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Students Are Our Future.

President Joanne K. Glasser greets current recipients of Caterpillar Employee Dependents Scholarships, which help attract talented students who promise to shape the future.

A Place for the Future

During her first year, President Glasser met many alumni and students. Clockwise from top: on a trip to Washington, D.C., she talked with former Minority Leader Bob Michel ’48 and Congressman Ray LaHood ’71. She celebrated with students after successfully throwing out the first pitch at a Peoria Chiefs game. Attending a class reunion and taking part in other Homecoming festivities allowed her to get to know alumni and students. Quotations throughout this report are from President Glasser’s acceptance speech.


hen Board of Trustees Chairman

Gerald Shaheen introduced me as

this university’s tenth president last August, I was overwhelmed by the welcome. People from the Bradley community greeted me with warm wishes and hugs, and I knew immediately that this was a special place. A place where people care deeply about this institution and about each other. A place where people share my passion for students. The right place for me. During my first year at Bradley, I have met many of our wonderful students. Their love of life and learning inspires me every day. I am impressed as I learn more about the dedication and accomplishments of our faculty. As I travel around the country, I am amazed how our successful alumni are so passionate about Bradley. I am humbled when I meet those who have built Bradley into the outstanding university it is today. As we work to increase Bradley’s national recognition, we truly stand on the shoulders of giants.

Whenever I walk past the statue of Lydia Moss Bradley, I am reminded of this extraordinary woman’s dream. When she founded Bradley University in 1897, she wanted to help young people obtain the skills and education necessary to succeed in the modern world. She realized her dream by building this very special place. She not only gave the money and land to create Bradley, but she gave her heart — her passion for learning, for hard work, and for helping others. Mrs. Bradley helped make this university the right place for generations of students to prepare for successful lives and careers. By doing so, she made it a place for the future. It remains that place today — a place for the future. Our mission is to rekindle Mrs. Bradley’s passion — and the passion of those with her vision. We must ensure that our faculty, staff, and students have the resources they need to succeed in an era

“I believe passionately in the power of higher education to enrich lives and communities and even change the course of history.” — Joanne K. Glasser

that promises technological advances that we cannot imagine, an era that will bring Dr. Craig Cady, assistant professor of biology, involves students in his medical research, which includes studying how stem cells could be used to fight ovarian cancer. Cady believes that cell-based treatment may one day replace drug

people and nations closer together through global communications and a global economy. We must passionately pursue the resources to make the Hilltop the right place for the next generation of students. Bradley must be a place for the future. I have done a lot of listening this year. I have tried to develop an understanding of what defines the “Bradley experience.� What are the sources of the intense pride that students and alumni feel? What makes this place unique, so special to so many? Bradley does an outstanding job of preparing graduates for success. Our graduates continue to be in high demand. Three-quarters of our recent graduates earned career-related experience at Bradley. Last year, our graduates took positions with 637 different employers in 28 states. Overall, the placement rate for 2006-2007 graduates was 96 percent, a remarkable achievement. While these are impressive statistics, I am even more impressed when I meet treatment, which carries numerous side effects. His other projects include exploring how hormone therapy could protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Bradley alumni. Many, such as former Congressman Bob Michel and Academy Award winner Tami Lane, have achieved worldwide success. Others are less well known, but make significant contributions as teachers, engineers, doctors, public servants, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. At Bradley, learning takes place in small classrooms, in faculty offices, in labs and studios, and sometimes on our grassy quad. Faculty mentor their students and involve them in research and hands-on learning activities. The average class size ratio is 14-to-1. In addition to their dedication to teaching, faculty find time for cutting-edge research, whether it’s helping find a cure for ovarian cancer or making bridges safer during an earthquake. Whether through teaching or researching, our faculty focuses on

Congressman Bob Michel ’48 helped launch Bradley’s Institute for Principled Leadership. Formed in 2007 to encourage a bipartisan approach to finding solutions to the nation’s most pressing problems, IPL will also train bipartisan, ethical leaders for public service careers.

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is 24 students and the student-to-faculty

the future. That future has a strong foundation from the past, both in academics and athletics. From the days when the basketball team

A photo series taken of Derek Madsen and his mother, Cyndie French, as they fought childhood cancer won a 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Renée C. Byer ’80. Byer works at the Sacramento Bee. See the complete series at

“I am excited to join a university whose rich heritage is only a prelude to the greatness that lies ahead of her.” — Joanne K. Glasser Above: The Peoria NEXT Innovation Center opened in August 2007 on Main Street to provide a place for entrepreneurs and inventors to transform ideas into successful businesses. Bradley’s Technology Commercialization Center will manage the facility, which is owned by the Heartland Commerce and Economic Development Foundation. Below: Riyadh Hindi, associate professor of Civil Engineering, left, works with graduate students on research that will help make the columns used in bridges and buildings better able to withstand pressure during an earthquake.

played at the Armory downtown, athletics has been an integral part of Bradley’s history. Our men’s basketball team has made post-season appearances for the last three years, finishing second in the inaugural CBI (College Basketball Invitational) Tournament in April. Our loud, enthusiastic fans have supported them wherever they play. And BU athletics is not just about basketball. Last fall, our soccer team made it to the “Elite Eight” of the NCAA tournament as Bradley students, fans, and alumni traveled across the country to cheer them on. Peoria also makes Bradley unique, and the university is an inextricable part of the fabric of this community. Both the city and the university are rich in history and innovation. The Holt Manufacturing Company, which became Caterpillar Inc., came to the Peoria area, in part, because Bradley was here. Through the years, Bradley and Caterpillar have had a shared history, and today 2,400 Bradley alumni work at Cat. Another 750 of our alumni are Cat retirees.

Indeed, Bradley and Caterpillar have shared resources to improve the university, the company, and the community. Bradley and Cat both aim for world-class excellence and both have been innovators in collaborating with partners around the globe. Both Bradley and Caterpillar are preparing for the future. Bradley University has made vital contributions to this community, attracting students who become alumni

“I think you will find me someone who believes in the art of the possible, someone who dreams big dreams, and who possesses the passion and the energy to see them through to reality.” — Joanne K. Glasser

who make a difference in the lives of many people. Our vision is to build upon those contributions, those successes, to make Bradley a university of national distinction. To do so, we have developed several goals that are essential to taking Bradley from good to great. First, we need to make significant investments in our facilities and environment. On April 24, 2008, we kicked off The Campaign for a Bradley Renaissance. This campaign will provide the resources to build new Peoria Journal Star/Adam Gerik

classrooms and recreational facilities that

Soccer America named head coach Jim DeRose 2007 Coach of the Year. The season began tragically with the death of player Danny Dahlquist. DeRose then guided the Braves through one of the toughest schedules in program history. The Braves went on to take the Missouri Valley Championship and win their first-ever NCAA tournament game, advancing to the Elite Eight of the NCAA.

will enhance students’ educational experience at Bradley. Second, we must make sure the nation and the world know that Bradley University is a special place. I want to improve how we communicate with our students and employees, alumni and donors, to ensure that we present a consistent, positive message. From the flowers and banners on campus to every printed publication, I want to make a

“I am dedicated to maintaining a living and learning environment that is conducive to the success of all our students.” — Joanne K. Glasser

clear statement — at Bradley excellence is the standard. Third, we will increase the geographic diversity of our student body so that our campus culture better reflects our diverse world. We need to have students from across the country and from many different backgrounds to provide the richest learning environment for our students. I want to reach out across the nation to attract those students who could best benefit from the Bradley experience.

The 2006-2007 theatre season included a production of The Adding Machine that made use of Internet2 technology to project real-time images of actors in Canada and Florida onto the Bradley stage. George Brown, associate professor of theatre arts, directed the play, while Assistant Professor of Multimedia Jim Ferolo, above at left, worked with his students to create virtual scenery. Above, Thomas C. Lucas stood on a green screen to film some of his character’s scenes

Fourth, we must expand our opportunities for graduate study. Graduate degrees will be required for many more professions in the future, and we need to develop those degree programs that meet the needs of tomorrow’s economy. Our first class of students in the new Doctor of Physical Therapy program will graduate this spring, and we must continue to develop innovative programs that build on our areas of particular strength. You may be wondering how we can achieve these goals. I assure you that I am a person of great energy and passion. I will travel far and wide to meet with alumni, promoting Bradley and gaining support for our shared vision. I will work tirelessly to tell the Bradley story and encourage others to help us succeed. I promise to work to build consensus for our goals within the campus community. If we all work together, we will meet these goals — and many, many others — to make Bradley University a place for the future. in advance of the live production. The multimedia students then cut the actor out of the green background and projected him onto the virtual imagery during the performance. Internet2 recognized the production with a 2008 IDEA (Internet2 Driving Exemplary Applications) Award. The award goes to leading innovators who have created and deployed advanced network applications that have enabled transformational progress in research, teaching, and learning.

FINANCIAL INDICATORS DEMAND Freshmen Applications Received Acceptance Rate






5,505 67.5%

5,203 68.6%

5,757 64.3%

5,503 69.4%

5,187 68.8%

58.9% 5.2%

60.5% 2.5%

60.6% 2.9%

7.7% 16.5%

8.3% 16.6%

8.4% 17.6%

CONTRIBUTION RATIOS percentage of current fund revenues 57.0% 56.0% Tuition and Fees Contributions 2.5% 7.1% Investment Return 7.0% 7.6% for Operations Auxiliary Income 17.2% 16.5%

M ARKET VALUE OF INVESTMENTS ($000S) Endowment Funds 136,329 163,886 185,450 208,089 245,507 Annuities & Funds 9,055 9,205 9,285 10,301 11,462 Held in Trust LIQUIDITY INDICATORS Cash & Cash Equivalents 2,116 6,569 Cash & Investments 140.7% 166.2% to Operations Debt to Equity 27.8% 21.8%




182.0% 204.0% 20.5% 16.4%

231.4% 34.6%

OTHER SELECTED DATA Full-time Equivalent 5,391 5,480 5,497 Enrollment Total University Assets, Net ($000s) 217,832 249,166 268,624 Total Gifts ($000s) 8,086 13,682 10,288 Construction is progressing on the 130,000-square-foot Markin Family Student Recreation Center, which will open in fall 2008. The facility will provide recreation, exercise, and social space and help transform the west side of campus.



310,331 366,473 10,136 10,736

Copies of the University’s audited 2006-2007 annual financial report and additional information are available from the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs, 1501 W. Bradley Avenue, Peoria, IL 61625.

“I leave you all today with two words, two words that undoubtedly I will be speaking for the days and months and hopefully many, many, many years ahead. ‘Go Braves!’” — Joanne K. Glasser



BRADLEY RENAISSANCE The Campaign will transform our

across disciplines. The Convergence

provide a new venue for concerts and

campus by creating new academic,

Center will provide space where

speakers. The Performance Center will

recreational, and athletic facilities to

multidisciplinary teams can design

be home court for women’s volleyball

enhance student achievement and

products, develop business and

and basketball. The Practice Facility

improve our sense of community.

marketing plans, and conduct financial

will provide dedicated space for the

analysis. To help strengthen this

men’s basketball program.

CAMPAIGN INITIATIVES THE RENOVATION AND EXPANSION OF WESTLAKE HALL As we expand and renovate this building, we will preserve its beautiful architecture. The renovated Westlake will contain 60,000 square feet of classrooms, labs, offices, and research space to benefit future teachers and professionals in health science and human services.

A NEW ENGINEERING AND BUSINESS CONVERGENCE CENTER Bradley’s engineering and business programs are well known for producing professionals who are in great demand. We must help prepare

innovative partnership, new endowed professorships will help us retain top


educators and researchers.

With a ballroom, library, conference rooms, and a beautifully landscaped


with an inviting home on campus.

Currently under construction, this marvelous new facility will provide


exercise, recreation, and social space

We will strengthen our endowment so

for everyone on campus. The Health

we can provide more scholarships to

Center, Counseling Services, and

attract a diverse, talented student body

Wellness Program will be housed here.

and help retain outstanding faculty.

The Markin Center will also provide

These funds will allow us to continue

much-needed lab space for the

to develop programs that capitalize on

Department of Nursing.

our strengths and to invest in technology that will enhance teaching


students for a future where global

These new facilities will greatly

business models will require

enhance our athletic programs and

professionals to work collaboratively

quad, the center will provide alumni

and learning.







President's Report 2007  
President's Report 2007  

President's Report 2007