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Great Tips to Boost Your Business Image and Profitability Transform your business into a legitimate entity without spending untold amounts of money.


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Achieve half a victory before the battle has even started It sounds just crazy enough to work Wouldn’t you rather have the battle fought upon your ground? Business Addresses - Look bigger than you are How to Organize your Office Space for Maximum Efficiency How to Raise your Credibility and get Big deals by Improving your Business Image Key Benefits of having a unique Registered Business Address Prestigious UK Office Addresses and their Value The Importance of Dedicated Office Space and Business Address for Entrepreneurs The Shocking Impact Meeting Rooms can have in your Bottom Line Top 5 Benefits of Having Serviced Office Top 5 Services that can Boos your Business Image and Profitability Top 15 Cities where Acquiring Office Space Represents Big Opportunities for Businesses Using the Prestige of Beverly Hills to Boost your Business Fast, easy and good solution to your business problems


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Achieve half a victory before the battle has even Started - Telephone Answering Who doesn't want to strike successful deals? Each day people over the world make deals for billions and billions of cash but as we all know not all are profitable for both sides. So in order to have the upper hand in a deal one needs to be able to start the whole thing correctly. tly. From the moment that your phone starts ringing you must be the one in control of the situation. The first moments of the conversation are crucial - you need to sound calm and enthusiastic about the whole thing so take that time to relax your breathing and consciousness Having a personal assistant really helps here as it improves your image in the caller’s mind before he even starts talking with you. Although it is very important that you assistant is competent about phone answering as well as he/she has h had some experience as a secretary already. First off don't make the caller wait too much - a few seconds are nice, just a show that you aren't that desperate to take on the job, but taking too much time might put them in a negative mood about the whole thing. So what you want to do is the following - wait for the phone to ring two to four times and then pick up. When you start talking remember that you have to walk the really fine line between not sounding too eager to do everything the client wishes and and being careful not to drive him/her away with your uncaring voice. Use the formal forms of expression like "Certainly" or "Very well". Try to sound certain even for the things you don't have absolute knowledge about. It’s not really hiding your incompetence incompetence ... I would rather call it showing your knowledge. The English language is rich of adjectives and everyone with a bit of common sense can make it sound like he's the father of all knowledge. Although this is a good tactic try not to overdo it or one day day it will all come back raining upon your head. A bit of emotions in your voice add some color to the whole conversation, but again, I would propose to keep everything moderate because you might screw everything up. In the very end; most of the ways to "make "make conversation" come from the person himself and his way of thinking. Positive thinking+ moderate IQ+ good manner of speaking = successful deal.


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It sounds just crazy enough to work - Virtual office Are you starting your business in a new place, be it another city or even abroad, in a whole new different country? Or you are looking for a simpler solution to your lack of office space at reasonable costs for your budget? Or are you simply trying out "The" new idea that will change the face of your business, but you want to test it safely at first? Your solution is a VO. What is a VO you ask? V.O. stands for the Virtual Office service. Pioneered back in the late 70's by Servcorp and coined by Chris Kern in 1983 with the name that the service keeps until present days the Virtual Office is a solution to most space and employee-related problems like workers quitting their jobs because they want to clear up more time for their personal lives or needs of extra expenses during holydays. The companies offering VOs provide most of the services that you might need for your business - secretarial, fax answering, web hosting, receptional services, client support and so forth, all at a reasonable price and minimal to zero problems in keeping the business running at all times needed. The Virtual Office services actually are able to do the job for you even better than the average personnel that you might hire, because of their experience in the kind of work and the service itself packs not that hard of a punch on your monthly budget as you might expect. Virtual Offices are the perfect cure for a low budget companies to maintain their business and keep all customer contacts captured even if they cannot afford a lot of employees in customer services sections, while keeping the level of the services that you have entrusted to them at their peak. This way the teams that you already have working for you can focus more on the tasks at hand, thus increasing your work efficiency and income helping your business flourish. Having invested in such services you can spend more time supervising the projects that really need supervision and let the V.O. Company employees do their jobs with having you just highlight some things that you would like to be noted. Soon you will notice an increase in both efficiency and worker motivation allowing you to harvest better and better results each week.


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Wouldn’t you rather have the battle fought upon your ground? - Meeting Rooms Striking good deals is what business is all about, isn't it? So in order to be able to do that, you need a good environment that will set your partner or soon-to-be partners in the right mood and get them predisposed to the work at hand. "It's the first company to build the mental position that has the upper hand, not the first company to make the product. IBM didn't invent the computer; Sperry Rand did. But IBM was the first to build the computer position in the prospect's mind." (Al Ries). How does this relate to our situation? Well it is simple actually - whoever takes the upper hand in the start will most likely get the better end of the deal using the least amount of effort. The effect that a professionally fitted meeting room has on people is the perfect start for your business meeting. Knowing that you are in control of the conversation will play a great role in retaining hold of your self-confidence and will allow you to focus more on the details that you need for the deal rather than the psychological effect the meeting has on your business partners. "The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without."(Dwight D. Eisenhower) If you lose the control over the conference in some way, you can easily gain it back. This is easily done by holding for a bit the whole thing while getting a drip from your glass of tea/coffee and after that continuing the same way as you were in the beginning - like you never actually lost a position. Of course you would need to have the consumables prepared in-before the start of the whole thing. Even though the preparation required for a meeting room is not that big of deal it still has to be handled with a great deal of caution so if your company does not have staff with some level of experience in this line of work it would be better to look online for a solution. Some companies offer Meeting rooms for hire at acceptable prices in their office buildings all over the world. In the end where do you prefer to stand - at the peak of the mountain holding the higher ground, or in the lowland, slowly fighting your way up to the enemy flag?


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Business Addresses - Look bigger than you are Companies, businesses, organizations and even small firms run on the sole principle of profit making. And there is always a race between the companies for proving themselves to the customers. The whole world has just become like a spider web, no-one knows whom to trust and who is a fraud. Here is a great tip to prove yourself as a successful business owner: All of the faithful companies and organizations are registered and have a business address. A business address could just be a mail forwarding address or a registered address. Some organizations or companies keep both the same but some keep them different but both of these are genuine addresses. Your address is in fact your physical existence in the world; the same way we humans are addressed by our name, our business will be recognized by its address. Your business address will also fetch you all the letters from the clients, business associates, Government documents, invoices, bills and other documents. Your address will fetch you all those brochures from the organizations that cannot reach you manually. Once you have a business address, your chance to earn work and to profit increases. Many big organizations are able to find you and with a legitimate address they are more willing to work with you. Your brand image gets a positive vibe if you have a business address as well. To add up to this opportunity your business address should be on a reputable location. Since people from other parts of the world may find you through your website and they are not going to come to your address personally to work, you gain even further credibility in their eyes if your address is registered at a prestigious location. A business address gives potential customers the ability to see beyond your presentation into the world of a successful business. This is where you will see yourself bigger in the market. An address creates a good impact on people if it is at a prime location because they would naturally think that this company is a legitimate company and earlier if someone has turned down the option to work with you, they will reconsider your company and then you will be head over heels in the business world. But beware, with an increase in business clients your work load will increase considerably and so you have to increase in your workforce. Just follow these simple steps and you will turn your operation into a successful business. Though you may not be doing well, having your office located at a prime location will boost your image and your credibility in the eyes of potential customers and business partners alike.


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How to Organize your Office Space for Maximum Efficiency Do you ever get the feeling of wanting to run away of your office because of the messy desk and piles of files and documents stacked one on top of the other? Today you will learn how to organize your documents in an easy way. We run away from organizing our office space because we know it will be a mess again but not if we keep our things in their proper place and keep our surroundings clean. Below you will find a list of techniques you can follow to keep your entire office neatly organized. Let's Prioritize the Desk: 

 

Arrange the worst first, "the papers or files". Place them in order according to their priority. If they are related to completed projects file them in the filing cabinet marked "Completed Projects", keep papers related to ongoing projects under "Ongoing Projects", important ones under "Important" and throw the junk. Depending on your work area, 60% of the mess should now be gone! Magazines and subscribed periodicals should be arranged in the magazine boxes well marked latest, old, important Journals. CD’s, that we have kept for correspondence should also be fixed in the cd- bags or racks. We often print pages we like from the web, instead of increasing the papers. Why not save it on the CD’s or better yet on your hard drive?

Things arranged in a unique fashion will help us sort them out and find them easily later on. We can save ourselves the trouble of having a messy desk, just by following the rule of thumb below: "Put things in their proper place after use" Scheduling Our Time:


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Time is the essence of our life and managing it is should be a big priority for us, this is why creating a proper schedule is of the utmost importance. Missing out on important meetings can keep us awake all night so by scheduling your activities on paper or in your computer can help you keep yourself on track and problem-free. The following are great ways to keep you organized at all times:     

Diary Planners – we can keep record of every meeting and appointment Time tracking software Synchronizing your productivity software with your cell can be a big plus. Remainders in the cell phones are an even better option. Email applications also have planners in them; since a great percentage or our time is spent e-mailing we can even put scheduler in the e-mail program we use. Other way is making folders for different tasks in the email account such as o Pending Replies o Meeting o Pending Calls o Others, as per our necessity This saves us time and constantly seeing the work to be done at the same places keeps us organized. Just a glance at your planner for a minute and it will tell us where we are heading today. Accessories you must have on the Desk:     

A notepad by your phone A Pencil Holder around the desk Keeping the computer in an angle to avoid disturbance when talking to a visitor Keeping the post sticks by your side to avoid scribing on bits of paper And a little investment on shelves, drawer, labels, good pens and stuff you like to keep on your desk.

The cleaner you keep your work area the easier your job will be and the more productive you will become. Let's make our desk a place where we will wish to come to in the morning. Good luck!!!


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How to Raise your Credibility and get Big deals by Improving your Business Image It's not the product that sells the Brand but rather the brand that sells the product. We advertise something keeping in mind what we are advertising. But the concept we are advertising may also work against us. If an ad campaign backfires it would represent a terrible damage to the business and we can't afford that, can we? Your public business image is formed with or without your expressed consideration. We are humans and everyone’s perception for a certain thing is different. Everyone grasp things differently. So advertising is the key but the essence is the right marketing. Before marketing we should know who our target customers are and what is it that they want. Just one single wrong strategy can take you down the drain. Your business image should depict professionalism and credibility. Big players in your sector will come to you if you are professional enough to market yourself with a positive note. An effective marketing campaign should be well defined and should project a clear picture of your expectations and your goals. At this point you may wonder, what does an effective marketing campaign have to do with improving my business bottom-line? Well it all starts with the image you project through marketing, and even the smallest statements you put out such as your business address can be an advertising factor. Consider the following example; say a Computer Technician promotes himself by printing an advertisement on the sides of his van. This way he is selling his skills as a commodity. You don’t deserve this kind of business image to be portrayed. If you want to be considered as a highly professional engineer you need to protect an image of success at all times. Just as a doctor or a lawyer would not advertise his service this way, neither should you. A good business image takes time to build but once it is built it lasts for a lifetime. So invest in a relevant idea to improve your image. Improving your business image starts with a business address, your company mission statement and your brand, it is then followed by the professionalism you project to your clients and business partners by the time they approach you. Bottom Line being: Your brand and image are your precious assets. You can't afford to destroy them through poor marketing and advertising decisions. Develop ideas that will only create a positive effect in the viewer's eyes. Rule out all the possibilities of negative publicity in your advertisements such as not having a dedicated business address or answering business calls on your cell phone instead of being taken care by a secretary. Always remember image as well as reputation takes a lifetime to create and only seconds to destroy.


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Key Benefits of having a unique Registered Business Address (RBA) A Business Venture is primarily recognized by the address of the Organization/Company. Since business plays a very important role in the Economy of the world it is highly necessary to have an address in order to be reachable. A Registered business address plays an important role in running a business successfully. It creates a sense of security for the people who are going to be in business with you. When people know that a business has a registered address, and that such business is established at a certain location a sense of trust emerges. A Registered Address is the place where the Directors and the Shareholder’s documents can be delivered. A Registered Address should have its own existence, any bank or a PO Box cannot serve as your registered address. With this there are some other statuary requirements that accompany a Registered Address such as Company’s Registration number and the registered office address to be printed on the office stationary like Invoices and Letterheads. A Registered office holds another advantage for people who live outside, they can provide this address to communicate with their clients and business associates. Governing bodies such as HMRC(Inland Revenue) sends letters like registration form for the company with HMRC(Inland Revenue) enabling you to file your Annual Accounts, payroll system setup and also for applying for VAT registration number (Incase turnover increases £67 000 per annum). Late submissions of Annual Accounts are liable for heavy penalties and fines which is why having an established address is of the utmost importance. This credibility gives you a legal identity not only as a businessman but as a registered company. Companies registered through reputed finance companies can be assured of convenient registration. These can also be done using the web, ie online registration is as well possible. If you are loaded with work and don’t have time to do it yourself, you can hire finance specialists making the registration easier and faster. Some online companies specializing in the formation and registration of Ltd companies can actually complete the entire process in a just few hours. As these companies have resources and the network saving you from difficult company register process. Also many of these companies have secure portals thereby completing the registration in less time. Having a registered business address provides many benefits besides credibility and almost instant social acceptance but it can help you build your brand and add to your image.


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Prestigious UK Office Addresses and their Value

Success is a necessity in the business world and in order to gain this success businessmen search for different and dynamic ways. One of the common ways to gain business is searching for a good location for the office. Once this goal is accomplished owners stat promoting the business. A prestigious office address is a must to increase in the success rate and also in the profitability of the business. Once you are located in a prime business location, people start pooling in your organization or company and you start growing in the business. People feel that this location is rather expensive which means the business they are considering doing business with must be successful. Let us see some of the prime locations in the UK  

Regent Street London: It is a major shopping streets and a well known tourist attraction among the tourists and Londoners. It is famous for its Christmas illuminations. Every building in the street has Grade II protected status, forming the Regent Street Conservation Area. York Street London: Currently styled as The Jakemans Stadium for sponsorship purposes, is a football stadium in Boston, England, and is the home ground of Boston United. The stadium has been used for other purposes apart from football matches. It's currently used as Club’s offices. It has the Boston United Sports bar which also serves drinks, and has pool facility and television. Public meetings have been held there. New Bond Street London: Major shopping street in London running through through Mayfair from Piccadilly in the south to Oxford Street in the north. The Northern section, which is rather large in size, is known as New Bond Street. It has been a fashionable shopping street since 18th century. 11

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 

 

Mayfair London: The district is now mainly commercial, with many offices in converted houses and new buildings, including major corporate headquarters, a concentration of hedge funds, and real estate businesses. Rents are among the highest in London and the world. There remains a substantial quantity of residential property as well as some exclusive shopping and London's largest concentration of luxury hotels and many restaurants. Buildings in Mayfair include the United States embassy in Grosvenor Square, the Royal Academy of Arts, The Handel House Museum, the Grosvenor House Hotel and Claridge's. Knightsbridge London: Knightsbridge is a road which gives its name to an exclusive district lying to the west of Central London. The road runs along the south side of Hyde Park, west from Hyde Park Corner, spanning the City of Westminster and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The district is notable as an ultra-expensive residential area, and for the density of its upmarket retail outlets, famously Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Long Lane London: Long Lane is a major road in Southwark, south London, England. There have been a number of archaeological excavations on Long Lane Manchester Piccadilly: Manchester Piccadilly station is the principal railway station of Manchester in England. It serves intercity routes to London Euston, Birmingham New Street, South Wales and the south coast of England, Edinburgh and Glasgow Central in Scotland, and routes throughout northern England. Piccadilly is the busiest station in England outside London for passenger usage, and the second busiest station in the United Kingdom outside London. Bath Street, G2, Glasgow: The King's Theatre is located in Glasgow, Scotland. Colston Avenue Bristol: Colston Tower is a high-rise building located on Colston Avenue, Bristol, England in the center of the city.

These were some prestigious UK Office addresses, hopefully you have seen the value of having an office in one of these places and how the importance of such locations can add to the bottom-line of your business.


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The Importance of Dedicated Office Space and Business Address for Entrepreneurs Keeping a business up and running nowadays is a constant struggle. In order to succeed you must prove to the customers that you are the one who is able to deliver the most reliable and fast service to them. It’s a constant struggle showing the world that your company can do every job in its area of expertise with minimal time and effort but at the same time keep the service up to the best possible quality. It requires some finesse, but all in all it is not that hard of a job to do. Apart from all the other things that we've went through in the other articles there is another very important one - the business address. It's the place where your clients can find your company office and where you can receive actual mail. It's also the way to make your company look larger than it really is - if you can afford an office in "x" town, well you are the real deal then. This gives a certain shine on your companies’ image which is only a big plus to your deals. Being perceive larger than you really are has its ups and downs though - people will expect more from your company but will be willing to pay more as well, so if you feel like your employees can handle it, do not wait another minute. There is probably no one-fits-all rule of thumb when it comes to office space as well as address. Depending on your business and activity and on many other factors like will you be receiving customers or not, your ideal office space definition might be different from everyone else's. Don’t underestimate the power of decent office space as well as a dedicated business address and make sure your team has the proper environment to work correctly. Especially some smaller companies would say that they can’t afford a dedicated business address much less a meeting room with projector etc. but this is a mistake. You can build a good meeting room with an IKEA table, 8 chairs, and a cheap LCD screen you hook up on the wall, and a cheap laptop with Wifi Internet, and there you go: perfect IT meeting room for less than 1500 Euros or maybe even less than $2000 USD nowadays. The bottom line is that a dedicated business address makes your business looks bigger and attracts business partners because you look like you are generating enough profits to pay for your business place. Having dedicated office space which counts with a good looking meeting room just adds to the prestige of having your own business place. 13

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The Shocking Impact Meeting Rooms can have in your Bottom Line

Etiquette is essentially a code of behavior that helps build a relation be it personal or professional. Professionally your business will be influenced by your formal relations, with your customers, clients, colleagues. Following proper etiquette can be one of the means to maximize your business just by presenting yourself properly. Business meetings are one of those occasions where poor etiquette can take you for a toss; on the other hand improving your etiquettes will take you to success. Comfort, trust, attentiveness and clear communication are examples of the positive results of showing good etiquette. So now we can choose how we present ourselves in front of others, positively or negatively. Talking about Informal Meetings: Informal meetings can take place anywhere not necessarily in a meeting room or a conference room. Wherever they take place they still require professionalism and etiquettes. Certain key points that should be kept in mind are stated below.


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      

The caller of the meeting should be a senior person or a person with some direct or urgent interest in the topic of discussion. The person conducting the meeting should decide the venue, time and agenda. These details should be shared across with the members coming in the meeting without any inconvenience to anyone. The caller should clear certain things such as the duration of the meeting, any document to be prepared by the members of details of any kind necessary for the members to know failing which a situation of embarrassment will arise. Punctuality should be on an alert, wasting someone’s time is considered as abusing their time. The caller of the meeting should ensure that the meeting is within the boundaries of the subject, any disagreement should be kept to minimal. The caller should appoint someone to make the minutes of meeting and noting important decisions taken in the meeting. His should be send across to the attendees after the meeting It is considered good etiquette to inform the absentees about the decisions taken in the meeting.

Something about Formal Meetings: Formal meetings such as departmental meetings, management meetings, board meetings, negotiations should always take place in meeting rooms, conference rooms etc. such meeting always have a set format. Here also certain key elements should be kept in mind are stated below.          

You should be well prepared for the meeting. If you are using statistics, reports or any other visual means, make sure those are handed over two – three days in advance. Professionalism is always linked with your dress and arrival in the meeting on time. So dress well and be punctual. The common mistake we all do. Avoid it and switch off your mobile phones. If a seating arrangement is fixed, follow it. And if you are unsure about it, kindly ask someone about it Let your seniors contribute first. Acknowledge opening remarks of the caller or other participants. Never interrupt anyone, not even if you strongly disagree. Speak later with the permission of the caller of the meeting or seniors. Be brief and relevant while speaking Address the caller of the meeting unless you are sure others are not doing so. Keep the discussion of the meeting confidential. Do not speak about it with the other members of the organization who were not a part of the meeting.

These are quite simple tips and guides, agreeing to it you will always be in the good books of your colleagues, customers and clients.


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Top 5 Benefits of Having a Serviced Office In the ever changing business environment and dynamic market, a need to move, expand and cut costs is a basic requirement and nowadays a common thing to survive and compete in the market. These decisions are a great deal important for the organization and involve quick action for the betterment for the business. With this diverse change in the needs of modern day businesses, a need arises for a support form this is where "service offices" come into the picture. These are also know as Managed Offices, Business Centers or Executive Centers, and are usually found in prime locations throughout large cities around the world. Service offices are quite similar to the Conventional offices but they provide all the components found in Conventional offices. Talking about the long term, Service offices provide more services that what in Conventional offices giving you freedom and flexibility to grow in any way that is required. 

Serviced offices offer the facility to pay in monthly installments including flexible rental terms saving you almost 60% of the total cost. It even saves in terms of time which employer and employees spend commuting between multi locations. That’s no wonder why many business owners are turning to serviced offices for support.

Since the basic infrastructure is already taken care of, the business owner does not have to invest any capital in setting up an office or for the telecom or the broadband connectivity points. Serviced Offices follow a unique principle of sharing and growing. They allow business owners to share machines, share comprehensive IT support, maintenance and assistance and other resources, reducing costs and access to equipment, which may be unaffordable, such as corporate photocopying machines.

Serviced Offices will even give you freedom to rent small board or meeting rooms with state-of-the-art equipment like video conferencing - whenever you need them... They will even provide you with a dedicated, professional team of reception and administrative staff, giving your business clients a lasting impression.

Serviced Offices even facilitate you with security guards and reception areas giving an established professional image. Some Serviced Offices also offer Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, break out areas and secretarial/mail handling support available on a pay-per-use basis.

If you are in the middle of expansion or reduction of your business, while moving your office these – Some serviced office providers can help make the process simpler for you and your team, enabling you to focus on business.

As you can see a Serviced Office is a common answer to all of your business concerns because they save you a considerable amount of money and time to invest in your business. So whatever you are up to, be it temporary movement or a permanent relocation, consider streamlining your efforts with this handy service.


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Top 5 Services that can boost your Business Image and Profitability Business image is an intangible asset to every business and a way tool for profitability. It provides great satisfaction when we finally realize that our address, our offers, our replies to the customers and a few other things boosts our brand image. The following are great services that you can use to boost your business image: Business Address: A business addresses helps you put up a professional image. It also helps your business to be perceived as being bigger than it actually is or may be. A reputable address can open the doors to bigger deals with even larger companies and it can also prove fruitful when trying to expand your business to other cities or even countries. In order to apply for a business address you don’t need to have a PO Box number or a suit number, once you signup, this address can be printed on the company stationery, website and can also be used for marketing purposes. Some of the quick benefits of having a registered business address are:       

Mail forwarding service Portrays as a professional image Your business is perceived to be well established Opens the door to the world of opportunities Helps you establish your operation in other areas or countries Reduces overheads No hidden fees

Telephone Answering: This is another way to promote your business and earn a good business image. Businessmen often spend lot of capital in establishing a call centre for their operation but it goes without saying that a dedicated call centre is not something everyone can afford. A great way to solve this vexing situation is to work with an organization that provides phone answering service, that way you don't have to spend thousands upon thousands establishing a call centre. These organizations answer phone calls on behalf of your organization. You just have to choose your desired call centre location and the rest is just done for you. All-In-One Packages: This All-In-One Virtual Office Package is one of the best boosters for business image as well as productivity encompassing a quick-start solution. This virtual office package can accommodate all your requirements allowing you to quickly adapt and expand as your business grows. This is a great way to get a fully functional business up and running in no time. Meeting Rooms : It is estimated that managers spend more time in meetings than in any other single activity besides management, these will vary from informal discussion or briefing sessions around the workplace to carefully planned formal presentations involving sophisticated audio-visual support. Even in the smallest of organizations, the provision of comfortable, well-designed and adequately equipped meeting rooms is essential. Not only is the meeting room a prime 17

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tool for management, training and selling the organization’s service, it is also the most potent indicator of corporate image and an important element in the overall design brief. Virtual PA’s: A virtual PA service helps to enhance the effective running of many of today's modern companies both large and small. They provide a broad range of services that cover many aspects of the secretarial and back office services that professional companies require. A virtual PA service can provide a very flexible approach towards enhancing the smooth running of your company. Since you only pay a fixed price for any particular service, for example a phone call answering service, there are also no employee costs, annual leave or sickness costs to take in to account. There is also no requirement for training, no need to plan cover for holidays or extra staff during busy periods. Besides being flexible, this service ensures lower opportunity costs and that your important calls are answered promptly and professionally at all times. These services added up together will boost your brand image in a productive and professional way. Go gear up.


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Top 15 Cities where Acquiring Office Space Represents Big Opportunities for Businesses

Office space is an asset for a business and it can be even more significant if you have a chance to acquire it in the following top cities. The potential upside from any point of view after acquiring this real business oriented real estate is terrific. 


Office Space in London: London is considered the premier city in England; having your office in this city opens the door to a world of opportunities unlike any other city in the nation. London is home of many wealthy individuals as well as dignitaries and diplomats so it goes without saying that it is an excellent location for any business to have its headquarters in. Office Space in Mayfair: Placing your office in this city can have a positive impact in your business; Mayfair is commercial city and many offices are located in converted houses however new buildings are also being constructed for corporate headquarters.


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           

Office Space in Birmingham: Wide assortments of products are associated with Birmingham, including the Austin Mini, Cadbury Chocolate, HP Sauce, and the Spitfire World War Two fighter plane. A business gains instant commercial prestige by having its offices located in this city. Office Space in Bristol: Bristol has a population of around 400,000 and is the largest city in the south of England after London. It has a lot to offer to new businesses because of its population. Office Space in Kent: Kent has to lots of opportunities in store for new businesses. So if you are planning to set up an office, just have a look here. Office Space in Leeds: New businesses will benefit from a choice of high level Serviced Offices in Leeds. This will help to create a professional working environment for your business. Office Space in Liverpool: If you got bored of those old offices of yours and are planning to move to a new place then Liverpool provides a huge upside to service based businesses because this city has experienced consistent growth in this area. Office Space in Manchester: This is the fastest growing city in the country second only the capital and most of its growth has been derived from the service sector. You can find office space in this city whether it be long term or temporary. Unfurnished and furnished office spaces are both available. Office Space in Nottingham: Business centers and Serviced Offices in Nottingham are great ways to expand your business. This city is transitioning from the industrial to the service sector and currently a significant portion of its revenues are derived from tourism. Office Space in Aberdeen: A range of virtual offices can be found here. If you operate within the tech and industrial sector this is the city to be in. Office Space in Edinburgh: Edinburgh has a numerous locations available featuring high quality office space including a variety of services and support. The strength of the local economy is reflected in the GVA per capita which was calculated to be £28,238 in 2005. Office Space in Glasgow: Glasgow has a lot to offer to businesses as it has the third largest GDP in the UK and its job growth rate is of about 32%. Office Space in Reading: Reading provides opportunities to succeed with offices in its new business centers. This city is home to Microsoft and Oracle establishments and its economy is driven by industrial and retail operation. Office Space in New York and Manhattan: It goes without saying that office space in these cities ranks at the top in the competitive real estate arena because of the diverse opportunities, easy access to a multicultural population and the prestige that comes by establishing your headquarters here.

These are the 15 cities were acquiring office can make all the difference from small to lager businesses and amazingly, securing office space in these cities is a lot cheaper than you would imagine.


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Using the Prestige of Beverly Hills to Boost your Business

Beverly Hills is a city in the western part of Los Angeles County, California, United States. Beverly Hills and the neighboring city of West Hollywood are entirely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. The area's "Platinum Triangle" of wealthy neighborhoods is formed by Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Bel-Air and Holmby Hills. The population was 34,980 as of the 2006 census. Beverly Hills is home to countless Hollywood celebrities and the wealthy. Beverly Hills contains some of the largest homes in Los Angeles County and the nation. These homes range from the extravagant and luxurious in size, to the more elegant and modern homes, and then to the many small duplex rental units and detached homes with less than 3,000 sq ft (280 sq meters). The city's average household income is just over $87,000. If your business is set up in and around Beverly Hills, you are in the right path towards boosting your business. Since a large number of celebrities are residing in the area if you market yourself well and use your address in the advertisement then you would be well on your way on the road to success. Getting a business address in that area is a difficult task but if you can break through then you have made your business a huge success.


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Beverly Hills has four consulates (Armenia, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador) The main offices of MySpace are in Beverly Hills. In addition the Los Angeles-area offices of Aeroflot are in Beverly Hills. Originally GeoCities (at first Beverly Hills Internet) was headquartered at 9401 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills. If these businesses can boost up their success and bag the profit then why can't you do it? Beverly Hills is a prestigious location and its prestige adds up to your profit. Once you get your clients from that location and your service them properly, they will market you among their friends and social circle. If you think you have the guts in you to shake the market with your strong business presence then gear up and start developing your marketing plans with clients and business partners from Beverly Hills. But again what is important is the right kind of marketing and advertisement. However keep in mind that just one wrong word can take you down the drain. In order to reap the benefits of having your office located in Beverly Hills make sure to advertise properly and include your registered address in the advertisement so that people and potential business clients know that your operation is a complete success. Remember people love associating with successful businessmen and having your offices in this prestigious location can provide the right leverage to boost your profits and build a rock solid business presence.


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Virtual Personal Assistant - Fast, easy and good solution to your business problems "A virtual assistant is an independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative and or technical services. Utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery. A professional VA assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office on a contractual basis." With the daily technological progress of our times there are various things which looked strange and impractical in the past that are now common and used by a wide range of people. For example online trading was uncommon until Pierre Omidyar founded in 1995 making a big leap in putting the vastly expanding technological world of mankind to use for online deals. Nowadays you can not only buy goods or strike deals using the internet but have people work for you from over a great distance, even as something as intimate and responsible as Virtual Personal Assistants (PAs). The people, who apply for such jobs, are of course in possession of the various skills required for the job specifications such as board skills and capability of multitasking. Many of the modern companies nowadays are supported by VPA services covering everything a business may need - secretarial services, most matters of administrative duties and in-depth knowledge of the business at hand. It is common for Virtual PAs to work from their own chosen environment which gives them some advantages compared to the regular PAs. When a person is working from an environment created by him, he feels more secure and is more certain in his skills. Also the pressure of deadlines and arranging deal details over the phone and internet is softened the familiar atmosphere. A big plus in the situation is the payment - since you pay a fixed price for every service there are no unexpected expenses such as sick days or extra payments for holidays. This makes the Virtual PA service a very soulful in keeping your budged in the presumed boundaries. A virtual PA service can provide a very flexible approach towards enhancing the smooth running of your company. Since you only pay a fixed price for any particular service, for example a phone call answering service, there are also no employee costs, annual leave or sickness costs to take in to account. There is also no requirement for training, no need to plan cover for holidays or extra staff during busy periods. As well as being flexible this ensures it is easy to budget, economic and that your telephone is answered promptly and professionally at all times. When hiring a Virtual PA look at their skill set can give you most of the information you need and therefore make the decision easier. The skill sets vary from simple diary management and date entry to documentation, preparation and book keeping. All in all VPAs are a very good and firm solution to your search for reliable employees with its flexibility and wide range of services.


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