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SUMMER 2012      


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Summer  2012


um, Sum, Summertime in the Lowcountry DUDES! Yea, this is as good as it gets! Travel anywhere you like in the world, but many chose to come back right here and visit and live in paradise. This past spring we had more fun than a barrel of monkeys. You have to be old to understand that DUDES! We met so many great new fans of DUDE and spent lots of good times hanging with our DUDE FAMILY MEMBERS. Kind of makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As always we dedicate each issue of DUDE and induct a new DUDE to the prestigious DUDE HALL OF FAME. We have been on the King theme the past few issues with Arnie Palmer, THE KING of GOLF, Richard Petty, THE KING of NASCAR and another thing DUDES love is ROCK n ROLL and THE KING of that is none other than the BIG E, Elvis Aaron Presley. Mr. TCB himself, was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935, and his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee when he was 13. Elvis began his amazing career when he was 19 working with Sam Phillips and Sun Records. The Big E popularized the term rockabilly, which was his own version of a combination between country and rhythm and blues. Then came Colonel Tom Parker and the contract with RCA Victor which yielded Heartbreak Hotel in 1956. This seemed to be the birth of Rock n Roll and Elvis didn’t stop there, he made his film debut in 1956 with Love Me Tender. Elvis, the pelvis, broke the mold on high energy performances. When he first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show they filmed him from just the waste up cause Elvis was said to have vulgar sexual moves that drove the women wild. Jailhouse Rock, You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog, All Shook Up, Let Me be your Teddy Bear, all put Elvis at the top of everybody’s chart. Elvis proudly served his country in the Army and when he was stationed in Germany he met 14 year old Priscilla. They waited till she turned 21 before they got married. In 1968 they had their only child, Lisa Marie and Elvis was on the comeback trail after a period of some very successful movies. Ironically enough, President Nixon gave Elvis a badge for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs which eventually killed the King at age 42 on August, 16, 1977. The King is the best selling solo artist in the history of popular music, holds the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and has been inducted into multiple halls of fame including the DUDE HALL of FAME. Welcome THE KING of ROCK n ROLL, ELVIS PRESLEY, you da man this summer DUDE! Now let’s TCB like the Big E!


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John Wayne,  The  Duke,  Rooster  Cogburn  

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Summer 2011

Sylvester Stallone,  Rocky  &  Rambo  

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Arnold Palmer,  The  King  Of  Golf  

Winter ‘11/’12

Richard Petty,  The  King  Of  Nascar  

Spring 2012

Elvis, The  King  of  Rock  n  Roll  

Summer 2012

Nothing says Summertime in Beaufort County, like the Beaufort Water Festival. DUDE we became Admiral’s Sponsors last year and I’m not sure I’ve had that much fun

Summer 2012

in one full week in my life. The parade was awesome and we partied down with many of our DUDE FANS every night down at Waterfront Park. A truly great place to enjoy beautiful people and live tunes. Yea, I’d say it’s a pretty sweet place to party for a full week DUDE. See their ad this issue for the schedule of events. We also have an article about Big D’s Royal Tees printing of the Official Beaufort Water Festival T-Shirts. Pretty cool how that’s done DUDE. We have a link to their website on our very popular website www.dudesc.com, where you can peruse the current issue or even dig up some old copies in the archives. Couldn’t do that back in the Focus On The Coast days. See you DUDES at the Water Festival and don’t be afraid to come up and get your photo with us DUDE. Who knows? You could end up in the next issue of DUDE, DUDE! Good luck Commodore, John Gentry and all your coordinators! James Otto in the house! DUDE is not just your Daddy’s hunting and fishing magazine, but make no mistake about it, DUDES DO LIKE TO FISH! Got you covered as usual DUDES. Nobody covers local fishing like our DUDE FISHING STAFF. A pretty elite group of DUDES for sure. We went to Hilton Head Island Sportfishing Club and the guest speaker was none other than Captain Jason Dubose. We’ve gotten to know Jason over the past 6 years as the River Pro at Oldfield. He knows how to fish and fish well DUDE, that’s why he’s on the DUDE FISHING STAFF! Jason told about his Cobia fishing mastery and it seems to be offshore DUDES. Jason is leaving Oldfield in pursuit of bigger things like fishing big time sailfish tournaments up the east coast. Don’t worry DUDES, he’s still around and will be running his maxo 42” Yellowfin with (3) 350’s on the back out of Windmill Harbor. Ever been through their lock system? Pretty cool for their tideless marina there at the SC Yacht Club. See Jason’s article for all his new adventures. DUDE went fishing with Captain Trent Malphrus and Master Sargent DIZ Disbrow (retired) one chilly early spring morning. DUDE, chasing massive schools of redfish up and down the oyster banks outside Shelter Cove is a great way to spend a morning in the Lowcountry. Thanks for the trip Trent! Captain Charlie Beadon who joined the DUDE FISHING STAFF last issue is our Fly Fishing Master. It seems Captain Charlie has discovered a very cool new fly fishing adventure. Fly fishing for in shore bonnethead sharks! DUDE, that ain’t no rainbow trout when he takes your particular pattern. SWEET! Finally on the fishing scene, our Fresh Water Fishing DUDE, Wade Bales checks in this issue with how and where to find the HAWGS as the water temperatures start to rise. No DUDE, they are not always on the bottom! Catch em up this Summer DUDES and send your photos to our editor, Harold the Largemouth Bass at harold@dudesc.com OK, we’re not quite done with being on the water and fishing just yet DUDE. Our Governor’s Award Winning Wildlife Journalist, Jeff Dennis goes fishing down in the Florida Keys with the inventor or D.O.A. lures, Capt. Mark Nichols. Hate I missed that trip. Oh, I wasn’t invited! DUDES on the water some time run in to trouble and most likely that Harold’s heroes will be some of the members of the Bluffton Marine Rescue Squadron. What a great group of DUDES that help out fellow DUDES in need. They know how to have fun fundraising because they receive NO GOVERNMENT HELP! Enjoyed the brews at the Island Dispensary in Bluffton and learned more about these good deed doing DUDES! Well speaking of DOING GOOD DEEDS, I seemed to have witnessed something this past spring that revives my hope in America. NO IT’S NOT OUR DO NOTHING GOVERNMENT, it’s the beautiful giving nature of what truly makes an AMERICAN AN AMERICAN. Some divisive people like our senate and house have trouble realizing what it’s all about. Hey you knuckleheads, WE’RE ON THE SAME TEAM DUDE! This Summer issue of DUDE will open your eyes to how us Lowcountry DUDES roll and how we seem to be helping out our fellow man and wounded warriors completely without our government’s help. This is what makes AMERICA THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH. The Independence Fund is a perfect example of just what I’m talking about DUDE. No government intervention. Just great good hearted people and veterans going the extra mile to recognize, appreciate and take care of our wounded warriors that have many physical and mental issues to deal with from our WAR ON TERROR! Don’t ever question AMERICAN RESOLVE, news flash radical muslims ie: al Qaeda, YOU WILL REGRET SCREWING WITH THE U.S.A. Battle has its costs and to see the efforts being put forth by those with The Independence Fund really pull at the heart string. We witnessed the ground breaking of the Iraq/Afghanistan Remembrance Wall and Chapel at Palm Key, soon to home of a great Mission Retreat for Vets and their families to get away from it all and pay homage to their fallen partners in battle and maybe even catch a few fish and hit a golf ball. The Healing Heroes Golf Week was during that ground breaking and we DUDES got a chance to tee em up with some of our wounded warriors. The smiles I witnessed on their faces was PRICELESS DUDE! To see a DUDE with one arm and one leg hit a golf ball farther than all his team members and high five them is about


as rewarding as it gets. The Independence Fund also partners up with our buddy, Gary Sinise in the Lieutenant Dan Bank Weekend. This September will be the third issue of this great military wounded warriors event. Not only will there be Gary getting down with his Lt. Dan Band members, there’s a gold tournament, run and even fishing events with O’Neill Outside and Walker Cay Chronicle’s Flip Pallot. While we’re on the subject of helping out our fellow DUDES, we would like to introduce you to CROSSROADS. Crossroads is a community support services group that we are going to be introducing to you over the next several issues. This issue our friends and neighbors, Sue and Ken Kroupa informed us about the Back Pack Buddies Program they are serving up this summer. Helping out those children that might not be getting the proper nutrition this summer, as well as during the school year is a very worth while cause. Speaking of more good causes which seems to be the theme of this issue of DUDE, it’s time to Do the LoCo Motion this September. Our DUDE family members at Beaufort Memorial Hospital check in with the training that goes in to these fine folks who volunteer their time and efforts to help raise money for breast cancer education, screening, treatment and clinical research. So, check out new DUDE contributor, Marie McAden’s article about real men wear pink and get involved and DotheLoCoMotion.org with us this fall. Helping out those in need is truly the American spirit that makes the United States of American the most caring nation in the world. A fine example of that caring for others comes in an article from DUDE family member, Mike Foskey of Foskey Heating & Air. Call them for the DUDE summer service discount. It seems that Mike is quite the outdoors DUDE, as he grew up outdoors and hunted with his brother and father. A few years ago, Foskey’s good nature and hunting skills paid off and he saved one of his neighbors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease that had gone missing and wandered off from his home. Mike sprang in to action and jumped on his ATV and successfully hunted and found this troubled DUDE and most likely saved his life. Well done DUDE! Finally, on the taking care of yourself and others scene, Summertime means DUDES outdoors getting sunburned. Check out our great tips for Sun Safety, by new DUDE contributor, Dr. M. Randy Dalbow from Beaufort Memorial Hospital. UV rays are dangerous DUDE, so make sure you follow his tips and take care of your children first and foremost as they are the most vulnerable. Thanks for the tips Doc! Now that we have you DUDES outdoors with sunscreen on we have some great outdoor articles this issue. Marvin Bouknight, DUDE Naturalist has a great story about he and his lovely wife, driving a long way for a long shot. The elusive fork-tailed fly catcher was in Marvin’s sights. Great photos as usual Marvin. Our other Naturalist DUDE, Wes Grady takes us up to the Birds of Prey Center in Awendaw. I do believe that place is now on my need to visit list. More great bird photos DUDE! Also, check out our friends at the Coastal Discovery Museum as they have some great Summer programs that include wild animals and even some birds of prey. Tour historic Fort Mitchel, take the children to some of their summer camp programs and even learn how to make your very own sweetgress baskets. Finally, from the outdoors scene, what would DUDE be without a visit to Africa with Big Game Chuck Mikals. Chuck stalks the fleet footed, high jumping Impala this issue. Oh, to watch a cheetah chase one of those galloping gazelles down is wildlife at its finest. Nice shootin DUDE! While we’re talking about shootin DUDE, our gun DUDE, the crab pirate himself, James Grant checks in with a great in depth article about the very impressive, MP5. James put one to the full test and there’s no wonder this is what our slippery Navy Seals use and most likely was the gun used to double tap Salami Bin Laden. Good riddance DUDE! Where would our great country be without our Great Military and Armed Forces? No issue of DUDE would be complete without our great military articles. This issue, David Campbell checks in with his great Tales From The Parris Island Museum. Meet William Bryan, Marine, trained on Parris Island and one of the brave men that stormed the beaches in the battle for Iwo Jima in World War II. William is a hero like all of our troops and Iwo was the sight of the famed statue of Marines raising the American flag.


One of these few magnificent statues can be found on Parris Island as a reminder of what kind of national pride goes in to being a Marine. Our military and our Marines deserve our respect and assistance and one fine example of how our government helps out those that are serving our country is providing them with reduced groceries via the Parris Island Commissary. Our Marine buddy, Master Sargent Warren DIZ Disbrow (retired) went with DUDE to meet George Willis and Cynthia Six who run the commissary on Parris Island. Nice job and we even learned a little about the evolution and history of the commissary system via DeCA itself. Please see link in that article to go to and tell our Secretary of Defense and President to not close this fine, worth while facility that seriously helps stretch the military paychecks of our heroes. Finally, from the military scene, our good buddy Wes Grady, actually got to go up with the Army’s Golden Knights paratroop team. Many Blue Angel air show lovers know these guys as they come spiraling down with smoke trails and American flags flying, all to land exactly on the spot marked with an X. Precision sky diving at its finest DUDE. What would outdoor summertime fun be without a few rounds of golf or a few weekly trips to the driving range to keep our golfing skills sharp. Our DUDE golf staff has got you covered this summer. Head Instructor for the Sea Pines Resort, Rick Barry talks to us DUDES about how to mentally approach practicing on the range or putting green, so as you get the most effective practice. Director of Instruction for Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, Doug Weaver continues his three part series of learning to hit those pesky uneven lie shots. This summer, Doug helps us understand the downhill lie and how to hit the correct targeted shot. Finally, Head Pro at Oldfield, Jon Hundley checks in with a great tip about looking at the target and letting your body do what comes naturally. Great tips DUDES! Summertime has DUDES cooking outdoors and Cooking with Cooter Brown has some great summer easy recipes that will make your cookouts delicious. Get those venison back straps out of the freezer and make you some of Daphne’s Venison Stew. Charcoal grill some prime cut rib-eyes and have some fresh SC peach cobbler for dessert. Cooter also has one of the best pecan recipes that we’ve discovered. It even got the approval of Jim Rathbun, the Pecan Man himself, so you know they’re good. Mona Ward our Fitness Goddess checks in this summer and talks to us DUDES about working out properly. Park your ego and the massive heavy weights at the door. We should work out integrating our muscle groups rather than the old school isolating each muscle. This will help you function during your daily life activities with much great efficiency and ease. Thanks Mona! DUDES love cars and we have a great article from our Automotive DUDE, Rob Logan, mechanic at the fine service department at Butler Chrysler Dodge Jeep. Rob talks about Ethanol. Many DUDES don’t realize that the government’s mandate on 10% ethanol laced gas is problematic as it clogs filters, fuel lines and gunk up carburetors in limited use engines. Be wary of this fuel DUDE or you could find yourself spending a lot of money fixing fuel systems due to this government glorified corn oil. Also on the automotive scene, our good friends at Chatham Parkway Toyota unveiled their Transform You Toyota winner, Elizabeth Cancellieri’s 1999 Toyota Corolla, DUDE, the job Chatham Parkway Toyota’s Collision Center did on that car is amazing. It looks brand spanking new DUDE. Finally, from the automotive world, our friends with the Concours d‘ Elegance check in with the naming of this year’s marque vehicle, the Ford Model T and the naming of this year’s honorary chairman, former Vice Chairman of General Motors, Bob Lutz. Can’t wait for this fall’s events, as we had a blast last year. As always we finish up each issue with a Daufuskie Tale from our Fuskie DUDE, Lowountry Joe Yocius. Ole Joe and his lovely bride, Mary were walking down their private beach one evening, all to find a glorious gift from Mother Nature. It’s nice to enjoy the simpler things in life. I’ll give you a hint of what he and Mary saw...Look at our great front cover shot by Cindy Farmer. The DUDE ride ends up at the Ponderosa with Harold’s Mailbag, Photos To Harold and DUDES in FOCUS. Many great photos for you DUDES to enjoy of our DUDE fans birds, fish and fowl. Harold snapped a lot of shots this spring at the RBC Heritage golf tournament in Sea Pines Resort at Harbor Town Golf Links, the Hilton Head Farmer’s Market at Honey Horn Plantation, the Kiwanis Rib Burn Off at Honey Horn as well, John Wright got us some biker shots from the Amvets Wounded Warriors Bike Rally, Rosie O’Grady’s fundraising Oyster Roast for Maranatha Farms and we got the VIP treatment from our Marines at the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort as we were front row for the Throwdown in Fightertown with Dierks Bentley. Yeah, I’d say we DUDES had some fun this past spring. Wonder how much fun we’ll have this summer?

Have a great summer DUDES, see you at the 57th Annual Beaufort Water Festival! BRAD B. MCDONALD PUBLISHER DUDE WWW.DUDESC.COM 843-298-3827

Summer 2012

Summer  2012




2011 Leonard Bryant, PHOTOGRAPHY


t’s a warm July evening and the docks of the Charleston City Marina are buzzing with activity. Sun burned sportfishing mates stand shoulder to shoulder at rigging tables busily prepping trays of ballyhoo and split tail mullet. Captains pour over nautical charts, sea surface temperature reports and the latest marine weather forecasts formulating a game plan for the following day. Tourists and locals alike walk the docks, red solo cups in hand, checking out the multi million dollar sportfishing boats and counting flags flying from the outriggers indicating how many billfish each boat caught that day. The scene is the Megadock Billfishing Tournament, South Carolina’s highest payout sportfishing contest. This tournament is just one of five such events that make up the 24th annual South Carolina’s Governors Cup Billfishing Series that runs from May through July from ports along the Lowcountry coast. The South Carolina Governors Cup Billfishing Series shines a spot light on the great billfishing opportunities that occur off the state’s coast from the late spring through fall months and provides an opportunity for world class competition with a whole lot of fun. For each of the five tournaments, three in Charleston, one in Georgetown and one in Edisto, the winning boats are determined by a points system based on the number of billfish successfully caught and released. Sailfish releases are worth 200 points each, white marlin releases earn 300 points each and blue marlin releases bring 600 points each. While catch and release for sailfish and white marlin is mandatory, blue marlin measuring at least 105 inches from the corner of the jaw to the fork of the tail, may be brought to the scale for an additional point per pound. The boat and crew that racks up the most points by the “lines out” call on the last day of fishing of each tournament takes the prize. Cash awards are also given in categories for the heaviest dolphin (mahi-mahi), tuna and wahoo brought to the scales. Depending on the combination and number of categories won, there is the potential for the top boat to take home winnings in the six figure range. The prospect of great fishing and considerable cash prizes draws top tournament sportfishing crews from far and wide to this tournament series. While many of the competing crews are local


South Carolina charter and recreational captains, mates & anglers, a good percentage of participants are made up of crews that travel from south Florida to New Jersey, fishing tournaments up and down the east coast. The Hilton Head and Beaufort areas are typically well represented in the Governors Cup tournaments with local crews fishing aboard boats such as Micabe, Miss Magnolia, Reel Patience, and Lucky Hooker. While the thrill of competition, the challenge of successfully catching billfish and the potential for a big pay out are a few of the main motivating factors for participation in these tournaments, most would agree that the social aspect of tournament fishing is also a driving force. It’s an opportunity for those who have a passion for offshore fishing to get together, catch up with old friends and make plenty of new ones at the nightly dinners, socials and dock parties that take place after the day’s fishing is done. To learn more about the history of South Carolina’s billfishing tournament series and get tournament schedules and results check it out on the web at http://govcup.dnr.sc.gov/. DUDE PROFILE: Capt. Jason DuBose is a tournament and charter captain aboard Lucky Hooker, a 42’ Yellowfin sportfishing boat. Lucky Hooker is based out of Hilton Head Island in the spring, summer and fall months and south Florida during the winter months. Capt. Jason specializes in bluewater trolling and offshore bottom and wreck fishing. He can be contacted at 843304-4834 or jjdubose@aol.com.

Summer 2012

E H D u U s D band t s e B

Happy Birthday Fred Church Love, Mary and Lulu

Summer  2012





UDE there’s not spot! All hands on deck scanning a much better the grass line looking for the tale way to spend tail sign of a beautiful spotted tail, some time with a flopping around on the top water. friend other than DUDE, now that’s a beautiful fishing. Captain sight! We also look for the Trent Malphrus has been my friend for V-shaped wakes, usually several many years and we’ve fished together reds cruising the area together. many times. There hasn’t been many “There they are, 2 o’clock!”, times we didn’t have fun just getting states Captain Trent as he slowly together and being DUDES, even one poles us in to casting position. time when we got skunked. “You got to lead ‘em DUDE!”, As many of you faithful DUDE barks the master. I will tell you followers know, Captain Trent has what bait we were using however, shared his amazing angling wisdom Gulp Shrimp (gray/natural) and LOWCOUNTRY SUNRISE OVER THECROSS ISLAND BRIDGE with us for 2 years now. Nobody Gold Spoons with a squiggly tail COMING DOWN BROAD CREEK knows the Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront attached. I’m not sure squiggly Resort lagoon system any better. I is a word, but DUDES know what honestly think he could take you around there blindfolded and never get I’m talking about. Once you’ve throw the cast that delivers a fish, you lost. Trent’s backyard is quite the little fishing haven, as he’s fished it know it’s a good one as the tail waggles towards your presentation. all and he’s watch it grow in to one of the area’s greatest fisheries, “There he is! He’s looking at it! He’s got it, FISH ONE DUDE!‘ Yee especially with his restock program. Ha Y’all! Hold on DUDE, cause a Lowcountry Redfish don’t want to Then there’s the Captain Trent that has his Maverick Flats be caught. Occasionally, we’ll keep one or two to take to MOM, Poling Boat that goes on great little inshore tours and chases however most of the time, we kiss the fish, thank him and send cobia, sharks, trout, flounder and both of our favorite’s, DA him on his way. redfish. Captain Trent’s knowledge of the Southern Beaufort You see DUDE, that’s what it’s like fishing with a friend, so County flats and rivers is about as good as his knowledge of give ole Captain Trent Malphrus of Palmetto Lagoon Charters the Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort’s lagoon system. These a call or better yet, go by his headquarters located in the pristine waterways are as beautiful as anything I’ve ever seen Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort’s Outfitters Center, located DUDE. Truly paradise where we live DUDE, especially if you’re across from Colonel Frank’s General Store on Queens Folly enjoying it from the water. Road. There’s many other fun activities you can do if Captain This past early spring, I got the call. When Captain Trent calls Trent happens to be booked. Rent a canoe and kayak and cruise CAPTAIN TRENT DELIVERS and says, “Bite’s On DUDE, let’s go!”, well it’s kind of like when the lagoon system or rent a bike and go on a beach cruise. Yea ONCE AGAIN DUDE! someone calls you at the last minute with The Master’s tickets. DUDE, Palmetto Dunes is a pretty cool place to hang out Everything else will have to wait DUDE! It was quite chilly when our Have a great summer fishing DUDES and send us some of your best Marine buddy, Master Sargent Warren DIZ Disbrow (retired) pulled up in my catches to; Harold@dudesc.com driveway one morning about 5:15am. We had to be on the boat in magnificent DUDE PROFILE: Captain Trent Malphrus is one of Shelter Cove Harbor, ready to roll at 6am. Toboggans, Gloves, Frog Toggs and some the rare natives of Hilton Head Island. This has been tight fitting polarized shades is how you must roll when busting down Calibogue his only home for almost forty years. Trent was born Sound at 50mph and it’s in the 30’s. Ah, but it’s worth it DUDE! into a family that has thrived on the Lowcountry’s Watching the sun come up over the beautiful sea grass marshes looking back rivers and estuaries for hundreds of years. They fished, picked oysters, crabbed, shrimped and frolat Shelter Cove is truly breathtaking. Mother Nature we thank you! Well DUDES, icked in anything that has to do with Mother Ocean Captain Trent was taking DIZ and I on a trip to chase huge schools of redfish collected and still do to this day. Trent’s dad was the most in the cooler water temperatures making their way up and down the oyster banks. hard-core fisherman he has ever known. Just to go see this is worth the trip. After a quick phone call to his homie who was Trent got the fishing fever at a very young age already out on the flats, we zeroed in on them. They were on em tearing them up as he followed in his father’s footsteps. All of the fishing knowledge he has attained originate in his every cast. As their multiple casts eventually spook the school they started heading father’s teachings. Trent now works to perfect his down our way. The excitement is unbearable as you see the wakes heading towards skills and achieve a greater level of understanding your casting zone. of fish and the intricacies of fishing. Trent’s father The redfish bite inshore in the winter time can be variable. The fish are always has passed on, but would surely be proud of his son there but with the lower temperatures lowering their metabolisms, some time they and his love of fishing. Trent was introduced to the Palmetto Dunes lagoon system when he was about simply won’t bite, however as the tide rolls in, to most redfish, that’s like ringing the eleven years old. His father would bring him to work and drop him off to fish all dinner bell. They know they can get high up in the marsh grasses and feast on fiddler day in the brackish lagoons. These lagoons are abounding with wildlife like red-tail crabs. I’m not sure they dip them in melted butter, but I’m pretty sure it’s one of their hawks, ospreys, otters, kingfishers and an occasional alligator. favorite foods. Trent now lives and works in Palmetto Dunes on Hilton Head Island. It is here, After chasing the huge school of redfish back and forth like a ping pong ball, we amid this familiar saltwater kingdom, that he is now raising his own sons. Every morning when he wakes up to this great big world, Trent’s son runs to the back door. noticed the tide started to come in and Captain Trent said, “It’s time to go DUDES!” It Staring out at the dock he asks his mother, “has daddy already gone to work?” Ocwas off to some of his honey holes at break neck speed. That boat can haul ass DUDE casionally, he rises early enough to find the skiff still moored at the dock and asks if and get you from spot to spot in a hurry and that’s what you want because there’s Trent has caught any fish yet. It seems another Malphrus has started down the road a small window before too much water comes in and covers the flat completely, toward a life-long love of fishing. severely hindering sight casting for Mr. Red. Stealth is the key coming in to the


Summer 2012

Summer  2012



BONNETHEADS! An Overlooked Fly Fishery



UDES! How many times have you been poling the low tide flats in search of summer redfish and come across one bonnethead shark after another? For years I just poled on by and simply enjoyed watching these guys feed and thrash around in the shallows without even casting to them. Occasionally we would toss out a shrimp on a light spinning rod to pick up a bite and found that these bonnethead sharks were true screamers as they peeled off line followed by a hard fight near the boat. Well the next question that all DUDES ask is…Can we catch bonnetheads on the fly rod? The answer is Yes! Last year while wading a short grass flat, a good sized bonnethead pushed in and started rooting around for crabs, so I took a few shots DUDE PROFILE: Captain Charlie Beadon, River Pro at Oldfield Club. Charlie has been guiding since 2000 Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Instructor St. Croix Pro Staff Owner Hilton Head Fishing Adventures www.hiltonheadfishingadventures.com Phone : (843) 592 -0897

and found that the shark was very interested in my offering. To my surprise he hit and took me 50 yards into the backing with the speed of a bonefish and since then, I rarely pass up the opportunity to drop a fly on a bonnethead. I’ll give you a few tips here. First you need to keep in mind that bonnetheads primarily feed on blue crabs, but they are not opposed to taking shrimp, so make sure that you match the hatch DUDE! Next, bonnetheads tend to have a tough time seeing the fly and tracking it, as their eyes are on either side of their shovel shaped heads; therefore you need to make an accurate cast. In fact, a little splash never hurts, just to get their attention. Finally, stick with it. Once you get a bonnethead fired up, he may not be able to catch the fly right away, so keep casting until you get your fly to pull through his vision and below the mouth for a reaction bite. Good luck and until next time, Catch ‘em Up DUDES!


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Summer 2012

Summer  2012



Cornhole Qualifying Round 1 Sponsored by Nippy’s Fish Restaurant 7:00 p.m. Nippy’s, 310 West Street, Beaufort Check-in begins at 6:30 p.m. $30/2 person team


Cornhole Qualifying Round 2 Sponsored by Nippy’s Fish Restaurant 7:00 p.m. Nippy’s, 310 West Street, Beaufort Recreational Bowling Tournament Sponsored by Marine Federal Credit Union 6:00 pm AMF Ribaut Lanes Bowling Alley 1140 Ribaut Road Beaufort, SC $25/person entry fee, 4 person teams 9 PIN format


Corn Hole Qualifying Round 3 Sponsored by Nippy’s Fish Restaurant 7:00 p.m. Nippy’s, 310 West Street, Beaufort


Festival Art and Craft Market Noon – 5 p.m., Promenade, Waterfront Park

Opening Ceremony

Sponsored by the South Carolina Education Lottery Gates open 6 p.m., Ceremony begins 7 p.m. Featuring the Parris Island Marine Band and a spectacular Fireworks Show at dusk. Free admission Shuttle service available from Beaufort County Government Center


Raft Race Sponsored by Schiller Law Firm 9 a.m., Waterfront Park $185 for entry fee for commercial businesses, $145 for Military or Non-profit organizations Applications must be received by June 29. A team meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 11 at 6:00 pm

Sailing Regatta



4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. Beaufort River, in front of seawall in the Waterfront Park Free to public

Sponsored by Lend Lease Community Fund/Atlantic Marine Corps Communities 8 p.m. – 11 p.m., Waterfront Park Gates open 7 p.m., Show starts 8 p.m. Entertainment by Deas-Guyz Admission $7 – FREE to ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY with valid Military ID. For advanced tickets please click on the Tickets & Merchandise link at the top of the page Shuttle service available from Beaufort County Government Center




Sponsored by Ameris Bank 12:00-1:00 PM registration. Sailing Instructions available at registration table at Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club (BYSC). 1:00 PM Competitors’ Meeting 2:00 PM Warning for first race; other races to follow

Dragon Boat Exhibition

Sponsored by New Country BOB 106.9 FM 8 p.m. – 11:30 p.m., Waterfront Park Gates open 7 p.m., Show starts 8 p.m. Entertainment by James Otto James Otto is the voice behind “Sweet Little Summer Song” and “Just Got Started Loving You” Opening Entertainment by Chuck Courtenay NO STROLLERS ALLOWED Admission $20 Shuttle service available from Beaufort County Government Center


Festival Art and Craft Market 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Promenade, Waterfront Park

Boat Bingo

Sponsored by Powell Electric 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Local Waters Entry fee 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Waterfront Park Free to the public

Sponsors’ Expo

Noon – 4 p.m., Waterfront Park Free to the public

Children’s Toad Fishing Tournament Sponsored by Sea Island Atlas Van Lines 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Waterfront Park Free for ages 12 and under only Bring your own Rod, Reel and Tackle; Bait will be provided

Coast Guard Cutter Tours

10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Waterfront Park Free to the public

Lowcountry Estuarium 10 am – 4pm, Waterfront Park Free to the public

Shrimp Boat Tours Noon – 4 p.m., Waterfront Park Free to the public

2 p.m. – 4 p.m., Beaufort River,Waterfront Park Free to the public 2:00 PM Warning for final race in front of BYSC; no races will start after 4:30 5:00 PM Awards Dinner to follow


Sponsorship Available 6 p.m. – 9 p.m., Waterfront Park Gates open 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. ( No entry after 8 p.m.) NO RE-ENTRY ALLOWED. Entertainment DJ Jeff Taylor Ages 13-17 only–VALID ID REQUIRED CLUTCH PURSES ONLY (6×9)size Admission $10 For advanced tickets please click on the Tickets & Merchandise link at the top of the page No shuttle service available


Badminton Tournament

Sponsored by AC Harvey’s Screen Printing 11 a.m., Waterfront Park $30 entry fee per team

Gatorland Ski Show

Sponsored by Coca-Cola Featuring shows with rides, games, and prizes 11:00 a.m. – 3 p.m., Waterfront Park Free to the public

Sailing Regatta (continued)

10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Waterfront Pavilion Freeto the public

Croquet Tournament (continued) Sponsored by Modern Jewelers 9 a.m., Waterfront Park


Shrimp Boat Tours

Gatorland Ski Show

9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Promenade, Waterfront Park

TROPICAL TUESDAY Sponsored by Palm and Moon Bagel Company 8 p.m. – 11 p.m., Waterfront Park Gates open 7 p.m., Show starts 8 p.m. Entertainment by the Tsunami Wave Riders Admission $12 For advanced tickets please click on the Tickets & Merchandise link at the top of the page Shuttle service available from Beaufort County Government Center

10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Promenade, Waterfront Park

11 am – 3pm, Waterfront Park Free to the public

Festival Art and Craft Market

10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Promenade, Waterfront Park

Festival Art and Craft Market

Lowcountry Estuarium


Sponsored by JoCo Construction/Sea Island Elevators 9 a.m., Waterfront Park $40 entry fee per 2-person team Applications must be received by July 7th

Festival Art and Craft Market


Coast Guard Cutter Tours

Bocce Tournament

Croquet Tournament (continued) Sponsored by Modern Jewelers 9 a.m., Waterfront Park

Croquet Tournament Sponsored by Modern Jewelers 9 a.m., Waterfront Park Entry fee: $20 per person, or $30 per person for both tournaments Festival Art and Craft Market 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Promenade, Waterfront Park

Hosted by the Preceptor Omega Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority. Sponsored by McDonald’s 7 p.m. – 11 p.m., Waterfront Park Gates open 6 p.m., Show starts 7 p.m. Admission $10, Free with Official 2012 Beaufort Water Festival T-Shirt. For advanced tickets please click on the Tickets & Merchandise link at the top of the page Shuttle service available from Beaufort County Government Center

8 p.m. – Midnight, Waterfront Park Gates open 7 p.m., Show starts 8 p.m. Opening entertainment by Shark Rodeo Main Show by The Design MUST BE 18 OR OLDER WITH VALID ID TO ATTEND NO STROLLERS ALLOWED Admission $12 For advanced tickets please click on the Tickets & Merchandise link at the top of the page Shuttle service available from Beaufort County Government Center Festival Art and Craft Market 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Promenade, Waterfront Park

Water Festival Grand Parade Sponsored by The Greenery, Inc. Organized by the Beaufort Lions Club 10 a.m. – Noon, Downtown Beaufort Entry fee: $25

Coast Guard Cutter Tours Noon – 4 p.m., Waterfront Park FREE the public

Lowcountry Estuarium Noon – 4pm, Waterfront Park Free to the public

Shrimp Boat Tours Noon – 4 p.m., Waterfront Park FREE the public

Corn Hole Tournament Finals

Sponsored by Nippy’s 11:30 a.m., Waterfront Park- Double Elimination Frame Tournament to determine the last 3 spots in the field

Air Show

1 p.m. – 4 p.m., Watrfront Park FREE to the public (Beaufort River Closed- refer to the link on the home page for dates and times)


Croquet Tournament Finals Sponsored by Modern Jewelers 9 a.m., Waterfront Park

Sponsored by Allen Patterson Residential Construction 8 p.m. – Midnight, Waterfront Park Entertainment The Headliners Gates open 7 p.m., Show starts 8 p.m. Admission $10 For advanced tickets please click on the Tickets & Merchandise link at the top of the page Shuttle service available from Beaufort County Government Center

Festival Art and Craft Market



10 a.m.- 5 p.m., Promenade, Waterfront Park


Festival Art and Craft Market 9 a.m. -3 p.m., Promenade, Waterfront Park

Sponsored by Waste Pro USA 6 p.m. – 11 p.m., Waterfront Park Gates open 6 p.m., Supper served 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Main Show by Too Much Sylvia Opening entertainment by the Broke Locals Admission $15 For advanced tickets please click on the Tickets & Merchandise link at the top of the page Shuttle service available from Beaufort County Government Center

Lowcountry Estuarium

FRIDAY, JULY 20 Festival Art and Craft Market 10 a.m.- 5 p.m., Promenade, Waterfront Park

Blessing of the Fleet and Parade of Boats

Bed Race

Sponsored by Advanced Mold Technologies Check – in at 4:30 pm Race at 5 p.m. on Bay Street, starting at Harrington Street and ending at Newcastle Street. Entry fee: $25 per bed Applications are due by July 13th

1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m., Beaufort River, Waterfront Park Freeto the public

11 am – 3pm, Waterfront Park Free to the public

Non-profit Expo 11am -2pm Free to the public

Entertainment by Chris Jones 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

Sponsored by the Water Festival Commodores Noon – 2 p.m., Beaufort River in front of Waterfront Park Free – boats must register to be eligible for prizes All applications must be at the judges stand prior to noon. Prizes will be awarded for: Best decorated boat Commercial $100 Best decorated personal watercraft $100 Judges award $100 3 p.m. Festival Ends





Summer 2012

WATER FESTIVAL SHUTTLE SERVICE SCHEDULE The Beaufort Water Festival offers a free shuttle service from the Beaufort County MultiGovernment Center on the corner of Ribaut Road and Boundary Street to the Downtown Marina parking lot in the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park. The shuttle service runs on 15-minute intervals between the government center and marina parking lot. The first shuttle begins one hour before the gates open and the last shuttle ends 30 minutes after the event ends. The shuttle begins at 6 p.m. on Lowcountry Supper night. There is no shuttle service available on Teen Dance night. Friday, July 13 t Opening Ceremony t Shuttle begins 5 p.m. and ends at 11:30 p.m. Saturday, July 14 tConcert in the Park tShuttle begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 12:30 a.m. Sunday, July 15 tTeen Dance tNo shuttle service. Monday, July 16 tMotown Monday tShuttle begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 17 tTropical Tuesday tShuttle begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 18 tTalent Show tShuttle begins at 5 p.m. and ends at 11:30 p.m. Thursday, July 19 tLowcountry Supper tShuttle begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 11:30 p.m. Friday, July 20 tRiver Dance tShuttle begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 12:30 a.m. Saturday, July 21 tCommodore’s Ball tShuttle begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 12:30 a.m.

WATER FESTIVAL CONTACT INFORMATION www.bftwaterfestival.com Visit us online for updated information, additional events, event applications and merchandise. Telephone: 843-524-0600 t Email: info@bftwaterfestival.com Children 5 and under are admitted free to all Water Festival events except Teen Dance and River Dance No strollers allowed during Concert in the Park, River Dance or Teen Dance

For More Information About DUDE. Please Call 843.298.3827 or email brad@dudesc.com.

Arrive at the Beaufort Water Festival in Style DUDE


Locally Owned and Operated t 60 Savannah Highway (Hwy 802), Beaufort, SC t 843-525-1711

Summer 2012


Summer Tactics BY WADE BALES


hat a spring we had! Because of our mild winter, the bass and bluegill spawned early this year. Cooler air temps have prolonged the post-spawn bass bite this year as well. I hope you and your DUDES have taken advantage of these conditions. Summer can be a challenge specifically for bass fishing but here are a few approaches that have worked for me. Once our air temps reach the 90’s consistently, focus your fishing on early mornings and late evenings. Top water lures and jerk baits are excellent baits this time of year. Tie on a Rage Shad and hang on! On the flip side, if you have access to good deep water structure to fish, deep-diving crankbaits can also be big producers. If you have shad in your lake, lipless cranks like rat-l-traps also work well. One common misconception I run into is once the heat of the summer sets in, many DUDES think all the fish go to the bottom where the water is cool and sunlight less intense. Well, for sure the water temps are usually cooler near the lake bottom, however, unless you have a properly designed bottom aeration system, oxygen is significantly lower near the lake bottom. In most cases the top 4-6 feet of the water column holds the most oxygen during summer months. This range will fluctuate with the overall depth of your lake. During summer, the water temperature stratifies as do the oxygen levels. Keep this in mind when fishing structure as well. This is why often during the summer you catch or see suspended fish on your graph. Generally the bucket mouths will hang where the temperature is cooler than the surface temperature, but oxygen levels are still acceptable. This is sometimes referred to as the thermocline, that layer of lake water where temperature and oxygen begin to drop significantly. Cool water is comfortable, but you gotta have oxygen DUDES! A well designed aeration system can minimize this stratification. Positives include much more summer habitat for the fish and aeration of the soils on the lake bottom which can reduce muck and dead plant debris. You will get a major portion of your lake back with a system like this. So get up early or hit the lake after supper for some great fishing action during the summer DUDE! DUDE PROFILE: Wade Bales grew up fishing and hunting in the Lowcountry. Prior to moving back to Bluffton in 2007, Wade worked 15 years with the SCDNR Freshwater Fisheries Section. Wade holds a B.S. and M.S. in Fisheries Management from Auburn University and is President of Quality Lakes Inc., a full-service lake management company. Their services include aquatic weed control, electrofishing and fisheries management, fish stocking, complete lake management and maintenance programs, bathymetric lake mapping, lake sedimentation assessments and lake design just to name a few. He can be reached by email at wadeb@qualitylakes. com or by calling 866.444.5128.


Summer  2012







arine Rescue Squadrons throughout America serve a vital purpose in our aquatic societies. Local DUDES volunteering their knowledge of the local waterways, as well as their time and boats, comes in very handy when there are people dealing with our local waters that have found themselves in trouble. Some people have legitimate emergencies and some have found themselves in trouble on the water due to their own negligence, none the less, HELP IS ON THE WAY DUDE! formed back in 1961 and has been going strong ever since. There are roughly 30 active members of this great group of DUDES that are ready to help a brotha out when in time of need. Their headquarters is located in Bluffton on Confederate Avenue, where they hold monthly meetings and various fund raising events such as fishing tournaments, river runs and oyster roasts. For some reason our local and state governments do not help fund such a great worth while organization. I guess they are too busy wasting money on Green Jobs?! So, this great group of DUDES has to rely solely on their own ability to be self-sustaining and rely on volunteers and local DUDES willing to donate money to them via their various fund raisers they hold each year. This Non-Profit group does know how to have some good ole Lowcountry fun however, while they are raising money for their squadron of rescuers. Some of their fundraising events that you might have heard of and should participate in are their big Super Bowl party with big prize raffles for flat screen TV’s, their Member/Guest Oyster Roast (been there, done that, local DUDES know how to cook local May River oysters) is a blast, they have a River Run that has something to do with a particular type of card game that can not be mentioned for some stupid reason and then there’s their annual Inshore Fishing Tournament, where they pay tribute to fallen members of their group and chase redfish and trout with 2 man teams. Yeah, these DUDES know how to have fun while fundraising...see photos for proof. When some Harold finds himself in trouble on the water he has several choices of getting help or assistance. He can call Sea Tow or TowBoat USA or some other pretty pricey companies to come get you and help you out of your unfortunate situation. You can call a local marina and most likely they will refer you to someone else unless you are a boat slip owner or renter. YES, you can also call, SCDNR, the US Coast Guard and or the Beaufort County Sheriff’s department. l was amazed however to find out that the previously three mentioned government funded groups, will call on our friends at the Marine Rescue Squadron to assist them in various ways. I was also amazed to find out what type of calls they get and what kind of situations that required their assistance. It appears to me that many of the calls that they get are totally preventable. Some examples to show you what I mean; some Harold is broken down cause he did not do his off-season maintenance, such as dead battery, clogged gas lines from not flushing out ethanol laced gas, bad wiring on bilge pumps and other lack of maintenance issues. Of course there’s our very tricky waterways due to the amazingly huge tidal fluctuations and hidden sand bars. Many tourist boat renters don’t have a clue when it comes to navigating

Summer 2012

our local waterways. This ain’t exactly the lake in your hometown DUDE!, so many get stuck on sandbars. Renters could do a much better job and informing their customers. Then there’s the geniuses that think it’s COOL to jump off bridges, all to find out they get sucked under with the rapid current flows, so they don’t come up and out comes the search crews looking for their bodies. There’s also a problem with kayakers getting away from their comfort zones and finding themselves tidally stuck some where or worse blown away during a squall line. All of these have happened and happened many times. Well there’s strength in numbers and often the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department, SCDNR and even the US Coast Guard needs help locating these lost individuals, some because of Mother Nature and some because of stupidity. That’s where our friends at the MRS come in to play. The call goes out and those available rally and head out to do the right thing. One of the more funny stories, of course probably not to those that it concerned, was a group of kayakers that got too far away from their point of origin all to find out they were blown from Bear Island all the way down towards Tybee Island, Georgia. Well obviously the wind was a blowin DUDE and these rocket scientists thought it was a good idea to light a signal fire so they could be found. Well, they were found all right, next to the forest fire they started. HERE’S YOUR SIGN DUDE! So the next time you see a fundraising event put on by our local Marine Rescue Squadron, do the right thing and help them out so they can help out those in need. You can also get involved with them when they are doing such worth while things as helping out our friend, Al Stokes and the good folks at the Waddell Mariculture Center repairing the riverhouse or serving up steamed local May River oysters at the annual Taste of Waddell. They also over see the Blessing Of The Fleet at the annual Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival held in late October. This fine group of volunteers will also be assisting FEMA and local government agencies when our area needs secured coming back from a Hurricane evacuation/disaster. Hopefully, they’ll never be needed for that, but it’s comforting to know they will be there if it does happen! If you find yourself in trouble and these DUDES come to your rescue, sure thank them, but do realize they are nonprofit and non-funded by our government, so you might want to show some etiquette and get out your check book and help them out, if you know what I mean because if someone hadn’t helped them financially in the past, your butt would still be sitting at that sand bar waiting on high tide to come in DUDE. For more information in helping out our local Marine Rescue Squadron, send them an email at: MRS1B@hargray.com. BOAT CHARITY RUN – Saturday, July 21 on the May River FALLEN MEMBERS FISHING TOURNAMENT – Saturday, September 22 – inshore trout & redfish BLUFFTON ARTS & SEAFOOD FESTIVAL – “Blessing of the Fleet” – Sunday, October 14 on the May River


D.O.A. Lures – Water Daily



aptain Mark Nichols of Stuart, Florida invented the D.O.A. shrimp in 1989. Growing up with a father that pulled shrimp nets, this DUDE did not miss the fact that live shrimp always seemed to descend in the water column as if on a slow-moving magic carpet ride and he set out to imitate that trait. These soft plastic baits are made in the USA and they are branded Deadly On Anything. “My shrimp sinks slower than evolution,” said Nichols, who has perfected the shape and weight of a 3-inch shrimp so that it gives angler DUDES an almost unfair advantage when fishing. “I get to fish all the time, but I still want it to be simple, effective and easy,” said Nichols. “I understand that most anglers want a fast and reliable method because their window to go fishing is likely very limited.” Nichols is a savvy businessman and is proud of the fact that D.O.A. lures are assembled in Jacksonville, Florida using hooks and other parts made around the country. Nichols is very generous DUDE and he travels to Charleston each fall to be a celebrity angler in the annual Red Trout Classic hosted by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. “Nature and fishing have always been my therapy in life. Teaching anglers how to catch and handle fish so that they may be released to fight yet another day is one of our D.O.A. mission statements, because every fish that goes in the cooler is one that ,QGLDQ5LYHUVQRRNFDXJKWRYHUJUDVVEHGV our children will not catch in the future,” RQD'2$EDLWEXVWHUQHDU)RUW3LHUFH said Nichols. DUDES, it’s ok to keep a fish for dinner to enjoy with some cold beverages. But hey, it’s cool to catch and release the fish too DUDE! CATCHING FLOUNDER WITH D.O.A. SHRIMP Nichols’ technique for finding flounder begins with drifting the boat down the marsh edge and making casts with a 3-inch D.O.A. shrimp in chartreuse. “After I catch one then I think about anchoring up to really focus on that area. Experience has taught me that where there is one flounder, there is often more flat-fish. The flounder will always be laying on the bottom facing into the tide looking for a meal,” said Nichols. This DUDE can fish with the best of them! DUDES are keenly aware of the fact that a mud minnow, or mummichug, is perhaps the favorite meal of flounder. “To mimic mud minnows, I like to tie on a root-beer colored shrimp that I can probe along on the bottom. This is also a time to try out my D.O.A. Tough Guy in pearl-color because it’s amazing how big of a bait even a small flounder can eat,” said Nichols. Matching the bait size for flounder, is not as crucial as when fishing for a finicky Spanish mackerel that is often locked in on one size of baitfish. Flounder have a large mouth filled with tiny sharp teeth and when a flounder pounces into action, their bite can be surprisingly fast. After a flounder bite, lifting up the rod tip can often trick DUDES because they think they are snagged on the bottom. But if the rod-tip begins to pump up and down, then it’s FISH-ON DUDE and a flounder fight ensues. FISHING IN FLORIDA’S INDIAN RIVER This outdoor writer DUDE just returned from fishing in June with Capt. Nichols down in Florida! The weather was excellent and the fishing was good DUDE, allowing me to catch and release flounder, trout, jack crevalle, redfish, ladyfish and even some SNOOK. DUDE!! The new D.O.A. baitbuster lure worked well on the snook, while the CAL jerkshad caught the attention of the feisty jacks. The trout loved the D.O.A. shrimp but my biggest one spit the hook right at the boat. We’ll have to get him next time DUDE! “This is the land of big trout and big snook down here and the other fish species we target sort of migrate in and out during the fishing season,” said Nichols. DUDES can find a good variety of fish here in S.C., but the menu increases when you arrive in South Florida. I can recommend the River Palm Cottages to DUDES looking for lodging with a fish camp feel. They are right on the Indian River and it’s cool for DUDES on a saltwater roadtrip to bring their own boat and tie up at their private dock. Have a great LowcountryOutdoors.com Summer!



'2$VKULPSDUHHVSHFLDOO\HIIHFWLYHRQVSHFNOHGWURXW ZKHQÀVKHGXQGHUDSRSSLQJFRUN DUDE PROFILE: Jeff Dennis is a Lowcountry native who grew up on a tidal creek and works as a freelance writer and photographer. He has been a cooperating angler for the S.C. Department of Natural Resource’s marine game fish tagging program since 1994. Jeff was awarded the Harry Hampton Journalism Award in 2008 from the S.C. Wildlife Federation for his work in the realm of natural resources and conservation. As caretaker of his family farm in Colleton County, Jeff appreciates wildlife habitat management and loves to hunt all the game that the Lowcountry has to offer. For regular fishing reports, harvests of note and conservation news, check out Jeff’s blog at www. lowcountryoutdoors.com.

Summer 2012



For the latest Fishing Reports www.LowcountryOutdoors.com

s "EST 0RICE 'UARANTEE 0LUS &REE 503 3HIPPING readers enter “DUDE� for an additional 5% off Expires 8/01/2012

hook-n-hunt Big  Game  &  Fly  Fishing Facilitators 2I¿FH



N E W P R O D U C T: Removable Paint! Permanent paint that will stay in place until you want to remove.




w w w. h o o k - n - h u n t . c o m Summer  2012


“A Long Way for a Long Shot” Article and Photos BY MARVIN BOUKNIGHT

Courtship flight called the “sky dance”

“Hawking” flying insects


Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

s a naturalist, I am always intrigued and excited by seeing anything natural that is unusual, uncommon and even rare. Whether it’s going to a Carolina Bay to photograph Venus Flytraps, South Florida for burrowing owls and snail kites, Cataloochee Valley for elk or Landsford Canal to see the Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies, I don’t mind going to places to see and photograph cool stuff and my wife and I are always up for a road trip. Birds are one of my favorites and just a couple of weeks ago, I asked my wife if she wanted to go up toward Greenville and see if we could find and photograph a pair of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers that have nested in this area for years. The reason this is rare, is that these birds are mostly found in Texas and Oklahoma and even though they have expanded their range to include other areas, they are still relatively rare in South Carolina. As we made our way to the general location where the birds have been seen, it was apparent why these birds have come back to this spot year after year. Their habitat in Texas and Oklahoma consists of grasslands, pastures and other open areas often near roadsides and this location was exactly that. It was an open cattle pasture covered in tall grasses with power lines, barbed wire fencing and a little two lane road that ran along the border of the habitat. We got to the area about mid-afternoon, pulled off the side of the road and got out the binoculars to scan the area for this striking bird. So what exactly were we looking FOR? The Scissor-tailed Flycatcher is a bird about the size of a mockingbird, white to pale gray with dark wings, peach coloring along the sides and scarlet patches in the “armpit” that can only be seen during flight. Then, there’s the tail and what a tail it is! The tail on this bird is forked, black and white in color and about 6-8 inches long, which is 1/2 of its total length! Needless to say, it is a beautiful bird and even though it looks so unique, finding it in an area that’s about 400 acres with very few trees presents somewhat of a challenge. After scanning the area for about 10 minutes, lo and behold, we saw the bird! At first he was sitting about 300 yards away on a power line and you could just make out the lighter color with binoculars. All of a sudden, the bird flew straight up in the air, flared out that amazing tail, caught an insect and then landed back on its perch, leaving no doubt that we had found what we were looking for. As we watched the bird make numerous “hawking” maneuvers for insects, he dropped


from the perch and flew right towards us, landing on the barbed wire fence only a short distance away and was joined by the female. I broke out the camera and started popping off photos of this magnificent bird as he flew out and back in typical flycatcher fashion, catching insects on the wing and spreading that forked tail over and over. We even got to see the “sky dance”, a courtship flight ritual, where the flycatcher would fly straight up in the air, spread his wings and tail out and do a reverse somersault then drop back down to his perch again. Breathtaking DUDES! I looked over at my wife and we were both grinning from ear to ear, just happy to be there. I’ve told the story to many folks and some are amazed at the photos of this beautiful bird and our experience, while others just look at me like I’m an idiot for driving 5 hours to see one bird. I can only hope that everybody has something in this world that they’re passionate about and is willing to go to great lengths to fuel that passion. As for me, all I can say is that after seeing this strikingly beautiful bird put on a show for me and my wife, it was a great weekend and well worth going a long way for a long shot! DUDE PROFILE: Marvin Bouknight is a South Carolina native and has lived in the Lowcountry for over 15 years. A Clemson University graduate with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management, Marvin has been a professional naturalist for over 20 years and is currently the staff naturalist at Oldfield Club. Through his company, The Nature Nook, LLC, Marvin offers a variety of programs, seminars and workshops on topics such as the local flora and fauna, attracting wildlife to your backyard and wildlife photography. He also provides services such as interpretive center design, displays and features, interpretive program development including curriculum-based and guided lesson plan development, trail design and development, wildlife surveys and documentation, nature-based consultation, etc. He can be reached by calling (843)441-0961 or by e-mail at mbnaturenook@yahoo.com

Summer 2012




wo and a half hours drive north of Bluffton, in the town of Awendaw, you will find the Avian Conservation Center and the Center for Birds of Prey. This facility is open to the public on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, year round, and visits are scheduled at 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.. During a visit, various birds will be taken from their cages and a staff member will discuss the bird and the reason that it is at the center. The birds will be allowed to fly so that visitors can photograph them in flight, as well as on a perch. The Center was initially opened by Jim Elliott, the founding director, at the Charleston Raptor Center in 1991. In 1995 the name was changed to the South Carolina Center for Birds of Prey to better describe the expanded role of the facility. In 2004, the Avian Conservation Center was formed as the parent organization and the various divisions for Education, Medical, Scientific and Conservation were established. The Center for Birds of Prey and the Medical Center were the first of these divisions to take form. In 2002, James Rice, a Charleston Attorney, generously donated 152 acres of land in Awendaw, Charleston County and this became the site of the Avian Conservation Center. A $9 million capital campaign resulted in the construction of the initial buildings on the site. The Center provides treatment for over 400 injured birds each year and has treated thousands of birds, most of which were ultimately released to the wild. Some birds have been so severely injured or have injuries that would prohibit them from survival in the wild are kept on site for educational purposes. On a typical day, visitors will see about a dozen different varieties of hawks, eagles, owls and other raptors, many of which will be allowed to fly so that photos can be taken. Staff members will also arrange to visit organizations to discuss the work of the center and will be accompanied by center birds.

Summer 2012

A volunteer program of individuals willing to transport injured birds to the center has been established so that birds struck by vehicles, as well as those injured by other animals or by hunters, can be quickly taken to the center for treatment. The Center has been recognized by many groups and organizations and has numerous achievements in its relatively short history. Some of those achievements are: t 2001 recipient of the SC Environmental Awareness Award recognizing Outstanding contributions toward the protection, conservation and protection of SC’s natural resources. t 2005 recipient of the SCANPO “Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management” tEstablished cooperative avian genetics studies. Research published in the Journal of Raptor Research in 1998 tInitiated American Swallow-tailed kite study to monitor kite population, determine Status of nests and breeding pairs in SC. Center plays leadership role in national Swallow-tailed kite Conservation Alliance t Initiated the SC Coastal Hawk Migration Survey (SCCHMS) and established Observation points along the SC coastline from Georgetown to Hilton Head Island. t Established the Wildlife Toxicity Working Group to investigate secondary Barbiturate poisoning of Bald Eagles in public landfills. t Partnered with New York City Parks & Recreation and BP Amoco to oversee NYC Bald Eagle Reintroduction Project 2005-2006. Those persons wishing to visit the Center or to arrange for an offsite visit should contact the center at: 800-979-3370. Tickets may also be bought on line at http://www.zerve.com/BirdsofPrey. Tickets are $12.00


Producing The Water Festival T-Shirts



ong time DUDE FAMILY members, Christy and Brad Drawdy are owners of Big D’s Royal Tees and they produce the great looking Official Beaufort Water Festival T-shirts. Many locals have collections dating back many years, so most people buy one each year. This year’s shirt looks fantastic and yes I’m gonna buy one DUDE. Since DUDE and Big D’s Royal Tees are sponsors of the great fun-filled event that is the Beaufort Water Festival, we thought it would be cool if we showed you exactly how they are printed up, so I paid a visit to my friends and watched the magic happen. Big D’s can print almost anything on anything, but custom T-shirts is their specialty. Christy and Brad started with the beautiful oil painting which can be seen in the Beaufort Water Festival’s ad and now on their T-shirts. The painting is of a bunch of local DUDES partying on a sand bar. Don’t get more Lowcountry Redneck than that DUDE! The very colorful work of art is carefully taken by Christy and she has it scanned at a extremely high resolution, so as it can be reproduced clearly. The scanned artwork is then transformed to a clear piece of plastic film with an image burning machine, then has that image burned on to a very fine silk screen and tightly framed in an aluminum frame. This process can vary in time as many adjustments have to be made going from original artwork to final silk screen printing frame. Now that Brad has his customized silk screen frame ready, he then carefully places it in to position on the octopus looking, top of the line silk screen printing machine. What a cool looking piece of equipment DUDE. See photo. Some shirts require just one color and one screen, anything four color, usually requires four CMYK plates with the proper colored inks and some are super complex and require up to as much as 6 separate colors, which is the case with the great looking official 57th Annual Beaufort Water Festival T-shirt. 6 colors mean 6 very carefully placed (in register) silk screen frames. After that Brad, gets huge gobs of the properly colored, pms matched or pantone ink and places it where the moving arm can press the ink through the screen on to the T-shirt. Their ink is a bio friendly plastisol type ink


that resembles salt water taffy or fudge before it is poured out on a drying table. Now that the ink is in place, Brad does a test of each station to make sure it is printing correctly. Once he has accomplished this, the madness begins DUDES. Big D’s Royal Tees can print from as few as a dozen to many thousands, as they do for the Beaufort Water Festival. Each team and event has their own shirts, as well as the many colors and sizes for the official T-shirts. The brand spanking new, mostly all cotton T-shirts are then placed on the legs of this beast and then the rotation begins, as each shirt goes to each station getting a fine silk screen dose of ink. After each T-shirt has rotated through all six stations, there you have it. TAH DAH! The freshly silk screen printed T-shirts are then placed under a temperature control infrared dryer that solidifies and dries the ink so it has completely adhered to the shirt. With the proper number of knowledgable people and the proper set up, this fully blown simulated process can crank out 300 to 400 T-shirts an hour. I think Brad told me the Beaufort Water Festival prints more than 10,000 T-shirts. DUDE, that’s a bunch T-shirts! Big D’s prints on cotton, polyester and nylon shirts as well as a variety of bags, towels, polo shirts and even koozies. This is such a great way to make your special DUDE event customized, whether it be for school or team uniforms, reunions, weddings or any other get together. Big D’s Royal Tees also has an amazing customized embroidery machine that can stitch any logo on any materials. Any logo of any color! That’s where we get our customized DUDE shirts and DUDE visors DUDE. Those things are starting to pop up everywhere, so give me a call an we’ll make sure you get your very own. And as Larry The Cable Guy would say, they make Great DUDE “gift ideers”, so Get ‘R Done and start sporting around in your OFFICIAL DUDE GEAR, made exclusively at Big D’s Royal Tees located in beautiful Okatie, SC, just off Argent road behind the Lunch Lady. Pick up the phone and give Christy and Brad a call or better yet, just stop by and maybe Brad will be running the octopus and you can watch this top of the line silk screen printing machine do its thing DUDE! (See their ad this issue)

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30 TV s For All Y our Favorite Games

We Do ! Catering

tters Par ty Pla rs e Bulk Ord

“It’s the Cut and Color That Makes It Happen� Tammy Martin Owner/Stylist By Appointment Tuesday-Thursday 843-341-2800

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Full Service Salon






Wednesday, August 1st: Official launch – public submissions through Friday, August 24th. Saturday, August 25th-Sunday, September 9th: Voting Round 1 (website/fb) Monday, September 10th-Friday the 14th: 5 semi-finalists announced/video interviewed


Saturday, September 15th-Sunday the 30th: Voting Round 2 Monday, October 1st: Winner


w w w. c h a t h a m p a r k w a y t o y o t a . c o m Summer  2012


Big Game Hunting with Chuck Mikals



have been fortunate enough to have bagged a few Impala in my hunting career and they are truly magnificent animals. The Impala (Aepyceros melampus) are medium sized antelopes that roam the savannas and light woodlands of Eastern and Southern Africa, most particularly Kenya, Serengeti, Zambia and Botswana. The name Impala comes from the Zulu language meaning “gazelle”. This particular safari took place in Limpopo Province of South Africa. Limpopo is the northern most provence very close to Zimbabwe and Botswana.  There are two basic ways to hunt Impala.  The first is opportunistic.  Just hunting the bush and if you happen to see either a herd or an individual Impala you make a decision on taking the animal or not.  My favorite way of hunting Impala is to concentrate on just Impala ignoring everything else.  You are looking for an old male that has been kicked out of the herd by younger more aggressive males.  This is usually an animal in his last years with very large horns.  Just being in Africa and even hunting the common Impala is a rush a hunter will never forget. In the rainy season when food is plentiful, they may gather in large herds of several hundred animals to browse on grasses, herbs, bushes, shrubs and shoots. Herds offer protection from predators, such as lions, leopards, cheetahs and wild dogs.  An alert Impala will bark out an alarm that puts the entire herd to flight and believe me a fleeing Impala is no easy prey to catch much less shoot. The Impala stands roughly 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall and the females weigh around 100 pounds with the bigger males pushing up to 180 pounds. Males, referred to as rams, have lyre-shaped horns, which can reach up to 90 centimeters in length. Females, referred to as ewes, have no horns. Impalas are fleet runners who are able to leap distances of up to 33 feet and hit speeds up to 55 mph.  They use this technique to escape and confuse predators and some times just to


amuse themselves. The Impala can also clear bushes and other obstacles by soaring some 10 ft in the air. When escaping from predators, they can release a scent from their gland on their heels, which can help them stay together. This is done by performing a high kick of their hind legs. This graceful antelope is known for its long spiral horns of which it makes use to challenge each other in tests of strength.  Older Impala males stake out mating territories and herd groups of females that they jealously guard against other males.  During this exhausting mating period the male must fight off challengers, herd his females and mate with them.  Unsuccessful bids to take over a males territory usually ends with the loser retreating to a Bachelor Herd. Females typically give birth about seven months after they mate, usually to a single Impala.  Both mother and baby join a herd of females and offspring within a few days. DUDE PROFILE: Chuck Mikals is from Chicago, Illinois and worked in the plywood veneer business transferring to Toronto, Canada in 1978. Started his own business in 1985 and expanded from Canada to the US and opened a Plywood Warehouse in Florida in 1998. Upon outgrowing, finally decided to start manufacturing in the US and moved to Beaufort in 2005. Served 4 years in the US Air Force. Married 49 years to Donna with 2 children and 4 grandchildren. chuckm@greenlineforest.com

Summer 2012




rowing up in the Lowcountry, amidst the strands of pines and palmettos on the back side of Hardeeville, it seemed only natural to have a .410 single-shot shotgun as an eight-year old while stalking wild turkeys with your father and big brother, Wayne on Saturday mornings. That was a taste of the young life that helped shape Michael Foskey, now owner of Foskey Heating & Air, one of the top-rated heating and air companies serving Beaufort and Jasper Counties after just six years in business. “Hunting gave me a deep appreciation of the natural environment around us and also taught me to be patient and persistent,” reflects Foskey, “and I still love it dearly.” Today Foskey favors his .243 Whitworth bolt action rifle – a rare firearm with “Mauser action” that he purchased 25 years ago and loves for its long range and precision. Last year Mike dropped an 11-point trophy buck with his prized Whitworth and he has more than a dozen wild hogs, including a 400-pounder that was downed along the perimeter of the Savannah Wildlife Refuge. Foskey attests that the perseverance he gained from years of stalking birds and game along the edges of marshlands and fields coupled with the support of his wife Christine and his personal faith in Jesus Christ have contributed mightily to the success of his growing business. Childhood pal Marty Sauls, now an insurance executive and vice chairman of Jasper County Council, recalls that Foskey was always a diligent hunter, with “a true love for the outdoors.” Sauls recalls, “Mike just loved the whole experience of hunting more than just the shooting part. He has a sincere respect and understanding of the natural surrounding of this part of South Carolina. It’s always a pleasure when we get to hunt together.” Actually, Foskey has hunted in only one other place than here in the Lowcountry, when he took a trip to the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York on a deer-hunting expedition. As a youth, Foskey with his friends and family did most of their hunting in the boggy areas and pine woods that make up today’s Tradition golf course belonging to Hilton Head Lakes. “There were plenty of white tails and gobblers back then,” he recalls. Today, however, Mike spends nearly all of his outdoor hours on a 5,200-acre hunt club tract near Purrysburg Road north and west of Hardeeville toward the Savannah River. It proved to be Foskey’s persistence and local knowledge of the terrain that enabled him to save a human life three years ago when a Hardeeville neighbor suffering from Alzheimer’s disease had gone missing after wandering off from his home. “I heard the call on an emergency radio scanner that I had at the time because I was a Hardeeville city councilman,” recalls Foskey, “and I knew instantly the situation could mean serious danger, because we had been having a lot of rain and the woods were drenched with standing water that the elderly gentleman could have easily fallen into and drowned.”

Summer 2012

When Foskey got to the victim’s house on his ATV he saw that the search party rescue dogs had all headed in one direction, but for some reason he had a strong inclination that the rescue team was going in the wrong direction, so he went the opposite way. “It was getting dark and I knew we didn’t have much time,” said Foskey. “I had the strongest feeling inside that God was leading me and sure enough, within 10 minutes into the woods I saw the gentleman lying almost face down in a small ditch where he had fallen. I pulled him up onto my vehicle and we got him back to safety. I’m sure that if I hadn’t been divinely led in that direction, he wouldn’t have lasted through the night.” Local knowledge, faith and perseverance continue to pay off for Mike Foskey.

7233+272 TWO LOWCOUNTRY DUDES AND TWO P.I.G. HOGS! %277203+272 FRESH LOWCOUNTRY GOBBLER, PLUCKED, SEASONED AND DEEP FRIED DUDE! (Cause a countryboy can survive... Bocephus!) DUDE PROFILE: Mike Foskey is a native of Hardeeville and has been involved in the heating and air conditioning business for more than 25 years with the past six as co-owner with his wife Christine of Foskey Heating & Air. Mike has also been active in church and civic affairs for several years as well. An active member of the Elks, Mike teaches Sunday School at Community Bible Church and is a former town councilman for the City of Hardeeville. The Foskeys have a six year old son who enjoys going on hunting excursions with his dad. Foskey Heating & Air can be contacted at 681-HEAT (4328). The website is: FoskeyHeatingandAir.com. With each new installation the Foskeys donate $100 to the Shriners Hospitals for Children.




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y life changed one fateful afternoon 15 years ago. I had just research before me can attest, that’s just not true. Every forum I visited said to bought a 32oz Coke and was sitting down to an enormous expect to have work done on any clone of the MP5, no matter how much you box of sour-patch kids, when the local cinema was playing pay to get it to run 100% out of the box. (The exception being the reports I read old movies, much as it always had, for cheap on a Wednes- of that MKE made ones, but they aren’t imported anymore and you would need day. My Dad knew I loved action flicks, so he brought me to install 6 parts to make the gun 922(r) compliant.) Discouraged, I saw a glimout after school to go see “Navy Seals” for the first time. I mer of hope in the form of the GSG 522 until I held one. It felt less like an MP5 finished the movie with not a sip of my drink missing and all but 3 sour-patch than the water guns I had as a child. Thankfully, H&K licensed the creation of an kids uneaten. That movie started the economic down spiral that was my delving MP5A5 in .22lr through Carl Walther of Germany and importation by Umarex USA. into H&K’s long guns. Charlie Sheen, while no John Wayne, made the MP5SD in I had gotten my hopes up before and been let down so many times, that I was his hand look to my young impressionable eyes like the modern-day equivalent of apprehensive at best. I was beyond skeptical, until I picked one up at the local fun store. I felt a grin Excalibur. The black gun sickness struck me before I could even drive, I bought water-guns that looked like it, I drew them in class in the hands of crudely drawn sneak its way past my lips and a countenance of approval replace my previously soldiers killing the bad guys and saving the day. I was obsessed, I was an H&K chagrined scowl. It looked and felt nearly identical to the MP5A3 I had the pleafanboy before I ever held one or knew about the rest of their line. This is because sure of renting at a local range. While the Umarex was missing the happy switch, everything else was the MP5 was, for me, there. The only differwhat the Winchester ence was the 16” bar1897 or the Colt SAA rel hidden underneath was to the generations a faux suppressor. Albefore mine. I didn’t though it too was modgrow up on spaghetti eled after a real piece westerns, six-guns of equipment, a Knights and levers held little Armament Suppressor. appeal for me. I grew The weight and heft of up watching Tango the semi-auto sub gun and Cash, Navy Seals, really lent credence to Die Hard and Comthe gun’s roll marked mando to name a few. claim of MP5 heritage. These movies taught In fact, if you were to me something very imspot one of these at a portant: good guys use local shop without its M16’s, MP5’s and the magazine, you would bad guys use Uzis and never guess it was a AK-47s. While the M16 rimfire blaster. and its civilian counI’m sure by now terpart the AR-15 were you’re all thinking, “It cool, they were very ACCURACY:****½ - The sight radius could be a bit longer but the match grade lothar barrel is plenty accurate for plinking and looks and feels great, common and I wanted squirrel control. so what? How does it something that strayed ERGONOMICS:****½ - took half a star off because I felt the grip was too smooth for how front heavy the gun is, H&K should shoot?” a bit from the norm. have gone with, or offered as an option, the SEF lower that has both finger grooves and a thumb rest. That being said the gun It is my experience,   Many years later did include both the magazine release button and the ambidextrous paddle release. the most reliable .22lr when I was legally and RELIABILITY:***** - n a word. Perfect. The gun functioned 100% with both high capacity and low capacity magazines regardfinancially capable to autoloading carbine less of the quality (or lack thereof) of the ammunition I fed it. buying a gun, the first ever made. For such thing I did was ina sexy slim girl, she CUSTOMIZATION:**** - There aren’t a ton of accessories made specifically for the .22 MP5, but I know that with minor fitting quire about the MP5’s eats like a heifer and several genuine H&K parts can be adapted to fit the gun. That being said, anything that has the H&K logo on it, isn’t going to be cheap. cost. When I saw that sure as hell ain’t picky the price was right DUDE. As soon as I reOVERALL RATING:****½ - The gun feels serious and is fun as hell to shoot. I guess you’d have to call it, serious fun DUDE. about $16,000, my jaw turned home from my dropped so hard that FFL, gleaming H&K box someone in Beijing had to replant his Zen garden. Considering the offerings from in hand, the first thing I did was read the manual, then field strip and oil the rifle. Bavarian Motor Works and Mercedes I knew the price for German precision engi- I then took her out for an extended session of plinking. 500 rounds and countless neering was high, but not Harley Road King high. This was so far out of my price slain beer cans later, the MP5 was starting to warm up. So its fun while it runs, range in college that I might as well have been lusting over an M1 Abrams tank. but would my initial impression of the gun hold water under an extended stress After much research, I began to understand the complexities of owning re- test? stricted firearms in the US and of the diminishing market of fully automatic fireReliability is one of those things that you just don’t normally expect from an auarms. From this, I discovered that what I really wanted (or rather, could afford) toloading rimfire gun, especially one with a detachable magazine. I found  Umarwas an HK94 carbine. After being unable to find one locally, I hit online auction ex and H&K recommend that you clean the gun approximately every 500 rounds. sites and discovered, as I’m sure many of you have, that H&K no longer makes That sounds reasonable, but as a gun reviewer, I believe it is my job not just to the HK94 and if you want one you need to pay a huge premium. “Strike two”, inform you that the gun operates as advertised, but to also determine its failing I thought to myself. ”Well maybe it’s like the AR15 and there are several qual- points. So while the gun recommends somewhat frequent cleanings and the ity vendors outside of H&K.” and once again, as any of you that have done the use of high velocity ammunition, I wanted to determine if it would operate with


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Summer 2012




Ghostlike Marine minesweepers probe sand with their bayonets upon arrival at Iwo Jima



illiam Bryan, 86, an articulate and humble Marine living on Hilton Head Island, is one of the few remaining survivors from the Battle for Iwo Jima, a World War II battle which lasted for 45 days and concluded March, 1945. 22,000 Japanese soldiers and 25,851 Americans were killed or wounded in action. The air and naval assault commenced shortly before 2am on February 19, 1945. Mr. Bryan, from Springfield, Ohio was 17 years old when he enlisted into the Marine Corps. He was 18 years old when he hit the beaches of Iwo, a Private, a litter bearer and was severely wounded on his ninth day of battle and evacuated shortly thereafter. Iwo Jima was located some 650 miles from Tokyo. No foreign army or outside force had ever successfully conquered Japanese soil. However, to the United States, battling Japan after their cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor, the sulfurous island represented a midpoint between Japan and American bomber bases. There were three airstrips on the island. Japan had been reeling from long range attacks by the United States B-29 bombers, yet, the US had no protective fighters to accompany the flying fortresses as none could fly the required great distances and the bombers fell prey to Japanese interceptors. Iwo Jima, with its three airfields, was ideally positioned as a “fighter-escort” station as well as a sanctuary for crippled bombers returning from their mission in Japan. We needed to secure the island. Naval guns opened fire at 2am February 19,1945. After one hour of apparent devastating bombardment, the assault was lifted leaving Iwo Jima to appear to be entirely on fire. Then, the air attack began almost immediately


Summer 2012

as 110 bombers screamed from the sky saturating the area with bombs. When the planes returned to base, the naval bombardment began again. At 8:30 the order “Land the landing force” sent the first wave of Marines to the shoreline for infantry invasion. It was anticipated the Marines would secure the island within 3 to 10 days. The Japanese had other thoughts. The Japanese forces were led by General Kuribayashi, a brilliant military strategist. “His preparations, fortifications and strategy were marvels in the history of warfare. The Japanese strategy was unique for three reasons: (1) The Japanese didn’t fight above ground. They fought the battle entirely from beneath the ground. They dug 1,500 rooms into the rock. These were connected with 16 miles of tunnels. (2) Japanese strategy called for “No Japanese survivors.” They planned NOT to survive. (3) Japanese strategy was for each soldier to kill (at least) 10 Americans before they themselves were killed.” Twenty-two thousand Japanese defenders were burrowed in the volcanic rock of Iwo Jima awaiting their attackers. The General’s command center had 5 foot thick walls, a 10 foot solid roof and was under 75 feet of rock. (source: iwojima. com). The air and naval bombardment had little affect on the Japanese infantry. Hardly any of the Japanese underground fortresses were touched. At the southern tip of the island rose Mt. Suribachi, a 550 foot volcanic structured cone. “From here, Japanese gunners (underground) zeroed in on every inch of the landing beach. Blockhouses and pillboxes flanked the landing areas. Within, more heavy weapons stood ready to blast the attacking Marines. Machine guns crisscrossed the beaches with deadly interlocking fire. Rockets, anti-boat and antitank guns were also trained on the beaches.

“There are things I remember about Iwo and things I choose to forget.”



Every Marine, everywhere on the island was always in range of Japanese One day after the recruits had “fallen outâ€? the inspection of the ranks took guns. The Japanese were ready.â€? place. As the DI moved slowly throughout the ranks, he passed Willy and “In 36 days of fighting there were 25,851 US casualties (1 in 3 were killed abruptly did an about face to place himself nose to nose to “Redâ€?, another or wounded). Of these, 6,825 American boys were killed.â€? recruit. “Where is your helmetâ€? he screamed. The nervous recruit raised US Marines earned more Medals of Honor on Iwo Jima than in any other both hands to his head and responded, “Sir, I must have forgot it.â€? The DI, battle in US history. still an inch from his face, uttered “Well, I’ll be dipped in shitâ€? and before he Marine Private William “Willyâ€? Bryan was one of those wounded in combat. could say another word, he noticed Willy had a big grin on his face. Well, As mentioned, Willy enlisted in the Marine Corp. in Springfield, Ohio when Willy had never heard that expression and could he was 17. He already had a brother overseas with the Army and several not keep a straight face. “What’s so funny Bryan? of his friends had enlisted. Reluctantly and with great fear You wipe that smile off NOW.â€? “YES SIR!â€?, as the and trepidation, his Mother finally granted her smile evaporated. The Drill Instructors would not permission for him to enlist. After tolerate any misbehavior especially at their own all, “it was wartime and if you did expense. When the overeager recruit, following not enlist, you were nothing.â€? Parris lunch, strolled out from the PX and lit a cigarette, Island became his home for the next he was told in so many words by the DI that he nine weeks. There were three weeks would be able to smoke “ONLY WHEN I TELL at the “main station,â€? three weeks YOU THE SMOKING LAMP IS ON.â€? for rifle training and three weeks Following Willy’s training at Lejeune, he back at the “main station.â€? At the was taken to Camp Pendleton in California, “main stationâ€? Marines were trained in bivoac’d in a tent city until he and others their marching skills, defense prowess, were called to join the 5th Marine Division bayonet practice, maintenance of their in the mountains of Hilo, Hawaii for training rifles and how to field strip same. At the as litter bearers. The marines always had rifle range all Marines were taught to use a back-up support system. As one litter the M-1. There was no end of training fanbearer left, he would be immediately fare nor graduation ceremonies (as there replaced by another. Their responsibility  are today). When the nine weeks of basic was to evacuate the wounded warriors. * $,6,1 5  6 ( was over, off you went. Willy was directed to It was a difficult, unpleasant job but 1 , )0$5 0$ 2  ( 8 Camp Lejeune in North Carolina for advanced one that had to be done. -, 7$7 1'¡66 /$*21,:2 $ / infantry training. The Marines all knew they were 6 ,  ) 6 3$55, $0(5,&$1 When asked how he became aware that going to combat – they just didn’t know he may be going overseas, Willy responded: where. They boarded a troop transport which took “Our platoon was called to report one morning. them to a troop ship heading to Standing at attention, all eyes focused on the Drill Saipan. There they were positioned Instructor (DI). The DI indicated their objective on a LST which held Amtraks on was to form the “31st replacement draftâ€? for board. Amtraks were amphibious an overseas deployment. Instructions were: tractors in design with an opening Those in the first three ranks take 3 steps at the stern to allow the Marines to forward. As they did, they were advisedstorm the beaches. The 5th Marine they had just volunteered for an overseas Division encompassed 20,000 men – assignment. They were given the option of there were 3 divisions. taking three steps backward should they At long last, they were told by their not wish to accept this responsibility. Of officers they were headed to Iwo Jima course, no backward steps were taken. but there should be no concern on their When the recruits first arrived at Parris part for their safety as the island had been Island, none of them knew what to repeatedly bombarded and the officers felt expect. When their bus rambled down there would hardly be a Japanese fighter the main thoroughfare, they were alive. Little did they know. As they boarded surprised when they heard cries from the amtraks, all Marines were given a whitish those on the sidewalks “You’ll be solution to put on their faces, ears and hands – sorry. You’ll be sorry.â€? That’s when all exposed areas. The fear was the Japanese : L O O \DEUD they had their first exposure to the had oiled the harbor and would ignite it if VKFRF steel spined Drill Instructors. “They the Marines landed. As the cover photograph N\\ HDUROG were mercilessâ€? commented Willy. shows, the Marines appeared in almost a ghost DW3DU ULV,VOD There was no formal DI training in those like fashion. QG days. They were selected by those in higher command to When the amtraks arrived, their objective was lead and unify the ragamuffin recruits from across the country in a very to storm the beaches and with their tracks carry short period of time, to indoctrinate them into the Marine code, to emphasize t h e forces up three terrace levels to a spot overlooking all for one, one for all philosophy, no warrior left behind, Semper Fi. DI’s were an airstrip. No problems were anticipated until it was apparent the very condescending and morally degrading to all recruits – no one escaped sand was so soft it could not accommodate the weight of the tank so the their wrath. They never hit the recruits per se but they certainly let them men were basically told “You’re on your ownâ€? as soon as they reached the know who was in charge. If there were two common threads between DI’s it shoreline. It took Willy who was a cocky 127 pound, 18 year old now all day was the threat of fear and fear of the unknown and their obligation to protect carrying his infantry gear to reach the top of the terraces and all the way and save their men. Of course, in this environment, there had to be humorous as he looked left to right, all he could see were either wounded or killed instances and there were‌. Marines. His cockiness quickly disappeared. They saw no Japanese. As When a DI would enter the recruits billet and scream “FALL OUTâ€? recruits Willy was climbing, all of a sudden he felt someone grab his boot. He looked were expected to get dressed and race outside to the company street. They back and down and saw this wounded Marine. “Corpsmanâ€? he yelled and were never fast enough to satisfy the DI. “DO IT AGAIN. DO IT AGAIN. DO miraculously medical care arrived almost immediately. Willy came to highly IT AGAINâ€? was a constant reminder of their ineptness. The DI reminded regard the medical staff, all of whom continuously put themselves in grave them the only things he wanted to see when they were exiting were “HEELS danger as they treated the wounded. AND ASSHOLES.â€?Recruits were required to wear pith helmets in those days. When Willy arrived at the top, looking around he saw no Marines he knew.


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Then a Marine with Navajo heritage appeared whom he had spoken with daughter was well under trying circumstances and would be home soon for before and the two of them found a foxhole to bury themselves in to avoid good with no further military duty obligation. As it was Easter time, Willy’s the crossing Japanese artillery. A US tank appeared out of nowhere and father, owner of a candy store in Springfield, was ecstatic with his son’s stopped right next to their foxhole. It was not going to move. “Well, if it news and set out to produce more of his famous named chocolate eggs doesn’t, we areâ€? muttered Willy. That’s too big a target.â€? Fortunately and than ever before. probably ironically, the tank was never hit and the two men spent the night. It was only a day or two later when his parents received a letter from One gruesome picture Willy recalls is seeing several corpsmen treating a Congressman Clarence J. Brown offering his condolences and sympathies warrior whose arm appeared to be attached only by skin. “It is an image I for the loss of their son, Willy. Can one imagine the depths of despair his shall never forget.â€? parent’s went through with this turn of events? His father closed the candy Moving to the front lines, on his 5th day, Mt. Suribachi shop unable to continue on while reeling over the apparent fell and was secured by American forces. As loss of his son. “Willyâ€? looked over his left shoulder, he Eventually, the situation reversed and could see five infantrymen and the “Leatherneck’sâ€? connection to one Navy corpsman stoically Willy confirmed, again, that raising the American flag he was well and would be to victory. His most home soon. Willy was, at memorable moment that point at a hospital of his involvement in San Diego. The at Iwo Jima was parent’s prayed being able to see and waited to see the American for themselves. flag being S h o r t l y raised and thereafter, Willy knowing how was sent to proud he was the Great Lakes of his country Naval Station in and his men Chicago, Illinois. and what they His legs were had been able to healing well and accomplish under the doctors agreed the most trying of to give him a discharge :LOO\%U\DQWKHROGHVW0DULQHDWWKH0DULQH&RUSV3DJHDQWFHOHEUDWLQJWKH circumstances. survey confirming he WKDQQLYHUVDU\ZLWK3DUULV,VODQG&RPSDQ\&RPPDQGHU*HQHUDO5H\QROGV On the ninth day, Willy was to be sent home and was wounded as he moved to would not be required to rejoin the front lines to assist a wounded the fighting ranks. He had done and Marine. There was a violent explosion seen enough. Willy was at home in peace and shrapnel tore into the back of Willy’s leg, on VJ Day and was discharged from the Marine just beneath his knee. Blood was gushing everywhere Corps on September 14, 1945. He had been promoted to to the extent Willy felt he might even bleed to death. But, as has been Private First Class a day earlier on September 13, 1945. told, corpsmen came immediately to his rescue. He was given morphine, Willy returned to Iwo Jima on its’ 50th anniversary in 1995 with his and carried down to the beach on a stretcher for evacuation. A splint was nephew whose father had flown bombers over the island but had never put on just in case one or two leg bones had been broken. As he lay on been involved in an attack. His father had actually passed away earlier and his stretcher, Willy marveled at how much had been done by the Marines it was his wish to have his ashes tossed to the winds at Iwo Jima – mission since their arrival. Telephone connections were established and stacks of accomplished. It was an honor for both men. ammunition were everywhere – none of which would ever be touched by Today Willy volunteers at the Parris Island Museum two days a week. the enemy. Shortly thereafter, Willy was put on a LCM, a flat bottom boat Often the receptionist will introduce Willy as a warrior and survivor of Iwo which maneuvered him to an AKA (cargo boat). Looking up and seeing the Jima to museum guests. Willy would prefer not to be noticed. He adamantly marine roping on the side, Willy felt it would be impossible to get him aboard refuses to be considered an American hero. His attitude basically is that he – that was until he was literally hoisted from his LCM, up and over the side did as he was asked to do and what was expected of him. He did no more to safety. As he “arrived,â€? it felt strange to him to see a civilian woman than anyone else in that circumstance. He should not be singled out for photographer, cigarette going, taking photos of all that was happening. He adulation but we all know – anyone who persevered through what he had never did meet her but strongly believed she had to have been one of the done, seen and experienced and lived to tell the extraordinary tale is truly an premier photographers for “Life Magazine.â€? Willy was truly amazed to see American patriot – a proud Marine, proud husband, father and Grandfather. her. Semper Fi. The AKA took Willy and other wounded Marines to the hospital ship, “The DUDE PROFILE: Dave Campbell resides in Good Samaritanâ€? which routed him through Guam and eventually back to Oldfield with his wife Eileen and 16 year old Pearl Harbor. His leg wound had started to heal properly but what was of daughter, Katherine. A retired corporate employee more concern was the elephantine swelling in his other leg. It was originally benefits consultant, Dave and family moved from diagnosed as phlebitis but the MD’s settled on thrombosis and phlebitis Falmouth Mass. to the Low Country 6 years ago. which would keep him from further duty obligations. An active golfer, Dave is a strong supporter of Oldfield Golf, The Hilton Head Crew Team, a Willy was ordered to bed and “to stay there.â€? “Do not get out of bed volunteer at the Parris Island Marine Museum UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and we repeat ANY.â€? and a monthly platelet donor at Savannah Of course, during this time Willy’s parents had no idea where he was, what Memorial. He is also an avid photographer he was doing, was he injured, well or‌.Communication as we know it now who has produced 2 Oldfield books with sales was not apparent then. As it turned out, a friend of Willy’s was the circulation benefitting the Boys and Girls Club(s). Dave has two older sons ( DJ in Austin, Tx and Tim manager of the Marine magazine “Leatherneck.â€? He so happened to stroll in Hamilton, Mass) and three granddaughters through Willy’s hospital room and upon recognizing his friend, immediately ages 7 to 12. Eileen has a son, Christopher, who notified his parent’s that Willy had suffered a leg injury but was well and recently graduated from St. Andrews in Scotland recuperating at a Hawaii hospital. and now resides and works in Boston. One can only imagine the parent’s exultation in finding one’s son or

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gain it was time to go on another field trip with our good buddy, Another invention that assisted our troops with nutrition came in to being back Master Sergeant, Warren “DIZ” Disbrow (retired) and this one really in 1853 and it was the invention of Potato Chips. Chef George Crum of the Moon intrigued me, as I had never been privileged to go in to an official Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs, New York, kept getting a complaint from a customer Commissary. Mr. Truckstencils.com himself, DIZ told me I needed to that his fried potatoes where not thin enough and being very frustrated with the meet this really nice guy, George Willis who is the administrator of constant complaining, Chef George cut some spuds razor thin and stated, “Let’s see the Parris Island Commissary, so one day this past spring we headed if these are thin enough for him?”, all to find out, the customer was actually now very on to Parris Island to pay him a visit and see what a Commissary is all about. satisfied and he had just invented the potato chip. Chef George’s, Saratoga Chips The Parris Island Commissary is located right in the heart of Parris Island next where soon marketed and enjoyed by many of our troops back in the day. to the 7 day exchange on Wake Boulevard. The Defense Commissary Agency built The next biggest thing in the commissary’s evolution came at a turning point this newest of 3 past versions back in 1991 and has the feel of your basic high end after the Civil War. To say many soldiers suffered during this bloody 4 year battle is grocery store. As we walked in to the bustling with activity grocery store, we went an understatement with over 600,000 men dead and over 412,000 wounded. After looking for George, all to find him ringing up groceries for some of America’s finest. the war was over, the plight of the common soldier came to the forefront and it It quickly became apparent that George would draw attention to providing for is a jack of all trades at the Parris Island daily rations for our military men. Two Commissary and if it needs to get done, years after the Civil War, enlisted men he’s the man DUDE. would now be able to buy groceries from Once things slowed down a bit their post’s commissary storehouse at and the other check out clerks got a cost, like their officers had been able to handle on the rush, we talked to George do since 1825. to a learn a little about his background This is how the modern day and how he got to be the Administrator commissary came in to being and now at the Parris Island Commissary. George commissaries provide retail groceries to and his wife Stefanie, have lived in eligible patrons at an average of 30 to Beaufort for 3 years now with their 40% savings off general retail, thereby daughter Kiara. I could tell George had a stretching the military paycheck and military background the way he handled actually encouraging re-enlistment. himself, so I had to ask, what did you The stores were initially run by the War do and where did you get your training. and Navy Departments, however today Cynthia Six, Store Director and George Willis, Store Administrator George was part of the Army’s 55 Bravo they are run through the Department Company, an Ammo Specialist and he of Defense and it Defense Commissary got his training from Fort McCullen in Alabama. This Red Stone Arsenal product Agency (DeCA), headquartered in Fort Lee, Virginia and they employ our good DUDE probably knows more about military ammo than anyone in the commissary. He likes friends George Willis and Cynthia Six. bowling, playing corn hole and sitting down for some Texas Hold Em Poker every now The Parris Island Commissary is lucky to have two great individuals like these and then. to assist those most deserving of this very worth while benefit for serving our country. George being from the heartland in Omaha, Nebraska, spent many years going Cynthia stated, “They are our best, so they deserve the best!” and I couldn’t agree back and forth to Germany serving his country and learning the skills that it takes to more. As George gave us a quick walk through the store, it was like your average administrate a full blown commissary. Before coming to Parris Island, George spent grocery store except for one thing....THE PRICES DUDE! WOW! I would have to say 10 years at Fort Stewart in Georgia and this is where he honed his skills. He took us that 30 to 40% less than what us commoners pay at grocery store was the rule of in to meet his boss, Cynthia Six who is the commissary’s director. You can tell this thumb, however the prices on the fine looking freshly cuts meats where more in the lady knows her business and most likely doesn’t put up with a lot of bull, if you know range of 50% of what you might pay at normal retail stores. what I mean. We were very perplexed however when Cynthia told us that the Parris Island Being a civilian gringo with no military service under my belt, I’m always Commissary could go away with Obama’s proposed massive Defense cuts on the fascinated to learn more about our military and how things work through our horizon and I think my jaw actually dropped when I heard this. I understand cutting government’s Department of Defense. Cynthia was nice enough to take time out of some things to help pay for the government’s out of control spending, but to do her day to share with Diz and I a little about the history of the Commissary and how away with something like closing the commissaries is unthinkable in my opinion. it evolved in to what it is today. Commissaries have operated at more than twelve hundred locations in fifty countries The story of the commissary actually started back in 1775. That’s when our throughout the world and obviously those numbers can not be maintained. From government helped provide for General George Washington and his troops at Valley 1991 to 2007 our government actually closed down 160 commissaries due to BRAC Forge. Though the soldiers subsisted only on a diet of fire cakes and water, it was and now there is just roughly over 250 stores around the world. Our troops deserve fortunate for the Army that George Washington became our nation’s first president a break and closing the Parris Island Commissary is not a way to show our thanks for he had some serious understanding and sympathy for the plight of the enlisted for their service because our current government can’t seem to pass a budget in well soldier. Largely through his influence, an effort was made to provide for decent over 3 years now. I thought it was the law that they did that, guess not DUDE! So, rations for the military. when I asked Cynthia and George is there anything DUDE can do to help, they said One of the next biggest steps in this evolution of providing for our troops YES, go to www.saveourbenefit.org and get involved and let our government officials was the invention of canning by the Frenchman, Nicholas Appert, who discovered by know, most specifically the Secretary of Defense and the President, that closing down through exhaustive experimentation from 1794 to 1804, that if you placed glass jars commissaries and military exchanges is unacceptable, not to mention we would lose in boiling water, Nicholas used old champagne bottles, then immediately filled them a very good distribution spot for the DUDE readers on Parris Island. It appears that with cooked foods and sealed them hermetically, that the food remained preserved for the time being the currently active commissaries and military exchanges have indefinitely. Anyone who has served in the military knows about eating out of cans. survived the 2013 defense budget cuts and THAT’S A GOOD THING DUDE!


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THE INDEPENDENCE FUND Healing Heroes Golf Week & The Lieutenant Dan Band Weekend 3 BY BRAD MCDONALD


his past spring DUDE was introduced to fine folks that are The Independence Fund. An all-volunteer 501(c) 3 that is run entirely by combat veterans for combat veterans makes for a great group of Americans doing the right thing for our American heroes/warriors. Many of you faithful DUDE followers will recognize the name as they were the sponsors of the recent Healing Heroes Golf Week and Silent Auction as well as the organizers for the very successful Lieutenant Dan Band Weekend in Beaufort, now going in to its 3rd year this fall. The mission statement for the Independence fund is to provide post 9/11 veterans with the tools, therapies and guidance they may otherwise not receive from our government. A seemingly gargantuan task but with combat veterans at the helm a very solvable problem, as many of them see failure to take care of these fine Americans as not being an option. Since 9/11, nearly 60,000 service members have been wounded in combat zones while prosecuting the Global War on Terrorism. If you factor in non-hostile injuries that figure more than doubles and therefore a unique class of survivor has emerged. Due to amazing advances in battlefield medicine many are kept alive that normally would have been non-survivable.

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The Independence Fund has established their THREE PILLARS OF SUPPORT for these Wounded Warriors. Pillar One is to provide the necessary tools and therapies that are otherwise not being provided and a fine example of this is the $28,000 iBOT, that can best described as a wheelchair on steroids. The Independence Fund has provided over 20 of these amazing machines that help our severely injured veterans enjoy the simpler things in life like golfing and fishing. See photos of how it allowed many of these fine Americans to tee em up with us at the Sanctuary Golf Club on Cat Island this spring. A truly inspiring site DUDE! They also help out veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and assists them in travel, transportation and lodging expenses to such great civilian rehab facilities as the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Pillar Two is to fund and promote physical and leisure/ athletic activities that will enhance the veteran’s physical and emotional well-being. Such events like the great golf outings held this spring and the fishing tournament coming this fall as part of the Lieutenant Dan Band Weekend (LDW3). Other worth while events that have come through this funding are the DVA Winter Sports Clinic in Aspen, Colorado and the “Independence Ride” in Houston, Texas. Pillar Three is Advocacy/Case Management that handles a severely injured service


members, as they may transit back and forth to as many as six different treatment facilities. It seems that the best people to assist them is other service members, as well as family members, so they can navigate through the bureaucratic labyrinth with ease and as little stress as possible. The beautiful thing about the Independence Fund, unlike our government, is that there are no paid staff members, no overhead for office space and the board is comprised entirely of combat veterans (many severely injured themselves) who see it as their duty to aid their fellow Wounded American Warriors. They have partnered with quality organizations, such as the Gary Sinise Foundation, the New York Fire Family Transport Foundation and Fire Fighters Assisting Armed Forces Families Foundation. To date we have lost over 6,000 service members on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and all we can do is to remember their sacrifice for our freedom and comfort their loved ones, however the 60,000 plus that made it out alive deserve our love, appreciation and help for their service. The Independence Fund has done a magnificent job of raising and distributing more than $1.7 million to our deserving veterans. Their work is not done by a long shot, so do our Wounded Warriors a favor and support them RIGHT NOW, by going to their website; www. independencefund.org There you’ll see a short video that says it all DUDE! You can also send your tax deductible donations to; THE INDEPENDENCE FUN, PO BOX 1171, BEAUFORT, SC 29901 Seeing the Independence Fund in action and meeting so many great veterans and individuals involved this spring has really been awe inspiring, so I thought I’d wrap up this article by sharing with you DUDE readers some of the things I witnessed this past spring. From the sincere tears shed at the ground breaking ceremony for the Iraq/ Afghanistan Veterans Remembrance Wall and Chapel at Palm Key to the smiles we witnessed at the golf outing at Sanctuary Golf Club on


Cat Island, this is what makes the United States of American the greatest country in the world DUDE! Don’t forget to make plans to join us as the Lt. Dan Band and Wounded Vets return to Beaufort for the 3rd Annual Lt. Dan Week September 9 -16. In Beaufort down at Waterfront Park on September 15, 2012, Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band will return to South Carolina and perform another concert for the 3rd Annual Lt. Dan Week. Recently, 60 Minutes featured Gary Sinise (star of CSI New York) and his work on behalf of our wounded service members. He and the Lt. Dan Band travel the world entertaining our deployed troops and raising funds for disabled vets at home. Gary played Lt. Dan, a double-amputee from the Vietnam War, in the movie Forrest Gump. Also that week, the Independence Fund volunteers (a.k.a. Team Indy) are planning several fundraisers and activities for our wounded vets. Among these are celebrity fishing events: An episode of O’Neill Outside will be filmed with the popular host O’Neill Williams, Captain Tuck Scott of Bay Street Outfitters, and a wounded veteran returning for LDW3. A future airing of this show will take place on one or more major sports networks. On September 12, Flip Pallot, legendary fly fisherman, will join O’Neill Williams and others at a banquet and silent auction at the Holiday Inn on Boundary Street. During the Lt. Dan Week, Flip and O’Neill will conduct various workshops and outings for the vets and caregivers. Other contributors will include members of the Orvis Saltwater Fishing School instructors, Sea Island Fly Fishers Club, Bay Street Outfitters, the Beaufort Sport Fish and Dive Club. Clinics will be available to the public along with other popular Lt. Dan Week events: Lt. Dan Golf Classic, 5KRun, and MCAS Bike Ride. Details for upcoming events will be posted on www.LDW3.com, so bookmark the site and visit it frequently. Click FLAG to commemorate a memorial flag for the vet in your family or neighborhood.

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f you had the pleasure of attending an air show in the past decade, you have most likely seen either the USAF Thunderbirds or the US Navy Blue Angels. Also, you have likely seen the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, which starts every air show with a jump carrying the American Flag. Most likely, you have seen several jumps by the team or one part of the team, during the show. The Golden Knights are the premier parachute team in this country. There is both a demonstration team, which you likely saw and a competition team that jumps against amateur and professional teams from all over the world. The Demonstration team is actually two teams, the Gold Team and the Black Team and they will be performing in different locations on any given day. The members of the team are all volunteers, who jump not as part of their regular military duties, but in addition to them. The Army accommodates the teams because of the good public relations value they engender and because of national support from the public. This past spring, I had the privilege of attending an air show at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumpter, SC, where the Thunderbirds were scheduled to appear. The show the Thunderbirds put on was spectacular, holding everyone’s rapt attention for almost an hour while they demonstrated the abilities of the F-16 Falcon. From the precise moves to the inverted flight lines, this team excels. I arrived at Shaw around 8:30 AM and was initially scheduled to ride with the Golden Knights on their show opening flight. Because of a schedule problem, I was switched to a later flight where the 9 member Black Team would jump. I met the team at the appointed hour and found them practicing their aerial routines on the concrete pad next to their aircraft. I found it amazing that a team that boasts the number of jumps listed on their website still find the need to practice, but then again, practice makes perfect and if there is a word that fits the Golden Knights better than perfect, it isn’t in my dictionary. We departed from the main runway and started climbing. We had been warned to bring along a coat, hat and gloves as it would be much colder at the jump altitude. Any pilot knows that temperature decreases 2 degrees C or 3.5 degrees F for every 1,000 feet of altitude. Of course that is in stationary air and is an average. Still, at 12,500 feet (the jump altitude), we could expect a decrease of “approximately” 24 degrees C or 35 degrees F. At takeoff time, the ramp temperature was reading 88 degrees F, but it certainly felt warmer than that. If we applied the standard formula, we could expect a jump altitude temperature of 53 degrees, certainly not winter coat weather. Since I had left my jacket and gloves on the other side of the field in the Media tent, I opted to fly without them. Now, as we left the ground and started climbing, I remembered that the standard temperatures were in stationary air, and we were flying along at nearly 200 mph and there were no doors on the rear of the plane. I dearly wished that I had carried my jacket and gloves with me. One of the jumpers saw my blue fingers and handed me a pair of his extra gloves, for which I shall be forever grateful. As we approached the jump zone and slowed to 120 mph, one of the jumpers remarked to a woman who was along as a courtesy VIP, that the aircraft temperature was close to 40 degrees and with the wind chill, well below freezing. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of that statement, but my breath was freezing on the metal parts of my camera. Now, as we waited for the signal from the ground, the team explained the plan of action. First, one jumper would do a standard jump to access the conditions, doing a series of spins and circles on the way down, all the while, trailing smoke from a canister on his ankle. He also explained that no smoke would mean he would be invisible to the crowds below. So, he stood in the door and when they gave him the all clear, he glanced down, made his final preparation and stepped outside. He didn’t jump in the usual sense


of the word, he merely stepped out the door as if he were doing a line dance. He was immediately hit with 120 mph wind and dropped off on his way down. The next two to go went from opposite sides of the plane and joined up to form a tandem jump and they spun for several revolutions before separating, then landing in the designated jump zone. Next, a lone jumper, who simulated a “Roman Candle” maneuver, which is akin to a tangled parachute line. When the chute failed to open and he appeared to be in trouble, he would cut the chute loose and open his reserve chute. On the ground, the announcer would tell everyone that all jumpers carry a reserve chute just in case the main chute had a problem. Overhead, the reserve chute opened, then collapsed much like the main chute and the jumper hurled toward the earth at 120 mph. As the crowd watched, some in horror at what they were witnessing, the jumper opened yet another reserve chute and there was an audible sigh of relief. The announcer assured the crowd that this was all part of the show and offered in good fun, but stressed the daily danger these men, all under 30 years of age, were facing with each jump. Finally, the remaining jumpers executed a tandem jump and formed a star as they descended. Even at 12,500 feet, with the doors open and the wind howling, I could swear I heard the applause of the thousands assembled below. The Golden Knights had made another successful jump for the record book. One of the lead jumpers was a 26 year old native of Virginia, who in 8 years in the Army, has amassed more than 3,500 jumps. He looks forward to each jump and says that he will continue to jump as long as he is able, which we all hope is many decades from now. He has also recently returned from deployment in Afghanistan. In speaking with him, you can immediately see the love he has for the team and for this volunteer service. As the last jumper left the plane, a crew member closed the doors and the pilot dove for the ground. Thee minutes later, he made a high speed fly-by of the grandstands, followed by a pull up, course reversal and short field landing. I am simply awed by the esprit de corps of this group of young men, who daily put themselves in harms way to entertain and to showcase the United States Army to those of us who live under their protection. The next time you have a chance to watch the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels, pay particular attention to their partner, the United States Army Golden Knights. You won’t be disappointed. DUDE PROFILE: Wes Grady is relatively new to the lowcountry, moving here from the Hudson Valley of New York in 2007. Wes retired from the practice of law after 30 years and claims that this was the best decision he ever made. Upon arriving in the Lowcountry, Wes completed the Master Gardener program offered by Clemson University and then began taking ecology classes at USCB and in 2009 he completed the Master Naturalist program through the Lowcountry Institute. Snakes are his specialty and he regularly works with home owners in Sun City to educate them about snakes and removes venomous snakes as they appear. He is proud of the fact that no snake is ever killed. Wes is a private pilot, an advanced open water SCUBA diver and a general class amateur radio operator. In his younger days, he obtained his Sports Car Club of America Competition License at Nelson Ledges, Ohio and raced for several years in the eastern part of the country. Wes is an advanced photographer and likes to travel throughout the world shooting wildlife and scenics. He lives in Sun City with his wife, Linda, and can be reached at 843-705-4875 or by e-mail at: wesgrady@gmail.com

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standard pressure ammo and infrequent cleanings. I initially fed the MP5A5 CCI standard velocity ammo but after 450 rounds without so much as a hiccup, I wanted to see how it functioned with less reputable rounds. I reached deep into the bowels of my ammunition closet and pulled out a zip-locked bag full of old Remington thunderbolts. From my best count, I had about 300 of them in the bag. I then found a few half-full boxes of CCI stingers, about 75 in total. Finally, I swung by my local sporting goods store and purchased a box of 555 Winchester hollow-points. I packed up my range bag and headed back out with the MP5. Much to my astonishment, the little rimfire sub gun blasted through every single round of every ammunition type I had on hand. For those of you who lost count, that’s roughly 1,400 rounds with no issues other than the copious amount of smoke coming from the action. Speaking of the action, when retracting the charging handle into the recess of the cocking, you’ll notice that it takes a bit of muscle, however the amount of force necessary to open the bolt seems completely consistent, despite the buildup of carbon and wax in the action.

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“The rimfire MP5 disassembles like the real deal with the exception that you don’t remove the bolt, or at least the manual specified not to.” I took the hefty little carbine to the range for a bit of fun and found that the gun shot very accurately from a rest but was difficult to sight in with ear-muffs due to the nature of the collapsible stock. I blasted away with the supplied 25-round magazines like a man possessed. The trigger, while long is not particularly heavy and the recoil next to zero. This combination made it feel like a pellet gun on steroids. I believe the MP5A5 would make a truly incredible plinker with inclusion of a red-dot or a low-magnification scope, as I found obtaining a solid and consistent cheek weld to be difficult with the collapsible stock. Although on most wire-style stocks this is the case, for example, the AKS-47. I’ve seen guys wrap the stock in paracord but then it can’t lock up properly all the time, which defeats the purpose of a collapsible or folding stock. The Umarex representative informed me that they currently offer a fixed version of the stock resembling an A2 stock that should offer an improved cheek weld when using iron sights. The rimfire MP5 disassembles like the real deal with the exception that you don’t remove the bolt, or at least the manual specified not to do so. In order to disassemble the gun for cleaning, you first rotate the fire-selector switch to safe, then remove the magazine from the mag-well. Proceed to open the action to make sure the gun is unloaded, then remove the pin at the rear of the receiver and pop off the stock. Finally, remove the second pin forward of the trigger guard and remove the grip assembly. The simplicity of its disassembly masks the persistent determination required for the cleaning process. Because the gun doesn’t readily break down into smaller pieces, you have to use more q-tips and cans of bore solvent than you might normally, not a deal-breaker for most people, but something to take into consideration. The other downside of the cleaning process is you have to clean the barrel from the muzzle because of the way the bolt assembly is secured inside the gun. While I was initially concerned that I wouldn’t be able to fully clean the MP5 because I wouldn’t be able to get full access to its internals, these proved to be unfounded. I simply used plenty of q-tips and solvent and eventually it all ran out clean. While somewhat less cost-effective to clean than say, an AR-15, any cleaning supply savings would be negated by the low cost of .22lr ammunition. DUDE PROFILE: James Grant, Age: 27 Personal Interests: Competitive Rifle/ Carbine/Handgun shooting, varmint hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, wood-working and gunsmithing. I have participated in competitive shooting since 2005 and have placed in the top 3 at several carbine side matches. I enjoy collecting antique military arms and teaching new shooters about the sport. In my spare time, I hunt white tail and coyotes, with the majority of my experience being in the latter.

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Serves Up Back Pack Buddies Summer Program


rossroads Community Support Services, Inc. is collaborating with The Bluffton Farmers Market to offer a program through which qualified elementary school students can receive nutritious food on a weekly basis through the summer months. These children have been receiving food on the weekends during the school year through The BackPack Buddies for Bluffton program. Back Pack Buddies (BPB) is a program created by Feeding America and has been instituted across the Nation. In Bluffton, Back Pack Buddies is sponsored by the Lowcountry Food Bank and Crossroads Community Support Services, Inc., with collaborating partners Temple Oseh Shalom, Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Iglesia Vida, Grace Coastal Church, Carson Realty and numerous other community churches, individuals and organizations. On Hilton Head, BPB is sponsored by the Hunger and Homeless Coalition and there is a large BPB program in Beaufort as well. In the first year, BackPack Buddies for Bluffton targeted the two Title 1 schools in Bluffton, Red Cedar Elementary and M. C. Riley Elementary—these are schools where over 60% of the children are on free or reduced fee breakfast and lunch. 80 children were served this school year—children who would otherwise go hungry over the weekend. Every Friday afternoon they were given a back pack full of nutritious food including proteins, cereals, milk, fruit and a granola bar. The children in the program are identified by the school social worker and guidance counselors as being among the most likely to be “chronically food insecure”. Unfortunately, as many as 200 children in each school could probably benefit from the program if resources permitted that volume. For confidentiality for the children, neither the Lowcountry Food Bank nor any of the volunteers working in the program, know the identify of the children. The premise behind the program is quite simple. The food is bought from the Lowcountry Food Bank and volunteers pick it up from their distribution center in Yemassee. The food is packed into plastic bags, stored in bins, and then packed in the back packs each week. The cost to feed a child every weekend for the past school year was $131.48. Next year is cost is going up to $146 per child. Crossroads and their partners and friends raise the necessary funds and provide volunteers. School personnel and all of the volunteers working on BPB are concerned about these children during the summer months. Without the free breakfasts and lunches during the school week and BPB food on the weekend, their nutritional needs are likely to be compromised. Because of the confidentiality issues, it is impossible to directly reach out to the children over the summer months. “If we can’t bring food to the children, our hope is to bring the children to food in the form of fruits and vegetables at the Farmers Market on Calhoun Street. Many of these families live nearby so the location is a great asset.”, states Sue Kroupa of Crossroads Community Support Services. Each week, the children and their families bring vouchers to The Farmers Market and shop for fresh produce. The amount of each voucher is determined by the number of children in the family. Crossroads is very grateful for the cooperation of The Farmers Market, their manager Kim Viljac, and the many participating vendors.


For the school year 2012-2013 3 new schools will be added to the program— Pritchardsville Elementary, Okatie Elementary and Bluffton Middle School. Pritchardsville will take part in the traditional program of sending BackPacks full of food home with the children every Friday. At Okatie and Bluffton Middle school, a new program will be piloted where children will be identified under the “chronically food insecure” guidelines, but instead of the weekly back packs, the families will receive a box of food that will significantly supplement the whole family’s nutritional needs. Crossroads is appreciative of all community support for the BackPack Buddies programs, as they are seen as only a beginning--a stepping stone to future programs to alleviate hunger in our community. For more information about Back Pack Buddies, please call Crossroads at 843-379-5040.

Summer 2012


Lowcountry DUDES getting ready to do the LoCo Motion this fall


t took Bill Mahoney three days he trudged along determined to suffer and 30 miles to discover the through just one more mile. power of pink. After walking “When I got to Mile Marker 4, I knew with breast cancer survivors I could get to the turning point,” Hinze in last year’s inaugural LoCo recalled. “At the end of the fifth mile, it Motion walk-run fundraiser, was time to head back. I was going to the 63-year-old personal trainer was make it.” invigorated with a whole new appreciation His wife and daughter completed the for life. 10-mile trek about 20 minutes behind “I’ve never met more uplifting and him. For finishing all three legs of the positive people,” Mahoney said. “Cancer event, each received a Triple Nipple survivors don’t take life for granted. They commemorative medal. were just happy to be out there walking.” Participants have the option of running Mahoney was one of dozens of men or walking, one, two or three of the event who participated in last fall’s LoCo Motion, days. You don’t have to be registered for an event started by the nonprofit Carolina LoCo Motion to workout with the training Cups to raise money for breast cancer groups. Sun City resident Bill Mahoney teamed up with breast cancer survivor education, screening, treatment and In Bluffton, Palmetto Running Company Donna Myers (right) and her friend Diane Prazma to participate in the clinical research. The Sun City resident is offering sessions at 7 a.m. Saturdays 2011 LoCo Motion. teamed up with neighbor Donna Myers and Powerhouse Gym at 7 p.m. Tuesdays. and her childhood friend Diane Prazma to Hilton Head Island residents can train with walk all three 10-mile legs of the event. LoCo Boot Camp at 7 a.m. Sundays at “Donna was my motivation for doing Coligny Beach Park. it,” Mahoney said. “I find her to be a very inspiring person. North of the Broad, group workouts are taking place at She can do anything she puts her mind to do.” 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays and 7 a.m. Saturdays at Beaufort Myers was diagnosed with breast cancer three Memorial Hospital, LoCo Motion’s lead sponsor for the years ago. Eight months after her last chemotherapy second year. The hospital’s Keyserling Cancer Center treatment, her husband died of tongue cancer. is one of the breast cancer-related organizations to Despite the back-to-back blows, she was receive proceeds from the fundraiser. determined to get past the grief and live strong. During the sessions, trainers and nutritionists will “I fought like a girl,” she said, “and I won.” be offering participants tips on how get the most out The “Three’s Company” team, as they call of their workouts. Ward Hinze closes in on the LoCo Motion finish line themselves, will be hoofing it again this year in the “Hydration, especially during the middle of the last fall after completing all the 30-miles. 2012 LoCo Motion taking place Sept. 28-30 On Hilton summer, is very important,” said BMH Clinical Nutrition Head Island and Callawassie. Mahoney and Myers have Manager Roxanne Davis-Cote. “Drink water throughout already begun training for the long-distance, multi-day event, the day so your body is hydrated enough to start exercising.” walking daily to build up their endurance. “Ten miles a day should not be intimidating to anyone,” Mahoney For additional information on the LoCo Motion event and said. “If you walk every day and increase your distance gradually, you’ll be tips on how to train for it, or to register, visit www.DotheLoCoMotion. ready by the time September rolls around.”Down the road from Mahoney and Myers, org or call 540-3284. Lynda and Ward Hinze are putting in the miles along the Bluffton Parkway. They’re following the suggested training program available on the LoCo Motion website, www. DUDE PROFILE: Marie McAden is the Outdoor Insider DotheLoCoMotion.org, and joining one of the free group training sessions being offered in for South Carolina’s official tourism website, www. Bluffton, Beaufort and Hilton Head Island. discoversouthcarolina.com. Over the last three years, she The Rose Hill couple completed all 30 miles of last year’s event with their daughter, has written stories about hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, a five-year breast cancer survivor who flew in from Wisconsin to participate in the event scuba diving, rollerblading and standup paddle boarding in some of the state’s most beautiful recreational venues. with them. A former reporter and editor at The Miami Herald, “When I first started walking with my wife, it was just to keep her company,” Ward Marie moved to Hilton Head Island in 1995 and began Hinze said. “I had no intention of doing the event. I thought 30 miles was way more than working as a freelance writer. She has written feature I wanted to walk even if it was at 10-miles a stretch.” stories and web copy for a wide range of organizations But half-way into the training, Hinze changed his mind. and businesses, including the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, Beaufort Memorial Hospital and the Hilton Head “It became a challenge for me,” he said. “I wanted to see if I could do it.” Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce. The heat and humidity made it tough the first day of the event, but Hinze set his sights She was the primary writer for the December 2007 on completing one mile at a time. Delta Sky Portrait of Hilton Head Island and wrote several “Each mile marker became another goal,” he said. “Coming across the finish line gave stories for in-flight magazine features on Savannah and Charleston. me a boost to do the next day.” A first degree black belt, Marie taught karate for more than 14 years on Hilton Head Island and spent a summer as a kayak guide on Broad Creek. An avid adventure traveler, she has He improved his time on Day 2, but he was stiff and his muscles ached. hiked in the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Glacier national parks, as well as the Inca Trail to “I had come that far,” he said “I was going to at least start the third leg.” Machu Pichu in Peru. She is currently learning how to whitewater kayak. I’d say she’s a DUDE! The last day proved to be the hardest. Sore from the previous two days of walking,

Summer 2012


Downhill Lies BY DOUG WEAVER

DOWNHILL CURE: THE SWIMMING POOL DRILL A drill to learn the correct feel of a downhill-lie swing takes place at the edge of a swimming pool. Stand at the edge of the pool with the balls of your feet and toes hanging over the edge. Swing your 5-iron and try to skim the water. With your weight distributed properly, you’ll be able to swing from start to finish without consequence. Lean too far forward and you’ll learn your lesson in a hurry.


hen your drive has ended up on a slope that is going to cause the ball to be lower than your feet at address. Apply the same type of approach as you would when confronted by the uphill lie. Because the toe of your club is going to be lower than the heel, the sidespin you impart to the ball will push it in the opposite direction, causing a fade instead of a hook. Therefore, you must align yourself not right of the target but left of it. On an uphill lie, your weight is likely to fall backward toward your heels. On a downhill lie, it falls forward toward your toes. Keeping this in mind, take your practice swings with the goal of centering your balance again through your thighs and over the arches of your feet. A good way to remember this is to focus your weight under your shoestrings. Just as when facing an uphill lie, take some extra club in this situation. In fact, on a downhill lie it is even more important to compensate for likely lost distance, since reaching down for the ball when swinging is more difficult than reaching up toward it. When the ball is above your feet, your swing plane naturally becomes flatter, making your golf stroke more like a baseball swing, which is why most golfers fare better with uphill lies than downhill lies. Downhill lies result in more shanks and pop-ups because your body instinctively wants to straighten up, and the more it does so, the more lower-body strength is inadvertently removed Photography by Rob Tipton from the swing. No matter what the situation, it is always more effective to take more club and swing within yourself than to take less club and increase the chances of swinging out of control. DOWNHILL LIES When golfers are faced with a downhill lie, they find the ball below the plane of their feet. The club’s toe is often lower than the heel (inset). A player must aim left of the target to account for the natural fade spin that will be imparted to the ball. DUDE PROFILE: DOUG WEAVER Director of Golf Instruction, Palmetto Dunes Resort Golf Digest South Carolina Top-Ten Instructor (843) 338-9598 Doug is from Madison, West Virginia and has been a Hilton Head Islander for 34 years. He attended Sea Pines Academy and they won the state Golf Championship in 1978. Doug played for and graduated from Furman University. Before working exclusively in golf, Doug worked for the old Chart House and sold time shares for DMG. He has caddied in past Heritages, is a former PGA Tour Player, played in 5 Heritages, most recently 2000 and 2002 and has played in 2 US Opens. Doug has worked with Golf Instructors, Davis Love II, Harvey Ward and David Leadbetter and is currently in his 18th year of teaching golf. He is married to his lovely wife, Trish and they have two children, Lauren who is a USC Gamecock studying to be a history teacher and son, Kyle, who is a freshman on a full football scholarship to the Citadel. Doug also fishes as he was the original vice-president of the Hilton Head Island Fishing Club back in 1983. His weekly TV show and monthly golf tips have made him somewhat of a celebrity on Hilton Head Island. Doug has many years of teaching experience and has played and practiced with Vijay Singh, Retief Goosen, Tom Watson, Payne Stewart, Fred Funk and many others. Let Doug teach you what he’s learned (843) 338-9598 or pgaweaver@aol.com


Summer 2012



ow about this great weather DUDES? The mild winter and mid 80’s early summer temp’s have made for great times to get out there and put in some work. It seems more people are working on their golf swings this year, than I’ve seen in the past at Sea Pines Resort. I wonder if it could be because of every DUDE’S fixation on The Golf Channel? or maybe it is because, like it or not, TIGER IS BACK, most likely it’s this beautiful Lowcountry weather. Is this a great place to visit, better yet. LIVE or what DUDE? Great weather means, no excuses to get out there and try to make the best out of your game and put in some time on the range. Most DUDES don’t have 4 to 5 hours to burn during the day to play a full round, but all DUDES should be able to find an hour to go hit some balls. There are six things I would like for you to keep in mind when heading out to the range, chipping area and putting green for practice. 1. Hitting golf balls is fun on the range. Set a better goal than just hitting balls and try hitting 3 in a row, fairly quick, like you mean business and your making that shot for the US Open or The Masters title. 2. Never leave the putting green until you make 10 in a row from 3 feet. 3. Find a tough spot to chip from and stay there until you make one or at least put it within a foot. 4. Golfers should think like hunters on the range DUDE. Don’t just go out there and hit random ball after ball. Find a flag, think, I’m going to hit this ball dead center, like it’s on a laser beam like I’m shooting a 12 point buck with a high powered scope. Hunters think about the target when they have their guns against their shoulders, golfers should focus directly on the target and fire away with little thought about what’s going on with their backswing. 5. Some DUDES go over the top and practice too much and their brain simply gets overloaded with thoughts when they’re trying to make a smooth swing. If this sounds like you DUDE, do yourself a favor and don’t overload your brain, address the ball and actually count out loud; 1(approach) 2(set up) 3(swing)! Just make sure you are in your happy place when hitting the ball. Remember Happy Gilmore?! Ever seen Fuzzy whistle and drain a 50 footer? Even throw out a few lines from your favorite song, when getting ready to hit the ball, like Toby Keith would

say, “Red Solo Cup, I fill you up!” 6. Don’t get lost on the range and realize that you could actually go out there and play several holes. Nothing beats actually practicing on the course itself. Have some etiquette DUDES and don’t hold anybody up because you’ve decide to hit 3 shots from each spot, which is a great practice idea if course and situation allows such a thing. If you truly have a situation where you can actually keep hitting balls till you hit the shot that you wished to hit in the first place, then FIRE AWAY AND HIT THAT SHOT DUDE! Have a great Summer DUDES and come see me if you need some help or just want to hit some balls on one of the most beautiful practice areas in the Lowcountry. Of course, that would be at my home away from home, the Sea Pines Resort Driving Range. DUDE PROFILE: Rick Barry, Head Instructor for The Sea Pines Resort On Hilton Head Isl. for 20 years. PGA Member for over 30 years and a life member of the PGA. Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher 5 years in a row. Top 10 instructor for Golf Digest for the Section for 1O years. Has appeared on the Golf Channel for several shows. This year The “Turn”. All About Golf. Tips from the Pros. Conway Golf Info commercial. Written articles in the Golf Magazine January and May of 2008. My teaching brings me in contact with golfers of all skill levels and backgrounds. To grow the game my goal is to get people playing and having fun with the game. The learning can be hard for some and with an easy to do and even more fun doing, program, you can have a game for a life time. I give over 24 hundred lessons a year and see 17 thousand swings on film, so you can say I have seen it all. If your Kevin Costner in Tin Cup or a brand new golfer, DUDE, I can help you. Contact me, Rick Barry: golfhhi@aol.com Sea Pines Resort/Golf (843) 842-8484

Join us EVERY Tuesday For our Tuesday Night Scramble $35 for 9 holes and Dinner Call 524-0300!!!





Summer 2012


Your Body What’s in my gasoline DUDE? Knows How! BY ROB LOGAN


here is much talk these days about fuel. In fact, it seems like a lot of our decision making has been based on fuel, the price of fuel, fuel mileage, quality of fuel, etc. Although it appears that the price of fuel has come down a bit lately, thank goodness, I often wonder if the quality of what fuel out there has been compromised and if so, how does this affect us in the long run? Pretty much every gas station that you roll into has a big sticker on the pump saying, “Contains 10% Ethanol.” So, what exactly is Ethanol? Why is it in my gas? What is it doing to my engine DUDE? Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel made by fermenting and distilling starch crops, such as corn. It can also be made from trees and grass. When Ethanol is added to fuel, it is referred to as E10, also called ‘gasohol.’ This is a blend of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline, sold in many parts of the country. All auto manufacturers approve the use of blends of 10% ethanol or less in their gasoline vehicles. Ethanol is a solvent and will dissolve plastic, rubber and even aluminum. Ethanol can dissolve just about anything that has accumulated in your engine. This crud travels through your engine and can cause complications like engine stalling, clogged injectors and fuel filters. Ethanol will clean and release years of dirt, rust and sediment from the engine and then circulate it through the engine. Ethanol can dry-out and crack non-alcohol resistant engine parts, especially rubber and plastic parts. Many parts of older engines are not alcohol-resistant. Ethanol is also very corrosive to aluminum and soft metals. This can become problematic to fuel pumps & fuel lines, especially in vehicles that are not driven often and the fuel becomes stagnate in the system. Ethanol ignites at a higher temperature than non-alcohol gasoline and can cause damage to the pistons in your engine. Also if there is a lot of carbon buildup in your engine, especially on the piston heads, the fuel will ignite on that carbon, causing a significant drop in fuel economy. There also has been a study done that show that fuel mileage can drop on an average of 4% in vehicle using fuel that has Ethanol. So, is there anything we can do about this? We can look online for gas stations in our area that have the lowest content of Ethanol in their fuel. It is also a good idea to stick with gas stations that sell higher quality fuel. Information regarding fuel quality also can be found online. We can also add fuel/Ethanol stabilizers to the fuel in our tanks. This especially should be done on vehicles that are not driven frequently and on our small engines, like lawnmowers. We need to keep our engines clean on the inside and change out the filters regularly. Although almost all the information given to us about the problems caused by Ethanol in fuel states that a blend of 10% in gasoline should not harm any engine components. It is important to understand the side-effects of Ethanol, so we can take preventative measures. Changing out the fuel filter in your vehicle more frequently is a good start. Performing a fuel induction service at least every 30,000 miles is also a good idea. It’s also important to apply these ideas to our boats (outboard motors), motorcycles, four wheelers and ATV’s, as well as our vehicles. Ethanol’s effect varies depending on the engine type, model, year, and type of fuel system, so schedule an appointment with me at Butler Chrysler Dodge Jeep and I’ll check and see if you have any damage and change out your fuel filters for you. BE SAFE, HAVE A GREAT SUMMER AND HAPPY MOTORING DUDES!



f you are letting your brain tell your body what to do in the golf swing, you are in lock up mode by the third hole. I have played with several members that talk out loud before they hit the shot, (Brad being one of them) and they are producing a checklist of all the things they want to do. Usually after the shot, they identify the one thing they forgot to do that made the shot undesirable. (Brad seemed to think it was because he was running low on cold beer.) The target is usually never glanced at while preparation is made for the shot, and sometimes, the player’s head stays down. If you do not have an athletic past and someone asks you to toss a golf ball underhand to an object that is 20 feet away, you will look at the object, turn your shoulders, and rotate your hips without a single thought. Usually, this form is similar to the golf swing and you did not think of turning, rotating, or anything else. Be careful to not over-think the game DUDE!

See you on the course! DUDE PROFILE: John Hundley is A PGA professional, started swinging a club at age five and hasn’t stopped playing since. He first discovered his love of golf in his hometown of Danville, VA. He discovered his love of the South Carolina Lowcountry in 1989 and has never left here. In his over 20 years in the field, Jon has served as assistant at Port Royal Golf club and head golf professional at Wexford Plantation and golf instructor at The Golf Academy of Hilton Head in Sea Pines. He is the founder of the Hilton Head Golf Tour and a 2003 nominee for the Carolina’s Section Professional of the Year Award.

DUDE PROFILE: Robert Logan is originally from Adel, Georgia and now currently resides in Beaufort, S.C. Rob is 36 years old and is married to wife Keri, they have a daughter Sarah and son Chase. Rob has been employed with Butler Chrysler/Dodge in Beaufort, SC for the past 10 years. Prior to that, his employer was the United States Marine Corps. He enjoys hunting, fishing, playing softball and spending time with family and friends.


Summer 2012

Ford Model T Selected as the Honored Marque for the 2012 Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival & Concours d’Elegance


ILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC, The Ford Model T has been selected as the featured Honored Marque for the Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival & Concours d’Elegance which is celebrating its 11th year this fall, October 26 – November 4, 2012. As the chosen feature, the Ford Model T will be showcased at the definitive event, the Concours d’Elegance, Sunday, November 4 at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn on Hilton Head Island. Labeled as “the world’s most influential automobile in the 20th Century,� the Model T, or as some say, the Tin Lizzie, was produced by Ford Motor Company for almost 20 years with over 15 million Model Ts leaving the assembly line factories. This iconic car was the first car to be priced in the range of the average consumer and known as “a motor car for the great multitude.� The Motoring Festival is proud to showcase such an iconic vehicle as the Honored Marque. “We are thrilled to honor the American automotive industry and the Model T as the featured marque at this year’s Concours,� said Paul Doerring, Chairman The )RUG0RGHO7 (colloquially known as the 7LQ/L]]LH70RGHO)RUG, or 7) is an automobile that was produced Emeritus of the Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival by Henry Ford’s Ford Motor Company from September 1908 to October 1927. & Concours d’Elegance. “The Model T has a long history in creating some of the most significant cars highlighted by ingenuity and d’Elegance and the overall ‘Americana’ focus on this year’s event, who better than performance. This annual Festival has become a signature event for car aficionados to have on-hand than the ‘best-known auto executive of the last two decades’ who helped lead every one of the major American automotive manufacturers.� and we look forward to once again welcoming them at this year’s event.�

HILTON HEAD ISLAND MOTORING FESTIVAL & CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE ANNOUNCES 2012 HONORARY CHAIRMAN BOB LUTZ Bob Lutz, former Vice Chairman of General Motors and author of Car Guys vs. Bean Counters: the battle for the soul of American Business is this year’s Honorary Chairman. Lutz joins a list of past Honorary Chairmen that includes names such as Nicola Bulgari, J.W. (Bill) Marriott, Bobby Rahal and Dennis Gage, last year’s Chairman. “We couldn’t have gotten a better fit for this year’s Honorary Chairman,� said Carolyn Vanagel, the Festival’s President. “With the Model T being featured as the Honored Marque during this year’s Concours

Summer  2012

ABOUT THE HILTON HEAD ISLAND MOTORING FESTIVAL & CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE: The Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival & Concours d’Elegance has earned the distinction of being one of the nation’s signature automobile events and has been named one of the Southeast Tourism Society’s ‘Top 20 Events’. The eleventh annual festival will take place from October 26-November 4, 2012 with venues at both The Westin Savannah Harbor Resort on Hutchinson Island (Savannah, GA) and the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn on Hilton Head Island, SC. The multi-day Festival features four signature events: The Savannah Speed Classic (October 26 –28), The Car Club Jamboree (November 3), the Motoring Midway (November 3 & 4) and, the centerpiece, The Concours d’Elegance (November 4). For more information, please call (843) 785-SHOW (7469) or visit www. HHIMotoringFestival.com online.


“How picking up a box taught me how to train harder!”





o I’m in the gym watching a guy throw around huge amounts of weight. He’s tall, buff, strong and looks like he knows his way around the gym. Unquestionably fit. Well, the next afternoon I see the same guy walking a little timidly through the gym on his way to the hot tub. “Are you working out today?”, I asked. He slows his already “turtle paced” walk and says, “Nope, tweaked the back this morning picking up my son.” You would think by looking at him, since he was the picture of conditioning, that he could easily lift his son, since he looks to be able to bench press a refrigerator. Well not so fast DUDES. What has happened here will probably happen to most of us since we generally perform conventional fitness exercises. You know the ones where you sit in a machine in the gym and perform mechanically on the machine in perfect “manufactured” posture and form. We were taught that we should isolate the muscle. Work one muscle group at a time. When instead, we should be teaching the muscles to integrate and work with other muscle groups. Everyday activity is not mirrored at the gym sitting at a machine. Take picking up your toddler or a heavy box. You’ll use your back, glutes and quads, but doing a conventional leg press or a back extension isn’t going to integrate all the muscle groups you’ll use in picking up that box. So if you do a lot of lifting, a power clean will strengthen the core stabilizers along with the stabilizers in the lower back, quads and glutes, as well as the shoulders and the lats. We often neglect our balance and this can’t be taught on a machine. You may be able to do 150 lbs. on a one leg press, but can you do a one leg squat? This takes stability. You’ll need to get the muscles to work together, not just the quads working. Work on your balance with wobble boards or the BOSU ball. Start out without weights and work into them. You’ll find that using just your own body weight can be a challenge. So get off the machines and test your muscles. Keep your strong muscles strong and get your weaker ones to follow suit. Your muscles want to play nice with each other. Don’t exhaust them, train them to perform in perfect form and you’ll be a functionally fit specimen who will turn heads even if you’re not buff. DUDE PROFILE: Ramona Ward has been married for 23 years to Freddie Ward and has been living in the Lowcountry for 30 years. She’s been a Bluffton resident for 12 years. Mona has 3 dogs (all adopted and overly adored). She is the Sports Club Director, Oldfield Club, as well as a Personal Trainer and Fitness instructor through AFPA. She enjoys skiing, wakeboarding, cooking, (eating, Duh!) hopping on the big bike and getting out of town...All forms of crazy activities. Personal motto - It’s more fun to color outside the lines!!!




or some of us, nothing feels as good as basking in the warm sun. But keep this in mind: If you bask more than just a little, you’re exposing yourself to some big health risks. An estimated 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). And one form of skin cancer—melanoma—is potentially deadly. The cumulative effects of sun begin to show up on your skin as you age. All adults, especially those who’ve had significant sun exposure throughout their lives, should be screened annually for skin changes. You can do a lot to protect yourself. Start by understanding these four facts: 1. Sunlight contains two types of ultraviolet (UV) rays—UVA and UVB. Both can be dangerous. UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and can weaken the immune system. That can make it easier for cancer to develop. UVB rays are the main cause of sunburn. Severe sunburns, particularly in childhood, increase the risk of skin cancer. Excessive UV exposure can also lead to premature cataracts and another eye problem called a pterygium. Most UV rays come from the sun, but they’re also generated by artificial light sources, such as tanning beds and sun lamps. According to the AAD, all UV exposure is unsafe. You can lower your risk for skin cancer by limiting your exposure to UV rays. 2. Tanned skin is damaged skin. This damage builds up over time, contributing to premature aging of the skin and the risk of skin cancer. People who like the look of a tan should consider using a sunless tanning product, such as a bronzer or self-tanner. But continue to use a sunscreen. 3. Stick with proven protections. For example, use sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or higher. Be sure it protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and follow application directions. Also, cover up as much as you can. Wear a hat, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants and sunglasses, and try to stay in the shade. 4. Don’t rely on the sun for vitamin D. Instead, get this bone-building nutrient from a healthy diet. Foods naturally containing vitamin D include fatty fish, such as salmon. Other foods such as milk, yogurt, orange juice and cereal often have vitamin D added. DUDE PROFILE: Dr. Dalbow recently moved to Beaufort from Pennsylvania, where he was associated with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC).Prior to joining UPMC, Dr. Dalbow was in a solo internal medicine practice in Wexford, PA, and served as Medical Director for Mariner Healthcare, a sub-acute facility for posthospitalization and long-term care nursing home patients. Board certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Dalbow received his Doctor of Medicine from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Facultad de Medicina, Guadalajara, Mexico and completed his Residency in Internal Medicine at Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Dalbow also holds a BS in Chemistry from Gannon University, Erie, PA, and is fluent in Spanish.

Summer 2012




Joe was a huge fan of the Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, and The Brewers (see shirt) Sunday, May, 20 from 3:30-to-5:30p.m. The outside area of J&P’s was decorated like a Sunday Packer Game. Wisconsin bratwursts and COLD BEER, were enjoyed by all! Joe always said‌�When I die have a big party not a frickin’ funeral!� We did so‌that Sunday! Rest In Peace DUDE!




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Get you some fre sh Brickyard Poin t Farms pecans from the Pecan Man, Jim Rathbun. If you shell them yourself, make su re you only use the select no n-broken halves . In a skillet, melt real butter and ad d your favorite amount of Texa s Pete. (Do not us e Tabasco as it is too hot fo r most gringos an d doesn’t have th e flavor that Pete Dump in fresh pe has) can halves and st ir until adequately with Lawry’s Garli coated, then sprin c Salt and spread kle evenly on a cook ie sheet. Have your oven pr eheated to 300 an d take out pecans and flip them over every 10 minutes a few times for a total of 30 minut es. Take out and let cool to room tem perature. Don’t get much be tter than those pe cans DUDE!

DUDE PROFILE: Richard Norris is an estimator for REA Contracting in Beaufort. He and his wife Jean, a kindergarten teacher at Mossy Oaks Elementary, have been married for 30 years and are both University of South Carolina Graduates. They have two daughters, Jordan who is the Choral Director of The Voices at Beaufort High School and Meredith who is a Junior at USCB. The Norrises moved to Beaufort in 1988 and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Richard was the “Bud Man” at Pearlstine Distributors and he and Jean were Commodore and First Lady of the 50th Beaufort Water Festival. They enjoy boating, going to the beach, and are volunteers with the Friends of Hunting Island.

Summer 2012

DUDES love LIVE ENTERTAINMENT and here you’ll find it every issue. First up, we’ll look at regional venues and let you know where and when the big names are jammin LIVE. Next, we will have an up to date comprehensive entertainment directory of where you can find it LIVE in Beaufort County. We will break it down for you by geographic areas; Hilton Head Island, Bluffton/Okatie and Beaufort. If you see something or someplace we’ve left out, please send us an email or give us a call and we’ll get it in the next issue. Our regional venues usually heat up during the summer months and there’s some good shows on the horizon within a couple hours driving distance. First up, the Northern Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center. This great live music spot will be running on empty on Sunday, July 15th. Jackson Brown performs live at the PAC at 7:30pm. On Saturday, August 4th at the PAC, 9pm, I think I’m in trouble..Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham rocks the house. DUDE can play guitar! Monday, August 6th at 7pm in the big house, it’s the American Idol Tour LIVE. Might miss that one and on Thursday, August 9th, 7pm at the PAC it’s funny man, Jim Gaffigan. I’d have to say and surprisingly so, that the Savannah Civic Center seems to be serving up the best menu this summer. On August 17th, 8pm at the Johnny Mercer Theatre, it’s the Possum, George Jones. George just got out of the hospital with his ongoing upper respiratory problems, so I guess he’ll make it and he’ll finish off the show with White Lightnin and He Stopped Loving Her Today. Hard to believe, however on Saturday, September 15th at 8pm in the Martin Luther King Arena is SIR ELTON JOHN! You’ll know every song and Savannah will be Rocking To The Crocodile Rock! On Sunday, September 30th at 7pm, many DUDES‘ favorite comedian, Ron “Tater Salad” White will entertain the crowd at the JMT while he smokes a cigar and downs some good scotch. You can’t fix stupid! In October on Saturday 13th at 8pm in the JMT, Let’s give em somthing to talk about, Bonnie Raitt is in the house. I remember seeing her decades ago at The Old Post Office on Hilton Head Island. She rocks DUDE! A few late season shows worth mentioning at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. The JVMA will turned in to Hicktown on Thursday, August 9th at 7:30pm, Countryboy Jason Aldean brings his high energy show to the south. On Thursday, September 27th at 7pm, Multiple Entertainer of The Year, Brad Paisley will surely entertain. Now there’s a DUDE that can play guitar also! Not much happening at the Colonial Life Area in Columbia. Thursday and Friday, September 20 and 21st, two shows daily, the very patriotic Spirit Of American show. Children should love this show. Horses, simulated gun battles, marching bands, military drill teams...God Bless The USA! And finally, you better get tickets while you can on Friday, November 30th, it’s homie from Hickory, NC, Eric Church will surely have the cowgirls out in their boots DUDE! Blood, Sweat and Beers Tour, Yee Haw Y’all! HILTON HEAD ISLAND SEA PINES RESORT THE QUARTERDECK (843) 671-2224 Located under the candy stripped lighthouse in Harbor Town Yacht Basin. Live entertainment around one of the best sunsets on the island. HARBOURSIDE CAFE (843) 842-1444  Located just outside the Crazy Crab, this cool little outdoor spot is a great place to chill and enjoy some live local entertainers. THE SALTY DOG CAFE (843) 671-2233  Located in South Beach Marina. Great for outdoor evening cocktails and local live guitarists, Dave Kemmerly and Bruce Crichton playing

Summer 2012

most nights. COLIGNY BEACH AREA POOL BAR JIM’S Located oceanside at The Marriot’s Grand Ocean Resort. Long time local and friend Jim Lisenby makes simply the best fresh fruit frozen drinks in Beaufort County. Go online and purchase his frozen drink book, www. poolbarjims.com HINCHEY’S CHICAGO BAR & GRILL (843) 686-5959 Located in the Metropolitan Hotel on South Forest Beach Drive. Great line up on entertainment! Check them out on Facebook.

DIERKS BENTLEY THROWSDOWN IN FIGHTERTOWN THE TIKI HUT (843) 785-5126 Located at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront, South Forest Beach Drive. Beachside cold beverages, cool live local tunes, beach volleyball and plenty of hot bikini babes. THE BEACH MARKET DANIEL’S (843) 341-9379 A very cool spot near the beach. Great new upscale feel with a great wine bar, outdoor seatings with some cool late night happenings. FLATBREAD GRILL (843) 341-2225 Located in the old Hinchey’s, This upscale casual dining spot has been completely made over. You should go just to see it. Great place to water down after coming off the beach DUDE.   COLIGNY PLAZA BY THE SEA THE BIG BAMBOO CAFE (843) 686-3443 Our friend, Tristan usually has a pretty good line up of live tunes with Live Reggae by Patwa, The Beagles (Beatles tribute band) and locals Jack Jones and Angie Aparo jammin in to the wee hours. STEAMERS SEAFOOD (843) 785-2070 They usually have someone playing guitar on the outdoor patio most evenings in the summer. SKILLETS CAFE (843) 785-3131 Our long time friend, Amie has local talent such as  Tim Malchak playing on weekends and they have a great Sunday Brunch. THE FROSTY FROG (843) 686-FROG A GREAT daiquiri bar DUDES.  They always have cool tunes playing. JAVA JOE’S (843) 686-5282 Great fresh beans and outdoor patio. “Open Mic” night on Wednesdays is a late night blast. Get all jacked up and enjoy some of the island’s best talent. BOMBORA’S GRILL (843) 689-BOMB(2662) Located beside Java Joes, the newest chill bar on the island. They offer new “BOTTOMS UP” pour system and CHILL DISCS at the bar

to keep ‘um cold. Outdoor seating and dining with a great unique menu. Check out their website www.bomborasgrille. com and find them on Facebook. IT’S GREEK TO ME (843) 842-4033 Great near the beach bar, Bill’s Hideaway upstairs and downstairs it’s Greek Salads and Gyros. Say hello to our good friend Kathy. Service with a smile! POPE AVENUE THE SAGE ROOM (843) 785-5352 Long time friends, Carol and Matt Jording have one of the island’s hidden jewels. Great wine bar a very possibly the best steak I’ve ever had. Nebraska corn fed 32oz monster ribeye. Not for vegans!      AUNT CHILADA’S EASY STREET CAFE (843) 7857700  Long time friend and islander, David Reilley has a great restaurant bar that has a most comfortable feel to it.  A great local watering hole.   THE WILD WING CAFE (843) 785-9464 Located in the Bi-Lo Center.  Diane and Cecil Crowley started this great regional chain hangout right here on the island. Their promotions say it all, Cold Beer, Hot Wings and Good Times. Great Live entertainment spot.   HILTON HEAD PLAZA, aka “THE BARMUDA TRIANGLE”   JUMP AND PHIL’S BAR & GRILL (843) 785-9070   Long time friends and islanders, Jumpy and Phil have one of the great local islander watering holes. Green Bay Packers headquarters DUDES!  REILLEY’S (843) 842-4414  One of the island’s original bars. Reilley’s is the epitome of the Irish Pub.      THE LODGE BEER & GROWLER BAR (843) 842-8966 Your premier BEER BAR with 36 rotating craft taps (available to go) and more than 100 bottled beers. Pool Tables & Darts! Burgers, dogs and fries available. ONE HOT MAMA’S AMERICAN GRILL (843) 682-6262  BBQ at its finest. DJ rocks MAMA’S every Friday and Saturday nights. CORKS WINE CO. (843) 815-5168 Publix Center next to Staples. Neighborhood Wine Bar. Monday-Saturday Open at 4pm. Occasional LIVE MUSIC on the weekends. Good eats, Great wine! THE DRYDOCK (843) 842-9775 (LOCATED BEHIND CVS @ POPE AVE) long time friends Rob, Rich, Pete and John have a great, stop in anytime for a cold one place. Live Entertainment most weekends, so check with them to see who’s jammin the deck at the dock.  Sundays BBQ & Band starts around 3 pm. PARK PLAZA MARLEY’S ISLAND GRILL (843) 686-5800 Great island flavored bar with open kitchen where you can see Chef Brad Blake perform. They also have a great outdoor ice store to cool you down. THE MELLOW MUSHROOM (843) 686-2474 Come check out their new digs. Great bar, great fresh pizza and usually some cool tunes playing.   THE ELECTRIC PIANO (843) 785-KEYS  Late evening, piano bar with great drinks and great pianists playing requests. Every Friday is Ladies Night, with our homeboys, THE SIMPSON BROTHERS. Every Saturday night come jam with THE GROOVETONES!  NEW ORLEANS ROAD BISTRO MEZZALUNA (843) 842-5011 Located in Fountain Center behind McDonald’s. They are hosting some great Live Dance music from local bands such as TARGET. Tapas & Wine Bar. Now open on Sundays   


CALLAHAN’S SPORTS BAR & DELUXE GRILL (843) 686POOL CASEY’S SPORTS BAR & GRILL (843) 785-2255 Say hello to our good friend, Woody. He has more TV’s than any bar in Beaufort county. Your game, they have it on! HINOKI JAPANESE RESTAURANT & SUSHI BAR (843) 785-9800 The BEST sushi bar in all of Beaufort County. Say hello to Chi Chi and Teru Son. CHARLIE’S L’ETOILE VERTE (843) 785-9277  DUDES, our long time friend and HHI legend, Jeff Mix is now behind the bar, so go in and eat in the bar and let Jeff serve you up some of the Island’s best French cuisine. If you’ve never been to Charlie’s you don’t know what you’re missing. THE VILLAGE AT WEXFORD   EAT! (843) 785-4850 Food Network’s Robert Irvin’s classic bistro. You know the food is exquisite and now behind the bar is none other than THE BIG MAN, Steve Flannery. THE JAZZ CORNER (843) 842-8620 Live Jazz is hard to beat and they serve it up 7 days a week.  Locals Earl Williams and Lavon Stevens frequent this hot spot with world class jazz artists.    BRITISH OPEN PUB (843) 686-6736  Long time friend and islander, Damian Hayes has one sweet British Open Golf Pub. A great DUDE watering hole along with wonderful prime rib and lobstahs! WINE TIMES IV (843) 341-9463 Wine by the taste, 1/2 glass, full glass or bottle. Tapas and more!

CRANFORD & SONS ROCKED THE RIVERHOUSE SHELTER COVE & PALMETTO DUNES SANTE FE CAFE (843) 785-3838 Fantastic southwestern style cantina. Located upstairs is one of the coolest outdoor bars on the island.  Great wine selection. They usually have a live guitar playing on the deck. XO LOUNGE (843) 341-8080 Located in Palmetto Dunes inside the Hilton Oceanfront Resort, a new upper scale lounge with live entertainment most evenings. SHELTER COVE HARBOUR SAN MIGUEL’S (843) 842-4555 Mexican On The Marina.   Fabulous outdoor harbor side bar with live entertainment most evenings.  Our long time friends, Maryann and Scott do a great job! The Islands BEST MARGARITAS! PARROT COVE GRILL & BAR (843) 341-3500 Located in Harbourside II. If you’re a Parrothead, never fear,   Jimmy always has Jimmy Buffet playing, suck down some cold brews and see how many pounds of crab legs you can eat.  The covered outdoor seating is most enjoyable in the warm spring months and Jimmy has it LIVE, 7 nights a week.   PALMETTO BAY ROAD THE GOLD CLUB (843) 842-2999  Located on Dunnagans Alley behind Island Tire is Beaufort County’s only Gentlemen’s Club.  DUDES there is no substitute for skin and poles!  BEACH BREAK GRILL (843) 785-2466.  This cool little spot is run by long time local, Stefan. The quaint atmosphere is great at this little untamed seafood spot.  They serve up live music most evenings on the weekends. SMOKEHOUSE (843) 842-4227 Award winning smoked BBQ


and they have a nice stage set up in the bar for live music Thursday-Saturday starting at 9:30pm. 15 TV’s. REMY’S BAR & GRILL (Just down Arrow Road) (843) 842-3800 www.remysbarandgrill.com and Remy’s Bar on Facebook. Not many people deliver LIVE MUSIC 7 NIGHTS A WEEK! This new location is awesome DUDES! Roy will always be serving up his famous “Meat and 3” homecooked lunches. PALMETTO BAY MARINA BLACK MARLIN HURRICANE BAR (843) 785-4950 Waterside bar that has very comfortable outdoor seating with fantastic cuisine in a Key West type atmosphere.  Weekend Brunch & NEW Daiquiri bar. CAPTAIN WOODY’S BAR & GRILL (843) 785-2400  Many locals find this place for Happy Hour.   Russell & Shannon Wright  have great outdoor seating mingled in with the Hurricane Bar. HILTON HEAD ISLAND NORTH-END CHEAP SEATS TAVERN (843) 689-2202 New spot on Mathews Drive. Rob and Brian Hummel’s brain child run by Jake Veldran and Pat Delello. 10 flat screens. STREET MEET TAVERN (843) 842-2570 Located in Port Royal Plaza beside Reilley’s North. This is Cleveland Brownie and OSU Buckeye headquarters. Best Hot Dog Award and a Fish Fry every Friday night. REILLEY’S NORTH (843) 681-4153 The legendary island’s favorite Irish Pubs north end version. HILTON HEAD COMEDY CLUB (843) 681-7757 Pineland Shopping Center. Showtimes Tuesday-Sunday 8pm. MAIN STREET   FRANKIE BONES RESTAURANT & LOUNGE (843) 6824455 Tiki Drink Menu. DUDES, 3 words...THE VOLCANO BOWL. Order one and then call a cab. Great martinis as well. WISEGUYS (843) 842-8866  Located next to each other are these two great SERG places for fine wine and cuisine.   MAINSTREET CAFE & PUB (843) 689-3999   One of our favorite DUDES on the island, the infamous “ BIG MURPH” runs the bar and not only will you find a great dining menu, you’ll find some great live entertainment most weekends.  Tell John and Bill we said hello and jump on some of those ALL YOU CAN EAT CRABLEGS! DOWN SQUIRE POPE ROAD SKULL CREEK BOATHOUSE (843) 681-3663  One of HHI’s true gems for DUDES to dine inside or outside and enjoy their spectacular sunset views. They occasionally have live entertainment on the outdoor deck.  If it’s fresh seafood and sunset you crave, DUDE this is the place! BLUFFTON KELLY’S TAVERN (843) 837-3353 A cool locals watering hole located in Buckingham Plantation/Old South. Iced cold beer and maybe biggest Rueben sandwich anywhere. BRITISH OPEN PUB (New Location) Sheridan Park beside Sonic (843) 705-4005 COCONUTS BAR & GRILL (843) 757-0620 39 Persimmon St, The hottest and only dance club in Bluffton. Shake your booty from 4pm till 2am nightly. KATIE O’DONALD’S (843) 815-5555 Bluffton does have a great Irish Pub and this is it DUDES.  Our long time friend “Big Don” runs the show and many locals find it the best watering hole.  Fantastic place for lunch and dinner in Kitties Crossing.......one word DUDES....GUINNESS! See ad this issue. WILD WING CAFE (843) 837-9453 Located beside Golden Corral. Pretty much the same deal as the HHI wing, just a bit newer.  Good variety of live entertainment most weekends.     PEPPER’S PORCH (843) 757-2295 Located on May River Road, dining indoors with a great outdoor party spot complete with an outdoor bar. Voted 2009 Best Top Ten Beer Gardens.

POUR RICHARD’S (843) 757-1999 4376 Buckwalter Parkway. Richard and Ally create such great pairings each night. Check out their FB page and website www. pourrichardsbluffton.com for the menu. Open MondaySaturday 5:30-10:00 pm. MONTANA’S RESTAURANT & GRIZZLY BAR (843)-815BEAR Great beautiful bar with multiple TV’s. Great steaks, ribs and a killer Sunday Brunch. Give’em a call, they now have some of the best LIVE entertainment around on weekends.

THE PORT O’ JOHNS ROCKED THE KIWANIS RIB BURN OFF! CAPTAIN WOODY’S (843) 757-6222 Located in the promenade, Russell & Shannon Wright’s second Capt. Woody’s. Great bar inside and an upstairs with an outdoor deck. Live entertainment upstairs on the deck. Go check out our homie, Jim Davidson on Thursdays. OLD TOWN DISPENSARY (843) 837-1893 Cool watering hole at 15 Captain’s Cove. Monday-Saturday Open at noon. Tapas at 5pm. 9 PROMENADE (843) 706-9994 Bluffton’s Hottest Martini Lounge & Bar. Monday-Saturday 5:00 pm-12:00 am. Tell Freddie we said hello! CORKS WINE CO. (843) 815-5168 Located in the Promenade. Monday-Saturday Open at 4pm. Good food, Great wine! JOCK’S SPORTS BAR & GRILLE (843) 815-7474 Located on Baylor Dr. in the Publix center behind the Island Packet, where DUDE is proudly printed by the way. Great DUDE watering hole with plenty of TV’s for your favorite games. STATION 300  (843) 815-2695 Located on Innovation Drive off Buckwalter Place, this new place has is all. LIVE MUSIC, bowling alley, arcade, good eats and yes a full bar at Zeppelin’s DUDE! OKATIE BRITISH OPEN PUB II (843) 705-4005   Our long time friend, Damian Hayes’ second BOP. Located inside the gates of Sun City. A great DUDE watering hole along with wonderful prime rib and lobstahs! Sun City DUDES can go there in their golf carts.  Live Entertainment on weekends. OKATIE ALE HOUSE (843) 706-2537 Located outside the back gate to Sun City. Nice indoor and outdoor bars. Live entertainment on weekends on the back deck. Young country buck, Zack plays every Sunday from 5 to 8pm. Check out his article this issue. Any young DUDE playing, George Strait and Alan Jackson is worth going to see DUDE!   FULL MOON SALOON/SUNSET PIZZERIA (843) 9871600  Located on Hwy 170. Great bar with great fresh made pies!  Been know to have Karaoke on occasion. TAILGATORS BAR AND GRILLE (843) 645-BEER (2337) Under NEW management located at the end of Argent Road behind Wal-Mart, in the old Diane’s spot. A place where everyone knows your name. Friday Karaoke and All your favorite football games on flat screens. BEAUFORT Across the Broad River is HISTORIC BEAUFORT and a lot of the entertainment on this side comes in the form of festivals, concert series, etc. A schedule compliments of the great www. beaufortchamber.org is where you can see the local calendar of events.

Summer 2012





ea you could say most DUDES are country boys! Well, when our last DUDE entertainer we introduced you to, Jevon Daly told me I needed to meet this cool young DUDE who is throwing down some great live country tunes, well I was all in as JD knows talent when he sees it. I contacted this young buck and told him what Jevon and I had in mind and he told me to come meet him at the outside bar at the Okatie Ale House on Sunday. If you’ve never been to the Okatie Ale House, then do yourself a favor and check this cool place out DUDE! Upon arriving at said destination, we cruised in and parked the mega-cab in backwards, like most rednecks do. As I was getting out of the DUDE wagon, I could swear I was listening to Glen Campbell Live! Wichita Lineman! Really? It was exactly then, I realized I liked this young DUDE and I had not even met him yet. I went up to Zack as the song was just finished and said,

“DUDE, was that Glen Campbell?” “You got that right DUDE!” I quickly realized that this DUDE and I were going to get along. After ordering up a cold Bud Light Platinum, I kicked back to check out what this young DUDE was all about. DUDE, you know I’m a country boy and when Zack started cranking out his first set, I was blown away at his play list. OK, pretty hard to follow up after opening with Glen Campbell, but when I heard the following songs by Zack; Your Cheaten Heart by Hank Sr, I’m The Fireman by George Strait, Dukes of Hazard theme by Waylon Jennings, I Like My Chicken Fried, Cold Beer on a Friday Night by Zac Brown and finished with Chasing That Neon Rainbow, Living That Honky Tonk Dream by Alan Jackson, I realized that this is ONE COUNTRY BOY DUDE! Zack gave a few minutes of his time during a break, so I could pick his brain about where he came from and where he got his Country Groove on DUDE! This young buck was born in Atlanta, Georgia, OK, Fayetteville for you local Georgia rednecks. There’s not a lot to tell about this DUDE as he’s only 21, but I managed to squeeze some info from his noggin. I could immediately tell this young man had manners, so I had to ask him about his parents. Robin and Steve have done a great job of raising this young DUDE, as he kept saying, “YES SIR!” to me every time I asked him a question. Zack seemed to get his groove on through his MOM who sang in the local church choir, well when young enough, ole Zack joined his

Summer 2012

local church choir and started stretching out his vocals. OK DUDE, so that’s how you learned to sing, how did you learn how to play the guitar? “My MOM had a guitar and she said she would not buy me one, until I learned how to play hers.” Mrs. Stiltner lost and had to buy Zack his very own guitar. This DUDE was coming in to his own, so the next thing that happens is you actually leave your parents and go off to school. Zack spent his freshman year at York Tech and finished up at College of Charleston where he actually got his first taste of performing LIVE at Open Mike nights at some of Charleston finest watering holes. I had to ask him, “DUDE where did you get the love for country music?” “A friend of mine who knows, Luke Byran introduced me to him the day he was playing a concert in Charlotte. We spent

most of the day together and then I knew, this is what I want to do!” Got to believe a young DUDE when he tells you a story like that and the fact that they spent the evening at the Redneck Yacht Club on Lake Norman pretty much seals the deal. Our new DUDE Family member had been playing the local scene lately at the Okatie Ale House, of course, Sunset Pizzeria and he even joins in occasionally with Chris and Christian at the Smokehouse on Hilton Head Island. Young Zack was asked to sit in with these DUDES one night at the Smokehouse and never left the stage until the show was over DUDE! Someone so young and so talented has to have people that have helped him and people that he aspires to be like. He would like to thank his local mentors; Chris Stevers, John O’Gorman and homie, Jevon Daly. They helped give him the push that he needed, but it was his Idols; Dwight Yoakam, Garth Brooks and one of my personal favorites, Alan Jackson that gave him the dream inspiration and dreams. Pretty good company DUDE. If you ever get a chance to hear this young DUDE crank out some Cool Country Tunes, you should do yourself a favor and saddle up and ride to where ever he’s playing live. As Zack went back to his second set and started singing Alan Jackson’s, Chasin That Neon Rainbow, Living Out My Honky Tonk Dream, all I ever wanted to do was to pick this guitar and sing, I realized that is exactly what this young DUDE was doing. You can contact young Zack by emailing him at; szstiltner@bellsouth.net and most likely he will then direct you to his facebook page and want you to LIKE HIM DUDE! YEE HAW Y’ALL!


DOWNTOWN BEAUFORT LUTHER’S RARE & WELL DONE (843) 521-1888 Michael Stavac/Proprietor, 910 Bay Street, Overlooking Waterfront Park, great for burger and brews DUDE. LIVE MUSIC Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Q ON BAY (843) 524-7771 When you’re near it you’ll smell it. Awesome BBQ for lunch and dinner and a great patio bar/lounge with LIVE MUSIC most weekends. BO BO Fontaine has been know to be in the house when they’re not playing in a parade behind the DUDE wagon. NIPPY’S  (843) 379-8555 310 West Street, LIVE MUSIC every Thursday and Friday night 6-8:30 pm PLUMS (843) 525-1946, 904 Bay Street, Lance Price runs a great dining spot for lunch or dinner. Oyster Bar! Overlooking Waterfront Park, LIVE MUSIC some Thursdays, but every Friday and Saturday. SALTUS (843) 379-3474, 802 Bay Street, another one of Lance’s jewels. Very upscale with fresh sushi, Overlooking Waterfront Park, Friday Night LIVE beginning at 8:30pm.  PANINI’S (843) 379-0300, 926 Bay Street, LIVE MUSIC Saturdays. WREN (843) 524-9463, 210 Carteret Street, occasional entertainment. BREAKWATER RESTAURANT & BAR (843) 379-0052, 203 Carteret Street. Very fresh seafood delicacies. HEMINGWAY’S (843) 521-4480, 920 Bay Street, Just simply one of the coolest DUDE watering holes around. DUDE, finding it is half the fun! EMILY’S TAPAS BAR (843) 522-1866, 906 Port Republic St.

Pizzas, Burgers, Wings and Beer! Before or after the movie. CAROLINA WINGS & RIB HOUSE (843) 379-5959 Located $1 OFF during HAPPY HOUR Monday-Friday 4-7pm in Port Royal Plaza at the light. Great sport bar environment. Many TV’s, great saddle up bar and obviously AWESOME BOUNDARY STREET WINGS & RIBS DUDE! See ad this issue! ROSIE O’GRADY’S (843) 379-7676, Beaufort Town Center next to K-mart. DUDE friends, Michael & Leslie LADY’S & ST. HELENA ISLANDS Pressley have one of the coolest watering holes. KARAOKE THE FILLIN STATION (843) 522-0230, Sea Island Parkway, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays, if there is not a live band It is what it is, a DUDE watering hole. playing most Saturdays. The BEST burgers, buffalo shrimp SANCTUARY GOLF CLUB, CAT ISLAND GRILL & PUB and fried chicken livers this side of the Broad River. 843-524-4653 Fantastic burgers, sandwiches and your BRICK’S ON BOUNDARY (843) 379-5352, A very cool favorite DUDE cocktails after golf or tennis, as you overlook conienent spot that has great saddle up bar with multiple the 18th hole! Wednesday night is Lobstah Night so call TV’s and a nice outdoor deck/patio. Their food is exceptional. ahead and reserve yours. Sunday Brunch is a MUST! See Country Fried Steak and Oyster Poor Boys..need I say more. ad this issue. Josh has live entertainment so check them out on facebook. STEAMER OYSTER & STEAKHOUSE (843) 522-0210, Sea I do believe we’ve seen DUDE Entertainer, Chirs Jones there Island Parkway just through the first light on Lady’s Island. playing his double neck guitar. Thursday-Trivia Night. Ask Great local seafood and ice cold Bud Light Platinums. Chris to play Hot Rod Lincoln, he’ll blow you away DUDE! FOOLISH FROG (843) 838-9300, 846 Sea Island Parkway, St Helena Island, Jam sessions on Tuesdays. RIBAUT ROAD TO PORT ROYAL BOONDOCKS (843) 838-0821, Sea Island Parkway, St. AMF RIBAUT LANES (843) 524-3111,1140 Ribaut Road, Helena Island, occasional LIVE MUSIC on Fridays and The DUDE has got to drink beer and bowl. Not sure if they Saturdays. have white russians or not DUDE. JOHNSON CREEK TAVERN (843) 838-4166, Located THE BACK PORCH GRILL (843) 525-9824, Landing Drive, between St.Helena Island and Hunting Island State Park. Port Royal Marina. Great Marina and local watering hole. Our long time friend and BIG GAMECOCK FAN, Jay Lloyd The food ain’t too bad either DUDE for lunch or dinner. is the owner of this GREAT BAR & EATERY, on the left just 11TH STREET DOCKSIDE (843) 524-7443 Located at the before the bridge. COOL sea island watering hole with GREAT end of 11th Street in the town of Port Royal. This active OCEANFRONT VIEW and the freshest seafood around. Sign Seafood Market, with a fleet of local shrimp boats, is one and put a dollar on the wall and make sure you say hello to of the little hidden gems in Beaufort County. GREAT FRESH our friend, Captain E. Normus Johnson! Don’t forget to get LOCAL SEAFOOD DUDES, need we say more. They have a one of his great T-shirts! ROBERT SMALLS PARKWAY great watering hole bar with a fantastic waterfront marsh SAND BAR & GRILL (843) 524-FOOD (3663) This is a view to boot! ask for Jessica, she’s out favorite waitress! If we’ve left some place out or have some wrong information COOL NEW SPOT DUDE, located next to the movie theatre in LADY’S ISLAND DOCKSIDE - Sea Island Parkway - 843- please contact: BRAD at brad@dudesc.com or call him Beaufort Plaza. Great friendly staff. Great Village Inn style 379-3288 - overlooking marina on factory creek (843) 298-3827.


r Wild WIngs r Reilley’s South

BLUFFTON r Montana’s r Peppers Porch r Pour Richards

BEAUFORT r Rosie O’Grady’s r Q on Bay r Saltus

www.facebook.com/cranfordandsons t www.virgilkaine.com

“Handcrafted in South Carolina” 46

Summer 2012

In The Summertime Summertime @ ARTworks and the art-fun is easy! The ARTworks community arts center is 12,000 square feet of dedication to learning through the arts. This summer, skilled artist-educators offer weeks of visual arts and theater performance for children. TheaterART @ ARTworks is for children ages 6-16 to explore all aspects of the stage â&#x20AC;&#x201C; performing, designing, and writing â&#x20AC;&#x201C; in a fun and inspiring environment! We will create a wild adventure on our way from performance skills to Gullah Tales to puppets and more. Each session will have a showcase on Friday for family and friends to see what weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve worked so hard on! Class fees include instruction from licensed theater educator Heather Denardo, stage use, materials, and a small snack each day. Space is limited, so sign up for the weeks your child will enjoy ahead of time. For more information please call ARTworks or email Heather Denardo directly at heather.denardo@ yahoo.com. Cost is $110 per one week session, and limited 50% scholarships are available. July 9-13: Puppets, Puppets, Puppets! Come watch how a flip-flop can transform into a silly friend, or a paint stick and a sponge can suddenly dance and sing across the stage. Using everyday, household items we will create different kinds of puppets and learn some of the art of puppetry to create a play for family and friends on the last day of class! Family Magical Kazoo Fun @ ARTworks on Saturdays this July & August Rick Hubbard the Kazoo Guy, Saturdays July 7 through August 4. Admission is $5 per person, for a wallop of family fun. Kazoos on Vacation, July 7, 21 & August 4 @ 7:30pm Rick Hubbardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hit family show of Music, Comedy, and Fun is where your kids are the stars and the kazoos are free, because weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on vacation! But the bubble canon will be working overtime. About Rick Hubbard the Kazoo Guy: Rick Hubbard celebrates more than a decade of providing positive family entertainment throughout the United States, and every moment has been KAZOOBIE! Rick invented the word, â&#x20AC;&#x153;kazoobie,â&#x20AC;? to describe his performance. It means â&#x20AC;&#x153;exceptional, fun, and involving everyone.â&#x20AC;? Audience involvement is the key, and no entertainer in America gets more audience members into the show than Rick Hubbard. Summertime Storytelling with Cora Newcomb on July 14 & 28, @ 7:30pm @ ARTworks Cora began spinning tales to her daughter and then throughout the Lowcountry, weaving magic with enchanting yarns. She tells stories to entertain, to educate and pass on cultural heritage but most of all because she loves the joy of telling tales. The themes include fun tales for children, inspirational stories, historical tales, ghost tales and stories that reflect chapters of her life. She is the President of the South Carolina Storytelling Network and has told tales at the National Storytelling Conference, StoryFests locally and throughout the SouthEast. Cora has a Masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Degree in Education and is a faculty member at a local college. ARTworks participates in Blue Star Museums ARTworks, the community arts center in Beaufort, is one of more than 1,500 museums across America to offer free admission to military personnel and their families this summer in collaboration with the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, and the Department of Defense. Summer 2012: Blue Star Museums, a collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense, and more than 1,500 museums across America, will offer free admission to all active duty military personnel and their families from Memorial Day through Labor Day 2012. Leadership support has been provided by MetLife Foundation through Blue Star Families. The complete list of participating museums is available at www.arts.gov/bluestarmuseums. ARTworks gallery and artist studios will be available to military personnel and their families to peruse and enjoy. Five artists maintain working studios in the community arts center, displaying their materials, process and of course, beautiful, finished pieces of art. In June, the gallery show â&#x20AC;&#x153;Art of Clayâ&#x20AC;? includes work by veterans Jada Gray and Hank D. Herring. In July and August, the gallery hosts a show of work by photographer Scott Quarforth: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Low Country through My Own Lensâ&#x20AC;? will provide a shift in perspective for the many military families new to and exploring Beaufort and the Lowcountry.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Through Blue Star Museums, the arts community is extending a special invitation to military families to enjoy over 1,500 museums this summer,â&#x20AC;? said NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is both an opportunity to thank military families for their service and sacrifice, as well as a chance to create connections between museums and these families that will continue throughout the year. Especially for families with limited time together, those on a limited budget, and ones that have to relocate frequently, Blue Star Museums offers an opportunity to enjoy one another and become more fully integrated into a community.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;As we enter the third consecutive year of the Blue Star Museums program, we are happy provide an opportunity for our nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s service members and their families to connect with our national treasures,â&#x20AC;? said Blue Star Families CEO Kathy RothDouquet. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Through this distinctive collaboration between Blue Star Families, the National Endowment for the Arts and more than 1,500 museums across the United States, military families have an unparalleled opportunity to visit some of the countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s finest museums for free.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Lowcountry through My Own Lensâ&#x20AC;?, the photography of Scott Quarforth in the gallery @ ARTworks. July-August 2012. Opening Reception Friday, July 6, 6 to 8pm. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Calligraphyâ&#x20AC;? means â&#x20AC;&#x153;beautiful writingâ&#x20AC;? ~ and workshops with Natasha Lawrence (professional calligrapher to the Historic Charleston Foundation and instructor at the Charleston Museum) are in August & September @ ARTworks. Calligraphy I: Introduction with Natasha Lawrence on Saturday, August 18, noon to 3pm @ ARTworks in Beaufort Town Center. $50 includes all materials, contact ARTworks to register: 843379-2787. Learn the practical art of calligraphy (â&#x20AC;&#x153;beautiful writingâ&#x20AC;?) to address wedding invitations or greeting cards, write in journals, make gift tags and personal correspondence. All materials are included: calligraphy pen to keep, workbook, practice paper and more. Natasha Lawrence is a professional calligrapher to the Historic Charleston Foundation and instructor at the Charleston Museum. She will provide instruction to write with calligraphy pens in the classic Italian Italics lettering style. Students will also have an opportunity to try their hand with different calligraphy pens, view calligraphy art work, books and resources. No artistic ability is necessary. Calligraphy II with Natasha Lawrence on Saturday, August 25, noon to 3pm @ ARTworks in Beaufort Town Center. $50 includes all materials, contact ARTworks to register. This session encompasses additional practical and artistic applications of â&#x20AC;&#x153;everydayâ&#x20AC;? calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing. This workshop includes learning cursive italics and fancy lettering, adding flourishes to enhance letters, working with colored pens and making an impression with decorative envelopes. Participants will create an 8â&#x20AC;?x10â&#x20AC;? layered, calligraphic art to frame with a poem, famous quote or freestyle (choice of themed kits with papers & images). All materials included and pen to keep. Calligraphy III with atasha Lawrence on Saturday, September 1, noon to 3pm @ ARTworks in Beaufort Town Center. $50 includes all materials, contact ARTworks to register. This session is a continuation of Calligraphy II with further instruction on Italian Italics and other elegant, casual and embellished lettering styles, adding bold flourishes, creative calligraphy art project, using colored pens, pointed pens, other tools and inks. Emphasis on improving and fine-tuning existing calligraphy skills. All materials including pens, project supplies, guidebook and practice papers.

Fall 2012~ Street Music on Paris Avenue is a free concert series that is a gift from the Town of Port Royal and produced by ARTworks, the arts council of Beaufort, Port Royal and the Sea Islands. All the concerts are free, bring your chairs and dancing shoes on Saturdays, August 12 & 25 and September 8 & 22, at 6pm. Past series have included Angela Easterling and the Beguilers (pictured here), Webb Wilder, Sugar Blue, Bill â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hot Rod Lincolnâ&#x20AC;? Kirchner, Cool John Ferguson, and many other nationally-touring performers. The rain location is The Shed, adjacent to the street venue, in Old Village Port Royal.


Summer  2012


Animals of the Lowcountry from Oatland Island Wildlife Center

Camp Dig It!

The Coastal Discovery Museum will present Animals of the Lowcountry every Wednesday starting June 13th and ending August 15th. Participants will learn about Lowcountry animals, as they see a barred owl, corn snake, alligator, opossum, flying squirrel, armadillo and more. The programs, at 10:30 and 11:30 am, will be held at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn in the Mary Ann Peeples Pavilion. Cost is $12 for adults and $7.00 for children, with advance reservations required.

The Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn announces a new summer program to be held June 12 and 19, July 3,10,17,24,31 and August 7 and 14. This fun, interactive family program led by a professional archaeologist, will introduce you to the field of archaeology. Participants will â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;excavateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; a simulated site, identify artifacts, and use real archaeological methods. Cost is $10 per person and reservations are required.

Birding at Pinckney Island

The Coastal Discovery Museum has announced a bird watching program at Pinckney Island led by experienced bird watchers from the Museum on July 11 and 25, August 15 and 29, and September 5 and 12 at 7:30 am. The walk will include the combination of habitats at Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge. These varying areas allow participants to see many different species of birds. Several species of shore birds can usually be seen in the mud flats in the salt marsh, while many species of wading birds could potentially be seen around the marsh and fresh water lagoons. The outing is from 7:309:30 am and space is limited to 15 (ages 12 and older). Participants are asked to bring their own binoculars and the program will be canceled in case of rain. The program is $12.00 per person and reservations are required.

Tour Historic Fort Mitchel The Coastal Discovery Museum and the Heritage Library are pleased to announce a new tour offering on Hilton Head Island. Beginning in June 2012, guided tours of Historic Fort Mitchel will be offered each Friday morning at 10 AM. Visit a well preserved example of a Civil War Era coastal artillery battery. Learn about what life on Hilton Head Island was like for northern soldiers during the Union occupation 1861-1866. Popularly known as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Fort Mitchelâ&#x20AC;? and located on a bluff overlooking a bend in Skull Creek, about a mile or so below its entrance into Port Royal Sound, is what remains of a coastal defense, field artillery battery position. The battery was constructed in 1862, as part of the outer defenses for Port Royal, South Carolina, headquarters of the Federal Department of the South and the Union Army X Corps. The tour covers the origin, construction and operation of the works and describes something of the life of the garrison during the Union occupation of Hilton Head Island and surrounding islands of the Lowcountry throughout the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;War Between the States.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;  Tours take slightly less than one hour. Guides are from the all-volunteer staff of the Heritage Library, the Genealogy and History Center on Hilton Head Island charged with the preservation of this historic site. The year 2012 is the 150th anniversary of the construction of Fort Mitchel. Reservations are requested for this tour.

Colonial Amusements at the Coastal Discovery Museum Can you imagine life without computers, TVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, video games, DVDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and all the other amusements modern technology has given us? What did our ancestors in colonial times do for entertainment? The Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn will help you find out the answers with â&#x20AC;&#x153;Colonial Amusementsâ&#x20AC;? that will be held on June 14, 28 July 12 and 26, and August 9 at 10:30 am at the Museum. You will learn about colonial games, play with colonial toys, learn an English country dance and make your own colonial toy to take with you. Minimum age is 5 years old (one adult must accompany children) and the cost is $10 per person. Reservations are required.

Sweetgrass Basket Making Classes at the Coastal Discovery Museum The Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn will offer Sweetgrass Basket Making classes this summer. The first class will be held on June 5th at 10:30 am, with classes also on July 10 and August 7. Learn about the history of the Sweetgrass basket, one of the Lowcountryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best known art forms, from a local Gullah basket maker. Then, try your hand at starting a basket of your own using locally found natural materials. The cost if $65 adult/$30 children (1st grade or older) and reservations are required.

Summer Camp 2012 Join the Coastal Discovery Museum this summer for fun and adventure as we explore the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Barrier Island Discoveries Camps are designed to provide participants with an in depth look at the Natural History of the Lowcountry through hands-on explorations and investigations. Join us as we immerse ourselves in Lowcountry adventures on our 68-acre property surrounded by Salt Marsh and Maritime Forest. Fun activities and take home projects too! (Ages 7-11)

Lowcountry Explorers

Thursday, July 5, 2012 (10:00 AM - 3:00 PM) Calling all young naturalists! Join us for a day of discovery as we explore Honey Horn to learn about plants and animals living in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Campers will tour the Karen Wertheimer Butterfly Enclosure, explore the Salt Marsh, learn about plankton through the lens of a microscope and dissect an owl pellet. Please call or email Amy Tressler to reserve your space today! Â

Coastal Crabbing and Fishing

Thursday, August 9, 2012 (10:00 AM - 3:00 PM) Join us for a day of crabbing and fishing off the docks at Honey Horn. Campers will practice several fishing techniques including throwing a cast-net and dropping a crab line. Campers will learn about the different fish and crabs living in the Salt Marsh including their adaptations, anatomy and importance, as well as the best ways to Catch â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;em! Participants are asked to provide one white shirt to create a fish-print T-shirt. ($45 Members; $60 Nonmembers)


Summer  2012

Daufuskie SILENCE



he sun has just dropped behind the tall standing Carolina lollypines and the beach seems to take on a new mystical form. But, as if Mother Nature wanted to remind us of her presence, streams of brilliant red and yellow light pierce through the boughs and envelope the early evening sky. Not to be outdone, the comforting slow moving velvety waves reach up and grab the skyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s essence, taking the last of the days light and transforming its surface into a glistening multi-colored sea. Hand-in-hand, my bride Mary and I walk on the salt waterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fringe and take in the joys of Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wonderful blessing. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one of those times when silence is really goldenâ&#x20AC;Ś when the soothing sound of the waves seem almost sensual and speaking would be like breaking a Monkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s silence. But out to the West, there are other humans that are yet to be blessed and slowly the sky turns darker and the moon takes over as the major source of light. We are about to end our early eveningâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s journey when farther up the beach I notice a very large form emerging from the sea. Squinting hard to squeeze out the last bit of light, I try to make out this eerie presence but realize that â&#x20AC;&#x153;getting up closeâ&#x20AC;? is the only option. Silence is broken, I quietly mumble, what is that? So Mary steps up the pace and pulls me toward the vision. Now at this point you must understand this is the same Mary that has, all by her lonesome, subsidized Steven Kingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s existence and I am the one that still looks under the bed. So, with manly pride I trudge ahead, knowing in my heart, â&#x20AC;&#x153;flightâ&#x20AC;? still might be our best bet. As we make our approach the dark form starts to take shapeâ&#x20AC;Ś the rusty brown carapace turns into a shell and appendages turn into flippers. Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inquisitiveness and my courage have given us the unique opportunity to experience one of the oceanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oldest and largest creaturesâ&#x20AC;Śthe loggerhead sea turtle. More importantly, however, we are about to witness the continuance of a species, the laying of eggs, the beginning of life. As the moon brightens, this wandering giant named for its shellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bark-like shields, patiently and ever so slowly makes her way landward. This creature, whose featherweight air-filled bones and large flippers, enables her to effortlessly navigate at speeds up to twenty-five miles an hour at sea, now moves slower than a snail. Nothing will stop her, however and sheâ&#x20AC;Ślike her predecessors over one hundred seventy-five million years agoâ&#x20AC;Śfinds that special birthing spot in the sand. We watch in awe as flippers work in unison to shape the trench, as moonlight reflects off tired teary eyesâ&#x20AC;Śas ping-pong ball shaped eggs are deposited, as she gently covers them and makes her way back to sea. A great horned owl hoots in the distance as we make our way from the beach and up the sandy lane. Once again, silence envelopes us and I clasp Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hand tightly. The moon rises higher, I am filled with a special â&#x20AC;&#x153;calmâ&#x20AC;? and life continues on this very special Island we call Daufuskie.

Hilton Head Island Ski Club Schedule July 13 5-7 Pm World Game Bar And Pizza At Park Plaza August 10 5-7 Pm Mellow Mushroom Office Park Road September 30 Kick Off Ski Season Sc Yacht Club Interested Members And Skiers And Non Skier Guests Invited Reservations Not Necessary For Any TGIF Social.


DUDE PROFILE: Lowcountry JoeÂŽ Once characterized by Tiger Woods former coach Hank Haney as a â&#x20AC;&#x153;local legendâ&#x20AC;?, Joe Yocius, aka Lowcountry Joe, seems to always fit the bill. Truely one of the Lowcountryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;uniqueâ&#x20AC;? people, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to find a dull moment with this guy around. Whether it be â&#x20AC;&#x153;sitting inâ&#x20AC;? at a Hilton Head juke joint blowinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; the blues on his harmonica, offering â&#x20AC;&#x153;tastesâ&#x20AC;? at the historic Silver Dew Winery, or relating personal ghost experiences on his Bloody Point Ghost Tours, LCJoe is the epitomy of a â&#x20AC;&#x153;Daufuskie Dudeâ&#x20AC;?. Joe and his lovely Bride Mary of thirty seven (38) years are Owner/Keepers of the CIRCA 1883 Bloody Point Lighthouse. www.BloodyPoint.com, Joe@LowCountryJoe.com

Summer  2012


Send emails and photo to harold@dudesc.com Dear Harold, Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s up with all this politically correctness thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going on in our country? I understand that we should be respectful of certain things, however some of the things I heard about are simply over the top and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make sense. Do you have to always be politically correct nowadays? Signed Howie Nositz Dear HN, Sometimes I think politically correctness is fine and sympathetic and then thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s other times it really gets under my skin. I think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perfectly OK to use different terms when talking about groups of people for instance; saying someone is â&#x20AC;&#x153;Intellectually disabledâ&#x20AC;? in stead of calling them retarded, calling Indians, Blacks & Whites, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Native Americansâ&#x20AC;?, â&#x20AC;&#x153;African Americansâ&#x20AC;? and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Caucasiansâ&#x20AC;? and instead of calling someone blind or deaf, calling them â&#x20AC;&#x153;Visually and Hearing Impairedâ&#x20AC;? However, getting rid of the word Christmas and calling things Holiday or Festive is ridiculous. Some times I think our government is more concerned about the few that might be offended rather than the majority of people that actually like the word Christmas. Courthouses and other government buildings including schools having to get rid of the 10 Commandments and things that say, â&#x20AC;&#x153;In God We Trustâ&#x20AC;? is offensive to me. Our country was founded on these things, LEAVE THEM ALONE or go to another country DUDE. Three of the dumbest ones have to be; Changing the name of French Fries to Freedom Fries, All children playing baseball, football, basketball or soccer get trophies (Stupid is as stupid does) only winners and runner ups get trophies and most recently I heard a high school had 100 valedictorians, now that is STUPID, I mean â&#x20AC;&#x153;Not very smart!â&#x20AC;? Harold Dear Harold, Did I hear correctly that Major Nidal Hassan who shot and killed 13 of Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s finest and wounded 43 others at Fort Hood, Texas is getting $6,000 a month in retirement pay? That is simply unbelievable. What is happening in our country when something like this happens? It seems the terrorists who are out to try to kill us get more consideration and rights protections than us Americans. For our government to call that a case of domestic violence is ridiculous. Signed Ludicrous Dear Ludo, That was a terrorist attack just like 9/11 and I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like the fact that the Obama administration wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t call it what it was truly. Hasan should not be treated like an American citizen or retired military person. To think our government has proof that he wrote numerous emails to the radical so called American cleric, Anwar al Awiaki who most likely persuaded him to do this cowardly act, and they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hang him or shoot him for treason is beyond me. You can lose your security clearance and be kicked out of the military for having bad credit, but you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t lose it if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been talking to members of al Qaeda. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just STUPID! Oh thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s


right, that wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be politically correct! I do think we need to give our government some credit however cause the last time I checked, Saddam Hussein and his sons Uday & Qusay, Muammar Gaddafi, Awlaki and Salami Bin Laden and many senior al Qaeda operatives and leaders are all DEAD. Whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s winning the WAR ON TERROR? I think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pretty obvious DUDE! Harold Dear Harold, I was getting ready to cross the street at a pedestrian crossing the other day and a blonde girl walks up beside me as the buzzer sounded. She looked at me quizzically and said whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that buzzer for? I told her it was to signal to blind people, I mean visually disabled people, that the light was red. She then looked at me and said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;What on earth are blind people doing driving?â&#x20AC;? I had no response. Signed, Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Your Sign Dear HYS, I think that must be the same girl I saw trying to get a service man to help her unlock her car as she had locked the keys in the car. The service technician went to the other side all to find the door was unlocked and said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;This side is open!â&#x20AC;? and she replied, â&#x20AC;&#x153;yea I know, I already tried that side!?â&#x20AC;? No need to dye those roots!! Harold Dear Harold, I was at the shooting range the other day and I saw a DUDE blasting away with this huge pistol. A DUDE walked up to him and said why are you shooting a 45? He said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cause they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make a 46!â&#x20AC;? Signed, Colt Remington Dear CR, I think it is a great idea to pack some heat and have your Concealed Weapons Permit because you never know when trouble will come calling and remember an unloaded gun is worthless unless youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to beat the bad guy over the head with it. Harold Dear Harold, I would just like to use your forum to thank everyone who has served in our military and helped keep us FREE. They are what make the United States of America the greatest place to live in the world. Signed, Sali Loot Dear SL, One thing Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve learned about people I have met that served in our great Armed Forces, they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t fight because they hate whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in front of them, they fight and serve because they love what is behind them, like this great country and their families. Harold

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COVER PHOTOGRAPHY BY: CINDY FARMER WOOD Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta). Largest specimens have weighed in at 1,000 pounds and have lived to 67 years of age. This shot was taken at Oak Island JO+VMZPG*UXBTBSBSFEBZUJNFFYDBWBUJPOPGBOFTU The majority of the eggs had hatched a couple of days earlier but the nest mom knew there were more eggs there. So 72 hours after the first little one went down the path to the beach... the remainder of the eggs were excavated. The turtles really needed the help too!! They are so precious to watch as they make their way to the ocean. I was literally on my belly following this little guy as he made his way to his salt water home. I call that shot â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hello Worldâ&#x20AC;? because his little head is poked up like heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s excited he made it to his new home! The shot won â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our Stateâ&#x20AC;? Magazineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Readerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Photo Contest last August.

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Multiple Past Champion, Boo Weekley Got His Copy Of DUDE And DUDE Cigar To Boot! Yea, I Say He’s A DUDE With Camo Shirts And Hats!

Champion Carl Petersson’s Trophy! How’s He Going To Get That In His Card DUDE!

Ah, Hello! There’s Not Vehicles Any Where In Sight!

The Grey Goose 19Th Hole Door Girl! Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Social Network/Tartan Rules Winners Have Lunch With Sir William Willie Innes!

Every Girl’s Crazy About A Sharp Dressed Man! The Sporty Announcers on the 9th Green...Is That Alan & Charles Perry

Everyday Starts Off With Bloody Mary’s At The Harbour Town Clubhouse! Pretty Cool View Of The Action.

TPC Players Champion, Matt Kuchar With Cigar Joe And DUDE! I Wonder If He Won At Sawgrass Because Of Those Customized DUDE Cigars We Gave Him?

Wally, Levon, DUDE, Big Ed’s Head, Cigar Joe And Harold!

These Girls From New York Just Could Not Resist Having Their Photo With Two DUDES.

DUDE Trying To Get Some Shameless Exposure on CBS Sports!

Faithful DUDE Readers In Focus!

Steve And Bonnie “Floors To Go” Fisher Stylin On 18th. Not A Bad View From The Home Builders Hospitality Tent DUDE! Thanks For The Brews DUDES!

RBC Heritage Volunteers Do Such A Great Job... Salute, Ladies And Gentlemen!

17, As Pretty As Par 3’s Get DUDE!

South Carolina State Patrol In The House!

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Summer 2012 - Loggerhead  

beaufort sc, hunting, fishing, golf

Summer 2012 - Loggerhead  

beaufort sc, hunting, fishing, golf