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The 3 Best Ways to Make Money from Home in 2011/12 I’ll reveal the 3 best ways to make money on the internet from home in 2011/12 and beyond. You will learn about how to profit from affiliate marketing, freelancing and the secret to helping other business owners to develop their own customer base. Affiliate Marketing. This section is devoted to affiliate marketing, which is one of the most profitable strategies known to man. Affiliate marketing essentially refers to the process of promoting and selling other people’s products and taking a commission for each sale that you make.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it is a business that absolutely anyone can set up and run to build either a primary or secondary income stream for themselves and their family. How so? Well, for starters there is no need to go through the process of designing your own product. You don’t need to research a new product, design it, produce it, test it, patent it etc. All that is done for you. All you have to do is sell it and the best way to do that is probably online. The benefits of working online include 1. Working from home. You avoid the dreaded commute to work and save on childcare costs as your children can stay at home with you. 2. Low overhead costs. You don’t have to own, rent or maintain sales premises. You just pay a low fee to maintain your website. 3. No stock headaches. You don’t have to store, maintain or despatch stock. It is all done for you by the product owner. 4. Automation. The internet is obviously computer based which means that processes can be automated. Once you have set it up, you can sit back and watch the customers roll in whilst you soak up the profits. Does that sound like the kind of business that would interest you? I bet it does. To find out more about how to profit in the world of affiliate marketing why not visit

Freelancing. This second section is all about working as a freelancer online. A freelancer is a person who offers his or her services to do a specific job for a specific price. Do you have a special talent? Everyone has a talent for something. Whatever that talent is, you can find someone who needs your skills and will pay handsomely for you to share them to help in whatever it is that needs to be done. For example, you could offer to: 1. Write an article, prospectus, CV, project, or whatever. Writing is big business on the internet and there are many thousands of people all over the world who need someone to produce good copy for a variety of reasons. You might advertise your services on a site like to find suitable work. 2. If you have web design skills you could advertise your services to businesses, both large and small. Offer to create websites for these businesses or selfemployed people. Do you know a local high street shop that doesn’t have a website? Do you think that you could persuade them that they need one? Could you easily learn how to create websites? Of course you can. It’s not that hard! So that’s another way of making money but I’m getting ahead of myself here. 3. You can literally offer any service that you can think of when you are a freelancer. People want your skills! Marketing Consultancy. This third section is all about how to make money by boosting other people’s businesses. I’m talking about small businesses not big companies like Coca Cola and their sort. These small businesses are often struggling to make ands meet let alone turn a profit and they need to get their marketing sorted. They need to attract more customers. They might know how to run a shop and a business but do they know how to market a business? You would be surprised to learn how many of these business owners don’t have a clue when it comes to marketing. This is especially true when it comes to marketing their business online. You see, it’s not just a case of putting a snazzy website online and hoping that thousands of people are going to visit it every day. 1. People don’t know that the website exists. 2. It won’t even come near Google page one without a little extra effort. It will never happen. There are many clever strategies for marketing their business online and anyone can learn them. They are just little known processes that need to be performed in order to boost their websites search engine rankings and therefore their profitability. If you learn these few simple secrets you will be way ahead of the crowd and will genuinely have something to offer to these offline high street businesses. Visit to learn how to market websites online. When business owners see your results they may even refer you to their business friends so you can make more money. We’re talking hundreds of pounds or dollars here, not small change! So now you have learned about the three best ways to make money online in 2011/12 and beyond and are already way ahead of the pack. Now visit to claim your FREE 7 Day Video

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The 3 easiest ways to make mony online in 2011  

I’ll reveal the 3 best ways to make money on the internet from home in 2011/12 and beyond. You will learn about how to profit from affiliate...

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