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Basic Ideas for the perfect wedding reception You get married once in your life, well mostly. Wedding is a bond that connects two souls together for a lifetime and for an event so special some very special measures should be taken, this is the day that won’t come back, this is the day that belongs to the bride and the groom and nobody can take it away from them, this is the day they set foots in to a new life, a day everybody dreams of in some part of their lives (not so sure about that). So what if you are about to get married and you want to throw a kick ass wedding reception that will keep your guest startled, I guess everybody would agree with this that a wedding is the best when it is the talk of the day and is given examples of “oh you remember Aria, the wine at her wedding made me go crazy” sort of thing. So remember, if you want it to be memorable you have to make it memorable. Here are some wedding receptions ideas that can help you plan and organize everything with ease. So a wedding doesn’t start like that, it is not a piece of cake that you clap your hands and it will take place in the next instant, a wedding takes time to happen, it requires planning and then implementing. So sit down relax your mind and plan it out, share your ideas and share what you have in mind and how you want to have an epic wedding, the theme you are planning to choose and how you want your big day to stand out. You should also keep the season in mind, if you prefer an outdoor wedding then summers will probably be the best option but if you are more in to indoor weddings then wait until winters Spring is probably the best time of the year to have an outdoor wedding, when the sky is blue when the flowers are blooming and when everything looks lovely, but remember this is the ultimate weddings season, this is the time when everybody wants to get married so without wasting time the first thing that should be done is select a place and get it booked. It is hard to select one venue when there are so many options available so the best thing to do would be picking the top five venues you like and visiting them one by one and in the end opt for the one that looks the best and matches the theme you have in mind. Themes should be considered beforehand, there are plenty to choose from and the best way to make your wedding reception stand out is going for a theme that’s unique, there are plenty of themes which can be considered, another requirement for a good wedding reception is to make sure everything is well coordinated, the music system, the seating arrangement, the amount of guests and last but not the least the food. Remember, you won’t get this day back so make it perfect, regretting your wedding day is kind of sad.

Basic ideas for the perfect wedding reception  
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