go with it. DUDE, she’ll be impressed!

Fall 2013

Saturday, Nov. 2nd • 2:00 til 6:00pm Calhoun Street Promenade • Bluffton, SC


150 of the

WORLD’S BEST BEERS More than 30 Unique Styles from over 70 Breweries

“The Best Little Beerfest in the US’’

843/757-8520 • Fall 2013


Bloody Point....

A Lighthouse Keeper’s Narrative BY LOWCOUNTRY JOE YOCIUS Owner/Keeper Bloody Point Lighthouse [ aka FUSKIE DUDE ]

Welcome from the back porch of the Historic CIRCA 1883 Bloody Point Lighthouse!


ature calls in the middle of the night. Stars twinkle in the heavenly sky and the sound of waves crashing upon the Bloody Point shore blend in with the sounds of tree crickets. All is well in the heavens and on a piece of land fashioned like an arrow point by our creator. But is it? Flashes of light flow into the large window that was once the “Light Room” but now functions as a bathroom. I peer out and listen for the crackle of lightning, but none will come. Yes, the sky is clear and the spirits are out. The spirits of Bloody Point. They flash across the fairways, greens and loblolly pines of the renovated Bloody Point golf course.  They remind me of the Northern lights I experienced at the top of the world while stationed at Thule Greenland. Magnificent bright dancing lights acting like dervishes that stream like rippling currents. Swirling the dew laden grass and gleefully wrapping  pines and oaks in loving caresses, it seems they have been temporarily released of their supernatural confines and are simply having fun and then they are gone. As a human I feel blessed to have experienced this phenomena, but in my heart there was never any need to wonder who these spirits were. All one has to do is visit the new Bloody Point Golf Club’s pro shop and restaurant. Upon entering, a spacious rotunda


awaits you with skylights that allows Gods light to display four magnificent murals on adjoining walls. These murals painted upon Bloody Point’s construction in the late 80’s portray Bloody Point’s history for all to see. I feel with all my heart it was the inhabitants portrayed in these paintings and the residents of the structures that are the gleeful spirits. The scene of the Indians depicts one of three battles where the Bloody Point beach was crimson with blood. Yemassees along with Creeks, Appalachions, Congarees, Carawbas and Cherokees had been making quick raids on unprotected Plantations on the Southern cost. They would pilfer and steal and then head back to their main camp at St. Augustine. In previous raids, they had been slaughtered but in the battle of 1715, they pounced on unsuspecting settlers at Bloody Point’s Southern tip known as Fort Passage. They enacted their revenge and never again appeared on Bloody Point’s shores.  Oakley Hall, the magnificent Bloody Point Plantation House CIRCA 1874 was torn down in 1942. This mansion named for the oak that formed its construction was owned by Mr. Harry Stoddard. He was known for lavish parties at the time, bringing over throngs of guests from Savannah. Dancing lasted long into the night provided by live orchestras and a brass band.

Fall 2013

SAVANNAH CIVIC CENTER JOHNNY MERCER THEATRE Monday, Oct. 11th, HUNTER HAYES 7:30pm Wednesday, Nov. 13th JOE BONAMASSA 8pm Saturday, Jan. 4th ELVIS LIVES 8pm

NORTH CHARLESTON COLISEUM-PERFORMING ARTS CENTER Young adults at an oyster roast has always been my favorite mural. From their fanciful dress at the time they could have arrived at Oakley Hall for the day, but except for their period clothing, they could very well have been young adults of today simply enjoying a classic Lowcountry Oyster Roast. Last but not least is the Bloody Point Lighthouse, my current home. This fine structure, one of eight (8) lighthouses in South Carolina, was constructed in 1883. Built by James C. LaCoste from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina and moved inland to protect it from erosion, it served many Lighthouse Keepers and their families. It was decommissioned in 1922 and since has seen a myriad of owners and characters of the day. Because of its wood construction, it is amazing that it still stands, especially after all that stood before it is now gone. It was as if to say, “I am the true history and living spirit of Bloody Point …. I am Bloody Point….I will survive!” Yes the worldly people that once inhabited Bloody Point are long gone, but new generations of old and young living in fine structures akin to Oakley Manor now align the beach at Bloody Point. The Bloody Point Golf Club rises out of the despair of what I call our generations great depression. With the infusion of multi millions of dollars, this golf course claimed by mother nature’s insidious weeds, now stands wide, proud and green. Thanks to what I have called “Davis Love’s Lovebirds” it welcomes golfers for a true test of golf on what I perceive as a friendly course. A new restaurant called the Eagles Nest boasts a real honest to goodness chef and a staff that is kind, friendly and welcoming. The once Bloody Point Breathe Spa has been converted into seven stately comfortable rooms. New tennis courts and a lovely pool add to a growing list of amenities. Ah and to whisk you to this luscious landscape from Savannah, a high speed boat has been added to the fleet with embarkation at a newly constructed Bloody Point dock. New streetlights resembling the ones of old, now alight the entrance to Bloody Point. I gaze at those lights from my lofty perch in the Bloody Point light room and those lights seem to have disheartened the spirits in some way, but streaks of multi colored light still dominate the Bloody Point stillness at times, which gives me confidence that over time, all will return. As generations pass, all at Bloody Point will transfer into dust but the spirits will flourish like fine flowers at what is simply known as Bloody Point.

Visit Bloody Point and Daufuskie Island’s Premier “Fresh Daily” website. Click on Da’ Fuskie Happenins for “the latest” news that’s fit ta print. DUDE PROFILE: Lowcountry Joe® Once characterized by Tiger Woods’ former coach Hank Haney as a “local legend”, Joe Yocius, aka Lowcountry Joe, seems to always fit the bill. Truely one of the Lowcountry’s “unique” people, it’s hard to find a dull moment with this guy around. Whether it be “sitting in” at a Hilton Head juke joint blowin’ the blues on his harmonica, offering “tastes” at the historic Silver Dew Winery or relating personal ghost experiences on his Bloody Point Ghost Tours, LCJoe is the epitomy of a “Daufuskie Dude”. Joe and his lovely Bride Mary of (38) years are Owner/Keepers of the CIRCA 1883 Bloody Point Lighthouse.,

Fall 2013

Saturday, Oct. 12th, MICHAEL MCDONALD (PAC) 8pm Saturday, Nov. 2nd, MILITARY SALUTE (PAC) 7:30pm Sunday, Nov. 24th, BILL COSBY (PAC) 7pm Tuesday, Dec. 3rd, CHEAP TRICK (PAC) 7:30pm Thursday, December 12th, JOHN MAYER (NCC) 7pm Sunday, Jan. 19th, BARRY MANILOW (NCC) 7:30pm Saturday, Jan. 25, JOHNNY MATHIS (PAC) 8pm


Friday, Nov. 22nd, TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA 8pm Sunday, Jan.12th, JEFF DUNHAM Disorderly Conduct Tour 3pm

JACKSONVILLE MEMORIAL ARENA Tuesday, Oct. 29th, MICHAEL BUBLE 8pm Tuesday, Dec. 10th, JOHN MAYER tba Thursday, Jan. 23rd, BARRY MANILOW tba


Your four color ad in DUDE has 3 months duration. Your ad will have exposure in ALL of BEAUFORT COUNTY. Your ad will be available to VISITORS & LOCALS alike FREE. Your ad will have exposure on Parris Island, MCAS (Beaufort) and the Naval Hospital. Your ad will be posted in our on-line version of DUDE on our website. Your ad gives you a FREE HYPERLINK to your website from our website. Your ad automatically makes you a DUDE distribution spot. Your ad can be graphically built by us FREE and you can use it anywhere you wish. Your ad will get your business’s facebook page linked to our homepage and we will post all your special offers and events on our home page, so LIKE US DUDE! For more information about becoming part of the ever growing


Contact: Brad McDonald (Publisher) (843) 298-3827 Tony Starr (VP Sales & Marketing) (843) 263-2835


Danica, you disappoint me..... BY WES GRADY


wo years ago, I announced that Danica Patrick was hanging up her IndyCar trappings and moving full time to the NASCAR Nationwide Series. I predicted great things for her, her team, and for the Nationwide Series, which is often overlooked in the pressure of the Sprint Cup. I even went so far as to suggest her team hire her as spokesperson, drawing on her enormous public support to help the team, in the early stages. That was JR Motorsports, but Danica left JR Motorsports a few months later and opted instead to go full time to the Sprint Cup series, which is akin to moving from the Junior Varsity to the Varsity. She signed with Stewart-Haas Racing and has continued to race for that team. Her official website shows dozens of photos, but the images themselves could be called misleading. In every photo, she is seen leading a pack of stock cars, but only because of the angle of the photographic view and only because the photographer can’t include the entire race-car field. Her major sponsor, Go Daddy, touts her as a NASCAR Star. The facts however, show an image that is far removed from stardom and even one could argue, less than mediocre. So, lets examine the history of Racing’s favorite female driver. Danica started racing in England, where she raced Karts and limited formula cars, moving to the US in 2002 with the Rahal-Letterman Racing organization. She drove in Barber Dodge Pro and Toyota Championship Series for the team and actually did quite well during her first season with one pole and several top three finishes. That record, however, was dealt a blow after she moved to IndyCar in 2005 and to NASCAR following that. As of September 1, 2013, Danica Patrick has run a total of 114 IndyCar races with one victory, in the Japan 300 in April of 2008. She managed 6 finishes at either 2nd or 3rd and 63 top 10 finishes. That would be outstanding if it was NASCAR, but while NASCAR fields a 43 car starting lineup, most IndyCar races are limited to 24 entries. Since entering NASCAR, she has run a total of 35 Sprint Cup and 60 Nationwide Series races. In the Nationwide Series, she has 1 pole and 7 top 10 finishes. In the Sprint Cup, she has 1 pole and 1 top 10 finish. Her average starting position is in the mid 30’s out of 43 cars. Her average finish is in the high 20s. She is seldom on the same lap as the race winner. Danica has drawn much in terms of negative comments from her fellow competitors, with Kyle Petty suggesting that she is not a race car driver and never will be one. He also points to the discrepancy between her pre-race qualifying speeds and the speed she accomplishes during the race. Sports writer Josh Foster suggests that she lacks the goods to compete in NASCAR.


I must admit that going into the AvoCare 500 at Atlanta over the Labor Day weekend, I was unsure as to my feelings. I paid particular attention to how she performed on the track when other drivers were present. What I saw was most unimpressive. She would give way to other drivers and moved up in position only due to attrition or when those drivers leading the race went to the pits for fuel and tires. At the finish, she was 21st, exactly where she started, and two laps behind the leader. What I saw was a timid driver. She can drive fast, certainly, and often does during qualifying and practice, but when the actual race begins, she seems to wilt under the pressure and does not challenge for position. If she doesn’t nip this behavior in the bud, her racing career will end up little better than an asterisk in the record books. She has her supporters, and her detractors. From her first announcement that she was moving to NASCAR, I was one of her strongest supporters. Now, I am just disappointed. I thought she was better than she has shown. True, she may get better as we progress through the season, and from season to season, but if she doesn’t soon break out and start racing, she will find that her supporters are fickle at best.

DUDE PROFILE: Wes Grady is relatively new to the lowcountry, moving here from the Hudson Valley of New York in 2007. Wes retired from the practice of law after 30 years and claims that this was the best decision he ever made. Upon arriving in the Lowcountry, Wes completed the Master Gardener program offered by Clemson University and then began taking ecology classes at USCB and in 2009 he completed the Master Naturalist program through the Lowcountry Institute. Snakes are his specialty and he regularly works with home owners in Sun City to educate them about snakes and removes venomous snakes as they appear. He is proud of the fact that no snake is ever killed. Wes is a private pilot, an advanced open water SCUBA diver and a general class amateur radio operator. In his younger days, he obtained his Sports Car Club of America Competition License at Nelson Ledges, Ohio and raced for several years in the eastern part of the country. Wes is an advanced photographer and likes to travel throughout the world shooting wildlife and scenics. He lives in Sun City with his wife, Linda, and can be reached at 843-705-4875 or by e-mail at:

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Dear DUDE Magazine, The 58th Annual Beaufort Water Festival has come to a close. This year’s festival was one of good times and fond memories for our community and our volunteers. I would like to take this time to THANK YOU for your sponsorship of the Beaufort Water Festival. We hope you enjoyed the 58th Festival as much as we enjoyed presenting it. Our goal was not only to present a great festival for our attendees, but also to enhance the recognition of our Sponsors at each event through our enhanced and improved; radio and television advertising, sponsor expo, written publications, social media and our website. Your sponsorship dollars support not only the Beaufort Water Festival, but also many local non-profit and civic organizations that receive donations from the Beaufort Water Festival for volunteering their services. Again, thank you for your continued support. Without you this truly would not be possible. Sincerely, Dan Thompson 58th Commodore 2013 Beaufort Water Festival Dear Dan, DUDE had a blast at this year’s festival! Fantastic effort by all those on the various committees and the numerous volunteers. GREAT JOB DUDES! DUDE loves being a part of the fun-filled days in July that make summer extra special here in Beautiful Beaufort By The Bay. Special thanks to Renea Gray for all the great contest winners‘ photos. Congratulation Dan, I think you have your picture more in this issue than any other DUDE in one issue ever. It is simply DUDE’s pleasure to be involved with y’all! CHEERS DUDE! We’ll see you next year! Brad McDonald PUBLISHER of DUDE Dear Harold, Have you ever heard of The Southern Ten Commandments? You seem like a good ole Southern Boy Fish, so I thought I would share these with you and your DUDE readers in case y’all didn’t know about these rules to live by. Some people have trouble with all those ‘shall’s’ and ‘shall not’s’ in the Ten Commandments. Folks just aren’t used to talking in those terms. So, in middle Tennessee they translated the ‘King James’ into ‘Jackson County’ joke (posted on the wall at Cross Trails Church in Gainesboro, TN). (1) Just one God (2) Put nothin’ before God (3) Watch yer mouth (4) Git yourself to Sunday meetin’ (5) Honor yer Ma & Pa (6) No killin’ (7) No foolin’ around with another fellow’s gal (8) Don’t take what ain’t yers (9) No tellin’ tales or gossipin’ (10) Don’t be hankerin’ for yer buddy’s stuff Now That’s Plain An’ Simple. Y’all Have A Nice Day Now Ya Hear and Bless Your Little Heart....Gaaaaaarrrrlaaay Shazam! Signed, Gomer Pyle USMC

Fall 2013

Dear Gomer, If everyone lived by those commandments I think the world would be a much better place to live. Life in the pond is much simpler DUDE. NO DRAMA, except when a gator comes crusin, then me and buddies haul ass! HAROLD Dear Harold, Here’s a funny story for you. This teacher gave her fifth grade class an assignment. Get their parents to tell them a story with a moral at the end of it. The next day, the kids came back and, one by one, began to tell their stories. There were all the regular types of stuff: Spilled milk and pennies saved, but then the teacher realized, much to her dismay, that only Janie was left. “Janie, do you have a story to share?” “Yes ma’am. My daddy told me a story about my Mommy.” She was a Marine pilot in Desert Storm, and her plane got hit. She had to bail out over enemy territory and all she had was a flask of whiskey, a pistol and a survival knife. She drank the whiskey on the way down so the bottle wouldn’t break and then her parachute landed her right in the middle of 20 Iraqi troops. She shot 15 of them with the pistol, until she ran out of bullets, killed four more with the knife, till the blade broke and then she killed the last Iraqi with her bare hands.”   “Good Heavens,” said the horrified teacher. “What did your Daddy tell you was the moral to this horrible story?” “Don’t mess with Mommy when she’s been drinking!” Signed, Sgt. Vince Carter Dear Sgt. Carter, It’s pretty simple, don’t mess with Marines DUDE! When the American Eagle decides it needs to open a can of Whoop Ass, the Marines are the first ones out of the can. Thank God for Parris Island Marine Recruiting Depot for they MAKE MARINES. I’m just glad they’re on our side DUDE. HAROLD Dear Harold, You country people are funny. Since I moved down here from Cleveland, I’ve grown fond our your Country Music. Some of the names of songs and lyrics are quite amusing. I have assembled what I think should be the TOP TEN COUNTRY WESTERN SONGS 10. I Hate Every Bone In Her Body But What A Body 9. I Ain’t Never Gone To Bed With an Ugly Woman But I Woke Up With a Few 8. If The Phone Don’t Ring, You’ll Know It’s Me 7. I’ve Missed You, But My Aim’s Improvin’ 6. Wouldn’t Take Her To A Dogfight ‘Cause She Might Win 5. I’m So Miserable Without You It’s Like You’re Still Here 4. My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend And I Miss Him 3. She Took My Ring and Gave Me the Finger 2. She’s Lookin’ Better with Every Beer And the Number One Country & Western song should be 1. It’s Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chewed My Butt All Day Signed, Howie Felterbush Dear Howie, A country boy can survive, so don’t go startin another Civil War by raggin on us Southern Folks, besides I’m not sure the North would win this time around. Just kidding of course DUDE. We understand why you Damn Yankees like it down here. Glad to have y’all down here! HAROLD

Dear Harold, A man and his wife were awakened at 3:00 am by a loud pounding on the door. The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push. “Not a chance,” says the husband, “it is 3:00 in the morning!” He slams the door and returns to bed. “Who was that?” asked his wife. “Just some drunk guy asking for a push,” he answers. “Did you help him?” she asks. “No, I did not, it’s 3am in the morning and it’s bloody pouring rain out there!” “Well, you have a short memory,” says his wife. “Can’t you remember about three months ago when we broke down, and those two guys helped us? I think you should help him, and you should be ashamed of yourself! God loves drunk people too you know.” The man does as he is told, gets dressed and goes out into the pounding rain. He calls out into the dark, “Hello, are you still there?” “Yes,” comes back the answer. “Do you still need a push?” calls out the husband. “Yes, please!” comes the reply from the dark. “Where are you?” asks the husband. “Over here on the porch swing,” replied the drunk. Signed, TJ Swann Dear TJ, HERE’S YOUR SIGN! HAROLD Dear Harold, Here a story about a fellow CAT I used to know. One day, he died of natural causes and goes to heaven, where he meets the Lord Himself. The Lord says to the cat, “You lived a good life, and if there is any way I can make your stay in heaven more comfortable, please let me know.” The cat thinks for a moment and says, “Lord, all my life I have lived with a poor family and had to sleep on a hard wooden floor.” The Lord stops the cat and says, “Say no more,” and a wonderful, fluffy pillow appears. A few days later, six mice are killed in a tragic farming accident, and all of them go to heaven. Again, the Lord is there to greet them with the same offer. The mice answer, “All our lives we have been chased. We have had to run from cats, dogs, and even women with brooms. Running, running, running; we’re tired of running. Do you think we could have roller skates so that we don’t have to run anymore?” The Lord says, “Say no more” and fits each mouse with beautiful new roller skates. Week later, the Lord stops by to see the cat and finds him snoozing on the pillow. The Lord gently wakes the cat and asks him, “How are things since you got here?” The cat stretches and yawns, then replies, “It is wonderful here. Better than I could have ever expected, And those ‘Meals On Wheels’ you’ve been sending by are the best!” Signed Felix Dear Felix, As a fish, I’ve never really like cats like you. Meow this and Meow that! What do you have to say for yourself? What’s wrong, cat got your tongue? Next time you eat one of my friends, I hope you choke on the bones. HAROLD P.S. Do y’all eat Catfish?


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