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W H AT I S I G I ?

IGI is an Interactive GIS Interface, provided by GeoFusion Mapping, this interface is created useing a combination of hardware and software, to produce an interactive GIS viewer. IGI allows our customers to view GIS raster and vector files without using expensive GIS software. IGI requires only an internet connection, and one of the below web browsres to function: •

Mozilla Firefox (Version 3.0 or Higher)

Google Chrome

Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9.0 or Higher)

Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 8.0 or Lower, with Adobe SVG Viewer plug-in)

Opera (version 8.5 or higher)

Safari (version 3.0 or Higher)

HOW DOES IGI HELP WITH SALES AND MARKETING? The interactive interface that IGI provides, serves as a great platform for the display of, and interaction with, sales data, the analysis of sales data, demographics display, and marketing evaluation, on a geographic scale. Using IGI to map the location of sales, we are able to get a birds eye view of the distribution of sales over the area reached by our business. Along with this, IGI enables the user to turn layers on and off, to evaluate sales, and understand why sales occur in specific geographic areas. Once we know where or customers are, and what demographic information exists in these areas; which has influenced the purchase of our product, we can then make calculated marketing decisions to actively attract further purchase from our customers, as well as, first purchases from new customers.

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Business Location


Sales Data


Sales Frequency Distribution


Sales Reach


Area Demographics


Marketing Efforts


Delivery Methods

Put Your Business on the Map



The first stage of the IGI system is to build custom

The second map created is a zoomed in view of the

maps of the area and location of businesses. These

area surrounding the business. This area incorporates

maps represent the greatest extent of the business

the full extent of the sales reach of the individual busi-

on a global or national scale. Companies with many

ness unit. At this extent, town names, suburb names,

locations are able to view all locations on these maps,

etc., or viewable, to get reference

and with the click of a mouse, zoom in to any of the

of where sales occur. The map below is an example of

locations. Above is an example of this. The above map

the zoomed in view map for a single car dealership in

represents the dealership locations of a vehicle com-

Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa.

pany in South Africa.

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Map Your Sales



Sales data are then collected by the business, and

Sales frequency data is calculated by dividing the

delivered to GeoFusion Mapping. This data can be

number of sales by the units within a time period. This

collected using systems which already exist within a

data is calculated, and layered into the map to display

business, or a system which Geo- Fusion Mapping has

the geographic areas, and the frequency of sales within

developed specifically for this purpose. These sales

these areas. The maps below are examples of a car

data are then digitized and placed on the IGI map.

dealership in Cape Town, South Africa. The most fre-

Each data point is clickable. Once clicked, a data point

quent sales occur in the areas, which are red, and leas

opens an individual data file containing all the attributes

frequent in the green areas.

associated with that sale. The map above is an example from a car dealer- ship. The red rectangle illustrates the data file associated with an individual sale.

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Know Your Customers



Sales reach is defined as the geographic extent to

Area demographics are layered into the IGI. These

which a business has influence, or makes sales. A

area demographics are the latest government demo-

layer is built into the IGI map which displays the full

graphics collected for the are. The demographics give

sales reach, as well as equal distance rings. These

a business great insight into the type of individuals pur-

rings represent a distance of 10Km. If clicked, data

chasing their product or service. These demographics

associated with each ring will show in the right column.

can be switched on and off, and overlaid on each other.

The map above shows the sales reach. The red box on

The below and adjacent maps illustrate the demo-

the right illustrates the data associated with one ring.

graphic layers layered into the car dealership map for

Between 10Km and 20Km, this dealership sold 105

Cape Town, South Africa.

New Cars, and 85 Used Cars this quarter.

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MARKETING The IGI system not only gives businesses insight into where to market, but by inserting marketing efforts and their locations into the maps, we can compare and contrast sales data in those locations against each other every quarter, to establish if marketing efforts have been successful, and which types of marketing efforts have worked the best. The below map illustrated the placement of two different types of marketing efforts done by the Cape Town car dealership, as well as their locations.

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Access Your Data from Anywhere

DELIVERY METHODS The IGI system is made available through a secure customer login portal on our website. Maps can be accessed through this portal from anywhere with an internet connection. The IGI system can also be loaded onto any PC or MAC at any location, and accessed very easily, as long as the web browser is on the list mentioned earlier.

GEOFUSION MAPPING 1 Woodside Drive, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, 8001 South Africa 071-893-0410 ph

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IGI Sales and Marketing System  
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