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The Husky Howler

6th Grade Quarter 1 By: Ms. Liebner’s 6th Grade Flex Class

Volume 1, Issue 1

Spanish Currently in Spanish, students are learning how to say the days of the week. “Spanish is fun!” said Señora Barry. One project Sra. Barry is preparing is a summer camp. You apply for a camp in Spain. “I like the energy of middle schoolers”, Señora Stigall said. One project she is preparing is an interview project, where you describe yourself to another person. “The projects are fun!” Evelyn said. By: Truman and Danielle

Caption: Projects students completed that display a Spanish word or phrase.

Science In Ms. Smolarek’s class students finished a penny lab, and started a helicopter experiment. Students of Ms. Smolarek’s class think “she’s nice. She has hermit crabs (Hera, Apollo, Ares, Hermes, Athena, Iris, Persephone, Gaia and Demeter) and there are pillows to lie on.” In Ms. Carl’s science class students are doing lab work on the metric system and learning how to calculate density. One of Ms. Carl’s students said, “it’s fun!” By Drew and Nick

Caption: Ms. Smolarek is explaining the answers to the class warm up.

Social Studies The 6th grade Social Studies classes are currently working on industrial grown in America and westward expansion. The various projects that have to do with these topics include, an advertisement, convincing Americans to settle in the west, and a National History Day Poster. Mr. Kelly says “I feel I have a responsibility to serve and this is a way that suits my talent.” Ms. Carl loves working with kids and learning new things. By Gracie and Grace

Caption: Mr. Kelly is explaining the presidential elections using mock elections.

Husky Howler page two French In French class, students are learning to tell time by doing worksheets and activities on the computer. Sixth grade students are working on a calendar for their birth month. When they are done we will make a big calendar using everyone’s individual calendars. “I was first interested in French when my middle school French teacher inspired me”, said Mrs. Schumann. Spencer said, “French is a fun language and I can’t wait to learn more, when we start weather next unit.” By Elizabeth and Shea Caption: Students are working on a weather projects.

Math Mrs. Carson teaches math seven. Ms. Janney teaches math six and eight. Ms. Janney is teaching expressions and equations for sixth grade math and integer operations for eighth grade math. Mrs. Carson is teaching adding and subtracting decimals for seventh grade math. Mrs. Carson teaches math because she loves it and is hoping to have kids like math. Ms. Janney says “I love the subject of math and teaching middle age students.” Elizabeth says, “Ms. Janney is nice, funny, and plays a lot of fun games.” By Aidan and Devan

Caption: Students were using the smart board to practice adding decimals.

Language Arts Ms. Liebner’s Language arts class finished their first book project and just started working in book groups. Ms. Liebner discussed the fairytale projects,” We read a fairytale in the form of a graphic novel.” Mrs. Benedick’s class is learning characterization, book groups, writing and reading award winners. An upcoming project is the book jacket. Ms. Wilkie’s class is working on WWII books, different questions, grammar, and Socratic seminars. Students are going to be writing an essay on a book they have read. One of Ms. Liebner’s students said “Yes the projects are great. Ms. Liebner makes learning fun.” By Spencer and Evelyn

Caption: Students learned how to organize the plot diagram of their Fairy Tale stories.

Husky Howler, Page Three Library In the library, the librarians are Ms. Eskin and Mrs. McFarland. The library has tons of books with many different genres. The books are ordered by category. The library also has comfortable chairs inside a silent reading circle. By Aidan, Grace, and Spencer Lunch/Recess Lunch is a good time to chat or socialize with friends and acquaintances while eating your daily Lunch. You can also go to the school store on specific days to shop.

Ms. Burling Ms. Burling became a teacher because she loves working with middle school level students because each day is different. Ms. Burling loves being a teacher. “My job is to help my students and other teachers”. Ms. Burling decided to teach social studies, language arts, and writing. This lets me do a little bit of everything I like”. By: Drew G.

Recess is a fun time to get exercise Mrs. Villareal during a regular school day. It is also a Mrs. Villarreal helps out students that don’t understand good time to chat with friends or play English in their subjects. She does this because she “really games with the equipment provided. enjoys teaching students because every day is full of learning By: Johnny and Izabella for them.” She wanted to be a teacher ever since she was three, when she played teacher with her dolls.

By Devan

Mr. Werkman Mr. Werkman decided to start teaching kids and he thinks they are cool. He teaches language arts, math and flex. He thinks we are mature, and can relate to current events that happen in the world. By Nick

Mr. D Mr. D became a teacher because he likes kids. “I like middle school kids said Mr. D”. In this school Mr. D job is to support both kids and teachers. Mr. D enjoys working all around the school because he says he has a short attention span. By Drew

Band: Mrs. Jenkins‘s students are working on scales, exercises, and they just received their band music. They are specifically working on the Chromatic scale. F.A.C.S: Mrs. Doolittle’s class is investigating careers and cooking Monkey Bread. Mrs. Doolittle enjoys her job because it keeps her youthful, and she loves working with kids. We wish her luck at her new job! Art: Mrs. Baird’s class is working with clay and making Chubby Critters. She says, “I love art and just wanted to be a teacher.” Theater: Mrs. Piscopo’s class is getting ready for clown skits. Gracie said, “It’s a fun, creative, enthusiastic class!” By: Becca and Izabella P.E: In P.E., Mrs. Johnson helps works on her students’ muscles to “create a healthy lifestyle” through fitness stations. Tech: In Tech students are doing STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) based activities such as building bridges. Mr. Wu-Rorrer was inspired by his Horticulture teacher in high school to become a teacher. Choir: In Choir, students are playing games to learn music patterns. In one game, you assemble notes and sing the music. “It’s musical and creative” said Izabella. By: Johnny and Drew

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Husky Howler  

By Ms. Liebner's 6th Grade FLEX Class

Husky Howler  

By Ms. Liebner's 6th Grade FLEX Class