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Vancouver Cultural Preservation Center


Intermodal Hub


Salt Lake City Mortuary


New York Performing Arts Theater


Westwater House


Character House


Social Solutions





Perspective Progress by learning from the past The Vancouver area is rich with cultural diversity and has great potential to learn from past. The first nations inhabiting the area lived off the land and used renewable resources. The majority of immigrants to the area come either from Asia or Europe. Both societies have a healthy amount of information that could potentially be used in modern construction creating buildings designed specifically for the local environment. When designed appropriately, built environment can recreate a connection to the landscape.

Longhouse Village

Rooftop Garden

Process Model

Grad 2 Semester spring 2012

Vancouver Cultural Preservation Center Progress or Regress Vancouver is a progressive city. New bike paths and light rail transportation allow the residents to travel quickly, safely and sustainable. The residents pride themselves in their connection to the environment. A beautiful sea wall walk surrounds the city. Residents are able to be active and view the landscape. Despite their best efforts there is no real connection to this powerful landscape. The sea wall walk does not allow the residents to touch the water and the natural vegetation that surrounds the city does not penetrate the perimeter.

Building Section

Garden Courtyard

Site Model

Detail Section Model

Detail Section

Grad 2 Semester spring 2012

Vancouver Cultural Preservation Center

Section A-A

Section B-B

Section C-C

Salt Lake City

Perspective Creating a center of transportation in a city that is built to sustain sprawl creates a dynamic that allows for a symbiotic relationship. One that allows for adaption of space, where the sprawl can follow suit and become higher density building. Perspective Elevation

Site Section

North Elevation

Grad 1 Semester Fall 2010

Intermodal Hub and Master Plan

Modern City Center Salt Lake City has always been an ideal representation of a western city. Broad avenues and wide open spaces. Although there appears to still be plenty of open spaces, it has become obvious that this attitude is not sustainable. The attitude of the residents must shift to represent an city centered on ideals of sustainability. This intermodal Hub is designed to be a center of public transportation, high desnisty housing and sustainable design.

Restaurant at Hub

South Elevation


Relationships The Hub itself creates a center for public connections. Busses to light rail, government to business. These connections create and promote healthy relations among people and entities.

Bus Dropoff


Balcony View

Grad 1 Semester Fall 2010

Intermodal Hub and Master Plan

Mixed Use The Center includes a mixed use of government, business, residential and public facilities. By locating a mixed use of resources, a draw is created. People interact and an area is used and loved

Site Map

Section Detail

Fear or Faith Process:

Forces for Good Creating an atmosphere of healing sometimes requires creating a place that pushes you to face your fears and pit them against your faith. Using a play of light and shadow and creating tight spaces that give way to larger, more spiritual spaces stimulates the visitor and embodies a resolution to the phobia of death versus the power of faith.

Building Detail

Courtyard Detail

Section through Chapel

Junior Semester Spring 2008

Salt Lake Mortuary and Crematorium 4.


Life and Death 2.

1. Lobby 2. Chapel 3. Viewing Room 4. Crematorium


5. Outdoor Courtyard


Floor Plan

Section through Hallway

A creamatorium and mortuary are places used to honor the dead, relive memories and to question our understanding of life. Why are we here and where do we go? The built enviornment does not answer this question. It can, if done conscienioulsy, provide a scenerio for someone who is mourning or who is questioning their purpose, to pause and can give them a place to contemplate. Whether the person is seeking comfort from friends or needs solitude in a private garden, the design should encourage the search for resolution.


Theater Section

Site Model from Ground Zero

Site Model from Calatrava Station

Presence Size and scale are major determinants of design in New York. Due to the large scale buildings surrounding the site, the theater had to command a presence. Stong materials and out door spaces that interact with the street level draw the attention of the passerby.

Front Facade

Grad 2 Semester Fall 2011

New York Performing Arts Theater

Sacred Space Placed next to the Ground Zero memorial in New York City, a new performing arts theater celebrates life. Using strategically placed openings, this design repects the death that will forever be memorialized next to the site. The playful manner of the placment using organic shapes brings enjoyment to a block of the city that is full of so much pain.

Perspective Elevation

Design Build Bluff

Structure This ceiling detail is desitgned to take advantage of the structural system. The elements that are normally used to secure the surfaces to the structure now support the surfaces on the inside the structure, thus exposing structural materials.

House Craned into Position

Ceiling and wall detail

Window and Siding Detail

Grad 1 Semester spring 2011

Westwater House

Shelter There will always be people in need of assistance. Design Build Bluff provides a method for students to provide help while allowing experimentation in design. This house built for a young family with four children provides an adequate living arrangment in a 900 square foot home.

North Facade

South Facade

Dewy Dell Process:

Building Details

Put me on display Pulling the house off of the ground and hiding it among the trees is how the Dewy Dell Dwelling represents a seperation from society. Hiding from what is normal and familiar to functiong members of society. The house is placed in park along side a river walk, wich puts the user on public display but the openings only display when the user passes from the bedroom to the bathroom and public parts of the house.

Section through Hallway

Junior Semester Fall 2008

Character Dwelling

How we live





1. Beadroom 2. Hall 3. Bath


Section through Living Space

4. Kitchen 5. Living

A dwelling is personal. The user expresses their wants and desires. They chose a dwelling to provide shelter, isolation and separation from the world. When they invite the world into their dwelling, they are opening themselves to those who come in. This dwelling is designed for the Dewy Dell character from the book As I lay Dying. Dewy Dell is a teenager that has become pregnant. As she tries to deal with the situation, she pushes away her family and friends. She keeps her pregnancy private and only informs people who she thinks can help. These people are generally strangers that only take advantage of her. This strange aspect of disconnect from familiarity and attraction towards strangers is apparent in the design of the house. The steril exterior of metal and wood represents her hostile attitude.


Social Awareness

Senior Semester Fall 2008

Defining the Solution

We must determine our own solutions Bringing an issue into public view has always a difficult challenge. Doubters and naysayers always cause controversy. Though, if not for their disagreeable attitudes, there never would be cause to double check ourselves. This project was a sculpture meant to bring awareness of the crushing need to find alternative, more environmentally sustainable methods to the way the human race lives. Using cut oil barrels to represent the current outlook on the built environment. Painted on the inside of the barrels are names of symbols used in popular media to represent environmental movements. The center barrels opens to state that we must determine our own solutions to these environmental issues.



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