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Specification and Design Brief (4) Type / Area of project (5-7) Primary photos (8-10) Development ideas sketches (11-18) Initial Idea 1 (19-22) Initial idea 2 (23-25) Initial idea 3 (26-29) Pavilion Initial idea (30-34) Project Layout (35-36) Final Project ( 37-43) Evaluation (44)

Design Brief


I have decided to make my space a Creative Arts University Campus as I feel that from the ideas and models I have already created I can manipulate the pieces to suit it nicely. These designs would involve high quality futuristic buildings which will represent the creative minds of the campuses students, using them as pieces of artwork and creative spaces. Furthermore to stand out compared to other Universities it will incorporate a main center piece which will be a Pavilion that connects the three buildings I set out to design and build. Moreover the structures will show there functionalities through there unique styles and features. Finally as discussed above it will be a university Campus therefore my target audience will be aspiring young adults who will use the facilities for learning and development

My University campus must include: • Auditorium • Learning Block/ Classrooms • Library • Pavilion/ sculpture • Nature aspects i.e. grass, trees and shrubby.

TYPE / AREA OF PROJECT: EDUC ATIONAL Universities in different locations

ACCOMMODATION Hotels in different locations

SPORTS AND LEISURE Gym’s and Leisure Centers

LOCATION: ESSEX UNIVERSITY The red space filled on the map is where the location of my campus will be and will act as one of the many center pieces connecting the various buildings such as the Auditorium, Library and the Learning blocks. This area is perfect for my campus as its an empty space with no complications of destroying existing buildings and structures and the land already has pre built paths which will decrease the overall price and production time. Furthermore its easily accessible for all the students and provides walking paths, car parks, bike lanes etc.

MY OWN PHOTOS OF ESSEX UNIVERSITY Primary photos of Essex universities main campus, learning blocks, Auditorium and accommodation centers. By taking these photos it allows me to get a good idea of how a university Campus should look and feel through a students eyes. The buildings incorporate a range of sharp and free flowing shapes showing a wide range of style and uniqueness. One thing to remember when making my models is that all buildings were surrounded by accessible and well laid out pathways something I must show in my piece

INSPIRATION FOR UNIVERSITY BUILDINGS/ LAYOUT Interesting Area at Lakeside which shows and open space with a range of Geometric shapes and pathways which best represent the aesthetic I'm looking for in my project


Cool Designs I can incorporate into my project such as on the side of my buildings or on my pathways. Furthermore these designs could help with the formation of buildings


MUSICAL NOTES Here are some sketches of different musical notes showing off cleaner and rougher designs to get a sense of contrast between the drawings, the notes will then be used to make building formations that have different functionalities. These notes will represent the university and its creative arts subjects such as music, this will give students a sense of belonging and make them feel comfortable in there surroundings

BUILDING FORMATIONS AND POSSIBLE FUNCTIONALITIES FOR MUSICAL NOTES Beam Note Design • Double corridor • School Halls • Staircase/ fire exit

Sharp Note Design • Learning Block • Hospital rooms • Mall Design

Quaver Note Design • Single Corridor • Staircase • Entrance way

Bass Clef Note Design • Winding Staircase • Entrance way • Unique Pavilion design

Semibreve Note Design • Pavilion • Leisure center/ Ice rink • Futuristic Houses

PAINT SPLATTERS Once again just like the musical notes these sketches of paint splatters/affects will represent the creative arts for the University and will be used in the formations of buildings and there various aspects such as stained windows. These images give a wide range of shape formations including circular and free flowing designs which I will incorporate into my final piece.


Examples 2 Roof and walls design

Design 1 Splattered Roof Design

Example 3 Stained window design

INFLUNCED BY PAINT SPLATTERS AND MUSICAL NOTE SKETCHES Range of different free flowing shapes that influence my final designs of my building and pavilion/sculpture. The shapes have been drawn out so that the roof it clearly shown through black marker and the bass and walls of the building can be re-designed to give the piece a realistic aesthetic as shown though the horizontal lines.


CORRIDOR AND PATHWAY DESIGNS In a University there would be high quantities of corridors and pathways due to the amount of classrooms, learning blocks, auditoriums, libraries etc. Here are some primary photos and sketches to show the functionalities and designs that I may incorporate into my final design.


INITIAL IDEA 1: LEARNING BLOCK This Building is the piece that I would like to present as the functioning art piece and through these designs I can make this happen. The geometric shapes acting like a roof connected the base level building will give this aesthetic off nicely, showing off complicated yet beautiful formations. Furthermore this building needs to inspire its students due to it being the classrooms and I believe with a nice design it will engage students to want to learn


The Plan and Elevation drawings allow you to see the insides of the Learning block and its complex formation of classrooms which are layered on top of each other on each floor. The design also involves a staircase which connects the 1st and 2nd floor and is protected by a banister

ROOF DESIGNS FOR LEARNING BLOCK Some examples and models of the possible design that sits on top of the learning block building. The design show complexity as they intertwine with one another


INITIAL IDEA 2 :AUDITORIUM The Auditorium needs to be a grand spectacle that is unique compared to the other buildings, It needs to be easily accessible and well sound proofed to keep all surrounding sound inside. This design I believe achieves these goals as its made out of a metallic material which gives it its unique style. Furthermore the whole building is sound proofed with pads and gives enough space for the seating and main stage.


The Plan and Elevation drawings allow you to see the inside of the complex auditorium design which incorporated two floors of seating and a big stage on the back wall large enough to be seen by both seating areas. The design also involves a staircase on both sides of the building to gain access to the 2nd floor, almost like a church design.


INITIAL IDEA 3: LIBRARY The final building which is the Library needs to give off a aesthetic of a friendly safe space for private/ independent learning. This is represented in this design through its calming home like feel that incorporates timber wood and beautiful stained windows. The simple design makes it easy to recognize and the space inside is big enough to allows the large numbers of book shelves and workspaces such as computers and seating areas.

LIBRARY ELEVATION AND PLAN DRAWINGS The Plan and Elevation drawings allow you to see in the inside of the library design showing the difficulty with fitting multiple books shelves into a small space whilst also incorporating a fully functioning desk area and a traditional staircase

LIBRARY MODEL IDEA This building involves a triangular roof with seethrough stained windows on the 1st floor and ceiling. Plus the 2 floored building allows enough space for the books and there shelves

Roof windows are replaced with metal mesh to give off the affect of a stain glassed rood ceiling


DESIGN 3 & 4: PAVILION/ SCULPTURE In my final piece I think it would be nice to add an extra attraction/ function and a pavilion/sculpture I believe would best suit this gibing a center piece to the university campus

Example 1 A piece of artwork made out of timber which will be presented on a high podium

Example 2 Showing metal barring and a metal mesh center piece to showoff a the sculpture


Possible model outlines that incorporate sharp lines and edges which reflects the style of the buildings in my primary photos

Small models and sketches of possible pavilion layouts and designs. This gives the project some scale as I can use these pieces as a template on my base to size and measure the buildings around the center piece pavilion

Models showing the possibilities of multi-material pavilions using the metal barring as a foundation and the white cloth represents the over head cover. The holes shown in the cloth give off the idea of a complex yet free flowing aesthetic which the students will be able to see through and sit on.


This will be my final layout for my Learning block, Auditorium, Library and Pavilions. It gives enough room around the buildings for accessibility from each department and also gives enough room for the center piece as a space for relaxation and possible study areas.


Learning Block Template • Multi-layered • Tallest building • Large Entrance

Auditorium Template • Large Space to fit large stage area • Cuboid shape and design • Metallic Exterior

Library Template • Multiple areas for glass • Triangular roof • Simplest Design


FINAL MODEL My final model meets the brief and specification I set out to complete as it provides an open and easily accessible university campus. It allows the people to use there free time effectively if there not in there various lessons/ lectures etc. as there able to enjoy the scenery and open spaces to fuel there creative minds.

Here are the different formations of trees and shrubby giving the piece a more realistic aesthetic, calming the students and giving them creative influences due to the beautiful nature.

Building1:Auditorium This is the first of three buildings which is the Auditorium. This building involves a metallic design making it unique compared to the other wooden assembled buildings. Furthermore the large windows and wide length allow for the stage and seating area inside to be well fitted and comfortable. Just like all the other buildings its connected to the black path and the area around the piece i.e. grass, is useable and accessible. Finally the building uses a soundproof design as shown on the roof which will keep all the sound from the auditorium inside, not bothering the rest of the campus.

Building 2: Library This is the second building which is the Library which is a essential piece to the university campus as the students will use this for information and private study so design wise I have located the library behind the pavilion almost acting as the second center piece which will be easily accessible. On the Exterior i.e. walls and roof the building is covered in stained glass which gives the piece nice calming aesthetic for the students

Building 3 : Learning Blocks Finally we have the last and most complex building which is the Learning Blocks. This building incorporates different geometric materials that form up to a center piece which acts as the roof for the building. Aesthetically the piece represents a design that the Art University would appreciate as one of my goals was to make one building look like a piece of art from the exterior and I think this design shows this off nicely, Furthermore the walls on the lower level further represent artwork once again using shapes to give a bland wall unique qualities.

Pavilion Finally we have the pavilion which acts as the center piece for the project and gives the students a calm and controlled area for relaxation and private study. Furthermore the aesthetic is improved by the nature aspects and cool checkered design under the pavilion. Finally the pavilion its self is held up by metal barring which is used as the template and the cover is made out of a timber wood which is centered with a see-through window allowing light to shine through. This follows the brief and specification as this section of the project was used to give life and character to the campus something I think my design does perfectly.

EVALUATION Overall I feel like my project successfully followed the brief and specification, as it targeted the different aspects I set out to complete such as the center piece connecting the buildings together which was the pavilion and using the buildings as art canvases to create functioning pieces of art to influence and inspire the creative minded students. This was done through the complex and unique styles such as the geometric shape formation on top of the Learning blocks and the stained windows that incorporated paint splatters on the sides and top of the Library. However if I was to repeat this project I would spend more time on the inside of my buildings giving them proper layouts and templates, which I touched on with my elevation and plan drawings but if I was to go into deeper detail I could incorporate further on the creative aspects of the project. But overall as I stated I feel like this project was a success especially the final model seeing as I started over after the first 5 hours and the comparison in .models and layout was drastically different.

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