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Advertising and PR Showcase: 2015 Jack Ryan, Sean Sounth, Shelby Stras, Kara Vana, Bradlie Yanniello

Agenda ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Team Research Goal Tactics Metrics Summary Questions

Our Qualified Team Jack Ryan - 20 Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management Shelby Stras - 19 Fashion Business




The Inside Scoop.


Business Background, PR Perception. As business

Sean Sounth - 22 Music Business Kara Vana - 19 Fashion Business Bradlie Yanniello - 21 Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management


Our variety of ages, majors and experiences gives us a full view of Manifest and the Ad/PR department. One of our team members is working on the Manifest social media team.

majors with a base knowledge of PR practices, we know how to complete projects with our goal in mind.


Preliminary Findings Columbia College Chicago ● ● ● ●

9,600 undergraduate students 470 graduate students 600 Marketing Communications majors 70 Advertising and PR courses

Manifest ● ● ● ●

Free event, open to the public “Largest Urban Arts Festival” Over 100 student showcases New for 2014: Masters of Flight, Taste of Convergence, Frequency TV

Competitor Analysis ● Types of Events ○ ○ ○

Exhibitions Academic presentations Minimal engagement

● Location of Events ○ ○

Inside school buildings Not easily accessible

● Time of Events ○

After most popular Manifest performances (10AM - 3PM)

Mark Kelly: Voice of the College DO Performance-based Time for portfolio presentations Fun, lighthearted, suspenseful

DON’T Dry, dull, boring

Focus Group ● 8 students attended; ¾ never went to Manifest ● “Big,” “party,” “music” ● Not interested in a practicum presentation ● Need a benefit to attend

Key Takeaways ★ Engagement is key ★ Time and location should be easily accessible ★ Incentives matter

GOAL To raise awareness of the new Advertising and PR department by creating an interactive and memorable showcase experience in a fun, fresh way.


Mystery Crisis Performance â—? Challenge-based mystery event â—? 3 - 4 student teams will be presented Ad/PR problem to solve

Interactive Portion ● Students will be given 20 minutes to plan their strategy and ways to act the scenario out ● Presentation time is 3-5 minutes ● The strategies will be judged by a panel of staff, alumni and special guests

2015: Advertising Example A campaign gone awry… ➔ Jimmy John’s new slogan “In-and-Out in Five Minutes, or It’s On Us” is costing the company a FORTUNE ➔ How can we solve this problem?

2015: Public Relations Example A PR crisis… ➔ ➔

Columbia is setting up a petting zoo for Manifest Instead of getting a variety of animals, we’re left with hundreds of angry goats destroying downtown Chicago! Fox News and ABC7 are anxious for statements and are calling you left and right. What would you do?

Integrating Other Disciplines ●

Theater: act out scenarios, provide props and advice

Creative Writing: write scenarios

Advertising: create a mock commercial/media stories for a scenario

Portfolio Review: “Speed Dating” Showcase work of Ad/PR students while keeping the event moving ● Give students five minutes to go through portfolio with professionals ● Half-hour session of open portfolio review time

Incentives And Prizes â—?

Student participants can win a two-week internship at a company like Edelman or Motion PR. Another potential prize could be dinner with faculty.


Spectators can also enter a raffle for concert tickets or gift certificates to the Columbia Bookstore.

Location OLD ● ● ●

Ferguson Hall Space hidden away from general public Lecture hall setup

NEW ● ● ● ●

1st floor, 623 S. Wabash Easy to locate Targeted for performances Open window space

Time Performance starts: 3:00 PM Performance ends: 3:45/4:00 PM Portfolio review starts: 4:00 PM Portfolio review ends: 4:30/5:00 PM


Quantitative ❏ How many people attended the event? ❏ How many media placements were earned? ❏ Was the event featured in the Manifest video? What impact did we have?

Qualitative ❏ How do guests respond? ❏ Do guests know more about the Advertising and PR department? ❏ Focus group with students and faculty Did we achieve our goal?


Summary ★ Research ○ Engagement, great time and location, and incentives are key

★ Goal ○ To raise awareness of Ad/PR with a fun, fresh event

★ Tactics ○ Interactive challenge ○ Showcases the department ○ Right time and place

★ Metrics ○ Our tactics will help us reach your goal



Mainfest Advertising and PR Showcase  

In a Public Relations course, our class was grouped into “agencies” to create a showcase event for our client, the newly formed Advertising...

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